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Chris Simms takes an unfiltered look at the NFL, featuring player access, unabashed opinion, X&O film breakdown, and stories from a life in and around football.

Chris Simms

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    WTF Happened: Divisional Recap & Conf. Champ Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 103:07

    (7:30) Chiefs offense: Patrick Mahomes is the "f*cking zen master now," and defenses can't play him the same way anymore.(28:00) Chiefs defense: Chris was surprised when he looked at how they guarded Stefon Diggs.(34:50) Bengals defense: How Mike Hilton turned a close call to a game-changing INT.(48:50) Bengals offense: It's "buyer beware" playing man-to-man vs Ja'Marr Chase.(54:10) Rams offense: The Buccaneers should have given more respect to Matthew Stafford.(1:01:55) Rams defense: "The D-line SHOWED UP. I expected it, but I didn't expect THAT."(1:05:50) 49ers offense: The Packers wasted their best defensive game of the year.(1:20:10) 49ers defense: They rattled Aaron Rodgers, but how much blame should he get?(1:34:00) Playoff props: Who will finish with the most receiving & rushing yds this postseason?

    Divisional Recap: "An unbelievable f**ing weekend!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2022 90:46

    (3:00) Chiefs def. Bills: "The greatest quarterback duel I've ever seen." Plus has Chris finally changed his mind on the NFL's OT rules?(29:10) Rams def. Buccaneers: "You have to whup a team's @ss to turn the ball over 4 times and still win." And have we seen the last of Tom Brady?(43:40) 49ers def. Packers: "One team that's good with a Super Bowl QB, and the other team that's great with just a good QB." And have we seen the last of Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay?(1:02:45) Bengals def. Titans: Was this a disaster for Ryan Tannehill? Did the Titans put too much trust in Derrick Henry? And is Burrow to Chase the best QB-WR connection for years to come?(1:19:50) Super Bowl MVP Props: Don't sleep on Deebo Samuel(1:24:40) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed has a homie submission to help us say goodbye to the Divisional losers

    Divisional Picks: "My Homie vs Giddy Up!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2022 53:01

    (3:50) Bengals at Titans(15:50) 49ers at Packers(29:30) Rams at Buccaneers(40:35) Bills at Chiefs(50:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

    WTF Happened: Divisional Preview + Big Phil's robes

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 98:07

    (4:10) 49ers vs Packers: What has changed since their Week 3 nailbiter? Can the Packers still hang with the Shanahan run game? How can Aaron Rodgers expose the SF defense the way Dallas didn't?(32:45) Rams vs Buccaneers: The Rams run is setting up big plays to OBJ. And can the LA front four get to Brady?(49:40) Bills vs Chiefs: This is not the same KC defense that lost in Week 5. But can either D stop Josh Allen or Patrick Mahomes right now?(59:30) Big Phil joins to explain his Daniel Jones-Kyler Murray comments.(1:07:20) Bengals vs Titans: Is Tennessee being overlooked? And "Ja'Marr Chase is one of the 5 best wide receivers in football."(1:33:20) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed lays the Wild Card losers to rest.

    Wild Card Recap: Cowboys excuses & Sleeping naked

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2022 85:45

    (4:10) 49ers def. Cowboys: Jimmy G's throws "are astounding to me." And Chris can't believe Dak Prescott's excuses.(28:50) Buccaneers def. Eagles: "This is what worries me about the 7 seed in the playoffs." And what does the future hold for Jalen Hurts?(43:40) Chiefs def. Steelers: "I've never seen a team like this in my life"(50:15) Bills def. Patriots: "Josh Allen is arguably the best player in football." And  can Mac Jones beat the better QBs of the NFL?(1:10:45) Bengals def. Raiders: In defense of Derek Carr.(1:17:45) Super Bowl odds: What's the best bet right now?(1:19:10) Cardinals-Rams Preview: Do you trust Kyler Murray or Matthew Stafford?

    Wild Card Picks: "It's pasta & meatballs time!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 53:26

    (5:25) #5 Raiders at #4 Bengals(19:45) #6 Patriots at #3 Bills(29:00) #7 Eagles at #2 Buccaneers(36:00) #6 49ers at #3 Cowboys(44:50) #7 Steelers at #2 Chiefs(50:25) #5 Rams at #4 Cardinals(52:20) Best Bets

    WTF Will Happen: Super Wild Card Previews

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2022 117:20

    (2:30) Raiders vs Bengals:  These "two f*ckers" could ruin the Big Play Bengals.(17:45) Darren Waller is the key for the Raiders offense.(26:00) Patriots vs Bills: Chris sees a way for the Patriots to limit Josh Allen.(43:25) The Pats can't be as "arrogant" with their run game.(52:00) Eagles vs Buccaneers: The Philly defense hasn't seen a QB like Tom Brady in a while.(1:04:00) The Eagles run on everyone...but maybe not the Bucs?(1:12:15) 49ers vs Cowboys: Can the Dallas O-line beat the San Francisco front 7?(1:17:20) "The Cowboys haven't seen a run game like this all year long."(1:24:55) Steelers vs Chiefs: There's one way the Pittsburgh D could win this game.(1:32:10) "They can't be the dink-and-dunk Steelers this game."(1:36:05) Cardinals vs Rams: "This is a coin flip"(1:41:05) Wild Card Prop: Who will be the highest-scoring team this weekend?(1:45:00) Play of the F*cking Day: What play would the Raiders have run if the Chargers didn't call timeout?

