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Americanuck Radio is rock 'n roll rebel talk, from north of the 49th parallel! Host Mike Filip is a missionary for liberty in communist occupied western Canada. Join us live Monday thru Friday at 1pm CT on Mojo 50 , and iHeartRadio.

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    Latest episodes from Americanuck Radio

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    Americanuck Radio - 20220922

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    Americanuck Radio - 20220921

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    Americanuck Radio - 20220920

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    Americanuck Radio - 20220919

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    Americanuck Radio - 20220916

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    Americanuck Radio - WAKE THE DEAD (Replay)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 116:56

    Americanuck Radio-WAKE THE DEAD(Replay)(Original Airdate: June 20, 2022)

    Americanuck Radio - Kiana

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - 20220914

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    Americanuck Radio - Reign Of The Judges - Every Man Did That Which Was Right In His Own Eyes

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    Americanuck Radio - Ground Zero - Jesus Is My General

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - 20220909

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - The Tree The River And The Word(REPLAY)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 115:56

    FROM THE AMERICANUCK RADIO ARCHIVES:"The Tree The River And The Word"(Original airdate: May 6, 2022)

    Americanuck Radio - I AM HE The Power Of The Revelation Of The Name

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - Whosoever Worketh Abomination

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - Blood & The City Of Refuge

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - 20220902

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - 20220901

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - 20220831

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - Many & Few, The Narrow Way

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - The Invading Army Of The Lord

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - Sodom & Egypt The Wrath To Come

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - This Place Needs More Immigration - Word & Power

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2022 88:34

    Americanuck Radio - Guest: Jeremy Mackenzie(REPLAY)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 116:00

    ORIGINAL AIRDATE: November 4, 2021Summary by Peyton SmithHour 1, segment1: Americanuck Radio was proud to once again have Jeremy Mackenzie, aka "The Raging Dissident" join us today.Today, Jeremy came by to drop some big news about the PPC party of Canada...and it's rather alarming.At a PPC rally on election night in Canada, there were many attendees who fell sick. They may have been poisoned.Bio attack?One woman in attendance may have been drugged.At the rally venue, which 500 people attended, the ventilation system was disabled. Two individuals in attendance who were wearing masks(excellent cover) were acting strange, according to Jeremy.They were yelling very script-like right wing slogans. After the event, they followed Jeremy's group out.The intentions of these shady, masked, Israeli accented individuals is unknown. Still, they appeared quite dubious.A member of the PPC party, Mark Friesen, was at this event. He came down with severe bacterial pneumonia. Mark is now in a coma in a hospital in Ontario.He could have been a targeted man.The hospital that Mark is in has been doxxed, and his family is being harrassed.Such a multitude of strangeness. The conversation continues into segment 2.-----------------------Hour 1, segment 2: Jeremy continues to gain notoriety, lately with an appearance on the Dean Blundell show.It was a trainwreck, instigated by Mr. Blundell. Still, Jeremy came out the better man.Chris Skye also comes up in the discussion. Mike and Jeremy discuss how a steady hand goes a long way, and how Chris is currently not putting that into practice.The chat also covers the fact that Canadian's and American's are essentially the same people, who fall prey to the same brainwashing from a very similar government media complex.Jeremy emphasizes how coexisting with the evil entities on both sides of the border who wish to put everyone into a state of slavery is impossible.This is another excellent chat with Jeremy Mackenzie, which must be heard IN FULL!Keep up with Jeremy at the link below: 2, segment 1: (AUDIO) Doctor's are raging that Quebec and Ontario have dropped vaccine mandates for healthcare workers.'(AUDIO) A Global News report on an Angus Reid poll which shows why Canadian's aren't getting the vaccine.Rather than trying to compartmentalize this, maybe the simple takeaway should be that these people chose to say NO!Leave it at that. Pfizer is trying to entice children to get vaccinated because it will make them "superheroes."How sick.The target demographic of this garbage isn't's actually parents.Mike explains and analyzes this scam.---------------------------------------------(AUDIO) Trudeau blathers about Duwali, the "festival of lights."Something about light conquering darkness.Happy Duwali to everyone, from a failed Bollywood actor.---------------------------------------------Hour 2, segment 2: (AUDIO) Ben Carson, along with the head of pediatrics at John's Hopkins, disagrees with jabbing children.---------------------------------------------(AUDIO)James Carville blames wokeness for electoral failure around the nation. Glenn Beck makes some sense, as he talks about the "Joe Rogan" effect that is becoming the norm across all facets of our society.Mike greatly expounds on this.----------------------------------------------If your American Airlines flight was delayed, or canceled, would a free joint make it better?L.A. based company Emjay, a cannabis retail and delivery company comes to the rescue. Jerusalem, a defrocked Rabbi has implicated himself in two gory murders, dating back to 1986.Rabbi from hell, indeed. all this, and more, in a splendid hour 2 from Mike.

