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Skeery Jones & David Brody have been friends and members of radio's long running nationally syndicated Elvis Duran & The Morning Show for nearly 25 years. Although, they grew up in the same Brooklyn neighborhood, they didn't know each other at the time. Now these two have plenty to say about whatever pops into their heads. You don't have to be from Brooklyn to enjoy their humor #BrodyAndSkeery #SkeeryAndBrody #ListenInOrder #Slices TWITTER/INSTAGRAM: @SkeeryJones @DavidBrody @TheBrooklynBoys


    • May 25, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    • 1h 8m AVG DURATION
    • 376 EPISODES

    4.9 from 1,554 ratings Listeners of The Brooklyn Boys Podcast that love the show mention: boys podcast, david brody, love the rants, brooklyn boys, dessert, love brody, listen in order, air show, elvis duran morning show, listening in order, elvis duran and the morning, duran and the morning show, rants are the best, elvis duran show, since episode 0, listening to the big, cvs, thanks brody, make sure you listen, give you 5.

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    #258: Brody & Swiftie... Swiftie & Brody

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2023 66:12

    #258: Brody's a Taylor Swift fan who has met and her on several occasions and hung out with her & worked on a song parody y with her once and Skeery can't believe he's not posting all his pics and videos with her on social media; A hacker stole Skeery's friend Jet Ski Brian's instagram and was holding it ransom for a $200 Amazon gift card- ; Brody rants about a woman who ruined the video of his daughter getting her HS diploma; People think Skeery doesn't deserve to go to the Taylor Swift show because he's not a big fan; Listener Email See for privacy information.

    #257: A Dog With a Bone Of Its Own

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2023 72:07

    #257: Skeery suspects his brother's dog Butters is racist; The boys finally talk to Tall Darren about how he remedied his dog's erection problem- the answer will shock you; Brody got a stroke of good luck for a change from a bakery who saved his ass from embarrassment and disappointment from his family; Skeery saves pool bracelets and room keys for future use to crash fancy hotel pools- and got to use one last week in Miami.See for privacy information.

    #256: Buttery, Juicy & Melty

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2023 76:19

    #256: Skeery's friend Falco got banned from Uber for life because he did a drunk stranger a favor and the guy got into a fight with the driver and choked him out; the most annoying food blogger on Tik Tok; Some Scambonis to watch out for including a bagel store which warns prices can go up "unexpectedly;" Brody is the cheapest bastard at bars; Skeery couldn't get into his car because of a bad parking job;  See for privacy information.

    #255: Skeery Slept With a Man In Paris

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2023 72:51

    #255: Skeery had dinner near Brody's house and didn't invite him; Brody had a "we good?" moment after paying extra for crunchy Chinese noodles; Skeery calls an old friend live on the podcast and tests him to see if he voluntarily invites Brody to an upcoming gathering- while Brody listens in; Skeery's friend crashes his room- and bed in Paris; A nasty man tries to screw Brody on ebay- but Brody gets the last laugh; Listener TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #254: Eating Your New Friend

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2023 72:59

    #254: The pizza place tried to serve Brody stale pizza out of a drawer; Skeery's girlfriend cried while eating a lobster she had met minutes before while it was alive; Skeery tried a duck heart appetizer, escargot, and other delicacies on his trip to Paris; Brody gets into yet another fight while selling merch online; Listener TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #253: You're Gonna Burn In Hell

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2023 69:38

    #253: Gandhi & Producer Sam from The Elvis Duran Show pick a fight with a lunatic handing out religious pamphlets at a gas station and almost get Skeery killed- and Gandhi drops by to tell HER side of the story; Brody thinks Skeery has an agenda for asking for suggestions on Instagram; Driving thru the tunnel with the top down; the boys give their review of the Broadway musical Shucked; Brody is forced to block someone on LinkdIn; Brody is offended by staggered pricing for movie theatre seats; The Ebay ScamboniSee for privacy information.

    #252: Want Fries With That? Hell NO!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2023 80:35

    #252: Skeery was left holding the bag at a strip club; Brody was left without his bag at Chipotle; Beware of bad Tik Tok recipes- like a particular chicken parm one; Skeery thinks e-bicyclists are power drunk a-holes; Brody got Scambonied by credit card fees; Taking over the TV at a sports bar; listener emailSee for privacy information.

