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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Chris Simms

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    Week 3 Recap: Rodgers magic & "The best team in the AFC"

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 80:12

    Chris is on a heater with his best bets and he's not hiding it. Then he and Paul hit every game from a wild Week 3 Sunday.(4:40) Packers def. 49ers: "This makes me think differently about Green Bay moving forward"(14:50) Rams def. Buccaneers: Now everybody is seeing what Simms has always said about Matthew Stafford(21:25) Chargers def. Chiefs: Justin Herbert is special, while Patrick Mahomes was "too cool for school"(28:35) Bills def. Washington: "Buffalo is the best team in the AFC"(32:40) Browns def. Bears: Damn! Okay...Myles Garrett! And Matt Nagy has to do better for Justin Fields(39:30) Saints def. Patriots: "I was surprised how New Orleans dominated up front"(43:30) Broncos def. Jets: Teams are onto Zach Wilson's blocking schemes.(47:45) Cardinals def. Jaguars: Despite Trevor Lawrence's mistakes, Chris is "not worried about him one bit"(53:00) Titans def. Colts: Harold Landry stands out for an improving Tennessee defense(55:25) Ravens def. Lions: Justin Tucker is the GOAT, but the Lions got screwed(1:00:30) Raiders def. Dolphins: Viva Las Vegas! Is Derek Carr a Top 10 QB?(1:05:00) Bengals def. Steelers: Big Ben looks cooked(1:08:40) Vikings def. Seahawks: Seattle is feast or famine(1:14:10) Falcons def. Giants: "Sorry, Eli." And has Chris lost confidence in Joe Judge?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Week 3 Picks: Bucs-Rams heavyweight fight + Rodgers back to Cali

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 53:09

    Mike is reeling after Chris' 3-0 Best Bets performance last week.(2:45) TNF: Panthers at Texans(4:10) Washington at Bills(6:50) Bears at Browns(9:30) Ravens at Lions(13:00) Cardinals at Jaguars(15:00) Chargers at Chiefs(17:30) Saints at Patriots(20:55) Falcons at Giants(23:25) Bengals at Steelers(25:55) Colts at Titans(29:15) Jets at Broncos(32:15) Dolphins at Raiders(35:15) Buccaneers at Rams(40:10) Seahawks at Vikings(43:40) SNF: Packers at 49ers(50:15) MNF: Eagles at Cowboys(51:25) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues PickSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    WTF Happened Wednesday: Kyler & Carr lasers & Justin Herbert's mistake

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 98:02

    It's another WTF Happened Wednesday as Chris breaks down some of the biggest plays of the week. Then the guys invite former NFL Athletic Trainer Mike Ryan on to teach us about recovery timelines for the big QB injuries of the week.(5:45) Kyler Murray: How a Patrick Peterson gaffe led to a big play for the Cards.(23:15) Derek Carr: How Minkah Fitzpatrick's mistake led to a Henry Ruggs bomb.(33:45) Derrick Henry: How a key AJ Brown block sprung him for a monster TD.(46:05) Justin Herbert: How his bad red zone decision was very costly for the Chargers(54:05) Zach Wilson: How Corey Davis did him no favors on one of his INTs(1:06:10) Colts: They ran the same play twice, and it burned them(1:14:50) Injury Expert Mike Ryan: He joins to tell us about the outlook for Carson Wentz, Ben Roethlisberger, Derek Carr, Andy Dalton, and Tua Tagovailoa.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Week 2 Recap: Damn! Okay Lamar Jackson + Zach Wilson's INTs

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 95:37

    Ahmed is back, and he is swaddled in Under Armour swag. He and Chris hit every Week 2 game with Damn! Okay, Self-Scout Thyself, and Give Me The Headlines.(4:45) Ravens def. Chiefs: "Their whole gameplan is around Lamar Jackson"(13:40) Raiders def. Steelers: "He's the MVP of football after 2 weeks"(22:20) Titans def. Seahawks: Derrick Henry broke Seattle's defense(29:30) Panthers def. Saints: "Their defense is a freak show"(35:40) Cowboys def. Titans: "Micah Parsons looks like he's played defensive end his whole life"(42:25) 49ers def. Eagles: "Their defense saved the day"(47:05) Browns def. Texans: Cleveland's run game is unstoppable, but Chris is worried about their defense(52:25) Patriots def. Jets: How bad was Zach Wilson's game?(1:00:40) Bills def. Dolphins: Chris takes an "L" on underestimating Gregory Rousseau(1:04:20) Rams def. Colts: Some bad breaking news for Carson Wentz(1:09:30) Cardinals def. Vikings: "It's gooooooood!!!!!!! No he missed it."(1:15:50) Buccaneers def. Falcons: "Cruise control" for the Tampa offense(1:19:05) Bears def. Bengals: It's "Fields of Dreams" time for Chicago(1:23:15) Broncos def. Jaguars: Teddy B knows how to "Be. Aggressive."(1:27:20) Ahmed's (Top Pick TBD) Power Rankings: Who is the frontrunner for the top pick in 2022?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Week 2 Picks: Mahomes vs Lamar + Browns & Bills get right

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 53:16

    Mike and Chris are ready to bounce back in their picks after an underdog-dominated Week 1.(1:55) Giants-Washington(5:40) Saints-Panthers(9:45) Bengals-Bears(12:55) Texans-Browns(15:10) Rams-Colts(18:20) Broncos-Jaguars(20:00) Bills-Dolphins(22:40) Patriots-Jets(24:30) 49ers-Eagles(27:30) Raiders-Steelers(30:15) Vikings-Cardinals(33:55) Falcons-Buccaneers(36:00) Cowboys-Chargers(39:15) Titans-Seahawks(42:05) Chiefs-Ravens(45:50) Lions-Packers(49:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pickSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    WTF Happened Wednesday: Tyreek Torches Browns, Steelers stifle Allen

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 73:51

    It's our first WTF Happened of the season, and Chris has a new toy to break down every play.(6:05) Chiefs def. Browns: How did Tyreek Hill torch Cleveland (again)?(18:15) Rams def. Bears: How did Cooper Kupp get so wide open?(31:20) Steelers def. Bills: How did the Steelers contain Josh Allen?(43:15) Saints def. Packers: WTF happened on Aaron Rodgers' "nut shot" INT?(52:00) Raiders def. Ravens: How did Derek Carr burn the Baltimore blitz?(1:03:35) Buccaneers def. Cowboys: How did Tom Brady & Antonio Brown beat the Cowboys 2-man?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Week 1 Recap: Damn! Okay, Kyler Murray + Start Justin Fields

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 88:27

    It's the first Recap Monday and there's a lot for Chris and Paul to break down. The guys go through nominees for "Damn! Okay...", "Self-Scout Thyself", and "Victory Lap" to decide what games we can overreact to.(4:05) Chiefs def. Browns: "Cleveland treated Tyreek Hill like a pedestrian"(13:40) Seahawks def. Colts: "I'm not sure there's a better trio that can go to the house on every play"(16:00) Rams def. Bears: How is Matthew Stafford helping Sean McVay get better?(19:35) 49ers def. Lions: "He's as important to the 49ers offense as anyone on that team"(28:40) Cardinals def. Titans: Is Kliff Kingsbury's offense evolving?(38:00) Steelers def. Bills: Should we be worried about a Josh Allen regression?(45:10) Saints def. Packers: "Green Bay's dropback pass game is not a special thing"(53:10) Eagles def. Falcons: A couple Philly fans are tweeting at Chris. Just a couple.(58:45) Texans def. Jaguars: Trevor Lawrence should get used to this(1:02:00) Panthers def. Jets: "Zach Wilson still made the most eye-popping throws out of all the rookies"(1:07:15) Broncos def. Giants: "I'm not going to give up on Daniel Jones yet"(1:11:00) Dolphins def. Patriots: Positive signs from both Mac Jones & Tua Tagovailoa(1:14:55) Chargers def. Washington: Justin Herbert was great, but it's the LA O-line that caught Chris' eye(1:21:20) Bengals def. Vikings: Chris loses it over a Zac Taylor decisionSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Week 1 Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 42:02

