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Seattle sports talk with Brock Huard and Mike Salk weekdays 7am to 10am on 710 ESPN Seattle.

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    Hour 4-Where is your confidence level that Geno Smith returns?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2023 41:28

    Salk, Brock and Justin nerd out over the Trajekt machine that the M's are able to use that imitates big league pitchers and doesn't make mistakes. They want to give it a try at spring training. Then, we revisit some of Louis Riddick's comments from earlier in the show on why he doesn't believe the Seahawks can just roll with Drew Lock and replicate the same success they had with Geno Smith. Plus, Justin and Salk list a ton of songs in Ranked.See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-Expectations for the Mariners season, Louis Riddick (ESPN)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2023 42:37

    Brock & Salk lay out their expectations for this M's season and they include Brash as a leverage reliever, Tommy La Stella plays some third, JP having a better year, Ty France has to figure out two seamers in on his hands and is there some concern about Suarez regressing? ESPN's Louis Riddick joins Brock & Salk to discuss what he saw from the senior bowl and his view of Geno Smith's future in Seattle.See for privacy information.

    Hour 2-What can we learn by looking at past Seahawks off-seasons? Brock's 'Blue 88'

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2023 41:29

    Geno Smith spoke to the Pivot Podcast from the Pro Bowl and sounds confident that a deal with the Seahawks will get done. Does it change your confidence level at all? Brock asks the show: What can we learn by looking at past Seahawks off-seasons? Blue 88 answers who was QB1 at the Senior Bowl and how does he tie back to Seattle, who will Geno be waiting/watching the next few weeks to set and impact the QB market, and how did UW finish amongst its peers in the P12?See for privacy information.

    Hour 1-Does Geno Smith believe he's close to a new deal with the Hawks?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2023 42:01

    The first weekend without 'real' football and hockey but Salk was impressed with some of the ideas from the Pro Bowl but was far more into the hip hop tribute at the Grammy's. Geno Smith says he thinks they can get a deal done but is he actually close? The Kraken trade for defensemen Jaycob Megna to help protect Beniers and Maura takes us Around the Weekend.See for privacy information.

    Hour 4-Stacy Rost, Callers and Ranked

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2023 41:49

    Stacy Rost joins Mike Salk to debate what the limit should be on a contract offer to Geno Smith. Then, we take your calls and whether the Seahawks should re-sign Geno Smith or not and the outlook for Jarred Kelenic. Plus, Justin and Salk cheat at Ranked and use three different words.See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-Grading a 'modest' Mariners proposal, Gee Scott (97.3 KIRO)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2023 41:39

    Greg Amsinger of MLB Network threw out the idea of the M's trading for Fernando Tatis at some point this season. Would you want him give the injury history, PED issues and how much you would have to give up? Gee Scott (Gee & Ursula, 97.3 KIRO) joins Salk to discuss some early Seahawks draft projections and dodge an invite from Salk.See for privacy information.

    Hour 2-Can the M's close the Astros gap with this roster? Joe Fann, Brock's 'Blue 88'

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2023 40:47

    Jerry Dipoto said yesterday that the M's don't see themselves as closing a 16 game gap with the Astros between the addition of Luis Castillo and the growth of some of the young players, they evolved by the end of the season and we should be excited that they should start faster this year. Joe Fann makes his weekly appearance before Brock's 'Blue 88' answers: would Saints DE Marcus Davenport be a fit here, which former teammate would be the best at dodgeball, could the Seahawks have a shot at Jalen Carter?See for privacy information.

    Hour 1-Is Cal Raleigh not a Top 10 catcher? Jerry Dipoto

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2023 42:59

    Cal Raleigh wasn't included in MLB Network's top 10 catchers list released yesterday and we are outraged for Justin's new best friend. The NFL Pro Bowl Skills competition wasn't the most exciting thing but Salk loves it for some reason. Projections on the market for Geno continue to be all over the place and look higher than before. We revisit yesterday's Jerry Dipoto Show.See for privacy information.

