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The best podcast to hear the latest on the World Series Champion Washington Nationals. Hosted by Tim Shovers, along with Chase Hughes and NBC Sports Washington’s Nationals Insider Todd Dybas. Contributors include Travis Thomas & Ryan Wormeli.

NBC Sports Washington

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Latest episodes from Nationals Talk

Spring Training Q's, judging your bold predictions & MLB Network's Lauren Shehadi

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2021 41:53

We're geared up for the 2021 season and this jam-packed episode will get you there too. Chase Hughes and Nick Ashooh are joined by MLB Network's Lauren Shehadi (a Virginia native and Nats fan) to discuss the Nats offseason, who can challenge the Dodgers in the NL, and the greatness of Juan Soto. Plus, Nick and Chase talk about the return of Gerardo Parra and Baby Shark(?), pose the 3 biggest spring training questions for the Nats, and judge your bold predictions in a new segment called "Fair or Foul?" And stay for a really cool announcement for the Nationals Talk podcast that would make Curt Schilling jealous.

Mr. National returns! and Aaron Barrett details his amazing comeback

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2021 54:18

In a loaded episode, the Nats make two major moves, bringing back Mr. National Ryan Zimmerman and signing All-Star reliever Brad Hand... Nick Ashooh and Chase Hughes break down those moves, plus, in a special HeadStrong segment (29:00) Aaron Barrett joins the pod to tell his amazing and emotional story of resilience and recovery from 2 horrible arm injuries to return to the major leagues after 4 years. Stick around for Walk-off discussions about PopSockets and purchasing new cars.

Nationals add Jon Lester to star-studded staff

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 22, 2021 43:41

Mike Rizzo strikes again, adding former All-Star and World Series champion Jon Lester to an already star-studded rotation. Nick Ashooh and Chase Hughes discuss what Lester brings at this stage of his career, how Rizzo continues to retool the Nats as championship contenders, and what's left to do before spring training. They're also joined by Matt Weyrich of to discuss the pros and cons of trading Victor Robles.

Get to know the newest National Kyle Schwarber

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2021 42:25

The Nationals added a World Series champion to their lineup, former Cubs outfielder Kyle Schwarber. Nick Ashooh and Chase Hughes talk to David Kaplan of NBC Sports Chicago and host of the Cubs Talk podcast on what Schwarber brings to the Nats, as well as perspective on how long the World Series honeymoon lasts. Chase also talks to Schwarber's college coach, Tracy Smith, and also confesses some pretty questionable food takes in this jam-packed episode.

2021 Resolutions, Juan Soto > Bryce Harper and Al Galdi joins the pod

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2021 39:39

Nick and Chase are joined by Al Galdi of The Team 980, one of the best baseball minds in town, to get his takes on Juan Soto, how to approach Max Scherzer's future, what's the key to competing in the ever-improving NL East and even reaction to the breaking Francisco Lindor trade to the Mets. Plus, Nick and Chase go through their New Year's resolutions for the 2021 Nats.

Analyzing the Josh Bell trade and the putting the 2020 season in the rear view mirror

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2020 47:40

All-star first baseman Josh Bell is now a National, and Nick, Chase and Todd have feelings about it. The crew also discusses the perception of the farm system, and what the trade means for a possible return for Ryan Zimmerman. Before we turn the calendar to 2021, one last look back at the 2020 season what positives Nats fans can take into next year (hint: Juan Soto). Plus, not one, but TWO great Walk-offs that you'll want to stay through the end for.

Gather round the NL East roundtable for an offseason feast

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2020 54:42

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are joined this week by a quartet of reporters from around the NL East to discuss all things in the division as the calendar gets set to leave 2020 behind. Corey Seidman, the host of the Phillies Talk podcast, Mike Vaccaro, who covers the Mets for NY Post, Jordan McPherson, Marlins reporter for the Miami Herald and Kevin McAlpin, a reporter for the Braves Radio Network, along with our usual crew bat around the new management around the division and where some of the big name free agents will land (1:30). Then each team discusses the biggest offseason storylines (34:00) and the best and worst case scenarios for the coming season (46:30).