    Oh baby, football is back, and so is the Florio-Simms joint collaboration! After a wild Kickoff game, Chris does his picks from Raymond James Stadium while blocking out the noise (literally).(2:40) Eagles at Falcons(5:00) Steelers at Bills(7:45) Jets at Panthers(9:40) Vikings at Bengals(12:45) 49ers at Lions(14:50) Jaguars at Texans(16:25) Seahawks at Colts(19:00) Cardinals at Titans(20:30) Chargers at Washington(22:50) Browns at Chiefs(25:25) Dolphins at Patriots(27:45) Packers vs Saints (in Jacksonville)(30:25) Broncos at Giants(32:25) SNF: Bears at Rams(34:10) MNF: Ravens at Raiders(36:20) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues PickSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    2021 Playoff Bracket & MVP Predictions

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 72:46

    Chris introduces our new sponsor, just in time for the long-awaited 2021 predictions podcast. But first, Chris gives some thoughts on college QBs he saw this weekend and Paul recaps working the epic Notre Dame-Florida State game.(8:45) AFC East: Will the Patriots take the division back from the Bills?(12:20) AFC North: Can Chris get over his Browns mental block?(15:55) AFC South: Will the Colts get past their bad preseason?(18:40) AFC West: Can anyone challenge the Chiefs?(21:40) NFC East: Do the Cowboys deserve to be favorites?(26:00) NFC North: How big is the gap between the Packers and the rest?(27:50) NFC South: Chris tells you the team to not sleep on this year(33:10) NFC West: Will the 49ers QB uncertainty hold them back?(39:10) Playoff teams: Seeding the AFC & NFC, and who missed the cut?(48:40) Playoff bracket: Simms bucks the chalk and predicts a wild Super Bowl LVI matchup(1:06:55) 2021 Awards: A new MVP, and which QB wins rookie of the year?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Patriots cut Cam Newton + NFC Win Totals

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 82:26

    As the Patriots cut Cam Newton, Chris tells the story of the time he was a potential backup for Bill Belichick.(5:45) #AskMeAnything: Is Andy Reid building a running O-line? How did Sam Darnold look in the preseason?(11:05) GUEST: Big Phil: Papa Simms returns to give his outlook for Mac Jones. And can Trey Lance fix his throwing this season?(45:25) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC East(56:55) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC North(1:02:35) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC South(1:10:20) Win Total Over/Unders: NFC WestSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Start Justin Fields + AFC Win Totals

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 92:41

    Chris tells us what should (and will) happen in the 49ers, Patriots, and Bears QB battles. Then he and Paul pick over/under for AFC win totals. But first, Simms explains how he dodged a face-full of cake Sunday night.(5:30) Jimmy Garoppolo vs Trey Lance: Did Kyle Shanahan show his hand yesterday?(23:30) Cam Newton vs Mac Jones: What does Mac bring to the Patriots that Cam (and Tom Brady) did not?(35:15) Andy Dalton vs Justin Fields: "Have I seen everything I need from Justin Fields? No. But..."(45:15) Win Total Over/Unders: AFC East(55:05) Win Totals Over/Unders: AFC North(1:06:00) Win Totals Over/Unders: AFC South(1:15:00) Win Totals Over/Unders: AFC WestSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    #AskMeAnything on Jameis & Trevor + GUEST: Injury expert Mike Ryan

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 75:30

    We hit the mailbag to answer questions about young QBs and impressive rookies. And then Chris and Paul welcome on Sunday Night Football's injury expert, Mike Ryan, to talk about how worried we should be about Dak Prescott, Joe Burrow, and Carson Wentz.(3:15) Jameis Winston: Chris has changed his mind on the Saints QB battle.(8:50) Trevor Lawrence: Does the Jaguars offense fit him?(15:30) Tua Tagovailoa: "I don't Tua last year throw's this football"(25:10) Lamar Jackson: "It's not about figuring him out. It's on the Ravens coaches to make sure they are not figured out."(32:15) Kyle Shanahan: How is his run-first offense different from Baltimore's?(34:15) Kyler Murray: Chris is concerned about him and the Kliff Kingsbury offense.(39:00) Rookie Pass Rushers: Which one will have the most sacks?(42:40) Rookie Regrets: Justin Fields and Jaylen Waddle are making Simms doubt his spring rankings. (45:45) Javian Hawkins: He's been cut, and Chris thinks there's more to the story.(47:05) Breakout WR: Who could be this year's Stefon Diggs?(49:00) GUEST: Mike Ryan - NBC's Sports Medicine Analyst explains whether we should be concerned about Dak Prescott, Joe Burrow, and Carson Wentz being 100% this season.(1:10:20) Giants: What's their floor and ceiling this year?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    "I've Seen Enough": Projections for QB Competitions

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 64:33

    We're not 100% through the preseason, but Chris is ready to make some calls on who should start Week 1 for some key QB competitions. But first he welcomes Paulie B back to the set.(7:00) Andy Dalton vs Justin Fields: "Let's go ahead and start the Justin Fields era"(20:55) Jimmy Garoppolo vs Trey Lance: "After that performance, I don't think Lance is going to be in Shanahan's trust tree"(36:45) Cam Newton vs Mac Jones: Even if it's Cam, how short a leash does he have?(43:55) Teddy Bridgewater vs Drew Lock: "It's a tough call. Both have played really well"(50:20) Zach Wilson: "To all the haters, it's over. Move on from your narrative."See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Preseason UNDER-reactions: Dak's motion, Taysom's INT, & Rookies RBs

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 75:59

    We hear all the time "don't overreact to the preseason." But what news is everyone UNDER-reacting to? Or what underreactions are people overreacting to? Or something like that...this episode got a little loopy. Bottom line, Chris and Ahmed give you some football storylines that we should be paying more attention to.(4:45) Dak Prescott: "His throws this offseason look different"(12:10) Ezekiel Elliott: Is it good that he's lost weight?(16:20) Rookie LBs: Micah Parsons, Zaven Collins, & Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah look NFL-ready(23:20) Low blocks: A new NFL rule may make life even harder on defenses.(28:50) Taysom Hill: Was his INT his fault?(34:10) Carson Wentz: Are the Colts in trouble without him?(40:30) Dwayne Haskins: Is he the heir to Ben Roethlisberger?(47:30) Drew Lock: Simms hasn't given up on him yet(53:00) Javonte Williams & Najee Harris: They're already making Chris self-scout his RB draft rankings(57:40) Chiefs: Patrick Mahomes is (probably) making history off the field, while Chris Jones could be ushering in a new defensive era(1:04:20) Matthew Stafford: Does it matter if he plays in the preseason?(1:09:00) Raiders QBs: Could Jon Gruden pass up Marcus Mariota for Nathan Peterman?See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Wow-O-Meter: Fields, Lance, and other Rookie QB debuts

