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Long time comedian friends Art Krug and Susan Rice swap road stories with other comedians and cover topics such as health, changes in the comedy industry, and staying up past ten.

Susan Rice and Art Krug

    • Dec 7, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from Stop Me If I've Heard This

    Enjoy the Gogh

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 65:36

    A show, a confrontation in the dog park, a Van Gogh immersive experience and we ruminate about our favorite Portland landmarks that are closing shop. Also, an unplanned "golden moment" from someone in the bushes next door outside Susan's house.

    Thanksgiving Leftovers

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 56:51

    Susan and Art talk about their Thanksgiving week and show in Brush Prairie.  Available on YouTube as Stop Me If Ive Heard This 11/29

    Today‘s Stories With Guest Dawn Greene

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 61:34

    Tough week of news what with Kyle Rittenhouse being acquitted and the SUV plowing through a crowd so it wasn't all fun and games but we did get to some lighter moments about conspiracy theories. And we always enjoy hanging out with the smart and entertaining Dawn Greene.  

    Second Attempt at video podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 66:36

    The video version of this podcast is available on YouTube under "Stop Me If Ive  Heard This 11/15/21". Fun time telling about our gig over the weekend, Kyle  Rittenhouse trial, and thanksgiving favorites

    You Tube Audio Podcast #1

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 58:45

    Today we attempted our first video recording of the podcast in case anyone wants to see what we're eating while we record this. There were some glitches as you'd expect but nothing serious as we discuss Susan's show, Art's near encounter with a social outing and the struggle millenials and Gen Zs have getting a foot hold in adulthood. 

    Lonnie Bruhn Has A Story

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 62:49

    Comedian Lonnie Bruhn is one of our long time friends who we watched grow from a quiet teenager with a dream to an absolute dynamo on stage. Lonnie shares some of his story with us which includes his audition for Last Comic Standing and his transformation from PG comic trying to please everybody to edgy powerhouse ranting about whatever he damn well wants to. 

    Older & Wiser?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 71:50

    Which one of us is wiser and which of us is just older? Susan and Art talk about their week and ask each other what lessons they've learned about the art and business of stand up. 

    Chit Chat, This and That

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 62:09

    Susan and Art talk about their respective shows on the road, Art's naturopath, Susan's nightmare trip to Safeway and various other fun things. 

    What‘s So Funny About Cancer?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 72:32

    On this episode, we zoom chat with Nick Thiesen and Eric Paine about their podcast Finding Chemo. Nick has three types of cancer and he didn't like how dark and gloomy all the websites and podcast were about it so he decided to inject some comedy into his. Nick has always been a remarkably upbeat guy who we've known from his stand up act for decades now. I think you'll get some laughs and some inspiration form this. 

    BFBFF Best Face Book Friends Forever

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 56:22

    Hey Facebook just notified Susan and Art that they've been friends for 18 years! I guess we both thought it was a little longer than that. Hmm. And then their site went down for most of the day. Coincidence? Maybe... Turns out they're in some hot water for using hate speech and divisiveness to help them get more clicks and make more money. Who knew?!  Also, Susan gets to talk about her recent visit with an expert in the field of alien research and Roswell. 

    Squeeze The Joy

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 47:07

    After a few weeks of delightful younger comedians from Portland, Susan and Art decided to catch up a little bit with some stories of their September. A couple of gigs, a party and for one of them, a relaxing home spa...

    Next Gen Comics - Adam Pasi

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 66:12

    Our guest this week is one of the most beloved Portland Comics working the scene.  Adam Pasi described himself as a former bad guy.  He certainly is not that guy now!  In 2019 Pasi won Helium's Funniest Person in Portland contest. He's one of those comics who is naturally funny. We loved chatting with him.  We hope you will to. Stop Me If I've Heard This!    Please like and subscribe.

    Next Gen Comics - Becky Braunstein

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 63:04

      Art & Susan welcome the delightful Becky Braunstein!  I was no surprise that Becky was a St John's Festival fave.  Successful actress, comedian, and illustrator Becky gives it her all no matter what the platform.  An Alaskan transplant to PDX, she exploded onto the scene and created the must see weekly show Becky with the Good Jokes. She's been seen on Netflix originals & Chad(TBS) and had a half hour comedy special on Unprotected Sets(Epix).  Subscribe to Stop Me If I've Heard This on all platforms. 

    Next Gen Comics - Dylan Jenkins

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 81:02

    Dylan Jenkins is one of the hottest up and coming comedians in Portland right now. In addition to being a repeat finalist in Helium Funniest Person contest, Dylan his own Podcast North Of Failing. But Susan and Art know him originally through his father Robert who was one of the most successful comedians ever to come out of Portland back in the 80s and 90s before quitting stand up to be there for Dylan. 