Max Scherzer updates us on his contract negotiations with the Nationals

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2020 57:48

Does anyone want to set some rules for this podcast? Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes discuss GM Mike Rizzo's press conference where we learned that he has no clarity on whether or not he needs to field a DH next season. Rizzo wants a middle-of-the-order bat, so who fits that bill? Michael Brantley, Marcel Ozuna, and Kyle Schwarber are bandied about as options by the crew before we get to Todd's long interview with Max Scherzer. The Nationals ace touches on his dislike for expanded playoffs, where rules and regulations stand for the 2021 season, and his thought process going into the last year of his contract. After the interview, Nick, Todd, and Chase discuss how the perception of D.C. baseball changes now that the Negro Leagues statistics will be included in MLB's official records. Finally, the pod ends as it always does with Walk-Offs.

Disaster in Philadelphia and Adam Eaton goes right back to the White Sox

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2020 43:58

In this week's episode of the Nationals Talk podcast, Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes discuss the disaster unfolding in Philadelphia and bring the Adam Eaton trade full circle now that he has signed back with the White Sox. Then the boys bring in NBC Sports Chicago's White Sox writer Vinnie Duber to get the pulse of White Sox nation on the Eaton/Lucas GIolito trade and which former White Sox free agents would fit best in D.C. Finally, the crew lays out the Nationals minor league affiliations this season before ending the show per usual with Walk-Offs.

Which National would get the same treatment John Wall is getting on his departure from the District?

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2020 44:51

On this week's episode of the Nationals Talk podcast, Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes discuss the legacy of Michael A. Taylor as he departs from Washington. Nick then posits a question: which National would experience the same response on his departure from the District that John Wall is currently receiving upon his trade to Houston? The discussion then transitions to the new free agents on the market that were not tendered by their previous teams who the Nationals might want to go after, including Carlos Rodón and Kyle Schwarber. Could Juan Soto be the best recruitment tool at the Nats' disposal? Nick, Todd and Chase discuss his seeming recruitment of All-Star pitcher Trevor Bauer and finally, the boys Walk-Off with some show recommendations and a tribute to John Wall's honesty.

Can the Nationals actually trade for Kris Bryant? Plus, why DJ LeMahieu is a perfect fit in Washington

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2020 40:30

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are back to get you through the holiday weekend. They start by taking a look at what it might take to get Kris Bryant to D.C. while Chase dons his tin foil hat to theorize how the Nats could continue to troll Bryce Harper with Bryant and other potential moves. The conversation then transitions into alternate options in the trade market before looking at free agents that might be options for Mike Rizzo to bring to town including DJ LeMahieu. Finally they hit on Charlie Morton signing with the Braves and what it means for the rest of the NL East. No Nationals Talk podcast is complete without Walk-Offs and today the boys discuss their favorite foods on the Thanksgiving table. Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at the Nationals Talk Podcast!

Story time with Charlie Slowes plus news and notes around the NL East

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2020 47:05

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are joined by the voice of the Nationals Charlie Slowes to discuss the strange 2020 MLB season. Slowes walks through the challenges of calling road games from his usual booth at Nationals Park, why the 2020 Nationals never found their groove and discusses some potential changes the Nats could make to get back to challenging for a World Series in 2021. After Charlie departs, conversation turns to Yasmany Tomas and where he ranks among the biggest Nationals in recent memory plus a look around the NL East from Steve Cohen and the Mets to Kim Ng, the first female GM in major US sports, and the Marlins. Chase throws serious shade at Nick in the Walk-offs and Todd has a very strong take about tacos that is worth sticking around for.

