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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Chris Simms

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    Training Camp fights + NFC Preseason Players to Watch

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2022 99:49

    (3:30) Buy or Sell: Are training camp fights bad for teams?(13:40) One Player to Watch: Texans: Chris will be a focused on a rookie CB he was skeptical of.(18:15) Jets: Chris is not worried about Zach Wilson. He's looking at another 1st round pick.(21:40) Jaguars: "He has some Alvin Kamara-ish tools to him."(26:30) Steelers: "I'll be watching to see if he has his explosion back."(30:50) Patriots: Chris is hearing good things about Tyquan Thornton.(37:10) Raiders: Can a former 1st round pick prove he wasn't a reach?(41:20) Dolphins: O-line is a question mark, but Chris has high hopes for a young edge rusher.(46:50) Titans: What will we learn about Malik Willis this preseason?(51:30) Browns: There's one big question mark on Cleveland's roster (no, not QB).(53:50) Colts: An old draft crush still has "superstar talent."(58:00) Bengals: If Jackson Carman lives up to his potential, Cincy's O-line could go from weakness to strength.(1:01:40) Ravens: "They are a Super Bowl contender. But they need that go-to guy when you need a receiver to make a play."(1:05:40) Broncos: Ahmed has "a type" at defensive line.(1:08:30) Chargers: The offense is a given. But a newcomer will be crucial for LA's run defense.(1:12:45) Chiefs: "I think he was a very polarizing player in the draft."(1:17:15) Bills: "They need a guy who can end the game. They don't have that."(1:22:00) Simms Perfect 10 Winners: We welcome 3 loyal listeners to talk about how they correctly picked Chris Top 8 QBs.

    NFC Players to Watch + Trevor Lawrence's warmup

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 98:30

    (9:00) Trevor Lawrence: Chris feels better about Trevor Lawrence after watching his warmup in person. (18:05) Josh McDaniels: He has a "totally different vibe" this time around. But should he have played Josh Jacobs?(27:45) One Player to Watch: Falcons: One of the draft's most polarizing receivers is a focal point for Simms.(32:50) Seahawks: Kenneth Walker "has the chance to be a superstar."(36:55) Lions: Simms wonders if DJ Chark can be their #1 WR.(41:30) Bears: Justin Fields has the best QB coach he's ever had.(47:10) Giants: Chris gets fired up about a Daniel Jones "misfire" that's gone viral.(54:40) Panthers: All eyes are on Baker Mayfield.(59:40) Commanders: Chris hasn't given up on Curtis Samuel or Dyami Brown.(1:03:50) Saints: "They need a guy who can scare the sh*t out of you. I think he can be that guy."(1:07:50) Vikings: Did Minnesota improve their weakest position group?(1:12:50) Cardinals: "The freak in the middle. The pressure's on him."(1:15:15) Eagles: Chris and Ahmed are both pumped for Jordan Davis.(1:19:00) Cowboys: What edge rusher is most key for Dallas this season?(1:23:15) 49ers: All San Francisco fans are focused on the same guy.(1:26:00) Rams: Can Tutu Atwell be a key contributor this season?(1:28:45) Packers: What 1st round rookie could be a key contributor on one of the best defenses in the NFL?(1:33:00) Buccaneers: A sophomore could be the guy that puts the Buccaneers D-line over the edge.

    Hall of Fame stories with Tony Dungy

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 56:04

    (3:00) Hall of Fame memories: Coach Dungy talks about how he turned Derrick Brooks, Warren Sapp, and John Lynch from backups to Hall of Famers.(12:40) HOF snubs: Coach names one former DB who doesn't get the Hall of Fame buzz he deserves.(15:00) HOF comparisons: What was the difference between Terry Bradshaw and Peyton Manning? Mean Joe Greene & Warren Sapp? Jack Ham & Derrick Brooks?(23:30) New coaches: What are the 5 things Coach told young players to avoid?(32:15) Coaching defense today: How much is today's practice rules hurting defenses?(34:40) Peyton Manning: Coach talks about the time his QB called the same play 12 times in a row.(42:45) Steelers: How would Coach handle Pittsburgh's QB competition?(44:45) 2022 Defenses: Which one does Coach think will take the biggest leap this season? (47:20) Tom Brady: What's the best way to stop the GOAT?(48:50) Tampa 2: Coach takes us through  the history and evolution of his famous defense.

    Deshaun Watson, Deebo Samuel, & Favorite Alternate Helmets

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 79:52

    (10:10) Deshaun Watson: The 6-game suspension news this morning is not the end of this story.(19:30) Kyler Murray: What exactly goes into the process of watching film?(33:25) Deebo Samuel: Simms was not surprised by the deal, but he was surprised by the numbers.(38:40) DK Metcalf: "He's one of those guys you just don't let go"(40:30) Allen Robinson: Is he primed for a bounceback season? "No question."(43:20) Steelers QB: Will the Pittsburgh offense be better with Mitchell Trubisky than it was with Ben Roethlisberger?(50:00) RB backfields: Would Chris rather have a committee or a bellcow RB? And is Ezekiel Elliott still a "focal point" for the Cowboys?(54:50) O-line news: Tom Brady loses an important protector, while Patrick Mahomes gets one back.(1:00:10) All-Time Super Brawl: An ambitious homie sends us his all-time toughest QB/coach combos.(1:04:20) Favorite Alternate Helmets: The Bengals rebrand keeps winning over the guys.

    Julio to Bucs, Kyler's homework, Top 6 RB, & WWE's Angelo Dawkins

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 89:01

    (8:45) Julio Jones: Where will he finish on the Bucs in receiving yards?(14:20) Kyler Murray: Are people overblowing his homework clause?(22:25) Lamar Jackson: He was asked about Simms in his press conference, and we hear the response.(27:40) Russell Wilson: Will he keep avoiding the middle of the field with the Broncos?(30:30) Seahawks: What would have to happen for them to make the playoffs?(32:50) Zach Wilson: Do his off-field exploits move him up the Simms Top 40?(36:40) Top 5 WR reax: Super-homie Tomas nailed Chris' list, and Simms explains more about his Davante Adams opinion.(41:20) Top 6 RBs: Both Chris and Ahmed give the best backs in the NFL right now.(1:09:00) GUEST - WWE Superstar Angelo Dawkins: The tag team contender joins us to give us his expert analysis of Ahmed's Super Brawl.

