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Every week Linus and Luke discuss the most current happenings in the technology universe.

Linus Tech Tips

    • Dec 4, 2023 LATEST EPISODE
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    4.8 from 969 ratings Listeners of The WAN Show Podcast that love the show mention: lmg, ltt, tech news, moist, best tech, youtube channels, upload, video, sooner, version, good show, nerd, sleep, audio, would recommend, background, catch, lol, watching, weekly.

    Ivy Insights

    The WAN Show Podcast is an excellent podcast for anyone interested in keeping up with the latest tech news and developments. Hosted by Linus Sebastian and Luke Lafreniere, this podcast offers a great mix of informative discussions, entertaining banter, and industry insights.

    One of the best aspects of this podcast is the depth of knowledge and expertise that Linus and Luke bring to each episode. As the founders of Linus Media Group, they have a wealth of experience in the tech industry and are able to provide valuable insights into the topics they discuss. They have a great ability to break down complex concepts and make them accessible to listeners, whether they are tech-savvy or just getting started.

    Another highlight of The WAN Show Podcast is the chemistry between Linus and Luke. Their dynamic and playful banter adds an enjoyable element to each episode, making it feel like you're listening to friends having a conversation about tech. This creates a relaxed and engaging atmosphere that keeps listeners entertained throughout.

    However, one drawback of this podcast is that it is sometimes released on Apple Podcasts a few days after the live stream on YouTube. This can be frustrating for fans who want immediate access to the latest episode. Additionally, some listeners may miss out on visual elements such as graphs or test results mentioned during the show if they are only listening without watching the video version.

    In conclusion, The WAN Show Podcast is a must-listen for any tech enthusiast looking for an engaging and informative podcast. With its knowledgeable hosts, entertaining banter, and coverage of cutting-edge technology news, this podcast offers a unique perspective on all things tech-related. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out in your tech journey, The WAN Show Podcast has something for everyone.

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    Go F Yourself dbrand - WAN Show December 1, 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 4, 2023 200:31

    Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Try Notion AI for free at Start your coding boot camp today with The Tech Academy at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119). Note timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 2:00 Intro 2:45 Topic #1 - Elon Musk's interview on advertisers boycotting Twitter 7:03 Linus on making decisions, advertisers' obligation 12:41 Linus on controlling advertisers, "do you like white teeth?" example 14:20 Degree of separations, Linus's grandma using baking soda, Luke on X's idea 17:46 "X-days until Twitter dies," private company revenue, shorting stocks 21:49 Luke on being recommended followed users' interest, Linus's household story 26:21 Topic #2 - Tynan provides Linus two packages 28:26 Linus tries to show the prototypes, chaos ensues 33:06 Aluminum LTT screwdriver with brass accents 38:32 u/Frashure11's mining backpack, Steven sent another & grabbed the used one 41:16 Carabiners update, comparing backpack colors, Luke holds the backpack 43:20 Luke shows the inside, mining samples, physical inspection, "double layered" 49:35 Linus checks whether this is "double thick," continues to cut it 51:00 Merch Messages #1 1:06:40 Topic #3 - H3's Dan likes the LTT screwdriver 1:11:02 Topic #4 - DevTernity conference cancelled due to fake female speakers 1:12:03 Luke on why this wasn't noticed, is there a female speakers supply issue? 1:16:11 "So tired of Lisa Su simping," Linus on "tech" companies, FP, mentions DankPods 1:22:00 James channel, mechanic of DankPods in Garbage Times, is now on FP 1:24:11 Topic #5 - Casetify V.S. dBrand update 1:30:53 Topic #6 - NVIDIA wakes up and decides to be an AI company 1:39:32 Sponsor - MSI 1:40:45 Sponsor - BackBlaze 1:42:01 Sponsor - Manscaped 1:43:16 dBrand is sponsoring After Dark 1:43:35 Merch Messages #2 1:43:46 WoW Classic season of Discovery, pessimistic programmer's perspective on LLM AI 1:46:41 What's the most expensive thing your kids have broken or lost? 1:49:09 "Hey click this” - Zhvowa's The WHAM Show ft. Lina, Lucy & Daniela 1:52:37 "You should license Zhvowa's designs to print on shirts" ft. Upcoming body pillows 1:55:55 LMG & FP is now hiring! ft. Elijah's AMD tech upgrade, cool laptop text 2:01:14 Topic #7 - Microsoft Paint's Cocreator, an integrated DALL-E 2:03:11 Linus's prompt, Luke on the outputs, weird image, AICreations idea 2:07:15 Anime Luke, Anime girl Linus, weird generations 2:11:54 Clipart duck to color, tech YouTuber RGB background set 2:14:24 Computer hardware prompt, cool ideas, Luke's keyboard prompt, limited tokens 2:19:12 LTT's retro screwdrivers, bit sets back in stock, new strap for backpack 2:21:25 Community feedback - WAN couch patch on crooked LTX23 logos ft. Bread 2:25:05 What would you do differently if you rebuilt your IT infrastructure from scratch? 2:26:40 Topic #8 - 4,000 Auto dealers suggest lowering sales on EV mandate" 2:36:44 Topic #9 - Massachusetts police warn about Apple's NameDrop" 2:38:20 Topic #10 - Calyos's update on the fan-less case backers 2:41:40 Topic #11 - Nvidia's DLSS 3 & AMD's FMR running at the same time 2:44:18 Topic #12 - Sony's legal post on removal of Discovery's content 2:45:07 WAN Show After Dark sponsor - dBrand ft. XBOX's colors article 2:48:59 Merch Messages #3 2:49:06 Upcoming LTTStore laptop bag update? 2:53:30 Aspects of LMG's culture Linus is proud of developing or maintaining 3:08:58 What is your take on tech in construction? 3:10:03 Will Linus get his hands on the mini-LED AYA Neo? mini-LED V.S. OLED 3:13:52 What project Luke regretted the outcome of the most 3:15:50 Quarterly or bimonthly merch updates instead of on-WAN Show? 3:16:46 Given CPUs getting hotter, at what point would AIOs be necessary? 3:18:10 A feature in a game that got removed after an update that bothered you? 3:19:12 LTT backpack's rain cover update? 3:21:35 Outro

    dbrand x Casetify Lawsuit - WAN Show November 24, 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 27, 2023 230:44

    Learn more about the My Best Buy Membership program at Store link may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Get hooked up with the latest and greatest audio gear at Get a mooooove on, check out Moosend free for 30 days at and use code LTT for 10% off any monthly plan for the first 3 months Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:23 Intro ft. Lots of merch messages due to Black Friday 2:15 Topic #1 - dBrand & JRE's Zack sue Casetify over skins 4:25 Casetify's similar series, internal scan shortcut, lower quality, LTT reference 12:33 dBrand cares about the tech space, legal action, x-ray case, iFixit's tweet 16:53 Casetify's HQ, funny FP comment on "identical," Linus on cost of x-ray 20:25 Casetify's collabs, Luke finds a duped image, Linus wanted to sit on this 23:02 Linus discusses Zack's video with Luke 26:34 LTTStore's Black Friday deals 31:30 LTT is now 15 years old! Sarah's hoodie & shirt design, callbacks 34:22 Tom Arnold remade the logo from NCIX era, other callbacks 37:05 Merch Messages #1 1:05:28 Topic #2 - Sony files a patent around "quicksaving" 1:12:36 Topic #3 - Folding@Home's great month 1:16:55 Topic #4 - Ubisoft implements pop-in ads in old games   1:20:56 Sponsors 1:26:44 Merch Messages #2 1:26:50 Should I not buy TVs during Black Friday? 1:29:03 Handling the soulless aspects pushing an add-on purchase ft. NCIX, Best Buy 1:40:59 Do you think season-based games will outperform traditional games? 1:51:03 Topic #5 - Sam Altman returns after 95% of OpenAI threaten the board to resign 1:55:10 Topic #6 - PLEX's Discover Together feature sends summaries of friend's activity 1:59:08 Luke looks at Plex's CEO LinkedIn, Linus's perfect world scenario 2:06:25 Luke mentions opt-in & Linus's deal, Linus on Luke's movies, Hackers, actors 2:25:22 Discussing The Cable Guy, The Boondock Saints, The Starship Troopers 2:27:26 Linus couldn't watch The Room, Disaster Artist was based on a true story 2:30:12 Linus hasn't watched many bad movies ft. Ghost Dan Cam 2:30:55 Dan mentions My Neighbor Totoro, compares to Spirited Away 2:36:26 Topic #7 - Google Chrome's Manifest V3 2:39:36 Topic #8 - Nothing reversed course and removed the Blue Bubble & Sunbird 2:40:42 Topic #9 - EU enforces rules for parts, repairs, removal of software blocks 2:43:12 Dan shows off funny case stickers, unable to respond to merch messages 2:46:52 Linus tells Luke about profits from Black Friday, more sales soon 2:50:05 Merch Messages #3 2:50:35 Has LTTStore tried to work with stocking Vessi? 2:51:16 Where do you draw the legal line on what topic to cover? 2:54:38 Which would Linus spend $2M on: Nevera, LTTStore B&M, OLED Ally or new merch ideas? 2:56:13 Would you get into non-tech experiences? Changes in LMG with new CEO? Old game quirks you miss? 2:57:34 When was the last time you broke something and thought you'd never recover? 3:00:26 Luke's trip to Japan ft. Pokemon, drifting, foods, merch messages 3:05:52 What scams you can catch but others fall for? 3:07:38 If Casetify sponsored you to wrap the Taycan, would you still stick to Warzone? 3:09:36 Hairbrain tech? ft. Editor's den, Linus's case idea, Luke's inverter 3:16:22 Best deal you've ever gotten? Film adaptation of FFVI? 3:24:48 Have you listened to the Black Mages yet? LTT x dBrand series collab? 3:26:55 If you direct Creator Warehouse's budget towards making one product, what would it be? 3:27:54 Scariest software vulnerability you had to deal with? ft. Musical LMG, Steam Deck 3:35:17 Has insider knowledge ever changed the way you use a service? ft. Note's Stylus 3:38:28 What LTTStore items were the catalyst that blew the store up? 3:39:30 A game you played with a big flaw that doesn't let you say it's perfect? 3:41:46 What music does Linus listen to, and did Beat Saber change his taste? 3:49:31 Outro ft. Outro fails trying to load 400 messages

    I'm Not The Only CEO That Lost My Job - WAN Show November 17, 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 20, 2023 195:24