Soto snubbed plus 3 free agents the Nats should go after this offseason

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2020 54:36

It's the offseason and that means it's time for Armchair GMs!! Nick Ashooh, Chase Hughes and Todd Dybas dive into three possibilities for the Nationals to sign in free agency this season (1:00). The conversation then transitions to the snubbing of Juan Soto as an MVP finalist this season - and no, we don't want to hear your games played arguments (29:30). Nick goes perhaps slightly overboard with his praise of Soto, but is that really even possible? Plus, what could the newly re-signed Aaron Barrett have to offer the Nationals next season (38:30) and Alex Cora is back as the Red Sox manager following his year-long suspension for his role in the Astros sign-stealing scandal (42:00). If you've ever been curious about all the hubbub surrounding blue-light glasses, stay tuned to Walk-offs for everything you could possibly want to know about them (48:30).

The offseason has officially started and a way too early look at the 2021 World Series odds

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2020 50:36

Nick Ashooh, Chase Hughes and Todd Dybas officially start the offseason by looking at the Nationals moves in declining the options of Eric Thames, Adam Eaton, Howie Kendrick and Aníbal Sánchez and what that might mean for the roster next season (1:00). Then the crew recaps the Dodgers World Series title over the Rays including the continuation of the great analytics debate and the crowing of the Dodgers dynasty (11:00). Can you believe it's been a year since the Nationals won the World Series?? Neither can we, but the crew reminisce about last season's run and what a difference a year makes (32:00). Finally, the boys take a peek at some waaaaaaay too early 2021 World Series odds (44:00) before closing the pod out with Walk-offs (47:30).

What the Nationals can learn from the Dodgers and Rays in the World Series

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2020 45:50

Nick, Chase and Todd dive in to the World Series matchup between the Dodgers and Rays to examine what the Nationals can learn from how the two teams were built. Then the boys break down the NL East and determine how the Nationals can close the gap with the Braves, how Mike Rizzo will operate in the offseason and what Nats fans need to know about new pitching coach Jim Hickey.

How we would fix the Nats roster this offseason

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2020 67:19

On a special edition of the Nationals Talk Podcast Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes go through the teams roster position by position and give their ideas on how to fix the Nats this offseason. The three of them get to play GM for a day and decide what free agents to bring in, who to say goodbye to and how they will find the money to pay all these guys. After going through each position group the guys give their walk-offs and Chase tells what might be the most cringe worthy story of all-time.

Let the offseason begin - what to look for headed into the 2021 season

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2020 45:29

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are back together to discuss the importance of this offseason for the Nats and what we as fans should be looking forward to. The guys get into how much work needs to be done to the rotation, which big free agent will they look to go after, will the team go younger or look to retool for another title run and how they can replenish their farm system.Finally to wrap up, Nick proclaims his hatred for the Astros even though Dusty Baker is a part of the team and Chase makes his claim against Fall being the best season.

The Nats season recap plus plans for the offseason

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2020 55:55

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are back together to recap the Nats 2020 season as they finish at 26-34 and last in the NL East. The guys go over some of the highs and lows from the season, what improvements need to be made in order to get back to World Series contenders again, Davey Martinez's "extension" and what we will all remember most from the Nationals 2020 season. To finish up the pod the guys give their final walk-off of the season and Todd plays the role of Captain Planet for his local community.

Nats spoiling the Phillies season plus where they might be picking in the draft

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2020 44:59

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are back together to discuss the recent 4 game winning streak from the Nationals and whether as fans we are happy about it because it is spoiling the Phillies playoff hopes or upset we are moving further and further away from the 4th selection in the upcoming draft.That isn't all the guys discussed they also got into what the upcoming MLB draft order might actually look like when it arrives, why Juan Soto was seen playing on the other end of the outfield, if Yadiel Hernandez is the best story of the Nats season so far and you won't want to miss Chase's walk-off in which he describes an encounter he had with a squirrel that left the rest of the us in shock.

With the Nats playoff chances dwindling we look towards the future

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2020 41:00

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together to discuss the Nats disappointing season so far and start looking towards the future. Do they need to take a step back and look to get younger or are the veterans they have enough to make another run? The guys also discuss what they think of the Nats pool of prospects currently on the roster, Chase begins to start his grieving process over Carter Kieboom and Todd explains why Luis Garcia might actually have more promise than Chase's former crush.Finally for walk-off's Todd's hoodie almost ruins the pod and Chase yet again has a cat story to share you won't want to miss!