    Week 18 Recap: Steelers alive + Chris kisses Ahmed's feet

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2022 94:06

    (3:50) Raiders def. Chargers: Las Vegas had plenty of reason to play for the win. And Justin Herbert deserved better.(19:25) Steelers def. Ravens: Contrary to rumors, Ahmed did not bet on Pittsburgh.(26:15) Jaguars def. Colts: "It was a straight up buttwhupping...and then Carson Wentz dumb sh!t started happening."(30:40) 49ers def. Rams: Damn! Okay...Kyle Shanahan, who makes everything happen.(39:50) Saints def. Falcons: Kudos to Alvin Kamara and Sean Payton.(42:20) Seahawks def. Cardinals: Chris doesn't know if this Arizona offense can last in the playoffs.(46:30) Buccaneers def. Panthers: What is Antonio Brown thinking as Rob Gronkowski racks up incentives?(49:50) Dolphins def. Patriots: Miami did Brian Flores wrong.(56:45) Bills def. Jets: Does Buffalo want the Pats coming to town again?(1:01:20) Cowboys def. Eagles: "Wow they moved the ball against third stringers! That did nothing for me."(1:04:05) Chiefs def. Broncos: "What is Patrick Mahomes looking at?"(1:06:20) Browns def. Bengals: Can we believe the Baker Mayfield reports? And we can't wait to watch Cincy in the playoffs.(1:08:50) Titans def. Texans: Why isn't Tennessee the AFC favorite?(1:15:30) Lions def. Packers: Green Bay is the top seed, but Chris like a value pick to win the NFC.(1:21:10) Vikings def. Bears: Which fired head coach could be a head coach again next year?(1:25:00) Washington def. Giants: New York can't bring back Joe Judge, can they?(1:27:20) Requiem For A Team: Ahmed eulogizes the Colts, Chargers, Ravens, and Saints.(1:29:30) The Grand Finale: "I will celebrate this moment for all of Steelers nation."

    Week 18 Picks: "There are no great teams"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2022 53:06

    (2:45) Saturday: Chiefs at Broncos(6:30) Saturday: Cowboys at Eagles(10:35) Steelers at Ravens(12:55) Bengals at Browns(15:00) Packers at Lions(18:00) Titans at Texans(19:50) Colts at Jaguars(22:55) Bears at Vikings(25:00) Washington at Giants(26:15) Seahawks at Cardinals(30:15) Saints at Falcons(33:00) 49ers at Rams(35:30) Panthers at Buccaneers(40:20) Jets at Bills(42:25) Patriots at Dolphins(45:20) SNF: Chargers at Raiders(49:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    WTF Happened: Burrow hits the tablet + Ahmed won't curse

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 99:25

    (4:05) Chiefs offense: "Run it again! Run it again!"(15:25) Bengals offense: How Ja'Marr Chase scared Steve Spagunolo, and Simms has a confession about the Bengals uniforms.(45:30) Cowboys offense: An overrated O-line, basic offense, and Dak's mechanics has Chris concerned.(1:01:15) Cardinals offense: Chase Edmonds is a difference-maker, but should they be tempted by Antonio Brown?(1:08:40) NFC West odds: Chris seems some value on the Cardinals.(1:13:40) Colts offense: Can Indy trust Carson Wentz in the playoffs?(1:22:35) Raiders offense: How Hunter Renfrow is the key to opening their offense.(1:27:20) Play of the F*cking Day: Tom Brady's game-winner, and Chris sneaks in a Zach Wilson laser.

    Week 17 Recap: Burrow to Chase & "We're going streaking!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 3, 2022 104:13

    (3:00) Bengals def. Chiefs: Ja'Marr Chase torches KC. And Joe Burrow should be the favorite for an award.(15:45) Titans def. Dolphins: Tennessee's run game is real. Plus, "I'm a believer in the future of the Dolphins."(22:45) Packers def. Vikings: Chris takes the "L" on Davante Adams. And should Mike Zimmer be done in Minnesota?(35:40) Cardinals def. Cowboys: "This was a big one for Arizona."(41:50) Rams def. Ravens: Damn! Okay...OBJ! But can you rely on Matthew Stafford in the playoffs?(47:45) Bills def. Falcons: Does Buffalo have a run game now?(51:30) Patriots def. Jaguars: Mac Jones gets right heading into the playoffs.(55:25) Raiders def. Colts:  "I am amazed by what the Raiders have done."(1:00:45) Chargers def. Broncos: Justin Herbert knocks out 3 AFC playoff hopefuls.(1:05:25) Buccaneers def. Jets: Antonio Brown went streaking, and no one followed. And "I f*cking love the way Zach Wilson looks."(1:14:50) 49ers def. Texans: Trey Lance makes the 49ers offense less risky.(1:20:50) Eagles def. Washington: Philly fans have fallen for Jalen Hurts (literally).(1:25:05) Saints def. Panthers: "Let my Cameron goooooooo"(1:28:05) Seahawks def. Lions: Is this it for Russell Wilson in Seattle?(1:32:00) Bears def. Giants: Joe Judge isn't doing himself any favors, on or off the field.(1:36:35) Requiem For A Team: Ahmed buries the Broncos, Dolphins, Falcons, Browns, Washington, and Vikings.(1:40:30) MNF Preview: Will the Browns ruin Big Ben's home finale?

    Week 17 Picks: "That's Bermudagrass u idiot"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2021 53:03

    (2:10) Rams at Ravens(6:35) Falcons at Bills(9:00) Giants at Bears(10:30) Chiefs at Bengals(14:35) Raiders at Colts(17:10) Jaguars at Patriots(18:50) Buccaneers at Jets(21:10) Dolphins at Titans(23:40) Eagles at Washington(27:10) Broncos at Chargers(30:40) Texans at 49ers(33:25) Cardinals at Cowboys(36:35) Panthers at Saints(39:25) Lions at Seahawks(42:55) SNF: Vikings at Packers(46:00) MNF: Browns at Steelers(50:35) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues 

    WTF Happened: Rams weak link + "Encapsulizes"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 83:59

    (3:05) Josh Allen: "Belichick called every defense under the sun. It didn't matter."(19:30) Bills linebackers: They were the key to frustrating the Patriots rushing and creating Mac Jones mistakes.(36:00) Baker Mayfield: How much blame does he deserve for his 4 INT?(41:55) Davante Adams: "The Browns treated him like he was Paul Burmeister at wide receiver"(54:20) Matthew Stafford: "The Rams have hit their groove. He's their only question for me."(1:02:15) Jimmy Garoppolo: "It's the perfect play call. I don't know what he's looking at."(1:10:40) Titans: "AJ Brown is back. It changes their football team."(1:15:45) Play of the F*^king Day: Joe Burrow gets the easiest big throw of his career.