    Americanuck Radio - War Between The Temple Of The Godess & The Church

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - Signs & Wonders, Our God Is A Consuming Fire

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - Mike's 630 CHED Interaction +Kari Simpson(REPLAY)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2022 115:59

    (ORIGINAL AIRDATE: September 9, 2021)Summary by Peyton SmithHour 1, segment 1:(AUDIO) The hour begins with Mike analyzing how 630 CHED FM in Edmonton is reporting on the "pandemic" in Canada, as well as in the U.S.An interesting inside look into mainstream media on the radio in Canada.Mike also rolls some audio from a phone call he made to Shaye Ganam of 630 CHED FM.It is an absolute excoriation of the lie that is being fed to people regarding overflowing hospitals due to the unvaccinated, which has led to the reported cancellation of elective surgery.The healthcare system in Canada has been teetering on the brink of collapse for decades.Now, there's a convenient excuse to blame it all on.Shaye dances around and gives a very complicated non response to Mike.Good stuff.---------------------Hour 1, segment 2: (AUDIO) Leana Wen gives her wishlist for Biden's big speech today.Nauseating and sickly sweet.She's starving for further tyranny.-------------------(AUDIO) Dr. Kerry Chant, the Chief Health Officer of New South Wales, sent social media into a frenzy on Thursday, after she referred to a post-lockdown “new world order” during a Covid-19 press conference. A past clip of demon George Soros where he says Obama had to convince China to join a NEW WORLD ORDER.-----------------------(AUDIO) According to a report by NCA NewsWire, Australians in lock down are being monitored by the government with particular regards to their alcohol intake, which is now subject to restrictions by the state.-------------------- all this, and more, in a powerful hour 1 from Mike.Hour 2, segment 1: Americanuck Radio welcomes Kari Simpson of the Canadian Voters Association back to the program.The BC CDC is pushing vaccines for school children without parental consent.Are children 12 and younger capable of giving "mature minor consent" to a medical procedure?The goalposts keep moving, and Kari discusses this. The state is now trying to take ownership of our children, in black and white.The Infants Act of British Columbia is also discussed. This act is what allowed a 14 year old girl to transition into a boy without her father's consent.A similar situation happened in Texas.Such a disgusting, diabolical plot to eliminate all parental authority.The "authorities" who are advancing this evil seem as though they embrace this abject child abuse as a religion.It's as if they get off on penetrating children.Parents MUST NOT trust the school system!What will it take to jolt parents into action against such violations of their own flesh and blood?Listen to this amazing conversation IN FULL!Keep up with Kari's work by clicking the link below: 2, segment 2: (AUDIO) A rare moment of honesty from Biden?Past and present, he lives for doing dumb things.-----------------------A fossil found in the Canadian Rockies revealed an unusual marine animal that was much larger in scale than any other ocean creatures at its time more than 500 million years ago.According to a study published Wednesday in the journal Royal Society Open Science, the fossil is named Titanokorys gainesi and was 1.6 feet in length – quadruple the size of its fellow ancient ocean dwellers.How did an aquatic ocean dweller get into the Canadian Rockies?Could there have been a flood?----------------------(AUDIO)Some Canadian election news.Rebel Media won their court case to be accredited to ask questions at the debates.Upon being questioned by a Rebel News reporter, Trudeau took the opportunity to attack the outlet.Erin O'Toole was also questioned by the Rebel as to whether natural immunity is an exemption to being vaccinated, to which O'Toole responded that it would be a matter of choice.---------------------A terrible story out of Toronto.A story of a father named Floriano Lopez.He was shot and killed last Friday allegedly by a man Toronto Police say was driving a stolen pickup truck before crashing into the job site where Lopes was working.Mike analyzes and brings perspective to this story. all of this, and more, in a wonderful hour 2 from Mike.

    Americanuck Radio - Duelin' Citizens - Attitude is Everything

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - Medical Torture In The Canadian Millitary- Artur Pawlowski Running For Office!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - Prophecy, the Spirit, the Testimony & the Revelation

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - Revive America - Clay Clark- Jesus is my General!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - 20220812

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - Helmet of Salvation - Think On These Things

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - 20220810

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - Real Church History, Archeology Dr. Joe Nelson

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 115:56

    Dr Joe Nelson has earned his Bachelor and Masters Degree in History, his Doctorate of Philosophy in Administration, Counseling, Theology, and of Literature in Anthropology and Archaeology. He has been involved in many Archaeological digs in the country of Israel and has helped uncover many Biblical artifacts. He is Founder of Parkersburg Christian School (K-12), Founder and retired Pastor of Spreading Truth Ministries, and the Founder and President of Parkersburg Bible College (PBC).With a burden to educate the world, he founded the International University of Biblical Studies (IUBS) and the Systematic Branches of PBC. There are currently twenty-one (21) Branches from across America and Foreign Countries. Many have graduated from PBC at all levels of Degrees. Some have gone on to be pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and ministers within their home church. Others have received promotions within their existing jobs or have entered into some professional field. Whatever your desire may be, PBC can help you with a Biblical education that is second to none while helping you to attain your academic and spiritual goals.

    Americanuck Radio - Infowars deception

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - Duelin' Citizens & God's Word For Today

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - Click Bait & Lies

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - 20220803

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 115:59

    Americanuck Radio - Kevin J Johnston The Most Censored & Hated Man In Canada

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2022 99:50

    Americanuck Radio - No Action, No Faith (REPLAY)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 115:59

    (REPLAY) Americanuck Radio-No Action, No FaithOriginal Airdate: June 6, 2022

    Americanuck Radio - The Sabbath

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 115:56

    Americanuck Radio - Salvation In The Jail House

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 115:56

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