    Hour 4-Answer the Question Jerk and Kelenic's "best chance"

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2023 40:07

    Brock and Salk answer questions about the era of their lives they would most like to revisit, preferred pockets for phones and wallets and whether Salk or the Woodland Park Zoo peacock are more pompous. Then, we react to Jerry Dipoto's comments about whether this is Jarred Kelenic's last chance and Salk and Justin bring you a Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame themed Ranked.See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-Managing expectations for Jarred Kelenic, the Jerry Dipoto Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2023 42:57

    Have the expectations for Jarred Kelenic changed? Who are some examples of players that have worked out after numerous trips to the minors? The Jerry Dipoto Show answers more questions about Jarred Kelenic, the World Baseball Classic, 1B Evan White and other projections leading into Spring Training.See for privacy information.

    Hour 2-Is left field the biggest question mark for the Mariners? Brock's 'Blue 88'

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2023 42:27

    The M's have a question mark in left field and Salk spins it into something that could be a good thing. Brock and Salk don't want to offer Geno as much as the ESPN article is suggesting, but how many other teams might be willing to pay him? Brock's 'Blue 88' answers: who is the Tariq Woolen of this draft class, who is the most intriguing OL prospect for SEA at the Senior Bowl, and who is one Seahawk free agent we'd like back at a discount?See for privacy information.

    Hour 1-Signing Geno Smith for 3yrs, $90m - who says no?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2023 42:08

    Salk shares some Mariners Spring Training luncheon observations but mainly the fact that Justin and Cal Raleigh are now best friends. We learned Luis Castillo won't pitch in WBC and the details of Dylan Moore's new 3-year deal with the Mariners. Brady Henderson (ESPN) projects Geno deal at 3 yrs $90M, with $50M guaranteed and Salk says it's too much to offer if you're the Seahawks. See for privacy information.

    Hour 4-Can the Seahawks afford to play the waiting game with Geno Smith?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2023 42:30

    Can the Seahawks afford to wait Geno Smith out or do they need to make a deal or move on so that they can be in on some of the first wave, big name defensive players? Then, we have a debate about how much longer Jarred Kelenic has to prove himself with the M's. Plus, a literary Ranked....sort of.See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-What % chance do you believe Geno Smith returns to Hawks?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2023 42:02

    Brady Henderson told us yesterday that he believes there's an 85% chance Geno Smith will be the starting QB for the Seahawks next year, but Salk (and Justin) disagree because Salk believes if Geno goes to Free Agency he'll be gone since he was ranked the #5 FA available and those guys sign immediately. We open the phones for Seattle Sports fans to answer Brock's Twitter poll question.See for privacy information.

    Hour 2-Brandon Stokley (104.3 The Fan Denver), is this Jarred Kelenic's last shot?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2023 41:42

    Brock & Salk are starting to get serious about baseball and after hearing Scott Servais yesterday with Wyman & Bob discussing the 2023 Mariners team and the changes we can expect. Sean Payton has officially been named HC of the Denver Broncos and Brock & Salk are joined by Denver radio host Brandon Stokley (104.3 The Fan) before Brock's 'Blue 88' answers why was Sean Payton the best case scenario for Russ in Denver, how big of a blow would it be for the Seahawks to lose QB Coach Dave Canales and what stood out on Daniel Jeremiah's Top 50 prospect list?See for privacy information.

    Hour 1-Tom Brady retires, Geno ranked #5 NFL Free Agent

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2023 41:59

    The announcement we heard exactly 1 year ago today happened again in 2023... Tom Brady is calling it quits. Naturally, Salk isn't so sure it is actually real, especially with so many QB needy teams. We revisit yesterday's conversation with ESPN's Brady Henderson to hear his thoughts on what % chance he believes Geno Smith remains the Seahawks QB next year, but is Geno really the #5 Free Agent in the NFL?See for privacy information.

