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The Suspendables is a weekly podcast with former NHL star Russ Courtnall and his pal, comedian Jungle Jim Jerome. Listen in for classic, hilarious NHL stories; great discussion on the hottest NHL news; and interviews with some of hockey's biggest names. A new episode every Wednesday morning.


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    Latest episodes from The Suspendables

    #157: Our Special Guest...Former NHL Defenceman JASON YORK!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 65:32

    We're joined in this one by former NHL defenceman Jason York. Yorky talks about owning and coaching a junior hockey team and the difference in today's players. He discusses his own junior OHL career which started out badly due to the toxic environment fostered by former coach Bill LaForge. He talks about getting passed over in the NHL draft twice...and then almost a third time! Yorky chimes in on Colorado's Stanley Cup victory over Tampa. He reacts to his former teammate Daniel Alfredsson who makes the Hall of Fame and Luke Richardson getting the head coaching gig in Chicago.

    #156: The Game Today is Like Pond Hockey

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 41:40

    In this one, we discuss the Stanley Cup Finals so far. What happened to Tampa in Game 2. We talk about why Jon Cooper's son now has the Honda bike Russ bought for one of his daughters. The Memorial Cup is underway and just like the Stanley Cup, Russ also has some regrets from his Victoria Cougar days about not winning that trophy. Russ says the game today is like pond hockey, at least compared to the old days. We touch on the US Open, get a great email from an amazing listener, and Russ tells us what his buddies had to pay this week to fix his golf cart after they totalled it at the Sherwood member-guest. Plus much, much more!

    #155: "The Hockey This Spring Has Been the Best I've Ever Seen"

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 44:56

    In this one, Russ tells a hilarious story of last week's member-guest event at Sherwood that went very, very wrong. We discuss the Stanley cup Final matchup between Colorado and Tampa and how this year's playoffs have been fantastic. There are a lot of players putting in Conn Smythe level performances so far. Will Brayden Point and Nazem Kadri be able to play? Russ thinks Kadri might be able to play, even with a bad thumb. Should Joel Quenneville get another NHL head coaching job? Russ has never watched video of himself, playing in the Stanley Cup Final??? Hockey and rugby guys get along the best. And LIV golf continues to dominate sports headlines. The boys wonder why golfers are getting such a hard time when so many companies out there get a pass on their deep Saudi business interests.

    #154 Rocky Mountain High: Colorado Wins the West

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 42:19

    Jim had a tough week, dealing with insurance after his big car accident. The boys talk abut the Avalanche sweeping the Oilers. They get into some of their experiences with the Stanley Cup, including Russ and his brother Geoff having a day with the Cup in Victoria to celebrate the City's 1925 Stanley Cup title. Yes, the Victoria Cougars actually won it all. Russ thinks the Oilers need to upgrade their goaltending. In the East, Russ says Tampa looked out of sorts in the first two games. But they're awake now and it's going to be tough for the Rangers or Avalanche to dethrone the kings. Jim recalls the 80s Oilers who lost the 1983 Cup to the New York Islanders and how that team inspired them. Jimmy's pal Dustin Johnson quits the PGA Tour to play in the LIV golf league. Wayne Gretzky says the closest defenceman we've seen to Cale Makar is Bobby Orr. Jim wonders how that will go over with his longtime hall of fame teammate, Paul Coffey. Russ is pumped for his member guest event.

    #153: Russ's Mouth Sometimes Got Him in Trouble

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 41:09

    In this one, Jim describes his bad car accident this week. We discuss the Stanley Cup playoffs, with only four teams remaining and the excitement level this time of year. Russ gets into his days in Montreal that included a screaming match with Habs coach Pat Burns. There was definitely no love lost there. He also relays the story of tequila shots with Jyrki Lumme. Minnesota tough guy Shayne Churla was the ultimate "chirping wingman" for his teammates. Russ has a great take on why the retiring Jason Spezza is an outstanding hire for the Leafs. The Manson family are on opposite sides in the Edmonton-Colorado series. Russ had dinner with members of the LA Rams this week and Bones McKay, Phil Mickelson's longtime caddy who left NBC to work for Justin Thomas and immediately wins a PGA Championship.

    #152: Our Special Guest...Hockey Night in Canada's KELLY HRUDEY!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2022 48:15

    We're joined in this one by former NHL goalie Kelly Hrudey, now an analyst on Hockey Night in Canada. Kelly talks about life behind the scenes on the broadcast, his journey to the NHL, how he became a goalie, and how he was cut from every top team until he turned 17. We discuss his scrappy days in the Western Hockey League, he provides some great advice for young goalies, and how he when he knew it was time to retire. We also get into how honoured Kelly was when Patrick Marleau recently gave him a shout out on his way out the NHL door. Darryl Sutter's ability to turn the Flames around has been a big story but Kelly definitely isn't running Sutter's fan club.

