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The Random Gold podcast is a long form conversation hosted by Andrew Arellano and Marquis Ashe with friends and guests talking about everything. Nothing is off the table when it comes to discussion - that's why it's a Random Gold Podcast.

Andrew Arellano & Marquis Ashe

    • May 21, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    • 1h 11m AVG DURATION
    • 151 EPISODES

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    Latest episodes from Random Gold Podcast

    Crime Stoppers

    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2022 78:14

    #151 On this episode: We discuss stopping serious crimes by committing them. (23:56)Timestamps:0:00 Preview0:20 Pre-show3:46 Intro5:12 Our Weekend 8:15 Influencer Boxing Matches11:35 Female Counterpart13:00 Video Games17:04 Real World vs Matrix20:36 Human Body Facts23:56 Ending a Certain Crime30:14 Rapid Fire Questions39:20 Released Wrong Inmate41:08 Technology 44:48 Pimp My Ride46:37 Britney Spears Miscarriage47:41 Otto Warmbier49:27 Stolen Street Sign55:03 Bad Drivers56:35 Tight Tunnels1:00:52 Youth and Technology1:07:05 Buffalo Shooting1:13:54 Outro

    Multiverse of Madness

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 84:34

    #150 On this episode: We talk about Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. [Spoilers]  (15:51)Timestamps:0:00 Preview0:17 Pre-show9:03 Intro10:03 Jamba Juice12:08 DARE T-Shirt15:51 Dr. Strange (Spoilers) 25:18 Instagram Birthday26:27 Movie Trailers28:34 Ex Lover's Wedding 30:28 Responding to Success35:38 Age Gate37:54 Dave Chappelle Attacked41:44 UFC 27452:58 Can't Date Men with a Job57:40 Truck Drivers 1:01:19 Johnny Depp1:05:59 Pop Big Pikachu 1:09:40 RIP Kevin Samuels 1:17:31 Drake Follows Wife1:19:46 Little People1:22:47 Vicky White Casey White1:23:26 Outro

    Dating Therapy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 89:11

    #149 On this episode: Local stand-up comedian Geoff Grooms joins the podcast to talk about dating life (28:34) Follow Geoff Grooms on social media @geoffgbseriousTimestamps:0:00 Preview0:16 Pre-show5:02 Intro07:07 Geoff Grooms10:09 Paying Guests16:07 Military17:18 Comedy26:02 San Diego Street Interviews28:34 Dating Women37:23 Johnny Depp Case41:51 Vow of Silence44:27 Therapy48:01 Off Limit Jokes49:10 Opinion: Chris Rock Getting Smacked51:22 American Ninja Warrior54:08 Fast and Furious Director Departs56:43 Sports Fight1:00:20 UFC 2741:03:44 100 Days in Metaverse1:09:07 Plane Crash for Views1:12:59 365 Days1:18:10 Pete Davidson Tattoo1:20:00 Titty Talk1:20:40 Outro

    Netflix Robbery

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 77:43

    #148 On this episode: We return after a week off to talk about your favorite random topics. Netflix robbing y'all! Timestamps:0:00 Preview0:24 Pre-show6:37 Intro7:23 Marquis Birthday11:32 AirPods Scare14:41 Impress Women 18:26 Ex-girlfriend's Boyfriend22:35 Robbed at Gunpoint28:03 Biden Did That31:06 Perspective Quote32:41 Dogs Don't Understand34:53 Sausage35:50 Faking Orgasm40:40 Ronald McDonald43:39 John Travolta Pulp Fiction Dance 45:28 Liam Neeson Returning in Star Wars50:15 Elon Buys Twitter52:56 Movies55:01 Eevee Pokemon Poster Boy58:17 Mac Miller Drug Dealer gets Jail Time1:01:25 Rhythm 0 Art Experiment 1:04:45 Metaverse Living1:07:52 Netflix, Amazon, HBO1:09:58 Outro

    Sugar Daddies

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2022 71:16

    #147 No guest this week. On this episode we talk our random rants about sugar daddies (20:32).Timestamps:0:00 Sneak Peek0:29 Preshow1:02 Intro1:57 Marquis Birthday9:00 Barber16:09 Jury Duty20:32 Sugar Daddy23:49 Drew Helps Man at ATM26:29 Sonic The Hedgehog 236:59 Everything Everywhere All at Once47:54 7 Eleven Credit Card Scam49:23 IGN Hiring Writers56:45 Will Smith 10 year Ban57:39 Kingdom Hearts 41:03:51 Outro

    Butt Wrestling

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 83:36

    #146 On this episode: The President and CEO of Butt Wrestling Inc. Lois Grain joins the podcast to talk about Butt Wrestling (24:20) Follow Lois Grain on social media  @buttwrestlingTimestamps:0:00 Preview0:33 First Boner4:57 Intro7:19 Lois Grain8:08 Baby Face8:51 Hardy Boys11:17 Macho Man11:52 Stone Cold's Last Stunner14:31 Finishing Move14:55 Working a Match17:17 Injuries 22:57 Blood Gimmick24:20 Butt Wrestling26:51 Onlyfans27:39 Stink Face31:32 Wrestling Moves32:40 Logan Paul35:48 Rey Mysterio37:43 Super Smash Bros Match39:17 Cinco de Mayo41:32 Obi Wan Kenobi42:21 Star Trek44:01 Bruce Willis46:17 Movies49:44 Umbrella Academy Goes Trans51:54 Titanic 53:57 Kanye Pulls Out Coachella 57:25 Favorite Wrestler 1:04:52 Club Funeral 1:12:43 E3 Cancelled1:13:48 Nipples1:15:11 More Movies1:18:39 Straightest Porn1:20:16 Outro