    Check out Tailwind at ⁠⁠ and new subscribers can save 50% on annual plans until November 27th. Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at ⁠⁠ Try Notion AI for free at ⁠⁠ Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:12 Intro 1:38 Topic #1 - Sam Altman is no longer the CEO of OpenAI 14:12 Topic #2 - Epic's Fortnite age restricted certain skins 24:33 Topic #3 - Nothing adds blue bubble messaging on Android 26:50 Topic #4 - Apple announces RCS support 34:16 Topic #5 - Linus ordered Humane's AI Pin 42:07 Merch Messages #1 42:16 Which is better to buy - a used Steam Deck LCD, or OLED? 48:22 BuyMyF-ingGarbage redirects to LTTStore ft. Linus's buying joke, Luke getting a Deck? 50:46 Linus explains merch messages 52:00 LTTStore's new fruit underwear 52:34 Strawberry, eggplant & peach colors variants, men & women styles 54:00 New RGBroken T-shirt, $999 deal 56:25 New RGB knit sweater 56:53 New GPU Christmas ornament 57:32 Black Friday & Cyber Monday sign up list 59:23 Would Linus consider writing a book about LTT after retirement? 1:01:16 Topic #6 - Tesla's clause banned reselling Cybertrucks within its first year 1:07:19 Topic #7 - Amazon to start selling Hyundai cars ft. Troll Linus 1:12:02 Topic #8 - Sony's PlayStation Portal released, sold in two days 1:12:10 Luke witnessed others' bad experiences, Linus mentions reviews 1:15:28 Linus's review was positive, mentions Bluetooth ft. FP Poll 1:18:06 Linus on Sony's decisions & margins, recalls NVIDIA Shield 1:21:54 Luke's personal thoughts, WiFi 5/6/6E, Android 13, lacking bluetooth audio 1:25:40 Linus on the battery life, compared to G Cloud 1:26:08 Topic #9 - Microsoft to follow EU's bill, will allow uninstalling Edge 1:30:43 Topic #10 - X(Twitter) lost major sponsors after Elon Musk's "anti-semitic" tweets 1:37:40 Sponsors 1:42:00 Merch Messages #2 1:54:38 Topic #11 - Google sues DMCA scammers & copyright fraudsters 1:55:51 Topic #12 - Rivian's accidental OTA update breaks infotainment systems 1:58:14 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Luke on Japan's GMT 1:59:28 What does your SO despise that you collect? 2:00:13 Would performance differences add up if you compare PC part SKUs? 2:03:52 Luke's experience with Matsuri 2:06:16 What's some of the visions Linus had for LTT in 2024? 2:10:34 Does Luke believe a P2P solution like IPFS would help with FP's costs? 2:11:53 Why does Linus keep his earrings? Thought of removing them? If Luke fought James, who wins? 2:33:20 Will the Black Friday deals ship in time for Christmas? 2:36:20 What did you enjoy playing the most during the good gaming era? 2:37:52 What video ideas took the least time? Compare to normal videos 2:41:40 With the new Deck, have you considered going back from Ally? 2:42:14 Are you familiar with Wasm? ft. Lagging Luke 2:43:19 Thoughts on doing a Top Gear styled video? 2:44:45 A simple prank that you have done that resulted in laughter? 2:45:48 Any other JRPGs you all enjoy? 2:47:18 Applying right to repair to airplane parts? 2:50:36 A valid argument between Ally & Deck? 2:53:23 Why Linus dislikes Star Trek 2:54:48 Would Luke ever branch off from LMG and make a car related channel? 2:56:48 Does FP use any design principles in CS? 2:58:38 Changes implemented to LMG's IT infrastructure by Dan & Luke? 3:03:40 Most surprising smash hit on LTTStore? 3:04:27 Does Luke have an advice as a C dev to a C dev? 3:06:32 Most surprising smash hit on LTTStore? 3:08:54 Any more pride colored LTTStore merch coming? 3:10:06 ROG reboot CPU fan rubber mounts 3:11:06 Favorite Linus quote? 3:12:14 Topic #13 - Eight Sleep cutting off access to API calls 3:13:05 Any practices or content types on the way out? 3:15:40 Nick mentions the microfiber shirt idea 3:16:45 Outro

    What Happened This Week? - WAN Show November 10, 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 14, 2023 208:40

    Integrate communication features into your applications and services with SignalWire at: Check out Volcanica Coffee's over 150 different coffees at and use code LINUS15 for 15% off! Learn more about the My Best Buy Membership program at Store link may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 0:53 Intro 1:17 Topic #1 - Intel's Meteor Lake changes CPU branding once more 3:56 "1st Gen Core Ultra," discussing Intel's naming scheme 6:03 14th Gen benchmarks, cryo cooling technology discontinued 10:27 Linus recalls Swiftech, Luke shows Cooler Master's peltier tech 12:03 Problems with peltier, what Linus liked about it 16:30 Topic #2 - The Escapist's staff are resigning, including Yahtzee 33:17 Past gaming content, passion V.S. financial gain on YouTube 41:47 Luke's BestBuy friends site story, GameXplain, Carpoon, competitive YouTube content 47:05 Merch Messages #1 49:00 Have Linus's kids expressed interest in joining LMG? 53:37 Explain Intel's P & E cores? How does it decide to use which? 55:44 How do you feel about students not being able to tell what's a ZIP and a folder? ft. Luke's resume 1:23:06 Random Extra Things - Mario Kart's balance changes 1:30:10 LTTStore mystery color screwdrivers back in limited stock 1:30:35 LTTStore's Window post-it notes 1:32:50 Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals temporary newsletter 1:34:35 3D down jacket promo - 4% chance to win a trip to LMG's HQ 1:37:14 Sponsors 1:40:22 Luke's question on pointing out a sponsor is AI-powered 1:40:59 Topic #3 - OpenAI Dev Day, custom GPTs store, GPT-4 Turbo 1:42:33 Price decrease, commitment to pay for copyright & legal fees 1:43:28 Humane's AI pin, Linus on ex-Apple employees being cynical 1:45:37 Recalling Syng speaker, AI pin's pricing, Google Glasses 1:49:04 Luke on whether Linus is open to being wrong, HP laptop review 1:56:24 PC puck, Dan gets sent to VC investor jail 1:58:48 Luke on a anti R2R line in the video, light bypass, Google Glass 2:02:07 Google Clips, Luke asks about TF, last week's LAN party 2:11:54 Slapshot: Rebound, Luke being defense-minded yet is a God gamer 2:22:30 Elon Musk's xAI reveals Grok the chatbot, community mocks it 2:26:23 Amazon builds an AI model named Olympus 2:26:33 Samsung's Gauss translates audio and text locally on the S24 2:27:26 Merch Messages #2 2:34:23 Topic #4 - Valve's Steam Deck specs uplift, 90Hz OLED 2:40:15 To launch on the 16th, might get backlogged 2:41:07 Topic #5 - Original backers of Streacom's case to receive a voucher 2:48:27 Topic #6 - Bored Ape Party used mercury UV light, hurts attendees 2:50:09 Topic #7 -LTT community's 3D printed projects 2:51:02 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, old roulette 2:52:32 Will the LTTStore sales also include shipping offers? 2:56:03 Any info as to why Google's Workplace doesn't work with GMail? 2:56:45 AU's Optus was down for 18 hours - thoughts on our dependency on ISPs? 2:59:56 Was Linus making his home smart worth it? 3:00:19 Any memorable midnight game releases you went through? 3:04:33 What was Luke's transition to manager-type position like? 3:11:40 Any tips for maintaining all extra worlds in ANNO 1800? 3:14:40 A better way to play a TV in a different room? 3:15:13 Thoughts on 200CC as an avid Mario Karts player? 3:16:48 How come Lenovo is rarely covered on LTT's videos? 3:18:10 Which name Linus prefers for FFVI - Tina, Terra or does it not matter? 3:18:24 Recently engaged, any advice on the wedding day? 3:24:06 What other FF games has Linus played besides FFVI? 3:25:30 How does Linus decide what media to consume in his free time? 3:25:56 Thoughts on the OC remix versions of FFVI? 3:26:41 What do you want to see from the live action Legend of Zelda? 3:27:26 What tech brands or IPs would you want to collab with LTTStore? 3:29:34 Outro

    Ad Blockers Can't Watch This - WAN Show November 3, 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2023 116:20

    Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Looking for electronic components and equipment? Consult the specialists! Head over to and save 10% using code LMG Check out SignalWire at: Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:11 Intro 1:36 Topic #1 - YouTube's anti-ad block campaign is successful 4:12 "We're disabling ad blocking to make Chrome safer," article on Hells Angels 7:50 Linus requests books for mic stands 8:16 Linus on the forums's ad block thread, recalling "ad block is piracy" 13:58 Looking into Linus's mic issue 15:12 Topic #2 - White House's executive order addressed towards AI 15:18 Austin Evans was there, summarizing the executive order 17:23 Should AI be government regulated? ft. Linus brought a Super Chexx 19:22 Linus's mic, discussing games to play on the Mac & PC, "profiling" 22:23 Merch Messages #1 23:38 Thoughts on using phones with parental controls? ft. Linus's mic falls 26:04 Dan's mic emulates 2010's YTPs so perfectly that chat cries 26:42 Whatever happened to the UV hoodie Linus tested on Hawaii? 27:50 Dan's mic, ever surprised someone was a fan? ft. Headphone dent 35:32 Got half a dozen of LTT stealth hats, sad they're out of stock 36:33 Linus warns about not covering as many merch messages due to LAN 36:44 LTTStore's new Breadsaurus t-shirt 37:50 LTTStore's stealth sweatpants pro, SLS newsletter & magnetic cable 41:17 Topic #3 - Embark Studios' The Finals' announcers were AI powered 42:18 Luke on the gameplay, objective-oriented, good support 45:38 Linus on the trailer V.S. gameplay AI announcer 48:34 Luke on bypassing the name filter, Linus on voice acting & AI 50:52 Luke on the F2P system & cosmetics, will he go back to it? 51:32 Luke's experience with Final Fantasy VI, commends Linus 56:30 Linus plays Titanfall 2's campaign, discussing Call of Duty 1:05:26 Luke wants to Play BG3 with Emma, Luke's funny party & results 1:08:20 Sponsors 1:12:58 Topic #4 - EU bans Meta tracking user behavior for targeted ads 1:17:31 Topic #5 - Microsoft to ban "unauthorized" Xbox accessories 1:18:46 Linus on Xbox's "American Girl & Xbox gaming set" 1:20:28 Nick comes on stream, hints the "floor stuff" 1:21:53 Topic #6 - Underground miner's extreme stress test on the LTT backpack 1:23:54 Steven suggests sending over backpacks to study new changes 1:24:26 Topic #7 - Apple announces M3 & Mac lineup 1:28:38 Topic #8 - Rossmann receives 3 community strikes due to FUTO's GrayJay 1:34:18 Topic #9 - 23AndMe is to provide GSK consumer DNA data for money 1:35:46 Topic #10 - DwarfHeim to shut down due to the dissolution of the dev team 1:38:30 Merch Messages #2 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Linus does it 1:38:58 How are Luke's birds doing? ft. LG Wing mini update 1:41:55 Given ADHD, does Linus do his best thinking when driving or exercising? 1:42:40 What can Linus do without Yvonne's approval? 1:44:18 Are the dad hats V2 going to be in stock by Christmas? 1:44:34 Luke's thought on requiring software engineers to be licensed ft. LG Wing scrolling, bread 1:46:44 Any new products that you can spoon that might be out for time for holiday gifts? 1:47:17 Ever considered a new WAN Show intro? 1:47:34 Ever heard of Beyond All Reason, or BAR? 1:50:04 Do either of you know what happened to Jack from NCIX? 1:52:02 Would PCs today be better if OS2 & Windows 31 won V.S. MsDOS? 1:52:18 Are sponsors aware of the lack of progress bars on the videos? 1:53:18 New TV update? 1:53:34 What are you going to be playing during the LAN? 1:53:58 How many people will you get to buy ANNO 1800? 1:54:46 When the LAN center opens, will there be a rent-your-PC program? 1:55:14 How can I market my tech skills when some see it as optional? 1:55:58 Did Luke ever dive at Bonaire? 1:56:04 Electric motorcycles ft. EV cars can emulate the feel of a manual 1:58:16 Outro