    #151 Leafs Dumped Early Again; Jim's Dumped Early Again

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 48:19

    In this one, Jimmy talks about messing up another opportunity for romance. The Leafs messed up another first round Game 7. Regardless, the NHL playoffs are better and more interesting when the Leafs are in it. Russ went 6-2 in his first round predictions. We give our round 2 predictions. We get into the excellence of Jake Oettinger who was elite in a losing cause for Dallas. We preview the Battle of Alberta. How chemistry matters on an NHL team, especially at playoff time. And Russ talks about some difficult days in the NHL, including his time with the Minnesota North Stars.

    #150: The Time Mike Myers Burned Gretzky

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 46:39

    In this one, we discuss what's happening in the Stanley cup Playoffs. Russ says his one big surprise so far has been the New York Rangers falling behind 3-1 to Pittsburgh. The boys discuss their fondness for the NHL on TNT and Darryl Sutter's post game press conferences. They get into officiating so far in the playoffs; a moment of surrender from William Nylander; the NHL draft lottery; whether multiple overtimes are a good idea; what happens in the intermission of NHL playoff games; a great line Harold Ballard got off about Russ in his rookie year; the time actor Mike Myers burned Wayne Gretzky after he'd gotten him Kings tickets; and Jim attends a James Taylor concert.

    #149 Russ is ALL IN on Leafs 2022 Playoff Run!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 45:56

    In this one, the boys discuss the Montreal farewell for Guy Lafleur. Russ relays some great advice he received from Hall of Famer Borje Salming, a beloved mentor and Leaf teammate. Russ attended a funeral this week and talks about a tragic story of a young Wisconsin athlete. Russ remembers his first playoff series win, helping the Leafs upset Chicago in the first round of the 1986 NHL playoffs. He talks a little about the present days Leafs who got off to such a great starts vs Tampa Bay. Russ also talks about what it takes to win in the NHL playoffs. Losing the Stanley Cup Final is worse than losing in the first round. The longer you go in the playoffs, the harder it is to sleep. Russ says Mark Messier took playoff eliminations harder than anyone. The boys disagree whether Toronto's Kyle Clifford should be suspended for his hit from behind in Game one. They talk about the Oilers-Kings series and how the refs called everything. And Russ gives his first round playoff predictions.

    #148 Remembering Guy Lafleur With Our Special Guest...LIAM MAGUIRE!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 58:32

    In this one, we remember the great Guy Lafleur who recently passed away at age 70. We're joined by hockey historian Liam Maguire who knew Guy and knows absolutely everything about Guy and the Habs of that era. To give you an idea of how big a Habs fan Liam is, he proposed to his wife at the Montreal Forum, the only person ever to do so. Liam and the boys remember the life and times of "The Flower," share some awesome stories and talk about the great ceremony Saturday night at the Bell Centre. Liam has an amazing story of the time Guy came and pick him up in his helicopter to visit a dying fan in Shawville. Russ and Jim get into a discussion about mental health, therapy and how no one is immune to having mental issues. The boys discuss their mutual admiration of Flames head coach Darryl Sutter who says hockey fans just want honesty and hard work from their teams. Russ remembers when the Habs played an exhibition game at Moscow vs Central Red Army. Russ played in this game and says the fans threw vodka bottles at them. He tells us why it was the only game he actually hoped his team would lose!

    #147: Our Special Guest...Former NHL Defenceman JAMIE MACOUN!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 82:16

    We're joined in this one by former NHL defenceman Jamie Macoun, who has some amazing stories from his NHL days, particularly with the Calgary Flames and Toronto Maple Leafs. Russ never enjoyed going into the corner to battle with Macoun. Jamie talks about some colourful general managers he had in the past like Doug Risebrough who didn't exactly treat Doug Gilmour fairly. He had zero love for Toronto's associate GM duo of Ken Dryden and Mike Smith. Former teammate Mike Bullard felt a little too welcome at Jamie's house, even using his bathroom in the middle of the night. Lanny McDonald was always late for everything. Things got a little tense in Toronto when the Leafs acquired so many former Flames and Oilers and Jamie was NOT going to share a room with Glen Anderson. Toronto definitely wasn't an easy place to play when things weren't going well. And what happened in Jamie's post-NHL career that saw him get not one but two bank deposits for $16 million??? All that and more in this episode of the Suspendables!

    #146: "You're Wearing My Stanley Cup Ring!" - Our Special Guest...Former NHLer Theo Fleury!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 68:01

    Theo Fleury joins us in this episode. He and Russ swap memories of battling in the 1989 Stanley Cup (Theo's Flames beat Russ's Habs) then being teammates two years later in the Canada Cup. Theo talks a little about the Hall of Fame, saying being asked about it is one of his least favourite questions. He discusses how he had to create room for himself on the ice by getting creative. Some opponents would get his stick work, while others would get flattery. Theo and Russ are no fans of former referee Kerry Fraser. We discuss the game today versus the game in the 90s. An amazing story about the time Alan Eagleson came out of the stands, calling a timeout and then asking the American bench to help Canada. Theo talks about how his career might be different if a star teammate hadn't gotten injured. He also gets into his love of baseball and the Blue Jays. And finally he talks candidly about his youth and the all-too-common cycle of trauma, mental health and addiction, a cycle that came incredibly close to Theo taking his own life.