    Hour 4-Are there dangers in building around a QB and do the M's have the 7th best lineup?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2023 42:24

    The Seahawks weren't good enough last year. Do you build around a QB or strengthen the rest of the team first? Brock and Salk discuss that and break down ESPN's MLB lineup rankings. The M's came in seventh. Do you agree? Plus, another edition of Ranked.See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-Will the Seahawks pick Tyree Wilson at #5? Brady Henderson (ESPN)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2023 42:20

    It seems like Tyree Wilson is the name being floated the most as a potential fit for the Seahawks at 5 if Jalen Carter & Wes Anderson are both gone and Brock & Salk react to a clip of Brian Jensen discussing Tyree Wilson from his appearance w/ Wyman and Bob yesterday. Who else would you like for that pick? Brady "The Hit Man" Henderson joins the show to discuss the new salary cap situation the Seahawks find themselves in.See for privacy information.

    Hour 2-How did the Seahawks devolve from being the most physical team? Brock's 'Blue 88'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2023 40:47

    Salk doesn't think the Seahawks were as good as any of those teams but doesn't know if they are THAT far away and cites a quote from David Hsu regarding the Seahawks physicality. Salk wants to know if other people are still actively (and enjoying) rooting against the Broncos with the recent coaching debacle. Brock's 'Blue 88' answers: is Russell Wilson truly the reason no one is interested in the Bronco job, how big a blow would the loss of Andy Dickerson be to the Seahawk staff and why is Husky OC Ryan Grubb interviewing with Saban and Alabama?See for privacy information.

    Hour 1-Would you rather be in the Seahawks or 49ers position?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2023 42:12

    Salk starts the show with an example of Seattle's passive-aggressive office drama from the Seattle Sports building before getting into some of the way-too-early MLB power rankings which have the Mariners lineup at #7 and the team as a whole at #10. Conversation shifts into would you rather have the Seahawks or 49ers questions to answer going into the offseason.See for privacy information.

    Hour 4-How much did officiating impact yesterday and is Julio perfect?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2023 41:32

    How much were the outcomes yesterday affected by officiating? Brock and Salk debate that and bring you the biggest stories of the day in Need to Know. Then, Salk wonders if Julio Rodriguez is the perfect player and a Ranked themed around Justin's painful experience watching his Bengals lose.See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-Former UW QB Sam Huard's announcement, Championship weekend Takeaways

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2023 42:25

    Former UW QB (nephew of one Brock Huard) Sam Huard joins Brock & Salk to officially announce his commitment to the Cal Poly Mustangs. Brock & Salk share a full slate of Championship weekend Takeaways.See for privacy information.

    Hour 2-What can we learn from this weekend? Brock's 'Blue 88'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2023 41:10

    How much were the outcomes yesterday affected by officiating? Was it enough to feel cheated? Brock & Salk explain what they learned from this weekend's games and how it applies to the Seahawks. Brock's 'Blue 88' answers: how Julio Rodriguez and Patrick Mahomes are similar, who the single best player on the field championship weekend was, and will Anthony Richardson and Will Levis be drafted higher than their projections say they should?See for privacy information.

    Hour 1-NFL Championship Weekend results, Chiefs vs Eagles to SB LVII

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2023 41:19

    Justin is in mourning over his Bengals but won't go as far as saying the refs cost them the game; but they did impact the momentum and as much as we weren't rooting for the 49ers, it still wasn't what anyone wanted to see. Salk emphasized a point made by Mike Lefko as to why the NFL emphasizes protecting the QB. Maura takes us Around the Weekend and Salk asks an important question: is Julio Rodriguez perfect?See for privacy information.

    Hour 4-Whose Shoes? Ranked and Seattle Sports Friday Callers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2023 41:46

    We play a little Whose Shoes with scenarios from the NFL Championship weekend games. Then, it's Friday so we take your calls on all things Seattle sports and Justin and Salk have super sized Ranked ready to go after Salk's day off.See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-Jarred Kelenic expectations, Gee Scott (97.3 KIRO)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2023 41:33

    Some of the comments Jerry Dipoto made about Jarred Kelenic has Salk hoping that he will also get started early and not have to play from behind like he has in the past, and one other Mariners player comp is helpful to put some perspective on the expectations for Kelenic this season. The weekly Gee Scott (Gee & Ursula, 97.3 KIRO) appearance covers the coaching disparity in the NFL and if Geno Smith could win a Super Bowl making $30m a year in Seattle. See for privacy information.