    Week 16 Recap: Allen & Burrow shine + "That's a no-no"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 27, 2021 108:08

    (5:05) Bills def. Patriots: "Josh Allen is the greatest one-man-show in the NFL"(15:05) Bengals def. Ravens: Joe Burrow has a career day…but was throwing late when up big a "bush league" move?(23:20) Chiefs def. Steelers: “KC is not all the way back, but they're close.” And Chris' lips are looking safe.(29:30) Packers def. Browns: Is Matt LaFleur the coach of the year? And why didn't Cleveland give Nick Chubb the ball more?(39:50) Cowboys def. Washington: Chris sees the Cowboys as Super Bowl contenders again(47:35) Buccaneers def. Panthers: "You created the f**king drama, man."(55:05) Rams def. Vikings: Could Aaron Donald still win Defensive Player of the Year? Could Cooper Kupp win MVP?(1:06:10) Colts def. Cardinals: "The Colts are made for playoff football." (1:11:55) Texans def. Chargers: "The Chargers didn't f**k this up. It was a legit beating."(1:19:20) Eagles def. Giants: Offensive linemen are athletes too.(1:22:55) Raiders def. Broncos: Damn! Okay...Josh Jacobs(1:27:15) Falcons def. Lions: Kyle Pitts is getting better,  but Ahmed is protective of Mike Ditka's record.(1:29:55) Jets def. Jaguars: Would Chris still put Zach Wilson at the top of the 2021 Draft class?(1:34:45) Bears def. Seahawks: "Old Saint Nick" saves the day.(1:37:00) Requiem For A Team: We bury the Seahawks, Bears, Giants, and Panthers(1:43:00) MNF Preview: It's Dolphins-Saints, and Chris likes the under.

    Week 16 Picks: "I've never met a fan like you"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2021 53:10

    (4:20) TNF: 49ers at Titans(9:00) Christmas: Browns at Packers(13:10) Christmas: Colts at Cardinals(16:30) Lions at Falcons(19:00) Buccaneers at Panthers(21:25) Ravens at Bengals(24:50) Chargers at Texans(25:45) Rams at Vikings(27:45) Bills at Patriots(29:45) Jaguars at Jets(31:30) Giants at Eagles(33:45) Bears at Seahawks(36:10) Steelers at Chiefs(38:50) Broncos at Raiders(44:10) SNF: Washington at Cowboys(46:00) MNF: Dolphins at Saints(50:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues

    WTF Happened: Brady shut out + Under Armour toothbrush

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 88:52

    (4:00) Saints shut out Tom Brady: How New Orleans' secondary used "bastard" looks to stymy the Bucs.(34:30) Lions manhandle Cardinals: Detroit cracked the Kliff Kingsbury code. Plus "the Lions are building something for the future here."(51:40) Colts run on Pats: Chris breaks down Jonathan Taylor's vision. (1:05:55) Mac Jones mistakes: As the Colts run D "shot their gun," the rookie QB gaffed in big spots.(1:18:30) Play of the F^*king Day: The Ravens doubled Davante Adams...and still couldn't stop him.

    Week 15 Recap: Rodgers for MVP, Bosa for CPOY, & Teeth hygiene

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2021 103:56

    (4:15) Saints def. Buccaneers: Can other teams replicate what the Saints defense did? And should Tom Brady still be the MVP frontrunner?(22:30) Lions def. Cardinals: "They won that football game. It was no fluke."(32:30) Packers def. Ravens: Did Chris like the 2-pt conversion decision? And how did Tyler Huntley light up the Packers D?(46:20) Steelers def. Titans: "This was the shocker of the day for me." And we're one step closer to Chris kissing Ahmed's shoes.(55:40) Bengals def. Broncos: Damn! Okay...Germaine Pratt! (1:02:10) Bills def. Panthers: "I'm rooting for them, but Buffalo is not impressive to me."(1:10:00) Colts def. Patriots:  "The Colts are a good team. I want them in the playoffs."(1:16:45) 49ers def. Falcons: Why isn't Nick Bosa getting pub for Comeback Player of the Year?(1:23:10) Cowboys def. Giants: "Big D beats Little Blue"(1:27:20) Dolphins def. Jets: Duke Johnson's career day was the difference for Miami.(1:30:45) Texans def. Jaguars: Has Davis Mills had a better rookie year than Trevor Lawrence? And Chris has a punishment for fans who run on the field.(1:36:30) Monday (and Tuesday) Night Preview: Chris gives his picks for all the football fun over the next 2 nights.

    Week 15 Picks: Saturday Football + Conspiracy Chris

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 52:58

    (3:15) TNF: Chiefs at Chargers(7:30) Saturday: Raiders at Browns(12:15) Saturday: Patriots at Colts(15:45) Panthers at Bills(17:45) Cardinals at Lions(19:15) Texans at Jaguars(21:05) Jets at Dolphins(22:25) Cowboys at Giants(24:30) Washington at Eagles(26:40) Titans at Steelers(30:00) Bengals at Broncos(32:50) Falcons at 49ers(34:55) Packers at Ravens(38:05) Seahawks at Rams(43:40) SNF: Saints at Buccaneers(45:45) MNF: Vikings at Bears(48:40) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    WTF Happened: Burrow & Allen magic + "Twelve threes?!"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 91:04

    (4:30) George Kittle: Zac Taylor says the Bengals tried to take the star TE away. The film says different.(12:30) Joe Burrow & Ja'Marr Chase: They used their chemistry to beat the Niners Cover-2.(24:30) Buccaneers offense: They were unstoppable in the 1st half. So what (or who) slowed the down in the 2nd?(43:15) Josh Allen: Did the Bucs back off him in the 2nd half?(52:30) Patrick Mahomes: "The Raiders are too basic."(57:30) Chiefs Defense: "He's as dominant as any guy in football right now."(1:06:50) Dak Prescott: His bad mechanics are leading to big mistakes.(1:15:10) Micah Parsons: "I'm not saying he's Lawrence Taylor yet..."(1:19:30) Browns offense: Chris calls BS on Baker Mayfield's "conservative" complaints.(1:22:50) Play of the F^@*ing Day: Justin Herbert & Matthew Stafford air it out

    Week 14 Recap: Comebacks Fall Short & "Urban Retreat"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2021 96:49

