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From fantasy implications to NFL draft analysis to major events, the Rotoworld Football staff has the NFL landscape covered. Listen as Josh Norris, Evan Silva, Roto Pat, Rich Hribar and Ray Summerlin give their analysis and opinions on everything happening in the NFL.

Josh Norris, Rotoworld Fantasy Football

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    4.6 from 1,147 ratings Listeners of Rotoworld Football Podcast that love the show mention: rotoworld, evan silva, daigle, josh norris, matt waldman, sigmund bloom, rsp, chris carson, reebs, silva's, denny carter, engram, winks, josh is a great host, draft fans, josh would, game by game, dbz, keep hitting, great draft.

    Ivy Insights

    The Rotoworld Football Podcast is a must-listen for anyone interested in fantasy football or looking for in-depth analysis of the NFL. Hosted by Josh Norris and featuring various guests, this podcast offers insightful discussions and breakdowns of player performance, team strategies, and game analysis.

    One of the best aspects of this podcast is the level of detail and expertise that the hosts bring to each episode. The analysis goes beyond just looking at scores and outcomes, delving into individual player stats, matchup evaluations, and even incorporating advanced analytics. This level of depth allows listeners to make more informed decisions when setting their fantasy lineups or following their favorite NFL teams.

    Another great aspect is the variety of perspectives provided by different guests on the Monday show. Each guest brings their own unique insights and expertise to analyze different games, providing a well-rounded view of the NFL landscape. This diversity adds richness and depth to the discussions, making it an engaging listen for football enthusiasts.

    However, one potential drawback of this podcast is that not everyone may agree with all the advice or opinions presented. While the in-depth analysis is valuable, personal preferences and strategies may differ from what is suggested on the show. Nevertheless, even if there are disagreements, listening to different viewpoints can help spark debates and enhance decision-making processes.

    In conclusion, The Rotoworld Football Podcast stands out as a top-notch resource for fantasy football enthusiasts and fans looking for comprehensive NFL analysis. With its in-depth breakdowns, diverse perspectives, and expert guests, it offers valuable insights that can help listeners make informed decisions in both fantasy leagues and real-life football scenarios. Give it a listen if you want to stay ahead of the game!

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    Latest episodes from Rotoworld Football Podcast

    Week 14 Preview: Bills-Chiefs, Eagles-Cowboys, Rams-Ravens + more

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2023 83:17

    (4:45) – Bills at Chiefs(12:40) – Falcons at Bucs(19:30) – Lions at Bears(24:50) – Eagles at Cowboys(29:50) – Colts at Bengals(35:15) – Texans at Jets(41:20) – Rams at Ravens(48:45) – Vikings at Raiders(54:30) – Broncos at Chargers(59:30) – Seahawks at 49ers(1:03:00) – Titans at Dolphins(1:07:40) – Packers at Giants(1:11:45) – Jaguars at Browns(1:16:50) – Panthers at Saints

    Jaguars injuries + Ranking Ezekiel Elliot, Jordan Love, De'Von Achane and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2023 56:15

    (1:20) – What to make of Zach Wilson reportedly being non-committal to reclaiming the Jets starting role(5:15) – Bengals at Jaguars Reaction: Impact of Trevor Lawrence and Christian Kirk injuries, Jake Browning impressions, Joe Mixon vs Chase Brown(24:50) – Patriots at Steelers on TNF: Streaming Ezekiel Elliott with Rhamondre Stevenson banged up, Steelers WRs with Mitchell Trubisky(32:30) – More News & Notes: Examining Jordan Love, Christian Watson, Texans WRs without Tank Dell and De'Von Achane(45:00) – RB Roundup: David Montgomery vs Jahmyr Gibbs, Dameon Pierce vs Devin Singletary(52:10) – Analyzing the Browns offense with Joe Flacco 

    Week 13 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2023 82:54

    (00:40) - Lions over the Saints: Jared Goff threw a pair of TDs.(9:30) - Buccaneers edge the Panthers: Huge day for Mike Evans.(17:25) - Cardinals top the Steelers: James Connor finds the end zone twice.(24:25) - Colts outlast the Titans: Derrick Henry gains over 100 yards.(34:40) - Falcons beat the Jets: Very little offense.(39:30) - Chargers blank the Patriots: All scoring belonged to Cameron Dicker.(47:00) - Rams defeat the Browns: Puka Nacua adventurous day.(58:25) - Texans over the Broncos: Trio of INTs for Russell Wilson.(65:15) - Dolphins rout the Commanders: Tyreek Hill dominant perfomance.(73:55) - 49ers clobber the Eagles: Brock Purdy with 4 TD passes.

