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A Sports Talks Show hosted by Sal Castaneda and Matt Steinmetz.

Sal Castaneda and Matt Steinmetz

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    Latest episodes from The Sal and Steiny Show podcast

    No. 127: 49ers, warriors and what's next for both franchises.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2020 32:31

    What a disappointing season it's been for the San Francisco 49ers. From a play or two from winning the Super Bowl to a regular-old football team with a unbecoming 5-8 record. Sal and Steiny talk about the 49ers' season, and all that's gone wrong. But how do things look in the future. Sal and Steiny talk about that, also.   The Warriors are hopeful to return to the top of the Western Conference this year. Steph Curry is back, and despite the injury to Klay Thompson, excitement is abounding for the Warriors. It's going to be tons of fun finding out where the Warriors fit these days.   And did we tell you about Sal's record collection? Well, we do in this podcast, and we're sure you'll agree, it's impressive.

    No. 126: Klay is out for the season, now what? Will we ever see the same Warriors as from the dynasty era? Is James Wiseman going to be the league's next great big man? Will the 49ers eventually get better?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2020 31:36

    The fellas are back just in time to weigh in on how Klay Thompson's injury sidelines an elite player in his prime. Will he ever be the same? What do fans expect of this team in the 2020-2021 season? Will James Wiseman be the best player on the Warriors in a few years? Will Jimmy G and the 49ers finally get it right next year? Steinmetz and Castaneda also riff on a few extraneous subjects and discuss the future of live sporting events in 2021.

    No.125: 49ers back to winning, Sean McVay was a KTVU intern and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2020 28:42

    Sal and Steiny are back at it, and so, too, are the 49ers, who beat the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday. The 49ers had lost consecutive games, and there was much concern among the fans.   In fact, one of the first topics Sal and Steiny address is how our television station and radio station determine how to talk about the team. What are the important aspects of the game to hit? How much time do you devote to certain subjects? How much of the shows are ad-libbed vs. scripted.   Lastly, Sal and Steiny talk about just how much you should tell your boss. Is it better to keep your boss overly informed of what's going on in your life? Sometimes you have to.

    No. 124: The bits get back into during the pandemic. 49ers struggling, Joe Morgan tribute.

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2020 38:28

    Sal and Steiny are getting back into the swing of things after a little bit of a hiatus. And, man, have things changed. In this episode, Castaneda and Steinmetz dissect how their businesses - television and radio -- have been impacted by the Corona Virus. Things have changed in a big way and if the media biz interests you, this episode is a no-brainer.   The boys also talk about the San Francisco 49ers, who are struggling just one year after playing in the Super Bowl. The 49ers have always been the sports king of the Bay Area, and many a fan are wondering what in the heck is happening with their team.   It's also time to honor an Oakland and Bay Area icon in Joe Morgan, who passed away at the age of 77. Morgan, one of the greatest baseball players of all time, was an inspiring man who left a trail of good deeds and positivity in his wake. We hope you listen.

    No. 123: 49ers in the Super Bowl, Kobe Bryant's legacy, working as a journalist at big events, getting things right and not speculating as a journalist.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2020 29:21

    In their latest podcast, Castaneda and Steinmetz talk about the Super Bowl and which media members draw the short straw and have to cover it. This year's Super Bowl is in Miami and both fossils say they'd rather be in the Bay Area than in South Florida.   Sal and Steiny also talk about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant, and how the media did its job in the aftermath. Who said what? Which reporter said that? What was real and what wasn't? There are still so many questions about how all of this (mis)information got out.   Hug your loved ones, and enjoy the podcast.

    No. 122: 49ers winning and what it means for the legacy of the team, and the stadium.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 15, 2020 33:49

    How did the San Francisco 49ers go from 4-12 last season to 13-3 this season with an appearance in the NFC Championship game? Will the 49ers winning finally bring the Candlestick atmosphere to Santa Clara? The fellas also talk about how these deep playoff appearances and the several recent sports teams championships affect their everyday work lives.

    No. 121: Season's Greetings for all, 49ers high expectations, Farhan paid to be a henchman, and more.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2019 34:27

    Well, Sal Castaneda and Matt Steinmetz are on a roll these days, with their second straight podcast in the past three weeks. Fair to say the boys are back. In this return podcast, Sal and Steiny discuss the state of Bay Area sports, and perhaps more important, the state of the Bay Area sports fans.   Where did all the Warriors fans go? The Giants fans have been gone for a little while. On the other hand, the 49ers have it going and once again are the talk of the Bay. Is this a case of fans being fair-weather or fans exercising their right to see a legit product?   Also, Sal is having a problem simplifying his life. He's looking to throw out his old stuff and pare everything down. But he's having trouble and he needs your help. Take a listen and see what you can do.