    The Fresh Simp of Bel Air

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 76:23

    #145 On this episode:  We talk Will Smith slapping Chris Rock during the Oscars (4:21)Timestamps:0:00 Preview0:21 Beto1:40 Intro4:21 Will Smith Slaps Chris Rock21:34 Colby Covington vs Masvidal27:44 Kanye West Coachella31:21 Sex Scenes 36:08 One Handed PS Controller37:50 Marquis x MGK 39:55 Taylor Hawkins43:14 GIFS43:54 Trans Sports46:40 Brown Clothes48:03 Drunk Driving57:46 Old Ways of Thinking1:02:18 Gay Dog1:04:43 Nostalgic Media1:10:43 Outro

    Tesla Flys Over Gas Prices

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 64:44

    #144 On this episode: We talk about the recent stunt of someone making a Tesla fly off a steep street in LA county. (51:34)Timestamps:0:00 Preview0:15 Preshow1:44 Intro3:00 Trying to Come Back6:35 China Lock Down8:57 Putin11:14 Gas Prices16:07 Playing Instruments20:33 Sesame Street Theme Park27:51 Elliot Page Umbrella Academy 35:12 Venmo Lurking37:54 DBZ Movie Suspended42:17 Disney Star Wars 46:50 Saw Question 50:53 God of War Live Action51:34 Tesla Flying in the Air57:15 World of Warcraft Disease1:00:12 Outro

    Victorville Pro Skater

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 105:59

    #143 On this episode:  We talk to pro skater Will Gabourel about skateboarding, marijuana, and how he went to highschool with Marquis. (17:42) Follow Will on social media  @willgabourel Timestamps:0:00 Preview0:26 Preshow6:41 Intro9:06 Victorville14:38 Skateboarding17:42 High School w/ Marquis23:24 Pete Davidson Disrespect28:13 YouTube Cancelled Trump33:17 Russia Pirate Bay34:17 Batman39:15 More Movies47:06 More Doors or Wheels49:43 Marquis Robbed51:42 Skate Spots52:40 Transition57:08 Pro Skater1:01:07 Semen Retention 1:05:21 Obi Wan Trailer1:11:20 $57K Charizard Card1:13:18 Head During Interview1:15:33 UFC1:17:39 Wrestling 1:21:58 Final Meal1:25:00 Reboots1:30:33 Director Detained at Bank1:32:43 Outro

    Transgender Entertainment

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 89:14

    #142 On this episode: Transgender entertainer Vancie Vega joins the podcast to share her story and educate us about the Trans community!  Follow Vancie on social media: @vancievegan @thenotdollyshowTimestamps:0:00 Preview0:31 Preshow 2:52 Intro4:34 Vancie Vega5:15 Dolly Parton10:43 LIPS12:52 Transgender Entertainment15:08 Drag19:53 Knoxville Dolly Fest21:39 Marrying People25:14 Religion27:26 Abuse & Drugs31:02 Positivity 36:21 Sobriety37:48 Prostitution42:32 Kill for Money47:11 Silicone Poisoning49:16 Cain Velasquez56:14 HIV1:09:09 Dave Chappelle1:13:11 Hollywood1:18:16 Dog Training 1:23:25 Informed Consent1:26:09 Outro

    Nintendo is SUPER Petty

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 86:06

    #141 On this episode: We talk about Super Smash Bros. not being featured in EVO 2022. (54:49 )Timestamps:00:00 Preview00:14 Chrome Book01:03 Intro02:24 Ukraine14:15 Break from Social Media17:45 Lindsay Lohan 24:10 Pro Tekken Player Cancelled35:48 Tom Hardy vs Charlize Theron47:58 Kanye Bullying Pete50:03 Donda 254:49 Smash Bros Not at Evo 20221:04:12 New Starter Pokemon 1:11:49 Batman Movie1:21:05 Pokemon Cards League Badge1:24:07 Teacher Put Semen in Cupcakes


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2022 75:28

    #140 On this episode:  We talk about Sony's latest movie Uncharted (8:11). We also chat about fashion with designer Gustavo Luna on his unique fashion designs. (24:27) Follow Gustavo on social media  -  @whybornjpgTimestamps:0:00 Preview0:10 Uncharted Video Game4:26 Pants Zipper5:34 Making Apparel8:11 Uncharted the Movie16:16 Got Done Dirty19:43 Tom Holland24:27 Designing Clothing31:53 Blackmailing Nudes38:07 Catalog and Projects43:58 Drewsdays Shirts46:37 Fake Shoes49:22 2 Women on Valentines 51:56 Rapper Names56:39 Kanye West $100 Million1:00:06 STDs1:02:24 Prime Membership1:03:37 Dialed 9-111:09:09 Outro