    Week 13 Preview: Cardinals-Steelers, 49ers-Eagles, Chiefs-Packers and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2023 82:41

    (4:40) – Cardinals at Steelers(14:30) – Colts at Titans(19:00) – Lions at Saints(24:15) – 49ers at Eagles(31:00) – Broncos at Texans(38:20) – Falcons at Jets(42:50) – Dolphins at Commanders(48:10) – Browns at Rams(54:30) – Bengals at Jaguars(1:02:30) – Chiefs at Packers(1:10:20) – Chargers at Patriots(1:16:10) – Panthers at Buccaneers

    New Jonathan Taylor Injury + Ranking Kyren Williams, Calvin Ridley, Rashee Rice

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2023 54:13

    (1:00) – Analyzing the Panthers decision to fire Frank Reich(8:20) – Bears at Vikings Reaction: Ranking Justin Jefferson if he returns in Week 14, Justin Fields' future in Chicago + Roschon Johnson as the Bears RB1(21:40) – RB Roundup: New injury for Jonathan Taylor + Kyren Williams back in RB1 territory?(31:45) – Pat and Denny's MVP candidates after Week 12 of the season(44:00) – WR Recon: Analyzing Calvin Ridley, Zay Flowers, Rashee Rice and Jalin Hyatt

    Week 12 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2023 92:54

    (00:40) - Falcons top the Saints: Bijan Robinson finds the end zone.(14:25) - Jaguars over the Texans: Big day for Trevor Lawrence(22:15) - Colts beat the Bucs: Pair of scores for Jonathan Taylor.(29:30) - Titans defeat the Panthers: Under 200 yards for Bryce Young.(36:15) - Chiefs handle the Raiders: Isiah Pacheco comes with 2 TDs.(48:45) - Giants outlast the Patriots: Over 100 yards receiving for Jalin Hyatt.(55:20) - Broncos take care of the Browns: Javonte Williams exited with a neck injury.(65:40) - Eagles survive the Bills in OT: Jalen Hurts accounts for 5 TDs.(76:20) - Steelers get past the Browns: 9 catches for Pat Freirmuth.(83:35) - Rams rout the Cardinals: 4 TD throws for Matthew Stafford.

    More Week 12 Previews: Bills-Eagles, Ravens-Chargers and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 21, 2023 79:57

    (5:15) – Dolphins at Jets(11:20) – Saints at Falcons(18:50) – Steelers at Bengals(26:00) – Bills at Eagles(33:00) – Rams at Cardinals(38:40) – Buccaneers at Colts(44:20) – Jaguars at Texans(50:30) – Chiefs at Raiders(56:20) – Bears at Vikings(1:00:45) – Ravens at Chargers(1:08:10) – Browns at Broncos(1:11:00) – Patriots at Giants(1:14:30) – Panthers at Titans

    Cooper Kupp, De'Von Achane injuries + Thanksgiving Games Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023 56:02

    (7:00) – Analyzing injuries to Cooper Kupp and De'Von Achane(20:45) – Other Week 11 notes: Calvin Ridley breaks out, Bills offense with Joe Brady and Justin Fields impresses in return to Bears lineup, Jets turn to Tim Boyle(31:00) – Packers at Lions(41:30) – Commanders at Cowboys(49:30) – 49ers at Seahawks

    Week 11 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023 91:23

    (00:50) - Texans top the Cardinals: Up and down day for CJ Stroud.(09:20) - Browns over the Steelers: Jaylen Warren finds the end zone.(16:00) - Packers edge past the Chargers: Pair of TD passes for both QBs.(24:15) - Cowboys blow out the Panthers: Tony Pollard 21 yard TD run.(29:50) - 49ers beat the Bucs: Huge game for Brock Purdy.(40:00) - Dolphins defeat the Raiders: Tyreek Hill with 10 receptions and a score.(47:00) - Rams get past the Seahawks: Cooper Kupp leaves early with an ankle injury.(57:10) - Giants handle the Commanders: Trio of TD passes for Tommy DeVito.(65:10) - Bills clobber the Jets: Only 81 yards passing for Zach Wilson.(74:05) - Lions top the Bears: Justin Fields returns.(84:00) - Jaguars defeat the Titans: Trevor Lawrence throws for 262 yards and 2 TDs. 