    No.120: 49ers will always rule Bay Area sports, is Las Vegas a better convention town than San Francisco? And more.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2019 26:20

    Sal and Steiny are back and they are having fun making fun of themselves for not podcasting for a long time. The 49ers are good again and the boys discuss why when the Niners are good they command more attention than when other teams, like the Warriors or Giants are good. Las Vegas got the Raiders, now they are taking convention business away from San Francisco. A major convention moved out because hotel rooms are too expensive and the streets are dirty. Sal and Steiny have an idea about spontaneous guests appearing on the show.

    No.119: KD is gone? Giants bringing the fences in? Will some never forgive Tiger Woods? and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2019 27:37

    Sal and Steiny are back and they explain their absence. Castaneda and Steinmetz talk about the Giants' latest idea of moving in the fences at Oracle Park. It's also mid-April, which means it's playoff time for the Warriors.  The boys also talk about Tiger Woods' epic Masters victory. And surprise, there's a special cameo by Monika, a new voice.

    No.118: Worst Super Bowl ever? Brady isn't the GOAT with many Bay Area sports fans, commercials, Cousins, corn syrup and more.

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2019 25:22

    So, what did you think? Was the Super Bowl OK or was it one of the worst of all time? The answer is easy for Sal and Steiny, and they'll tell you about it in Podcast 118. The boys also talk commercials. There were a few that stood out, no doubt. But the bottom line is the Patriots won again, and the game was polarizing. There's so much other stuff going on in the world of sports and non-sports, too. How's DeMarcus Cousins doing with the Warriors? Is Mike Trout more recognizable than Derek Carr? How bad is corn syrup for you?

    No.117: Winter break, Warriors ready for Cousins return, Oracle Park

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2019 25:53

    Sal Castaneda and Matt Steinmetz are putting the band back together. Or something like that. After a few months off, Sal and Steiny are back at it, talking about Bay Area sports and other stuff. The Warriors are set to get center DeMarcus Cousins back in a week or so, and it's going to dramatically change up the Warriors. How will the Warriors adjust to the big fella coming back after he makes his Golden State debut? Sal and Steiny also discuss the new Oracle Park and whether or not anyone cares what a venue is called. And finally, the boys talk about two-sport star Kyler Murray, who will be making an interesting decision shortly: football or baseball.

    No. 116: Football popularity in the Bay and talking Greg Papa

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2018 32:07

    Slug-life has been great for Sal and Steiny, but it's time to jump back into doing podcasts. Great place to start would be the NFL, and more specifically the 49ers and Raiders. Yes, football's popularity seems to be waning but here's to predicting a record-setting year for TV ratings. Garappolo/Gruden and the teams are quite intriguing this season. Interest is going to be high. Castaneda and Steinmetz also talk about the firing of Greg Papa, the Oakland Raiders' radio play-by-play man. Papa is an institution in the Bay Area and his dismissal was greeted with near unanimous disappointment. Anyway, the boys are back and they talk about some more stuff too, not all of it having to do with sports.

    No. 115: Serious problem for 49ers, Warriors playoffs, Kaepernick workout.

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2018 29:00

    It's time for the Warriors to start the playoffs, so no doubt Sal and Steiny will get into it. But first they address the situation with Reuben Foster, who was charged with felony domestic violence this week. The 49ers have had their share of off-the-field issues in their recent past and you have to wonder when CEO Jed York will emerge. Are the Spurs the prefect first-round opponent for Golden State? And what's up with all the scooters these days? All were up for discussion on the latest Sal and Steiny.

    No. 114: Stephen Curry's injury; the upcoming Giants' season; where is Warm Springs?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2018 32:35

    Sal and Steiny are back at it, talking sports and Bay Area trends. The big story with the Golden State Warriors is the injury to Stephen Curry. How long will he be out? That is the big question. It's also baseball season, which means the Giants and A's are beginning. The problem for the Giants is this: they're already injured. The Giants will be without Madison Bumgarner and Jeff Samardjiza when the season opens Thursday. How in the world are the Giants going to be any good this year? And Castaneda and Steinmetz also answer the question: How the hell does anyone afford to live in the Bay Area.

