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    Big Money For Your Health

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 57:11

    We discuss the big money that is behind all of the advertising campaigns and pushes throughout the pandemic. Is it and has it been for your health? Who is involved, and what messages do they carry to which audiences? Have therapeutics been the key all along? Also, has China launched a second hypersonic vehicle into space? Is this just more propaganda? Does China posses the ability to even achieve what US watchers are calling "defying the laws of physics?" And, Joe Biden is out promoting infrastructure. Is anyone listening? Does the US even need it? Is he mentally and physically fit enough to maintain the office of the Presidency? We ask the questions. 

    The Great Resignation Begins

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 58:22

    We discuss the aspects of people now walking away from their professions over mandates. What will it take to shake people out of their complacency? Is it the coming shortages? Or the continued push for more boosters? Also, we take a look at a blatant violation of federal law by the VP of the United States. How did this happen, and what should the consequences be? And, does the Pope posses the power to ask tech giants to do Gods work? We ask the questions.

    New UK Restrictions Are Coming

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 61:10

    We examine the new restrictions that are going to be coming for the UK. No one can see it coming. The agenda is quietly being rolled out while everyone is distracted. What is the response that should be happening to make it all stop? Also, we talk the recent passing of General Colin Powell. Did being fully vaxxed actually protect him? Is the media doing damage control? And, the World Economic Forum, Bill Gates, the UK, and The Royals all move forward on their "green" revolution. What can you do to counter this narrative, and do what they cannot and will not do? We ask the questions.

    The Establishment Feedback Loop Of Insanity

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 58:40

    We discuss the establishment being stuck in their own feedback loop. On all fronts the agendas are failing. With the established order being in panic, what are the next steps going to be? What role does China play as the war changes fronts and moves to the economic front? Is China prospering? Are they advancing in the realm of space and economic growth? Or is it certain collapse and starvation on the horizon? Also, what systems are changing that allow us to break away from the established order and become independent once again? And, is Dr. Fauci a political target because he represents Science, Data, and Evidence? We ask the questions.

    Exclusive Roundtable Discussion #2

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 87:55

    A weekly Exclusive Podcast with all of our views and reviews. This week we have a roundtable open discussion about world events. We discuss the murder of the UK Tory MP, and how the reactions of the media and other political figures are playing the same agenda. Also, we discuss the degeneration of the so called "elite." Do  they even realize what they are doing? Is their fanaticism a spiraling example of their monumental failure? And, what does the future hold that people are about to be blind sided by? What are your thoughts?

    The Obvious Begins To Become Clear

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 55:52

    We discuss the latest in what appears to be actions that are obviously clear at this point about the intentions of the elite. What other conclusions could it be? What will be the backlash for places such as businesses and others who are complicit in what is taking place? Also, we talk the latest on what this will mean to the coming supply chain disruptions, and upcoming energy crisis. And, the domestic problems of China are very little known. What are the issues that they are facing financially and economically, and what does this mean for you? We ask the questions.

    Healthy Vaxxed Teens Are Dropping - Parents Wonder Why

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 51:12

    We discuss the latest stories coming to light of fully vaxxed healthy teens that are succumbing to what can only be caused by one thing. Parents wonder why these things are happening. What other explanations could it be? Are people stuck in a normalcy bias? Also, we talk the biggest health crisis facing the world today according to the WHO. Is it COVID? Or are we now faced with an even bigger crisis that we don't have time to think about? And, Southwest Airline employees walk out due to mandates. Will the company now backtrack on its decision to force employees to conform, or hand in their resignations. We ask the questions.

    Special Rebroadcast - The Future Cannot Be The Past

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 62:36

    In this special rebroadcast, we discuss the merger of separate agendas rolled into one. The covid agenda , the riots in the US fueled by its own leaders and politicians, the Climate change agenda, and the push for green energy and infrastructure. Are these issues really the subject of focus? Or are they manufactured, packaged, and sold to us like they should be? Does the populous understand that they must stand up and take control of their own destiny, or do they believe that they should go along to get along? Where is the opportunity in the future that is being sold to us rather than innovated by self determination and opportunity. We make a very simple point. The Future Cannot Be The Past.