    Simms Top 5 WRs + #Dolphinon wins Super Brawl

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2022 77:01

    (9:40) Simms Top 5 WR: With Madden ratings flying around, Chris names his Top 5 WR in the NFL right now. There's a new king of the hill.(54:10) Honorable mentions: Who was #6 on the list? And why did a big-time receiver (again) miss out on the list?(1:03:55) 2022 Receiving champ: Who would Chris bet on to lead the league in rec yards this season?(1:09:35) Super Brawl bracket recap: We had fun on Twitter with Ahmed's QB/Coach royal rumble, but not nearly as much fun as the Dolphins fans had.

    Interview with Joe Burrow: "Why are you not sweating and I am?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 21:08

    Chris Simms traveled to Cincinnati to play catch with Joe Burrow. The Bengals superstar QB explains why he now throws with more power, why he once was preparing to become an investment banker, what's his approach to leading a locker room, and more.

    Top 40 QB #AskMeAnything: "Here, Take My Incest Chickens"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 71:27

    (7:20) Is Josh Allen worthy of #1 even though his best moment came against a bad defense?(9:45) Who is a better running threat – Allen or Cam Newton from the mid 2010s?(12:00) Is Patrick Mahomes being graded overly harsh?(18:40) Who had the better first 2 seasons of their career – Andrew Luck or Justin Herbert?(22:40) Why Herbert over Joe Burrow?(27:00) Does anyone carry their team more than Aaron Rodgers?(32:20) A look at the MVP Odds powered by PointsBet(35:45) Did Chris have too much of a short-term memory when ranking Matthew Stafford at #6?(38:45) Why Tom Brady likely won't crack Simms' Top 5 ever again(40:30) Who benefits more from a new scheme – Russell Wilson or Derek Carr?(42:00) If Dak Prescott was on the Ravens and Lamar Jackson was on the Cowboys, who would be better off?(47:30) If you wanted to win a Super Bowl – would you rather have Kyler Murray or Mac Jones?(49:30) Has Simms given up on Kellen Mond?(50:55) For one game and one game only, would you take Ryan Fitzpatrick over any of the QBs from 21-40?(52:45) What was Simms' favorite type of receiver to throw to?(54:15) Chris and Paul get into the weeds about QB shotgun stances(56:20) What are the similarities and differences between Josh McDaniels and Kyle Shanahan?(1:00:10) Who is your favorite non-football athlete?(1:05:00) If you could replay any game you've played in, what would it be?(1:07:30) Liam's wife Tara loves to rip on Simms

    Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #4-1 + Ahmed's Super Brawl #10-1

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 91:08

    (10:58) #4: Joe Burrow: “He went to the SB with the worst O-Line in the history of the sport”(25:27) #3: Justin Herbert: “Probably the best pure thrower of the football in the NFL”(38:22) #2: Patrick Mahomes: After back-to-back years as #1, why did Mahomes fall to #2?(54:36) #1: Josh Allen: “No one is asked to carry their team more on a weekly basis”(1:08:15) AFC Champion Odds: AFC is stacked, which team is the best value bet?(1:11:49) Simms Perfect 10: Find out the 3 winners(1:13:52) Ahmed's Super Brawl: Top 10 revealed and there is a new duo taking over the #1 spot

    Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #8-5 + Big Phil on Lamar Jackson

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 97:57

    (8:30) #8 Tom Brady: "He is the GOAT. I've changed my stance."(22:45) #7 Russell Wilson: Will Nathaniel Hackett change his game?(33:15) #6 Matthew Stafford: "The guy who's always been a Super Bowl QB, and finally got a team to match."(46:00) #5 Aaron Rodgers: After a 2nd straight MVP, how did he fall out of the Top 3?(1:00:25) NFC Champion odds: Would you take the Bucs/Packers/Rams, or the field?(1:03:40) Phil Simms: The Big Effer joins us to talk about Tom Brady's arm, Lamar Jackson's weapons, the Eagles killing the offseason, and the Dolphins weak spot.

    Simms Top 40 QB Countdown #12-9 + Ahmed Super Brawl #11-20

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 90:42

    (8:00) #12 Kyler Murray: “He runs like a slot receiver and can make all the throws. But in the pocket is still a question mark."(21:45) #11 Derek Carr: "He's become the ultimate sheriff. Tell me, what is the negative about Derek Carr?"(36:00) #10 Lamar Jackson: Chris is a fan, even when Lamar is angrily tweeting at him.(52:00) MVP redux odds: What former winner could do it again in 2022?(54:30) #9 Dak Prescott: "His toughness in the pocket is where he separates himself."(1:05:30) Simms Perfect 10: One QB busted 66%(!) of our entries.(1:07:00) Mailbag: Kirk Cousins vs Ryan Tannehill, Matt Ryan's ceiling, and does Chris evaluate QBs better than Nick Saban? (Yes he does)(1:15:00) Ahmed's Super Brawl: Another 10 duos in the Battle Royale are revealed, including last year's 32nd-ranked pair that made a huge leap.

    Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #16-13

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 56:11

    (6:30) #16 Kirk Cousins: “The ultimate System QB … it's the sexiness that lacks”(14:50) #15 Ryan Tannehill: “He plays within a system, but he can bring something to the system, too”(25:15) #14 Matt Ryan: “You don't realize how good he is until you turn on the f***ing film”(33:15) PointsBet AFC South Odds: Simms isn't quite the sure the current AFC South favorite deserves to be(37:00) #13 Deshaun Watson: “I don't know what to make of him”(45:00) Mailbag: Does Daniel Jones have any elite trait? Will Tua make any sort of jump? How can Simms justify putting Wentz above Jimmy G? And how does Mac Jones not get dinged for a 4-pass game?

    Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #20-17 + Ahmed's Super Brawl

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 83:19

    (3:45) Simms Perfect 10: We had a shockingly high number of people who tried to get into Chris' head.(8:00) #20 Jimmy Garoppolo: If he's a better QB than Trey Lance right now, why shouldn't the 49ers stick with him?(22:00) #19 Carson Wentz: He has Top 10 talent...But it's his last chance."(33:50) #18 Mac Jones: "Maybe the best rookie decision-maker I've ever seen."(48:20) #17 Baker Mayfield: "It's a game-changing arm." So why can't he find a team?(59:30) Homies mailbag: Where is the line in the Top 40 for QBs who can win the Super Bowl? And does Justin Fields remind Chris of Mitchell Trubisky?(1:08:30) Ahmed's Super Brawl Countdown: What QB/coach duos would be the worst in an all-out battle royale?

    Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #25-21

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 88:00

    (8:50) #25 Jalen Hurts: "I was wrong last year"(26:40) #24 Trevor Lawrence: "He made me say 'wow' the least out of the rookies"(36:15) #23 Justin Fields: "He basically said 'Chris Simms shut up, look at this.'"(44:40) #22 Zach Wilson: "He was managed the least out of these QBs"(58:50) #21 Daniel Jones: "When his team wasn't totally overwhelmed, he played pretty well"(1:14:40) Homies react to Top 40: Why didn't Jordan Love even get an honorable mention? And has Trey Lance's throwing motion changed?(1:22:45) Simms Perfect 10: Time to prove how well you know Chris

    Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #30-26

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 88:16

    (9:10) #30 Jared Goff: Should the Lions have gotten some competition for him?(19:45) #29 Tua Tagovailoa: Welcome to the countdown, TuAnon.(32:20) #28 Marcus Mariota: What does he have that Tua doesn't?(42:50) #27 Mitchell Trubisky: How did he move back into the rankings after not playing last year?(59:45) #26 Jameis Winston: "He showed us he's coachable and can play a different style."(1:08:20) Homies react to Top 40: Niners nation is not happy about Trey Lance being #31. And why is Davis Mills behind the other 2021 rookies when he outplayed most of them?

    Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #35-31

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 64:51

    (5:20) BREAKING NEWS: Eagles sign CB James Bradberry, and Chris is loving Howie Roseman's offseason.(10:00) #35 Davis Mills: "The Texans may have a diamond in the rough, and he deserves that shot this year to prove it."(18:10) #34 Tyler Huntley: "He's heading upwards and I could see him as a starter one day."(26:10) Honorable Mentions: Who was just outside the Top 40 bubble?(27:00) #33 Geno Smith: Why is he 7 spots higher than Drew Lock?(36:00) #32 Sam Darnold: Can we forget the narrative that the Jets held him back?(46:00) #31 Trey Lance: "I've very intrigued, he was one of the hardest players to place on this list."(58:30) Homies react: Would you take Gardner Minshew over Jared Goff? And where is "top backup" Blaine Gabbert?

    Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: #40-36

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 65:24

    (5:20) Simms Perfect 10 Last Man Standing: Rob, a teacher from Illinois, joins us to talk about how he nailed 7 of the Top 10 picks in the NFL draft, plus who he's betting on this coming season.(14:50) Simms Top 40 QB Countdown: Chris explains the 4 categories that he focuses on for his rankings.(20:50) #40 Drew Lock: "He has the talent to be in the Top 15. But he's not in the trust tree."(27:20) #39 Kenny Pickett: "I have no doubt he is ready for the NFL." But is he a lock to beat out Mitch Trubisky?(35:45) #38 Teddy Bridgewater: "He is the ultimate backup. I would never want him starting for my football team."(43:15) #37 Gardner Minshew: "He has a leadership that is rare for a backup QB."(48:50) #36 Tyrod Taylor: "A really good arm, good athlete, but too careful at times."(56:40) What's more likely: Tua is benched for Teddy, or Danny Dimes is benched for Tyrod?

    Top 40 QB Preview: "Screw off to the Stafford haters"

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 87:02

    (10:00) 2021 Top 40 QB Review: Chris self-scouts himself and takes some victory laps on last year's rankings.(24:40) Rookies: How many will make the Top 40 this year?(32:00) Big Phil: The Big Effer is back to weigh in on Sam Darnold vs Matt Corral.(41:00) Joe Burrow, Matthew Stafford, & Justin Herbert: Who would Phil rank highest?(45:30) Ryan Tannehill: "Let's don't get carried away with this mentor thing."(52:45) Tom Brady: "Best of all time? I don't know how you can deny it anymore."(1:11:40) QB Props: Who are the best longshots to lead the league in pass yds & TD?After the pod, stick around for a special trailer of "In Their Court" a new NBC podcast that explores the evolution of Title IX through the eyes of one, pivotal sport: women's basketball.

    #AskMeAnything: "I'm a cane guy now"

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 91:46

    (7:15) 49ers: Is there any market left for Jimmy Garoppolo? And is Kyle Shanahan worried about Trey Lance?(15:00) Baker Mayfield: The Browns screwed him over. (19:30) Lions: "Yes, they will win a Super Bowl in the next few decades. Ok, maybe not win, definitely make it though."(23:00) Chiefs: Is an offense better with 2 elite targets or a room full of options?(30:50) Patriots: Is it concerning that they don't have an Offensive or Defensive Coordinator?(34:30) NFC East: Does Jerry Jones make it hard for the Cowboys to get a top-tier head coach? And could the Eagles, Giants, or Commanders take the division this year?(43:00) GM Simms: What positions would Chris invest in the most if he was running a team? And yes, kickers are people too.(48:10) QB preferences: Did Chris prefer play action from shotgun or under center? And would he rather have an uber-committed WR or an uber-talented WR?(55:40) WR scouting: What makes Ja'Marr Chase & Justin Jefferson successful? (59:00) Tyler Linderbaum: Are Garrett Bradbury's struggles a red flag for the Ravens rookie?(1:02:30) Best playcallers: What coaches are at the top of the league?(1:06:30) Draft scouting: Chris admits to the position he has the toughest time evaluating.(1:09:30) Sandwich strategy: What do you do with the end of the bread slices? And Ahmed has a dream.(1:13:20) Draft reflections: Are there any players Chris is higher on after he saw what team they've landed on? And what 2023 Draft QBs have already caught Chris' eye?(1:19:10) 2022 Predictions: Who are the Top 5 contenders in the AFC? And what bottom tier team could be this year's Bengals?(1:25:00) Misc: We're serious when we say Ask Me ANYTHING. Chris and Ahmed weigh in on weed, wiping, and pit stains.

    2022 Rookie Predictions + #AskMeAnything

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 75:15

    (4:30) 2022 Rookie Predictions, Offense: Who will be this year's Ja'Marr Chase? Mac Jones? Javonte Williams?(26:00) 2022 Rookie Predictions, Defense: Who will be this year's Micah Parsons? Nick Bolton? Patrick Surtain?(40:50) Rookie of the Year Odds: Who is Chris' favorite bet on offense & defense?(47:20) #AskMeAnything: The guys crank through the mailbag. What teams has Chris' least favorite drafts? How did the Giants do? Will Matt Corral beat out Sam Darnold? What WR was the best fit for him team? 