    No. 113: KTVU sports director Mark Ibanez tells some great stories of his nearly 40 years covering Bay Area sports.

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2018 47:23

    Sports director Mark Ibanez has been at KTVU for 38 years. He's virtually seen it all in Bay Area sports, and he spent a good chunk of time with Sal and Steiny talking about his career and some great moments in sports history. Ibanez was there for all of the 49ers' Super Bowl runs, he watched up close the A's dynasty of the early 70s, covered the Giants' three World Series titles, and, now is on top of what the Golden State Warriors are doing. Ibanez sprinkles into this podcast some legitimate sports history with some terrific personal anecdotes from back in the day and in the recent past. If you want to go down Bay Area sports memory lane, this is the podcast for you!

    No. 112: John Gruden returns to Raiders; Draymond Green's complaining; San Francisco a dump

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2018 35:19

    It's a new year and Sal and Steiny are back. Not quite rebranded but back, you know? All right, so Steiny just went over to Sal's house and they decided to do one. The 49ers finished the year on an incredible high note — after acquiring Jimmy Garappolo in a trade with New England. The Raiders had a disappointing season and yet have managed to capture the imagination of the Bay Area — by bringing back Jon Gruden. And don't forget, the Warriors still roll. So, thanks for staying loyal ... and Sal and Steiny gonna try to keep it all rolling. One more thing ... Is San Francisco a dump? It just might be.

    No. 111: 49ers get first win of the season; 49ers move needle but Raiders don't; greatness of the Warriors

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2017 25:58

    The boys are back and this week they're talking about what else? The 49ers getting their first win of the season — against the New York Giants on Sunday. While there are some 49ers fans lamenting the victory — because it will move the team lower for draft position — the reality is the franchise needed this win. And they're also in a spot where they don't need a quarterback now. If there's one thing Sunday's win proved it's that the 49ers still move the needle in the Bay Area — more than the Raiders, who are a better team with greater expectations. Despite the fact that San Francisco is 1-9 there is still lots of intrigue around the team, most notably with newly acquired QB Jimmy Garappolo. And the Warriors ... the Warriors. What's there to say. They're damn good and that doesn't seem like it will change for a while. Castaneda and Steinmetz wonder if the Warriors have become too passe'.

    No. 110: Sal And Steiny aren't 9 to 5 guys, questions arise about Marshawn, Bump out shots

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2017 31:38

    After a short break the fellas are back talking about how they can't see themselves as 9 to 5 guys, how the 49ers didn't tank quite enough last time, and why some suggest Raiders coaching staff is afraid of Marshawn Lynch.

    No. 109: The passing of Tom Petty; the Warriors' season begins; traffic and television

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2017 32:32

    Sal and Steiny try to make the best of this podcast, considering there are some sobering things that are happening around the country and world.  The death of Tom Petty was a stunner for the boys. Petty was just 66 years old, and he was one of those artists that appealed to multiple generations. Sal and Steiny spend some time talking about Petty -- in between some sports topics. The Warriors have started their preseason and it's hard to believe they'll start the regular season in just two weeks. For now, they're in China and it's hard to believe they want to be. We also get into the 49ers, the Raiders and ... music

    No. 108: Opening week for 49ers, Raiders and NFL; talking Raiders vs. 49ers; the Levi's Stadium debacle

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2017 27:07

    The NFL season is upon us and it was very different starts for the 49ers and Raiders. As in, 49ers ... awful; Raiders ... really good. The Raiders played a terrific game on the road, controlling from start to finish against the Titans. The 49ers, on the other hand, were shut down by the Panthers 23-3 at Levi's Stadium. So here's the question: How much should we be talking about the 49ers and how much should we be talking about the Raiders. The answer is simple, we should be talking more about the 49ers. And this podcast tells why. Also, let's be honest, Levi's Stadium is a nightmare. It's got nothing to do with the 49ers' fans being soft, it's got to do with asking them to watch the game in Sahara-like conditions. 

    No. 107: The total eclipse of the sun, 49ers' and Raiders' preseason, Giants eliminated, a pet lizard

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2017 29:38

    Not that the boys get political on their podcast but they did have to re-address the whole Steve Bannon firing/resignation in this episode. Steinmetz wasn't happy about the speculation that Bannon would be let go without a lot of details, but lo and behold, it happened. And maybe Steinmetz had a change of heart. How do you talk about preseason football? Well, sometimes you have to make mountains out of molehills. Do these games matter or not? Also, was the eclipse as good as you thought it would be? What about lizards? Do they make good pets. There's a lot going on in this one and the guys jump all over the place.