    Airlines Walk Away - Vaccine Mandates Become Real

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 60:58

    We discuss the mandates that are now hitting the airlines. Are the flights really being cancelled due to "Air Traffic Control issues and Extreme Weather?" Or are the pilots and crew walking away from the mandates? What will this do to the airline of Southwest and other companies? Will they go bankrupt? Will other businesses follow suit and go under? Also, the Facebook "whistleblower" has ties to Marxism. How deep do they go? How far back does it go? And, American Universities now say that they will arrest students who do not get vaccinated and enter their campuses. What should the response be to that? We ask the questions.

    CRT Gets Exposed - Parents Become Targets

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 51:18

    We examine the Biden gaffs, and what the "executive orders" mean that don't even exist. Has it been another threat? Also, we examine the one China principle. What will the days ahead hold for the "reunification" of Taiwan? And, CRT gets pushback by the parents. Are the parents "domestic terrorists" or is it the ones that are actually pushing it? What are your thoughts?

    Vaccinated Variants - The Jabbed Are The Threat

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 60:08

    We discuss the variants that are emerging from the vaccinated. Doctors and researchers speak publicly about what is right in front of us. Why is the establishment so desperate to get everyone jabbed by the end of this year? Also, could the creation of this entire pandemic be one giant cover up? For what purpose? What is there to hide? Why are there only a few select companies involved in this campaign to jab people? And, the Facebook "whistleblower" is now going to meet with the January 6th committee? What does that have to do with Facebook, and why is all of this being shown to you? We ask the questions.

    Vaccination Or No Healthcare - Is That A Choice?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 43:27

    We examine the ultimatum that is being handed down. In the latest move by the established order, the decision to take the vaccines or be denied life saving surgery is the latest to be pushed on people who refuse. Is this actually a choice? Why is it being put forth? Also, the Facebook "whistleblower" backstory is now coming to light. What other scams and scandals is she involved in? And, We The People have difficult choices before us. What is it going to take to shake people to the point of getting them out of their comfort zones in the coming months and years? We ask the questions.

    NIH Director Resigns - Who Is The Replacement?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 70:38

    We examine the involvement with the National Institute of Health director Francis Collins and his ties to the Chinese Communist Party, and the Peoples Liberation Army. What are the main scandals that the media has ignored? Are we compromised by more than just Collins? Also, are the unvaccinated actually causing the risk? Are we now seeing peoples limits as to what they will or will not do? Is the jab about something much more nefarious? And, Facebook takes a hit. Now a "whistleblower" steps forward. Now Facebook is calling for full internet regulation. Is it legit? Or is it all staged? We ask the questions.

    Doubling Down On Delusion

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 66:07

    We examine the newest push by the establishment to take more of your rights away. The war on the unvaccinated gets a larger push due to the firing of millions of health professionals around the world. What is coming that involves the vaccines that they will not be able to hide much longer? What can you do to push back against it? Also, you will now be fined from your insurance company for being with a spouse that is unvaxxed. Would you drop your insurance company? And, someone deletes Facebook? Are we starting to see a cyber pandemic on the horizon? We ask the questions.

    Exclusive Roundtable - Your World Events

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 122:24

    We have a roundtable open discussion about world events. How does this affect you and the overall attitudes of society? What can you do to retake control of your own life and in doing so, lift everyone else up around you? What are the ideas and challenges that we face as a civilization? And, do we have it in us to do what is necessary to reclaim our future? What are your thoughts?

    (Special Rebroadcast) - Your Digital Independence

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 52:40

    In this special rebroadcast we examine different aspects of your digital independence. What do you need to do in order to break away from the big tech systems without losing access to certain features? Will there be sacrifices that you will have to make? What are your options? We talk real solutions to the issues that we are facing when it comes to privacy and big tech. The government and big tech relationship merges ever tighter, and we know the longer we stay in the system, the faster they will come for you. What choice will you make? We ask the questions.