    (4:15) Bucs def. Bills: Tom Brady gets the win, but he wasn't the best QB on the field.(20:45) 49ers def. Bengals: Chris wouldn't be surprised to see either of these teams Championship Sunday.(28:30) Browns def. Ravens: Ahmed and Chris debate whether John Harbaugh should have gone for two.(40:15) Cowboys def. Washington: Should Micah Parsons be the DPOY frontrunner? And what's up with Dak Prescott?(53:30) Packers def. Bears: Damn! Okay Aaron Rodgers! But will Green Bay's special teams be their undoing?(1:03:20) Chiefs def. Raiders: Las Vegas switched up their gameplan for Patrick Mahomes, but it didn't make a difference.(1:08:30) Chargers def. Giants: Justin Herbert is off the charts (literally). Is he the best deep thrower in the NFL?(1:11:20) Broncos def. Lions: A final Damn! Okay for Demaryius Thomas.(1:15:20) Saints def. Jets: Alvin Kamara is back in a big way. And does Chris still believe in Zach Wilson?(1:21:30) Titans def. Jaguars: "Urban Retreat" for the Jaguars. And does Chris still believe in Trevor Lawrence?(1:24:20) Falcons def. Panthers: "No Cam Do"(1:27:10) Seahawks def. Texans: "Penny Lockett (is that a real thing?)"(1:29:45) Requiem for a Team: Ahmed has written eulogies for the 2021 Texans, Jaguars, Jets, & Lions(1:32:45) MNF Preview: Can the Rams upset the Cardinals?

    Week 14 Picks: My Boy Blue vs Brady & The Florio Bowl

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2021 52:45

    (3:10) TNF: Steelers at Vikings(8:30) Falcons at Panthers(11:05) Ravens at Browns(13:40) Seahawks at Texans(16:00) Raiders at Chiefs(20:05) Saints at Jets(21:40) Jaguars at Titans(23:10) Cowboys at Washington(28:10) Lions at Broncos(31:40) Giants at Chargers(36:00) 49ers at Bengals(39:00) Bills at Buccaneers(43:50) Bears at Packers(46:50) Rams at Cardinals(49:05) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    WTF Happened: Lamar vs the blitz + striking out 5-year-olds

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 99:33

    (4:10) Justin Herbert: Why doesn't he always throw it deep this often?(22:00) Joe Burrow: The Chargers kept the pressure on him.(30:40) 49ers defense: "They let the Seahawks offense off the hook"(40:20) 49ers offense: Is it time to turn to Trey Lance?(44:50) Jamal Adams: Has trading for him been a failure for the Seahawks?(49:00) Steelers offense: How did the Ravens aggressiveness open the door for Big Ben?(1:05:00) Lamar Jackson: Why is he struggling vs the blitz? And Devin Bush almost was the goat on the 2-point conversion.(1:23:15) Play(s) of the F*^*ing Day: Damien Harris breaks through,  and the Lions finally get a win.

    Week 13 Recap: Kyler's back + "Want to touch the Heinicke"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2021 98:38

    (3:40) Steelers def. Ravens: Chris is 1 game closer to kissing Ahmed's feet. And are this year's Ravens last year's Steelers?(14:05) Chargers def. Bengals: Is the LA run defense improving? And Simms demonstrates how much Joe Burrow's pinky affects his throwing motion.(27:00) Chiefs def Broncos: Despite the win, Patrick Mahomes still looks out of sync.(38:50) Cardinals def. Bears: "Nobody's played better than Kyler Murray this year." And is this it for Matt Nagy?(47:15) Rams def. Jaguars: Matthew Stafford gets right, with a hand from Sony Michel.(51:25) Seahawks def. 49ers: Simms can't win when it comes to analyzing Jimmy Garoppolo.(1:03:30) Buccaneers def. Falcons: Should Tom Brady be the MVP frontrunner right now?(1:09:10) Colts def. Texans: In a deep AFC, Chris still likes Indy to make the playoffs.(1:13:00) Lions def. Vikings: How was Amon-Ra St. Brown wide open on the last play?(1:18:25) Dolphins def. Giants: The stats are misleading, but "you can win with Tua."(1:22:55) Washington def. Raiders: "So hot. Want to touch the Heinicke."(1:28:50) Eagles def. Jets: "Fan bases fall in love with him, as they should."(1:32:30) MNF Preview: The Bills defense is great, but Chris doesn't like how they match up with the Patriots.

    Week 13 Picks: Bills-Pats & "The shepherd's pretty good too"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 52:56

    (2:20) TNF: Cowboys at Saints(5:45) Buccaneers at Falcons(8:30) Cardinals at Bears(11:00) Chargers at Bengals(14:40) Vikings at Lions(17:20) Colts at Texans(19:30) Giants at Dolphins(22:45) Eagles at Jets(26:15) Jaguars at Rams(29:10) Washington at Raiders(32:50) Ravens at Steelers(35:45) 49ers at Seahawks(41:20) SNF: Broncos at Chiefs(44:45) MNF: Patriots at Bills(49:50) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    WTF Happened: Vrabel vs BB + "You can't be simple AND stupid"

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 126:58

    (3:45) Dolphins defense: How did they do a midseason 180?(30:00) Patriots defense: They won, but how did they allow 270 rush yds to the Titans?(43:00) Big Phil: He joins to talk about what's wrong with Matthew Stafford, how much blame to put on Baker Mayfield, and if the Giants should exercise Daniel Jones' 5th-year option. (1:18:10) 49ers offense: How Deebo Samuel has the Shanahan offense back at full speed.(1:38:45) Rams defense: "You can be simple. You can be stupid. But you can't be simple AND stupid."(1:53:30) Packers defense: "They knew what was coming."

    Week 12 Recap: Leonard FOURnette + "I will kiss your feet"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 94:55

    (3:05) Packers def. Rams: Chris praises Green Bay's best defender, while LA looks like a box office dud.(16:00) Buccaneers def. Colts: No Leonard FOURnette pun is too obvious for Ahmed. And Chris defends Frank Reich's playcalling.(24:40) 49ers def. Vikings: "Not your average Deebo" is leading the surging Shanahans.(35:05) Patriots def. Titans: Is New England the best team in the AFC? And how did Tennessee run all over them...and lose?(43:30) Bengals def. Steelers: "I will get down and kiss your feet if the Steelers make the playoffs." (52:25) Ravens def. Browns: Should Cleveland bench Baker Mayfield for Case Keenum? Should Chris let his son make his SNF picks?(1:04:10) AFC North odds: There's one team that Chris trusts the most.(1:10:30) Broncos def. Chargers: Patrick Surtain is better than Chris thought he would be. And who is LA not more explosive with Justin Herbert?(1:17:10) Dolphins def. Panthers: Why did it take us so long to see this Miami defense?(1:23:40) Giants def. Eagles: Jalen Hurts makes game-killing mistakes, and Chris preaches patience with Joe Judge.(1:27:50) Jets def. Texans: Chris knows what advice he'll give next time he sees Zach Wilson.(1:30:15) Falcons def. Jaguars: Cordarrelle Patterson is fueling the Falcons offense.(1:32:05) MNF Preview: Does Chris like the Seahawks or Washington tonight?