    Skete Davidson

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2022 77:12

    #139 On this episode: Joaquin Vasquez returns to talk about the heated feud  between Kanye West and Pete Davidson. Follow Joaquin on social media -  @jeawokmedia @jwalk_jr Timestamps:0:00 Preview0:23 Pre-show3:26 Intro4:30 Valentines Day7:40 Super Bowl 12:07 Kanye vs Pete 32:40 Prime Hydration Drink35:08 Half Time Show41:29 Super Bowl Riot43:15 Joe Biden Crack Pipes47:12 UFC48:35 Bartender Sues Post Robbery50:18 Sonic Bank Heist 51:36 Blind Mule54:42 Lying1:00:39 Envy about Opposite Sex1:02:41 Selfish Drew1:08:27 Marquis Drunk1:10:36 Metaverse Gang Bang1:12:28 Pokemon Red & Blue1:15:20 Outro

    Rhythm and Blues

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2022 99:04

    #138 On this episode:  We talk music with San Diego R&B artist Mischif (16:28)Follow Mischif on social media - @mischiftrkTimestamps:0:00 Preview0:38 Fadein0:40 Sailor Moon1:22 Podcast Hate4:04 Intro4:52 Mischif6:07 Jackass Forever16:28 Music24:52 San Diego County26:47 Rap 32:02 Uncharted Interview34:34 Casting Couch37:37 Falcon Winter Solider Interview40:37 Basic Training Deaths45:26 Grand Theft Auto 648:07 Kim and Kanye54:58 Kanye's GF Dated Drake57:43 Gator the Skater1:01:22 Most Hated Skaters List1:09:21 Dave Grohl's Signature1:12:55 Andrew Garfield Saves Loki1:13:54 Demon Slayer1:17:29 Joe Rogan N Word1:31:36 In The AM Song1:35:25 Outro

    Sony Buys Bungie Studios

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2022 80:20

    #137 On this episode:  We talk about Sony purchasing Bungie Studios for $3.6 billion and talk about the future for Playstation. (16:52)Timestamps:0:00 Preview4:04 Marquis calls his Mother 8:41 Intro10:12 Fresh & Fit Podcast13:45 Drew Quits Porn16:52 Sony Buys Bungie24:34 Hilarious Kids Toys26:36 Joe Rogan Apologizes30:02 Maus Book Cancelled34:22 Another Baby for Nick Canon 42:53 Funny Local News Videos45:57 All of Us are Dead49:35 Crime Stories54:53 Island Boys58:31 PlayStation 5 1:02:08 PC Gaming1:03:39 Final Fantasy 71:06:34 Dana White Diss Track1:08:33 Middle Fingers1:09:16 NFT1:15:59 Outro


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2022 74:53

    #136 On this episode: We call a phone sex hotline to listen about wet butts.  (1:06:46)Timestamps:0:00 Preview0:39 Intro1:17 Where's Betho4:40 Cancel Culture5:48 Close Call Car Accident8:53 3rd Microphone10:09 Nelly says 300k is Cap12:10 Quitting Porn17:26 Socks in Bed?19:55 Kim Did Kanye Dirty?24:26 Microsoft Buys Blizzard Activision31:09 KFC Beyond Chicken33:25 Sex Before Kissing36:37 China N Words 38:56 President Code Names44:28 Racism in Dating51:12 Parking Car55:32 Crazy Baby Mom58:51 Venice Italy Drowning1:06:46 Sex Hot Line1:10:52 Outro

    Officers Fired Playing Pokémon Go

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 74:58

    #135 On this episode:  We talk about the 2 LAPD officers who were terminated for catching a Snorlax on Pokemon Go. (19:15)Timestamps:0:00 Preview0:36 JCS Leaving YouTube5:09 Intro6:01 Marquis gets COVID16:23 COVID Shrinks Dicks17:52 COVID Sex19:15 Police Officers Fired for Pokemon Go22:07 $3 Million Fake Pokmon Cards30:11 Martin Luther King Day34:04 Chael Sonnen Explains Time35:41 UFC 27039:10 Shopping While Black43:23 Drew's Yelling in Public45:08 Doggystyle Question46:40 Drake's Hot Sauce50:27 Nelly Lost 300K54:15 13 Year Old Self Say to Present You59:03 Marquis got Robbed59:44 Phone Carriers1:07:38 Outro

    Hating on Matrix

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2022 79:29

    #134 On this episode: We bring the New Year with John Peacock to have a Hate Fest on Matrix Resurrections. (51:31)Follow John Peacock: circus_jackTimestamps:00:00 Preview00:20 Intro02:05 New Years 2022 12:11 Christmas14:23 Giving Birth16:41 Spiderman Animatronic20:06 Mother Daughter Story29:17 Lady Friend Meets Someone33:26 Drunk Texts37:07 Movie: Don't Look Up 49:13 Man Shoved into Train51:31 Matrix Resurrections1:02:10 Dana White vs Jake Paul1:08:25 Master Key Sex Question1:15:54 Outro