    #251: Urine The Wrong Spot

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2023 75:25

    #251: Brody discovers his Uber rating and doesn't know how his score could be so low; Skeery "out gifted" Brody for Danielle's party behind his back; going in for the kiss with a runny nose; spouses who show up and hang out at your job; using strangers bathrooms; Listener TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #250: Some Funny Schtick & A Guy From John Wick

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2023 72:58

    #250: Brody ended up in a knee brace trying to be "athletic" on vaca; Skeery got smashed day drinking on St. Patrick's Day & bit a coworker; Who goes first- people walking out of a doorway or people coming in; SKEERY's Steak Dinner Update; our friend Allie from Elvis Duran Show gives her take on Sadelle's dill filled matzah ball soup; What even is "cocktail casual?"; The boys interview action movie superstar and pro martial artist Scott Adkins from John Wick 4See for privacy information.

    #249: With This USED Ring I Thee Wed

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2023 78:08

    #249: The boys discuss a used engagement ring and if it may have bad juju; proper etiquette for ordering food for you and your date at a restaurant; Brody's wife got treated differently at a department store because of her age; Skeery learns about a Scamboni from a plumber; Brody's dishwasher problems; Skeery offers to buy Brody another steak dinner (that's 3 steak dinners for the record); Listener Email & TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #248: What Are You Putting In The BOX?!!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2023 68:58

    #248: Brody gets screwed at the movie theatre concession counter; Skeery's girlfriend thinks she's being followed; The alphabetical order best friend phenomenon; the woman who had trouble buying a box at the UPS store; Skeery is a closet Jonas Brothers Fan Club MemberSee for privacy information.

    #247: That's NOT My Coupon

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2023 80:36

    #247: The boys discuss their Valentine's Day plans; Snowflakes may be offended by a certain word the boys keep using; Brody gets into a fight on Facebook while trying to sell Skeery's stuff; the restaurant that won't let kids under 10 in anymore; A manager at a TGIF's tries to pull a Scamboni on Brody; Listener talkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #246: Shut Up Dummy, You're On Speaker!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2023 77:06

    #246: Brody describes Skeery's burlesque show birthday party; Proper breakup etiquette; can you bill someone for expenses if they cheat; Brody couldn't get a bread basket at a restaurant; Heart shaped pizza is a scamboni; Always announce when a person is on speakerphone; Listener TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #245: Brody's Birthday Balls Were Cold

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2023 76:24

    #245: The boys are pissed off at NYC's Empire State Building; They give their takes on Brady's retirement; Tik Tok Taught Skeery how to pick up a rich guy; Brody's runs into Tommy The Turtle of Target; Skeery tried to hook Brody up at his friend's restaurant and it didn't go as planned; Listener TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #244: Reunited And It Feels So Good

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 73:12

    #244: The boys are recording in person for the first time in nearly 3 years at Skeery's apartment- and Brody has a lot of observations; Skeery recaps his dreadful trip to the Eagles Giants game; Brody's Leaky tire problem update; Chat GPT is coming to take your job; Brody's chili con carne fiasco; Listener TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #243: Kids, Don't Call Me Uncle Anymore!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2023 89:36

    #243: Brody thinks Skeery is risking his life going to the Eagles playoff game as a Giants fan; More stuff that irked Brody on his cruise; Skeery doesn't want to be called "Uncle" by Greg T's kids; Brody gets more bad job suggestions; Nobody wants to eat a fancy dinner in the bar area; Listener Email and TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #242: Crappy Work Anniversary To You

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2023 67:48

    #242: Skeery thought his co-workers were gonna inadvertently get his ass kicked; Brody received a personalized list of jobs he would be allegedly qualified for; Skeery finds an imposter pretending to be him and DMing women on Instagram; Brody takes exception to the "people dying in threes" phenomenon; Paying for your own work anniversary dinnerSee for privacy information.

    #241: Why Didn't You Invite Me?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2023 96:19

    #241: The boys recap their New Years Eve- Skeery was a full minute late in celebrating because he was watching the ball drop on a web stream at a wedding while Brody was stuck on a plane; Brody had delayed flight nightmares; Infomercial Scambonis; Saying Merry Christmas to Jewish people; Skeery is butt hurt and calls Carla Marie to get to the bottom of why he didn't get a group dinner invite; Listener TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #240: Unholy Night

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2022 70:42

    #240: Are we over the sending of holiday cards; the cruel Tik Tok trends giving parents new ways to punish misbehaving kids at Christmastime; Brody's daughter gave him a dose of his own medicine and grabbed "free dessert" from him; Skeery is actually happy about going to a NYE wedding; Brody deals with a merch buyer on FB who has no common sense; Brody doesn't know current pop music anymoreSee for privacy information.