    Week 12 Picks: Thanksgiving + "Why do you hate me?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 52:56

    (1:40) Thanksgiving: Bears at Lions(4:30) Thanksgiving: Raiders at Cowboys(7:45) Thanksgiving: Bills at Saints(11:00) Steelers at Bengals(14:10) Jets at Texans(16:35) Buccaneers at Colts(19:45) Falcons at Jaguars(22:10) Panthers at Dolphins(26:10) Titans at Patriots(29:45) Eagles at Giants(36:10) Chargers at Broncos(38:35) Rams at Packers(41:30) Vikings at 49ers(44:15) SNF: Browns at Ravens(46:30) MNF: Seahawks at Washington(49:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    Week 11 Recap: Damn! Okay Jonathan Taylor + "Taking Cookies"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 100:19

    (3:30) Chargers def. Steelers: Justin Herbert beat a "simple" Steelers defense, and Big Ben doesn't need practice.(14:00) Chiefs def. Cowboys: How has Kansas City turned around its defense?(23:30) Eagles def. Saints: Does Philly have the best run game in the NFL right now?(29:40) Colts def. Bills: Is Jonathan Taylor the best RB in the NFL? And "the Bills offense is a mirage."(41:10) Vikings def. Packers: Is Kirk Cousins having a top tier QB season? And is Justin Jefferson the best WR in the NFL?(55:40) Texans def. Titans: "I'm not panicked about the Titans"(1:00:45) Cardinals def. Seahawks: Colt McCoy does it again. Is the league starting to "figure out" Russell Wilson?(1:08:15) Washington def. Panthers: "Superman Returns, but Rivera Revenges"(1:13:45) Ravens def. Bears: Tyler Huntley comes through, while Chris hates yet another Matt Nagy decision.(1:20:50) Bengals def. Raiders: "Bengals are in the Mix(on)"(1:24:45) Browns def. Lions: Is Cleveland still a potential playoff team?(1:28:45) 49ers def. Jaguars: Deebo Samuel is a weapon, while Trevor Lawrence wants to be more accurate.(1:33:20) Dolphins def. Jets: "The Jets could have won this game"(1:35:45) MNF Preview: Chris the Giants to keep it close, but is he calling the upset over the Bucs?

    Week 11 Picks: Cam vs Rivera + "It's getting personal"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 52:21

    (4:10) TNF: Patriots at Falcons(6:55) Colts at Bills(10:45) Washington at Panthers(13:50) Ravens at Bears(16:15) Lions at Browns(20:15) 49ers at Jaguars(22:45) Packers at Vikings(25:15) Dolphins at Jets(26:30) Saints at Eagles(28:50) Texans at Titans(30:15) Bengals at Raiders(33:15) Cowboys at Chiefs(35:50) Cardinals at Seahawks(40:10) SNF: Steelers at Chargers(42:35) MNF: Giants at Buccaneers(45:30) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    WTF Happened: Pats championship D + Deebo's 4th down TD

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 109:07

    (3:20) Patriots defense: After dominating the Browns, does New England have a championship defense?  Plus, Chris explains what it means for a cornerback to "steal the seams."(39:15) Mac Jones: "It's never going to be the sexiest thing on Earth. Neither was Tom Brady."(50:10) Eagles offense: They have done an about-face and are playing the perfect way for Jalen Hurts.(1:08:10) Bills offense: After Chris was so worried about them last week, they did something completely different against the Jets.(1:22:15) Buccaneers offense: Tom Brady got hit early, and then left a lot of yards on the field.(1:39:15) Play of the F*#%ing Day: You voted, so Chris breaks down the Deebo Samuel TD on 4th-and-6.

    Week 10 Recap: Cam is back, Mahomes on track

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 102:34

    (3:25) Chiefs def. Raiders: Patrick Mahomes looks like his old self, but Chris still has some concerns. Also, Ahmed wonders if fans can be upset about postgame jersey swaps.(19:50) Cowboys def. Falcons: Stop blitzing Dak Prescott.(26:30) Bills def. Jets: Has Chris stopped worrying about the Buffalo offense? And the Mike White hype is (thankfully) dead.(33:25) Panthers def. Cardinals: PJ Walker "did a good job," but should the Panthers still start Cam Newton?(42:40) Packers def. Seahawks: Russ and Rodgers returned, but the Green Bay D stole the show(49:35) Patriots def. Browns: "This is the most shocking final score of the weekend"(57:30) Offensive Rookie of the Year: Can Mac Jones win over Ja'Marr Chase?(1:00:35) Titans def. Saints: Jeffery Simmons is moving up the F*** Up The Play ranks. And Simms is tired of referees deciding games.(1:08:20) Vikings def. Chargers: Ahmed chokes out an amazing stat about Minnesota. And is LA still a playoff contender?(1:14:40) Washington def. Buccaneers: "This is why Tom Brady isn't a Top 5 QB at age 44."(1:21:00) Eagles def. Broncos: "Teddy B...the B is for Business decision." And don't count Philly out yet.(1:27:55) Lions & Steelers tie: It's been a historic couple weeks for Detroit. And is the Steelers QB of the future on the roster?(1:35:05) Colts def. Jaguars: Another "weird' win for Indy(1:37:50) MNF Preview - Rams at 49ers - San Francisco is desperate, but will that make a difference?