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 73:38

    We're baaaaaaaack! Our Olympics hiatus is done and Chris and Ahmed are back at the desk. The guys react to how the big name rookie passers did in their first NFL action, using the soon as they figure out how to say Wow-O-Meter.(6:45) Justin Fields - "His natural feel and pocket presence was better than most"(21:05) Trey Lance - "Impressive, but not every pass should be a fireball"(31:50) Trevor Lawrence - "Not that it was bad, but I expect more"(40:10) Zach Wilson - "He had the most realistic NFL regular season-type of performance"(48:40) Mac Jones - Can he really beat out Cam Newton for the starting job?(58:00) Kellen Mond - "It wasn't up to par with these other guys"(1:00:45) Jordan Love - There were positive signs, but one part of his game was "pitiful"See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Josh Allen gets paid, Joe Burrow returning from ACL, and Dak on Hard Knocks

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 37:54

    Simms & Florio discuss Josh Allen's new deal and what it means for Baker Mayfield and Lamar Jackson; Dak Prescott on Hard Knocks; Joe Burrow's struggles returning from ACL injury; "Holding In" is the latest negotiating tactic for TJ Watt, Jamal Adams, and Duane Brown.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Cam vs Mac, Jimmy G vs Trey Lance, and Dak's injury

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 37:06

    In the latest PFT/Unbuttoned Joint Collaboration, Simms & Florio hash out the bad luck injuries for the Colts, Dak's injury, Cam Newton vs Mac Jones, Deshaun's tradeability, and Jimmy G vs Trey LanceSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Aaron Rodgers shows up, so does Deshaun, and what the hell are the Jets doing??

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 44:41

    Ohhh baby! Simms is back on the pod and is joined by Mike Florio for a PFT-Unbuttoned Joint Collaboration to discuss Aaron Rodgers, Deshaun Watson, Zach Wilson, and Xavien HowardSee Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

    Top 40 QB Tiers, #AskMeAnything, & Fake Lasers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2021 91:24

    Chris and Paul recap the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown by taking your questions on Lamar Jackson vs Kyler Murray, a league full of Case Keenums, and a fake 2006 commercial.(5:45) Top 40 QB Tiers: Chris puts some lines of demarcation on his rankings. And could he see anyone passing Mahomes next year?(19:00) Case Keenum: If he was the QB of every team in the NFL, who wins the Super Bowl?(23:40) QBs 41-50: What were the names that just missed out on the Top 40?(27:55) QB Rank Concerns: Who does Chris think could take a big leap or fall from his current rank?(30:55) Josh Allen vs Aaron Rodgers: "When I started, I had Rodgers #2"(36:20) Lamar Jackson vs Kyler Murray: What separated them for Simms?(42:00) Russell Wilson: Can the Seahawks new OC improve his passing?(44:00) Derek Carr: Could he fit the Seattle offense if the Raiders trade for Wilson next year?(45:45) Baker Mayfield: What kind of extension should he get?(49:30) Ryan Tannehill: How will defenses adjust to stop the Titans play-action attack?(53:45) Sam Darnold: How did he move up the Top 40 after his disappointing season?(58:00) Trey Lance: Chris likes his running ability, but is it overrated?(59:30) Davis Mills: Should anyone compare him to Andrew Luck?(1:04:45) Cam Newton: Are his days of being a Top 10 QB done?(1:07:15) Fantasy Files: Chris gives us the backstory for a 2006 commercial of him throwing (fake?) lasers(1:11:00) Big Effer vs Little Effer: Was Chris a better college QB than Phil?(1:15:15) Top 10 QBs To Drink With: The homies pointed out the many flaws in Producer Pete's list.(1:20:20) Andrew Luck vs Carson Palmer: Who had the better career?(1:24:30) Brett Favre: Is he a Top 10 all-time QB?Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice.

    Top 40 QB Countdown #4-1 + The Miz on Ahmed's Super Brawl

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 98:17

    We reach the end of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown, and then welcome WWE superstar The Miz to weigh in on Ahmed's Super Brawl.(8:30) QB #4 Deshaun Watson: "Just between the lines, there is no weakness to his game"(20:55) QB #3 Aaron Rodgers & #2 Josh Allen: "This was the hardest ranking for me on the whole list" (44:00) QB #1 Patrick Mahomes: "Nobody brings more belief & magic to a football field"(58:50) Top 10 QBs To Drink A Woodford Reserve With: Producer Pete makes his own list for Twitter to hate.(1:09:30) GUEST - The Miz: We got an expert to come on and critique Ahmed's Super Brawl rankings, and he doesn't hold back

    nfl football wwe qb aaron rodgers miz top40 superbrawl chris simms unbuttoned qb countdown
    Top 40 QB Countdown: #8-5 + Throwing in the Rain

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2021 97:51

    We're nearing the end of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown with 4 more QBs revealed, and Paul returns with some Kentucky-themed QB Jeopardy. But first, Chris tells the story of the time his grandfather lost all his teeth.(3:55) Cam Newton & Tua Tagovailoa: How much should we care about interceptions at rainy June minicamps?(12:20) Xavien Howard, Stephon Gilmore, & Jamal Adams: Who should be getting new contracts?(22:30) QB #8 Matthew Stafford: "He's on a team now, and everyone is going to see what he's worth."(33:20) QB #7 Kyler Murray: Is Kliff Kingsbury holding him back?(41:55) QB #6 Lamar Jackson: "We're still talking about the most dangerous weapon in football"(53:40) QB #5 Russell Wilson: "If they're close in the 4th quarter, I'm going with Russell Wilson"(1:15:50) #AskMeAnything: Where would Philip Rivers rank in the Top 40? And Chris explains our podcast logo.(1:25:30) QB Jeopardy: In honor of Woodford Reserve, Paul has some Kentucky-related trivia.

    Top 40 QB Countdown: #12-9 + Ahmed finishes the "Super Brawl"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2021 88:37

    We hit the Top 10 of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown, and Ahmed gives the final 8 tag teams in the "Super Brawl." But first, Ahmed says he's hooked on Harry Mack and Chris reminisces about the Texas freestyle rap scene.(8:30) QB #12 Ryan Tannehill: "It's time to let go of the old narratives"(24:00) QB #11 Justin Herbert: Why should defenses stop blitzing him?(34:25) QB #10 Tom Brady: "We saw a different Brady last year, and his arm is still top-notch."(48:20) QB #9 Dak Prescott: Maybe Cowboys fans finally realize what they have. And Chris takes a victory lap over an NFL "insider."(1:03:00) #AskMeAnything: Did Chris even SEE Jalen hurts play last year? And is Jon Gruden holding back Derek Carr?(1:10:20) Super Brawl: Ahmed re-brands the QB/Coach Royal Rumble and reveals the Top 8.

    texas nfl football qb finishes derek carr jon gruden top40 superbrawl chris simms unbuttoned qb countdown
    Top 40 QB Countdown: #16-13; plus Big Phil on Jordan Love, and "There's a crab on the loose!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2021 82:51