    #145: "Slash What You Can't Catch" - Our Special Guest...Former NHL Tough Guy CHRIS NILAN!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 64:01

    We're joined in this one by former NHL'er Chris Nilan, one of the most feared fighters of the 1980s. "Knuckles" (or Knux" for short) has a million great stories of his life in the NHL. He talks about the Montreal Canadiens only drafting him out of Northeastern as a favour to some guy. In his rookie AHL season, Nilan remembers the one fight in the American Hockey League that won him an NHL contract the next day. He also gets into having to hold down a construction job in his first two years in the NHL. Chris wasn't Jean Perron's biggest fan but he and Russ both loved Serge Savard. He remembers his time playing with Bob Gainey and Guy Carbonneau, one of the best checking lines in the league at the time. Nux shares his difficult journey in overcoming alcohol and drug addictions, his rise and fall in Montreal radio and what he thinks of today's game.

    #144 NHL Refs are Doing Auston Matthews NO Favours!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 58:00

    In this one, the boys get into the Will Smith slap at the Oscars. They talk about the passing this week of Ottawa Senators owner Eugene Melnyk. Russ is asked about the toughest part about being an NHL owner. Leafs GM Kyle Dubas talks about NHL officiating and how Auston Matthews draws almost five times fewer penalties than Connor McDavid. The boys admire the work that Sheldon Kennedy is doing; Russ shares a story of his son being called the "N" word and how he regrets not doing more after it happened. Team Canada finally qualifies for the men's World Cup again – the first time in 37 years. Jim tells some stories of getting his ass kicked.

    #143 Our Special Guest...Edmonton Oilers Analyst BOB STAUFFER!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 46:13

    We're joined in this one by Edmonton broadcaster Bob Stauffer. We discuss the NHL trade deadline. We get into fighting in the NHL and how the game cannot be policed by the referees alone. The boys swap some junior hockey stories from Russ' time in Victoria. Bob is adamant about not offering commentary on NHL players OFF the ice. What are the biggest changes Bob has seen in the game over the past 30 years? The time Wendel Clark took the wind out of Russ' sails. Cale Makar reminds Bob of Paul Coffey. The fellas tell some great Darryl Sutter stories. Bob tells us about the time Georges Laraque ran him over in pickup hockey. And we make some fearless Stanley Cup predictions.

    #142 Our Special Guest...Former NHL Tough Guy P.J. STOCK!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 70:31

    Russ meets his match in this one as he and PJ Stock get some serious chirping going. So many great stories and laughs in this one, like the hilarious story of PJ being told not to celebrate is annual NHL goal. He also tells the story of his first shift with Wayne Gretzky and the funny way that he signs off on his texts with Gretzky. They touch on the trade deadline; competing with each other in the Battle of the Blades; coaches they liked and didn't like; and PJ's hilarious stories about making his own fun as he rode the NHL pines.

    #141: Our Special Guest...Long Time Saints Head Coach SEAN PAYTON!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 35:25

    Who knew that former NFL head coach Sean Payton was such a big hockey fan? He talks about his love of the Broadstreet Bullies - the Philadelphia Flyers of the mid-1970s – and even fondly remembers their exhibition game against the Soviet Red Army. He tells a tale about his friend, Tampa Bay Lightning Head Coach Jon Cooper, and how the the student surpassed the master. He talks about the decision to step away as head coach of the New Orleans Saints and what's next for him. More coaching or a spot in an NFL broadcast booth? Sean remembers his brief time as a quarterback in Canada and we asked him if the Canadian league should consider going to NFL rules. He talks about his coaching career, the places he's been and the coaches who influenced him.

    #140: Jim is in Gretzky's Doghouse...Big Time!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 45:19

    This week, at Michael Jordan's super exclusive golf course, you won't believe what Jim did. He did something that Gretzky specifically asked him not to do didn't go very well for our boy. They also talk about Martin St. Louis taking over as head coach of the Montreal Canadiens. They get into what life is like heading into the annual NHL trade deadline. We touch on the awful situation with Russia invading Ukraine. Russ's daughter is off to a fine start with Team Canada's U20 Soccer team as they attempt to qualify for the World Cup. All that, and much more!

    #139: Our Special Guest, From CBC TV's Heartland: CHRIS POTTER!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2022 54:55

    In this episode, we're joined by renowned Canadian actor Chris Potter, who plays the role of Tim Fleming on the CBC TV series "Heartland." Chris is a massive sports and has a ton of great stories in this one. He talks about his childhood, trying to decide between hockey and theatre. He remembers the conversation with his dad – a former Toronto Argonaut – that helped push him toward a career in acting. Chris talks about some of the former NHL players and actors he's played charity hockey with. He has some great memories about co-starring on the TV reboot of Kung Fu and what actor David Carradine was like. He remembers auditioning for a role, competing against an actor who's now as big as they get in Hollywood. The guys discuss the Winter Olympics, the LA Rams wining the Super Bowl and much more.

