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A weekly one hour podcast that talks about the Pacers in depth.

JP Sinclair

  • Feb 10, 2014 LATEST EPISODE
  • infrequent NEW EPISODES

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PNP Episode 6 Best Ever?

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2013

Hey all!18-2 is just insane! And hopefully we can keep the momentum going on the West coast swing. Pacers Nation Podcast has a new episode out where we talk about:Upcoming on this episode. Korver better than Miller? Kidd continues to slide, Paul George is reggie-esque? Pacers slip past the Clips, winter sucks, welcome back Kobe, Coach and players of the month,  All this and more on Pacers NationYou can catch the episode at www.pacersnationpodcast.weebly.comWould love your feedback to the show! Have a safe weekend!

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