    Massive Unemployment Is Coming - Are You Paying Attention?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 70:33

    We discuss the mass termination that is on the horizon. Vaccine mandates are now going in. Hospitals are going to terminate thousands. Airlines, restaurants, retail services. Massive unemployment is coming, but does the public even pay attention? Also, what are the latest numbers in Israel? Do the numbers of cases, deaths, and hospitalizations reflect the vaccination numbers? And, big tech drops the hammer on vaccine misinformation. All channels without exception will be banned for talking about vaccines in a negative manner. Is this the new ministry of truth? We ask the questions.

    The COVID Climate Cult

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 51:58

    We examine the further development of the cult that is emerging around COVID and Climate change. Is the "vaccine" a gift from God? Should we be the new apostles to carry the message forward as the Governor of New York suggests? Is Greta Thunberg a true believer? Or is she just being used by the establishment? Also, do you think its wise for the "elites" to carry out an agenda of population reduction to the level of what they openly discuss in books and papers? And, do you believe that the ruling order is gripped by fear? We ask the questions.

    We Have Consumers - Not Citizens

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 99:44

    We examine the impact of what ignoring our civic has caused. What type of fight do we have in front of us? What do we need to do to fight against the disinformation that is being called disinformation? Also, we examine the true experts of the scientific community such as the creator of mRNA vaccines. What is he now saying about natural immunity vs getting a "vaccine"? And, what are the real conditions at the border? In this special extended podcast joined by our long lost co-host, we examine many more topics, and cover the waterfront of the latest agendas.

    Captured Medicine - The System Betrays Their Own

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 55:42

    We discuss the corruption of the establishment in the medical system. A whistleblower in the federal system comes forward. Colleges go back to masks after cases appear. Also, why are the lifestyles that are promoted to us, and imposed on us, the exact opposite of what they should be to keep us healthy? What are your thoughts?

    Just Following Orders - Is Not A Defense

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 51:53

    We discuss the continued irrational decisions by the ruling class. Why are they now making choices that no longer follow any logical course of action in places that are the most heavily armed. What decisions do you need to be making for yourself to determine your best course of action in the coming days and months? Why are the pawns in the power structures blindly following orders? Is that going to be a defense for them in the long run? Also, what is the penalty for bootlegging chicken in the era of covid? And, should only vaccinated people be allowed into hospitals? Is breaking your hip and being clubbed and pepper sprayed for your own good? We ask the questions.

    defense following orders
    Your Carbon Neutral Future Is Now

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 60:39

    We discuss the continuing developments in Australia. The tables are now being turned against the police in the aspects of mandates. Will this be a larger roll out for the entire nation? Will this have an effect on the movements by the trade unions? Also, we talk of a CCP defector to the US. Was the virus released on purpose at the 2019 military games and spread all across the world? Or is this another deception by the elite to throw people off balance. And, what will a carbon credit economy and lifestyle look like for you and your family? We ask the questions.

    Australia Fights Back - Tradies Go On The Offensive

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 78:17

    We take a look at the events unfolding in Australia. What has now happened to the trade unionists? What are they being told that they must conform to? What is the response from the Victorian government? What secret dealings have now been reveled by the Victorian upper house that has exposed the premier Dan Andrews with his ties to the Chinese Communist Party? Are the Tradies true working class people that are fighting the good fight, or are they what the mainstream media paint them as? Also, is there a more sinister agenda behind the vaccine push? We examine the agenda of Satanism being marketed to the US Army, and the ties that the occult has to totalitarian movements of the past of human sacrifice. 

    The COVID War Is Based On Lies

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 57:58

    We examine the aspects of the COVID war that is being put on by the world elite. What are the real statistics that are being kept from the public? Are the hospitals actually being over run as the media is saying? What does the latest rejection of the FDA mean for the "much needed" boosters? Have the "vaccines" even been approved as they have stated over and over? You now need vaccine passports to travel internationally. When does this begin? Also, what is the latest from Australia with the construction workers unions? Are they now all going to lose their jobs? What is their response to this action being taken against them? And, is Joe Biden a strong leader? We ask the questions.