    Simms & Ahmed reveal 4 more on the Top 40 QB Countdown, Big Phil chimes in on Baker vs Burrow, Jordan Love, and why hoops skills matters when it comes to QBs. Plus, a European version of "Rate Your Snap Count"(6:30) QB #16 Kirk Cousins: Better than you give him credit for, but there's one big thing missing(18:20) QB #15 Matt Ryan: Simms makes a bold prediction for the remainder of Ryan's Falcons career(28:45) QB #14 Derek Carr: "I thought he brought a bit of an edge...I saw him yell at Gruden last year. It made me proud."(39:15) QB #13 Baker Mayfield: "If you argued he was 9 or 10, I wouldn't fight you on it"(47:15) Big Phil: Why Baker Mayfield made a big leap last year(57:00) Baker or Burrow?(1:01:45) Jordan Love sounds like he's struggling early in Packers minicamp(1:06:30) Big Phil recalls the time a QB didn't get drafted because he wasn't good at playing basketball(1:14:30) Rate Your Snap Count: Rollicking new submissions from Scotland and England, and the phrase "There's a crab on the loose" is uttered

    Julio Jones traded + Top 40 QB Countdown: #20-17

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2021 95:40

    Julio Jones is traded, Simms reveals 4 more names from the Top 40 QB Countdown, and Ahmed gets into the Top 10 of his QB/Coach Royal Rumble rankings. But first, Chris analyzes Ahmed's dapper Belmont Stakes attire.(5:15) Julio Jones trade: The Titans could have a historic WR duo. Ryan Tannehill is good, get over it. And why couldn't the Falcons get more for Julio?(21:00) QB #20 Cam Newton: "He still has one of the greatest presences on a football field. It's not just about the passing numbers."(35:15) QB #19 Sam Darnold: Chris still thinks he can be a franchise QB. But Ahmed knows Sam is lying.(46:20) QB #18 Carson Wentz: "I'm not going to knock him all the way down because of 1 year in a bad offense with a bad supporting cast."(59:25) QB #17 Joe Burrow: "If he doesn't get hurt, he's definitely around the Top 10 this year"(1:10:15) Homies react: What do Baker & Burrow have over Big Ben? Why didn't Jordan Love make the Top 40?(1:15:15) QB/Coach Royal Rumble Countdown: Ahmed reveals the #16-9 toughest tag teams(1:29:55) Chris Simms, Professional Body Inspector: Giovani Bernard enters the quad-rena, and AJ Dillon has 2 nicknames.

    Top 40 QB Countdown: #25-21

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 92:12

    Chris reveals 5 more QBs in his Top 40 QB Countdown (with a new cool official sponsor), and Big Phil finally stopped dodging us.(7:15) #25 Jameis Winston: "He's a top 10 talent when he plays clean and smart."(15:55) #24 Taysom Hill: "Jameis is a better traditional QB, but tradition is gone."(24:25) #23 Ryan Fitzpatrick: "Fitz-tragic is over. It's done. That's old stuff."(30:50) #22 Ben Roethlisberger: "The Steelers need to take the Brady & Buccaneers route with him"(39:50) #21 Jimmy Garoppolo: Would he be ranked higher if he wasn't an injury risk?(46:10) Big Phil: He joins to weigh in on Jameis vs Taysom, and goes deep on passing mechanics.(1:19:20) Homies react: Who has a biggest upside: Drew Lock or Daniel Jones? Why doesn't Chris rank Trevor Lawrence & Zach Wilson higher?(1:26:30) High school phenom? Chris weighs in on the ridiculous throws from Texas high schooler Quinn Ewers

    Top 40 QB Countdown: #30-26

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2021 87:43

    Chris continues his Top 40 QB Countdown and Ahmed continues his QB/Coach Royal Rumble Countdown, and it all sounds so much sweeter thanks to their new microphones.(6:40) #30 Mac Jones: "I don't look at him as a normal rookie"(19:05) #29 Andy Dalton: He's in front of Justin Fields now, but for how long?(30:30) #28 Trevor Lawrence: "What can't he do on a football field?"(37:20) #27 Zach Wilson: "His throwing is out-of-this-world special"(47:55) #26 Daniel Jones: "He has the potential to be a Top 15 QB"(58:20) Homies react: Why didn't Gardner Minshew or Jalen Hurts make the Top 40?(1:05:45) QB/Coach Royal Rumble Countdown: Ahmed reveals the #24-17 toughest tag teams(1:18:30) Rate Your Snap Count: Green 86! Black 80!

    Top 40 QB Countdown: #35-31

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2021 92:26

    Chris reveals 5 more names in his Top 40 QB Countdown, while Ahmed is starting his own countdown. Then, the guys rate some fan-submitted snap counts.(4:35) Chris Simms, Professional Body Inspector: It's an AJ Dillon vs Mike Davis quad-off.(14:30) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown reactions: Chris responds to questions on #39 Justin Fields, #38 Trey Lance, and #37 Kellen Mond.(26:30) #35 Tyrod Taylor: "A great backup like Case Keenum, but with better physical talents"(34:20) #34 Tua Tagovailoa: "I saw growth, but he's gotta be more aggressive."(44:45) #33 Drew Lock: "He has real upside to be a big-time QB. But he's boom-or-bust right now."(51:20) #32 Teddy Bridgewater: "He has no chance of being a big-time QB, but I trust him more than Drew Lock."(58:50) #31 Jared Goff: "He battle-tested, but he doesn't play the game like a really experienced quarterback."(1:11:20) QB/Coach Royal Rumble Countdown: Ahmed went all-in and reveals pairs #32-25.(1:24:30) Rate Your Snap Count: Black 88! Purple 69!

    Top 40 QB Countdown: #40-36

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 70:42

    It's here! The 2021 edition of the Simms Top 40 QB Countdown begins with numbers 40 to 36.(4:10) Overview: Chris explains the guidelines for his rankings. "It's not what you have done all-time or what you will do 3 years down the road. It's what you can do for me this year, and everyone's on the same team."(7:35) QB #40 Case Keenum: "One of the ultimate backups. You can win a Super Bowl with him."(14:05) QB #39 Justin Fields: "He could be Top 20 midseason. But he could also fall out of the Top 40."(30:00) QB #38 Trey Lance: Chris loves his "top end talent," but breaks down some mechanical issues.(45:45) QB #37 Kellen Mond: "He's one of the most NFL-ready rookies." And why would Bruce Arians pick Kyle Trask over Mond?(54:30) QB #36 Marcus Mariota: "If he gets his opportunity, I think he can be a starter again."

    nfl super bowl football qb mond top40 bruce arians chris simms unbuttoned qb countdown
    Simms Top 40 QB Countdown Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2021 55:48

    With the 2021 Simms Top 40 QB Countdown starting next week, Chris and Paul look back at last year's list.(2:35) Legs & Ass: We need to discuss Mike Davis' quads.(8:30) Simms 2020 Top 40 QBs: Chris self-scouts himself on last year's list.(29:45) 2021 QB Props: Who is the best bet to lead the NFL in pass yards & pass TD?(44:00) QB Jeopardy: We see how much Simms knows about last year's Top 10 QBs.

    nfl football legs qbs td top40 mike davis simms chris simms unbuttoned qb countdown