    PS5 Disk Drive Drama - WAN Show October 27, 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2023 260:36

    Check out Volcanica Coffee's over 150 different coffees at and use code LINUS15 for 15% off! Get hooked up with the latest and greatest audio gear at White noise is the right noise! Check out SNOOZ at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:16 Intro 1:45 Topic #1 - PS5 Slim requires an internet connection to pair the disc drive 4:06 30 years of pirating PS, long-term impact, game compatibility 6:40 Movie studio's potential influence, pair games 8:10 Right to Repair, Linus on 24/7 net connectivity, FP poll 12:28 Topic #2 - Carriers block "unauthorized" Mexican phones 14:22 Linus on smuggling legitimate products 15:18 Motorola remotely disabled phones, repair shops, spoofing IMEI 19:14 Samsung disabled phones retroactively, OPPO & Xiaomi might do the same 22:20 Samsung won't block any more, what's the solution? ft. Regional prices 30:42 Merch Messages #1 ft. Hand cam, Dan's MM cards 51:26 Topic #3 - IRS to launch Direct File Pilot Program 1:00:56 Topic #4 - Reddit threatens to block Google, claiming it can survive 1:02:24 Reddit & news articles on LLM data, Luke on restrictions 1:06:12 LTTStore's new premium joggers 1:07:54 LTT backpacks on stock, new carabiner update 1:08:44 Free shipping for the whole order if you get the Plaid flannel 1:10:10 Magnetic cable clip signup 1:10:32 Sponsors 1:16:38 Merch Messages #2 1:17:08 Features removed from modern PCs ft. File Share, Win11, monitors, taskbar, G-Docs, sharepoint 1:46:40 What is missing with water cooling that would make it easier? 1:51:28 Topic #5 - Linus now owns the LG Wing 5G 2:07:50 Topic #6 - Activision's deal with Remington for COD MW2 2:17:09 Topic #7 - Nintendo's new tournament guidelines 2:17:28 Nintendo's article, Luke on the Smash scene, "F-off Nintendo" 2:21:06 LAN Smash tournament, Linus challenges Nintendo, breaking rules 2:23:09 Stupid Q&A with Nintendo, "Who CARES?!," ALL THE SPONSORS! 2:25:11 Linus contacts dBrand, he will admit if he is in the wrong 2:28:42 Funny tournament names suggestions 2:30:49 LTT Official Folding Month VI competition ft. Konrad's message 2:33:10 Topic #8 - 41 US states sue Meta for addictive features 2:36:18 Topic #9 - DigitalRev deleted videos on the YouTube channel 2:40:00 Topic #10 - CS2 players banned due to high-DPI spinning 2:42:35 Topic #11 - Unplugged's UP Phone, has a physical killswitch 2:51:40 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:52:39 Experiences with the Amazon One's palm entry stores? 2:54:40 Why do you think all cotton clothing is rare? 3:02:12 Final Fantasy VI discussion 3:23:47 The most detrimental to gaming - gaming as a service, microtransactions or loot boxes? 3:25:20 Opinions on hardcore mode gaming? 3:30:51 Does Linus keep backup computers in his house? 3:36:30 Luke's thoughts on spoonerism given his dyslexia 3:40:04 Power & running costs of the pool cooling? 3:42:35 Employees who deserve more recognition but aren't in the spotlight? 3:46:27 What does Linus do with his excess money? 3:52:29 Blu-rays consoles are locked, it's not up to Sony 3:54:25 Complicated tech product names that infuriate you? 3:56:43 How hard would it be for developing countries to set up fabs? 3:59:03 How does Linus turn his PC rack on remotely? 3:59:55 What do you think is the greatest game of all time? 4:16:09 Ways AR can be used in business? 4:17:29 Ever considered a collab to show how clusters are used in science? 4:19:07 What happened to Linus's DIY water cooling bed? 4:19:39 Why didn't you use the controlled atmospheric chamber to test the sub-ambient PC? 4:20:12 Baby steps to take to have my son start gaming? 4:21:15 Why do you think computer repair shops are a bad idea? 4:22:42 How does sourcing for LTT labs differ from creator warehouse? 4:23:02 Got the 10M subs case, any possibility to buy the play button PC? 4:23:58 Outro ft. Not-so-tall Linus

    China Got No Game - WAN Show October 20, 2023

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2023 194:15

    Try Notion AI for free at Check out GOG at: Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:14 Intro 1:47 Topic #1 - US to stop NVIDIA from shipping RTX 4090 to China 3:33 Limited exports to KSA, UAE & Vietnam, other GPU variants 4:34 NVIDIA's $400M quarterly sales, is this going to do anything? 6:21 Local factories, governments' influence on companies 8:16 Topic #2 - Jon Stewart's "The Problem" will not have a third season 8:52 Topic #3 - NY lawmakers demand background checks on 3D printers 10:40 Linus on Luke's "realistic view," banned products, anarchic book 14:02 Implications, shotguns, policy makers, hand-made guns 21:22 Policy makers, Linus on the size of Canada & its inhabitability 27:18 Topic #4 - Apple to update sealed iPhones remotely 28:15 Linus loves this, Luke is worried about this 31:02 Future Secret Shopper 3 parts, Linus on versions & updating 33:15 Linus's steam updates theory, Luke rejects it ft. Windows updates 39:21 Linus on seamless MacOS updates compared to Windows 42:01 Topic #5 - Linus wants Steam to improve SH's system information 44:44 Luke shows average hardware, Linus on how this is misleading 47:47 LTTStore's new dropout jacket 48:36 Linus mentions audio guy & Luke's response 51:54 LTTStore's new controller ornaments 56:38 Potential bits holder, color coding, Linus on its issues 59:25 Linus breaks the table, discussing lanyards & carabiner 1:07:08 Merch Messages #1 1:20:48 Topic #6 - Twitter's "Not a Bot" program to charge users in NZ & PH 1:21:58 Recalling XtremeSystems & Martin's Liquid Lab 1:25:46 Controversial Tweets, SSSniperwolf's react & doxx situation 1:26:57 Linus breaks the bits holder, Sebastien's response 1:28:29 Luke doesn't care about X & bots, Linus mentions Zuckerberg 1:30:20 Huawei's Kirin 9000S bot comments on HotHardware 1:37:44 Sponsors 1:41:51 Merch Messages #2 1:49:22 Topic #7 - Skull Island: Rise of Kong is terrible 1:53:52 Topic #8 - AMD's Anti-Lag+ update 1:56:56 Topic #9 - Marketplace tech repairs caught snooping on devices 2:02:18 Topic #10 - Mountain Dew LTT screwdriver 2:02:32 Linus has the screwdriver, the user's offer, Linus's thoughts 2:04:48 Linus teases Ariana's AMD system upgrade, "written off" Linus 2:05:52 Adam's system upgrade video, ECC squad 2:06:58 Topic #11 - Valve's presentation on recommendation systems 2:09:05 Recalling internet's enshitification, Amazon shopping 2:11:45 Topic #12 - AMD's Threadripper 7000 series releasing next month 2:13:18 Recalling first gen Threadripper's price 2:14:01 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:14:42 Companies you want to have WAN Show's level of transparency? ft. Handshake, BlizzCon devs 2:18:40 Aspects of Linus that changed over the years? ft. New CEO, spending habits, consumables 2:39:10 Downsides of reposting videos like the SS 3? ft. Oldschool Runescape 2:45:18 Any advice to encourage a girl's interest in tech? 2:46:05 A path not taken with LTT that you're most curious about its outcome? 2:49:28 Things you've done professionally you'd never do again? 2:57:46 Will there be a tipping point where the market want to push back and own products? 2:57:46 Topic 13: Qualcomm announces RISC-V Android chip 2:59:16 If an AI can predict appliance settings, would you use it? 3:00:38 Storing a large movie library - MicroSD, SSD or USB stick? 3:02:00 What is the worst RMA experience you had? 3:03:11 What defunct products have you seen that have a cloud-based config? 3:05:19 A proverbial hill you'd die on that people wouldn't know about? 3:08:12 Why Build Redux was not included in the Secret Shopper 3? 3:09:13 How do the dropout hoodies hold up at the gym? 3:10:50 Any issues with the pool cooling? Video update? 3:11:39 What was your best deal ever? 3:14:38 Dan's & Luke's favorite Starfield mods? 3:15:55 Outro

    Use AMD Get Banned - WAN Show October 13, 2023

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    Check out SignalWire at: ⁠⁠ Try some unique flavors of coffee at and use code LINUS for 20% off your first order! Get a mooooove on, check out Moosend free for 30 days at and use code LTT for 10% off any monthly plan for the first 3 months Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:05 Intro 1:36 Topic #1- AMD's Anti-Lag+ might VAC ban players 2:16 CS2's tweet, discussing Valve's response ft. Linus touching grass 8:07 Linus tried out CS2, follow recoil, Luke on game audio 13:44 Linus's FPS skill argument, Linus V.S. Luke in bubble hockey game 20:29 Luke on CS2's launch, removal of CS:GO, hitreg issues 22:39 Video of Dan's Z Fold repair, Linus's issues with PETG cooling 28:05 Topic #2 - Sony's PlayStation 5 Slim 31:30 Specs, drive types, vertical stand, resale value 35:52 Linus's car wrap, color spectrum, Luke's firefighter brother 43:11 LTTStore's new Luxe Backpack ft. Linus "drops" his water bottle 46:10 Made to order, free shipping 47:25 Merch Messages #1 59:32 Topic #3 - HP's account locked printers shouldn't be a thing 1:04:43 Topic #4 - Microsoft closes acquisition of Activision Blizzard 1:07:02 Luke & Linus on Tencent, FTC is to challenge the acquisition 1:09:17 Blizzard's CEO set to leave, is Microsoft's expansion into cloud gaming a threat? 1:10:56 Amazon's Luna, Ubisoft+, recalling TF2 & BattleBit's map votes 1:20:42 Sponsors 1:24:03 Linus recalls similar sponsor being backordered 1:25:05 Merch Messages #2 1:51:48 Topic #5 - Intel's Arc A580 1:52:43 Linus recalls Intel's warehouses of GPUs rumors 1:55:07 Up to 149% improvement with new drivers, Battlemage V.S. Alchemist 1:57:28 Viewing the 23AndMe e-mail, discussing data collection & breaches 2:02:45 Shadow's breach included financial data & credentials 2:05:12 Topic #6 - Google restores features according to Sonos's lawsuit 2:07:42 Why did Linus trust Sonos after the bricking ordeal? 2:09:26 Judge's decision on the patent reforms, SVS speakers 2:13:56 Topic #7 - BestBuy to end physical sales, Netflix's physical store 2:18:41 Topic #8 - Facebook's ads are discriminatory, according to a lawsuit 2:20:50 Topic #9 - Two decades Firefox bug repaired by a 23 year old new coder 2:22:28 Topic #10 - Is Linus spoiling his kids with tech too much? 2:30:40 Topic #11 - Microsoft's GitHub Copilot might not be profitable 2:37:00 Merch Messages #3 ft. "Floatplane" After Dark 2:37:21 Linus's thoughts on Bill Watterson's The Mystery 2:47:40 What's a tech product Luke bought that made him feel guilty? 2:50:25 Do I track my actual time or time or others' average to do my work? 2:52:01 Why did you go for apple leather on the Luxe? 2:52:51 What happened to the AI race? 2:54:20 Any problems with the $1000 JBOD cabinet? 2:57:27 Would Linus consider oil to be sufficiently water proof? 2:57:57 Thoughts on space mining for computers & tech? 2:59:00 Luke's thoughts on the upcoming Vanguard from CCP Games? 3:01:47 MAC Address, Gamelinked or Floatplane LTTStore merch in the works? 3:02:42 Favorite purchase that someone told you was dumb? ft. Linus drops his phone 3:06:36 How does the internet work in Canada? 3:08:23 Thoughts on AR in enterprise? 3:09:03 How is the wear & tear of the Luxe? Bottom of Linus's prototype 3:10:26 Samsung selling Fold with known defects & rejecting repairs 3:10:46 Software that keeps track of different processes for each item? 3:11:56 Thoughts on YouTube changing the "Ad" label to "Sponsored"? 3:12:46 Suggestions on how to latch the 40oz bottle in the car? 3:14:31 Why is Stubby's magnet polarity different than the original? 3:15:07 Thoughts on Steam Link? 3:16:29 If Floatplane sank at the start, would Luke be working at LMG? 3:17:28 Sebastian's response about the magnet ft. Bread plush, returning customer, kids 3:19:31 Outro