    Week 12 Preview: Cardinals-Texans, Bears-Lions, Raiders-Dolphins + more

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2023 80:39

    (3:20) – Cardinals at Texans(13:00) – Chargers at Packers(18:45) – Cowboys at Panthers(26:10) – Eagles at Chiefs(32:40) – Vikings at Broncos(38:15) – Bucs at 49ers(43:30) – Bears at Lions(49:45) – Jets at Bills(56:15) – Seahawks at Rams(1:00:30) – Raiders at Dolphins(1:06:55) – Titans at Jaguars(1:10:45) – Steelers at Browns(1:16:20) – Giants at Commanders 

    Ranking James Cook, Kyler Murray + Steelers RBs

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2023 55:14

    (1:50) – Discussing the drama surrounding Trevon Diggs' tweets after the Bills loss + Buffalo firing OC Ken Dorsey (12:00) – More Broncos at Bills Impressions: Examining James Cook, Dalton Kincaid and Javonte Williams(24:55) – QB Questions: Kyler Murray as an QB1, chances Aaron Rodgers returns this season(35:30) – RB Roundup: Bijan Robinson's usage, Jahmyr Gibbs vs David Montgomery, Najee Harris vs Jaylen Warren, Ty Chandler's emergence in Minnesota(47:50) – WR Check-in: Analyzing the Chargers receivers, Noah Brown as a priority add 

    Week 10 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2023 90:17

    (00:50) - Colts outlast the Patriots: Jonathan Taylor with the lone TD.(05:50) - Texans edge the Bengals:Another big day for CJ Stroud.(14:00) - 49ers trounce the Jaguars: Brock Purdy tosses 3 scores.(21:25) - Bucs top the Titans: Mike Evans' productive afternoon.(26:45) - Lions over the Chargers: Justin Herbert throws 4 TDs in defeat.(39:15) - Steelers beat the Packers: Jaylen Warren finds the end zone.(47:15) - Cardinals knock off the Falcons: Kyler Murray's 2023 debut.(60:00) - Browns stun the Ravens: Pair of INTs for Lamar Jackson.(68:50) - Seahawks defeat the Commanders: Sam Howell w/ 3 TDs on 312 yards passing.(78:00) - Vikings over the Saints: Josh Dobbs accounts for 2 scores in his 1st Minnesota start.(85:00) - Cowboys clobber the Giants: Dak Prescott dominate in the victory.   

    Week 10 Preview: 49ers-Jaguars, Lions-Chargers + more

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2023 78:13

    (3:40) – 49ers at Jaguars(11:25) – Saints at Vikings(20:10) – Colts at Patriots(25:20) – Texans at Bengals(32:50) – Browns at Ravens(37:40) – Broncos at Bills(44:50) – Lions at Chargers(49:15) – Packers at Steelers(53:40) – Titans at Buccaneers(58:25) – Falcons at Cardinals(1:03:15) – Commanders at Seahawks(1:08:30) – Jets at Raiders(1:14:50) – Giants at Cowboys 

    Ranking Breece Hall, Bijan Robinson, C.J. Stroud and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 7, 2023 54:55

    (2:00) – Deconstructing Aaron Rodgers saying he'll be back “in a few weeks”(5:30) – Chargers at Jets Recap: Concern level with Justin Herbert, ranking Breece Hall + the continues Jets offensive woes(17:45) – Rookie News + Notes: C.J. Stroud as a Top-12 QB + Bijan Robinson's “misery index”(32:00) – Expectations for Kyler Murray in his anticipated return this week(36:55) – RB Roundup: Jahmyr Gibbs vs David Montgomery + Keaton Mitchell's viability(46:40) – New QB Impact: Aiden O'Connell with the Raiders + Josh Dobbs with the Vikings