    That Random Holiday Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 85:02

    #133 On this episode:  We talk about Christmas and Spider-Man. Timestamps:00:00 Preview00:53 Preshow01:55 Intro02:55 Christmas Cartoons06:11 Opening Gifts Early06:35 Santa Claus & Tooth Fairy08:11 Church on Holidays10:05 Marquis: Being Tricked12:31 Christmas Video Games16:30 Worst Christmas19:38 Spider-Man No Way Home27:56 Matrix 434:50 Sam Raimi Spider-Man43:40 Jake Paul KOs Tyron Woodley 46:37 Marquis' Sick Humor52:09 Betrayal57:46 Music: Guilty Pleasures1:05:58 Aaron Carter vs Shaq 21:08:37 Sonic 21:10:40 Birthdays1:14:09 Oral Sex Only1:15:21 Sex Tape Fee1:16:52 Outro

    Deal Breakers

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2021 83:30

    #132 On this episode: We talk about sex and dating with Cathy and Sara from the We've Made a Mistake Podcast. (23:51)Listen more to Sara and Cathy on their Podcast.Timestamps:00:00 Preview00:37 Intro02:03 We've Made a Mistake Podcast05:44 Dating Coworkers10:11 Dog Attacks Teen15:41 Hollywood Vaccine Mandate20:29 Instagram: Taking a Break23:25 True Crime Podcasts23:51 Deal Breakers40:25 Reacher and Settler Theory49:01 Showing Emotion55:06 Kanye Asks Kim to Come Back58:57 TikTok Pet Peeve1:00:08 Relationship Secrets1:03:48 Sleeping with the Enemy1:06:38 Tipping1:12:28 Dating Style1:21:05 Outro

    Zoo Books

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 85:41

    #131 On this episode:  We talk about Zoo Books from the commercials that use to play during the mid 90's (25:13)Timestamps:0:00 Preview0:19 UFC5:24 Intro7:06 Quinceañera13:54 Kim Kardashian Disrespect16:51 MGK Picks Pete Davidson18:52 Goofy Evanssance20:20 Mr. Krabs Off the Grid22:18 8 Bit Christmas25:13 Zoo Books27:47 Black Panther36:27 One Punch Man40:30 How To Catch a Predator48:22 Suing Doctor for Being Birthed52:01 Sperm Donation54:17 Religion1:02:20 Michigan Shooting1:09:54 Tom Holland Likes Dick1:13:12 Fears1:15:22 Outro

    See Ya Chump

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2021 78:28

    #130 On this episode:  Jabril Ashe joins the podcast to talk about the upcoming Spider-Man Movie No Way Home. (1:00:04)Timestamps:0:00 Preshow1:37 Intro3:15 Marquis got Hammered5:13 New Button9:58 Bully McGuire Hot Ones12:43 Comic Con 202115:24 Thanksgiving Announcements16:20 Old Media Memes18:03 Hawkeye Show21:18 Flying Women Out31:06 N Word Drew33:10 Teacher saying N Word36:14 Girl Cheated on Boyfriend38:46 G4 Gaming Channel 39:53 X-Men45:11 Mr. Beast Squid Game55:14 RIP Virgil Abloh1:00:04 Spiderman No Way Home1:07:21 Smash and Grab Robberies1:11:37 Outro


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 65:01

    #129 On this episode: We honor Thanksgiving to talk about what we are thankful for (6:23).Timestamps:0:01 Intro 1:04 Beto Festival 2:53 Kanye & Drake Benefit Concert5:09 UFC 270 Anaheim6:23 Thankfulness11:26 Cyberpunk 2077 for $1013:02 Playstation 5 Patented Faceplate14:42 Black Friday Change18:59 Bully Mcguire vs Super Buu23:49 JFK Anniversary24:48 Martin Luther King Agenda29:47 16th Anniversary of Xbox 36035:21 Hair Dye37:32 DARE Program40:32 Perform in Saudi Arabia43:54 Jinxing47:47 Marquis Death Fear53:38 Al Iaquinta Retirement1:00:21 Misconception1:02:47 Outro

    YouTube Removes Dislike Button

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 77:32

    #128 On this episode: We talk about YouTube removing the dislike button (25:49)Timestamps:0:00 Gold Microphones2:35 Intro2:53 Capping5:39 Veterans Day10:10 Movie Spoilers 12:14 Spiderman Movies15:41 Baby Keem18:31 Music Objective21:38 Kanye Concerts24:20 3 Words for Car25:49 YouTube Dislike Button33:00 20 Year old Pokemon Booster Pack40:17 More Rewarding: He Makes the Move or Her43:28 Punkd47:35 GTA Trilogy Glitches52:30 Not Touching Other Women 54:25 One Note Actors57:19 Shallow Hal1:01:50 Falling Through Roof1:05:10 Astroworld Update1:08:36 Britney Spears is Free1:12:10 Outro


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 84:16

    #127 On this episode:  We talk about the Travis Scott's concert during the Astroworld Festival (50:48)Timestamps:0:00 Beto1:50 Preshow2:33 UFC Frauds6:48 UFC 26813:18 Time Change16:20 Food Pyramid19:46 Burning Food in Oven21:51 11/22/63 Marquis Review30:03 Iconic Music Themes39:08 Vin Diesel and The Rock48:54 Kanye West50:48 Travis Scott Astroworld1:08:25 Jeff Bezos vs Leonardo Dicaprio1:11:53 Can Opener Bridge1:16:22 Outro