    Windows Subscriptions - WAN Show October 6, 2023

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    Check out Volcanica Coffee's over 150 different coffees at and use code LINUS15 for 15% off! Help out an animal in need! Check out CUDDLY at Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:40 Intro 2:03 Topic #1 - Windows 12: "Subscription" Edition 30:44 Topic #2 - Linus's phone poll, LG Wing is the most voted 33:50 Linus tries to fixate the poll, Dan on fixing Linus's Z Fold 3 36:26 What phone Luke should get, discussing Google & Pixel, less technophiles 41:56 LTT's premium ChromeOS video idea, "year of the Linux desktop" 46:30 Dad Luke's funny PC story, phone offer, why the Pro? What bundle? 58:04 Topic #3 - Secret Shopper 3 update 59:00 Merch Messages #1 ft. Company phone plan, Dan's response, "liability" comment 1:02:48 LTTStore's new SC long-sleeve shirt ft. Tatjana is off probation 1:05:42 LTTStore's pre-order bread plushie 1:06:32 FailedPlanes bonus bin pins 1:08:48 LTT has been added to YT's affiliate program 1:11:30 Do you do late night videos when you're not planning a WAN Show? 1:17:17 How does Linus deal with being tech cursed? ft. Linus' LAN party 1:24:28 Would you ever do a retro LAN with 90's era machines? 1:27:02 Topic #4 - Epic Games to change UE's licensing for non-game development 1:40:36 Sponsors 1:44:46 Linus explains pool thoughts, Luke's washed AirPods, footages on Z Fold 1:49:16 Rules for those asking Dan, Luke the manager of Dan 1:51:58 Merch Messages #2 2:11:03 Topic #5 - Apple Watch Series 0 is now obsolete 2:17:58 Topic #6 - Integrated SSDs in a GPU concept 2:21:08 Linus tries to find his M.2 carrier board, showcases it 2:25:26 Topic #7 - YouTube changing ads on the mobile app 2:27:01 Linus wants creator's thoughts on this 2:27:44 Topic #8 - 23andMe's user data stolen, for sale 2:28:50 Attack targets Ashkenazi Jews, Linus is angry at his mother 2:30:36 Linus reads out his email he sent to his mother in 2019 2:32:44 Reddit post on 23andMe refusing to delete data 2:34:10 Linus on how this impacts insurance, Luke reads the article on it 2:37:56 Topic #9 - TikTok's deepfake of MrBeast used to scam users 2:40:20 Other deepfaked figures, watermarks, how do we protect users? 2:41:33 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, revenue on the bread 3:03:23 Is Linus a backer of the Nofio, a wireless adapter for Valve Index? 3:05:13 What would happen if YouTube decided to delete the old stuff? 3:06:51 What's the most a company tried to make you pay for something dumb? 3:10:00 Tips and tricks for organizing a LAN? 3:11:29 How are the hardware upgrades for LTT going with Luke? 3:12:24 Would you get Samsung's new "The Wall"? 3:13:39 Who were the first ten hires of LMG, and who is still around? 3:16:48 Fake images on Samsung's 130" TV & Freestyle projector articles 3:26:18 Is it acceptable that Cities: Skylines II rolled back console preorders? 3:28:10 What tech tips do you have on making entertaining educational content? 3:29:07 Is there any reason you don't do more LTTStore long-sleeves? 3:29:36 Do you think Starfield was a success or a failure? ft. Screaming Dan 3:31:38 Why did Linus go to Alabama to discuss Saturn V instead of alternatives? 3:32:37 Did you do the backpack pulling thing? 3:33:18 Problem with Samsung's wearables that Linus found? 3:34:55 Can Luke upload his Starfield VODs on YouTube? 3:35:44 News on LTT backpack carabiners? 3:37:18 Ever thought of having a sous chef for the company? 3:39:59 Does WGoA's agreement change your position on AI replacing creative work? 3:46:31 How to avoid getting scammed when engaging with suppliers on Alibaba? 3:48:08 How would Luke rate the 3D down jacket for winter? 3:49:37 How do I run dual GPUs - do they have to be the same model? 3:50:32 Have you ever used PCI-E to Fiber? 3:50:44 FMK - Intel, AMD, ARM 3:54:08 Raiding UFD Tech 3:54:47 Outro

    WAN:GO Is Gone Forever - WAN Show September 29, 2023

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    Check out SignalWire at: Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Save time and automate your social media marketing! Check out Tailwind at and get 50 free bonus Ghostwriter AI credits! Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters. 1:09 Intro. 1:33 Topic #1: CS:GO is no more, long lives CS 2. 2:48 History of CS, Source, Luke's experience. 9:36 Subtick, playing with Joe, volumetric smoke, recoil & shield. 16:00 Twitch & FP on CS recoil, Steam reviews, $40M in 40 minute. 22:06 Steam reviews, discussing CS 2 replacing CS:GO, a negative review. 32:50 BG3, Linus's BG3 review on Discord, BG3's tutorial, games reviews. 48:21 Yvonne's character choice, camera mod, game preference. 56:03 LTTStore's new desk pad. 57:06 Linus recalls a viewer's argument on using YT Superchats. 58:18 Creator's warehouse bread plushies ft. FP poll. 1:01:16 Merch Messages #1. 1:01:22 Would you wipe your controversies if you also wipe what you learnt from them?  1:03:44 Luke disagrees with FP Poll. 1:04:58 Any personal experience dealing with low temperature on tech? 1:07:23 New FP Poll for breads. 1:07:48 How many times has DLL said anything that caused chaos within LMG? 1:11:00 FP Poll result, bread is the meme. 1:12:09 Topic #2: Newegg's GPU trade in program. 1:12:34 Trade in prices, easy process & warranty. 1:20:49 Linus's price take, Luke on working with PayPal, LTT's AMD video, Linus on satire. 1:38:30 Sponsors. 1:42:13 Covering last WAN's supplement sponsorship. 1:45:30 Merch Messages #2. 1:45:36 How bad a monitor would you use for free before spending on one? 1:53:16 Has LTT ever used consultors or contractors? 2:00:56 How do you address technical debt in your projects? 2:06:00 Topic #3: Samsung's Neo G9 monitors cracking. 2:08:10 Luke on the low frequency of curved screens damage, Linus on per-region support. 2:12:08 Linus calls about if the Secret Shopper segment was shot, continues to leak. 2:22:16 Linus recalls Samsung's The Wall, purchases TCL's 115" MiniLED TV. 2:30:22 Linus's theory on why this is Chinese exclusive, LTT shot the Compensator. 2:35:30 Topic #4: Russian zero-day seller offers $20M to hack iOS & Android. 2:39:57 Topic #5: Reddit phases out gold & awards, now pays for karma. 2:42:08 Topic #6: Metaverse's 3D facial scan. 3:02:07 Topic #7: TheFloW teases a PS4/PS5 exploit. 3:03:39 Topic #8: Google will discontinue Podcast next year. 3:04:52 Topic #9: OpenAI's & Meta's new AI. 3:09:28 Topic #10: Getty's library generates images through an ethical database. 3:10:23 Topic #11: Google Search showcases ChatGPT-3's "eggs can be melted" response. 3:11:09 Topic #12: Military AI to sort U.S. intelligence. Cont. Topic #9: OpenAI's & Meta's new AI. 3:13:11 Meta's Ray-Band glasses article. 3:15:04 Luke shows Hotbunlover. 3:15:56 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark. 3:16:58 How viable do you believe LTT's cleanest setup is? 3:19:48 Difficult challenge for tech that you've come to terms with? 3:20:41 Has Luke looked into aftermarket options for his car's infotainment system? 3:22:27 Has Linus's workload lowered after stepping down? ft. Tech shop sequel, Sea of Stars, cutscenes. 3:39:41 Did Yvonne's medical history  help her learn finance better? 3:40:16 Any noticeable LTTStore merch preference per region? 3:40:43 Do you see 12GB VRAM being enough for 2K Ultra settings in the future? 3:45:14 Is it true that Linus can leap over the chair from a standing position? 3:49:16 Arm wrestling on WAN Show? 3:50:18 Have you explored what it'd take to start an ISP? 3:50:52 What is Linus's favorite WAN Show snack? 3:51:22 Do you think you'll see AI reach full sentience in your lifetime? 3:52:32 Why does Luke stream his Starfield gameplay on Twitch and not on FP? 3:54:08 Outro.