    2022 Draft Recap: "Magnum opus, that's a wine right?"

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 100:13

    (4:00) Big draft themes: A historic Round 1, WRs going early, and a sad weekend for Chris' alma mater.(14:20) QBs fall: "The league didn't even know where these QBs were going to go."(24:20) Lions: Does Detroit believe in Jared Goff? And is Chris actually Brad Holmes?(33:00) Ravens: "Caw! All the biggest baddest mother f**kers come here! Caw!"(40:50) Chiefs: This may have been Brett Veach's "magnum opus," which is actually not a wine.(47:10) Jets: What does Breece Hall bring to the offense? And could New York compete for a playoff spot?(52:00) Eagles: "A.J. Brown changes your football team....They're in the leaderhouse in the NFC East."(57:15) Broncos: Beyond Russell Wilson, Denver also picked up some of Simms' favorite players in this draft.(59:40) Packers: Is Christian Watson much better than Marquez Valdes-Scantling? And Brian Gutekunst's 1st round was "f**king amazing!"(1:03:55) Colts: Indy might have gotten "one of the stars of the draft" in Round 2.(1:07:30) Jaguars: Simms didn't know we were filming his Travon Walker demo in the barn.(1:12:00) Titans: How can Tennessee manage without A.J. Brown?(1:19:15) Commanders: Despite not loving Jahan Dotson, Simms has some high praise for Percy Butler (that one homie did not understand).(1:23:30) Steelers: Can Mike Tomlin make Kenny Pickett a Top 5 QB?(1:27:20) 49ers: Does Tyrion Davis-Price impact Deebo Samuel's usage?(1:30:05) Patriots: Was Cole Strange really a huge reach?(1:34:45) Seahawks: They got "hands down the best RB in the draft."

    2022 NFL Draft 1st Round Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 108:33

    (2:00) Florio is surprised that Simms made it in time for the show after last night's festivities(4:30) One of the most eventful 1st rounds ever was highlighted by the Titans trading A.J. Brown to the Eagles(28:30) The Ravens traded away Hollywood Brown and Lamar Jackson seems miffed(37:30) The Falcons started a run on WR by drafting Drake London, followed by the Jets taking Garrett Wilson, the Saints picking Chris Olave, and the Lions trading up for Jameson Williams, who seemed upset his former Ohio St teammates went ahead of him(46:15) Aaron Rodgers says he's surprised about the Davante Adams trade; wonder what his reaction was to the Packers spending two 1st round picks on defensive players(58:30) Peter King, who was in Philly with the Eagles on Thursday, discusses the AJ Brown trade, and wonders why the Packers didn't trade up for a WR(1:08:15) The Steelers take a shot on their QB of the future with Kenny Pickett(1:22:00) It was a big night for NY with the Jets and Giants totaling 5 picks. But did the G-Men make a mistake by picking Kayvon Thibodeaux?(1:35:15) Oh by the way, the Jaguars and Lions picked up defensive studs and each added a second 1st rounder(1:45:30) Florio reports that Lamar Jackson may be trying to save face by feigning surprise that Hollywood Brown wanted out 

    Draft Sleepers, Props Bets, and Mock Reactions

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 65:49

    (2:30) Big Picture Draft Thoughts: Is this a "weak" draft? (6:50) Simms Mock Draft Recap: Who are the 8 players who Chris thinks are Top 10 locks? (15:45) Wild Cards: Kayvon Thibodeaux, Derek Stingley Jr, Garrett Wilson, and others who could go Top 10 or fall Thursday.(26:50) Matt Corral: If Chris' #1 QB doesn't go Round 1, where is his best fit? And who are the other guys who should go Round 1, but won't?(34:50) WR Rankings update: Chris admits to being too high on Alec Pierce to start.(39:00) Robin Hood: Draft Edition: Friday and Saturday sleepers, including Skyy Moore, Jahan Dotson, Tyler Smith, and Calvin Austin.(44:10) Draft Prop Bets: PointsBet big timer Jay Croucher joins us to talk about what the sportsbooks are hearing about the draft, and Chris has some lines he likes.

    Simms 2022 Mock Draft

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 90:51

    (7:20) #1 Jaguars: EDGE Aidan Hutchinson(11:00) #2 Lions: EDGE Travon Walker(13:15) #3 Texans: T Ickey Ekwonu(16:10) #4 Jets: CB Sauce Gardner(18:50) #5 Giants: T Evan Neal(20:50) #6 Panthers: T Charles Cross(24:10) #7 Giants: EDGE Jermaine Johnson II(27:10) #8 Falcons: DT Jordan Davis(30:00) #9 Seahawks: DT Devonte Wyatt(33:40) #10 Jets: WR Jameson Williams(35:45) Perfect 10: Chris got PointsBet to run a Top 10 picks contest where you could win $100k(39:00) #11 Commanders: S Kyle Hamilton(40:50) #12 Vikings: EDGE Kayvon Thibodeaux(43:00) #13 Texans: LB Devin Lloyd(45:30) #14 Ravens: EDGE George Karlaftis(48:00) #15 Eagles: WR Drake London(51:15) #16 Saints: T Bernhard Raimann(53:40) #17 Chargers: DT Travis Jones(56:50) #18 Eagles: CB Trent McDuffie(58:00) #19 Saints: WR Garrett Wilson(1:00:10) #20 Steelers: QB Malik Willis(1:03:00) #21 Patriots: T Trevor Penning(1:05:45) #22 Packers: WR Chris Olave(1:07:40) #23 Cardinals: CB Derek Stingley Jr.(1:11:00) #24 Cowboys: G Zion Johnson(1:12:20) #25 Bills: RB Breece Hall(1:15:15) #26 Titans: G Kenyon Green(1:17:00) #27 Buccaneers: CB Andrew Booth Jr.(1:19:15) #28 Packers: S Daxton Hill(1:21:10) #29 Chiefs: WR Christian Watson(1:23:00) #30 Chiefs: EDGE Boye Mafe(1:24:00) #31 Bengals: C Tyler Linderbaum(1:26:20) #32 Lions: QB Kenny Pickett

    Simms 2022 Draft DT & LB Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 71:47