    #239: Win Free Gas

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2022 79:15

    #239: The Art Basel ATM Card Swipe Contest- would you participate?; The boys debate if people really scream their partner's names while having sex; Skeery spent a weekend in Philly; Brody's old friends can't figure out a common meeting spot; Yearbook jokes that didn't age well; Grammar Police: a confusing sounding billboard; Listener Talkbacks  See for privacy information.

    yearbooks winfree free gas grammar police skeery
    #238: Skeery Lost His Credit Card & Man Card

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2022 91:20

    #238: Skeery went on a Self Care kick including a green mask facial, Botox and more; The boys recap the time they had at Producer Sam's wedding; Brody overheard some sex talk while sitting on a men's room toilet; Skeery lost his wallet for the stupidest reason; Brody has a serious confession to makeSee for privacy information.

    #237: Thanks-giving your stuffing a bad review

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2022 70:43

    #237: Brody mocks Skeery after he ordered a special Thanksgiving turkey off a website that led a stress free life; Brody tried to be Mr. Fix It and destroyed his entire hard drive; Skeery came in dead last in the annual Stuff Off judged by Bobby Flay and his girlfriend takes the blame; Brody is not happy with his calamari to shrimp ratio in a dish he ordered; Brody got pissed with the results at a pet groomer; Listener Talkbacks See for privacy information.

    #236: The Strangers Wedding & The Dirty Bedding

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2022 78:52

    #236: Skeery has had it with triggered snowflakes who can't laugh at jokes and the boys worry about the future of comedy; Brody has advice for pizza lovers; Skeery gets free dessert from a hotel who is providing lackluster service to its guests and blaming it on obsolete covid rules; Brody's visit to Yankee Stadium;  Skeery's stuffing came in dead last in the Bobby Flay Stuff Off contest; getting a wedding invite from a person you haven't heard from in yearsSee for privacy information.

    #235: The Bakersfield Boys

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2022 87:28

    #235: Skeery wears the same exact shirt to dinner as a co worker and was fine with it; Brody's Target candy scam; Skeery witnessed a D-Bag move by a guy on a plane; Brody's lost luggage fiasco; Voluntary tooth extractions; the boys wonder what the podcast would sound like if they were from California; Listener TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #234: That Ass Can't Ride THAT Ass

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2022 70:48

    #234: People who believe in angel numbers and making wishes- Brody will have none of it; Skeery wants to sell his old podcasting equipment- and thinks he deserves a premium for it; being over the weight limit for the donkey ride tour; where do you draw the line at Halloween costumes in bad taste; the great Shrinkflation Scamboni; the boys break down our national anthem See for privacy information.

    #233: Orange Is the New Brown

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2022 68:30

    #233: Skeery got Scambonied by the company where he ordered his Halloween costume; Brody delayed recording the podcast by a day because of a really crappy situation; Skeery's brand new audio equipment isn't ready for prime time; Brody can't get a weird smell out of his car; people who go out of their way to look even more like celebrities; Snoop has a professional blunt roller; Skeery's Fake sushi PSASee for privacy information.

    #232: Ticketbastard

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2022 76:06

    #232: Skeery assumed an unopened food delivery bag left at his neighbors door for hours was sent to the wrong house, so he took it and ate it; Brody had another awkward experience in the mens room; Skeery's free dinner invite was too good to be true; Brody's various schemes to save money, make money and score better concert seats for a lesser price; Listener TalkbacksSee for privacy information.

    #231: You Can Hold My Umbrella Ella Ella

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2022 93:23

    #231: Skeery saw a celebrity with a staff member whose sole job is to hold their umbrella; pretending you're interested in a hobby just to get sex; Skeery has an unhealthy fascination with rooting for the villain; Brody almost got detained by Homeland Security; having a fake persona at the ready at all times; Apps in your phone that are competing for your attentionSee for privacy information.

    #230: Brown Eggs & Ham

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2022 78:51

    #230: A restaurant deals with steak knife stealers by embarrassing them on social media with the surveillance footage proof; Brody freaked out over a chipmunk swimming in his pool; Skeery goes off after the bagel store burned his eggs; Danielle Monaro from Elvis Duran & The Morning Show calls in with her sweet, innocent, polite, good natured take on what the guy who caught Aaron Judge's 62nd home run should do with the ball...and that couldn't be further from what the boys think.See for privacy information.

    #229: The Crappy Curd Crepe 'N' Compote

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2022 75:35

    #229: The flight attendants ate Skeery's meal and Brody almost got screwed out of his; Is it possible to meet and fall in love with a convicted murderer who's been in prison for years?; The boys debate how to properly use your fingers when counting; what do you do when the block of cheese plops into your pasta?See for privacy information.

    #228: Skeery's Girlfriend Wouldn't Kiss It

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2022 73:41

    #228: The boys recap their steakhouse MEAT UP with the Slices, as well as their time together on vacation, including their intimate Blue Lagoon experience in Iceland and Skeery's hard pass on kissing the Blarney Stone in Ireland; a cab driver pulled a Scamboni on Brody; the boys criticize people's TSA bucket return etiquette or lack thereof; Skeery is convinced he saw George Clooney and Amal while on a boat tour in Lake Como, ItalySee for privacy information.