    I'm Furious But NVIDIA Is Right - WAN Show September 22, 2023

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    Check out Volcanica Coffee's over 150 different coffees at and use code LINUS15 for 15% off! Check out GOG at: Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters. 0:55 Intro. 1:20 Topic #1: NVIDIA releases DLSS 3.5. 2:02 NVIDIA's claims, "AI is the future of gaming." 3:44 Linus on native res gaming, DLSS implementation, Luke on possible issues. 8:52 Linus on using AI to game dev, data processing. 15:02 Game dev, graphical fidelity, Luke's "story." 20:41 Stream dies, spliced VOD. 20:43 Topic #2: Microsoft's Nintendo acquisition plans leaked. 21:57 How rumors spread, LTT food & LinusCatTips 22:58 Documents leaks planned projects for Xbox. 25:11 ZeniMax's planned games, Luke on Tomb Raider. 28:52 Microsoft's interest to acquire companies, Luke on companies that fell off. 30:51 Nintendo Switch's power, lack of roadmap, "it's Tomb Raider, who cares?!" 36:00 Luke on Microsoft's roadmap presentation, "pyramid scheme." 39:02 Lack of themed Xbox, Linus's & Luke's experience, Luke's TV, Confused Dan. 45:53 Merch Messages #1 ft. Not-so-smart Linus. 1:01:17 Topic #3: Microsoft's Copilot AI companion. 1:04:02 M365 Copilot's release date, OpenAI's DALL-E 3, new Surface devices. 1:08:44 Trying out Copilot, failing miserably. 1:17:13 Viewer logs in using Steam's QR, crew baffled & impressed. 1:18:35 Luke's prompt suggestions, Linus's drawing, Luke on Copilot's preview. 1:35:55 Linus vents about Microsoft's search ft. Sleep Country. 1:38:01 Topic #4: House LAN center update. 1:41:09 Linus on rack ports, custom terminated cables, pool watercooling. 1:45:20 Planned LTT videos, thermal camera, heat exchanger & transfer. 1:59:08 Server-heated fireplace, Linus on existing tubes & hot water pipes. 2:05:10 Sponsors 2:09:07 LTTStore's new onesie ft. Linus & Luke wearing it. 2:10:20 Merch Messages #2. 2:10:24 Logistics team's reaction to the M&P truck ft. G4 cube, Z Fold 3 repair. 2:32:48 How did Luke get the Starfield Constellation Edition Smartwatch? 2:34:39 Would the badminton center include rental rackets? 2:36:29 RAM in Intel & AMD chips? ft. Luke's phone, old hardware, CD movies, RF-blocking paint. 2:51:28 Topic #5: LTX2024 is not happening. 2:54:17 Whale LAN, potential to improve Whale LAN. 2:59:33 Whaler_99, OG LTT forums mod, officially hired as LMG's IT guy. 3:01:55 LMG employees' comments on M&P's owner & video production. 3:04:12 Best parts that didn't make it into the video? ft. Linus is a fainter. 3:11:26 Topic #6: Asus's ROG Ally base model. 3:11:44 Topic #7: New YouTube policy allows channels to change YT name only. 3:13:06 Topic #8: Unity swaps their install fees change with a new plan. 3:14:25 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark. 3:15:03 What's the itch factor on the LTT merino T-shirt? ft. Onesie photos. 3:16:44 Tech projects wanting to stay independent despite purchase offers? 3:18:42 Precision screwdriver showcase. 3:18:24 5M face shield Canadian Government formal order story. 3:19:09 Tech in its early days that would become the norm for schools? 3:20:29 Would LTT x Noctua screwdriver be available through Noctua in Europe? 3:20:58 Opinions on tech leaks & its impact on purchases? 3:22:18 What was the best product in a game bundle you got? 3:24:34 Cancelled video project you wished to release and why did you cancel it? 3:25:49 What is Linus's opinion on Ben & Jerry's ice cream. 3:26:47 Favorite LTTStore merch you've ever done? 3:28:46 Opinions on Supreme Commander 2? 3:29:05 Anything felt different since the week break? Any noticeable improvements? 3:33:50 Tech tips on cooling without a pool? 3:35:50 Tell a story about a time you felt like a Sims character. 3:36:52 Thoughts on the GR Corolla & the intelligent manual transmission? 3:37:41 Thoughts on selling 3D printed LTT screwdriver case? 3:39:20 Outro.

    Unity? More Like Divorce - WAN Show September 15, 2023

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    Get hooked up with the latest and greatest audio gear at Add a little fun and personality to your printed products! Check out VistaPrint at Enable your creative side! Check out Moment at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:05 Intro 1:32 Topic #1 - Unity's runtime fee angers all 3:45 Fraud detection, silently deleted clause & TOS 5:11 Unity's income, CEO selling stocks before changes 6:38 Unity's response, Linus on hiding it 10:24 Luke mentions Mega Crit's tweet, Linus on "premeditated" 14:38 Luke recalls "Pay to Reload," Linus advocates for Unity 17:45 UE4 & SOLIDWORKS licenses, Godot, what should Unity do? 25:14 Linus on changing terms of subscription 30:06 Topic #2 - Plex blocks access to Hetzner 31:47 Explaining Plex, its usage, reason behind the block 34:49 Plex's sharing & premium feature, Jellyfin & Emby 39:36 Liking products V.S. working with sponsor, Luke on eufy babycam 42:08 "Plex is a company with a liability," "WAN VPN" 43:43 What game companies are doing things right? ft. Kitty bread 44:44 Jake's Pirate Party of Canada comment 48:18 Merch Messages #1 49:17 Linus's autonomous lawn mower update 53:03 Entered mall competition, received details of every entry, who to report this to? 56:02 Guess the purpose of this Wish product! ft. Jessica 58:04 Rules of the bit 58:41 Product #1 1:02:22 Product #2 1:05:20 Product #3 1:10:38 Product #4 1:12:36 Product #5 1:25:19 Sponsors 1:36:00 Scrapyard Wars 9 1:39:31 Merch Messages #2 1:39:42 Are you planning to shave your beard? 1:40:51 What if Apple invested 5% in Valve? ft. Games discussion 2:02:11 Will there be a console with an upgradeable graphics card? 2:03:58 LTTStore's new reversible bomber jacket 2:06:50 LTTStore's new Merino T-shirt 2:09:12 LTT retro screwdriver newsletter 2:09:55 Send over favorite garment & your review on it 2:10:34 Topic #3 - California's right to repair bill 2:13:43 Topic #4 - Destiny 2 cheater barred from playing games 2:24:02 How many videos were shot after the break? 2:28:55 Answer, FP poll's result 2:31:56 Topic #5 - Pitstoptech's handheld Framework DIY project 2:34:16 Specs, Linus on ROG Ally's repairability 2:37:02 Topic #6 - Meta to allow cross-apps messaging 2:38:51 Topic #7 - Apple's iPhone 15 has Type-C 2:40:28 Micro-B & Mini-B, discussing Lightning 2:47:30 Linus on being stuck with Type-C 2:51:58 Topic #8 - Intel announces Thunderbolt 5 2:54:13 Topic #9 - Twitter (X) monetization pays LTT 2:55:05 Topic #10 - MS ends Surface Duo's support 2:58:59 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:59:16 How hard was it to set up LTTStore's desk configurator? 3:01:02 Your take on the potential requirement of battery replacement? 3:03:15 Has LTT considered physical copies of their content? 3:04:16 What do you think of kids using devices during school days? 3:12:38 Timeline for serious RISC adoption for gaming? 3:14:57 Opinion on Asus charging $750 to replace an $800 monitor's LCD? 3:16:41 What is the point you decide to move on from tech? 3:18:40 What made you decide to make “Working for Linus” videos? 3:21:00 Given YouTube's algorithm, are you getting back to daily uploads? 3:22:05 Is the swacket coming back? 3:22:33 Which subscriber makes the most revenue for you - YT, YT Premium or FP? 3:24:07 History of hiring Riley, impact on LMG if you didn't? 3:24:42 What content would you do on an experimental channel? 3:26:56 Will Linus be upgrading his Framework 13 to Ryzen? 3:27:37 Thoughts on AYANEO KUN? 3:28:38 Why have you dropped the Amazon store? 3:32:06 US's large lithium deposit, will we see lithium products getting cheaper? 3:34:49 Did the CVO idea come organically or was it borrowed from Simon Cynic's book? 3:36:50 Are you considering bulk ordering Framework 16 for LMG? 3:41:25 Outro

    Want Denuvo in Your Game Mods? - WAN Show September 8, 2023

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    Reach and engage with your audience! Check out Moosend free for 30 days at Help out an animal in need! Check out CUDDLY at White noise is the right noise! Check out SNOOZ at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:00 Intro 1:29 Topic #1 - Mod replaces Starfield's FSR2 with DLSS & XeSS 3:10 Login authentication, mod's revenue 5:18 Free mod alternative, backlash, debate over "paid mods" 8:32 Luke on Skyblivion, Linus on net benefits & source of income 15:22 FP Poll: How many mods do you use in a game? 20:44 Work required for projects ft. MM Dashboard, Floatplane 24:52 Starfield's sales & potential mods revenue 28:04 Mod camps, NVIDIA's Morrowind demo & Denuvo 33:02 Discussing possible approaches, "slider system" 36:32 Minecraft Marketplace, recalling horse armor 38:50 Mod revenue, microtransactions 40:38 Topic #2 - Nintendo's private demo of Switch 2 41:15 Luke realizes paid graphical mod is "microtransaction" 42:54 FPS & resolution demo, Linus called this, "current-gen HD" 45:24 "Nintendo-exclusives," RTX 40XX, Linus on Xbox 48:58 What would your dream console be? 54:52 Linus on how Steam Deck impacted Nintendo's decisions 56:56 Luke Nukem LTTStore T-Shirt ft. Dan throws a box 59:17 Series 2 Pins ft. What is Luke Nukem? 1:03:22 Interesting line on Starfield's EULA 1:06:13 FP's comment on complaints at the start of a trend 1:07:02 Merch Messages #1 1:07:34 Traditional forums comeback? 1:09:37 Smaller LTTStore backpack update 1:10:53 EULA of creation kit for Skyrim 1:12:40 You say not to pre-order. Do I pre-order the Luke Nukem shirt or not? 1:13:51 Stupidest tech you bought that you found you had a use for? 1:18:22 Topic #3 - Google's privacy sandbox for cookies & ads 1:28:38 Sponsors 1:32:02 Merch Messages #2 1:32:07 Biggest change to our lives with unlimited power? 1:37:15 Would you live without tech if drivers became a subscription? ft. "Year of the Linux" 1:40:16 How do you decide what tier of cars to review? 1:47:48 What part of the YouTube algorithm surprises you? 1:49:51 Topic #4 - Rockstar selling cracked games on Steam 2:02:44 Topic #5 - Mozilla's report on car's privacy nightmare 2:10:13 Topic #6 - SAG-AFTRA might lead game VAs to strike 2:22:35 Topic #7 - Gizmodo replaces a Spanish writer with a machine 2:25:45 Topic #8 - Frameworks sells "old" mainboards at a discount 2:28:12 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, pizza 2:29:18 Linus puts bread on Dan's chair, gym time, pizza sauces, fruits 2:36:25 Any advice for working with work paralysis? Biggest "A HA!" moment? 2:40:21 Do you like it when people discuss tech with you in the wild? 2:46:30 How many goats are you worth, and why? 2:50:12 Noctua screwdriver update? Bundling the Stubby & OG? 2:53:10 How have the first few weeks of the slower video outputs been? 2:56:50 Linus's socks preference 2:57:22 What happened to the stray cats in Linus's yards? 2:59:02 What would take any of you to shave your beards? 3:01:07 When did you guys realize you had PC building expertise? ft. Train 3:03:01 What LTTStore products are upcoming? 3:06:00 Most frustrating example of losing work due to lack of backwards compatibility? 3:09:07 Dropped the screwdriver from 130ft - any crazy tests on your products? 3:12:08 Unscripted videos, how long until scripted? ft. "Chess problems," glasses 3:25:51 If LMG became a mid-sized corporation, should the WAN Show continue? 3:27:46 Floatplane merch update? 3:29:54 Where to go to look for a badminton racket? ft. Linus's FB market history 3:34:20 Linus's challenges with ADHD 3:36:22 Suggestions if I don't want to man a million plus projects? 3:38:01 What videos do you wish to have a do-over? 3:40:52 Advice to give someone who starts with no experience? Pitfalls to avoid? 3:41:32 Is there a future where Nintendo bows out of the gaming space? 3:44:12 Outro