    Week 9 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2023 94:53

    (01:10) - Vikings edge the Falcons: Josh Dobbs accounts for 3 TDs.(12:20) - Eagles top the Cowboys: Disappointing day for Tony Pollard(18:20) - Browns shutout the Cardinals: Awful game for Clayton Tune.(24:20) - Chiefs outlast the Dolphins: Patrick Mahomes throws 2 TDs.(33:30) - Texans rally past the Bucs: CJ Stroud's mammoth performance.(42:00) - Ravens clobber the Seahawks: Keaton Mitchell gains 138 yards and scores a TD.(49:00) - Packers beat the Rams: LA shutdown offensively.(52:50) - Colts defeat the Panthers: Bryce Young throws 3 INTs.(64:20) - Raiders crush the Giants: Daniel Jones exited due to injury.(75:00) - Saints over the Bears: Chris Olave with a TD catch.(84:20) - Commanders stave off the Patriots: Sam Howell threw for 325 yards.

    Week 9 Preview: Dolphins-Chiefs, Bills-Bengals, Cowboys-Eagles

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2023 81:26

    (3:50) – Dolphins at Chiefs(11:40) – Vikings at Falcons(18:45) – Commanders at Patriots(26:40) – Cowboys at Eagles(31:55) – Colts at Panthers(39:15) – Bears at Saints(43:25) – Bills at Bengals(49:40) – Giants at Raiders(54:45) – Chargers at Jets(59:20) – Seahawks at Ravens(1:07:25) – Buccaneers at Texans(1:11:35) – Rams at Packers(1:16:30) – Cardinals at Browns

    Jahmyr Gibbs, Jonathan Taylor expectations + QB injuries and a trade!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 31, 2023 51:10

    (4:10) – Impact of the Vikings losing Kirk Cousins and trading for Joshua Dobbs(11:50) – Raiders at Lions Reaction: Jahmyr Gibbs vs David Montgomery after the bye week, Jimmy Garoppolo struggles and its impact on Davante Adams and Josh Jacobs(21:00) – State of the Bills RBs after signing Leonard Fournette(24:30) – Analyzing the Rams offense amidst Matthew Stafford's thumb injury + the Commanders after trading away two DEs(30:45) – What to make of Will Levis, Jonathan Taylor's usage + the Cardinals when Kyler Murray returns(44:00) – More players of intrigue: Demario “Pop” Douglas, Bears RBs and Rashee Rice

    Week 8 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2023 101:12

    (00:50) - Saints beat the Colts: Jonathan Taylor falls just shy of 100 yards.(09:00) - Jaguars double up the Steelers: Kenny Pickett exited with a rib injury.(14:55) - Titans top the Falcons: Will Levis throws 4 TDs.(24:00) - Vikings over the Packers: Kirk Cousins season is over.(35:20) - Jets outlast the Giants: Just 9 yards passing for the G-Men.(41:30) - Dolphins defeat the Patriots: Big day for Tua Tagovailoa.(47:15) - Panthers over the Texans: Bryce Young notches his first victory.(56:50) - Broncos upset the Chiefs: No TDs for Kansas City.(64:00) - Bengals get past the 49ers: Trio of TDs for Joe Burrow.(73:20) - Seahawks beat the Browns: Tyler Lockett TD grab.(81:45) - Cowboys rout the Rams: Matthew Stafford exits early due to thumb injury.(88:37) - Eagles knock off the Commanders: Sam Howell threw for 397 yards in defeat.(95:40) - Ravens swoop past the Cardinals: Lamar Jackson only throws for 157 yards.

