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Lives Reinvented explores the journeys of people who have mastered the art of reinventing themselves. We will hear stories from people who reinvented themselves, make a sharp turn in their lives and most of the time, not knowing or understanding what was around the corner. These conversations will be candid, upfront and personal with the intention of helping people, companies and communities navigate the the journey of reinvention. We hope that these stories, will encourage people who need to reinvent themselves, know that they can do it, regardless of age, social settings, economics or emotional blocks.


    • Oct 4, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    Progression of Reinvention

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2020 35:01

    In this episode, Nancy Medoff shares her journey of professional reinvention and her experiences along the way. Nancy successfully made a transition from the travel and hospitality industry after years of successful leadership. Nancy shares her experiences candidly in the hopes she can shed some light on her hurdles and how she overcame them. Her personal self discovery as she evolved from her childhood and the effects that had on her shed light on where many of our own fears, insecurities and lessons come from.

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