    No. 106: the news media and sports media; Cal thinking of selling beer

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2017 28:44

    Sal and Steiny are media guys. Castaneda is a news reporter/anchor and Steinmetz is in sports media. On this episode of Sal and Steiny, they discuss the media and their role in sports and politics. When is it too soon to break a story -- whether it's a pending coach getting fired or player getting possibly traded? What is news and what is speculation? The boys talk about it. Also, the University of California may soon start selling beer and wine at football and basketball. Good or bad? We discuss.        

    No. 105: The Giants hit new lows, Steph plays pro golf and exceeds expectations, does he have an advantage others wouldn't have because he's Steph?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2017 35:57

    The boys are back in the swing of things, but the same can't be said about the San Francisco Giants.  Since the All-Star break they're the worst team in baseball. Here's the worst part: They won't get better anytime soon. At least that's what Joe Shasky says, and few people know Bay Area sports like him. Castaneda, Steinmetz, and Shasky had a lively discussion on the matter. Steph Curry is also a hot topic as he acquitted himself quite nicely at a event. This and plenty more on this podcast.

    No. 104: The Giants stand pat, the A's trade their best pitcher; Overrated rock bands; Interest in the 49ers, what's a growler

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2017 31:06

    Don't talk to Steinmetz and Castaneda about a slow period -- in sports or anything else. There is a lot going on, in plenty of places. The A's and Giants are going nowhere this season, but it doesn't mean they handled the trade deadline the same way. Nope. The Giants did little, the A's traded their best pitcher. Now what? Seems like we've got a couple of teams that are a few years away from being a few years away. Steinmetz isn't a big fan of Led Zeppelin and gets his proper amount of grief for that. We also talked about growlers, one of the more underrated ways to consume beer. Oh, and we almost forgot: Apparently Castaneda was a bit of a brawler in his past.     Giants stand pat, the A's trade ; optimism for the 49ers

    No. 103: The Warriors' perfect offseason; the Giants' startling tumble; vacation vs. stay-cation

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2017 31:04

    After a well-deserved vacation, the boys are back and talking about sports, the Bay Area and this time -- what they did while they were gone.  Steinmetz was out of the Bay for about a month and when he returned he was struck by something: Giants fans have disappeared. San Francisco's home sellout streak is gone and the enthusiasm has left with it. The Giants have fallen fast. Can they get up anytime soon? And when will the fans return? As for the Warriors, well, their offseason was a thing of beauty. They're getting the band back together for 2017-2018, and that can only mean bad news for the rest of the NBA. Steinmetz also gives to Castaneda a European scouting report.

    No. 102: Golden State Warriors win 2nd NBA title in 3 seasons. Their wonderful parade day in Oakland.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2017 31:13

    Sal and Steiny talk all about game 5--the clincher--and another historic day of celebration in the East Bay. Did you watch the parade on TV? Chances are you watched in on KTVU (according to the ratings). How long can the Warriors keep this rolling? What players will return? What about Igoudala?

    No. 101: Warriors take 2-0 lead over Cavs in Finals; Golden State the perfect team for right now

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 5, 2017 30:32

    The Warriors have taken a 2-0 lead over the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals. How in the world are the Cavs going to win a game, let alone four? It doesn't look good. Wednesday is Game 3, and it's a game the Cavaliers need to get because no team has ever rallied from a 3-0 deficit in the NBA playoffs.  The fact of the matter is the Warriors are the perfect team for this time. With an emphasis on offensive freedom, the 3-point shot and non-physicality, the Warriors have almost gamed the system. It's not just unlikely that the Cavaliers will beat the Warriors this year, but it's looking unlikely that anyone will be beating Golden State anytime soon.

    No. 100: Look ahead to Cleveland-Warriors Finals; the absolute rightness of what Buster Posey didn't do

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2017 27:17

    It's finally here!  Game 1 of the NBA Finals. The Warriors have been off for quite a while and the Cavs not quite as long, but it all starts on Thursday. Steinmetz thinks one of the reasons this series is so compelling is there's an unknown element to this series that few can put their finger on. The one thing about the Cavs, according to Steinmetz, is that they're the smartest dumb team he's ever seen -- and it works for them in a big way. And what the hell was Hunter Strickland thinking? Forget Posey, we're surprised as many Giants went out there as their were. Lastly, Sal and I need some help understanding the whole ticket thing on-line. Thanks.