    Week 8 Preview: Rams-Cowboys, Bengals-49ers + The Great JSN Debate

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2023 86:02

    (3:25) – Rams at Cowboys(11:00) – Vikings at Packers(17:30) – Falcons at Titans(24:45) – Patriots at Dolphins(30:20) – Eagles at Commanders(38:45) – Jaguars at Steelers(42:40) – Jets at Giants(47:40) – Saints at Colts(51:45) – Texans at Panthers(56:40) – Chiefs at Broncos(1:00:40) – Bears at Chargers(1:06:00) – Raiders at Lions(1:09:50) – Bengals at 49ers(1:14:30) – Ravens at Cardinals(1:19:15) – Browns at Seahawks 

    Jordan Addison, Josh Down rising + Bijan, Olave falling?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2023 54:20

    (5:30) – 49ers at Vikings fallout: Panic level with Brock Purdy, ranking Jordan Addison, Alexander Mattison vs Cam Akers(22:30) – RB Roundup: What is going on with Bijan Robinson?(28:40) – WR Whip-around: Chris Olave's struggles, Rashee Rice emerges, Josh Palmer vs Josh Downs as a WR3(38:55) – More News + Notes: Examining Jalin Hyatt, Taysom Hill, Dalton Kincaid, Roschon Johnson and Tyson Bagent

    Week 7 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2023 89:17

    (01:00) - Broncos edge the Packers: Jordan Love struggles(09:45) - Browns rally on the Colts: Gardner Minshew throws 305 yards in defeat.(19:10) - Bears maul the Raiders: D'Onta Foreman accounts for 3 TDs.(26:30) - Patriots stun the Bills: Mac Jones throws 2 TDs.(36:00) - Steelers tops the Rams: Darrell Henderson finds the end zone. (45:00) - Falcons sneak past the Bucs: Bijan Robinson oddly only has 1 carry.(50:20) - Seahawks double up the Cardinals: Kenneth Walker goes over the century mark.(63:00) - Ravens crush the Lions: Lamar Jackson dominates.(70:10) - Giants hold off the Commanders: Tyrod Taylor tosses 2 scores.(81:10) -Chiefs defeat the Chargers: Travis Kelce with 12 catches and a TD. 

    Week 7 Preview: Dolphins-Eagles, Chargers-Chiefs, Raiders-Bears + more

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2023 82:11

    (3:40) – Dolphins at Eagles(13:35) – Falcons at Buccaneers(20:30) – Browns at Colts(27:20) – Chargers at Chiefs(34:30) – Cardinals at Seahawks(39:15) – Bills at Patriots(44:30) – Lions at Ravens(48:40) – Steelers at Rams(56:40) – Raiders at Bears(1:05:50) – 49ers at Vikings(1:12:15) – Packers at Broncos(1:18:45) – Commanders at Giants

    Latest on CMC's injury, new Rams RB1 + Buy low on Tony Pollard?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2023 46:11

    (02:45) – Reaction to Julio Jones signing with the Eagles(05:30) – RB Roundup: Teams showing interest in Leonard Fournette, update on Christian McCaffrey and 49ers backup RBs, Rams turn to Zach Evans(19:40) – Analyzing Trevor Lawrence's murky status Thursday vs Saints(27:30) – Cowboys at Chargers Reaction: Brandon Cooks vs Michael Gallup as the Cowboys WR2, examining Tony Pollard, Quentin Johnston remains quiet.(38:10) – Ryan Tannehill avoids ankle surgery, Anthony Richardson likely done for the season

    Week 6 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2023 106:07

    Week 6 Preview: Vikings-Bears, Cowboys-Chargers and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2023 83:12

    (3:30) – Vikings at Bears(14:20) – Ravens at Titans(22:15) – Seahawks at Bengals(27:10) – Panthers at Dolphins(32:40) – Colts at Jaguars(38:30) – 49ers at Browns(43:40) – Cowboys at Chargers(51:20) – Eagles at Jets(57:25) – Lions at Buccaneers(1:02:40) – Commanders at Falcons(1:08:50) – Cardinals at Rams(1:11:25) – Giants at Bills(1:15:00) – Patriots at Raiders(1:19:00) – Saints at Texans

    Navigating Justin Jefferson, De'Von Achane injuries + Packers WRs, Colts RBs

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2023 50:50

    (0:40) – Are the Panthers worried about Bryce Young?(5:45) – Justin Jefferson to IR + impact on Kirk Cousins, Jordan Addison and K.J. Osborn(18:50) – De'Von Achane injury fallout and Jeff Wilson Jr.'s viability(24:20) – Packers at Raiders reaction: Jordan Love's struggles, prioritizing Packers pass catchers and Jakobi Meyers' viability(32:15) – Jonathan Taylor vs Zach Moss in Indianapolis + influence of Anthony Richardson's injury(40:00) – Level of Ravens concern + are the Bengals back?(47:00) – Emari Demercado as a waiver add in the wake of James Conner's injury 