    Next Gen Comics - Amanda Arnold!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 81:40

    Susan and Art are doing a series of interviews with the comics that are carrying the torch of Portland comedy forward. This episode we are excited to talk to the amazing Amanda Arnold who we've watched grow from a fledgling open mike comic comedian ten years ago into a legit headliner comedian who is working and touring all the time. Amanda has some great stories about life on the road, a relative who lost his hand, and the sometimes supportive, sometimes competitive scene she's conquered. We know you'll get some good laughs. 

    Festival Breakdown

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 61:25

    Recap of the weekend. St John's Comedy Fest, Art's show at a haunted hotel, and his trip to the doctor for an enlarged prostate. 

    Light and Breezy End Of The Summer Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 64:06

    Susan's show at a sex club, Art picks blackberries, the upcoming St John's comedy festival, pumpkin seeds...we talk about anything and everything we could think of other than the Taliban, the wildfires, and the Covid variants because who needs more bad news right now? 

    Covid 2 - Delta Force (The Sequel)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 55:15

    Coming soon to a theater near you- more empty seats! Thanks to the anti vaxers, we're headed back to square one again. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. Go directly to covid jail. Zoom meetings, masks in stores, nasal swabs... All the hits from 2020. As you can guess, we start out the episode a little pissy about it, but switch to other matters such as the Olympics, the upcoming St John's Comedy Festival, and the environmental report that says we're all doomed. Funnier than it sounds...

    Ron Osborne - Too Many Great Stories!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 84:19

    When comedians get together and swap road stories, it's unlike most parties. Ron has too many hilarious stories to fit into an hour. The laughs were big and plentiful. Ron opens up in a way we never had the chance to see before about his days in the Marines, some road trips, and about transitioning from comedian to hospice care giver and children's puppeteer. This episode lasted longer than most but the time flew by. We dare you to listen to the end, and we think you'll want to. So many great laughs, some sad moments, and some poignant ones as well. 

    Fun In The Sun

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 62:44

    What did you do on your summer vacation? Well, we both had fun since our last episode. Susan went to the beach with her family and Art went to Bend with his and fun was had. Also, some stories about mishaps moments of drama. No particular theme but a fun little chat about the last couple of weeks. 

    Road Trip (rebroadcast from 7/19)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 66:56

    (from July '19) Susan and Art start off talking about their trip to do a show at a winery in Zillah, Washington and end up recounting some funny and memorable stories from the road over the years. Mixing alcohol with over the counter codeine in Canada, flying next to passed out drunk... we start down one road and veer off to many side tracks but lots of funny stories. Too many for just this one episode. 

    Bigfoot and Aliens

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 55:45

    Have you encountered a Bigfoot? Been abducted by aliens? Seen a spaceship? Well one of us has had one of those things happen and you'll just have to listen to this episode about unexplained phenomenon to find out who and what. We thought it would be a fun summer topic during camping season. It was and we had some good laughs. 

    Scorching Fourth

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2021 62:33

    Three days of record temperatures in Portland followed by fireworks. What could go wrong? Susan and Art chat about the deadly "heat dome" that settled over Portland and our memories of fireworks growing up. 

    Sad Little Men

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2021 68:35

    What kind of a person is drawn towards spreading hate for entertainment? Internet trolls aren't just pimply faced nerds sitting in their mother's basement. They're doctors and lawyers and working professionals from all walks of life who have one thing in common-their addiction to making strangers angry from behind a cowardly veil of anonymity. In this episode, we drag some of these lizards out into the light of day and take a good look at them. 

    Uncommon Courtesy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2021 69:02

    Are manners and courtesy a thing of the past? What happened to them? Is it a generational thing or an American thing or did we just lose our way because of our busy lives and the internet. Maybe we just sound like a couple old farts talking about manners but in an age of Covid it's more important than ever to start thinking of others and not just about ourselves. Vaccinations, masks, public behavior... we've got plenty to say so PLEASE enjoy and THANK YOU for listening.   

    Lie Me A River

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2021 54:09

    Would you tell a lie to spare someone's feelings? To get a job? How about to undermine a democracy? This is the age of the big white lie and the big white liars that are happy to tell them. So yes, it gets a bit political. But we also just talk about it on a personal level. 

    Cory Michaelis, not Cory Michaels

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2021 61:44

    We got to sit down via zoom with Cory Michaelis, hugely funny and clever comedian from Everett Washington who has performed internationally and whose dry bar comedy sets have had over 50 million downloads. Cory talks about being viewed as a clean comedian, his days as a teacher, and the producing of a long running comedy show in Everett. Always funny and super likable, Cory is a pleasure to hang out with for an hour. 