    #138 Rusty's Kids Just Can't Catch a Break!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 37:34

    With the Winter Olympics and NHL all-star weekend in full swing, Russ shares his experiences and how special it was to be chosen for both events. Postmedia's Doni Brennan joins us again this week. While he loved being an all-star, he can't remember the last time he watched all-star weekend. Meanwhile, his youngest daughter has been chosen for Team Canada's U20 Soccer club. Russ identifies the NHL superstar who took out Russ's front two teeth out and took him down for 18 stitches. Who's the most successful pro hockey player following his playing career? Doni cannot see Claude Giroux waiving his no-trade clause to join Ottawa, even though he makes his off-season home there. Bobby Ryan didn't make Team USA's Olympic hockey team...nor did he recognize half the squad.

    #137 Your Best Player Isn't Always Your Best Choice For Captain

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2022 55:52

    We're joined by longtime sportswriter Doni Brennan from Postmedia, based in Ottawa. We discuss how the Evander Kane signing hasn't been a hit with every Oiler fan. We get a sports writer view of Leon's Draisatil heated exchange with an Edmonton media guy. Connor McDavid is the best player in the world, but is he truly Edmonton's best choice for captain? We ask Doni about not seeing eye to eye with the NHL team and some of the fans in his market. We discuss a little Team Canada soccer. The LA Rams are off to the Super and Russ was at Sunday's game. Steve Yzerman lets his hair down. The joke Jim played on his very wealthy buddy. Russ remembers his old Leafs head coach MIke Nykoluk, who passed away this week.

    #136 Will Evander Kane Find a New NHL Home?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 48:43

    This week, the guys discuss the awkwardness in Edmonton between Leon Draisaitl and a reporter who accused the superstar of being "Pissy" toward him. They talk a little about last week's guest, Mark Messier. They address the racism accusations over the weekend during a game in the East Coast Hockey League involving P.K. Subban's brother Jordan, a teammate of Russ's son Laughton. In fact, Laughton was on the ice when it happened. They get into the future of Evander Kane as the NHL looks into his contract situation and his COVID-19 protocol violation. Is it a good idea for someone to sign Kane or more trouble than it's worth? Russ had encounters this week involving actor Adam Sander and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos. And they talk about the most exciting weekend of NFL football anyone's seen in a very long time.

    #135 Our Special Guest: Hockey Hall of Famer MARK MESSIER!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 43:10

    We're joined in this one by six-time Stanley Cup winner Mark Messier. We talk about his new hockey analyst job with ESPN. We discuss his new book, No One Wins Alone. Mess gets into family and team lessons he learned from his dad; the importance of "glue" guys on championship teams; how the real game of hockey is between the ears. Mark shares the one big regret in his hockey career; they discuss his charity foundation; and he and Jimmy remember those Oiler dynasty years in Edmonton when they were roommates for a few weeks and how Mark intervened on Jimmy's decision to marry his girlfriend.

    #134: Our Special Guest, Former New Jersey Devil KEN DANEYKO!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2022 76:47

    Tons of laughs in this one as we're joined by three-time Stanley Cup winner Ken Daneyko. Ken is easy with a laugh and a force of nature in this one, bringing some great NHL stories! We discuss the game where Russ accidentally took out Ken's teeth. Ken has a great story about Devils' GM Lou Lamoriello and the day he helped him accept his role in the league. He discusses how the Devils' Cup winning teams were misunderstood as being boring "trap" teams. Ken remembers the day he was surprisingly drafted in round one – before the Devils even had a name yet – and the scout who put his job on the line for him that day. Ken and Russ have some stories about Bill Watters, the agent for both of them. What is was like being a top fighter in the NHL and sticking up for teammates. He remembers the game in Toronto when Lou gave him a little somethin-somethin' for defending a teammate. And Ken opens up about being one of the first NHL players ever to go public with entering the league's player assistance program. Some great stories about the excellence of Alex Mogilny, a mutual teammate. And Ken and Jim remember their party days together in Edmonton.

    #133: Edmonton Turns More Ways Than One

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 47:29

    This week, we review some of our famous hockey guests we had on the show in 2021. They were all fantastic! The boys also talk about a great story about the Canucks equipment guy who averted a cancer battle, thanks to a keen-eyed Seattle Kraken fan. We're inside a month away from the start of the Winter Olympics. Should the games be cancelled or should they go ahead? After an amazing start, the Edmonton Oilers have hit the skids and coach Dave Tippett is on the hot seat and his goalie isn't happy with him or the team's offensive support he's getting. Russ feels like Connor McDavid has had some selfish moments lately. A great story about a survivor from the Humboldt bus crash. That time Esa Tikkanen's wife completely messed up Jimmy's free taxi plan for the 1980's Oilers. And Jim's winter struggles with getting parts of his body frozen stuck on metal things.