    You Okay Intel? - WAN Show September 1, 2023

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    Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Looking for electronic components and equipment? Consult the specialists! Head over to and save 10% using code LMG Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:22 Intro 1:52 Topic #1 - Experiencing Starfield 2:52 Starfield's early reviews 4:28 Starfield's map, Luke's experience, "feels like America" 7:22 Luke the "Bethesda Simp," Arc performance 10:49 Linus on "recommended spec," QOL sliders, resolution scaling 18:42 Linus on funny bugs, Luke on experiences 20:16 Starfield's movement, Linus on SSDs 23:14 Luke on sluggish movements, Linus on Starfield's performance 25:20 Linus on console generations, Luke on game quality & WFH 31:16 Dan on disrupting warping, Luke on immersion 32:07 "COVID benefited games," Linus's hockey arena & suburbs rant 36:12 Linus on community pressure, Luke on Linus's take 39:32 Linus on stadium deals, chat on passports 42:05 Luke's criticism, good era for gaming 48:39 LTTStore's new stubby screwdriver 48:56 Luke showcases the Stubby, bit storage & ratchet 52:13 Colored screwdrivers 53:48 LTTStore's site facelift 55:32 Mystery screwdriver ft. pin, Dan trolling 56:42 Pet bed feedback, material type ft. FP poll 58:46 Free extended sizing merch for testers, FP poll result 1:01:00 Merch Messages #1 1:07:33 Topic #2 - iFixit requests right to repair Mac's ice cream machines 1:10:02 Reforming DMCAs, Luke on sour cream & taco pizza 1:13:22 Dan's fine dining job, Linus's dropped patty, Luke's debate 1:18:22 FP's experience, Luke's soup tip 1:26:20 Sponsors 1:30:58 Merch Messages #2 1:51:57 Topic #3 - Lenovo's Legion Go handheld 2:06:32 Topic #4 - Elon Musk showcases Tesla's self-driving 2:13:22 Topic #5 - Sea of Stars 2:15:07 Linus's must-play list, community ordering his game idea 2:22:47 Topic #6 - Intel's PIUMA, 66 threads per core 2:30:10 Topic #7 - Pass YouTube's course to remove strikes 2:33:54 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Dan's new keyboard 2:35:40 Features you'd downgrade to a slab-style phone for? 2:43:07 Plushie motherboard & case ideas? 2:44:01 Luke's experience on BG3 2:44:34 Times you were mad at a pet? Dan is not a pet 2:51:36 WAN DLL pickle when? 2:52:48 Fun April Fools idea you had to scrap? Brainstorming process? 2:57:18 Worst bug you encountered in a video game? 3:02:22 Linus's experience with Ecobee's Wi-Fi thermostat 3:03:35 Go-to socks brand 3:07:18 Boeing factory tour for Luke? 3:07:55 Examples of a process change with an impact on productivity? 3:09:52 Badminton court updates 3:11:49 Have you seen Sanctuary: Shattered Sun? 3:13:58 Had trouble with the USB reset bug Ryzen had? 3:15:07 How long would you say a flagship system should last? 3:18:56 Value of staying loyal to an employer V.S. finding jobs externally 3:25:16 Comments on jacket seams coming apart? 3:26:11 Outrageous tech conspiracy you've come across? 3:27:20 How do you feel about MediaShare? 3:28:58 LTT board game? If yes, what would it be? 3:30:28 Has Luke decided on a phone yet? 3:32:40 Favorite part of owning a business? 3:33:22 Different colored stubby? 3:35:20 Thoughts on the EV industry to switch to Tesla's chargers? 3:36:32 Wife wants TV on top of fireplace, what else can I say outside of "it's too high"? 3:37:34 "Stubby me daddy" 3:37:48 It's 2050, you wrote a biography, what is it titled? 3:44:02 Luke's favorite character in BG3 3:50:39 Interest in making more colors for screwdrivers? ft. Tally of stubby orders 3:54:42 What is your dream breakfast? 3:57:24 What components should be the focus of a music production PC that uses virtual instruments? 3:58:17 Why do companies focus on pure electric cars instead of hybrids? 4:01:11 Outro

    One Of The Shows Of All Time - WAN Show August 25, 2023

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    Try Notion AI for free at Check out Volcanica Coffee's over 150 different coffees at and use code LINUS15 for 15% off! Save time and automate your social media marketing! Check out Tailwind at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: (00:00:00) Chapters (00:01:18) Intro (00:01:56) Topic #1 - Lack of WAN Show last week (00:02:44) Working & figuring things out (00:03:54) Steven's FP post, content break (00:05:28) dBrand's broken glass, Linus's pool kills his tech (00:11:41) Linus on fixing his Z Fold ft. Bread Cam (00:12:44) Luke on baking tech, Android's photo back up (00:14:48) LTT's Radeon pt. 2 video, supposed to release sooner (00:16:09) Topic #2 - Disney ditches physical disks sales (00:19:12) Past writer strikes up to 153 day (00:19:42) U.S. judge rules A.I. art cannot be copyrighted (00:20:16) Lack of strikers' compensation, "tax write off" (00:22:31) Constantly dropping shows, what will happen to industries? (00:25:39) Discussing global film industries (00:27:35) Linus on Disney withdrawing content (00:29:38) Luke on archiving, Linus on piracy (00:33:02) Linus on Superchats (00:35:06) Merch Messages #1 ft. Bread Cam (00:35:43) Bread in resin FP exclusive? (00:36:57) Would wireless GPUs take off? (00:38:35) LMG's car channel update, style of video? (00:40:03) Topic #3 - Illinois allows child influencers to sue parents (00:48:22) Topic #4 - GTA VI leaked by a teen hacker (00:58:36) Topic #5 - Best Monopoly spots ft. Bread Cam (01:01:41) Luke's history with timestamping WAN Show (01:02:43) Result of FP poll, "inflation" in Monopoly (01:04:26) Luke confronts Bread deity about the number of topics (01:04:49) Sponsors (01:08:46) Monopoly's wiki on railroads ft. "Rush for Bread!" (01:10:05) Linus on Monopoly purchase & auction rules (01:13:04) Linus's screenshare button, Monopoly Tycoon (01:17:02) Discussing "Tycoon," past games, "better Anno" (01:20:02) Luke discuss Sawyer & Steam reviews, Linus recalls Anno (01:21:48) Starfield, Yukon Trail, Linus learns about FP polls (01:23:57) Jadeon's new FP player & features (01:26:47) Twitch's take on React (01:27:58) Merch Messages #2 (01:32:22) Topic #6 - Luke plays Baldur's Gate 3 (01:34:12) Luke mutes Linus the Bear Enthusiast (01:35:31) BG3's multiplayer & campaigns (01:36:20) Chained Echoes, Linus's & Luke's hours (01:37:20) Linus recalls Valve changing TF2's stats (01:38:24) StS's Ascension, Linus on overwriting saves (01:40:36) Rocket league ranks (01:41:08) Update on Ludwig V.S. Linus game-off (01:42:22) This Was NOT a Video (01:43:24) Dan wasted paper, Linus on iGPU (01:47:38) Topic #7 - Microsoft pulls A.I. article writer (01:49:32) Microsoft's response (01:50:03) Fully machined artwork is ineligible for copyright (01:50:24) Microsoft's A.I.'s sea life suggestion (01:51:50) Topic #8 - Meta blocks Canadian news (01:54:52) Topic #9 - Experian fined $650K for violating spam law (01:55:29) Topic #10 - Rockstar acquires (01:57:02) Linus on goal changes, Luke on modders being hired (01:58:25) Merch Messages #3 ft. Bread Cam (01:59:08) Ever experienced "if I do this, there's no going back?" (02:01:51) Favorite stories from LTX & Whale LAN (02:02:55) Did you think the screwdriver would be as widely used as it is? (02:04:12) Ever played racquetball or squash? How does it compare to badminton? (02:05:41) Favorite split screen Co-Op games? (02:11:24) Stubby screwdriver launch date on LTTStore? (02:12:09) Favorite smart home upgrades (02:13:40) Biggest culture shock during your travels? (02:15:01) Any other sponsors who were weird like dBrand? (02:16:27) Choose between old wireless internet & rechargeable batteries (02:18:23) Release of Atari 2600+ (02:19:21) Thoughts on DLSS being a necessity (02:22:29) Would you do a video about FP tech? (02:23:33) Outro

    I'm Wearing Your Whole PC On My Wrist - WAN Show August 11, 2023

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    Try Notion AI for free at White noise is the right noise! Check out SNOOZ at Add a little fun and personality to your printed products! Check out VistaPrint at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:53 Intro 2:27 Topic #1 - xQc's "reaction" called out 4:04 Reactors' impact on viewership, transforming content 6:38 H3H3, Linus's history, xQc & Hasanabi criticism 8:42 Ethan's debate, xQc replies with "the worm" 10:08 xQc leaking his DM with Ethan, LTT's GPU meme 11:06 Drama, Linus's thoughts on xQc's invalid defenses 16:15 Danger of "supportive" people ft. Linus's & Luke's story 24:39 Linus's community ft. Rod, Brian, Ed 27:56 Whose fault is this? What is the fix? 33:16 Topic #2 - CNET removing old articles 33:43 Linus on the difficulty of looking up stuff online 36:03 CNET's representatives answers, Google's tweet 38:52 Linus polls chat, archiving the internet 43:14 Merch Messages #1 44:58 Clear screwdrivers ETA? ft. "40k backpacks," reinventing the wheel 51:27 LTTStore's new keyboard pin 54:54 Linus on the store's product photography 58:14 Linus's home theater ft. EP, tapes, collectibles, Barbie merch 1:14:36 Linus explains reasoning behind C$ on LTTStore 1:16:54 Pins sold, TS' cassettes, 1st gen iPod 1:20:28 Linus sees the pin colors, C$ 0.01 more 1:21:25 Topic #3 - Bots do CAPTCHA better than humans 1:22:34 Possible alternatives, Luke discuss passwords 1:26:32 Topic #4 - ShortCircuit's Pwnage mouse video edited 1:30:25 Sponsors 1:35:53 LTTStore's weekly deal ft. Dan is getting powerful 1:38:07 LTTStore products on Amazon, Linus V.S. Linux 1:41:13 Topic #5 - YouTube limits links on the platform 1:43:38 Hipyo's tweet on YouTube's decision 1:43:48 Amazon screwdriver seller is NOT LTT 1:45:33 "This ends channels," YouTube V.S. TikTok 1:47:29 Linus on Shorts revenue, scams, account breaches 1:50:59 Linus on comment's visibility, hearts, pinning 1:53:46 Jeff corrects Linus about betting ft. Timestamp guy 1:59:29 Merch Messages #2 2:01:12 YouTube Shopping & revenue 2:03:37 Floatplane's development history 2:09:14 Put in charge of Federal internet funding, what would you do? 2:11:52 What would it take for Starfield to be a success for Luke? 2:14:04 Should Linus edit a video? ft. Who would Luke backup? 2:18:08 Topic #6 - $300K of M:TG cards stolen 2:20:36 Experience, revenue from TV, strikers, unions 2:25:48 Topic #7 - Intel "Downfall" vulnerability 2:26:57 Topic #8 - A.I. can read your keystrokes 2:31:09 Merch Messages #3 ft. Accidental outro, WAN Show After Dark, extra bins 2:33:12 Impact of LTT's reviews on your relationships ft. Linus & Luke reminiscing their past 2:57:27 Steam Deck's impact on third party launchers 2:59:25 WAN Show on-time ft. Linus's family, gifted people, Yvonne, work culture 3:24:48 Do you ever get tired of your job? 3:26:34 Thoughts on branded hardware? 3:30:34 Favorite CPU socket & peripheral connector? 3:31:22 Challenges with NVIDIA & recording a live event 3:35:14 Luke's advice on owning budgies 3:37:30 How many LTX-edition screwdrivers have you sold? 3:41:17 LTT LTX staff pins history ft. Nick's e-mail 3:44:23 Auction items that you were saddest to see go? 3:45:06 Pointless A.I. implementations? Pointless A.I.? ft. Hackathon, driving Linus home 3:49:12 Is Luke doing more reviews due to FP or the CEO? 3:50:58 Why has Samsung's phone box gotten bland? 3:52:48 Lux backpack update 3:53:59 Where to put the Steam Deck in a backpack without a case? 3:55:42 Changing Linus's midname to "Tech Tips" after purchases from LTTStore? 3:57:06 Do you see LTT merch as a reflection of yourself? 4:00:59 An experience you wanted to have but had to turn down? 4:02:18 Brandless LTT backpack? Video without excessive LTTStore branding? 4:03:42 Outro