     (3:15) #5 DT DeMarvin Leal (Texas A&M): "He's a D-tackle with a splash of D-end."(7:00) #4 DT Eyioma Uwazurike (Iowa State): "He gave Linderbaum all he could handle."(12:10) #3 DT Travis Jones (Connecticut): "Whoa! He's 325 and moves like THAT?!"(17:10) #2 DT Devonte Wyatt (Georgia): "The film is better than Quinnen Williams."(22:30) #1 DT Jordan Davis (Georgia): "He's Vita Vea with more athleticism. He's a can't-miss."(31:30) LB Scouting: How has the position changed over the years?(34:00) #5 LB Damone Clark (LSU): "We're talking about a long-term NFL middle linebacker."(38:50) #4 LB Nakobe Dean (Georgia): "He has a partial rocket up his *ss, but not a full-fledged one."(45:35) #3 LB Leo Chenal (Wisconsin): "My kind of mofo. Wow legs and a wow *ss."(50:50) #2 LB Quay Walker (Georgia): "F*cking baller. His read-and-react is faster than anyone in this draft."(57:50) #1 LB Devin Lloyd (Utah): "Nobody can block this kid at middle linebacker."(1:05:30) Draft props: Who will be the first LB off the board?

    Simms 2022 Draft OL Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 78:23

    (6:15) QB rankings update: After further review, Simms flips Malik Willis ahead of Kenny Pickett.(9:00) OL scouting: How difficult is it to evaluate O-line film?(16:20) #6 G Kenyon Green (Texas A&M): "He's for sure a big-time guard, and has legit potential to be a tackle."(22:25) #5 G Zion Johnson (Boston College): "He's a starting guard, right away, Day 1."(28:20) #4 T Charles Cross (Miss St): "He has all the physical tools to be big time."(35:30) #3 C Tyler Linderbaum (Iowa): "He's a f*cking machine who never loses a battle."(45:10) #2 T Ickey Ekwonu (NC State): "Incredible athlete. Blows people back on contact. He's got it all."(51:50) #1 T Evan Neal (Alabama): "He's the best pass-protecting left tackle I've ever seen. Nobody pushes him back."(1:05:10) Draft props: Although Neal is first on Simms' rankings, will he be the first OL off the board in Round 1?(1:08:45) Honorable mentions: Don't forget about Trevor Penning, Bernhard Raimann, and Tyler Smith.

    Simms 2022 Draft TE Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 71:52

    (1:50) TE scouting: Is this the most difficult position to evaluate? And does Chris see any first round talents in the 2022 class?(14:50) TE #5 James Mitchell (Virginia Tech): "If he got to play a full year, he could've been the #1 tight end."(20:40) TE #4 Isaiah Likely (Coastal Carolina): "The most gifted pass-catching TE in this class."(25:00) TE #3 Greg Dulcich (UCLA): "At that size, the route-running is pretty damn special."(32:00) TE #2 Trey McBride (Colorado St): "There some real sh*t to this kid when he gets the ball in his hands."(38:40) TE #1 Jeremy Ruckert (Ohio State): "He is the only one who is good in all areas. Everything."(46:30) Honorable mentions: Chris shouts out Jelani Woods (Virginia), Cade Otton (Washington), Charlie Kolar (Iowa State). And what about Jalen Wydermyer (Texas A&M)?(54:15) #AskMeAnything: Why the fast 40s this year at the Combine? (56:20) Kyle Hamilton: Will  he go Top 8? (1:04:00) Commanders: Should Dyami Brown stop them from drafting a WR? (1:05:40) Jets: Is Treylon Burks a good fit for them? (1:08:00) Kaiir Elam: Why didn't he make Chris' Top 5 CBs?

    Simms 2022 Draft EDGE Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 91:13

    (3:50) 2022 Draft EDGE Rankings: Would Chris rather have an elite pass rusher or cover corner? Is this the most talented 2022 position group Chris has scouted so far?(11:30) EDGE #5 Nik Bonitto (Oklahoma):  "The best in-space edge defender of this group. And maybe the most naturally-gifted pass rusher."(20:10) EDGE #4 George Karlaftis (Purdue): "This guy's a FOOTBALL player. He's all about creating chaos."(32:10) EDGE #3 Jermaine Johnson II (Florida St): "It doesn't matter who it is; he dominates tackles."(41:30) EDGE #2 Travon Walker (Georgia): "When he explodes in a straight line, it's comical." But is the hype going too far?(54:50) EDGE #1 Aidan Hutchinson (Michigan): "Could he one day be the best pass rusher in the NFL? Yes."(1:07:00) Kayvon Thibodeaux (Oregon): How did he not even make Chris' Top 5?(1:20:50) Honorable mentions: Joshua Paschal (Kentucky), Dominique Robinson (Miami Ohio), Sam Williams (Ole Miss), David Ojabo (Michigan) and others who missed Chris' Top 5.(1:26:20) EDGE Draft props: Who does Chris like to go in the Top 10?

    2022 Draft RB Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 77:00

    (1:20) 2022 Draft RBs: "I don't think I've seen this much depth from an RB class."(11:15) 2021 RB lookback: Chris self-scouts himself on how he went wrong with Javian Hawkins & Javonte Williams.(16:45) RB #5 Ty Davis-Price (LSU): "He is an NFL starting running back"(24:00) RB #4 James Cook (Georgia): How does he compare to brother Dalvin?(33:00) RB #3 Dameon Pierce (Florida): "Kareem Hunt. They're a carbon copy of each other."(41:45) RB #2 Breece Hall (Iowa State): "This a 3-down, all-around running back."(52:00) RB #1 Kenneth Walker III (Michigan St): "His body is a different rocked-up than the rest of the group."(1:00:45) Honorable mentions: In a deep class, Chris gives love to Pierre Strong Jr,  Brian Robinson, Kyren Williams, Isaiah Spiller, and more.(1:10:20) Draft Props: Which RB is the best bet to be drafted first? And the homies weigh in on if they would want their team to draft a Round 1 RB.

