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    Latest episodes from Perfectville - Miami Dolphins

    Stephen Ross: Momentum Killer

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 38:55

    The Emergency Podcast System has been deployed, which means an extra episode for the Citizens of Perfectville! Everything has been awesome for Miami Dolphins fans. A little...TOO awesome, in fact. The football gods certainly fixed that this week as news came down that The Dolphins were losing draft picks, their owner was fined into the seven figures for money and is suspended from his own team until mid-October. Fun little Tuesday news cycle, eh? Sam and Chris discuss the punishment form the NFL. IS it fair? Is it too much? Did they do enough to deter Stephen Ross? Or should some other measures been put into place? Furthermor,e how does this punishment stack up to some other recent instances from around the league? Does Roger Goodell even have logic with these punishments? Or does he simply throw a dart at the wall and go from there? Plus, Preston Williams is cryin on social media...again. And doubled down to the traditional press as a follow up. The boys discuss what Preston is doing wrong, and how they think the team should handle him. Additionally, the Perfectville boys drop some well deserved praise ot the rest of the team that doesn't seem to let the noise get ot them too much. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Training Camp Week One!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2022 45:49

    Our long national nightmare is over! Training Camp has started and The Miami Dolphins are off to a blistering start. Tua completes a BOMB to Tyreek Hill to cap off the first week of camp and Dol-fans, as well as the national media, are losing their damn minds AND RIGHTFULY SO! So why is the offense so good so quickly? Who, besides Mike McDaniel is to credit for this offensive explosion across the first week? And not ot be outdone the defense seems to be picking up where they left off last season. Which players are stepping up as leaders? Who is a budding superstar in the making? and How is Coach Sam Madison making a difference? Plus, Sam and Chris make fun of The Patrtiots because...why not? Enjoy and WELCOME TO PERFECTVILLE!

    Douglie Do Wrong is ELITE

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 82:08

    The most requested guest in show history finally arrives. DouglieDoWrong AKA DDW from Youtube and Twitter fame, ventures into the Town of Perfectville for an extended visit with Sam and Chris. Doug talks about how he became a fan, why he started his show and even how he got his signature name. Plus, he remembers his worst memoreis as a Dolphisn fan, drops knowledge on how Tua can be good, if not great, in 2022 and whether or not Miami makes the playoffs. He even sticks around long enough to play a fun round of Elite Tweet/Delete Tweet with Sam and Chris. Speaking of which, Sam and Chris discuss the oddball bromance of Tyreek and Tua, as well as what we are most looking forward to for training camp. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Dinner with The Fish Tank's Seth Levit

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 40:13

    Seth Levit travels back in to the town of Perfectville to share his thoughts (and food) with Sam and Chris, on a myriad of Dolphins subjects. Is Dolphins Twitter concering? Who, besides Zach Thomas and Richmond Webb, is worthy to be in the Pro Football Hall Of Fame? And of course, we can't let Seth go without playing the JASON TAYLOR GAME! How well does Seth know his boss? Will he get a raise or be shown the door? Plus, Sam checks off a new accomplishment for his comedy career while also getting banned from the biggest company on planet earth. Just another day in the town, I suppose. Enjoy and Welcome to Perfectville!

    Totally Real Miami News

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 32:10

    Chris returns home from his secret mission (code name "Rugby") to reveal the findings of his investigations into al things Miami Dolphins. What he found out is shocking, appalling and quite frankly...outlandish that the mainstream sports media hasn't picked up on these Totally Real Miami News items. But never fear, Sam and Chris are here to make sure you are an informed citizen. Plus...Sam and Chris compare swag sizes and just how many brothers does Chris HAVE?!?!?! Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    The Nolan Carroll Game

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 42:50

    Former Miami Dolphin Nolan Carroll returns to Perfectville to discuss the current squad, what he likes seeing out of the current coaching staff, and to play The Nolan Carroll Game! How much does Nolan Carroll really know about...Nolan Carroll?!?!?! Plus, Sam discusses the Sean Payton "news" as well as the latest roster moves made by Miami. Plus, Tyreek Hill said Tua was better than Patrick Mahomes at something and the NFL world lost their minds. Sam will point out EXACTLY what Tua is better than Patrick at...and there is no dispute. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Dolphins Legend O.J. McDuffie

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 84:00

    Former Miami Dolphins wide receiver, and Dan Marino's favorite target, O.J. McDuffie joins the show this week. Juice discusses his playing days, how he and Dan Marino bonded over an argument on the sidelines, and why the 2022 Miami Dolphins are poised to shock the NFL world. Plus, Chrus and Sam discuss Tyreek Hill's rumored new media venture, why and how taking out the garbage may be the most annoying thing ever, and of course, how the Miami Dolphins stack up against the rest of the AFC East. You don't want to miss this EXTRA LARGE episode of our show! Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Release! Release! Release!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2022 50:31