    Island Boy

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2021 76:09

    #126 On this episode:  We about the Island Boy Song (0:32)Timestamps:0:32 Island Boy4:28 Intro5:31 Holidays13:07 Women Success Rate15:04 Andrew Attacks Marquis19:20 Pokemon Oreos22:37 UFC 268 28:27 Pete Davidson & Kim34:10 Random Question36:22 Kids Cartoons & Toys41:15 Dealing with Break Ups44:28 Docking and Titty Fucking50:53 Raiders Player Car Accident55:32 TikTok Star Kills Wife58:45 Deal Breakers1:02:54 Would You Rather1:04:51 Vaccine Mandates1:08:43 Motorcycle Riders Lane Splitting1:13:04 Outro

    Halloween Special

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 83:31

    #125 On this episode:  On this Halloween special episode we talk about scary movies and videos games. (8:11)Timestamps:0:00 Squirt is Pee?2:00 Intro3:41 Drew's Adventure8:11 Scary Movies15:04 Scary Video Game16:19 Drew's Hairy Arms19:36 Glory Hole24:38 Nightmare Before Christmas30:22 Editing Movies32:39 Getting Killed in Movies36:51 Murder Cases40:02 Racist White People41:25 Marquis Hawaii Fight43:42 Adoption47:49 Speedos52:32 Perfect Penis 55:09 Dealbreakers1:15:42 Alec Baldwin Accident1:19:10 Outro

    Superman is Bisexual

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 75:41

    #124 On this episode: We talk about DC Comics revealing a bisexual Superman. (30:39) Timestamps:0:00 Last Week's Episode1:06 Last Week at Work2:19 Cousin Fight Game Tradition3:25 Video Game : Intellectual Property8:47 Intro9:47 Sora Super Smash Bros15:51 Streaming18:21 Bully McGuire27:10 Size of Universe 30:39 Superman Bisexual36:06 That 90's Show38:12 Star Wars Visions40:02 Squid Game47:31 Prostitute Guest49:19 Deleting Facebook50:41 Electronic Project54:11 Stolen Wallet58:37 James Bond1:05:25 Deal Breakers1:10:54 Outro

    Final Smash Bros Character

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 85:17

    #123 On this episode:  We are all over the place on this episode check the timestamps below it was a fun ramble. Timestamps:0:30 The Little Rascals4:47 Intro5:47 Styrofoam7:23 Halloween11:31 2 Week Notice22:16 Uber Driver Music24:07 Watch Your Girl get Smashed27:44 Broken Playstation 534:12 Donkey Kong35:11 Pokemon Oreos37:47 Final Smash Bros Character44:35 Generic Foods TikTok46:26 Someone you Don't Like50:34 Jon Jones1:01:50 YouTube Rabbit Hole1:05:38 DBZ Funny Dialog1:07:27 Squid Game1:10:15 Skating Days are Over1:16:42 Instagram Facebook Outage1:20:43 Outro

    Kevin Romar

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 105:34

    #122 On this episode:  Pro skateboarder Kevin Romar shares a story where he had to hide his feet in a closet to prevent a filmer from playing with his toes. (5:41)Timestamps:0:31 Intro1:44 Sun Diego Rincon Contest3:22 Kevin's Nixon Watch Story5:41 Creepy Kyle9:18 VX100011:11 Skateboard Filmers12:58 Sponsorship15:14 Still a Professional Skater18:10 DJ Romar20:05 Team Ice Cream24:54 Skate Politics28:24 Supra Footwear29:13 Paul Rodriguez32:00 MADA Clothing35:44 Tyler Surrey & Wes Kremer36:32 Nollie Heel Wilshire39:58 Terry Kennedy43:58 Megan Fox47:05 Chris Pratt Super Mario 49:41 Kevin Romar Clothing Brand59:14 Supra Team1:02:27 Evan Hernandez1:04:40 Wallenberg Content1:10:31 Hopsin1:15:57 Redlight District 1:34:12 Varial Flip1:35:01 Skate Contests1:41:06 Hollywood High 161:44:18 Outro

    Top 10 DBZ Characters

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 92:27

    #121 On this episode: We list the top 10 characters in Dragon Ball Z (31:24).  Desturcto Disc!Timestamps:0:00 Preshow0:50 Intro4:20 Downtown San Diego10:28 Stolen Valor13:10 iPhone 13 Keynote (San Diego)15:18 Massage Parlor19:10 Tipping Culture22:29 Fighting Game Community29:47 Emmys31:24 Top 10 DBZ Characters36:55 Michael K Williams39:21 Norm Macdonald45:26 Logan Paul Handouts48:37 Covid School Meeting54:44 Revolution Movies1:05:37 Old Drewsdays Videos1:08:43 UFC 2661:16:06 Gaby Patito1:28:54 Outro

    Kanye vs Drake

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 83:37

    #120 On this episode: We talk feuds - Donda against CLD (16:10), Conor McGregor vs Machine Gun Kelly (22:31) and Anderson KOs Tito Ortiz (1:05:34). Timestamps:0:00 Wrong Pronouns3:23 Intro4:52 Marvel vs Capcom 216:10 Drake vs Kanye22:31 Conor McGregor vs Machine Gun Kelly29:07 Marvel's Shang-Chi (Non-Spoiler)36:38 Nickelodeon Brawl39:33 Soaking43:23 Super Size Me45:17 Rockstar GTA  55:27 Matrix 41:05:34 Anderson KOs Tito Ortiz1:07:48 Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort1:11:00 Favorite Trait 1:14:05 YouTube Mom Make Child Cry for Views1:21:01 Outro