    2022 Draft CB & S Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 95:41

    (5:00) Simms 2022 Draft CB Rankings: What does Chris look for when he's scouting CBs?  "I thought this class was a bit overrated."(9:20) #5 CB Marcus Jones (Houston): "It's a size league, but he's too good in the slot for me not to take him."(15:20) #4 CB Andrew Booth Jr. (Clemson): "His zero-to-sixty is as good as any CB in this draft."(22:00) #3 CB Jalyn Armour-Davis (Alabama): "He's a better pure cover corner than Trevon Diggs was coming out."(29:00) #2 CB Trent McDuffie (Washington): "The best all-around mover CB in the draft."(36:30) #1 CB Ahmad "Sauce" Gardner (Cincinnati): "I don't give a sh*t what your cup of tea is, he's your cup of tea."(43:00) Coby Bryant: Is Sauce's teammate being slept on? (44:00) Derek Stingley Jr: "The film did not justify Top 5 in my rankings. The film 3 years ago did, but things have changed."(51:30) CB Draft props: Who will be the first corner off the board?(55:15) Simms 2022 Draft S Rankings: How has the safety position changed in the NFL?(57:30) #5 S Percy Butler (Louisiana): "This is my off-the-radar guy."(1:01:30) #4 S Bryan Cook (Cincinnati): "He's was great at the Kam-Chancellor-shuffle."(1:05:40) #3 S Daxton Hill (Michigan): "He can cover and tackle. If you can't figure out how to use that in the NFL, it's on you."(1:13:45) #2 S Lewis Cine (Georgia): "Wait he's got 3 rockets up his *ss, and he runs through brick walls?! Sign me up."(1:19:50) #1 S Kyle Hamilton (Notre Dame): Is he a GENERATIONAL talent?

    Garrett Wilson vs Jameson Williams & WR Rankings reactions

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 87:00

    (7:15) WR Honorable Mentions: Simms goes through guys who just missed his Top 5 like Jahan Dotson, Skyy Moore, Chris Olave, and Calvin Austin.(27:00) What about...  In a deep WR class, Chris also touches on Jalen Tolbert, John Metchie, Velus Jones, George Pickens, and Danny Gray.(33:45) Garrett Wilson vs #1 WR Jameson Williams: Why couldn't Simms' top WR  beat out a teammate at Ohio State who didn't even make his Top 5?(40:50) #2 WR Christian Watson: If Chris questioned Trey Lance's offense last year, shouldn't he do the same for Watson?(44:45) #3 WR Alec Pierce: Is this Javian Hawkins all over again?(50:10) #4 WR Treylon Burks: How high would he rise if his route-running was more polished?(52:00) #5 Drake London: Is he the next Tee Higgins?(54:00) WR Tiers: Where are the gaps in Chris' 2022 rankings? Is Jameson Williams on top by himself?(56:15) Scouting WRs: How do we account for slower successful guys like Hunter Renfrow and DeAndre Hopkins? (1:01:00) Draft props: Will be there over or under 5.5 WR drafted in Round 1?(1:04:10) Next Davante Adams: Is there a good replacement for the Packers in the draft?(1:08:10) 2021 WRs: Why did Chris miss on Elijah Moore last year? Which WR take the biggest sophomore leap this year?(1:12:45) Cardinals, Bills, 49ers, Colts: What WR is the best fit for them to target later in Round 1?

    2022 Draft WR Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 71:14

    (4:15) 2022 Draft WR Rankings: How does this year's class stack up vs recent years? Would Chris still have Dyami Brown in his Top 5 WRs from 2021?(11:30) WR #5 Drake London: "One of the greatest jump ball receivers I've ever seen in my evaluations. It's not 50/50 with him, it's 90/10."(22:00) WR #4 Treylon Burks: "He makes sh*t happen. I am wowed by what he can do with the ball in his hands."(30:15) WR #3 Alec Pierce: "Maybe the best route-runner in the draft, and there's nobody that can run with this kid."(38:30) WR #2 Christian Watson: "Will run by people all day long. You put him on Alabama, we say this guy is a Top 10 pick."(48:10) WR #1 Jameson Williams: "He's Jerry Jeudy with another gear. DeVonta Smith with a little more strength."(58:30) Ohio State WRs: Why didn't Garrett Wilson or Chris Olave make the Top 5?(1:07:00) Draft Odds: Who will be the first WR drafted?

    #AskMeAnything: QB rankings reactions + Tyreek Hill trade

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 79:07

    (4:45) Tyreek Hill: Early in our pod, reports are that the Chiefs could trade their star WR. And Chris could see why.(11:35) Matt Ryan: Chris thinks he's a perfect fit for the Colts, and a better addition than Philip Rivers was.(20:20) #AskMeAnything: We kick off your questions about Simms' 2022 Draft QB rankings. Will we see over or under 3.5 QBs go in Round 1?(24:40) 2021 QBs: Where would Matt Corral rank compared to Zach Wilson and Trevor Lawrence?(31:40) Matt Corral: Does he have some Josh Rosen-esque red flags?(37:20) Kenny Pickett: Could he ever be a Top 5 NFL QB?(48:40) Malik Willis: "I trust his throwing more than Trey Lance or Justin Fields." Should the Steelers draft him?(1:00:50) Pro Day Hype: Marlon Humphrey doesn't buy into it. Does Chris?(1:03:00) Sam Howell: Is he Baker Mayfield 2.0?(1:08:15) Desmond Ridder: Is he a 2nd round talent?(1:13:00) BREAKING NEWS: Just as we're about to wrap up, Tyreek Hill to Dolphins is announced

    Deshaun & Davante trades + 2022 Draft QB Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2022 111:41

    (5:00) Deshaun Watson to Browns: "That's the guy who gets the greatest contract in NFL history?"(15:20) Baker Mayfield: Would you rather have him, Jimmy Garoppolo, or Matt Ryan?(21:10) Davante Adams to Raiders: Chris gets why he would want to leave Green Bay. But don't blame Aaron Rodgers.(30:00) Simms 2022 Draft QB Rankings: Is this year's class as weak as advertised?(33:30) #5 QB Desmond Ridder: He's easy to root for, but Chris has big concerns about his feet.(44:00) #4 QB Sam Howell: If he fixes his motion, what is his upside?(55:30) #3 Malik Willis: "It's a special arm, he can make every throw with ease." But would Chris take him in the Top 10?(1:10:30) #2 Kenny Pickett: The safest and most-ready QB of this class. "You know what you're getting."(1:22:20) #1 Matt Corral: "The quickest release coming out of college football in a few years."(1:39:00) Honorable Mentions?: How about Carson Strong, Bailey Zappe, and Jack Coan?(1:48:20) BREAKING NEWS: Matt Ryan is close to going to the Colts, and Simms sees a draft prospect who could fit well in Atlanta.

