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Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2022 30:00

One of the hardest things to change is the heart of man. Although we may be able to convince people logically the heart may still be hard and angry toward God. In this passage we see how God is able to change the angry and bitter heart of man to one that is whole and complete in Him. This study will bring hope and encouragement to those who struggle with their own hardness of heart or with that of others.

HAVE YOU considered this REALITY???

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2022 54:35

God's grace is so massive that we fail to consider how often we overlook what He has done in our everyday life. Today we look into the fact that God has been pouring out His grace and love constantly and it is time for us to see it for what it is and to thank Him for it. As we look at this reality it will open our eyes to see the depths of His plan for our salvation and the riches of His mercy!

GOD HAS SPOKEN!!! Are you listening?

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2022 35:24

God speaks to us all the time. Many times we even listen to what he has to say but the real question is simple. Are you willing to OBEY? Obedience is more important than anything you can imagine in your walk with God and without it, you'll wither up and die.


Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2022 66:16

When we live our life without following God's word it leads to evil and corruption. We see this clearly in the life of Jeroboam who leads Israel into idolatry rather than obeying God's word. the Bible clearly shows how dangerous it is to ignore truth and walk according to your own understanding.

Matthew 16:5-12

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2022 58:13

False religion and false teaching go hand in hand and sometimes it can be obvious. In many cases, it's not so obvious and we must keep our guards up! The only way to do this is to stay close to God's word in every way! Jesus some practical tools we can use in this area! Don't miss this one!!

It's TIME to GET REAL!!!

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2022 46:48

Serving God is all about sincerity and obedience. One cannot go without the other and we see great examples in the Bible. Make no mistake, we're going to learn from the example in Acts 5!!! Don't miss out!!!

Hebrews 5

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2022 55:51

There are so many questions that come up when many ask about Christ's qualifications. How does he have the authority to forgive sins? How in the world can he be considered a high priest when He comes from the tribe of Judah? How does it all come together, and what does that mean for us??? We'll talk about all of that and much more!!!


Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2022 26:55

The title is and accurate statement, so the obvious question becomes, “how do we detect that spirit and how do we overcome it?” Let's talk about that tonight!!!


Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2022 67:47

Join us as we gather for our all church prayer night!!!

Matthew 16:1-4

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2022 57:49

God has given us a very clear picture of what our future holds and what we should be expecting. He has mapped out His plan for humanity and has even given us an opportunity to receive all that He has for us!!! What's even more amazing is that He has substantiated His word by giving is every leading indicator that irrefutably established His word as THE TRUTH!!!

Hebrews 4:11-16

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2022 62:26

Yes it's true, if you are reading this, then it's likely that you already have one of the most powerful weapons in defeating the struggles of every day life. It's time to use it!!! Time to fight the good fight!!! God is with us, and He's given us every tool we could ever need!!!


Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2022 35:40

Make no mistake, we are in a battle that is raging. It's invisible, but it's the war that has the greatest effect on us. If we don't engage in it, we become the casualties. What happens in the invisible affects everything. Here's some sound wisdom in navigating through the battle!!!

Matthew 15:29-39

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2022 54:36

It's pretty amazing how often God is mocked by people who can't even come close to His power! They say He's a myth and cannot accomplish anything deemed as a miracle. The hubris in the created beings displayed openly before the creator is unbelievable. God will not and cannot be mocked. He will always prevail and He takes care of those who seek Him!!! We will not be ashamed!!!

Zechariah 9

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2022 48:48

Zechariah received a word from the LORD regarding the coming messiah and it was perfectly accurate!!! The implications of this prophecy extend far beyond the time it predicted, and we can certainly learn a thing or two from what was said!!!

Hebrews 4:1-10

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2022 57:59

Our world in the current day can only be categorized in one way; self destructing. Things are declining quickly and the pace is picking up. Here's the good news! There's hope!!! That hope comes with a warning, so let's get into it!!!


Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2022 45:22

Desperate times call for desperate measures, and make no mistake, we're in a desperate place!!! The only thing to do is look up because there is no hope outside of our creator!!! It's time for a reality check!!!

Matthew 15:21-28

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2022 66:25

Today we're going to talk about one of the most misunderstood stories ever told concerning Jesus and a woman who was desperate for help. The interaction may appear confusing, but when explained, it may prove to be one of the most inspiring and encouraging accounts we have in the Bible of a woman seeking God! Tune in, because todays video is going to bless you!!!!!

Zechariah 8

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2022 48:48

It's absolutely astounding how over the years so many individuals and nations have come against God's ancestrally, chosen people; the Jews. It is a fact that antisemitism is increasing in these last days, and make no mistake, God will one day, occupy Jerusalem, and will pay back all the nations that have come against Israel!! Zechariah speaks of a time when this will happen, and anyone who fights against God, will undoubtedly lose.

Hebrews 3:7-19

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2022 59:29

God clearly exhorts us to me mindful of several things, and what we are going to talk about is at the top of the list. We must pay attention to this exhortation because if we don't, the consequences will be catastrophic. It's time to take heed, and that time is right now!!!

Philippians 3:1-3

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2022 33:33

There are many in this world who are hunting for our souls. They are inspired by the evil one; the one who wants to destroy us into eternal punishment. There is a way to resist the tactics of our enemy and you may be surprised with what that tactic is!!! Men's Study Series: More Than Conquerors - Philippians 3:1-3

Zechariah 7

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2022 61:07

God has, throughout the ages, spoken through His prophets, and the encapsulation of what He has declared is in His word! Man has chosen not to listen, and the consequence that has come as a result is judgement. When God speaks we must listen. We must follow strictly what He gives us because the benefits that come are eternal.

