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    S07E15: SlooPicks: B1G Pride?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 36:56

    In today's episode... Jared and Kyle preview six additional games after previewing Ohio State vs Tulsa in the previous episode. How do we feel about B1G pride in what could be a big week for the conference? Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: The Cordial Sins ( Song: Not Enough ( ) #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E14 - Know Your Enemy: Tulsa

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 48:11

    In today's episode... Kyle and Jared preview the Ohio State vs Tulsa game. What do we want to see from this game? What will qualify as a disappointment? Will we see any defensive changes this weekend?Tulsa is focused on Ohio State, but who is Ohio State focused on?Master Link: Artist: Playing to Vapors ( Song: Machine Said Maybe ( )

    S07E13 - Collegiate Chaos: Week 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 36:16

    In today's episode… Kyle and Jared review the national landscape of college football. #TeamChaos claimed a few souls including our beloved Buckeyes. For every claimed soul there seemed to be a few near misses. The SloopCast Tier list needs some serious updates. Master Link: Artist: Lincoln ( Song: Saint Bernard 2 ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E12 - Standard & Grayed: Oregon

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 44:43

    In today's episode…. Jared and Kyle hand out grades after a loss to Oregon. What could go wrong?Is Coombs failing as defensive coordinator?How much blame is on Ryan Day?Evaluating CJ Stroud.Have Ohio State's biggest strengths let them down?Master Link: Artist: ( Song: Promises ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E11 - SlooPicks Week Two: The Battle of Iowa

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 37:33

    S07E11 - SlooPicks Week Two: The Battle of IowaIn today's episode... Jared and Kyle, after previewing the Ohio State game on Thursday, break down their other 6 Sloopicks. It isn't a great weekend outside of Columbus, but don't let that distract you from The Battle of Iowa. Also…Pittsburgh vs Tennessee… yes this is still college football.Rutgers is favored and has an attractive line vs ‘Cuse.Texas vs Arkansas… Can the hogs pull off the upset?Hate watching Michigan.And finally some late night Utah action. Master Link: Artist: Saintseneca ( Song: All You've Got Is Everyone ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E10 - Know Your Enemy: Oregon

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 39:24

    In today's episode, Kyle and Jared discuss the upcoming Ohio State vs Oregon game! What does OSU need to do to not just win? Where does Ohio State match up well against Oregon?How do potential injuries affect this game? Does the noon kickoff give Ohio State an extra leg up?Master Link: Artist: Raging Nathans( Song: Out of Touch( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E09 - Collegiate Chaos: Week 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 43:35

    In today's episode…. Kyle and Jared recap the national games from week one. Our friend Chaos is off to a monster start claiming four souls. They introduce their new system for ranking teams. How bad will Wisconsin, Clemson, North Carolina, LSU, and others fall after week one struggles? Master Link: Artist: Lydia Loveless ( Song: Lets Make Out ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E08 - Standard & Grayed: Minnesota

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2021 45:41

    In today's episode, Jared and Kyle discuss the Ohio State and Minnesota game. Is this what we expected from the game? What went well and what needs to be improved upon. Did Ohio State meet the standard?The guys hand out week 1 grades.Master Link: Artist: Pray For Sleep ( Song: Stars and Flowers ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E07 - Mulligans In Madison (Week 1 National Preview)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 37:57

    S07E07 - Mulligans In Madison (Week 1 National Preview)In today's episode…. Jared and Kyle preview and pick 6 games from the week one national landscape. The Tarheels have a lot of 2021 hype, but their journey starts in Blacksburg.Penn State and Wisconsin are both looking for do-overs after challenging 2020s.Hoosiers vs Hawkeyes… One team on the come-up and the other on the come-down?Can Miami slow down, or at least keep up with, Alabama?Does Georgia belong in the S Tier? Can they hang with Clemson?LSU travels to Cali where the Bruins are upset-minded. Master Link: Artist: Saving Escape ( Song: Weatherman ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E06 - Know Your Enemy: Minnesota