    We Must Protect The Vaccinated

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 57:04

    We examine the steps being planned out for the target of the vaccinated and unvaccinated sections of the populations. Is this another tool to divide people? What are the media pundits now saying need to the next steps? Are we looking at steps towards genocide? Should the tyranny of the minority be allowed to rule over the common sense of the majority? Also, we talk the treason of General Milley. Was he "defending" America with his secret calls to the top general of the PLA in China? Are conservatives snowflakes that are melting down over CRT and Marxism? What are your thoughts?

    The Coming Economic Collapse - Of China

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 60:32

    We examine the new "alliance" that has been formed between the US, UK, and Australia. What purpose does this serve? What impact does this have on our European allies? Is this something that is legitimate, or is it staged? Also, is the government now going to take over your banking? How will this affect your life and your business? Is China having their Lehmann Brothers moment? What is the fallout going to look like? Will this have global implications? And, the pope decries abortion as murder but says the bishops in the US should stay non political. Should politics be involved in the church? We ask the questions. 

    The Coming Economic Collapse - Of China

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 60:32

    We examine the new "alliance" that has been formed between the US, UK, and Australia. What purpose does this serve? What impact does this have on our European allies? Is this something that is legitimate, or is it staged? Also, is the government now going to take over your banking? How will this affect your life and your business? Is China having their Lehmann Brothers moment? What is the fallout going to look like? Will this have global 

    Special Rebroadcast - The Real Target - Population, Resources, and Environment

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 61:43

    Today we are presenting a Podcast Special on the real target for the elite. We are being given subtle hints that humanity is the problem. For what purpose is that being done? What is the genesis of this entire agenda that we are witnessing being played out before us? What does the ideology stem from? Where does it all begin? And, why is it being followed by the elite? Today we present an array of important information that you will not find anywhere else, on what we believe is the real target.

    High Treason At The Executive Level

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 56:56

    We examine the smoking gun of the the General of the Joint Chiefs Mark Milley, and his private phone calls to the head of the Chinese Peoples Liberation Army. What was said during these calls? Who else at that level in the US government is involved? What roles do they play in undermining the US at the executive level? Also, we discuss Secretary of State Blinken. What was his testimony to the Senate? Do we actually have intelligence on targets before we hit them? And, what is coming to your local community as far as restrictions on everyday life in the US? We ask the questions.

    Vaccine Mandates - Economic Warfare And Lawfare

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 52:47

    We examine the aspects of what vaccine mandates are now going to mean to you and your wellbeing. Are you now going to lose your sources of income? What is the next step in this form of economic warfare? Is it headed to lawfare? Also, is Biden on the golf course while countless Americans are stranded on the other side of the world? What was his reception from the public at the 9/11 memorial? And, inflation is here. What will this now mean to you at the consumer level? We ask the questions.

    Mass Vaccination - The Worst Possible Outcome

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 100:31

    We examine the worst possible outcome of mass vaccination. What truths are being kept from we the people? What is the worst outcome from forcing vaccines that are not necessary? What are the long term effects? Also, what massive financial impacts is the now having on people in the modern era? And, social separation that is being manufactured. Who is at the heart of this agenda, and why? What are your thoughts?

    Contact Tracing In A New World Order

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 61:37

    We discuss the new contact tracing procedures that will be implemented in Australia. What will contact tracing look like in a new world order? This is the question posed by the health minister of new south wales. Is reopening only for the "vaccinated?" Why do politicians get an "exemption?" Why are all "leaders" absent when the COVID passports go into effect? Also, What has been released by the Intercept in the latest Freedom of information act request? Has Fauci been exonerated? Or is it worse than we thought? We ask the questions.

    Amateur Hour In DC

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 45:09

    We discuss the failing agenda from the establishment. What is the response from the state department on the situation in Afghanistan? What is the cause for the charity flights being held up? Also, a new government has been formed. What does the new government in Afghanistan consist of? What ties do they have past events? And, Brazil protests against the global agenda kick off. What does this mean for the elite? Why do they need Brazil? Is it part of the vertical integration? We ask the questions.