    Everybody Loves Helen

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 5, 2021 63:59

    There's a reason people love Portland media icon Helen Raptis. She is one of those people who can change the energy in a room with her cheerful, upbeat personality. Perfect for a host of a long running morning talk show like AM Northwest. We've been lucky enough to have her as friend of the podcast and friend off the air. Helen is such a funny and fun person to have around and I know you'll all enjoy the infectious laughs as she talks about our recent misreading of one of the posts from someone on her Facebook fan page and many other moments. As we expected, the hour went much too quickly. 

    Prod Me, Poke Me. Make Sure That You Woke Me.

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 62:38

    The first question Art had waking up from his colonsoscopy this week was whether he'd been abducted by aliens. Turns out no. Without getting too gross, Art shares his experience from the prep day to the hospital gown puzzle, to the drugged up ride home. As we get older, these are the kinds of procedures most of us have to endure...along with insurance companies and a broken medical system. What a great chance for Art and Susan to complain. And complain we did. Lots of laughs. 

    What Now Brown Cow?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2021 62:06

    The last year and a half have caused many of us to pause and re-evaluate our lives. Are we living the life we want or just going with the flow wherever it may take us. As we get closer to retirement, we're starting to ask how we want to spend the finite number of years we have left on this earth. Change careers? Move to another country? Join the circus? Learn something new? Have an identity crisis? We talked about some ways to answer these questions and decided to keep doing what we're doing. Maybe. Or not. 

    The New Njørmle

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2021 64:30

    So half of us are vaccinated against the virus now and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas is the soonest we can hug our nana. Nonetheless, hope is in the air and it looks more and more like we'll all be able to breathe it. With or without a mask life will likely be forever changed. But how? We had more laughs than usual pondering what movies theaters, restaurants and social gatherings will look like. Are fist bumps really that bad? Is there really a microchip in our bloodstream now?  Air hugs and kisses to all of our listeners. Enjoy this particularly fun episode. 

    News To Me

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 63:02

    How do you get your news? Sitting in a coffee shop with a paper, scrolling through your emails, watching late night talk shows? When is the last time someone called you up and said, "Quick! Turn the tv on!"? The more news sources, the less of a hive mind we have. We talk about our memories of news stories that we'll never forget and what's different now. 

    The Envelope Please...

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2021 57:00

    And the winner for least watched Oscars in modern history goes to- you guessed it, 2021. This years' Oscar show was such a three hour sleeping pill that even the winner of the award for best actor was at home sleeping through it. Susan and Art share their feelings about the Oscar ceremonies, the winners and losers, and what they think is wrong with the world. 

    One Word. Plastics.

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2021 59:21

    Who would have known how prophetic this line from The Graduate was back in 1967. Today, plastics are so much a part of our life we're drowning in them. The ocean is filling with them and breaking down into micro particles that are threatening all marine life. Yikes! How did we get here and what can we do about it? What happened to recycling? We thought in honor of Earth Day we'd scratch the surface of this global topic. It's not all bad. Believe it or not, there are actually some possible solutions that have a degree of hope.  

    Hey Let's Go Hang Out At The Cybermall

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2021 59:31

    The Malls are closed. Theaters are dying. And Restaurants are empty. Where should we meet? Even before the pandemic, human contact has been moving from actual to virtual as we become more and more isolated. How did we get here and what can we do about it. Have we lost any sense of community? We're still gathering online and having an easier time identifying who our tribes are and connecting with them but something is missing. Susan and Art reminisce about their favorite malls and what they liked about them and wonder about what belonging might look after the pandemic and moving forward. 

    Andrew Sleighter

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2021 59:07

    Rising young comedy star Andrew Sleighter is with us, talking comedy shop talk, family, and zoom-tastic performances during the lockdown. Andrew has appeared on Conan, Dry Bar, and Last Comic Standing and has his own podcast The Cavalry. Aside from all that, he is a really fun, likable, and funny guy to share an hour with. It seemed like fifteen minutes had gone by and we had to wrap it up.  

    Hear Me See Me Message Me Text Me

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 60:17

    All about the changes in communication. From morse code and ham radios to the evolution of the phone, emails and zoom calls. The first ten minutes or so start out heavy as we ruminate about voter suppression and other maddening stuff then we lighten up with our memories of early phone use and work our way all the way up to the present, ending with some funny texting and auto correct fails. 

    Belinda Carroll Makes It Happen

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 26, 2021 63:05

    Our guest this episode is Belinda Carroll. Comedian, writer, activist, actress, and singer. In addition to organizing the Portland Queer Comedy Festival and helping to organize Portland Dyke March, Belinda has appeared on Grimm and Portlandia. Oh, and she was awarded the Woman of Achievement Award from the State of Oregon, presented to her by governor Kate Brown. We had a laugh and talked about the evolution of the lgbtq comedy scene since her arrival in 2008. During the quarantine, Belinda has been working to help find safe housing for houseless people who've been exposed to or have contracted Covid 19. It's hard to find enough good things to say about this powerful, energetic, funny young woman. I know you'll enjoy it as much as we did. 