Matthew 15:10-20

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2022 55:50

There are so many who view Christ as one who will overlook the evil that men execute on a day to day basis. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. The words that mankind uses is a reflection of the condition of their heart, and that is precisely what God will judge. It's time to open our eyes!!! The great uprooting is on its way!!!

It's TIME to FACE the MUSIC!!!

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2022 70:43

God is calling the men of the Church to confront the sinful patterns in their lives by taking action. As overwhelming as it may seem, it must be done and the God of heaven has given us everything that we need to be powerful overcomes. This is what we must do, and here's how we do it!!!

Hebrews 3:1-6

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2022 56:15

The Bible is filled with warnings and exhortations concerning how we should live our lives. It's critical that we listen and obey all it has for us. When we ignore God's word it brings disaster. When we choose to be careless by ignoring the details, it can be fatal. It's time to be careful; very careful!!!


Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2022 45:49

What's next? What do we do when our enemy (the devil) is so unrelenting that we feel broken down? How do we stay in the fight? How should we look at life when we've been deeply hurt by betrayal? The answers to these questions can be clearly found in God's word!!!

Matthew 14:34-15:9

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2022 59:42

In today's video, we'll talk about a group of men that destroyed their eternity when they chose to rebel against God's word in the name of keeping tradition. There are a series of valuable lessons that we need to learn from this! Don't blow this off, your eternity may depend on it!!!

Zechariah 6

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2022 65:22

There are so many incredible aspects of God's word. Perhaps one of the greatest centers around the truth that God tells us what will happen before it happens and this passage is no exception!!!

Hebrews 2:9-18

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2022 63:51

Many believers understand the fact that Christ made the ultimate sacrifice for us. What they don't understand is what that entailed and even more so, what that means for us in the present and in the future. If you know this is coming, it would change your life!!!

This passage is PROPHETIC, and the application is STAGGERING!!!

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2022 43:37

This passage in the psalms is often viewed as a prophetic passage about the messiah (because it is) but the personal application that comes from this is powerful. Literally life changing. Here's why!


Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2022 59:16

Join us as we gather for our all church prayer night!!!

Mathew 14:22-33

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2022 59:06

Are you full of fear? If so, you probably already know that capitulation to fear destroys faith. That's why we choose faith over fear!!! God gives us the faith we need to overcome that fear, and that kind of life is the most rewarding life we can live!!! This is how we embrace faith over fear!!!

Hebrews 2:1-8

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2022 48:28

Today we'll take a look at a very important warning that cannot be ignored. If you embrace what's being said, you'll not just avoid danger, but your life will change for the better in ways you never thought possible.

7 LIFE PRESERVING principles that every person MUST LIVE by!!!

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2022 41:43

Today we're going to go over 7 very important teachings that will prove to be life changing and preserving for anyone that embraces them. This is one study you don't want to miss!

Zechariah 5

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2022 51:27

Most people don't know that when God proclaims judgement, He almost always warns the subject of His judgement of what's coming and then gives them an opportunity to avoid judgement through repentance! The problem is man loves evil and chooses to rebel to fill the desires of their wicked hearts!!! God won't tolerate that for long!!!

Matthew 14:13-21

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2022 55:42

So many look at the claims of the Bible and consider them to be mythological fairy tails. Nothing could be further from the truth, and we best pay attention because what God says is REAL and TRUE!!!

SUMMER in the PSALMS!!! Women's Summer Bible Series Part4!!!

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2022 51:40

Women!!! Join us this morning for part 4 of our Summer in the Psalms Bible series. Our guest speaker is Gail Mays of Gail Mays Ministries.

Hebrews 1:4-14

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2022 53:00

This subject is a touchy one for many but it shouldn't be!!! Todays video will answer a lot of questions about angels and Jesus! Are angels on the same level as God? Are we subject to them? What do they do? Where does Jesus fall into this?

The NATIONS are RAGING!!! GOD is COMING for them!!!

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2022 34:38

So many have grown confident in the commission of evil as a nation and tyranny is prevailing as a result. Guess what? God won't tolerate it for too much longer so why do the nations rage? Here we go!!!

Matthew 14:1-12

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2022 58:31

Today's video is perfect for the 21st anniversary of 9 11. Did you know that the Bible documents Godly men who stood as political dissidents against evil and unrighteous rulers? In many cases they were not only persecuted, but even killed! There really is a battle between good and evil, and if we don't engage in that battle, we become casualties of it!!!

Zechariah 4

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2022 56:02

In tonight's video we'll discuss Zechariah's powerful vision involving the menorah and two olive trees. What does mean? Does it have prophetic implications for our future? We'll also learn one of the most significant lessons related to our spiritual walk. Don't miss out on this video!!!

Hebrews 1:1-3

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 52:49

Did you know that God is speaking to us louder and more clearly than in times past? He has given us so much through the gift of Christ, and we have everything we need to not only listen to Him, but to grow in His word! We're in the last days, so let's Go!!!

REMEMBER this and LIVE!!! IGNORE it and YOU'RE DONE!!!

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2022 36:46

There are so many practical pieces of advice in the Bible that are so fundamental, they become life saving and life changing. This passage is no exception. It may be the key to unlocking so much more in your spiritual growth!!! This one is important.

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