Mike Rizzo's new contract extension and is Davey Martinez next in line?

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2020 45:54

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together for another edition of the Nats Talk Podcast to discuss all of the news swirling around DC as the team tries to get it's season back on track. The topics include breaking down Mike Rizzo's new contract extension and why it took so long, whether Davey Martinez should be next and what that contract looks like plus Chase's favorite prospect Carter Kieboom is back at 3rd base to stay. Stick around for each of the guys walk-off as Nick almost got his house blown down by a tornado!

Talking Nats and Phillies with Ricky Bottalico

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2020 46:22

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together to discuss Washington's recent struggles and look at the difficult road ahead of them. As Chase Hughes says in the pod, they could possibly go from World Series Champions to last in the division if they don't turn it around soon.Following the discussion, former major league pitcher now broadcaster for NBC Sports Philadelphia Ricky Bottalico joined the gang to talk about the Nats struggles against Philly, Ricky also gave his opinion on Juan Soto, the recent rule changes, the Phillies recent turnaround and some of baseball's unwritten rules.Once the fellas say goodbye to Ricky they look ahead to the daunting Braves and Rays series plus everyone has a walk-off for this episode and almost all of them involve cats.

Nats stay put at the trade deadline, but are they still World Series contenders?

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2020 47:25

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together for this episode of Nats Talk to discuss what the team didn't do at the deadline and how they look going forward sitting at 7 games under .500 at the time of this recording, With Juan Soto playing like the NL MVP yet the rest of the team can't get it going, do they even have the fire power to get back to the playoffs let alone another World Series? Listen in as the guys discuss!

Stras on the shelf, Is Garcia the next Soto + Bill Ripken joins the pod...

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2020 36:18

Todd and Chase are without their finely coiffed co-host, as Nick enjoys a well-deserved (?) vacation. That doesn't stop them from wondering how Mr. Ashooh spends his time away from podcasts...When the topic turns to baseball, there was plenty to discuss --- from Stephen Strasburg's season ending surgery, to what the team should add by next week's trade deadline, to impressions of rookie Luis Garcia - and whether he can keep his impressive start going.The guys are also joined by MLB Network Analyst Bill Ripken, who offers his take on what the Nats should be looking for in the trade market. And Ripken's praise of Juan Soto is music to all Nats fans ears.And - Todd actually has a "Walk-Off" this week...

Nats playing .500 ball, Strasburg concerns and Soto for MVP?

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2020 46:08

The Nationals won their latest series against the surprising Orioles, but they still seem to be just treading water at the moment. But with the expanded playoffs this season, there's really no reason to worry now...However, there might be cause for concern when it comes to Stephen Strasburg and his hand injury. He's obviously a key to the team's success, but is shutting him down for the season a better decision for the long term?Juan Soto continues to amaze - despite missing the early part of the season. With a third of the season in the books, he's a legitimate NL MVP candidate. And he continues to be one of the most entertaining player in the game. But do those antics make him more beloved or disliked?Plus, after Strasburg and Anibal Sanchez had their run-ins with umpires from the stands, who should be the next Nats pitcher to be ejected/politely asked to leave? There's only 1 right answer here...And it wouldn't be a Walkoff without a little shade at the Nationals Twitter account...

Quarterly Nats report following big win and a possible playoff bubble?

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2020 56:40

The MLB shortened 2020 season is about a quarter of the way through, the Nationals sit at 5-7 the day of this taping and coming off the biggest win of the season after a 3-game losing streak followed by a game ended due to Tarp Gate at Nationals Park...Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together to discuss what they have seen from Washington a quarter of the way through and how they see the next few weeks playing out. Topics discussed included what to do with Sean Doolittle if his play continues like this, why a playoff bubble makes the most sense, Asdrubal Cabrera NL MVP talk plus a major shout out to a couple Nats fans listening from overseas!