    #227: We're BACK, Bitches!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2022 66:23

    #227: Brody addresses his decision to leave Elvis Duran & The Morning Show. Skeery's parents cut short their family fun day for a dumb reason; Brody interrupted Skeery's Sunday and got impatient when Skeery kept him waiting; Toilet Brian is backSee for privacy information.

    #226: Your Kid's an A-Hole

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 57:52

    #226: Brody's offended that Skeery thinks his kids could be A-Holes; Producer Sam of the Bam Wedding Podcast calls in after Skeery gets wind of the fact she may be cutting out the wedding invites in favor of text messaging her invites to guests; Lawyers with nicknames that sound tough; Brody got free dessert and then may have gone overboard with itSee for privacy information.

    #225: Rim Tin Tin Job

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 71:12

    #225: Come have a steak dinner with us in NYC; The gas stations are pulling a price Scamboni on you; Skeery remembered an awful encounter he once had with a dog; Brody meets a bad mom and her awful son Zachary; Listener Talkbacks; the boys discuss dreading moving officesSee for privacy information.

    #224: Your Invite to our Brooklyn Boys MEAT UP

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 72:20

    #224: The Boys announce their first public MEAT a steakhouse of course; Skeery FaceTimed a celebrity to prove to someone he knows him; Brody got Scamboni'd by a malware blocking company; Snowflakes live on social media comment threads; Skeery left Brody hanging in a huge thunderstorm; Brody encounters a guy yelling at his penis; Skeery almost got screwed for being humble and NOT using his name to get in a club See for privacy information.

    boys meat invite snowflakes brooklynboys skeery
    #223: Canada Makes The Best Bagels Eh!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2022 76:47

    #223: The boys are back from vacation and Skeery makes a wild claim about Montreal bagels being better than what NYC has to offer; Brody is disappointed by a top NYC pizza place; Brody calls Skeery out for being a poser with his T shirt selection; A few Scambonis: a store worker's potential ploy to pocket cash, a "virtual" meet and greet; the sandwich shop which insists on putting mustard on it; the $10K flight voucher; a REAL "meat & greet" with the Brooklyn Boys  See for privacy information.

    #222: Skeery's Sticky Facial

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 91:51

    #222: Who has a landline, an answering machine or leaves a voicemail on your personal phone anymore?; The boys analyze the prototype for a double decker row of plane seats; Skeery tried getting into a "Self Care" routine; Brody went to a jankety, caved in movie theatre; Free Shit For Us; Unused Punchlines; Celebrity Father's Day Cards: Listener Talkbacks See for privacy information.

    #221: Smoking A Doobie With Dad

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 76:27

    #221: Skeery gets a ton of meat gifted to him but doesn't share with Brody on spite of him not being invited to his pool; Brody caught his dermatologist office in a lie and got free dessert out of it; Skeery felt awkward while his friends got drunk with his dad; Brody got a burrito for 42 cents; Skeery is in a predicament about a $100 gas error; Unused Punchlines; Listener Talkbacks See for privacy information.

    #220: Nice House Ya Got Here, Mr. Gorilla

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 70:46

    #220: Skeery learned about the Gorillas of Rwanda and proper etiquette when entering their house; Brody's embarrassing Broadway Show experience; people who give opinions when you're looking for facts; Brody stops the podcast to make a snarky instagram remark on someone's comment See for privacy information.

    #219 All You Can Eat Meat

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 81:41

    #219: The boys reveal the All You Can Eat Meat Scamboni- and Brody almost fell into the trap; Skeery went to a gay dance club and had the best time; Skeery's theory on straight women in gay clubs; Brody recognized a girl from Only Fans in a parking lot but swears he doesn't subscribe; Free Shit For Us; Listeners' Talkbacks See for privacy information.

    #218: F*ck It! I Want That Bucket!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 74:46

    #218: Brody went to great lengths to get his hands on Harry Styles merchandise and a commemorative popcorn bucket; Skeery observed the miracle of life at a local bar; Brody was left holding the bag after Skeery snuck out of the bar to go to dinner with coworkers; Skeery went to dinner at a vegetarian restaurant and somehow loved it See for privacy information.

    Does Your Girlfriend Like To Cornhole?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 78:10

    #217: The boys discuss and debate their celebrity sightings around NYC this week; Individuals who make decisions for the entire group when out to dinner with a bunch of friends; Brody gets railed by The Slices on Talkback for thinking 15% is a standard tip; Unused Punchlines See for privacy information.

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