    #132 Our Special Guest: Sportsnet Broadcaster ROB FAULDS!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 58:42

    Rob has some great stories from his days covering the Montreal Canadiens during the 80's and 90's – the years Russ was there. They talk about the Habs' 1990 "Friendship Tour" of the Soviet Union, including the infamous final game against the Red Army when an ugly brawl broke out. Rob also gets into what it was like being a member of the insatiable Montreal media and the work that went into it. He remembers some of his other career highlights also has some great advice for aspiring young broadcasters. Jim has a funny story about Harry Neale's prank on fellow broadcaster Don Wittman. The OHL's Sudbury Wolves actually had a stuffed, mangy Sudbury wolf to help them celebrate goals? Rob not only covered the Habs but he's still a pretty big Habs' fan today. Russ talks about the good work he and his brothers are doing with the Courtnall Society for Mental Health. Rob is asked about recent allegations that some media members infringe on athlete mental health. The fellas also look at some of the top sports moments in 2021, including Montreal's surprise run to the Cup Final. Russ' daughters are carrying on the Team Canada tradition!

    #131 Classic Stories from Wayne Gretzky's Personal Caddy

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2021 46:55

    Russ and Jungle are joined this week by Jimmy Melton, Wayne Gretzky's personal caddy at Sherwood Country Club for over 20 years. The boys discuss how he became a caddy, and how he became Gretzky's caddy. Melton has some great stories about caddying for the Great One, along with actors Sean Connery and Joe Pesci and the great Tiger Woods. Why didn't Jimmy, who's spent his life in golf, recognize Tiger at first? What did Pesci tell him that calmed Jimmy down? What did one caddy do to Connery, who was apparently notoriously cheap? Jimmy has run into a little trouble at customs over the years, trying to cross the border with things he shouldn't have. Jungle remembers how emotional he got when he and Jimmy arrived at Augusta and how Jimmy was having none of it. Jungle has some interesting facts about hockey's Spengler Cup.

    #130 Will NHL Players Choose to Stay Home From Olympics?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 65:45

    In this episode, the boys discuss the Olympics and whether NHL players will participate, given they could end up quarantined for up to 5 weeks. They get into the trick play known as The "Michigan" and whether plays like that, including the one Trevor Zegras pulled off this week are good for the game or not. John Tortorella didn't think so this week on ESPN. They touch on the Grey Cup game, They also get into some memorable scams they've been part of or heard about over the years. Russ tells some stories about his old Leafs' teammate Tiger Williams, the most penalized player in NHL history. Would you rather play hockey in a pressure-packed NHL market or a low key one where most people don't care about hockey that much? Is it a good idea to give the captaincy to a young NHL player? Russ has a golf game this week with former NHLer Dany Heatley. And much more!!

    #120 Our Special Guest: Karaoke Legend/Former NHLer DOUG BODGER!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 61:58

    This week we're joined by former NHL defenceman Doug Bodger, who played over 1000 games in the league. Doug has some fantastic stories. He and Russ talk about the long and winding road that led to their friendship and what was supposed to be their farewell NHL tour as teammates in LA. The boys talk about Mario Lemieux, Doug's old teammate in Pittsburgh. He and Mario were drafted by the Pens 7 picks apart in the 1984 NHL draft. Apparently Mario didn't make the best first impression on the franchise or his Penguins teammates. But that lasted about 5 seconds. Doug has some great stories about life on the road - karaoke, curfews, measuring belly buttons and a classic story about former Canucks head coach Marc Crawford at a Montreal steakhouse that signalled the end of Doug's career. Doug remembers golfing with Tiger...Tiger Williams, that is, and something called neighbourhood golf. And the two former Canucks also discuss this week's firing of head coach Travis Green and GM Jim Benning, Russ's former Leafs' teammate.

    #128 Hey! There's No Biting in Hockey!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 41:33

    This week we discuss the wages of NHL sins, including Brendan Lemieux's suspension for biting Brady Tkachuk and Brad Marchand's 3 gamer for slew footing Oliver Ekman-Larsson. Can Alex Ovechkin truly beat Wayne Gretzky's career goal scoring record? We get into the Marc Bergevin firing in Montreal or perhaps he was leaving anyway? Will Patrick Roy replace him? He sure wants to. We discuss fighting in the NHL and how staged fighting is a joke. The Leafs abandoned their dress code and they're winning again. Coincidence? Will COVID interrupt NHLers going to the Olympics. And oh yes, you'll never think about public hot tubs the same way again...

    #127 Three Things That Always Tell the Truth

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 48:46

    In this week's show, it's safe to say money comes pretty easy to the Great One. Russ discusses balancing NHL life and a young family and how his daughter and her fiance – NFL star Eric Kendricks – are helping raise money and awareness on Instagram for mental health ( Russ has the best punch line about 3 things that always tell the truth. The boys swap some stories about pot, brownies and guzzling wine with Cheech from Cheech and Chong. Russ remembers some of the best NHL tough guys, best mentors and best rivalries during his career. The time Markus Naslund drunk dialled Russ. Jim has a fun story about having Bobby Hull on as a radio guest after a hard night of drinking.