Looking at the road ahead for the Nats with ESPN's Karl Ravech

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2020 63:07

With the Nationals set to come back from their week long break with series against the Mets and the Orioles, Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes got together to discuss what they have seen from the team a few weeks into the season. Chase continued his pitch for Carter Kieboom's place in the baseball Hall of Fame, while Nick and Todd bickered about the runner on base at the start of extra innings rule. To settle that debate we brought in the host of ESPN's Baseball Tonight Karl Ravech. The guys also talked about the Orioles chances of making the playoffs in this shortened season, thoughts on the latest COVID outbreaks and why Karl loves to go after Twitter trolls. After saying goodbye to Karl the guys each give a walk-off but be warned --- after listening to Chase's, you might want to throw something at him...

Assessing the Nats Panic Meter after a 1-3 start to the season

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2020 39:25

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes give their thoughts on the slow start for Washington and where Nats fans level of panic should be at. The guys also discuss the news of the Marlins outbreak of positive COVID tests and what that means for the MLB season as a whole, why the injuries to some of Washington's key players might be more concerning then their current record and Todd finally has a walk-off... and it's one to remember!

Play Ball! Nats Begin Defense of World Series Championship

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2020 39:12

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are back together for another Nats Talk Pod, but this time there is actual baseball to be talked about... almost. The guys will discuss their impressions of the Nationals opening day game against the Yankees, before it got rained out, how they thought the game seemed to look without fans as well as how Mad Max looked going against that loaded Yankee lineup.

2020 Nationals Season Preview

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2020 37:29

The Nationals Talk crew get you ready for Opening Day with a preview of what they expect from the 2020 Nationals. This will be as far from a normal regular season as you can get, but we're starting to see signs that resemble America's Pastime. The exhibition games from over the weekend featured crowd noise from crowd-less stands --- something Chase and Todd thought they'd hate. But, you'll hear why they've had a change of heart.They wrap up by giving some predictions for the season. How many Nats wins? Who leads them in batting average, home runs and ERA? Plus we get a bold prediction on the season.

Summer Training Update: Scherzer shines, Kieboom bomb and other notes

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2020 44:00

Nick, Todd and Chase are back together to talk about the upcoming restart to the Nationals season, but this time we have actual baseball to talk about ladies and gentlemen. Todd was able to be in the press box while the team scrimmaged, even close enough to hear Mad Max grunting and Anibal Sanchez talking trash. Chase's infatuation with Carter Kieboom increases ten-fold after hearing about the bomb he hit off Daniel Hudson. Plus, is the feud of the century between Todd and the Nationals social media account finally over?

Nats 2020 schedule, COVID concerns and ... Crickets

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2020 44:48

We finally have the particulars of the schedule for your Defending World Series Champion Washington Nationals. Question is - will they get to actually play the games - and how many will they play? COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on MLB teams - including the Nats.Nick, Todd and Chase have the latest on how the team is adjusting to the Summer Training before the games begin - including an update on how top prospect Carter Kieboom is handling 3rd base. And - find out what part of the 60 game schedule the trio thinks could make or break the season.And what would a Nationals Talk podcast be without a couple of groan-inducing jokes from Chase. Cue the Crickets...

Max Scherzer on the Upcoming Season

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2020 45:25

Nick, Todd and Chase got together to discuss what this upcoming Nationals season is going to look like as we inch closer and closer to Opening Day 2.0. The guys talk about what the plan is at 3rd base and whether that final starting pitching spot will even matter in this shortened season.Then Todd was able to have a 1-on-1 conversation with Max Scherzer about his preparations for the upcoming season. Mad Max has plenty to say about this new agreement that was reached in order to restart the season as well as what kind of physical shape he has kept himself in.

Zimmerman Opts Out + Steve Phillips on Nationals

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2020 43:59

Nick, Todd and Chase got together to discuss recent reports that both Ryan Zimmerman and Joe Ross have chosen to opt out of the 2020 season. What this means for the Nationals and how it might effect their chances of returning to the World Series in this shortened season. Also former Mets GM and host on SiriusXM MLB Network Radio Steve Phillips joined the guys to discuss what this season might look on the diamond for the Nationals and if he sees any rivalries brewing between anyone in the AL East. Plus Todd finally gives a parting shot with some movie recommendations you won't want to miss!