    #AskMeAnything: Chiefs Super Bowl Hangover + QB-Coach Royal Rumble

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 93:52

    Simms coaches Ahmed on New York traffic and his snap count before they empty the mailbag with a 100% #AskMeAnything.(10:00) Rookie QBs: How would Chris rank the 2021 Draft class on pure ceiling? Where would Jordan Love rank in this class? Is Fields/Dalton similar to Mahomes/Smith?(22:20) "What If?" QBs: Who is the best QB who hasn't won a Super Bowl? What bust would have succeeded on a better team? And Chris clarifies his stance on Sam Darnold.(31:30) Spider 2 Y Banana: Chris picks his perfect receivers for Jon Gruden's favorite play.(35:30) London team: What are the hurdles for an NFL team moving overseas?(38:20) Jets: How much of a jump will the offense take from Adam Gase to Mike LaFleur?(40:40) Trey Lance: How much reading of the defense did he do in college?(42:00) Brady's Bucs: How many QBs could have won the Super Bowl last year with that supporting cast?(48:30) Defensive schemes: Which one currently gives NFL offenses the most trouble?(53:10) Vikings: How big a bounceback will Mike Zimmer's defense have this year? And does Simms really like Mike Florio?(58:50) Chiefs: Get ready for a Super Bowl hangover.(1:00:55) OBJ: Would the Browns be better off trading him?(1:04:35) Aaron Rodgers: Should the Broncos trade for him? Can the Packers still win the Super Bowl with him?(1:10:55) 2021 Draft picks: Should Baltimore have taken Terrace Mashall Jr instead of Rashod Bateman? How will the Cardinals use LB Zaven Collins? How did the Chargers do in the draft?(1:17:45) Fights: Who was the most intimidating player Chris ever faced? And what QB-Head Coach combo would win an NFL Royal Rumble?

    Most Improved 2021 Defenses

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2021 78:39

    After we hit the offenses that improved and declined this offseason on Monday, today we'll hit the defenses. Also, Paul brings the return of QB Jeopardy.(9:15) Week 1 Schedule Released - Chris and Paul talk about the best matchups of Week 1, including Josh Allen vs the Steelers defense and The Darnold Bowl.(23:30) Year In (P)Review: Passing Defenses - Washington is ready to dominate this season, and the Titans can turn it around.(35:40) Rushing Defenses - Are the Bucs a lock to be #1 again? And Chris likes what the Lions and Bengals have done.(44:10) Scoring Defenses - The Patriots and Dolphins could jump the Rams for best defense in the league.(54:20) QB Jeopardy! - With Tebowmania back in vogue, we do some 2011 season QB trivia.(1:06:50) #AskMeAnything - What is the best QB-coach combo in the NFC West? And do the 49ers have a better chance of reaching the Super Bowl with Jimmy G or Trey Lance?

    Faster than DK? + Most Improved Offenses for 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2021 85:03

    Chris & Ahmed talk about the fastest players in the NFL, predict offenses that will improve and decline this season, and hit the mailbag. But first, they talk about a weekend of old man injuries.(7:15) Faster Than DK? Fresh off DK Metcalf's impressive 100m performance, what NFL players could beat him in a race?(23:00) Year In (P)Review: Passing Offenses - Are the Chiefs the best bet to be the #1 next year? Could the Giants take a big leap forward?(44:00) Rushing Offenses - Don't be surprised if the Titans fall off. And did the Steelers do enough to fix their run game?(58:15) Scoring Offenses - Is Baker Mayfield holding back the Browns? And Chris reacts to breaking news of the Colts signing Eric Fisher.(1:11:30) #AskMeAnything: Chris re-ranks the 2020 rookie RBs heading into Year 2. And Ahmed pitches his "3-win Sunday" idea to revitalize the MLB.

    2021 Rookie Predictions + #AskMeAnything

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2021 86:54

    With the draft in the books, Chris makes some predictions about the 2021 rookies, and we get Big Phil's take on the weekend's events. Then Paul grabs some questions from the mailbag.(4:15) 2021 Rookie Predictions, Offense: Who will be this year's Justin Herbert? Jonathan Taylor? Justin Jefferson?(22:15) Big Phil: How much will Trey Lance play this season? How will Mac Jones let the Patriots go back to their strength? What kind of offense will the Bears run with Justin Fields?(1:01:30) 2021 Rookie Predictions, Defense: Who will be this year's Chase Young? Antoine Winfield Jr?(1:13:15) #AskMeAnything: Do the Falcons have the best trio in the NFL? Do the Ravens have enough weapons? Will the Jets baby Zach Wilson? Which Steelers draft pick did Chris like most?

    Bust The Narrative: 49ers take Trey Lance + #AskMeAnything: 2021 Draft Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2021 90:21

    Simms responds to all the narratives about the 49ers drafting Trey Lance over Mac Jones, and then gives us the 2021 Draft picks he loved and questioned. But first, Ahmed regales us with tales from the Kentucky Derby and then introduces Odafe (formerly Jayson) Oweh.(3:45) Bust The Narrative: 49ers Draft Trey Lance - Did Chris plant the Mac Jones rumor as a smokescreen for Kyle Shanahan? Was Lance San Francisco's target all along?(26:45) 2021 Draft Recap - Jets: They got Chris' #1 QB, but did they need another CB?(31:30) Jaguars: Did Chris give Trent Baalke his draft rankings? And was Travis Etienne a reach?(37:35) Dolphins: Miami fans who hated Simms last year are very conflicted now.(42:30) Lions: Ahmed is pumped, but does he look cool in his Lions draft hat?(48:20) Giants: Dave Gettleman finally traded back! But is Kadarius Toney's route-running a concern?(53:50) Cowboys: What does Micah Parsons mean for Leighton Vander-Esch?(59:45) Chiefs: KC has completed their O-line transformation.(1:02:50) Titans: How Tennessee overhauled their secondary.(Producer's note: This podcast was taped before news about Rashad Weaver's assault charge broke.)(1:08:00) Raiders: Alex Leatherwood becomes the latest Mike Mayock questionable pick.(1:10:50) Saints: Payton Turner is not the DE who Chris would have taken.(1:12:10) Buccaneers: Chris has questions about Kyle Trask.(1:14:25) Vikings: How soon could Kellen Mond leap Kirk Cousins?(1:17:15) Washington: Though Chris was not the highest on Jamin Davis, he loves him some Dyami Brown.(1:19:10) Panthers: Terrace Marshall Jr. & Tommy Tremble add to a strong weapons corps for Sam Darnold.(1:23:15) Bears: How does Justin Fields' mechanics compare to Cam Newton? And in some breaking news, the Bears cut their LT.

    2021 NFL Draft Round 1 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2021 99:22

    Simms & Florio recap Round 1 of the NFL Draft(4:00) The 49ers pull a shocker going with Trey Lance(16:00) The Bears get aggressive with a trade-up to snag Justin Fields(23:45) Mac Jones falls to Bill Belichick and the Patriots(30:30) Is the Aaron Rodgers era in Green Bay over?(52:30) 2 RBs in the 1st round? The Steelers grab Najee Harris and the Jaguars pick Travis Etienne(57:30) Peter King joins from Atlanta to talk about the Falcons drafting Kyle Pitts(1:01:45) Florio & Simms hand out some Round 1 Superlatives: WRs fly off the board in the Top 10, Caleb Farley & Jaelan Phillips get good value, and the Cowboys get a stud in Micah Parsons(1:13:00) Speed Round: What was the best trade? Which Alabama player will make an immediate impact? Which QB should be happiest with his new protector? And which CB is in the best situation?(1:24:00) The Big Kahuna (Cajones) Draft of the gutsiest picks from Round 1(1:37:45) Names to look for in Round 2 on Friday night

    2021 Draft Sleepers + GUEST: Trey Lance

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2021 97:51

    On the last podcast before the draft, Chris and Paul talk sleepers, QB skill rankings, and take some of your questions. And after, stick around for Chris' interview with North Dakota State QB Trey Lance.(7:10) Simms Mock Draft revisited - Chris elaborates more on why he had Justin Fields at #32, and names the pick he wants to happen the most(19:05) Robin Hood: Draft Sleepers - Simms stumps for less-heralded prospects like Dyami Brown, Amari Rodgers, Marquez Stevenson, Jaelon Darden, Javian Hawkins, and Rashad Weaver.(44:55) QB Rankings Revisited - Chris ranks the 2021 passers on arm strength, mechanics, decision-making, and athleticism.(1:08:25) #AskMeAnything - What is Chris' biggest concern about Zach Wilson? What's are the 49ers needs after QB? Should the Jets target Travis Etienne?(1:17:40) Position Props - Will there be over or under 4.5 wide receivers in Round 1? 5.5 quarterbacks?(1:22:25) GUEST: North Dakota State QB Trey Lance - Simms talks to the top 10 QB prospect about improving his mechanics, his parents' spreadsheets, his basketball skills, and his mindset on the eve of the Draft.