    Hour 2-Could this be the best NFL Championship weekend ever?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2023 41:54

    Salk is looking forward to this weekend's games more than any in a long time because these are the four best teams and it isn't close, but what would we learn if each team wins? Joe Fann makes his weekly appearance to discuss if he thinks Pete Carroll got screwed again by not even being nominated for Coach of the Year, if he believes when Dipoto says trades still possible and if he is being open minded about Kelenic. Salk gets creative with Blue 88.See for privacy information.

    Hour 1-Will Jerry Dipoto make more trades ahead of Spring Training?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2023 43:08

    Salk is back from Vegas and shares some feelings he experienced from the trip before expressing how mad he is about the dirty hit on Matty Beniers Wednesday night at home and says this is proof that they really need a protector for him. Salk is also upset that both Pete Carroll & John Schneider were snubbed again for Coach/Executive of the Year before we revisit yesterday's Jerry Dipoto Show with Aaron Goldsmith.See for privacy information.

    Hour 4-Lance Zierlein, Ranked, and do the M's still need a bat?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2023 42:33

    Aaron Goldsmith and Brock Huard react to Jerry Dipoto's comments that he believes we will see more MLB trades before spring training. Then, Lance Zierlein of joins the show to break down some draft prospects that fit the Seahawks and Aaron Goldsmith delivers the best Ranked this show has ever seen!See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-Comparing the Mariners & Seahawks 'retool', Jerry Dipoto Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2023 42:17

    Goldmsith gives his thoughts on extending a player like Geno after one year of success leading to a discussion about baseball & football players that were one year wonders, but the biggest question to ask yourself is 'is this real' because you never know what any player's career year is until it happens. Goldsmith asks Brock how you grade a QB after one year of success and what makes it 'real' to coaches. A very special "wheelhouse" version of the Jerry Dipoto Show covers the potential of more trades before Spring Training and much more. See for privacy information.

    Hour 2-Special guest-host Aaron Goldsmith, Brock's 'Blue 88'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2023 42:10

    Brock asks Aaron Goldsmith to recap his last week now that we know he will be staying in Seattle and all of the pieces that led to his decision. Brock asks Goldsmith to play his "Sean McVay game" to see what he remembers from some of his bigger calls and we hear some great BTS stories of those games. Brock flips Blue 88 and asks Goldy to answer: who is the greatest athlete you've ever watched at any level on a baseball field, which Mariner could play at a high level on a football field, and what enduring memory of the football games he called with Brock?See for privacy information.

    Hour 1-Kraken stomp Canucks, Five Mariners make MLB Network's Top 10

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2023 41:13

    The Kraken finally defeat the Canucks and do it in dominant fashion with a 6-1 win at home, but questions surround Matty Beniers who took a cheap shot in the 2nd and did not play in the 3rd. MLB Network has 5 M's players ranked in the top 10 at their position and we still have starting pitching and catchers to be named and we learn which Seahawks players take to twitter to voice frustration over Pete Carroll not being a Coach of the Year. See for privacy information.

    Hour 4-Colin Cowherd changes views on Russ and can you win paying Geno big money?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 41:31

    Brock and Salk discuss Colin Cowherd's drastic shift in his views on Russell Wilson and the potential for Aaron Rodger to be traded this off season. Then, they debate whether the Seahawks can contend for a Super Bowl if they pay Geno Smith big money and Justin and Salk bring us another edition of Ranked.See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-Seahawks #5 mock draft pick, Kevin Burkhardt (FOX Sports), Geno's tweets

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 41:40

    Mel Kiper released his NFL Mock Draft version 1.0 and has the Seahawks making a pick that Brock & Salk aren't excited about at the moment. Kevin Burkhardt (FOX Sports) joins the show to discuss the NFC Championship game he's about to call and his first Super Bowl game of his career and accepts a fashion tip from Brock before we dive into Geno Smith's sub/cryptic/vague tweeting that's happened over the last few days and we spin it into what music & lyrics describe our own work days at Seattle Sports.See for privacy information.