How do the Nats Look in a 60 game season?

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2020 45:55

Baseball is back.... Finally, the guys have some concrete news to discuss after a 60-game season have been implemented by Commissioner Rob Manfred. Todd, Nick and Chase get in to how they think the Nationals will look this season in this new shortened format, also whether the rule changes help or hurt the team as they get ready to begin spring training once again. Plus, you'll hear what Nick will miss the most this season (think trash cans), and - what truly may be the worst joke Chase has ever told.

An Important Conversation with Denard Span

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2020 33:31

Nick, Todd and Chase are joined by a special guest, former Nationals Center Fielder and fan favorite Denard Span. He was able to give a thoughtful and necessary insight into his experiences as an African-American in the major leagues, as well as his thoughts on what the league can do to take steps in the right direction to better the league. Span also gave his thoughts on his time in Washington and the benefit it had on his career.

Are we getting closer to 'Play Ball' + Charlie Slowes talks favorite Nats moments and Nationals uniforms

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2020 42:52

After weeks of contentious negotiations, we finally might be close to a deal between MLB owners and players. Nick, Todd and Chase discuss the latest proposal, and are then joined by a familiar voice - Nationals Radio Play-by-Play Announcer Charlie Slowes. Besides the World Series (of course), Slowes talks about his favorite Nats moments through the years - and gives his opinion on the best looking Nats uniforms.And you don't want to miss this week's Parting Shot as Chase goes full medical on us...

Buster Olney Joins + "What If" with Barry Svrluga

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 12, 2020 38:37

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes put together a loaded episode with ESPN Senior Writer Buster Olney. First up - a discussion about the state of baseball and how the Nationals will look if the MLB does have a season. Then, Barry Svrluga from the Washington Post joins the guys to talk about the biggest "What If" scenarios in Nationals history. Plus Chase and Todd give their can't miss parting shots of the week!

Nationals Draft Preview with Jim Callis

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2020 43:06

Nick Ashooh, Todd Dybas and Chase Hughes are joined by Jim Callis from to discuss the MLB draft changes as well as what prospects the Nationals will be looking at in the first round. Jim goes on to discuss who he thinks will go number one and number two overall to Detroit and Baltimore respectively, and how this years draft differs from ones in the past. Todd, Nick and Chase also go on to give their updated top 3 moments that have happened at Nats Park and Chase becomes a hipster, you don't want to miss it!

Scherzer Speaks Out + A Nats-Yanks Rivalry with Tyler Kepner

Play Episode Listen Later May 29, 2020 34:21

We know Max Scherzer brings the heat from the mound. Apparently he can also bring it on social media too. Nick, Todd and Chase discuss his comments on players salaries if and when the MLB season begins - and New York Times National Baseball writer Tyler Kepner gives us his thoughts on how things will look in a shortened season, and a potential rivalry between the Yankees and Nationals if realignment happens. And in the latest edition of Nationals Supreme Court, the guys discuss the history of the Nats franchise - and where it should begin...

Nightengale on MLB’s Return + A Virtual Ring Unveil

Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2020 36:26

Nick, Todd and Chase are joined by Bob Nightengale of USA Today to discuss his thoughts on when the season will resume and whether the Astros got off easy with possibly no fans in the stands this season. The guys also give their first reactions to seeing the Nationals World Championship rings and hearing Howie Kendrick take a direct shot at Houston.

Scott Boras Talks Soto, Max & a Repeat?

Play Episode Listen Later May 22, 2020 48:15

Todd and Chase are joined by a very special guest, the biggest agent in baseball Scott Boras, to talk about a few of his clients heading into the 2020 season. Scott also gives his thoughts on the Nationals chances of repeating and when he thinks the MLB season will eventually resume.