    Drake is Lesbian

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 73:42

    #119 On this episode: We talk about Drake calling himself lesbian in his latest album Certified Lover Boy  (11:36) Timestamps:00:00 Preview00:43 Sailor Moon02:07 Dragon Ball Super Animation05:24 Intro07:38 Labor Day11:36 Drake Album18:13 Ranking Kanye Albums21:42 Sex Strike24:31 Justice/Medical Businesses31:44 9/11 32:31 Pete Davidson vs Louis CK36:25 Snitches as Work43:24 Movies47:07 Fentanyl50:03 Chicken or Orangutan?50:53 Sex Watch52:06 Disney What If?54:01 Joe Rogan Covid57:00 3 Hour Video Game Limit1:03:21 Religion1:09:29 Outro

    Kanye West Donda

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 69:16

    #118 On this episode: Marquis and Drew share their thoughts on Kanye's latest album Donda. (3:00) Timestamps:0:00 Preview1:06 Intro2:07 Lint Rollers3:00 Donda19:28 Kanye vs Drake26:26 Jake Paul v Tyron Woodley32:58 Promise Ring35:38 Anti Vaccine41:53 Mid Life Crisis43:26 Breaking Bad50:25 Motorboat Lila Lovely52:59 Bacon Overrated54:32 Homie's Woman1:02:00 Tyler P1:05:00 Outro

    OnlyFans Ban

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 91:45

    #117 On this episode: Adult actress Lila Lovely returns to the podcast to talk about the OnlyFans ban (which since the recording of this episode is now being reversed)  (3:37)Timestamps:00:00 Disclaimer01:09 Preview01:54 Intro03:37 OnlyFans20:21 Surgery27:33 Sex Life32:27 Masked Sex Scene33:19 Amateur Porn34:22 Grandpa Sex36:14 New Partners37:37 Turn Offs38:40 Spiderman Trailer40:38 Lila's Favorite Movies45:10 Banned on Instagram48:15 Podcast Social Media50:23 Hollering at Yo Girl52:39 Logan Paul WWE56:37 Nirvana Naked Baby57:47 Micro Penis1:02:04 Music1:06:16 Jeopardy Host Leaves1:09:47 Tony hawk Blood Boards1:12:09 Creepy Fan1:14:34 Bf Gets KO'd1:16:54 Scott Pilgrim1:20:53 Embarrassing Facebook Story1:27:54 Eating Hotdogs1:30:02 Outro


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2021 89:59

    #116 On this episode:  Joaquin and Bella join the podcast  to share perspective and experience on relationships.Timestamps:00:00 Preview02:14 Intro03:37 Daphnique Springs07:31 Hot Yoga Cleanse08:50 Girls at the Gym12:16 Bottle Rat15:04 Relationship Frustrations16:25 How to Approach Women20:20 Appearances21:36 Acquaintances25:12 Mating Dance28:32 Kanye Donda31:50 Social Media37:57 Getting Knocked Out42:27 Fake Rolex44:36 Quentin Tarantino49:15 Bob Dylan 55:03 Stealing1:02:19 Sex Toys1:10:59 Movies & TV Shows1:13:32 Cutting Someone Out1:20:15 Joaquin1:22:34 More Movies1:26:21 Outro

    Daphnique Springs

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2021 84:05

    #115 On this episode: Comedian Daphnique Springs talks about her comedy tour and what it was like meeting Dave Chappelle (24:03) - but not before roasting Andrew & Marquis. (5:14) Timestamps:00:00 Preview01:59 Intro03:46 Unapologetically Daphnique Podcast05:14 Deep Sea Fishing08:18 Products09:56 Stand Up Comedy14:53 Comedy Censorship19:15 Process Making Skits21:11 No Big Dicks24:03 Dave Chappelle27:17 Celebrities28:12 Opposite Sex Preference31:32 Body Count37:05 Drugs & Alcohol39:07 Detained by Police44:56 Scammed  out of $46k51:29 Meeting Kanye West and Kim54:22 Podcast57:49 Comedy Opportunities 1:04:07 Dating1:05:14 Laugh Factory1:09:31 Road Rage1:13:13 UFC 2651:15:27 Comedian Etiquette1:18:15 Suicide Squad1:23:24 Outro

    Homicide In Skateboarding

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2021 81:30

    #114 On this episode: Local San Diego rapper Flowz (formerly Occipital Flowz) talks about pro skateboarder Terry Kennedy being charged with first degree murder. (26:11) Timestamps:0:00 Preshow2:33 Intro4:12 Occipital Flowz8:33 Grand Seiko Watch12:02 July 4th Show18:22 Random Fillet Intro18:39 Skateboard Olympics24:13 NotCheetos26:11 Terry Kennedy Murder Charge37:29 Have a Condom?49:44 New Kanye Album54:51 Gene Simmons57:11 Instagram Fraud1:02:52 Scarlett Johansson vs Disney1:06:08 Puff Print Shirts1:10:13 Flowz Aspirations 1:16:08 Outro