    No. 99: Warriors continue rolling, lead Spurs 2-0; malaise among fans; mispronouncing names

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2017 27:13

    The Warriors have won 10 straight playoff games and something like 24 out of their last 25. The only game they lost is a game they didn't really care about winning -- a game against the Utah Jazz late in the season. The Warriors are so good these days that it almost feels like a malaise or complacency cloaks the team and fan-base. Then again, there are a lot of folks out there who won't give the Warriors credit for being great, Instead, they'll say the Warriors have gotten incredibly lucky the past few years. Hey, there's a difference between being lucky and having good fortune. One more till 100. Wow.

    No. 98: Warriors sweep Utah, who's up next? Can Giants' fans handle a couple bad years? Trying to afford a house in San Francisco

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2017 33:22

    The Golden State Warriors are making it look easy, but is that a good thing? They haven't lost a playoff game this year, and it's almost feeling routine. How do you even begin to beat the Warriors? Well, one way is to do what they did. As fora team not going well, let me introduce you to the San Francisco Giants. Their fans have been spoiled over the last eight years or so but it looks like this team might not be able to compete. What happens if the Giants have a few rough years in a row? Will AT&T still sell out every game? Will the passion still be there? And as always, we take a look at a facet of the Bay Area, and this time it's about the ridiculous housing costs, and the neighborhoods where you USED TO be able to afford a house in San Francisco.

    No. 97: Warriors sweep Blazers in first round; Bumgarner will ride dirt bike and you'll like it; BART talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2017 29:52

    Light work. That's what the Warriors did against the Portland Trail Blazers, sweeping their first-round series with a win Monday night. It was very much expected, and now it's onto the Western Conference semifinals for them. But there's something more important going on with coach Steve Kerr, who didn't coach in Games 3 and 4 of the series because of lingering issues from two back surgeries in 2015. Kerr is in so much pain that he's decided he can't coach the Warriors during games right now -- and won't come back until feels better. Put it this way: It looks like it's possible the Warriors won't have Kerr on the sidelines from this point on. The San Francisco Giants are off to a terrible start, and it just got worse because Madison Bumgarner injured himself riding a dirt bike. The act was selfish, irresponsible, a bad decision, short-sighted, immature and just plain stupid -- or so most people say. Hey, this guy is one of the best pitchers in baseball, so he'll ride a dirt bike any time he wants -- and there plenty of teams that would be more than happy to let him do it. Lastly, bad time for BART, with this takeover robbery at the West Oakland station. Haven't seen anything like that before and hopefully we won't again. Also, Steinmetz has a BART/Clipper card dilemma if anyone can help.

    No. 96: Warriors take 2-0 lead over Blazers in first round of NBA playoffs; Durant's status remains up in air; Whither Nurkic?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2017 30:52

    The Golden State Warriors have gotten off to the kind of start in the playoffs that their fans hoped they'd get off to -- taking a 2-0 lead after a couple of games at Oracle. Even playing without Kevin Durant, the Warriors blew out the Blazers 110-81 on Wednesday. In addition, Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson didn't play all that well. That's what's got to be demoralizing for the Blazers. Players such as JaVale McGee, Patrick McCaw, Ian Clark and David West did in Portland. Now, the series shifts to Portland, but it doesn't seem like anyone is expecting much to change. The themes heading into that one: Will Durant play? Will Jusuf Nurkic play? Bottom line is the Warriors look unbeatable, and we talk about it. Lastly, real quick, what age is "too old" to be living with your parents? Apparently, according to Sal, millennials are living at home older and older these cays, and what's most shocking is: The parents don't throw them out!

    No. 95: Warriors beat Blazers 121-109 to take 1-0 lead in best-of-seven series

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 17, 2017 33:39

    The Golden State Warriors beat the Portland Trail Blazers 121-109 in Game 1 of their first-round playoff series on Sunday night. It was a heck of a ballgame, really, as Damian Lillard and C.J.McCollum were brilliant, combining for 75 points. But the Warriors, led by Draymond Green, used their defense to finally hold down the Blazers' potent backcourt in the fourth quarter. Green finished with an unreal game: 19 points, 12 rebounds, nine assists, five blocks and three steals. Not sure if he also had a partridge in a pear tree. Sal and Steiny also talked briefly about the San Francisco Giants and whether they stink or not. It's early and Steinmetz still thinks they have time. Of course they do. They've only played 14 games. Last but not least, the boys want to find a way to get A's president Dave Kaval on their podcast. Why? Because Kaval is the man and he's got things going in a great direction for the A's.