    Deshaun's decision, Von to Bills, & Best Pass Rush Duos

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 93:20

    (0:00) Deshaun Watson: With a decision looming, he's "torn" between the Saints, Panthers, Browns, and Falcons. What is the best fit for him? Why don't teams care about his off-field issues? Could Matt Ryan leave Atlanta even if the Falcons don't get Watson? (33:00) Baker Mayfield: It looks like he's done in Cleveland. Is Detroit the best landing spot for him?(49:40) Edge Rusher Carousel: Von Miller to the Bills, Chandler Jones to the Raiders, Yannick Ngakoue to the Colts, Za'Darius Smith back to the Ravens, and Myles Jack to the Steelers. And Chris admires Danielle Hunter's arms.(1:02:00) Russell Wilson & Seahawks speak: We're hearing two different stories about who initiated their divorce. But did Seattle have to throw shade at him on the way out? And do we believe the praise Seattle is heaping on Drew Lock?(1:19:25) Buccaneers: Rob Gronkowski says he's coming back, but has to make Tom Brady sweat first. Chris Godwin a new deal. And OJ Howard is off to Buffalo.(1:24:00) Julio Jones: His Titans era is over. Is his career as well?(1:25:50) Best Pass Rush Duos: With all the movement from free agency, which is at the top of the league?

    Free Agency reax + Deshaun landing spots

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2022 96:47

    (4:30) Tom Brady: The GOAT is back in Tampa Bay, but did he want to be somewhere else?(11:40)  Chargers: Is JC Jackson a Top 5 QB? And where do the Chargers stack up in the AFC West?(24:30) Jaguars: Does Chris like their spending spree? And should it change their plans for the #1 pick?(33:15) Myles Jack: After being cut by the Jaguars, could he land in Detroit?(35:50) Deshaun Watson: Are the Falcons now in the mix for him, or are they just trying to drive up the price for their rivals? Are the Browns a better fit for him than the Panthers or Saints?(46:35) Jets: Laken Tomlinson  has Chris excited about their O-line. And it's CJ yew-ZAH-mah.(49:30) Bengals: "I would be shocked if their offensive line isn't better next year"(51:45) Dolphins: Why is Chase Edmonds a good fit for Mike McDaniel's offense?(56:00) BREAKING NEWS Randy Gregory: This morning he was re-signing with the Cowboys, but now he's headed to the Broncos.(58:50) Mitchell Trubisky: How will he fit with the Steelers?(1:03:20) Colts: What's the QB plan post-Wentz?(1:06:10) Saints: Are they an ideal destination for a QB?(1:08:00) Jimmy Garoppolo: What kind of deal would he get if he were a free agent? What would Chris trade for him?(1:11:10) Aaron Rodgers: Does his new contract hurt his team's chances of getting a Super Bowl?(1:15:00) BREAKING NEWS Marcus Williams: He's heading to the Ravens, who sorely need him.(1:18:30) Kirk Cousins: Is he closer to Russell Wilson or Carson Wentz? And if he wasn't the problem in Minnesota, what is?(1:22:30) Seahawks: Do they need to target another QB (Gardner Minshew?) after getting Drew Lock?(1:24:10) Bobby Wagner: He's not the only veteran free agent who teams are waiting on.(1:26:30) Bills: They add JD McKissic as another weapon for Josh Allen. Would Jarvis Landry be a good fit there too?(1:29:50) Jersey sandwiches: Chris weighs in on Market Basket and best places to get sandwiches in his hometown(1:33:45) AFC West poll: 70% of the Homies say the Chiefs won't win the AFC West, but Chris doesn't believe them.

    Aaron Rodgers stays, Russell Wilson & Carson Wentz traded, and Maria Taylor pops by

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 47:47

    (0:00) Maria takes a victory lap for the best Sunday Night picks record. Simms could not make such a claim(3:35) How much of an upgrade is Carson Wentz over the current QB situation in Washington?(7:30) Why Russell Wilson will be better for the Broncos in the long run than Aaron Rodgers would have been(11:40) Even though Rodgers is back, don't expect the Packers to change their ways(18:50) Some love for Georgia's performance at the Combine(19:50) #AskMeAnything: was Zach Wilson's season derailed by drops?(23:30) Will the Steelers make any push for a big-time QB?(25:45) How will the departure of Josh McDaniels impact Mac Jones' development?(28:15) Is Trey Lance ready to be The Guy?(32:45) Justin Fields exceeded expectations; are the Bears in position to make a deal to give him some weapons?(37:15) How big of a deal are Kenny Pickett's small hands?(40:35) Who eats cold soup??

    Coach Interviews: Josh McDaniels, Mike McDaniel, and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 79:31

    (2:50) Josh McDaniels: The new Raiders head coach admits he had too much power in his first gig with the Broncos, and explains why things will be different in Vegas.(17:40) Mike McDaniel: The new Dolphins head coach wants to make sure he stays authentic, with a "style and swag" better than Kyle Shanahan. And he tells his favorite Dennis Green story.(34:10) Nathaniel Hackett: The new Broncos head coach and Chris reminisce about their 2005 days with the Buccaneers. Plus he explains the luxuries of having Aaron Rodgers as your QB.(48:00) Sean McDermott: We know Chris loves heaping praise Josh Allen, but is the Bills head coach worried about how much his QB runs the ball?(57:55) Nick Sirianni: The Eagles head coach talks about how stealing another team's play is easier said than done. And Chris asks him about the infamous "flower" speech.(1:13:05) Arthur Smith: Is the Falcons head coach looking for the next Derrick Henry for his offense?

    Combine QB Interviews: Kenny Pickett, Malik Willis, and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 47:15

    (1:37) Pittsburgh QB Kenny Pickett: Chris doesn't care about his hand size, but has questions about his allegiances.(12:35) Liberty QB Malik Willis: He takes responsibility for why he left Auburn. But why doesn't he watch PFT?(19:40) North Carolina QB Sam Howell: "Freshman year of high school?! I didn't have hair on a lot of my body parts then!"(24:45) Nevada QB Carson Strong: He has a big chip on his shoulder.(33:58) Cincinnati QB Desmond Ridder: He bests Simms in both hand size and Kentucky city pronunciation.

