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Indiana Hoosiers Podcast
Highlights: Hoosiers Move to 7-0 | South Dakota State at Indiana | Nov. 30, 2019

Indiana Hoosiers Podcast

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Gas Up The Pacer
JDS Podcast Episode 201-1: Weekly Sports Roundup

Gas Up The Pacer

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2017 43:39

This week Lou and Junior D discuss the Raiders moving to Las Vegas, Robert Kraft saying that Tom Brady will play for 6 or 7 more years, NFL changing some rules, Adrian Peterson a possibility with the Giants, Cavs losing the top spot in the East and James Hardin talking about the MVP award. As always, this is an unfiltered, explicit podcast…yes, we do use foul language so if you are not comfortable with foul language or adult situations then don’t listen. If you’re extremely sensitive or if you take yourself too seriously then go elsewhere. If you have any recommendations for topics or if you have questions for us, you can call us at (614)470-4JDS or email us at jdspodcast@juniordsports.com!