    Podcast No. 94: Oakland Raiders leaving for Las Vegas; what to do if you're a Raiders fan; NFL holds cities hostage

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2017 30:33

    On Sal and Steiny Podcast No. 94, the theme is the Oakland Raiders and dealing with the fact that they're going to Las Vegas. Sal lives in Alameda and Steinmetz lives in Oakland so the move is both professional and personal to them. So many angles to discuss here, including whether Mark Davis ever really wanted to be in Oakland, what Raiders fans should do now with their team headed out of town in two or three years, how will this affect the team on the field, what it means to the 49ers, etc. And Warriors forward Draymond Green brought up a legitimate concern when he said that he wouldn't be attending anymore Raiders games and, if he were a Raiders fan, he'd be done with them. So, how many will boycott the Raiders and how many will try to savor the next two or three years -- before the move?

    No. 93: Warriors are back on track; the "resting players" thing; dealing with anger while on TV; Colin Kaepernick

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2017 32:08

    The Warriors have won five in a row and all is right in the world. Kevin Durant is getting better, Stephen Curry is coming around and the playoffs are right around the corner. The only thing that's bringing down the season is this whole "resting players" thing. Some people are missing the boat in terms of whom they're criticizing, though. Some aren't interpreting the "problem" the right way.  We also talked about how Castenada deals with "irritation" on the air. You know, it's before a show and you get an email that bothers you or a text that's annoying ... but it's 12 seconds to airtime. How do you handle that? Sal tells you. Steinmetz thinks there's no doubt Colin Kaepernick will be in the NFL this year. And, is it possible Cal could hire former Warriors and Kings coach Eric Musselman. This one  was a lot of fun.

    No. 92: Warriors, Curry in biggest slump of Kerr Era; Lynch/Shanahan with built-in credibility,; Raiders on way out

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2017 31:07

    The Warriors are in crisis. That's the only way to describe it, right? They've lost 5 of 7, which is the worst stretch of the Steve Kerr era. Most teams have this kind of stretch a couple of time a year. For the Warriors, this is the first time in three years. Oh, did we tell you Stephen Curry is in a shooting slump? Nope. Curry doesn't like to call it that, but c'mon, he can't buy one and we all know it. It will change but right now, he's struggling. We also get into the professionalism that John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan are showing and how long it will go. And what about those broken car windows on Dolores Street in the City? That's worth another c'mob. 

    No. 91: The Warriors without Kevin Durant; NBA travel; getting started in the media business; March Madness coming

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2017 28:20

    It took a few games but the Warriors look like they're finally getting used to the idea of playing without Kevin Durant. After a couple of subpar performances, Golden State has gotten its act a little bit together and will try to hold off the Spurs for the No. 1 seed in the playoffs. Sal and Steiny veer off into the media business in this podcast. Castaneda and Steinmetz are sometimes asked by younger people what is the best way to get started in the media/TV/radio business. We give you a few of our ideas. March Madness is also coming -- how many of you will be taking off of work on that Thursday or Friday when the NCAA Tournament begins? The boys also talk about the unfortunate injury to Andrew Bogut, and how it may impact the NBA playoffs.

    No. 90: Warriors forward Kevin Durant gets injured; blast-from-the-past Matt Barnes is back; uncivil Twitter; Kaepernick a free agent

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2017 30:00

    Everything changed for the Warriors this week. Kevin Durant injured his left knee during Tuesday's game against the Washington Wizards, and he's going to be missing some playing time. How much playing time. Well, that's a good question. He's got a Grade 2 sprain of his MCL, and what the Warriors said was this: He will do nothing for the next four weeks and then we'll take a look at it. The hope is he returns for the playoffs. The Warriors' season just got more interesting. They also just signed Matt Barnes, who's an interesting guy to say the least. The end of the regular season is going to be must-see. Looks like Colin Kaepernick has played his last game for the 49ers. Or has he? Well, he sold his South Bay house, so does that mean anything? We also talk Oscars on this one.

    No. 89: Lakers front office office restructuring and how it affects Warriors, Why Kings may have traded DeMarcus Cousins now, the guys are sick of the rain.