    A Pandemic Of The - Vaccinated?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 55:21

    We examine the aspects of what is occurring among fully vaccinated people. Is the political classes calls for people getting the jab actually paying off? Will unvaccinated people be shut out from the economy? Does the science, data, and evidence show that the unvaccinated are the problem? Also, what is the role of China, Russia, and the West in general as it relates to the race to authoritarianism? What do they all have in common? And, what can you do to take control of your own life? We ask the questions.

    State Sponsored Terror - Who Leads The World?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 54:24

    We examine the aspects of now what appears to be the largest nation in support of state sponsored terror. For what purpose is this being done? What aspects are now in play in Afghanistan in regards to hostages now being held at the airports? Is this being done intentionally? Also, have the Taliban taken control of Panjshir? What value does it hold? Is it all propaganda? What is the next play for China and Russia on the world stage in this situation? And, what is in play for We The People to take back control of our own future? We ask the questions.

    The Belt And Road To China

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 30:25

    We examine the strategy by China in their belt and road initiative. What is the plan for their move in Afghanistan? Is it similar to what they do in Africa? What do they stand to gain by this measure, and what favors get done by them to the local government in response to this type of agreement? Also, have the regulatory bodies come in conflict with one another? What resignations are we now seeing in key positions and why? And, do you trust your government in matters related to COVID? We ask the questions.

    The Real Power Behind The Governments

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 58:40

    We discuss the aspects of the real power establishments behind the national governments. What agendas have they been focused on for the last 100 years? Who is involved, and to what extent? What are they responsible for within our lifetime? Also, Afghanistan now must be aided by the US? For what reason? What are we doing to retrieve our assets on the ground there? Do we have any hope of offering aid to those who aided us? And, is Dr. Fauci a hero? We ask the questions.

    Your Digital Passports Have Arrived

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 56:41

    We examine the latest document put out by the WHO in regards to the creation of a digital infrastructure surrounding your new digital identities. For what purpose is this actually needed? Is the United Nations actually responsible for this, or is it someone else behind it? Also, we discuss your options that are now available as a US citizen outside of the nation. Will simple email addresses help you reach safety? Or will more be required in cases of an emergency. And, Should the Taliban be recognized as a legitimate government for a seat at the UN? We ask the questions. 

    The Final Revolution Of A Dying Elite

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 55:45

    We examine the final revolution of the dying political and financial class. Is the government there to serve you as the tax payer? What services should be available for you receive? Of what purpose is the established order to you as an individual? Also, we examine the ever growing wave of populism across Europe. What is not being reported to the masses across the world, and why? Will new restrictions be placed on EU nations and other nations who have gone along with the agenda thus far? And, will we be the next greatest generation to preserve what past generations fought and died for in order to live in peace and freedom? We ask the questions.

    Special Exclusive - From Saigon To Afghanistan

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 47:54

    On this special Exclusive Podcast we talk the withdrawal from the Kabul Airport with a special guest. What assets have we left on the ground? What equipment did we leave behind which will fundamentally change the balance of power in a tribal nation? Should the administration and the intelligence community, along with the military brass be held to account for this unmitigated disaster? How does this relate to historical events? We ask the questions.

    A Well Planned Disaster - For What Purpose?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 45:55

    We examine the latest in the greatest military orchestrated disaster of our lifetime.  For what purpose? Who is behind it all? What are the next steps of the administration going to be? How should we be responding versus how we are responding? Should we see massive resignations, or should we see more advisors brought in to deal with the crisis? Also, what is the official body count from the bombings. Will the evacuations continue? Or will we leave tens of thousands of people stranded? We ask the questions.

    The Hypocritical Degeneration Of The Elite

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 49:40

    We examine the hypocritical downward spiral of the so called "Elite." What is the next play as we trend back down into the Normal cold and flu season. Have the predictions and roadmaps of the likes of Dr. Fauci been correct over the past 18 months? What can we expect in the coming months? Also, with more closures on the way, Congress passes 3.5 Trillion in new spending while the Federal Reserve Bank expands their balance sheets this week to 6.5 Trillion for the first time in their history. What does this mean for the average American in the days to come? And, climate change happens before our very eyes in Antarctica. What is the reporting of the mainstream media from the latest events in the south pole, and why is it not more widely discussed? We ask the questions.