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 39:09

    In today's episode, Kyle and Jared preview the Ohio State vs Minnesota game.Can Ohio State stop Ibrahim?Who will be the big surprise for the Buckeyes?Join us at for gametime interaction!Master Link: Artist: Settle Your Scores ( Song: Meant For Misery ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E05 - National Predictions 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 75:06

    In today's episode…. Jared and Kyle predict the Power 5 conference champions games.North Carolina… should we believe the hype?Can anyone, SEC or otherwise, knock off Alabama?If not Oregon, who will emerge from the PAC 12?Can Iowa State dethrone Oklahoma? Master Link: Artist: Hawthorne Heights( Ohio is for Lovers (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E04 - Final Depth Chart Prediction

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2021 70:54

    In today's episode, Kyle and Jared discuss Stroud's starting QB position. Who will be QB2, and will this lead to transfers? They discuss the newest captains and black stripe victors. Will the “Bullet” position play a big role this year, and if so, who will be THAT guy? In the second half of the show, they go over their final starter prediction for week 1, and be sure to stay on for Jared's Rose Bowl rant. Master Link: Artist: Playing to Vapors ( Song: ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E03 - The Power 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 77:21

    S07E03 - The Power 2In today's episode…. Jared and Kyle provide updates from Ohio State's fall camp. Who will be the QB, and who will be their backup? How is the RB room sorting out? Black stripes are being shed, but players are being lost to transfers and injuries as well. Then they revisit conference realignment. What if the ACC's TV deal can be broken? What if Clemson and FSU end up in the SEC? Does the B1G stop at Virginia and North Carolina or could Duke, Georgia Tech, and more be sought after? What if we are looking at two power conferences of 24 teams?Master Link: Artist: MotherFolk ( Song: Head Above Water ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E02 - The Slob Shuffle

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 69:46

    In today's episode, Kyle and Jared talk about the first week of fall camp at Ohio State!Ohio State embracing the “best eleven” like never before. How with this affect the defensive backfield, the rushmen package, and the slobs upfront?Also...How Ohio State is fixing the pass defenseThe amorphous defensive middleReshuffling the slobs?Updates on Tuimoloau, Cam Brown, Ewers, Henderson, Stover, Simon, Teague, and more!Master Link: Artist: Sonder Bombs ( Song: Swing On Sight ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S07E01 - B1G Preview 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2021 76:08

    In today's episode, Kyle and Jared preview the B1G Season. Who are some of the stand-out players?Are Wisconsin and Ohio State already booked in Indy?Win total over/unders. Is it time to row the boat?Who is the second-best team in the East?Can Schiano disrupt the standard order?Also discussed… 7 SEASONS! Look at us. Who woulda thought?Ohio State BBall gets some help in the paint.Can UNC overtake Clemson in the ACC?No, the B1G won't be raiding the ACC.EA's NCAA game will be disappointing.Master Link: Artist: Forest & The Evergreens ( Song: Moving Day - Live ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E67 - Conference Realignment 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 75:47

    In today's episode, Jared and Kyle predict the next round of conference realignment. -How many schools will the Big Ten go after?-How far west will the conference go? -Where does Notre Dame end up?-Does the SEC stop at Texas and Oklahoma?-Will the Big XII and Pac 12 survive?Master Link: Artist: Lo-Pan( Song: Go West (

    S06E66 - State of The Programs Tier List

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2021 75:22

    In today's episode…. Kyle and Jared rank 76 college football programs based on the current state of their programs. Every Power 5 team (plus some of the more notable teams outside of the Power 5) will be placed into a tier based on the following definitions. S - Expected to win a national championshipA - Realistically capable of winning a national championshipB - Realistically capable of winning a their conference/making the playoffC - Hopes to win their conference soonD - Middle of the pack conference team... upset darlingE - Hopes to be bowl eligible F - Little to no direction or hopeMaster Link: Artist: Defiance Ohio ( Song: You Are Loved ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E65 - Guessing The Depth Chart 2.0