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2017 33:15

    In episode 89, Sal and Matt talk about the Los Angeles Lakers front office restructuring, and how it affects the Golden State Warriors. The Lakers want what the Warriors have and general manager Bob Myers was sought. The guys also talk about the DeMarcus Cousins trade from the Sacramento Kings to the New Orleans Pelicans. It isn't difficult o see why some say the trade may not have been handled very well. Also the guys are not afraid to say they're sick of the Bay Area rain.

    No. 88: Patriots win Super Bowl; Warriors lose to Kings; the drought is over

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2017 32:20

    Sal and Steiny talk Super Bowl ... a snoozer of a game turned into one for the ages. And now it's time to discuss the greatness of the Patriots. Yeah, we're not going to do that. We'll talk some Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana, but what about the commercials? What about former President Bush with the ceremonial coin toss? What about Lady GaGa? The Warriors lost a game, which is always very unusual. The Kings beat them in Sacramento 109-106 on Saturday. But the big story was that Draymond Green and Kevin Durant got into a little shouting match during a timeout. Signs of trouble or just a blip on the radar? We discuss Charles Barkley and Skip Bayless, and why Barkley is certainly the one to listen to between that twosome. Also, the drought is over. At least we're pretty sure it is.

    No. 87: Peter Hartlaub, pop culture critic for the San Francisco Chronicle

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2017 48:07

    Such a fun podcast with Peter Hartlaub, the pop culture critic for the San Francisco Chronicle. In case you don't know Hartlaub knows about all things San Francisco and Bay Area and he shared some awesome stories with Sal and Steiny. Hartlaub, born and raised in San Francisco, has been a 49ers season-ticket holder for his whole life and he shares his perspective on Candlestick Park, the Joe Montana years and how he's feeling now. He also shares his love for former Golden State Warriors owner Franklin Meuli, who is a big reason the Golden State Warriors are the Golden State Warriors. While the move to San Francisco is bittersweet, Hartlaub gives tremendous insight and perspective into the team and their arena history. And so much more ...

    No. 86: Jed York and his relationship with Bay Area media; Warriors' fans at a crossroads with their franchise

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2017 34:17

    The 49ers are a hot mess right now, which they've pretty much been since Jim Harbaugh and the team "mutually parted ways." The only thing worse than the 49ers' situation might be owner Jed York's relationship with the Bay Area media. Simply put, there is no relationship there. Sal and Steiny talk about how York despises the Bay Area media and the Bay Area media despises York. It's obvious anytime you watch an interaction. And how about this ... The Golden State Warriors are so good that nobody really seems to care. It almost feels like interest in the Warriors has never been lower. Warrior fans expect this team and expect this team to win almost all of the time. For a fanbase that has long been known as ultra-passionate, the base is pretty mellow these days. Sal also talks about his discomfort with being in an uncomfortable situation.

    No. 85: Warriors blow late lead against Cavs; Derek Carr suffers season-ending injury; 49ers get a win; Holiday cheer

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 26, 2016 35:52

    They say you're supposed to take stock of all the positives in your life around the holidays. And surely Sal and Steiny do a lot of that during this podcast. But there's a touch of gray in the good vibes because of the injury to the Raiders' quarterback Derek Carr and the Warriors loss to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Carr, an MVP candidate, suffered a season-ending leg injury over the weekend and will not be quarterbacking the Raiders in the postseason. It's devastating news for a team making its first playoff appearance since 2002. As for the Warriors, they just suffered a defeat, but they don't suffer many of them. And they certainly don't lose a lot of games where they're leading by 14 points with fewer than 10 minutes remaining. But that's what they did and it's not easy for Warriors fans to swallow. For the time being, the Cavs have the Warriors' number.  

    No. 84: Raiders clinch playoffs; Derek Carr and Stephen Curry; Getting worse for Jed York; Warriors being taken for granted

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2016 27:50

    The Oakland Raiders are in the playoffs, my friends, and that in and of itself is big news. The Raiders haven't been to the postseason since 2002, and they were led there by third-year quarterback Derek Carr. Carr is becoming a superstar and the similarities between he and Stephen Curry are glaring. The boys talk about that and also how the Golden State Warriors have now set a standard of excellence that has become overlooked. This team is great and nobody seems to be appreciating them. The 49ers stink, and Jed York is under fire. There are reports he could be stripped of his power by Dr. John York, the owner of the team. But York told the media this past weekend that that reports are untrue. Lastly, how long is too long to stand in line to mail presents back east to your family?