    Stand Your Ground - Avoid The Boosters

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 56:19

    We examine the latest push by the establishment to not only mandate the first rounds, but to also now push boosters for the ones who have been jabbed. What is the agenda behind it? What warnings are being given and why are they being shoved aside and not listened to? Also, are there any Americans stranded in Afghanistan? What is the official position of the white house? And, what will help you best prepare for this hurricane season? We ask the questions.

    FDA Approval For Pfizer Means Mandates Incoming

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 49:47

    We discuss the US FDA approval of the Pfizer covid jab. What does this mean for businesses? State and Federal employees, and all medical personal are now being told to get the jab. Will we see a full scale revolt within the system? How long until you see vaccine passports in your state and town? Also, the populous movement increases yet again. Do people finally see and understand the larger agenda being played? And, did the Biden Administration do everything in their power to destroy equipment in Afghanistan before the pullout? Or did we intentionally fund the new resurgence? We ask the questions.

    Proxy Wars And The Central Banks

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 50:24

    We examine the aspects of the new proxy wars being started in the middle east. Who are they being funded by and for what purpose? What does this mean for the western interests in that region? Also, what is the real number of those stranded on the ground in Afghanistan? What is the US State Department now telling people to do in light of being left on the ground? And, what role do the central banks have in creating "a more fair and inclusive world?" We ask the questions. 

    The Private Army Of The Elite

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2021 53:30

    We sit down and discuss the aspects in which appears to be an intentional creation of a private army. Who is controlling it and why? What purpose will it serve? Who is responsible? Also, what is the real story of what is happening on the ground at the airport and what are the US assets on the ground being told? And, right on queue, a purported "bomber" shows up outside of the library of congress and threatens to detonate explosives that would level two city blocks, and then surrenders to the FBI without incident. Is this another false flag? We ask the questions.

    Afghanistan Is An Intelligence Operation

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 51:03

    We examine the continuing disaster unfolding in the middle east. What new orders have been issued by the state department to US Citizens on the ground? What statements have been made from the administration? Is anyone taking accountability? Was this an intelligence failure.... or was it an intelligence operation? We ask the questions.

    Afghanistan Withdrawal Is A Disaster

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 51:55

    We examine the disaster and chaos that is taking place in Kabul Afghanistan. What is the US Government doing to further complicate us from being able to get our people out? Is this being done intentionally? Is there a larger game in play for the future as it relates to the global elite and the role Afghanistan and the Taliban will take? Also, New Zealand will enter another full national lockdown due to a new outbreak. What should be stated about the actions of the Prime Minister rather than what is being put forth? We ask the questions.

    Total Collapse While Biden Eats Ice Cream

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 49:04

    We examine the aspect of the total lack of competence by the established order with the events unfolding in Afghanistan. What rookie mistakes are being made? Was it intentional? What will be the fallout? Also, where is Joe Biden? Why is he on vacation while his policies are failing? Where are the White House press conferences? And, what can you do to take your nations back from those who have wrongfully stole it from you? We ask the questions.

    Afghanistan Falls - You Are The Terrorist

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 48:28

    We discuss the fall of Afghanistan. What wider implications will this have? Is this the Saigon moment for the Biden administration? Is the level of incompetence that we are seeing transitioning into abject insanity? What is the agenda shift now taking place towards We The People? Also, do we need to demand more audits of the US elections? What are the elected officials and the tech companies so afraid of? We ask the questions.

    Your Personal Freedom Or Vaccine Mandates

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2021 32:52

    We examine the aspects of your personal freedom versus vaccine mandates. Is it worth to not be segregated out of society? Should people continue to resist? Is there any benefit to the madness that we are seeing? Also, we talk the blitzkrieg of the Taliban across Afghanistan within a matter a few short weeks. How is that possible? Are they being funded and aided by someone else? And, should there be more resistance from federal workers against this push for mandates and regulations? We ask the questions.

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