    #126 Standin' in the Hall of Fame

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 52:43

    In this episode, the boys discuss this week's latest inductions into the Hockey Hall of Fame - former Calgary Flames captain Jarome Iginla, three-time Stanley Cup champion Marian Hossa, defencemen Kevin Lowe and Doug Wilson — and Canadian women's national team goalie Kim St-Pierre.Edmonton Oilers general manager Ken Holland goes in as a builder. They discuss COVID shutting down the Ottawa Senators, with 10 players going into COVID protocol. John Tortorella has some unsolicited advice on ESPN for Connor McDavid. Also, Russ recalls his days in prep school at Notre Dame in Saskatchewan, including the hazards of Hall Sliding, a food called Icky Krafty (or something like that) and the school nurse that he and most of his teammates were smitten with.

    #125 Our Special Guest: NHL Winger BOBBY RYAN!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 56:06

    A great conversation today with free agent NHL forward Bobby Ryan. We discuss Bobby's unusual NHL draft day in 2005 when he was drafted 2nd overall right behind Sidney Crosby. Bobby recalls his first pro hockey game where things got a little out of hand. He talks about what it was like to play in Anaheim and then Ottawa and how different the hockey spotlight was in each city. We ask him about the pressure of effectively replacing Daniel Alfredsson, the most beloved player in Ottawa Senators history. A funny story about Kevin Dineen – Bobby's favourite coach – who once jumped in a boat and hit him with a surprise training session. We also get into some alternative uses for peanut butter and a funny story about the time Bobby went golfing with our producer Steve. And some serious discussion as well as Bobby talks candidly about this time in the NHL player assistance program for alcohol issues. And the incredible story of Bobby's childhood, including his father's issues that led to Bobby moving around and even changing his surname.

    #124 Halloween and Montreal's Scary Start

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 48:00

    In this one, the boys discuss their respective Halloweens and get into the Montreal Canadiens early season struggles. They take more listener emails, such as how each of the guys got their nicknames; What would Russ tell his younger self? They get into how tricky it is to balance NHL hockey with having a new family. What NHL legend showed up four hours before game time? You'll want to hear about the unique pre-game meal he and Russ shared in their Montreal days. Russ remembers the time that teammate Glen Healy stopped him in his tracks when he tried to make a dressing room fashion statement. Some memories and stories about Petr Nedved; current TV shows the boys are watching and who was faster? Russ or Mike Modano? Will Jim ever remember our show's email address?

    #123 The Leafs are Strrrruggling Out of the Gate

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 49:01

    This week, Russ just got home from a cross country trek to South Carolina to see his son play in the East Coast League. He talks about a chance encounter with a listener. Jim tells his favourite joke of all time. The boys talk about the brutal honesty and wit of Brett Hull. Mark Messier has a new book and Russ shares a few memories of playing with Mess in New York. The Leafs are off to a very poor start. Russ believes strongly in road ice advantage. The boys disagree about Alex Ovechkin's ugly hit from behind on Ottawa forward Nick Paul. And they discuss the fan who gave back Tom Brady's record setting game ball that, had he kept it, could have been worth over half a million bucks!

    #122 Gretzky and Messier Debut as Regular TV Analysts

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 59:42

    This week the boys review their recent interview with Dan Quinn. Listenership continues to skyrocket! Russ tells a great story about a classic burn from Paul Coffey. The guys get into the times Russ got suspended – once from The Keg and once from his 6th grade playground. They discuss whether coaches or managers actually ask their players to cross the line. Lenny Dykstra made how much money from his car wash business? The guys review how their pals – Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, Chris Chelios, Rick Tocchet and others – made out in their new TV debuts. Imagine being on a 2 on 1 with Gretzky and setting him up perfectly. Russ did just that in New York. Russ talks about his trade to Montreal, why he chose #6 and how he wished he'd been able to learn French. And they take listener emails, one of which set Russ on an emotional road, talking in detail about the tragic story of his father.

    #121 Our Special Guest: Former NHL'er DAN QUINN!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 64:34

    This week we're joined by Russ' old teammate and fellow 1983 NHL first rounder Dan Quinn. Dan talks about his dad, a former Ottawa Rough Rider; He discusses a little golf – being one of the top players on the celebrity golf tour, caddying for PGA star Ernie Els and how Bubba Watson repeatedly snubbed him. Dan recalls how intimidated he was when a 20 on 20 pre-game brawl broke out in warm up before in his first road game in junior. The boys discuss how some players used to scout other teams for information they could use to chirp opponents. Russ remembers the time Dan got off a great line about the bald guys on their team. Dan recounts his days playing with Mario Lemieux in Pittsburgh, how shy Mario was, and the night Mario was stuck at 199 points on the final night of the regular season. Russ tells an amazing story about how some players used to help out other players – even opponents – when they were close to bonuses. Referee Denis Morel was in no mood for shenanigans the night Russ returned to Montreal to face his old team. More tales of NHL initiation. And much more!