    Very Random Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2021 91:43

    #113 On this episode:  We talk about everything - check the timestamps below to see the topics we ramble about.Timestamps:00:00 Gay Jokes02:25 Intro03:04 No Guest Today04:32 Kanye West08:19 Marquis vs Treezy: Hunter x Hunter16:48 Kickflip Shoulder Pop19:55 Lightsaber Question21:55 Apple 6925:27 Dead People Image/Likeness28:53 The Sims30:38 Rashad Evans Out of Retirement34:22 Da Baby Put Your Phones Up37:27 Marquis COVID Vaccine39:39 Dr. Dre Ex-Wife $300,00040:55 Slipknot42:31 Disliking Rap Music57:52 Activision1:01:17 Not Hiring Women1:07:39 Ego from Men1:15:37 Instagram Cock Block1:23:25 Dana White1:27:11 New DBZ Movie

    Amazon Goes to Space

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 23, 2021 78:07

    #112 On this episode: Dom Jackson and Ozzy McIntosh from Two Somethings in a Pod  to talk all things outer space. (13:05)Timestamps:0:00 Preview01:09 Intro02:41 Space Jam 208:07 Jeff Bezos goes to Space17:27 Transition Titty23:11 Mark Hoppus Cancer23:57 Rock Music26:17 RIP Biz Markie30:53 Call of Duty Weapon Balancing32:02 Music Innovation33:32 TransRacial38:59 Paying Women's Bills41:46 Olympics Anti Sex Beds45:25 Marquis Camping Trip51:06 Puja55:05 Water Shortage57:44 New Kanye Album1:03:12 Rich People Married1:07:10 LA Mask Mandate1:07:54 Coconut Kitty Filter1:12:15 Outro

    Conor McGregor's DMs

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 16, 2021 63:39

    #111 On this episode: We talking Dustin Poirier's wife sending Conor McGregor a direct message on Instagram. (27:43) Timestamps:00:00 Preview00:45 Music05:10 Hot Air Balloon08:07 Intro08:57 Karma12:09 Fast and Furious 923:28 Conor McGregor Breaks Leg27:43 Dustin Wife Slides into DMs37:48 Jake Paul v T. Wood Tattoo40:24 Plane Emergency Exit44:25 Virgin Goes to Space55:24 Hugh Jackman & Marvel59:01 Outro

    Hacking Phone Numbers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 9, 2021 79:38

    #110 On this episode: Andrew shows how he used Instagram to get access to all of Marquis phone contacts. (51:46) Timestamps:00:00 Preview00:34 Twitch Hot Tub ASMR04:40 Intro05:29 4th of July12:15 Hunter x Hunter14:40 Holiday Haters20:10 Wonderboy Thompson Cockblocking25:11 UFC 264 34:11 Quentin  Tarantino40:27 Famous Twitter Hacker50:37 Tips: Protect Your Accounts51:46 Stealing Marquis Contacts Info56:25 Smacking Shoulders57:22 Friend's Girlfriend BJ1:03:20 Friend with Benefits1:07:30 New Levis1:09:31 White People Dreadlocks1:11:45 Bill Cosby Gets Freedom1:14:17 Flaw in Relationship 

    Medium Rare

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 78:44

    #109 On this episode: We double up again with Jabril Ashe and Treezy talk about how steak should be cooked. (22:24)Timestamps:00:00 Preview01:07 Intro02:21 Demon Slayer Movie04:15 Delta Variant Virus05:59 Airplane Flights08:31 Random Gold Gifts10:46 Wrong Name13:28 Female Names14:48 Ex-girlfriend Responsibility18:29 Abbreviated Companies 22:24 How Steak is Cooked25:50 Facebook Meth30:50 Candy Addiction32:55 Food Delivery vs OnlyFans36:17 Driverless Delivery Services40:56 Quitting Jobs50:19 Derrick Chauvin Sentenced52:33 John McAfee53:39 Grim Life Collective58:22 Kanye Sues Walmart1:01:29 Tyler the Creator1:07:01 Michael Jackson/ OJ Slander1:12:14 Defuse a Bomb1:16:08 Outro

    E3 2021 was Trash

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 18, 2021 85:17

    #108 On this episode: We call Malik Forté to discuss the disappointing E3 2021 showcase and the future direction gaming. (19:52)Timestamps:00:00 Preview00:15 Intro00:57 Mask Mandate Lifted03:13 Keeping Friends 06:43 Amazon Prime Gaming08:16 Bigger Dick: Amazon or Disney?14:12 Learn to Code16:46 E3 202119:52 Phone: Malik Forte31:46 FF7 Remake: Yuffie DLC33:42 Gootecks & Mike Ross35:52 Charlie Bothuell Found42:27 New Rory and Mal Podcast45:03 Wild Porn Catagory47:00 Tranny Suck51:24 Floyd Mayweather Robbed52:38 J-Lo and Ben Affleck53:59 Batman Oral Sex56:36 Random Question58:08 Sex Club1:08:02 Disney Shows1:10:07 UFC 2631:14:58 Hong Kong Tijuana1:19:32 Outro

