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  • Sep 15, 2021LATEST



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Chris Simms Unbuttoned
WTF Happened Wednesday: Tyreek Torches Browns, Steelers stifle Allen

Chris Simms Unbuttoned

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 73:51

It's our first WTF Happened of the season, and Chris has a new toy to break down every play.(6:05) Chiefs def. Browns: How did Tyreek Hill torch Cleveland (again)?(18:15) Rams def. Bears: How did Cooper Kupp get so wide open?(31:20) Steelers def. Bills: How did the Steelers contain Josh Allen?(43:15) Saints def. Packers: WTF happened on Aaron Rodgers' "nut shot" INT?(52:00) Raiders def. Ravens: How did Derek Carr burn the Baltimore blitz?(1:03:35) Buccaneers def. Cowboys: How did Tom Brady & Antonio Brown beat the Cowboys 2-man?See Privacy Policy at https://art19.com/privacy and California Privacy Notice at https://art19.com/privacy#do-not-sell-my-info.

Schlereth and Evans
Schlereth and Evans | Hour 3 | 5.28.20

Schlereth and Evans

Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2020 46:19

Did the Rams lay out a blue print to beat the Chiefs? Are the Broncos similar to the 2019 Browns? How does Terrell Davis feel about Melvin Gordon?

Kenny & JT

Kenny & JT

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2020 21:03

Talking NFL Draft on The Kenny & JT Show. Our expert updates his draft thoughts now that the Combine is over. Who helped their draft stock st the Combine? Who are the best offensive linemen that will be available to the Browns? How about at linebacker? Thoughts on the QB prospects, and much more...

Kenny & JT

Kenny & JT

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2020 11:17

JT solo Friday as Kenny has Monsters hockey duties later. JT discusses the news on Kareem Hunt getting into a bit of trouble with a traffic stop. Will he be in alot of trouble with Kevin Stefanski's Browns? How much does JT want Coach Stefanski involved in the GM hiring process? Picking on the Pro Bowl. And we remember the late, great Puggy from Jimmy & The Soul Blazers.

Infallible Sports Pals
"Safety Talk with Coach Kyle" - NFL Week 5 Football Chat

Infallible Sports Pals

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2019 150:49

Lots of great football talk in this one: What makes a good coach? What’s wrong with the Browns? How do we protect the players? What does it truly mean to “get freaky with it?”BANTER: We talk chrome tabs, signs from the universe, and spirituality.(12:38) REDSKINS - PATRIOTS. Washington fires Jay Gruden after an inept start to the season and an inept night out at the bars. Why don’t billionaires care more about winning football games? How would we fare as coaches? The Patriots defense looks really good.(23:00) STEELERS - RAVENS. We debate the appropriate overtime rules. The Steelers ran the wildcat and made a crucial mistake...or was it?(30:35) Our special investigative report: Does football cause brain damage?We discuss the hit on Mason Rudolph and talk about what a 2nd safety-based football league would look like.(43:51) 3rd string QB Devlin Hodges and his backup Paxton Lynch signals a new era of QBs. We discuss the accreditation of “Samford” and also terrible white kid names.(50:56) BROWNS - NINERS. What’s wrong with the Browns? Andre’s “chip on the shoulder” theory continues to hold water.(1:00:45) We give props to Kyle Shanahan and discuss our “Theory of Kyles.”(1:04:50) Booger McFarland said something very dumb. We discuss the state of NFL broadcasting.(1:10:12) COLTS - CHIEFS. What a great game! What a great gameplan! The Art of War!(1:17:28) Infallible Sports Pals Coaching Breakdown: What are the signs of a great coach? A good coach? A bad coach? What’s hard about judging coaching as a fan? What teams need what kinds of coaches? Who are the league’s innovators and what makes them special?Some quick hits on other games:(1:36:08) FALCONS - TEXANS. Is there a bigger letdown team than the Falcons? Is anyone more underappreciated than Deshaun Watson?(1:42:18) BILLS - TITANS. Keys to success for the Titans offense. Josh Allen gets shellacked.(1:46:22) SEAHAWKS - RAMS. We gush about Russell Wilson.(1:54:50) Cool Celebrations of the Week! Lots of 'em!Nick Bosa vs Baker Mayfield - We do a live breakdown of Baker’s flag plant and judge Nick Bosa’s flag plant against it. We talk plant-based team names. Vikings receivers do the “wiggly arms.” Jared Cook’s mimed celebration baffles Andre yet again. Golden Tate celebrates a penalty. And the Packers offense and defense take very different team photos.(2:10:35) Week 6 Preview!“How much will the Dolphins lose by?” - Maybe a NEGATIVE NUMBER?The Infallible Sports Pals “Sure Thing Bets of the Week”Game by game previews(2:26:08) “Under the Helmet” with Quandre Diggs and a very strange Youtube comment. That’s it! Thanks for being a pal!http://twitter.com/isportspalsinfalliblesportspals@gmail.com