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 79:43

    In today's episode, Kyle and Jared take a look at the roster and predict the 2-deep depth chart for the 2021 season. But first they discuss….Ohio State's two latest commitmentsChanges in the linebacker roomNormalcy in and around Ohio Stadium this fallZion Branch release a top 5Basketball Buckeye get help from the portalThen the depth chart talk starts…Is the QB job Stroud's to lose and where is McCord's seat?Does Henderson start week 1 at RB… does he eventually?Is 4/5th of the starting OLine set, if so, who's number 5?Top 2 WRs are obvious, but we're going 6-deep.Gee Scott Jr will get snaps, but where and how?How deep does the DT rotation go?Will Sawyer and/or JTT crack the 2-deep this season?Linebackers… What the coaches are saying without saying anything. Who will be CB2?Is Josh Proctor locked in a starting spot?Master Link: Artist: Snarls ( Song: Walk In The Woods (

    S06E64 - Big Booms

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 71:25

    S06E64 - Big BoomsIn today's episode…. Jared and Kyle discuss JT Tuimoloau, Terrance Brooks, Kojo Antwi and more from an amazing week of Ohio State news. But there is also some bad news from Mentor Ohio. Is this a one-off or the beginnings of troubles ahead?The rundown:JT Tuimoloau… boomTerrance Brooks… boomKojo Antwi... boomE.J. Lidell… boomBrenan Vernon… gloomHeatline is GOAT...but will he stay on the boat?NIL has begunThe Crew are funMaster Link: Artist: Pray For Sleep ( Song: Blood Is Not Blue ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E63 - Who's Next?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 72:16

    In today's episode, Jared and Kyle update you on the latest news about Ohio State targets JT Tuimoloau, Wilfredo Aybar, and Carter Smith.Then they discuss the newest member of Ohio State's 2022 class and ask the all-important question… who's next to commit to the good guys?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Spikedrivers ( The Ballad of John Dillenger (

    S06E62 - 2021 & 2022 Updates

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 70:15

    In today's episode…. Ohio State is still adding players to the 2021 class, and no, they aren't JUST talking about J.T. Tuimoloau. In the second half of the episode, Jared and Kyle revisit the 2022 class and provide updates to some high-profile targets.Ohio State goes all out for JTTNIL is the new realityPa-la-EE-ae Nah-OE-tay-OE-tayReclassifying to 2021Holding out for a Hero The O-Line class needs improved, if we're being EarnestMore WRs, why not?Adding Nichols, not dimesA pun about Dallan HaydenA Singletary concernMaster Link: Artist: Courtney From Work ( Song: Caught Wasted ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E61 - The 12 Team Playoff

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2021 76:03

    S06E61 - The 12 Team PlayoffIn today's episode, Jared and Kyle discuss the proposed 12 team playoff expansion. They like it but have some concerns. They would have preferred an 8 team playoff, but you can listen to the episode here: Also…Ohio State picks up ANOTHER WR commit from the top 100Carman's Crew coming togetherBuckeyes getting paidRow the boat?Underdog Buckeyes.Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Cloud Nothings ( Song: Story That I Live (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E60 - Recruiting Primer: 2023 Ohio State Targets

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2021 75:49

    In today's episode, Kyle and Jared switch their focus recruiting to the 2023 class. -Is this a good year for talent in The Buckeye State?-Can Ohio State land a big out-of-state tackle?-The Pickerington Central pipeline.-Could Ohio State get a 3rd 5* QB in a row?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: MotherFolk ( Song: F.U.S. (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E59 - Who Mocks The Mocker? (with Alex Gleitman)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2021 75:25

    S06E59 - Who Mocks The Mocker? (with Alex Gleitman)In today's episode, Jared once again takes on the ridiculous task of predicting Ohio State's 2022 recruiting class. Lucky for him Alex Gleitman is the special co-host and Alex actually knows what he's talking about. Will he help Jared improve his mock, or simply mock him for trying?Also…NIL coming to Ohio?Best region for HS talent?Best #OhioState QB of all time?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Narrow / Arrow ( Song: Daryl Licked ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E58 - Over the Hump