    Week 10 Picks: Russ returns + "I can't get behind KC"

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 53:20

    (3:20) TNF: Ravens at Dolphins(7:25) Falcons at Cowboys(11:00) Jaguars at Colts(13:50) Browns at Patriots(17:30) Bills at Jets(22:00) Lions at Steelers(25:30) Saints at Titans(29:05) Buccaneers at Washington(30:40) Panthers at Cardinals(35:10) Vikings at Chargers(37:35) Eagles at Broncos(40:00) Seahawks at Packers(45:30) SNF: Chiefs at Raiders(48:45) MNF: Rams at 49ers(51:05) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    WTF Happened: Bills/Cowboys flop + Kingsbury on point

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 100:31

    (5:00) Bills offense: How did the Jaguars shut them down, and are there long-term concerns for the fighting Josh Allens?(30:40) Cowboys offense: What derailed the Dallas offense on Sunday?(51:30) Kliff Kingsbury's offense: How did the Cardinals keep rolling even without Kyler Murray and DeAndre Hopkins?(1:14:00) Patriots run game: How did Josh McDaniels crack the code of the Panthers defense?(1:33:20) Jordan Love: Did he look any better on film review?(1:35:30) Play of the F***ing Day: We marvel at Kevin Byard's pick-six.

    Week 9 Recap: Upset Sunday

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 92:21

    (7:00) Titans def. Rams: Is Tennessee the best team in the AFC?(17:25) Cardinals def. 49ers: No Kyler. No Nuk. No problem.(28:00) Broncos def. Cowboys: "I don't care if you're Peyton Manning, if you don't practice 2 weeks you're not going to come back and set the world on fire"(34:40) Jaguars def. Bills: "I don't care what the stats are, they are not a top offense in football right now"(42:25) MVP odds: The favorite is now a QB who didn't even play this week(44:20) Browns def. Bengals: Did any QB need a good performance yesterday as much as Baker Mayfield did?(51:20) Giants def. Raiders: Can DeSean Jackson fix a hole in the Raiders offense?(56:55) Falcons def. Saints: We saw vintage Matt Ryan yesterday. (1:03:45) Chiefs def. Packers: "Yesterday was the first time I ever thought Andy Reid was managing Patrick Mahomes." Plus, Jordan Love needs to stop trying to be Aaron Rodgers.(1:16:20) Ravens def. Vikings: "Comeback wins from Lamar Jackson don't get the same publicity as others"(1:19:00) Patriots def. Panthers: Sam Darnold is still seeing ghosts. And watch out for the Patriots.(1:23:30) Chargers def. Eagles: Justin Herbert is back on track.(1:26:20) Dolphins def. Texans: "Nine times!"(1:29:20) MNF Preview: Chris expects the Bears to hang around with the Steelers

    Week 9 Picks: Mahomes vs Love?! + Florio splits the baby

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 53:02

    (3:40) TNF: Jets at Colts(6:15) Vikings at Ravens(9:50) Patriots at Panthers(12:50) Browns at Bengals(15:35) Broncos at Cowboys(18:50) Bills at Jaguars(21:15) Texans at Dolphins(24:15) Falcons at Saints(26:10) Raiders at Giants(29:20) Chargers at Eagles(32:50) Packers at Chiefs(35:00) Cardinals at 49ers(40:40) SNF: Titans at Rams(46:30) MNF: Bears at Steelers(49:55) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    Aaron Rodgers out + WTF Happened: Tom Brady & Carson Wentz

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 101:18

    (2:20) Big Phil: He's back on the pod for the first time this season, on his 66th birthday no less.(4:50) Packers-Chiefs: Is Jordan Love ready for his first start? And Phil talks about a time when he was in a rut like Patrick Mahomes.(22:20) Cowboys: Dallas "has a Super Bowl roster," and Chris and Phil are struggling to find a weakness.(26:05) Bengals: How did they let Mike White carve them up? And Phil didn't like their offensive approach either.(39:00) Carson Wentz: Chris breaks down his costly mistakes vs the Titans, and picks a prop bet on how many INT he will throw Thursday night.(54:15) Titans: Should they change to a pass-heavy offense without Derrick Henry?(58:25) Tom Brady: What did the Saints do so well against him? And what other teams can replicate it?(1:25:20) Saints offense: Should they start Trevor Siemian or Taysom Hill?(1:29:15) Browns offense: What is holding them back? OBJ? Baker? Kevin Stefanski?(1:34:55) Steelers offense: "This reminds me of the Duck Hodges/Mason Rudolph approach."

    Week 8 Recap + Von Miller to Rams, Derrick Henry done?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 96:55

    (4:55) Derrick Henry injured + Titans def. Colts: Tennessee gets a big win, but did they lose the most irreplaceable non-QB in the NFL?(23:00) Steelers def. Browns: "This is Pittsburgh football! This is their best chance to win f***ing games."(28:45) Patriots def. Chargers: Is the NFL catching up to the LA offense? Is Mac Jones the best rookie QB this season?(37:40) Jets def. Bengals: Mike White had a great game, but slow your roll on the Zach Wilson QB controversy.(47:50) Saints def. Buccaneers: Can other teams frustrate Tom Brady like New Orleans does?(53:30) Cowboys def. Vikings: The passing charts tell it all for Cooper Rush & Kirk Cousins.(1:02:10) Seahawks def. Jaguars: Does this change Chris' season-long outlook for Seattle?(1:06:05) 49ers def. Bears: Justin Fields had best game. And are the 49ers the best team outside the NFC playoff bubble right now?(1:12:40) Rams def. Texans: BREAKING NEWS: Von Miller is headed to LA(1:19:35) Bills def. Dolphins: Josh Allen came through late, but does he deserve to be the MVP favorite right now?(1:23:50) Broncos def. Washington: "Who Blewitt less?"(1:26:55) Panthers def. Falcons: "Cats always eat birds..." (1:29:20) Eagles def. Lions: "...except when they don't." And we have a nickname for Boston Scott(1:32:35) MNF Preview: Chris thinks the Giants match up well with the Chiefs, but is he calling an upset?