    Simms 2021 Mock Draft

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2021 101:09

    The long-awaited Simms 2021 Mock Draft is here! Chris predicts what every team will do in Round 1, highlighted by a surprising fall for Justin Fields.(7:00) Big Board: Chris flips Trey Lance and Justin Fields in his final draft rankings.(13:00) #1 Jaguars - QB Trevor Lawrence(15:20) #2 Jets - QB Zach Wilson(16:30) #3 49ers - QB Mac Jones(18:20) #4 Falcons - TE Kyle Pitts(21:10) #5 Bengals - WR Ja'Marr Chase(23:50) #6 Dolphins - WR DeVonta Smith(25:45) #7 Lions - T Penei Sewell(28:30) #8 Washington (trade w CAR) - QB Trey Lance(32:15) #9 Broncos - LB Micah Parsons(35:10) #10 Cowboys - CB Patrick Surtain II(37:00) #11 Patriots (trade w NYG) - WR Jaylen Waddle(39:50) #12 Eagles - CB Jaycee Horn(42:25) #13 Chargers - T Christian Darrisaw(47:10) #14 Vikings - T Alijah Vera-Tucker(49:20) #15 Giants (trade w NE) - EDGE Jayson Oweh(53:30) #16 Cardinals - DT Christian Barmore(57:30) #17 Raiders - LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah(1:00:40) #18 Dolphins - EDGE Kwity Paye(1:02:50) #19 Panthers (trade w WAS) - CB Caleb Farley(1:05:00) #20 Bears - T Rashawn Slater(1:07:15) #21 Colts - EDGE Jaelan Phillips(1:09:15) #22 Titans - T Teven Jenkins(1:10:45) #23 Jets - EDGE Joe Tryon(1:14:50) #24 Steelers - C Landon Dickerson(1:17:10) #25 Jaguars - DT Levi Onwuzurike(1:19:10) #26 Browns - LB Zaven Collins(1:21:15) #27 Ravens - EDGE Azeez Ojulari(1:23:55) #28 Saints - CB Tyson Campbell(1:25:30) #29 Packers - WR Kadarius Toney(1:29:15) #30 Bills - EDGE Gregory Rousseau(1:30:40) #31 Ravens - T Alex Leatherwood(1:33:30) #32 Buccaneers - QB Justin Fields

    NFL Draft Interviews: Kellen Mond, Caleb Farley, and Dyami Brown

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 92:34

    Ohhh baby. With his Draft rankings in the rearview, Simms talks to a trio of his favorite prospects with Draft Day a week away.(1:40) Texas A&M QB Kellen Mond on why he deserves to be a first-round pick, why he chose to do the 'Zach Wilson Throw' at his Pro Day, and how he self-scouted himself across 4 years with the Aggies.(42:15) Virginia Tech CB Caleb Farley on why teams should take a risk on him, how he talks trash, and his battle in college with Chase Claypool.(1:15:35) UNC WR Dyami Brown on concerns about his route tree, when he knew he was really fast, and why opponents should never leave a CB 1-on-1 with him.

    2021 Draft Tight End Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2021 93:24

    Chris is extra excited today for some reason. He and Ahmed answer some questions, welcome back Big Phil to the pod, and then reveal Chris' last draft position rankings: Tight Ends.(5:05) Bengals re-brand (sort of) - The Uniform Police react to Cincy's new threads(8:50) #AskMeAnything - Should Justin Fields and Trey Lance start right away? Would you rather have Mac Jones at #3 or Kellen Mond at #12? Is Davis Mills a good draft sleeper?(26:55) Big Phil joins - Should the Panthers still draft a QB after trading for Sam Darnold? Do the 49ers need to trade Jimmy Garoppolo? And Phil roasts the most overused draft tropes.(52:15) TE Scouting Process - How does Chris weigh blocking vs receiving? Why does it take TEs so long to reach their potential in the NFL?(58:45) TE #5 Briley Moore (Kansas State) - "Reminded me of Mark Andrews"(1:04:40) TE #4 Brevin Jordan (Miami) - Is he a traditional tight end?(1:09:30) TE #3 Tommy Tremble (Notre Dame) - "His vast skill set screwed him over in production."(1:15:00) TE #2 Pat Freiermuth (Penn State) - Is he really "Baby Gronk?"(1:18:15) TE #1 Kyle Pitts (Florida) - Where would he rank among this year's wide receivers?

    2021 Draft Linebacker Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2021 92:40

    Chris reveals his draft LB rankings, and then he and Ahmed reach into the mailbag.(3:15) LB Scouting Process - Would you rather have a coverage LB or a run thumper? What happened to Isaiah Simmons and Patrick Queen last year? And Chris predicts some 2nd year leaps for the 2020 LB class.(15:30) LB #5 Nick Bolton (Missouri) - How does he compare to Steelers LB Devin Bush?(20:30) LB #4 Jabril Cox (LSU) - How does he compare to other recently drafted LSU LBs?(27:45) LB #3 Zaven Collins (Tulsa) - "The best between-the-tackles LB in the draft"(36:00) LB #2 Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah (Notre Dame) - "Arguably my favorite watch in the whole draft"(44:40) LB #1 Micah Parsons (Penn State) - How high could he go? Giants #11? Broncos #9?(55:15) Honorable mentions - Jamin Davis (Kentucky), Chazz Surratt (North Carolina), Baron Browning (Ohio State), Derrick Barnes (Purdue) (1:04:40) #AskMeAnything - What did Chris learn from his interview with a chippy Kellen Mond? Would he have traded up to #3 if he was the 49ers GM? What did he take from Justin Fields 2nd Pro Day? And what do we make of Trevor Lawrence's comments on motivation?

    2021 Draft Running Back Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2021 90:06

    Chris reveals his Draft rankings for the controversial RB position, and he and Paul take a few more of your draft questions.(1:40) RB Scouting Process - Would Chris draft an RB in Round 1 anymore? How would Chris re-rank last year's RB class?(12:00) RB #5 Javonte Williams (North Carolina) - "A ball of power."(18:35) RB #4 Najee Harris (Alabama) - "He's a tough eval for me. I don't think he's a slam dunk #1 RB."(28:10) RB #3 Javian Hawkins (Louisville) - "He's small. That's where the negatives stop."(34:45) RB #2 Michael Carter (North Carolina) - "Nobody tackles him 1-on-1."(44:30) RB #1 Travis Etienne (Clemson) - "The most complete RB in the draft."(55:00) Honorable mentions - Chuba Hubbard (Oklahoma State), Trey Sermon (Ohio State), Kenneth Gainwell (Memphis), Rhamondre Stevenson (Oklahoma)(1:08:45) #AskMeAnything - Is Mac Jones worth trading up for? How does Justin Fields compare to Lamar Jackson? Should the Bengals draft Penei Sewell or Ja'Marr Chase? And Chris tweaks his Aaron Rodgers song.