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 76:21

    In today's episode, Kyle and Jared answer the first #Wasteland question of what teams need to do to get over the hump to elite. Is it trust? Culture? Coaching? Consistency? What does Ohio State have to do to be #1? Also…Gene Smith gets an extensionOregon and Ohio State to play in 2032 and 2033Is Ohio State -11.5 vs ttun a steal?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Joseph Maxwell ( Song: Myself ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E57 - 16 Uncommitted Future Buckeyes?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 75:52

    In the episode of The Buckeye Sloopcast Jared and Kyle talk about…The future of Ohio Stadium capacity… will it be 100% in 2021?Jared's take on the massage therapist investigation.We give you 16 future recruits to keep an eye on and discuss the Jan 4th Buckeye Bash.Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Settle Your Scores ( 1999 (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E56 - Offseason Wins & Losses

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2021 67:41

    In the episode of The Buckeye Sloopcast, Kyle and Jared talk about the recent transfers and commits for Ohio State.Stadiums at full capacity?Is there illegal recruiting happening?Did Commissioner Warren cost the B1G in the draft?TTUN continues to lose.Jamo, To'o, Goodwin, and Mccullough… is there cause for concern? Save The Crew part 2?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Playing To Vapors ( Song: Help Is Wrong ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E55 - Bears Steals Fields

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2021 76:42

    In the episode of The Buckeye Sloopcast, Jared and Kyle talk about the NFL Draft through the lens of Ohio State.Jameson Williams, Bama bond?10 Buckeyes get drafted!Did Chicago steal Fields and will he succeed?In defense of Shaun Wade.Two OChrisman and Carman headed back to CincinnatiMaster Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Signals Midwest ( I Used to Draw (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E54 - Why The CFB Playoff Must Be 8 Teams.

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2021 73:17

    S06E54 - Why The CFB Playoff Must Be 8 Teams.Playoff expansion is back in the news and thank god. Jared and Kyle have long been proponents of the 8 Team auto-bid model that sees the P5 conference champs, the highest rated G5 champion, and two wild cards face off. We tell you why the auto-bids are necessary whether or not you like it and why 8 is the maximum size.In other news…Justin Fields confirms medical condition rumors.No, Quinn Ewers isn't decommitting.Designing the perfect Ohio State schedule.Why is transfer talk taboo?Cartoon Mt Rushmore?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: The Raging Nathans ( Song: Waste My Heart (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E53 - Let's Overreact!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2021 72:50

    S06E53 - Let's Overreact!Spring game weekend isn't over until we've drawn wild conclusions after seeing less than 7% of spring practice. Along those lines we've decided to name Jagger LaRoe the starting QB for September 2nd. Also….None of the QBs separate themselvesThe “Bosa hype” surrounding Jack Sawer is legitMarvin Harrision JR was clearly under rankedC02 is WR1 in the NCAASimon and Young are here to save the defenseYoung DBs step upMaster Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Palette Knife ( Song: Ponderosa Snake House (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E52 - Spring Game Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2021 77:56

    S06E52 - Spring Game PreviewJared and Kyle answer your spring game questions! How much does the spring game really matter?Who will be the biggest impact play? Who can realistically, but surprisingly, win a starting spot?Spring game over/unders.Will we see any standout DBs or LBs?Does the word “wiggle” make you uncomfortable?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: The Dopamines ( Song: You Think You're Better Than Me (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E51 - Drafting The Ultimate Spring Team

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2021 74:35

    Kyle and Jared go over this week's news then go head-to-head in an attempt to draft the ultimate Spring Game team.Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Brat Curse ( Song: Under The Gun (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E50 - Position X Position

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2021 78:48

    Jared and Kyle go position by position, providing updates and predictions for each of the position groups.The QB battle rages on.Is Teague underappreciated?Will there be a Freshman who will make a splash this year?Who do we want to see on the OL?Will youth or experience emerge from the DEs?Will the 3 SR linebackers start, or is there a usurper?We know who 2 of the DB starters will be, but will be the other CB and Saf?Be sure to join our Discord family!Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: The Tillers ( Song: The Road Neverending (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E49 - Spring Camp 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2021 86:56