    Hi Ho, Hi Ho. It's Back To Work We Go?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2021 54:55

    Now that the country seems to be getting closer to opening up, what will the work market look like? What will your office job look like after a year of zoom meetings? Will you have to wear pants again? What sort of work are you willing to do?  What weird jobs have you done in the past. These are the questions we ask each other this episode as well as a vaccination update for Susan and Art. Because I know you want to know. 

    Coronaversary Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2021 54:21

    So much happens in March. The Golden Globes, March Madness, colonoscopy awareness month... But this year is extra special because it's been one year since the White House decided to look the other way and cough, and all of our lives were impacted in a major way. I can't say we're celebrating one year so much as remembering the good and bad of the last twelve months. Yeah, there was actually some good that came out of it. But you'll have to listen to find out. And soon enough, we'll be vaccinated and won't have to do our recording remotely. (Sorry about the sound quality this episode)


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2021 52:33

    Last week we did an episode where we talked about routines. So this week we decided to flip it and talk about change. Are you the type that embraces it or resists it? Do you feel refreshed going through life change or melancholy? Either way, one thing is for sure. The more things change, the more they become different.  

    Same S*** Different Day

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2021 50:13

    Routines. We all have them. Some people love them, some people hate them. They can make you more productive and healthy and they can make you more bored and detached. Are you sleepwalking through your life or are you just simplifying your schedule so you can focus your energy on something new and creative? We talk about some of this stuff and bitch about health related issues, 'cause that's what you do when you get old. 

    Under the Influence of Posers

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2021 63:49

    Social Media influencers. When did this start? How did we get here. What the hell? Seriously. So the first 12 minutes is just us talking about squirrels and birds so if you're not interested, fast forward through that and listen to us bitching about the scourge of influencers and the problems with social media. Real old people stuff. 

    The Power Outage Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2021 61:14

    If you ever wanted to hear what Art sounds like on four hours sleep this is for you. Ice storm hit Portland last night and both of us experienced a power outage as well as falling tree branches. Half way through the episode, the power went out again, erasing the best audio version of the first half of the show. So thanks for your patience and understanding. At least we had some laughs. 

    Dwight Slade Co Hosting

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2021 56:35

    Susan wasn't available for this week but she'll be back soon. So we decided to ask our good pal and comedy star Dwight Slade if he'd sit in from his office in Boise. Dwight is always hilarious and has some interesting insights into the comedy scene these days as well as general quarantine matters. 

    Vaccination Station

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2021 66:18

    Are you afraid of needles? Are you afraid of not getting vaccinated? As the medical establishment sprints to try to win the race against Coved before it mutates too much, we all wonder how long it will be before we see our first dose. 

    QrazyTown (remastered so you can hear it)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 29, 2021 57:17

    Seventeen percent of our population believes that a group of satan worshipping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media. Thirty seven percent don't know. How did we get here? What is the allure of conspiracy theories and why do so many people get so lost in them that they alienate their families and friends. Also, Susan and Art reveal what one thing they'd change about themselves this year if they could. 


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2021 57:17

    Seventeen percent of our population believes that a group of satan worshipping elites who run a child sex ring are trying to control our politics and media. Thirty seven percent don't know. How did we get here? What is the allure of conspiracy theories and why do so many people get so lost in them that they alienate their families and friends. Also, Susan and Art reveal what one thing they'd change about themselves this year if they could. 

    Bye Bye Baby

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2021 55:06

    Hellvis is leaving the building. Deep clean the White House. The grown ups are back in charge. We're all on pins and needles waiting to find out how the last couple of days of this four year train wreck will play out. The Qanon mob and far right militias are poised and ready to cause violence around the country, then blame it on Antifa. And Biden is geared up to start acting like an actual president and heal a broken country. Yeah, we got political. It's a pivotal time in the history of the USA and we couldn't just walk by the elephant in the room without acknowledging it. I don't think we got too angry. Hope is around the corner and we did find some funny. 

    Jake Silberman on the Front Lines

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2021 69:01

    After being chosen by Willamette Week magazine as Portland's Funniest Person of 2018 , Jake Silberman has hosted two podcasts, and produced two comedy crowd work specials. This past year Jake has taken his comedy to the streets with a series of YouTube interviews in the middle of the protests of 2020. Portland has been the epicenter of  culture wars and he has been in the trenches talking to Proud Boys and Black Lives Matter demonstrators. He shared with us some of the most interesting things he learned by delving deeper into the scene than the tv stations cared to. 

    Did That Really Just Happen?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2021 54:23

    Maybe the strangest and scariest week in the Trump presidency (and that's saying something). How do we get our heads around the events of Jan 6th and hold on to our hats for the next two weeks until the inauguration? Believe it or not we actually found some laughs in this emotionally exhausting week. We did our best to stay as light as we could but you've been watching this, right?

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