    2021 Draft Defensive Tackle Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2021 85:01

    Chris and Paul reminisce about football movies and Warren Sapp stories before they take some questions and reveal the Simms 2021 Draft DT Rankings.(9:40) #AskMeAnything - Does Jaelen Phillips' concussion history worry Chris? How does Kwity Paye compare to Rashan Gary? Did Jaycee Horn's 40 impressive Simms? Should the Pats pounce on Kellen Mond?(23:45) DT Scouting Process - Is Simms looking for power or speed from his DTs?(27:45) DT #5 Jay Tufele (USC) - "A stout ball of power"(32:25) DT #4 Alim McNeill (NC State) - "Immovable. A true nose tackle"(37:35) DT #3 Tyler Shelvin (LSU) - "They don't make humans like this very often"(45:05) DT #2 Christian Barmore (Alabama) - "There's no negatives, but I expected more"(52:30) DT #1 Levi Onwuzurike (Washington) - "He moves like he's 275 lbs, but with the strength of a 330-lb guy."(1:09:50) Honorable Mentions - Osa Odighizuwa (UCLA), Daviyon Nixon (Iowa), Milton Williams (Louisiana Tech)(1:14:20) QB Jeopardy: Top 10 Draft Picks

    2021 Draft Offensive Line Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2021 97:30

    Chris and Ahmed react to the Sam Darnold trade and take some QB draft questions before they dive into Simms' OL rankings.(4:20) Sam Darnold trade - Can the Panthers make the playoffs with him? What positions should Carolina target in the draft? Did the Jets get enough for him?(16:10) QB Questions - Did Chris see enough tape of Zach Wilson under pressure? How risky a pick is Justin Fields? Does Mac Jones have more upside than we think?(37:45) OL Scouting Process - How does Chris differentiate between a tackle, guard, and center? What did he learn about his miss on Tristan Wirfs?(46:10) OL #6 Teven Jenkins (Oklahoma State) - "Big country!"(51:10) OL #5 Rashawn Slater (Northwestern) - "One of the tougher evals I've had"(57:10) OL #4 Alijah Vera-Tucker (USC) - "One of the best pure pass protectors in the draft"(1:03:05) OL #3 Landon Dickerson (Alabama) - "This is a Pro Bowl center"(1:08:15) OL #2 Christian Darrisaw (Virginia Tech) - "His anchor is the best in the draft"(1:13:40) OL #1 Penei Sewell (Oregon) - "Rare to see a guy that big who can move the way he can"(1:24:00) Honorable mentions & missed the cut - Walker Little (Stanford), Alex Leatherwood (Alabama), Aaron Banks (Notre Dame), Liam Eichenberg (Notre Dame), Jackson Carman (Clemson), Rasheed Walker (Penn State), Jalen Mayfield (Michigan), Samuel Cosmi (Texas), Brady Christensen (BYU)

    2021 Draft EDGE Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 90:18

    Simms reveals his chocolate pretzel hot taeks to Paul before he gives his Pro Day thoughts and Edge Draft Rankings.(4:20) Pro Day reactions - Mac Jones let it go, Justin Fields shows better mechanics, and is Kellen Mond a good fit for the Steelers or Patriots? And would Simms rather have Justin Herbert or Zach Wilson?(29:30) EDGE Scouting Process - What does Chris look for? What did he learn from last year? How does the 2021 class compare to 2020?(34:50) EDGE #5 Dayo Odeyingbo (Vanderbilt) - "Size and versatility"(40:00) EDGE #4 Rashad Weaver (Pitt) - "Long with sneaky explosion, reminds me of Montez Sweat"(46:40) EDGE #3 Jayson Oweh (Penn State) - "The perfect example that stat production is overrated"(54:10) EDGE #2 Kwity Paye (Michigan) - "Rocked-up, thick, powerful, twitchy dude"(1:03:40) EDGE #1 Jaelan Phillips (Miami) - "The best pure pass rusher in the draft"(1:14:10) Honorable mentions - Payton Turner (Houston), Cameron Sample (Tulane)(1:18:00) What about... - Gregory Rousseau (Miami), Ronnie Perkins (Oklahoma), Carlos Basham Jr. (Wake Forest), Azeez Ojulari (Georgia), Joe Tryon (Washington)

    #AskMeAnything: 49ers trade up (for Mac Jones?) + Zach Wilson's Pro Day

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 85:00

    Chris is excited for another episode where of revealing all of the secrets Kyle Shanahan has told him. And he and Ahmed take all of your questions on the big trade for the 49ers and how to react to Zach Wilson's Pro Day.(4:20) 49ers trade up to #3 - Did San Francisco really have to move up so high? Chris doubles down on Mac Jones. Do the 49ers have to trade Jimmy Garoppolo?(25:40) Justin Fields & Trey Lance - Why doesn't Simms think they're as good a fit for Kyle Shanahan?(37:30) Jets - Can they pass up Zach Wilson? Where would Sam Darnold rank in this draft class?(43:40) Zach Wilson's Pro Day - Chris was blown away by it, and responds to inaccurate comparisons to JaMarcus Russell.(1:03:30) Dolphins & Eagles trade - Does Ja'Marr Chase or DeVonta Smith make more sense for Miami?(1:09:40) Draft misc. - Chris gives his take on Dyami Brown's disappointing 40 time, WRs Amon-Ra St. Brown & Elijah Moore, and CB Greg Newsome.

    2021 Draft CB & Safety Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 95:31

    Simms laments his busted March Madness bracket before he and Paul hit the top cornerbacks and safeties in the 2021 Draft.(5:05) WR Rankings reactions - Chris takes a couple of questions about Rashod Bateman and Rondale Moore(8:20) CB scouting process: Chris reflects on what he learned from his 2020 ranks and what he's looking for when he watches CBs.(13:50) CB #6 Marco Wilson (Florida) - "Smooth, good hips, but a little lack of burst breaking on the ball."(16:20) CB #5 Paulson Adebo (Stanford) - "A kamikaze missile. He will hit you."(21:20) CB #4 Aaron Robinson (UCF) - "He got put in tough positions, but the pure ability is amazing."(27:00) CB #3 Patrick Surtain II (Alabama) - "He's a Top 15 pick, but I worry about him against the elite speed receivers"(33:50) CB #2 Tyson Campbell (Georgia) - "A true shutdown elite corner"(40:00) CB #1 Caleb Farley (Virginia Tech) - "I don't know if I've ever evaluated a corner like this. He's worthy of being drafted in the Top 3"(48:45) Safety scouting process: Chris is glad he had Antoine Winfield Jr. at the top of his 2020 rankings.(51:30) S #5 Shawn Davis (Florida) - "He's your traditional safety, a violent tackler"(54:10) S #4 Ar'Darius Washington (TCU) - "He is THE safety at TCU. I watched him and thought 'Honey Badger'"(1:02:50) S #3 Jevon Holland (Oregon) - "He can be a free safety, strong safety, big nickel; he's versatile."(1:07:30) S #2 Elijah Molden (Washington) - "This guy is Jessie Bates. Probably the best open-field tackler in the whole draft."(1:12:20) #1 Andre Cisco (Syracuse) - "His range at free safety was the best of anybody, which at his size is saying something."(1:19:00) Honorable mentions & missed the cut: Chris gives his thoughts on Asante Samuel Jr, Jaycee Horn, Kary Vincent, Trevon Moehrig, Paris Ford, Richie Grant, and Ifeatu Melifonwu