    Week 8 Picks: Disagreements Galore

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 53:10

    (3:45) TNF: Packers at Cardinals(7:25) Panthers at Falcons(9:40) Dolphins at Bills(11:35) 49ers at Bears(13:35) Steelers at Browns(17:40) Eagles at Lions(22:05) Rams at Texans(24:15) Titans at Colts(26:45) Bengals at Jets(30:00) Patriots at Chargers(32:50) Jaguars at Seahawks(35:45) Washington at Broncos(38:35) Buccaneers at Saints(42:30) SNF: Cowboys at Vikings(44:45) MNF: Giants at Chiefs(47:55) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    WTF Happened: Bad Mahomes & Big Play Bengals

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 102:36

    (6:00) Patrick Mahomes: He's not trusting his blockers or seeing things correctly.(30:15) Big Play Bengals: "There's no corner in football who can cover Ja'Marr Chase 1-on-1." And how did Joe Burrow do what Justin Herbert couldn't?(44:45) Ravens offense: Is their running game overrated? And why couldn't they handle the Bengals blitz?(52:10) Bears offense: Justin Fields is making mistakes, but the Chicago gameplan gave him "no chance."(1:03:00) 49ers offense: Chris debunks a conspiracy theory about whether he'll be the next Niners GM. The truth is out there.(1:08:30) Panthers offense: Sam Darnold is reading plays wrong, but Joe Brady's offense isn't helping.(1:21:35) QB Injuries: Former NFL athletic trainer Mike Ryan joins to give more details on the outlooks for Baker Mayfield, Dak Prescott, Patrick Mahomes, and Russell Wilson.

    Week 7 Recap: Titans thump Chiefs & #NationalTightEndsDay

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 92:53

    (3:20) Titans def. Chiefs: Is this a lost season for the Chiefs? And where do the Titans rank among AFC contenders?(15:50) Bengals def. Ravens: The big play Bengals and Ja'Marr Chase are unstoppable.(24:50) Rams def. Lions: Ahmed starts building his Matthew Stafford Hall of Fame case.(34:25) Buccaneers def. Bears: Despite 5 turnovers, Chris is still impressed by Justin Fields. And Ahmed is mad about the fan who had to give Tom Brady's ball back.(45:00) Cardinals def. Texans: Zach Ertz kicks off a #NationalTightEndsDay edition of Damn! Okay (52:50) Packers def. Washington: "WFT played well enough to steal this game"(58:20) Raiders def. Eagles: Chris has changed his opinion on Vegas, and we're seeing some shade thrown at Jon Gruden.(1:05:50) Falcons def. Dolphins: "He's the freakiest of all the tight ends in football." And is Chris now higher on Tua than most?(1:12:30) Patriots def. Jets: Kyle Dugger leads off a defensive Robin Hood segment(1:17:15) Colts def. 49ers: "They're the sleeping giant in the playoffs." And what's wrong with Kyle Shanahan's offense?(1:25:50) Giants def. Panthers: Sam Darnold isn't the only one struggling on Carolina's offense.

    Week 7 Picks: Stafford-Goff Double Revenge Game

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 52:59

    (3:30) TNF: Broncos at Browns(8:15) Bengals at Ravens(12:10) Washington at Packers(14:30) Falcons at Dolphins(17:00) Jets at Patriots(19:50) Panthers at Giants(23:40) Chiefs at Titans(26:45) Lions at Rams(31:25) Eagles at Raiders(35:15) Texans at Cardinals(38:00) Bears at Buccaneers(42:30) SNF: Colts at 49ers(47:45) MNF: Saints at Seahawks(50:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues Pick

    WTF Happened: Herbert confused & Carr hits it deep

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 84:51

    (3:45) Ravens defense: How did they confuse Justin Herbert?(21:25) Cardinals defense: They went all-out to stop the Browns run game.(31:55)  Browns defense: Another blown coverage leads to a TD.(39:40)  Chiefs defense: How forcing the issue helped them turn it around.(52:50)  Derek Carr & Teddy Bridgewater: One hit the deep ball, while the other didn't.(1:06:55)  Trevon Diggs: Does he take any blame for the Kendrick Bourne TD?(1:12:25)  Carson Wentz: Time to notice how well he's slinging it

    Week 6 Recap: Cowboys can win it all, Rodgers owns Bears

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 90:24

    (2:45) Cowboys def. Patriots: "The whole adage of 'defense wins championships' is done."(14:00) Packers def. Bears: Aaron Rodgers owns the Bears, and he has a top 3 RB tandem to help.(22:20) Cardinals def. Browns: "The AZ front whipped the crap out of the Cleveland O-line, and that was the surprise to me."(30:40) Chiefs def. Washington: What changed with the KC defense?(41:35) Ravens def. Chargers: Chris underestimated the Ravens run game. And what has Lamar improved with his throwing mechanics?(47:50) Vikings def. Panthers: Minnesota is back in the playoff race, while we're concerned about the Carolina offense.(56:00) Steelers def. Seahawks: Damn! Okay...T.J. Watt did what he's paid to do.(1:03:00) Raiders def. Broncos: Maxx Crosby is making the leap, while the Vegas offense didn't miss a beat.(1:06:35) Bengals def. Lions: "Cincinnati's not going anywhere. Get used to this."(1:10:00) Rams def. Giants: "The Greatest Show on Surf"(1:15:10) Colts def. Texans: Jonathan Taylor is bringing Indy back into the AFC South race.(1:18:50) Jaguars def. Dolphins: Did this win save Urban Meyer's job?(1:24:30) Ahmed Fareed's Spencer Rattler, no wait, Sam Howell, no wait, Matt Corral, no wait...Power Rankings: Who is pushing hard for the top pick in the 2022 Draft

    Week 6 Picks: Kyler vs Baker & Threading the Needle

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 52:59

    (3:10) TNF: Buccaneers at Eagles(6:10) Dolphins at Jaguars (hello London again!)(10:50) Chargers at Ravens(14:00) Vikings at Panthers(16:25) Packers at Bears(18:40) Bengals at Lions(21:05) Texans at Colts(23:10) Rams at Giants(25:55) Chiefs at Washington(28:15) Cardinals at Browns(34:30) Raiders at Broncos(36:45) Cowboys at Patriots(41:45) SNF: Seahawks at Steelers(45:30) MNF: Bills at Titans(50:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

    WTF Happened: Chiefs woes, OBJ, & Trey Lance

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 88:48

    (4:30) Chiefs disastrous D: What's wrong with it, and is it fixable?(23:45) Chiefs offense: Why did they abandon the run?(33:30)  Browns confused coverage: How did Justin Herbert keep torching them?(44:00)  Odell Beckham Jr: "I'm ready to give up on it...It's like he's not on Baker's radar."(59:45)  Davante Adams: How do the Packers keep abusing defenses with him?(1:12:30)  Trey Lance: "There's some wow, and there's some whoa."(1:22:10)  Najee Harris: "He's Le'Veon Bell 2.0"