    #120: Russ Remembers When NHL Rookie Hazing Was Still a Thing

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 58:10

    This week's the boys discuss the amazing feedback from last week's emotional interview with Corey Hirsch. Russ talks about his friendship with former Today host Billy Bush, the invitation to his 50th birthday and the infamous recording on Donald Trump's bus. The guys discuss fame and celebrity which definitely has its down side.With the NHL preseason underway, Russ remembers his NHL rookie camp in Toronto when hazing was definitely still a thing. He also recalls how his game had to change when he was traded to the Montreal Canadiens. They discuss Brady Tkachuk, the NHL's last remaining RFA holdout and what's going on in Ottawa. They get into why Paul Henderson should be in the Hall of Fame and Robin Lehner's serious accusations about how some NHL organizations dole out pain medication.

    #119: Our Special Guest: Former NHL Goalie COREY HIRSCH!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 70:10

    In this episode, we're joined by Canucks broadcaster Corey Hirsch, former NHL goalie, Russ's former teammate and 1994 Olympic silver medalist. The boys tell some great stories in this one – stories about former NHL coach Mike Keenan and Marc Crawford; golfing with actor Jason Bateman; an incredible story about Russ' wife and an awkward dinner invitation from Bill Cosby; the time Russ and Corey almost got lost at sea; their time at the Playboy mansion; some very expensive IOU's from team card games; how drinking out of the Stanley Cup is kind of gross; the hilarious line that Hirsch uses to deal with hecklers from Sweden; and finally, an emotional conversation about Hirsch's mental health struggles, nearly taking his own life and his incredible, harrowing and inspiring road back.

    #118 Nobody Does Retirement Better Than Russ!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 51:12

    This week, we learn that Russ isn't real strong at appropriately responding to Jim's texts. Some great news on some high calibre, upcoming guests. The boys swap some great stories about Chris Chelios, who's coming on the show soon. They talk about Zdeno Chara signing with the Islanders and how retiring from the game is never easy. They get into Matthew Tkachuk chiming in on his brother Brady's contract talks in Ottawa. Russ has some stories about Harold Ballard who was often controversial but was always good to Russ. And the fellas remember Canadian stand-up comedy great Norm MacDonald who passed away this week at the age of 61.

    #117 That's the Prime Minister on the Phone!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 60:38

    The NFL is back and Russ was at the LA Rams home opener on Sunday night. He watched Aaron Donald's father almost as much as the actual game. He also shares his discussion with Minnesota Vikings star linebacker Eric Kendricks, his soon-to-be son-in-law. They get into the fun of tailgating and Jim remembers his hilarious failed attempt to sneak a bunch of booze into his university's big annual football game versus their cross-town rivals. They discuss the amazing run of Leylah Fernandez at the US Open and the intense media pressure the young players face. Russ remembers the time he almost ran for politics and why his wife was super embarrassed after a call from the Prime Minister. The boys get into some advice for young athletes. And they talk about their podcast growth plans with Eddy from Elite Digital Marketing.

    #116 Carolina Gets Revenge on the Habs

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 52:54

    In this episode:The boys talk about the new documentary on a 1990's United Hockey League team run by an alleged gangster who gave the team to his 17 year old son to run.The boys swap some old car stories, although Russ says he's not really a car guy...sure you're not, Russ.It's no fun playing for a team after they announce they're about to relocate to another city.Reaction to the PGA clamping down on fans chirping Bryson DeChambeauThe night the Habs brawled with the SovietsThey discuss the Habs decision not to match Carolina's offer sheet to Jesperi Kotkaniemi and tell a great story from 2007 - the last time an NHL team didn't match an offer sheet.The incredible story of the time Russ almost died in an Italian cycling crashWould Russ like to get into hockey management?Russ' old teammate Todd Harvey didn't lack for confidence as a rookie

    #15 Our Special Guest: Former Edmonton Oilers' Captain RON CHIPPERFIELD!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 56:37

    This week we're joined by Ron Chipperfield, who was Wayne Gretzky's captain in his early days with the Oilers. Russ talks about almost getting into a recent scrap with his "little" brother and the time he and his wife booked the suite from the movie "Pretty Woman.". Ron discusses what Wayne was like as he entered the league and reveals one of Wayne's odd dressing room superstitions. The boys swap some stories about Ace Bailey who perished in the 911 attack and also played with the Oilers in those days. Ron talks about his time in pro hockey in Italy where he put up over 4 points per game' what is was like running a player agency for a long time and why a single comment from his client caused him to stop playing golf for 20 years. That and much, MUCH more on this week's episode!

    #114: What It's Like to Play for the Montreal Canadiens

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 51:30

    In this episode, we read your emails and give a few listener shoutouts. The boys discuss the difficult hockey news from the past week. Russ describes what it was like to play for the Montreal Canadiens and then, later, be around their Hall of Fame alumni. He talks about his pickup hockey games with some of Hollywood's biggest names. Who taught Russ how to fight? Russ gives us some BBQ tips and much, MUCH more!!