    2021 Draft WR Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2021 89:28

    Ahmed makes his long-awaited return, and Chris reveals his 2021 Draft WR rankings, where his Big 3 is a little different from others you might see.(3:00) Chris explains his process for scouting WRs and looks back at what he learned from last year(12:20) WR #6 Terrace Marshall Jr (LSU) - "aka Justin Jefferson Jr"(20:50) WR #5 Kadarius Toney (Florida) - "He and Ja'Marr Chase are the most dangerous with the ball in their hands."(27:40) WR #4 Jaylen Waddle (Alabama) - "I like him better than I liked Henry Ruggs or Jerry Jeudy."(36:20) WR #3 Dyami Brown (Penn State) - "This is my guy. There was nobody that could run with him."(46:15) WR #2 DeVonta Smith (Alabama) - "His physicality was the most pleasant surprise of all."(55:50) WR #1 Ja'Marr Chase (LSU) - "He's a slam dunk. He's the safest and the best. He has everything."(1:10:40) Honorable mentions: Chris gives love to Jaelon Darden, Tutu Atwell, Marquez Stevenson, and D'Wayne Eskridge(1:15:50) Homie questions: What about Rashod Bateman, Rondale Moore, Nico Collins, and Tylan Wallace?

    Free Agency Day 2-3 Recap: Dalton to Bears & WR Landing Spots

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2021 78:11

    Chris gives all his analysis on the second wave of free agency, including Andy Dalton to the Bears and what teams are still hunting in the depressed WR market.(3:30) Quarterbacks: What's the best fit for Mitch Trubisky? Would anyone trade for Deshaun Watson right now? And what about Cam Newton's bad mechanics last year?(22:30) Wide Receivers: Curtis Samuel is putting Washington in the leaderhouse in the NFC East. Chris hasn't given up on A.J. Green. And what teams could want Kenny Golladay and JuJu Smith-Schuster?(35:45) Big Phil: He joins to talk about the Patriots spending spree, offensive line changes for the Raiders & Chiefs, and if Andy Dalton is better than Nick Foles.(1:02:00) 49ers: Why Trent Williams wasn't their only big O-line signing this week.(1:07:40) Cornerbacks: Chris doesn't understand why Shaquill Griffin got paid more than William Jackson.(1:13:00) Phillip Lindsay: Simms is concerned by his 2020 film.

    Free Agency Day 1 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2021 71:14

    Tampering Day 1 is Free Agency Day 1, so Chris gives his take on all the big news, right after Paulie B explains an old college photo with some chihuahuas.(4:55) Patriots spending spree: Jonnu Smith AND Hunter Henry? Would Chris rather have Nelson Agholor & Kendrick Bourne or Kenny Golladay? Was there any Belichick move that Simms didn't like? (24:40) Buccaneers: How did they keep Shaq Barrett & Rob Gronkowski? Why should Tampa prioritize Ndamukong Suh over Antonio Brown?(30:00) Re-signings: Leonard Floyd is a star for the Rams, and Kyle Juszczyk was a must-keep for the 49ers(36:45) Jameis Winston: Is he the favorite to win the Saints starting job over Taysom Hill?(38:30) Ryan Fitzpatrick: Does Washington still need to draft a QB?(42:00) Edge rushers: Yannick Ngakoue, Bud Dupree, Carl Lawson, and Trey Hendrickson...which is the best fit? And who is still out there?(47:25) Offensive line: After cutting their tackles, why did the Chiefs sign a guard? And after signing Corey Linsley, could the Chargers target Trent Williams too?(52:55) Jets: Chris is excited for both Corey Davis and Jarrad Davis.(55:00) Wide Receivers: Why are Kenny Golladay and JuJu Smith-Schuster still unsigned?(1:00:10) Defensive backs: The Browns got a good deal with John Johnson. And why are the top CBs still out there?(1:04:40) Robin Hood signings: Who are the best under-the-radar adds?

    Free Agency Mega-Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2021 104:22

    It's a special podcast for a special day, as Paulie Burmeister turns 50! What better way to celebrate than hitting every big name in a free agency mega-preview. Who deserves to get paid? Who's fool's gold? Also Big Phil joins to talk about Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson.(5:00) Wide Receivers: Why didn't the Lions tag Kenny Golladay? Chris would love to see Curtis Samuel to the Jets and T.Y. Hilton to the Packers. And is Will Fuller fool's gold?(17:00) Running Backs: Chris doesn't understand why the Packers didn't franchise tag Aaron Jones. Are Chris Carson or Leonard Fournette good options for the Steelers?(27:20) Tight Ends: Why didn't Hunter Henry or Jonnu Smith get the tag? What is the only team Gronk might leave Tampa for?(29:50) Offensive Line: Trent Williams and Corey Linsley are the stars of the group, but don't sleep on Daryl Williams. And please sign Joe Thuney, Bengals.(36:15) Big Phil: He joins to talk Trevor Lawrence, Zach Wilson, and what's the best destination for Jameis Winston, Cam Newton, and Mitchell Trubisky.(1:11:40) Edge Defenders: Is Shaq Barrett worth a massive deal? Should Bud Dupree stay with the Steelers? And buyer beware on Haason Reddick and Trey Hendrickson.(1:18:50) Defensive Tackles: Why does Chris like Dalvin Tomlinson? And will Ndamukong Suh return to the Bucs?(1:20;30) Linebackers: What is the best landing spot for Matt Milano? How much does KJ Wright have left?(1:23:15) Cornerbacks: William Jackson is going to shock everyone. Are Richard Sherman and Patrick Peterson more name than game? And Brian Poole's demand could surprise you.(1:27:30) Safeties: John Johnson deserves to get paid.(1:32:00) QB Jeopardy: 2021 Draft QBs Edition

    #AskMeAnything: 2021 Draft QBs

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2021 76:20

    On the heels of releasing his 2021 Draft QB Rankings, Chris answers questions from the homies about his Top 6 passers and others who didn't make the cut.(6:10) Zach Wilson: Should we be concerned about his weak schedule? His shoulder injury? If Chris were the Jaguars GM, would he draft him #1 overall? And should the Jets draft Wilson or trade for Deshaun Watson?(20:45) Trevor Lawrence: Does he remind Chris of Andrew Luck?(24:50) Mac Jones: Are people overlooking his physical traits?(36:30) Kellen Mond: Why could he be a good NFL QB when he wasn't overwhelming in college? And is there any concern over the track record of Jimbo Fisher QBs? And would he be a good fit with the Steelers or 49ers?(48:45) Justin Fields: Does he compare closely to Sam Darnold? How easy will it be to fix his mechanics?(58:15) Trey Lance: Does he compare at all to Josh Allen? Would he be a bad pick for the Panthers at #8?(1:04:45) Others: What does Chris think of Kyle Trask, Davis Mills, Sam Ehlinger, and Jamie Newman? Are there any mid-round sleepers he likes?

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