    Week 5 Recap: Allen and Herbert making MVP case

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 91:47

    (3:45) Bills def. Chiefs: "Patrick Mahomes is not 100%" and are the Bills the best team in the NFL?(16:20) Chargers def. Browns: Justin Herbert, MVP candidate. And Cleveland makes the wrong kind of history.(23:35) Cardinals def. 49ers: Is Arizona the best team in the NFC? And are things going south for Kyle Shanahan?(32:55) Packers def. Bengals: Ja'Marr Chase gets a victory lap. And is 200 yds enough to change Chris' mind on Davante Adams?(40:40) Steelers def. Broncos: "Chase Claypool is one of the most impressive physical specimens I've ever seen in my life"(45:30) Vikings def. Lions: "Dan Campbell is so tough he doesn't give a sh*t about crying."(50:40) Falcons def. Jets: Yes, Kyle Pitts is a generational talent. And Zach Wilson had his worst game as a pro.(56:00) Cowboys def. Giants: Trevon Diggs did it again. And where does Dallas stack up in the NFC?(1:02:55) Saints def. Washington: Marshon Lattimore won his duel, and the New Orleans offense is going in the right direction.(1:08:50) Eagles def. Panthers: "Carolina pissed this one away"(1:12:20) Bears def. Raiders: "Return of the Mack"(1:15:45) Buccaneers def. Dolphins: "Tampa can't be stopped when you play man-to-man"(1:19:15) Patriots def. Texans: Breaking down the helmet punt(1:24:45) Titans def. Jaguars: The Jags D wanted nothing to do with Derrick Henry.

    Week 5 Picks: My Boy Blue vs Mahomie

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 52:58

    (3:30) TNF: Rams at Seahawks(5:55) Jets vs Falcons (hello London!)(8:40) Eagles at Panthers(10:35) Packers at Bengals(13:20) Patriots at Texans(16:30) Titans at Jaguars(20:00) Lions at Vikings(21:40) Broncos at Steelers(24:25) Dolphins at Buccaneers(26:20) Saints at Washington(28:50) Browns at Chargers(33:30) Bears at Raiders(36:10) 49ers at Cardinals(39:50) Giants at Cowboys(44:00) SNF: Bills at Chiefs(47:20) MNF: Colts at Ravens(50:15) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

    WTF Happened Wednesday: Cowboys balance & Justin Fields bounces back

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 92:21

    (2:50) Cowboys offense: How Ezekiel Elliott and the Dallas O-line ripped off a big run.(16:45) Seahawks offense: Is it any different under Shane Waldron?(20:15) Trey Lance: How did Deebo Samuel get so wide open?(32:30) Patrick Mahomes: After missing a Tyreek Hill TD last week, he cashed in this time.(45:45) Lamar Jackson:  A Broncos safety underestimated his arm, and paid for it.(54:30) Justin Fields: As Matt Nagy says he's sticking with the rookie, Chris has a plan for how they can build around him.(1:04:50) Zach Wilson: He showed some "big kahunas" (cohones?) on his bomb to Corey Davis(1:17:00) Daniel Jones: How he and Saquon Barkley took advantage of Marshon Lattimore's coverage lapse(1:28:50) BREAKING NEWS: Stephon Gilmore traded to the Panthers

    Week 4 Recap: Brady's return & Cards make a statement

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 84:55

    (2:25) Buccaneers def. Patriots: Chris was impressed by Tom Brady, despite the underwhelming stats.(13:25) Cardinals def. Rams: Does Arizona have the best offense in the NFL?(21:30) Seahawks def. 49ers: Seattle just keeps surviving, and can Trey Lance save the 49ers offense?(29:00) Cowboys def. Panthers: Dallas kicks off an offensive-line edition of Damn! Okay(35:20) Ravens def. Broncos: Was it BS for Baltimore to run a final play to extend their rushing record?(40:30) Packers def. Steelers: Big Ben deserves the blame for Pittsburgh's offensive woes(46:30) Chiefs def. Eagles: The Kansas City offense is great, but their defense "sucks"(51:55) Bears def. Lions: "How can you go back to Andy Dalton?"(56:25) Giants def. Saints: The rest of the Giants finally matched Daniel Jones' lead.(1:03:15) Jets def. Titans: Zach Wilson gets his first win...with the new Williams Wall?(1:08:30) Browns def. Vikings: Odell Beckham is open; why can't Baker Mayfield hit him?(1:12:30) Bills def. Texans: Is Buffalo the best team in the NFL?(1:15:30) Washington def. Falcons: Taylor Heinicke is a gamer, but did we overrate the Washington D-line?(1:18:45) Colts def. Dolphins: Indy isn't dead yet, but the Dolphins offense might be

    Week 4 Picks: Brady vs the Pats

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2021 52:53

    (2:45) TNF: Jaguars at Bengals(4:40) Washington at Falcons(7:25) Texans at Bills(10:00) Lions at Bears(13:15) Panthers at Cowboys(15:40) Colts at Dolphins(17:15) Browns at Vikings(20:10) Giants at Saints(22:20) Titans at Jets(25:45) Chiefs at Eagles(27:45) Cardinals at Rams(30:10) Seahawks at 49ers(33:00) Ravens at Broncos(35:20) Steelers at Packers(38:55) SNF: Buccaneers at Patriots(45:25) MNF: Raiders at Chargers(48:00) Best Bets & Folsom Prison Blues pick

    WTF Happened Wednesday: Stafford to DJax & Mahomes misses

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 82:20

    We self-scouted ourselves and took a different approach this week to make the podcast more audio-friendly. Chris goes deep on quarters coverage, and Ahmed breaks down a flea flicker.(3:30) Packers-49ers: How the same play came up big for Green Bay on both offense & defense. And what does Jimmy Garoppolo do for the 49ers that Trey Lance doesn't?(23:55) Aaron Rodgers: Chris breaks down his beautiful TD and "that" throw to Davante Adams.(37:00) Matthew Stafford: How did DeSean Jackson get behind the Bucs?(46:40) Tom Brady: How the Rams disguised their pass rush to get to him.(55:35) Mac Jones: His arm isn't why the Patriots aren't making big plays.(58:30) Patrick Mahomes: Why did he miss a potential big play in a loss the Chiefs dominated?(1:11:10) Trevor Lawrence: Ahmed takes control of the cowboy to show how JJ Watt helped turn a flea flicker TD into a pick-six.See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at

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