    No. 83: Draymond Green and the Warriors; Jed York and the 49ers; the Northern California drought, more

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2016 30:27

    Sal and Steiny took a little junket to Pacific Coast Brewing Company and talked a lot of Warriors, plenty of Jed York and the 49ers and the California drought. Is it over? The boys also spent a lot of time talking about Draymond Green, who is not only a fascinating player but a fascinating person. Sal's been a 49ers fan since he was a kid, most of you know. He's enduring his first 1-12 season that he can remember anyway. So, what's Jed York going to do at the end of the season. And perhaps a more important question: What does Jed York say to himself when he looks himself in the mirror? Is there still a drought with all this rain? 

    No 82: Oakland has devastating fire, Oakland sports team help. Klay has record night.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2016 28:43

    Matt and Sal discuss how the horrible Oakland fire that devastated several families. Oakland sports teams have helped with donations. The Raiders and the Warriors are playing very well. Klay had a record night at Oracle. Charles Barkley is being Charles Barkley.

    No. 81: Warriors improve to 16-2 and clear another hurdle on way to San Francisco; Raiders a legitimate Super Bowl contender

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2016 29:51

    Admit it, you missed us. Sal and Steiny have been busy these past few weeks but we're back -- and better than ever. In Episode No. 81, the boys talk about the Golden State Warriors, a team that hardly ever loses. As of podcast time, the Warriors had won 12 in a row and already had the best record in the league at 16-2. In other words, they're rolling. Hard to imagine but Kevin Durant may be better than advertised and Draymond Green has become an absolute menace. Is there anyone out there who can beat the Warriors? Another conversation point was the new San Francisco Arena, which cleared another hurdle recently. The Warriors believe very strongly they'll have a new arena in San Francisco by 2019, and Castaneda asks the simple question: Is that a good thing? Oh, and don't sleep on the Oakland Raiders, who are 9-2 and lead the AFC West. In case you're keeping track, the best team in the NFL and the best team in the NBA may very well reside in Oaktown.

    No. 80: The Warriors start 8-2; The Raiders are rolling; The 49ers are the opposite of rolling

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2016 29:40

    It's been a minute, as the kids say, since Sal and Steiny put out a podcast. Well, the boys have been busy -- real busy. But they got together to talk about a Bay Area sports scene that is alive. The Warriors have gotten off to a terrific start despite too much consternation, worry, and concern. They're 8-2 and remain the favorites to win it all. Kevin Durant is fitting in beautifully and Steph Curry is still Steph Curry. Some Warriors fans just don't get it. What's happening here is special. it wasn't always like this. The Raiders head off to Mexico City and are in complete control of their playoff destiny. And Sal and Steiny are thinking tailgate ... soon after. In other news, the 49ers still are lousy, despite keeping a game against the Arizona Cardinals pretty close. Jeez, that's how far they've fallen? Well, yes it is. And to top it all off, Colin Kaepernick may just re-prove he's a legit NFL quarterback and walk right out the door.  

    No. 79: Warriors get routed in opener vs. Spurs, 49ers are bad and getting worse

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2016 32:05

    After a little breather, the Sal and Steiny show is back -- which is more than we can say for the Golden State Warriors. Nah, just kidding but boy were the Warriors lousy in their first regular-season game of the year, getting smoked by the Spurs 129-100. What the hell happened? Well, Castaneda and Steinmetz talk all about it.  Worried about the lack of a rim protector? Scared about what Draymond Green will do next? Wondering where Klay Thompson got to? What the heck happened to the bench? Relax, Sal and Steiny have you covered. We'll talk you down. Also ... the 49ers stink, so whom do you blame? Take your pick, Steinmetz says.

    No. 78: Joined by special guest Dan Dibley

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2016 37:44

    Dan Dibley, Matt Steinmetz, and sal castaneda are long time friends who also happen to work in Bay Area media. Join the podcast as the boys talk about how it all began back in the day. We hit the Warriors, the Giants, and the incredible interest  generated by these two very popular teams.

    NO. 77: San Francisco Chronicle Raiders beat writer Vic Tafur

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2016 33:16

    Vic Tafur covers the Raiders for the San Francisco Chronicle. Vic tells us what it's like to cover the team on a daily basis and gives us an outlook on this year's team

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