Clubhouse Stories from 19-31

Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2020 47:05

Todd Dybas is joined by Jesse Dougherty from the Washington Post, and Jamal Collier, former Nationals beat writer for, as they give their stories about where the Nationals were this time last year. The three friends rehash old feelings of despair as the Nationals plummeted to a 19-31 record, plus how soon will we see baseball in 2020!

Red Sox View of the Nationals

Play Episode Listen Later May 15, 2020 30:47

Nick Ashooh catches up with Todd and Chase to discuss MLB players coming out and stating they won't play for reduced salaries. Plus John Tomase from NBC Sports Boston stops by to discuss the possibility of the Nationals and Red Sox potentially playing in the same division, and a Last Dance Documentary update!

Jordan Memories from GM Mike Rizzo

Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2020 42:12

Nats GM Mike Rizzo is a Chicago native and had a front row seat for the beginning of the Michael Jordan Era in the Windy City. Todd chats with Rizzo for a special edition of the Nationals Talk Podcast as ESPN's "The Last Dance" chronicling the 1998 Chicago Bulls continues.Rizzo shares watching young MJ, viewing the late Bulls run through the lens of being a current executive, his opinion on if Jordan have made it to the Big Leagues, and more. Would he have granted Dennis Rodman a Vegas Vacation?

Best of May 2019

Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2020 42:04

May of 2019 was one of the more pivotal months in Nationals history as they began their turnaround from 19-31, which resulted in an eventual World Series title. Tim, Chase, and Todd run through the highs and lows from this time last year, which include the gut punch losses in New York, the turnaround that began at the expense of Miami, and more. Plus, Chase gives his observations of having watched Korean Baseball in the wee hours of the AM.

Jon Morosi Interview

Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2020 45:41

Todd speaks with MLB Network's Jon Morosi about MLB's potential plans to return in 2020 and future changes that might be on its way to the sport. Before that, Tim & Chase join Todd in breaking down the latest contractual situation for Manager Davey Martinez.Korean Baseball is set to air in America, will you be watching (26:35)? Finally, a recap of episodes 5 & 6 of "The Last Dance" documentary (32:08).

Ryan Zimmerman - What Will Be His Post Playing Career?

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2020 39:45

When Ryan Zimmerman hangs up his spikes, what his stature be like in D.C? It's been a long time since D.C. will have had a long time player/ World Series champ in its sports landscape. Chase, Todd, and Tim also give their takes on the latest possible plan for MLB to return, which includes revamped 10 team divisions divided by geography. Plus, hear Todd's chat with Nats new reliever Will Harris (20:24) as he prepares with a fellow big league neighbor, the various plans of return that have been floated, a different sort of pursuit of a World Series title in 2020, and more.

Looking into Future Decisions for the Nats

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2020 39:58

We take a look at the Nats big prospect Luis Garcia and how he fits into the long-term plan for the Nationals, as their next wave of major free agency decisions are a few years down the line. Which big name would you be willing to trade for a top line starting pitcher?Plus, Tim, Todd, & Chase give their reviews of episode 3 & 4 of "The Last Dance" during Parting Shots (26:27).

Red Sox Get Their Penalties - Slap on the Wrist?

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2020 39:13

MLB handed down their sanctions to Boston for their role in sign stealing during their 2018 World Championship run. Were the penalties too light (12:27)?Plus, Tim, Todd, and Chase share their memories of the Expos moving to Washington before interviewing Luke Mullins of the Washingtonian, who recently wrote an oral history on the 2005 Nationals (18:10).

SUPREME COURT: Worst Nats Postseason Managerial Move?

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2020 38:41

The Nationals Talk Supreme convenes to debate which was the worst managerial move in Nationals Postseason history (it's OK Nast fans, you can handle it, you are the defending WS champs).. Before that, a recap of Ryan Zimmerman & his wife Heather's meeting with the media, where they discussed all their great charitable efforts and assistance of healthcare workers who are going to work everyday. Finally, Tim, Chase, and Todd give their thoughts on the new Chicago Bulls documentary, "The Last Dance" (30:46).

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