    Week 5 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2023 103:44

    (00:50) - Falcons nudge past the Texans: Kyle Pitts with 7 receptions.(11:30) - Eagles over the Rams: Jalen Hurts accounts for nearly 400 total yards(17:20) - Lions beat the Panthers: Both QBs toss a trio of TDs.(27:00) - Dolphins take care of the Giants: Huge day for Tyreek Hill.(38:30) - Saints blank the Patriots: Pair of interceptions for Mac Jones.(46:30) - Jaguars top the Bills: Travis Etienne finds the end zone twice. (57:30) - Bengals defeat the Cardinals: Joe Burrow throws 3 TDs.(66:15) - Colts knock off the Titans: Anthony Richardson exits early due to injury.(73:30) - Jets over the Broncos: Breece Hall rushes for 177 yards and a score.(84:05) -Chiefs outlast the Vikings: Patrick Mahomes throws 2 TDs.(93:30) - Steelers top the Ravens: No RB gained 50+ yards. 

    Week 5 Preview: Jaguars-Bills, Cowboys-49ers + more

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2023 81:25

    (2:45) – Jaguars at Bills(9:35) – Panthers at Lions(18:30) – Texans at Falcons(28:40) – Chiefs at Vikings(36:45) – Titans at Colts(42:30) – Giants at Dolphins(51:10) – Cowboys at 49ers(56:15) – Jets at Broncos(1:00:00) – Packers at Raiders(1:03:05) – Eagles at Rams(1:08:00) – Ravens at Steelers(1:10:30) – Bengals at Cardinals(1:15:30) – Saints at Patriots 

    Eyes on Cooper Kupp, Jonathan Taylor + Bengals Offense

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2023 55:03

    (2:10) – Seahawks at Giants Reaction: Jaxon Smith-Njigba as a drop candidate, Darren Waller's slow start, Wan'Dale Robinson intrigue and streaming Daniel Jones(15:45) – Superstar Watch: Cooper Kupp and his impact on Puka Nacua, tracking Jonathan Taylor(26:50) – Gauging the Panic Meter: What's wrong with the Bengals and how to handle Kyle Pitts(43:45) – RB Roundup: Chuba Hubbard out-touching Miles Sanders, analyzing Rhamondre Stevenson(51:10) – Expectations for Jameson Williams in his return to the Lions

    Week 4 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2023 99:28

    (01:00) - Broncos top the Bears: Justin Fields throws 4 TDs in a losing effort.(11:40) - Rams outlast the Colts in OT: Another big week for Puka Nacua.(18:30) - Bills shred the Dolphins: Josh Allen accounts for 5 scores. (28:50) - Jaguars over the Falcons: Only a pair of catches for Kyle Pitts.(32:15) - Vikings top the Panthers: Kirk Cousins struggles in victory. (40:00) - Ravens pound the Browns: No DeShaun Watson for Cleveland. (45:15) - Texans demolish the Steelers: CJ Stroud throws for 306 yards /2 TDs(53:15) - Bucs smash the Saints: Long day for Derek Carr.(58:50) - Titans dominate the Bengals: Joe Burrow only throws for 165 yards.(68:30) -49ers take care of the Cardinals: Brock Purdy throws only one completion. (75:40) - Chargers beat the Raiders: Khalil Mack registers 6 sacks.(84:15) - Eagles survive the Commanders: Sam Howell bounce back effort in defeat.(92:00) - Nightmare game for Mac Jones. 