    In this episode of The Sloopcast, Kyle and Jared talk about the start of Ohio State's spring camp and explore the big question and challenges that lay ahead. Who will be the QB, and will we know after 15 practices?Who will be the DBs, and can Ohio State return to “BIA”Who will be the LBs, and will they help or hurt the defense?Will Ohio State find their next impact pass rusher?Is Teague THE running back at Ohio State?Will the defensive game plan change along with coaching and player changes? How will the offensive line shake out? This of course comes after some basketball talk where they explore exactly what went wrong for Ohio State. In a game where everything went wrong, what hurt Ohio State the most?Is Holtmann nearing the hot seat?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Cloud Nothings ( Song: Oslo ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E48 - Final Four?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2021 74:28

    Kyle and Jared review the Big Ten Tournament and thoughts about the NCAA Tourney!Did OSU get a favorable region?Our early predictions on how far the Buckeyes will go!Can they win it all?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: North to Nashville ( Song: Your Turn ( #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E47 - Scarlet vs Gray

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2021 70:33

    Jared and Kyle talk about Ohio State's latest football offer.Spring practice starts March 19th, but will there be fans?What are the latest basketball expectations after the 4 game slide?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: CAAMP ( Fall, Fall, Fall (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E46 - Peaked Too Soon?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2021 75:52

    S06E46 - Peaked Too Soon?Jared and Kyle discuss the impact of recent commit Kyion Grayes!Is there such a thing as too many WRs?In basketball, has #OSU peaked too soon?What changes need to be made?Who needs to step up?Is this team still a 1 seed?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: The Wet Darlings Song: Radiation #GoBucks, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E45 - Fact or Fiction

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 22, 2021 73:36

    Kyle and Jared discuss Ohio State basketball after a tough loss to Michigan. What does this loss say about Ohio State good and bad? Do they have an answer for guys like Hunter Dickerson?Is this an Elite 8 team?Can Ohio State go far in the tourney without a “true” center?Is letting up back to back 80+ point games concerning?In football, we answer some Fact or Fiction questions:Is Olave and Wilson the best duo WRs in OSU history?Will CJ Stroud take the first snaps this year?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comArtist: Label Me Lecter ( Dear World (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E44 - Would You Rather?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 15, 2021 76:28

    S06E44 - Would You Rather?Jared and Kyle discuss coaching changes and the future of Quinn Ewers. Will we see a commitment soon for JT Tuimoloau?How far can the Ohio State bball team go in the tourney?Who was Gene Smith's best hire at Ohio State?Dueling QBsDo you fry or grill chicken wings?How out of shape is Jared right now?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comMusic: Cordial Sins ( Song: Under Fire (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E43 - Schedules and Superlatives

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2021 74:52

    Kyle and Jared review the Ohio State football schedule and answer your superlative questions!-Who will be the surprise in the B1G this year?-Who will challenge Ohio State in the B1G East?-Which 3 Buckeyes would you recruit for an Anchorman-style brawl?-Which Buckeye goes from zero to hero in 2021?They also talk about The Basketball Buckeye's biggest win of the year over Iowa!-Can Ohio State be a 1 seed in the tourney?-Can they go far with no true center?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comMusic:The Black Keys ( Little Black Submarines (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E42 - Over/Unders 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2021 69:46

    Jared and Kyle answer your over/under questions for the 2021 season. Will Ohio State see multiple freshmen start?Is this truly the year of the TE?Will this be another high power offense season?Will we see improvement in the defense?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comMusic:Parade Rainer ( Midwest Modern (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E41 - Predicting The 2022 Recruiting Class

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2021 77:45

    Jared and Kyle take on the ridiculous task of predicting Ohio State's final 2022 recruiting class a full year away from their National Signing Day. But first, they take look at the final two targets of the 2021 class and make final predictions on J.T. Tuimoloau and Raesjon Davis. Can Ohio State hang on to Ewers?Can Studrawa earn a commitment from Zach Rice?Ohio State owns Ohio, but do they also own PA, IN, and MI?Is Ohio State still in on these 5-Star cornerbacks? Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comMusic:CAAMP ( Sleep (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E40 - Guessing The 2021 Depth Chart