Bleav in Pro Football Film Room with Chris Landry and Scott Seidenberg

Jay Gruden is the first coach fired. Just how bad are the Redskins? What’s up with the Browns? How good are the 49ers? Are the Raiders a playoff team? How about the play of the Saints & Panthers with backup QBs. Plus a full week 6 game by game preview.

1085 Gridiron
S3EP1 - Scouting the Tennessee Titans

1085 Gridiron

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2019 28:53

Welcome to Season 3 of the 1085 Gridiron Podcast!Anthony and Jack bring you a brand new episode taking an overall look at the Cleveland Browns' week one opponent, the Tennessee Titans.Topics:+ What are the expectations for the Tennessee Titans heading into Mike Vrabel's second year after going 9-7 and missing the playoffs a year ago?+ Is this a boom or bust season for Marcus Mariota?+ Is this a must-win for the Browns?+ How will the new additions help the Titans offensively and defensively?+ How will they fare in the AFC South this season?

Stinkin Truth podcast
Free Agency craziness

Stinkin Truth podcast

Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2019 29:06

Reaction to the Browns snagging Odell Beckham Jr. from the Giants. Can the Browns survive with all of their alphas? Are the Giants the new Browns? How the heck did the Jets land Le'Veon Bell? Plus, all of the other big time moves around the NFL. Mark spent some time at Red Sox spring training, to watch his son, Daniel, pitch.

Fantasy Football Podcast - CouchCast
The Truth About Josh Gordon - CouchCast 44

Fantasy Football Podcast - CouchCast

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2018 25:02

The Truth About Josh Gordon - CouchCast 44. Welcome to our first fantasy football video podcast! We discuss what Josh Gordon is really up to. Will he be back with the Browns? How many games will he play this season. We also discuss Hard Knocks, Tyrod Taylor, Baker Mayfield, the Corey Coleman trade, Dez Bryant rumors and the fantasy value of Jarvis Landry.

Episode 34


Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2015 54:47

DJ & Zach, the Mike & the Mad Dog of NFL Drafts, are here with DraftSite's 34th podcast. Listen in to hear them talk about: NFL -Monday Night Football: Packers or Chiefs? -Pittsburgh Steelers: Are they doomed without Roethlisberger? -Atlanta Falcons/Arizona Cardinals: How good are these teams? -San Francisco 49ers: Do they still have a chance? -Indianapolis/Seattle/Philadelphia: Which team needed a win the most? -AFC East: How will it finish up? College Football -College Football: What was the game of the year? -Pac 12: Have they surpassed the SEC as best conference in college football? -Michigan State: Should Ohio State be scared? -Leonard Fournette: Is he running away with the Heisman trophy? -Paxton Lynch: Is he opening eyes? -Memphis: Have they changed Zach's opinion? NFL Draft -Bears: Where do they need to look in this draft? -Browns: How should they draft? -49ers: Who's the perfect pick? -Redskins: Do you start looking QB? -Saints: Where do you go if you are New Orleans? Parting Thoughts -Who's the Georgia Southern running back? -Marcus Cox: Should we be watching him? Alvy Song of the Week -Bob Moses - Tearing Me Up --Are these Vancouver transplants on the brink of a breakthrough? --- Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/draftsite/support