    Week 4 Preview: Dolphins-Bills, + Falcons-Jaguars, Patriots-Cowboys

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2023 85:36

    (3:50) – Dolphins at Bills(14:40) – Falcons at Jaguars(21:35) – Broncos at Bears(27:15) – Commanders at Eagles(33:00) – Bengals at Titans(36:50) – Vikings at Panthers(43:45) – Ravens at Browns(50:10) – Chiefs at Jets(55:05) – Seahawks at Giants(59:55) – Rams at Colts(1:03:15) – Patriots at Cowboys(1:10:00) – Cardinals at 49ers(1:12:50) – Raiders at Chargers(1:15:05) – Steelers at Texans(1:20:30) – Buccaneers at Saints

    Ranking D'Andre Swift, Tutu Atwell + De'Von Achane

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2023 58:26

    (3:15) – Eagles at Bucs takeaways: D'Andre Swift as an RB1 + valuing Eagles pass catchers and Chris Godwin(15:40) – Rams at Bengals thoughts: Ranking Puka Nacua, Tutu Atwell and Tee Higgins(24:20) – What is the ceiling for De'Von Achane?(31:00) – Impact of Trevor Siemian signing with the Jets (39:30) – WR breakdown: Josh Palmer vs Quentin Johnston, Jaxon Smith-Njigba concerns + Chris Olave with Jameis Winston(50:50) – Expectations for Alexander Mattison and C.J. Stroud

    Week 3 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2023 101:06

    (01:00) - Dolphins embarrass the Broncos: Miami shockingly scored 70 points.(13:45) - Patriots beat the Jets: Not much working for the NY offense.(18:30) - Chargers outlast the Vikings: Both QB toss 3 TDs.(28:35) - Lions top the Falcons: Jahmyr Gibbs rushed for 80 yards.(38:00) - Colts surprise the Ravens: Gardner Minshew throws a TD for Indy. (44:00) - Browns smash the Titans: Limited Cleveland run game in victory.(53:00) - Bills demolish the Commanders: Josh Allen accounts for 3 TDs.(62:50) - Texans all over the Jaguars: Tank Dell runs with a big game on the ground.(69:10) - Chiefs rout the Bears: Justin Fields only throws for 99 yards.(76:45) -Seahawks defeat the Panthers: Andy Dalton fills in for Bryce Young.(84:15) - Packers rally past the Saints: Jordan Love stages 4th QTR comeback.(94:00) - Cardinals stun the Cowboys: Tony Pollard rushes for 122 yards in defeat.

    Week 3 Preview: Bears-Chiefs, Chargers-Vikings, Falcons-Lions and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2023 81:18

    (2:10) – Bears at Chiefs(12:30) – Bills at Commanders(16:55) – Titans at Browns(22:50) – Falcons at Lions(30:00) – Broncos at Dolphins(35:10) – Saints at Packers(41:20) – Chargers at Vikings(48:30) – Patriots at Jets(53:40) – Colts at Ravens(59:50) – Eagles at Buccaneers(1:02:45) – Rams at Bengals(1:06:20) – Steelers at Raiders(1:11:10) – Texans at Jaguars(1:14:20) – Panthers at Seahawks(1:18:30) – Cowboys at Cardinals

    Injuries abound: Nick Chubb, Joe Burrow, Anthony Richardson

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2023 52:01

    (02:25) – Why can't the Chargers be “normal”?(07:00) – Breaking down the Browns after Nick Chubb's injury(16:30) – How to approach the Steelers moving forward(21:00) – Searching for relevance with Saints RBs + Panthers WRs(26:00) – More injuries we're monitoring: Saquon Barkley, Joe Burrow and Anthony Richardson(36:45) – Rookie stock report: Puka Nacua and Jahmyr Gibbs

    Week 2 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2023 96:08

    (01:00) - Bills thrash the Raiders: Josh Allen throws 3 TDs.(07:00) - Cowboys handle the Jets: Zach Wilson completes less than half his attempts.(12:30) - Titans edge past the Chargers in OT: Joshua Kelley leads LA with only 39 yards on the ground.(20:00) - Colts top the Texans: Anthony Richardson exits early due to concussion.(28:15) - Chiefs beat Jaguars: Travis Kelce only has 4 catches for 26 yards.(38:30) - Bucs over the Bears: Dominant day for Mike Evans. (46:45) - Falcons defeat the Packers: Bounce back Sunday for Drake London.(54:00) - Giants rally past the Cardinals: New York overcame scoreless 1st Half. (62:30) - Seahawks outlast the Lions in OT: Geno Smith tosses 2 TDs.(68:00) - 49ers over the Rams: Puka Nacua with 15 catches.(77:15) - Ravens defeat the Bengals: Unimpressive offensive box scores.(86:00) - Commanders survive the Broncos: Hail Mary not enough for Denver.