    Hour 2-Can the Seahawks win a Super Bowl by paying Geno Smith? Brock's 'Blue 88'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 41:52

    Can the Seahawks win the Super Bowl if they pay Geno what he wants? Brock & Salk asked Tim Hasselbeck that question and believe it is the key to the entire decision for the team and Salk wonders what the effect on the locker room would be if he is signed or if he goes elsewhere. Brock tasked everybody on the show to come up with "Outside the Box" Seahawks storylines before reacting to Mel Kiper's mock draft in Blue 88.See for privacy information.

    Hour 1-Is the Mariners roster complete going into Spring Training? Tim Hasselbeck (ESPN)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2023 41:51

    Salk opens the show with the clips of Colin Cowherd sounding like he's flipped on supporting Russell by relaying words from an NFL executive who calls Russell Wilson "washed" and mentions how former teammates in Seattle feel about him which makes us all laugh. We revisit yesterday's conversation with Tim Hasselbeck before hearing some clips from Ryan Divish re: the Mariners roster heading into Spring Training and Aaron Goldsmith's comments about why he decided to stay in Seattle.See for privacy information.

    Hour 4-Buy or Sell, Ranked and the importance of Geno Smith's maturity

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2023 41:30

    Brock and Salk do a little buy or sell with questions on the Seahawks starting QB next year, whether they will trade back in the draft or not, and how many pieces the Kraken will add at the trade deadline. Then, we discuss Tim Hasselbeck's earlier comments on the importance of having a QB with Geno Smith's level of maturity and Justin and Salk bring you another edition of Ranked.See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-Aaron Goldsmith staying in Seattle, Shannon Drayer on M's Spring Training roster

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2023 42:07

    Brock and Salk discuss Aaron Goldsmith deciding to stay in Seattle and Brock shares stories about their time together and discuss why he's special to the team/city. Mariners Insider Shannon Drayer is now the unicorn in her field as the final traveling radio reporter for a MLB team and shares her feelings on the M's roster going into Spring Training. Brock & Salk discuss who they are most excited to see in Arizona.See for privacy information.

    Hour 2-Are the Seahawks a Top-8 NFL team? Tim Hasselbeck (ESPN), Brock's 'Blue 88'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2023 42:27

    Brock & Salk continue the conversation derived from the Tim Kawakami article suggesting the Seahawks could be considered a Top 8 team in the NFL prompting Brock to ask Salk if he would rather be in the shoes of the Detroit Lions. Tim Hasselbeck (ESPN) joins the show to discuss the potential future of Geno Smith and how much it could cost to keep him in Seattle based on the current QB market. Brock's 'Blue 88' answers why this has been the slowest coaches hiring period in decades, who is Tyree Wilson and why is he gaining steam to jump in the Top 5 and aside from Maxx Crosby, who is another dominant DL that I'd like to see the Hawks try and trade for?See for privacy information.

    Hour 1-Which Seahawks free agents do you want to see return?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2023 41:56

    The big news of the day was Mariners broadcaster Aaron Goldsmith has decided to stay in Seattle after speculation and rumors that he was going to be taking a job with the St. Louis Cardinals. Brock's nephew & former UW Husky QB Sam Huard is rumored to be California bound to Cal Poly and Salk asks if the Seahawks deserve to be in the Top 8 teams in the NFL as Tim Kawakami of The Athletic writes. Maura decides it is time to "count the pockets" of UFA and RFA Seahawks players. See for privacy information.

    Hour 4-Do you want the Seahawks to pay Geno Smith?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 41:20

    Salk tweeted a poll and 80% of people said the talent around the QB's was more important than the QB's this weekend. With that being said, do you want to pay Geno? We take your calls to hear why. Then, Brock and Salk go through the three biggest stories of the day in Need to Know and Justin and Salk bring you another edition of Ranked.See for privacy information.

    Hour 3-Which teams should the Mariners & Seahawks use as a success model? NFL Takeaways

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 42:41

    If the Houston Astros & Atlanta Braves are in some ways the model for the Mariners, are the Philadelphia Eagles & Cincinnati Bengals successful models for the Hawks to mirror? Brock & Salk share a bunch of their divisional round takeaways from the weekend including Brock's bold claim about the "best coached team in the NFL."See for privacy information.

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