    Pretending I Endorse Your Product Is Fraud - WAN Show August 4, 2023

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    Make compliance easy with Kolide at: Try Notion AI for free at Visit Newegg at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 0:48 Intro 1:37 Topic #1 - Baldur's Gate 3 released ft. FP poll 3:18 Second highest concurrent players on Steam 4:38 FP poll results, past RPG experiences ft. Star Wars 18:41 Baldur's Gate 3's success, movie ratings, upcoming games 20:51 Topic #2 - Anker's eufy refuses removing Linus's face 22:28 X/Tweet of Linus's quote, Luke's points 24:50 A Chinese company V.S. an American site 25:51 Merch Messages #1 27:08 Has Linus seen the Fly Me To The Moon AI cover? 28:48 Wisdom on why standardization fails/succeeds in tech? 33:07 University education's importance for getting into the tech industry? 38:16 FP's comment on parents, work ethics 39:12 Topic #3 - Twitch changes gambling restrictions 39:56 Twitch prohibits sponsorships, recalling past WAN Show 40:52 Valve's C&D, gambling is bannable, Valve directly profits 41:48 CS:GO knives, Steam users money spent on gambling 43:51 $15M blue gem knife offer, recalling Jack Dorsey's first tweet 45:10 Discussing gambling, xQc's "react" content 49:53 LMG's react channel, "who owns my react content?" Fair Use 1:07:30 Anker removes Linus after WAN Show call out 1:08:24 Sponsors 1:11:31 Giveaway - Asetek x Blue Horse Studios LTX 2023 1:11:50 Anker did NOT remove Linus from sites 1:13:33 Linus on "recruiting" bug checking through the community 1:34:02 Luke opens a creator's gift for Linus 1:37:38 Linus aggressively gifts the gift to Dan 1:39:20 Luke opens more gifts, thanking Rodd, Linus's unpredictability 1:46:14 Luke trolls everyone ft. Topic #4 - U.S. Government's NDAA 1:47:36 Linus mutes Luke, LTTStore's new RGB shirt 1:49:03 Indoor hoodie back in stock 1:50:35 NSA expresses concerns, selling/buying information 1:53:12 Merch Messages #2 1:53:24 Was Linus nervous during LTX 2023 WAN Show? 1:56:37 How has Luke handled difficult personalities as CTO? 2:00:21 Was LTX 2023 as successful as you hoped? 2:15:04 Dan offers ice cream, Luke recalls fruit roll ups & ice cream 2:17:35 Trying out fruit roll ups ice cream combo 2:19:50 Topic #5 - Labs' Tim response causes controversy 2:35:08 Topic #6 - Xbox's repairable controllers parts 2:38:16 Topic #7 - China's limits on childrens' web access 2:39:26 Topic #8 - DMUG's review on LTT's backpack 2:40:46 X redirects to Twitter now, Apple allows rename 2:42:12 Topic #9 - Linus reacts to Ludwig's reaction to Linus 2:44:22 Linus's game choices to go against Ludwig 2:58:03 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:59:19 Would Luke make a self-made recipe book? 3:01:10 How would Direct Storage change GPU architecture? 3:02:16 Thoughts on Microsoft pushing ARM adaption? 3:03:18 Luke Goes Places new series idea 3:05:57 Linus's review with his current monitor 3:06:50 Does Luke push back on Linus's unrealistic requests? 3:08:57 Insights on how LMG approaches creating products 3:11:18 Does LMG plan to make videos on IT struggles & practices? 3:12:05 The SNES game would Linus play for the rest of his life? 3:13:35 Weird areas of IT you want to learn more about? 3:15:28 Would a female applying to a job with a fake male name be a deal breaker for you? 3:18:05 Has Luke tried the other Star Wars systems? 3:19:12 Game companies that do old legacy games right? 3:21:09 What are some of your favorite small victories? 3:24:03 Is Yvonne getting Anker stuff a Linus V.S. LMG thing? 3:24:54 Why do two people call each other, they mark themselves unavailable? 3:26:20 Would you be more open to free shipping with better margins? 3:27:24 Coolest thing you had to sign on LTX 2023? 3:28:32 Which challenge stands out as your favorite? 3:32:12 Games you're fond of released before you were born that take you back? 3:33:16 Would the new gen billionaires have super gaming systems? 3:34:09 Precision screwdriver ETA? 3:34:29 Outro

    Stop Flying Over My House - WAN Show July 29, 2023

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    Check out the Hacked podcast (The logo is blue) wherever you listen to shows! Like Spotify: Save big on back to school tech at #BestBuyPartner Purchases made through some store links may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Help out an animal in need! Check out CUDDLY at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:43 Intro 2:45 Topic #1 - House insurance dropped as restoring a car is a "hazard" 4:12 Photos taken via drones, rejected insurance due to wildfire risk 5:29 Linus steals an LTX pass 6:22 Sven hasn't made a claim in 15 years ft. Luke's Californians burn 7:03 Insurer's idiotic claims, Linus on owning airspace 9:10 Topic #2 - ESRB wants to age-scan faces 10:38 Scans won't disallow children to download restricted games 11:18 Epic Games's $275M penalty for violating COPPA 12:13 Linus asks LTX about information, photos & "samples" 13:12 Discussing solutions, information & rated content 16:28 Luke on parental control, Linus's children 21:26 Linus's sons' comedic delivery, Linus's thoughts 23:43 ESRB's function, Linus's chat with a past female LTX attendant 27:44 Merch Messages #1 ft. Go with the flow Dan 29:07 Make the audience crack their fingers 29:36 Ever had trouble with securing a trademark or web domain? 33:13 Did you grow up watching Computer Chronicles on PBS? 34:33 Linus's lambo update, derby idea 39:26 Most difficult part of LTX to plan? ft. Colton 40:48 Linus on the terrible-ness of the news 41:20 Topic #3 - HounGounGagne's video on CS:GO 43:14 Lack of licenses & verification of CS gambling sites 44:37 Linus on perceiving gambling, Luke's history with a slot machine 47:28 Linus understands why people bet, thoughts on mobile games 51:18 Robux casinos can be cashed out for real currencies 52:46 Winner of the Motherboard's House of Cards 53:14 FP's suggestion on gambling for WAN Show 54:20 Topic #4 - Twitter is rebranding to X 54:52 "er" sign, stealing @X handle, Luke thought it was a joke 57:10 The "everything" app, Linus on naming schemes 1:01:38 Sponsors 1:08:06 Topic #5 - ChatGPT Creator launches Worldcoin 1:10:50 Pictures of the Worldcoin Orb 1:12:02 Topic #6 - ChatGPT worsens due to interactions 1:14:26 Interviewing the motherboard winner 1:15:46 Merch Messages #2 1:15:54 How fun is doing The WAN Show with a live audience? ft. Wave, "take it off," charity 1:23:46 Dan's habit with the mic 1:24:37 Is FP coming over to TV streamers? ft. LMG is hiring, bingo 1:25:56 Got any Labs updates? any big projects in the pipeline? ft. Upgrade, bingo 1:37:56 Speculations about Linus's rating to ASUS in secret shopper 1:43:47 Topic #7 - Tesla's battery report falsifies range 1:44:16 Tesla is in LTX, Linus doesn't give shiz anymore 1:45:31 Topic #8 - Google proposes DRM for websites 1:47:30 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 1:47:50 What's the best selling desk pad at LTX? 1:49:35 How long until Apple makes a folding phone? 1:51:48 What is the most frantic last-minute work you had to do for an LTX before? 2:03:05 Basement gaming computers update? 2:04:16 Has Linus or Luke ever shot a gun while visiting the U.S.? 2:06:30 Is there a limit as to how big you want LTX to grow? 2:07:01 Tips for post convention & expo depression? 2:08:00 Know any poor timing for ads or sponsors? 2:09:20 What is your favorite part of working with each other? 2:11:42 Favorite memory from creating a video or working on a project? 2:14:45 How does it feel to have nearly all big tech creators at LTX? 2:15:07 Proudest & jankiest solution that made everyone baffled? 2:16:22 Helpful tips on traveling with your tech? 2:18:16 When can we download videos on FP? 2:19:08 Extended kernel project? Do you think old versions can get community updates? 2:21:17 Is there going to be a tux plush? LTT themed mini figures? 2:22:58 Outro