    113: Our Special Guest: Hockey Night in Canada's RON MACLEAN!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 48:54

    We're joined today by Hockey Night in Canada's Ron MacLean. They discuss Kevin Bieksa's rising star in broadcasting and how Wayne Gretzky will fare as he jumps into the hockey media. Ron talks about how Hockey Night in Canada handled things after Don Cherry. Speaking of his old partner, Ron tells some classic Grapes stories. Early in his career, Ron suffered from panic attacks and anxiety. The boys discuss Ron's preparation for each broadcast. The time Alex Burrows and his fan base weren't real happy with him.

    #112 Russ is the Best Guy to Play Blackjack With

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 47:22

    Russ talks about his pal, Jon Cooper, who was named as Canada's Olympic hockey coach. Is it tough to coach a team of strangers at a short hockey tournament, even though it's a team of all stars? We talk about the summer Olympics that just wrapped up, how Canada did and which sports are being dropped from the next games. They also get into proper etiquette at the blackjack tables. And Mikey from Frameworth Sports Marketing jumps on with us to discuss a great new contest on The Suspendables and how/what you can win.

    #111: Our Special Guest: Former NHL'er RAY WHITNEY!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 55:24

    We're joined today by Ray Whitney, the 65th best scorer in NHL history. Today, Ray is golfing his face off and also part of the NHL Department of Player Safety team. Ray discusses how DOPS makes its decisions and his role in them. Ray talks about how he was robbed of his one career NHL fight and also the hardest hit ever received. Hint: the hitter was a Hall of Famer. The guys discuss fighting in the NHL and how it still has a role in the game. They talk about the time Ray got on the wrong side of Zdeno Chara. They also discuss:Ray's days with the 80's Oilers when he was their stick boy and his Dad was their practice goalieSome hilarious pranks Ray pulled on teammatesA classic story of revenge on teammate Aaron WardHow Ray didn't get along so well with most of his coachesmemories of winning the 2006 Stanley Cupand the player Ray thinks needs to be in the Hall of Fame before they even think of looking at him

    #110: Our Special Guest: Hall of Famer BRIAN LEETCH!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 53:43

    On this week's show, the boys welcome Brian Leetch - Hall of Famer, two-time Norris Trophy winner, first American-born winner of the Conn Smythe Trophy, one of only five NHL defensemen to score 100 points in a season, Calder Trophy winner, and the guy that Mark Messier once referred to as the "Greatest New York Ranger of All Time." Brian talks about the game today and how it's changed; his time in NHL player safety, some amazing stories about former head coach Mike Keenan, who he didn't always see eye to eye put it mildly. They get into discussions about Stanley Cup celebrations, Brian's baseball career, the importance of playing multiple sports, what it's like to play in big cities like New York and Toronto...and much more!

    #109 Lightning Strikes Twice!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2021 39:48

    Tampa Bay wins the cup! Russ talks about his buddy, Lightning head coach Jon Cooper, and the hilarious video Cooper sent him after the big victory.They talk about Nikita Kucherov's antics, swagger and comments as well and the big Tampa Bay Stanley Cup boat parade.Who and what would Russ think about if he had won the Cup?What's it like to not be protected in an expansion draft, to hear that your team deems you to be expendable?Will the NHL one day expand to Europe?The boys talk a little EURO 2020. Russ hates deciding games on penalties.And some great emails from the good listener.

    #108 Only the Champs Get to Hoist the Stanley Cup

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2021 47:23

    With the Cup being awarded this week, Russ and Jim talk about childhood hockey dreams along with their fun experiences and crazy stories with Lord Stanley's mug. They talk about their pals, Wayne Gretzky, Mark Messier, and Chris Chelios, all getting into the NHL broadcasting business this fall. Russ gets a shoutout from Ron MacLean. The boys get into the high cost of minor hockey...$400 for a stick??!! Russ talks about how he effectively dealt with a hockey dad who was screaming up in the stands. They talk about some of Russ' mental health fundraisers. Russ has some barbecue tips, outlining how he prepares both steak and salmon. And the difficult news about Matīss Kivlenieks, the Columbus Blue Jackets goalie who died this week after being struck by a 4th of July firework.

    #107 Our Special Guest: The Amazing HAYLEY WICKENHEISER!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 51:33

    She's the greatest women's hockey player of all time, a Hockey Hall of Famer, an author, an Olympic softball player, Leafs executive and, oh yeah, we catch her the day before she begins her medical career and day one of her residency. Hayley Wickenheiser joins us this week! Jim spends a few days outlining Hayley's accomplishments and asks about all the hats she's worn in her career. They discuss different kinds of leadership. She and Russ get into their Olympic hockey memories, including the crazy parties in the village and which Olympic athletes could you always count on to have beer in their rooms. You won't believe what the Russian players would do for free beer. Hayley discussed the state of women's professional hockey and where she'd like to see it go. She talks about the books she's written and "This is Our Shot," the campaign she's involved in to crush COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy. Plus much, much more!

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