    Zuck Suck

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2021 75:16

    #107 On this episode: Hilarious conversations with Jeff DeChesare and Chris Coleman about skateboarding (2:08 ) and Mark Zuckerberg getting sucked (34:01).  Timestamps:00:00 Preview01:00 Intro02:08 Switch Tre Flip13:15 Instagram Unblocked15:56 Jeff Bezos Goes to Space17:59 Facebook Marketplace20:10 Logan Paul vs Floyd Mayweather23:39 UFC 26326:59 The N Word32:30 Twitter Blue34:01 Facebook vs Twitch34:43 OnlyFans37:58 Mom Impersonates Daughter42:33 Pretending to be Crazy50:39 Soapy Legs Posts53:55 Twitch Licensing 1:04:39 FBI Mass Sting1:05:50 Covid Vaccine1:07:34 Experiments1:10:44 Outro

    Beam Me Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 63:20

    #106 On this episode: Yvette Macknight joins the podcast to talk about writing and publishing children books. (10:10) Buy Yvette's Book - "Petunia Panda Bear"Timestamps:0:01 JCS Criminal Psychology01:49 Intro02:28 Yvette MacKnight10:10 Publishing Books19:09 Rugrats LGBTQ23:48 Bill Cosby Denied Parole24:20 Forced Tattoo 25:41 Social Media Hiding Likes34:18 Video Games35:51 Cancel Culture41:40 Amazon's Ama-Zen45:12 Gorilla Glue Girl47:23 Who Killed Sara?55:03 Accused of Stealing57:03 Tongue Splitting58:29 Outro

    E3: Fake Gameplay

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 86:50

    #105 On this episode: We have Joaquin join to discuss misleading gameplay from demos featured at E3 (9:34). Guest: Joaquin Vasquez Attack Joaquin's website with mouse clicks: http://www.jeawok.com/Follow Joaquin: @jeawokmediaTimestamps:00:00 RIP Matthew Hutchinson04:17 Intro05:21 Sephiroth06:54 Joaquin08:00 Cyber Punk 207709:34 E3 Fake Gameplay13:09 Uncharted The Movie17:03 Last of Us Show18:03 Video Games  Easy Mode21:31 Jackass 426:56 Army of the Dead35:15 Black Mirror40:31 Suicide 50:53 Washing Butt52:12 UFOs are Real57:02 Stolen Catalytic Converters1:01:45 Disneyland Underboob1:05:14 Sex or Internet?1:07:10 Dating Apps Vaccination 1:11:38 McDonalds Free iPhone1:15:16 Women Purposing1:18:27 Cop Tests Urn for Drugs1:21:06 Car Tires Exploding1:22:08 Outro

    Crashing Drones Everywhere

    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2021 69:28

    #104 On this episode: previous guest Brendan returns to share he moved out of the park tree he was living in for a year (6:27) to now traveling and flying drones (20:38). Timestamps:00:00 Podcast Presents01:24 Intro02:14 Brenden06:27 Living in a Tree12:56 Lack of Social Media14:59 Travel Adventures17:36 Soccer20:38 Drone Operator29:14 Black Mirror33:16 Pornography 38:12 Breaking Bad42:10 Ellen Stopping Show47:03 Will Smith51:58 Joe Budden Beef1:04:27 Outro

    Pokemon Card Mayhem

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2021 70:31

    #103 On this episode: We talk about the recent events of violence over collecting Pokemon Cards. Timestamps:00:00 Preshow00:34 Intro01:50 Zorro03:37 Pokemon Cards11:15 Edging13:01 Capping14:50 PS4 CMOS Battery16:58 Calling 9-1118:28 Drake 24:40 Machine Gun Kelly Hair26:01 Kiss Consent30:36 Scott Pilgrim32:42 Overused Lines in Movies37:19 Judas and the Black Messiah42:06 Joe Budden Podcast47:40 JFK was in Star Wars50:54 Killing Family Dog54:16 Aubrey Plaza Married57:29 Unemployment1:00:46 4 Year Old Hacked Mom Amazon1:04:31 Twitch Tourettes Girl says N Word1:07:07 Outro

    Politically Correct

    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2021 76:02

    #102 On this episode: We talk about politically correctness in 2021 and the perspectives involved with the joke telling.Timestamps:00:00 Preview00:39 Intro01:32 May 4th Star Wars05:24 Cody Riley's New Born07:37 Guest Cancelled: Wheelchair Joke19:57 Instagram Locked Our Account24:50 Rough Sex28:46 Invincible37:03 Falcon and Winter Soldier43:05 Marvel Phase 450:15 Condom Sales50:57 Bill Gates Divorce56:40 Cops Street Racing1:02:24 Weili Zhang Haircut1:03:50 Aladdin1:06:15 Joe Budden Podcast1:12:52 Triller Streamers1:13:51 Outro

    Dislocating Both Arms

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2021 84:26

    #101 On this episode: Andrew shares how he dislocated both his arms from falling off a Life Guard tower in La Jolla, California. Timestamps:00:00 Preview00:23 Intro01:46 Drew Dislocates Arms18:22 Marquis Birthday29:11 42039:09 TV Shows52:05 Sega Channel56:27 Apple Air Tags1:00:30 Jake Paul vs Ben Askren1:08:18 UFC 2611:09:40 Derrick Chauvin1:20:34 Outro

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