    Sorry For The DDoS - WAN Show July 21, 2023

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    Reach and engage with your audience! Check out Moosend free for 30 days at Reserve the next generation of Samsung Galaxy devices at Looking for electronic components and equipment? Consult the specialists! Head over to and save 10% using code “LMG” Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters. 1:26 Intro. 1:53 Topic #1: LTT's video accidentally DDoSes Medicat USB. 2:43 Who has LTT done this to before? 3:53 Medicat DDoSed again, LTT's history of overloading pages. 8:34 Topic #2: NVIDIA won't make FE RTX 4060 Ti 16GB. 10:19 NVIDIA won't send review samples, "why not do something?" 12:44 Linus mentions the spot price of DRAM. 14:30 HU's quote on TPMs' response to RTX 4060 Ti. 15:37 Why wouldn't TPMs add more memory? Linus's scenario. 18:28 LTT's incoming video, Linus on controlled & soldered chips. 25:24 Discussing scrapped shows by networks. 28:19 Screen Actors Guilds' stupid guidelines. 29:12 Linus on playing games, Linus's "vision." 31:22 LMG's past of studios sponsoring. 32:39 Merch Messages #1. 33:28 Private V.S. public sector work. 39:24 Worst time you've accidentally violated an NDA? 43:11 Topic #3: Proposed Cooper Davis Act forces sites to report users to DEA. 46:46 Possible over-reporting users for "suspicious" activity. 50:12 Discussing prescriptions V.S. concrete proof. 52:22 LifeLock offers a free year after identity theft. 55:32 Linus on second-hand car sales tax, discussing tax. 59:18 Topic #4: Water Cooled PC Build of the Month. 1:04:22 Sponsors. 1:09:34 LTT Screwdriver Stubby ft. Funny camera. 1:11:31 Launch date, Luke showcases the Stubby. 1:17:23 LTX 2023 exclusive merch. 1:19:12 LTT backpack update. 1:19:47 LTT x iFixit screwdriver ft. "Work," funny camera. 1:26:04 Merch Messages #2. 1:26:09 Would Linus be on time for LTX WAN Show? Merch messages via LTX booths? 1:27:20 Would Linus make a deodorant? ft. MrBeast Burgers. 1:33:43 What would Labs want to take an X-ray first? 1:34:26 Inspections, products of choice, food discussion. 1:51:31 Topic #5: "Glorbo" returns to World of Warcraft. 1:52:43 "Bot-operated news website," funny Reddit post & article. 1:55:14 Topic #6: Refurbishing phone screens using LASERs. 1:56:40 Topic #7: Activision restores old COD servers. 1:58:21 BattleBit, graphics V.S. gameplay, nostalgic games. 2:11:52 Luke shows TARKOV's K/D rating leaderboard. 2:13:26 Nintendo's remake of Super Mario RPG. 2:14:52 Topic #8: Meta discontinues Quest Pro. 2:21:08 Topic #9: Corsair purchases Drop. 2:24:24 Topic #10: ASUS now manufacturers NUCs. 2:24:49 Topic #11: Military information leaked due to a mistype. 2:25:32 Merch Messages #3 ft. After Dark WAN Show. 2:26:46 Luke's possible United Launch Alliance Testing Lab tour. 2:31:10 How did last week's free shipping shake out? ft. Calling Savage Nick. 2:40:10 Is a single cable eGPU setup viable in 2023? 2:44:08 How did Linus develop his writing & editing style? 2:47:10 Most stress Dan had producing something live? How did you manage? 2:48:35 How do you think anti-cheat devs will react to Sandboxing? 2:50:48 Framework Laptop 16" AMD Ryzen DIY is live. 2:57:10 Linus's conversation with Terren, Linus & Luke working together. Cont. Merch Messages #3. 3:01:10 Clear purple screwdriver when? 3:07:55 When will LTTStore backpacks start shipping with new zipper pulls? 3:09:01 What's your favorite meal to make yourself? 3:11:40 What is the best and dumbest convention swag you purchased or been given? 3:13:56 Ever thought of getting a dead mall? 3:14:14 Donating my old motherboard & RAM to students? Would Labs sponsor tech students? 3:15:38 Do you expect Apple to avoid EU's removable batteries bill? 3:15:50 Chances of getting LTTStore jeans? 3:16:15 Luke's FP creative day. 3:18:28 Selling LMG items on Microcenter? 3:20:53 Would LTT exist if you never met Luke? 3:29:09 Outro

    I Think Apple Lied - WAN Show July 14, 2023

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    Try Notion AI for free at Reserve the next generation of Samsung Galaxy devices at Upgrade your appliances! Check out Dreo at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:02 Intro 1:28 The reason behind late WAN 3:00 Topic #1 - Apple's debatable iPhone satisfaction claims 4:00 Satisfaction "rates," 451 Research's odd surveys 9:56 Topic #2 - Intel discontinues NUC mini PCs 13:35 451 Research's quote on their service 14:40 Usages of NUCs, recalling GIGABYTE's BRIX 17:20 Intel will still support existing systems, why did NUCs fail? 20:43 LTTStore's Lime Day deals 22:38 Free shipping coupon for above $150, Linus calls Nick 25:40 Merch Messages #1 34:02 Topic #3 - China hijacks government emails, Skyblivion's Discord hijacked 36:36 Forged authentications, discussing the danger behind this 39:58 LMG & Floatplane is hiring 40:21 Free global shipping overwhelms DLL 42:17 Sponsors 43:59 Secret Shopper - Sponsors Edition 48:16 Sponsors continued 49:00 Merch Messages #2 1:14:29 Mellow_Labs's "Hit me Dan!" desktop toy 1:19:05 Topic #4 - Amazon is not a "large online platform" 1:21:14 European retailers, discussing AWS & Amazon's response 1:33:08 "Where's your Canadian Tire!?," collectible bills 1:36:43 Linus looks at pinball forums & Super Chexx thread 1:42:08 Topic #5 - EU will require replaceable phone batteries 1:43:11 Video of modified Super Chexx 1:45:17 Would this result in replaceable batteries outside of the EU? 1:50:10 Luke notices the dashboard, "profitable margins" 1:54:34 Topic #6 - PlayStation 5 Access Controller to release soon 1:59:50 Topic #7 - NVIDIA pressures board partners to stop building Battlemage GPUs 2:07:00 Topic #8 - Windows Update Restored updates old OSs 2:08:10 Topic #9 - Battalion 1944 refunds backers 2:12:51 Topic #10 - US Telecom cables' toxic lead hazard 2:16:56 Merch Messages #3 ft. On a break Dan, WAN Show After Dark 2:26:22 Dealing with management when they want to replace working on computers? 2:27:56 How much in-house engineering do you do at LMG? 2:30:54 Would 16:9 stay the standard, or 21:9 be more widely used? 2:33:16 Possible conflict of interest with LTT & iFixit? 2:35:15 Schedules for LTX livestreams? 2:41:08 What are your best tinkering stories? 2:46:53 Advice on protecting your devices from threats? 2:48:52 What to do about GPU water blocks causing wrecked loops? 2:51:03 Good headset reviews despite the lack of content creators? 2:56:35 Any special colors for the stubby screwdriver? 2:58:45 Do you miss the 5 hour WAN Show? 3:01:28 How much did you expect to lose from Lime Day? 3:04:41 What would you say was your highest high & lowest low at LMG? 3:06:14 What would you test the gaming minivan with? 3:09:30 Anything Linus does about his insomnia? 3:12:51 Ever considered hiring an analyst to find a trend with the YouTube algorithm? 3:14:26 How to get credible independent reviews you can trust? 3:16:04 How do the ladies feel when they model merch of a channel with men viewers as a majority? 3:18:22 Ever had an interaction with someone you wished you hadn't? 3:21:01 Possible LTX in Europe? 3:22:50 How would Linus's retirement party's montage look? 3:24:56 Could NVIDIA join the CPU market? 3:25:47 Do you have any bad memories of your past teachers? 3:31:27 Anything to keep in mind with opening a computer repair shop? ft. Dad joke 3:32:07 LTTStore Ryzen 7000 CPU pillows? 3:36:41 Events that nearly caused the cancellation of the WAN Show? 3:38:10 Creators Warehouse in Europe? 3:41:10 Why isn't badminton as big money-wise as tennis? 3:45:52 A service to replace M50X headcups 3:47:49 Best job match for content creators when YouTube wouldn't work out? 3:49:10 What piece of tech that baffles you with how old governments are? 3:51:24 How many PCIE lanes do you need for your devices? 3:52:18 $100,000 in sales, Luke on outro merch messages time 3:58:26 Outro

    Twitter Vs. Threads Is Not The Big Story - WAN Show July 7, 2023

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    Check out the Hacked podcast (The logo is blue) wherever you listen to shows! Like Spotify: Learn more about the My Best Buy Membership program at Store link may provide some compensation to Linus Media Group. Get $5 off your Magic Spoon order with code WAN at Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119) Note: Timing may be off due to sponsor change: 0:00 Chapters 1:57 Intro 2:25 Topic #1 - Google accused for ripping off advertisers 4:34 Linus's & Luke's experience with creating ads 7:07 Hidden skip buttons, Googles' viability 10:22 GVS's CEOs' response, list of impacted brands 13:44 Topic #2 - EVGA's motherboard teams' resignation 14:08 EVGA's response, GN's review, shorter warranty 16:06 LTT's PSU video, EVGA's PSUs are out of stock 19:44 Topic #3 - Meta's Instagram Threads published 20:52 Linus doesn't understand IG, "this is genius" 23:10 Linus mentions Meta's mentality & Twitter 25:26 Luke on Threads, MrBeast, lack of account verification 28:07 Possible LTT account, Luke on "tweeting threads" 29:22 Luke explains Threads, Linus on the lack of websites for apps 33:50 Twitter threatens to sue, Meta's comeback 35:13 Linus on Elon firing people, Luke on Twitter's "revenue" 38:57 Content moderation, Linus wishes Threads good luck 42:30 Topic #4 - LinusTechTips's 24/7 LTT TV stream 45:49 LTT TV is participating in a Google trial 47:17 Discussing work on LTT TV, Dennis's sponsor spots 52:57 LTTStore stubby screwdriver notification 53:20 "Lime Day" three days sale from the 12th to 14th 55:57 Luke suggests Lime Day stream, discussing shipping costs 58:09 Merch Messages #1 ft. Blaming Dan 58:40 Would LMG get to where Apple is ft. "Owning" land, Luke the slave 1:02:57 Why do people prefer NVIDIA's DLSS over FSR? ft. "LMG" 1:06:56 Topic #5 - G0at sued by Terasynth's CEO 1:12:06 Topic #6 - Gfycat to shut down by 1st of September 1:16:28 Topic #7 - France's law allows spying people 1:18:57 A plausible security breach, recalling Amazon 1:20:03 Discussing surveillance with LMG & devices 1:22:22 Air gap network switch with a physical disconnect 1:25:23 Luke on backdoors, Linus on laws & normalizing devices 1:29:25 Linus's & Luke's phone pics & usages 1:33:09 Sponsors 1:35:13 Merch Messages #2 1:46:22 Luke's birds 1:47:07 Topic #8 - Jolly Roger's AI wastes salesperson' time 1:49:43 Topic #9 - Man sued over a thumbs-up emoji 2:07:36 Topic #10 - Nintendo's annual report, low CEO compensation 2:12:21 Topic #11 - TikTok now promotes books 2:14:19 Topic #12 - New 12VHPWR standard to support high wattage 2:15:12 Topic #13 - Fairphone is arriving to America 2:15:20 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark 2:17:22 Linus's house pool updates 2:22:41 Starting with badminton with zero friends? 2:25:38 Do you agree with Louis Rossmann's take? 2:28:47 Editors' creative influence & LMG's guidelines? 2:32:55 Ever been tempted to stray from LMG's pro-consumer concept? 2:36:34 Floatplane merch? LTTStore tech pants ETA? 2:40:45 Linus's issues with Z-Waves 2:41:21 Does Luke's love of birds extend to bird watching? 2:42:46 What changed with Linus's stance on PC retail after Labs? 2:45:53 What happened to the AMD GPU challenge? 2:48:38 How did Techlinked's video style come to be? 2:50:30 Advice for getting gig work despite NDA? 2:53:54 Linus's thoughts on switching to iOS? 2:54:18 TBD release date with the NAS product? 2:55:22 Learning to build an infrastructure with a budget? 2:57:26 ETA for the LTT stubby screwdriver? 2:57:57 Is this where you thought you'd be in your 30s? 3:00:56 Thoughts on ASUS's ROG Ally 3:02:21 Ever thought of sharing business tip advice? 3:04:40 Releasing plans for the LTT desk? 3:05:34 Tips with starting a company 3:06:24 A hot take on the printer industry? 3:06:55 Which Labs purchase excites you the most? 3:08:12 Possibility of merch messages getting transcripted? 3:08:48 Outro

    Today is My Last Day as CEO

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