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2021 80:01

    In this episode, Kyle & Jared do their best to guess the eventual 2021 depth chart. Who goes pro and who returns?Ohio State has their first QB battle since the spring of 2018.Where will Ohio State look to the transfer portal for help?Is it time for Harrison and Potter to take over?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comMusic:Fields and Planes ( Let Me Go (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E39 - Post Mortem

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2021 72:42

    In this episode, Kyle & Jared talk about the National Championship game. What went wrong, what is there to be learned, and what can we look forward to?Was it a scheme or talent issue?When can Ohio State realistically match up to Alabama?Should there be coaching changes for next year?What are the expectations for the 2021 season and beyond?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comMusic:The Worn Flints ('t Hate The World (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E38 - Natty

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2021 80:53

    Hey, look at us. From canceled season to championship game. Who woulda thought? In this episode, Kyle & Jared preview the upcoming National Championship. They compare and contrast Bama and Clemson to see if Ohio State's success latter can be repeated against the former. Does Ohio State have the advantage in the trenches again?Should Ohio State play a “bend don't break” defense?Can the Bama offense be stopped?Is the Bama defense vulnerable?Who wins?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comMusic:Mistar Anderson ( a Break (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E37 - Gimme Some Sugar

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2021 90:37

    Ohio State stomps Clemson, but how? We break down HOW Ohio State was able to shut down Etienne and keep Lawrence contained. We told you that Ohio State had a definitive advantage in the trenches, but was that the ultimate factor or did The Buckeyes out scheme the Tigers?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comMusic:Playing To Vapors ( (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E36 - Sugar Bowl Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2020 76:24

    Ohio State vs Clemson once again. Can The Buckeyes finally get a win over The Tigers? How will they stop the potent Clemson offense or is their only realistic option to slow them down enough to outscore them?Jared and Kyle also take a moment to reflect on last year's Fiesta Bowl and what lessons can be learned from that loss. Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comMusic:Paper Morning ( Off (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S6E35 - Bowls & Basketball

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 28, 2020 79:48

    In this episode of the SloopCast Jared and Kyle get caught up on a week of news, break down a win and loss by the Basketball Buckeyes, talk about Ohio State's latest QB commit, have a moment of appreciation for Haskell Garrett, and ask why a freshman WR decided to jump into the transfer portal.This, and believe it or not, a lot more including a bowl season dissection and your AskSloopCast questions.Master Link: Music:St Lenox ( Van Gogh (

    S6E34 - Trey Hundo

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2020 83:30

    Trey Sermon's 300+ yard game carries Ohio State to victory over Northwestern as the passing game struggled. But why did the passing game struggle? Was it due to a banged-up Fields, or maybe the absent Chris Olave? Maybe Northwestern deserves some credit.After the Big Championship breakdown, Kyle and Jared talk about the final CFP Committee rankings. Ohio State takes on Clemson again, but can they hit their stride after only 6 games, or are they in trouble?Master Link: http://theSloopcast.comMusic:Counterfeit Madison ('t Cry Wolf (

    S06E33 - Ohio State vs Northwestern Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 18, 2020 72:10

    It's championship weekend. Ohio State vs Northwestern, Clemson vs Notre Dame, Alabama vs Florida, and so much more. Jared and Kyle break it all down, give their final predictions, and make their final SlooPicks of the year. All of this comes after a brief early signing period recap and setting expectations for the next couple months of recruiting. Master Link: Music:The Cordial Sins ( (Live) (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

    S06E32 - Ohio Against The World

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 14, 2020 71:45

    Seems like no one wants Ohio State in the playoff, but that's ok because Jared and Kyle are confident that there's not a fifth team worth a darn anyway. More:Hartline is GOATDabo is a fake-ash Ned FlandersWhat is the difference between Ohio State and USC?Who among USC, ISU, UC, CC, OU, UF, TX-A&M still have hope?...or are the four teams already locked in?Playing 5 games isn't disqualifying, but it still matters.How does the coaching carousel effect Ohio StateIs Indiana here to say?Who was the last great Ohio State linebacker?Crew against the world, and they wonMaster Link: Music:Mccafferty: The Lion's Den (, #OhioState, #BuckeyeNation, #Buckeyes

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