    #AskMeAnything, Homies Choice Awards, and Under-Talked About Players

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 83:12

    (2:30) So why would Simms touch a dead tree anyway?(4:15) Simms discusses the report of the Dolphins trying to pull off a Sean Payton-Tom Brady package deal(15:00) What are the likeliest destinations for Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilson, and Deshaun Watson?(22:00) Who should the Bucs target at QB? And could the Eagles get in on the QB carousel using their 3 first-rounders as ammo?(24:40) Does Kyler Murray still belong among the Top 10 QBs?(28:30) It's Bengals, not Bangles(32:30) How Justin Fields exceeded expectations, and why Zach Wilson was the best rookie QB over the last month of the season(38:15) Ahmed reveals his "Under-Talked About" Awards: Are Kirk Cousins and Derek Carr the same person? Should Justin Jefferson be mentioned in the same breath as Cooper Kupp and Ja'Marr Chase?(56:00) There's a defensive player in the NFC South who you better start paying attention to(1:00:15) The Homies have chimed in with "The Homies Choice Awards" - and Simms has a bit of a bone to pick(1:16:30) The "Damn Okay" performance of the season(1:19:50) Ahmed lays the Bengals to rest with the final Requiem For A Team of the 2021 season

    WTF Happened: Super Bowl LVI recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2022 88:30

    Simms & Paul analyze the film of Super Bowl LVI. How ridiculous was Matthew Stafford's no-look? Is Joe Burrow getting a free pass? And please stop blaming the refs.

    Super Bowl LVI Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2022 53:19

    Simms and Florio recap Super Bowl LVI from SoFi Stadium

    Super Bowl LVI Picks & Props

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2022 30:25

    Simms and Florio preview Rams-Bengals and make their picks for Super Bowl LVI. Then Jay Croucher joins the guys to discuss some Super Bowl props.

    Sean McVay interview

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2022 39:47

    Simms sits down with Rams coach Sean McVay for a lengthy conversation ahead of Super Bowl LVI

    Conference Championship Recap: Bengals & Rams come back

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2022 99:39

    (1:45) Bengals def. Chiefs: What happened to Patrick Mahomes after halftime? And you can't deny Joe Burrow's swagger.(47:20) Rams def. 49ers: The LA D-line said "enough" to the running game. And Matthew Stafford keeps silencing the doubters.(1:18:15) Tom Brady retires: Or does he? Florio prays the GOAT will run it back one more year for spite.(1:30:00) Super Bowl LVI: The guys take an early look at Rams-Bengals.(1:38:15) Requiem for a Team: A little thing like the Olympics won't stop Ahmed from burying the 49ers and Chiefs.

    Conference Championship Picks: "The evil eye"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2022 52:56

    (5:45) AFC Championship: Bengals at Chiefs(29:30) NFC Championship: 49ers at Rams(45:40) Championship Sunday Props(49:05) Best Bet & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    WTF Happened: Divisional Recap & Conf. Champ Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 103:07

    (7:30) Chiefs offense: Patrick Mahomes is the "f*cking zen master now," and defenses can't play him the same way anymore.(28:00) Chiefs defense: Chris was surprised when he looked at how they guarded Stefon Diggs.(34:50) Bengals defense: How Mike Hilton turned a close call to a game-changing INT.(48:50) Bengals offense: It's "buyer beware" playing man-to-man vs Ja'Marr Chase.(54:10) Rams offense: The Buccaneers should have given more respect to Matthew Stafford.(1:01:55) Rams defense: "The D-line SHOWED UP. I expected it, but I didn't expect THAT."(1:05:50) 49ers offense: The Packers wasted their best defensive game of the year.(1:20:10) 49ers defense: They rattled Aaron Rodgers, but how much blame should he get?(1:34:00) Playoff props: Who will finish with the most receiving & rushing yds this postseason?

    Divisional Recap: "An unbelievable f**ing weekend!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2022 90:46

    (3:00) Chiefs def. Bills: "The greatest quarterback duel I've ever seen." Plus has Chris finally changed his mind on the NFL's OT rules?(29:10) Rams def. Buccaneers: "You have to whup a team's @ss to turn the ball over 4 times and still win." And have we seen the last of Tom Brady?(43:40) 49ers def. Packers: "One team that's good with a Super Bowl QB, and the other team that's great with just a good QB." And have we seen the last of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay?(1:02:45) Bengals def. Titans: Was this a disaster for Ryan Tannehill? Did the Titans put too much trust in Derrick Henry? And is Burrow to Chase the best QB-WR connection for years to come?(1:19:50) Super Bowl MVP Props: Don't sleep on Deebo Samuel(1:24:40) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed has a homie submission to help us say goodbye to the Divisional losers

    Divisional Picks: "My Homie vs Giddy Up!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 53:01

    (3:50) Bengals at Titans(15:50) 49ers at Packers(29:30) Rams at Buccaneers(40:35) Bills at Chiefs(50:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

    WTF Happened: Divisional Preview + Big Phil's robes

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 98:07

    (4:10) 49ers vs Packers: What has changed since their Week 3 nailbiter? Can the Packers still hang with the Shanahan run game? How can Aaron Rodgers expose the SF defense the way Dallas didn't?(32:45) Rams vs Buccaneers: The Rams run is setting up big plays to OBJ. And can the LA front four get to Brady?(49:40) Bills vs Chiefs: This is not the same KC defense that lost in Week 5. But can either D stop Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes right now?(59:30) Big Phil joins to explain his Daniel Jones-Kyler Murray comments.(1:07:20) Bengals vs Titans: Is Tennessee being overlooked? And "Ja'Marr Chase is one of the 5 best wide receivers in football."(1:33:20) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed lays the Wild Card losers to rest.

    Wild Card Recap: Cowboys excuses & Sleeping naked

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2022 85:45

    (4:10) 49ers def. Cowboys: Jimmy G's throws "are astounding to me." And Chris can't believe Dak Prescott's excuses.(28:50) Buccaneers def. Eagles: "This is what worries me about the 7 seed in the playoffs." And what does the future hold for Jalen Hurts?(43:40) Chiefs def. Steelers: "I've never seen a team like this in my life"(50:15) Bills def. Patriots: "Josh Allen is arguably the best player in football." And  can Mac Jones beat the better QBs of the NFL?(1:10:45) Bengals def. Raiders: In defense of Derek Carr.(1:17:45) Super Bowl odds: What's the best bet right now?(1:19:10) Cardinals-Rams Preview: Do you trust Kyler Murray or Matthew Stafford?

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