    Week 2 Preview: Chiefs-Jaguars, Ravens-Bengals + more

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2023 86:51

    (3:00) – Chiefs at Jaguars(13:45) – Packers at Falcons(22:15) – Chargers at Titans(28:00) – Dolphins at Patriots(35:30) – Raiders at Bills(40:50) – Jets at Cowboys(48:20) – Ravens at Bengals(53:45) – Browns at Steelers(57:55) – Colts at Texans(1:02:00) – 49ers at Rams(1:05:55) – Bears at Buccaneers(1:10:45) – Saints at Panthers(1:14:50) – Seahawks at Lions(1:19:30) – Commanders at Broncos(1:23:45) – Giants at Cardinals 

    Aaron Rodgers injury fallout + State of Chargers, Eagles, Ravens RBs

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2023 57:37

    (01:30) – Bills at Jets reaction: Butterfly effect of Aaron Rodgers' season-ending injury and Josh Allen's struggles(19:20) – Are the Steelers in trouble with Diontae Johnson sidelined?(26:00) – RB room breakdowns: Austin Ekeler vs Joshua Kelley, Kenneth Walker leads the Eagles + which Raven steps up without J.K. Dobbins(41:25) – Players we're concerned about: Kyle Pitts, Drake London, Justin Fields and Rachaad White(51:10) – Players have Pat and Denny done a “180” on after Week 1: Brandon Aiyuk and Breece Hall  

    Week 1 Recap Show: Game-by-Game Review 2023-2024

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    (01:45) - Dolphins edge the Chargers: Tua Tagovailoa throws for 466 yards and 3 TDs.(13:40) - Jaguars win at the Colts: Review of Anthony Richardson's debut.(21:15) - 49ers rout the Steelers: Long day at the office for Kenny Pickett.(24:00) - 49ers edge the Raiders: Brock Purdy threw 2 TDs.(30:40) - Saints hold off the Titans: Derek Carr with 305 yards passing.(42:40) - Browns handle the Bengals: Joe Burrow only throws for 82 yards.(49:45) - Rams cruise past the Seahawks: A pair of LA WRs eclipse 100 yards receiving. (60:00) - Commanders rally on the Cardinals: Modest offensive numbers on both sides.(67:15) - Bucs surprise the Vikings: Kirk Cousins big game marred by turnovers.(74:15) - Falcons top the Panthers: Tyler Allgeier gets more carries than Bijan Robinson.(82:45) - Raiders outlast the Broncos: Russell Wilson throws 2 TDs in a losing effort.(92:30) - Eagles get past the Patriots: Mac Jones throws for more yards than Jalen Hurts.(101:10) - Packers take care of the Bears: Jordan Love tosses 3 TDs.(107:45) - Ravens defeat the Texans: CJ Stroud's debut. 

    Week 1 Preview: Rookie Debuts + Potential Shootouts

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    (3:20) – Dolphins at Chargers(14:20) – Jaguars at Colts(20:25) – Panthers at Falcons(27:30) – Bills at Jets(37:30) – Texans at Ravens                                                                                                       (42:45) – Packers at Bears(47:15) – Bengals at Browns(52:00) – Eagles at Patriots(55:30)– Buccaneers at Vikings(1:00:25) – 49ers at Steelers(1:06:45) – Titans at Saints(1:09:30) – Raiders at Broncos(1:13:00) – Cowboys at Giants(1:19:30) – Rams at Seahawks(1:22:25) – Cardinals at Commanders

    Injured Stars, Murky RB Situations + Week 1 QB Streamers

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    (03:00) – Reaction to Travis Kelce suffering a hyperextended knee + Chiefs WR thoughts(09:00) – Injury updates for Mark Andrews and George Kittle (18:00) – Are the Lions the most overrated team entering the 2023 season?(23:00) – Making sense of the RB rooms with the Colts, Dolphins and Texans(36:30) – Latest on Cooper Kupp's hamstring injury                                                                                                      (48:30) – Denny and Pat's favorite Week 1 QB streamer and insurance RB

    Bold Predictions: The RB1 of 2023, Calvin Ridley's ceiling + more