    Sam and Chris are reunitied and it feels so good! The duo discusses Melvin Ingram's signing and what it means for the defense, Mike McDaniel's continued positive effect on the team as a whole and what the immediate future of this team looks like. Plus, the scheudle was released last week. The boys take a look at each game, as well as how the schedule was constructed . What are the tough spots, what are the easy wins and which games are we most looking forward to? Oh and in case you haven't heard...WE'RE NOW A PART OF SIRISUXM! Six years of podcasting, starting from our garages to this! Yay us! and yay you, for making us one of the most popular football podcasts out there! Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Tua Underthrow-Loa

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 40:20

    Chris is on assignment so Sam rides solo on this episode. Tua underthrew Tyreek in practice and as a reuslt, war broke out in Eastern Europe, the stock market slid and inflation grew. The worst thing to happen to the world in our lifetime, but somehow, we will manage to survive, I feel. Sam discusses "The Throw" and why maybe, perhaps...Dol-Fans need to settle down. Speaking of down, Myles Gaskin was pushed further down the depth chart this week with the addition of Sony Michel to the running backs squad. Is last year's starter in danger of being cut? Sam sharpens his pencil and lets you know where he thinks the Dolphins are going with their running game, as well as his bold predictions on some other names that might be on the chopping block before week  one of the regular season. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Grading The 2022 Miami Dolphins Draft

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 55:01

    Sam and Chris return to discuss the NFL Draft. How did The Miami Dolphins do? Did they get great value with eahc pick? Or did they miss the boat completely? Plus, Sam details the other parts of his trip in great detail, including his discussion with Senior VPs in the NFL, DEEBO SAMUEL, Charles Woodson and more. Oh, and Sam did the most Sam thing ever and missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity in the 7th round of the draft. Oh well! Tua playing golf a big deal? How about Connor Williams playing Center? Sam and Chris discuss on this very special episode of Perfectville, brought to you by Bet Online and Auto Approve!

    The Very Best of Our Very Worst

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 10, 2022 68:40

    The Town of Perfectville takes a strol down memory lane and re-opens some old wounds as we crack open the vault on our first 20 episodes ever, and take a look at some of the awful opinions, bad reactions and downright stupid predictions that our hosts managed to record themselves saying back in 2016. Sam and Chris's bad take receipts are cashed in on this special clip show! So sit back, relax and enjoy the very BEST of our very WORST. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    The Cheetah is a Dolphin

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2022 48:02

    Woah! A day after shoring up their offensive line by signing top NFL free agent, Terron Armstead, The Miami Dolphins top their own headline by TRADING FOR TYREEK HILL! The superstar wide receiver comes to Miami for a handful of draft picks and immediately signs a beefy extension to team up with Tua Tagovailoa, Jaylen Waddle, Mike Gesicki, Chase Edmonds, Raheem Mostert and the rest of the Miami Dolphins. In what might be the biggest player trade since Ricky Williams for Miami, Sam and Chris break down how this trade happened, what other famous trade led to this, and whether or not Miami is even done with their offseason plan or not. Plus, with all of the news of Tyreek, we almost forogt that TERRON FREAKING ARMSTEAD is also here! What does hs presence do for the offense on the field, and maybe more importantly, off of it? And of course...we dive DEEP into Dolphins Twitter with ELITE TWEET or DELETE TWEET: Free Agency Edition! Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville

    Craziest NFL Free Agency Week Ever

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 19, 2022 31:34

    WOW! The NFL new year has arrived with a thunderous boom! Trades, free agent signings and surprise cuts from throughout the league have made for one headline topper after another. The AFC is stacked from top to bottom and The Miami Dolphins are right in the thick of it. Have they done enough talent collection so far to keep up with the Buffalo Bills and New England Patriots? Do they even stand a chance against the growing monster that is the AFC West? Sam sits down and discusses the latest Dolphins and NFL news with The Citizens Of Perfectville by himself, as Chris Cullen is on assignment. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Miami Moon Pigs

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 62:17

    The NFL is on the brink of Free Agency but they aren't waiting until then to make moves. Trades, tags and re-signings, oh my! Sam and Chris whip around the league to make heads or tails of the big moves throughout the NFL and how it impacts our beloved Miami Dolphins. Russell WIlson to the AFC? Bad. Carson Wentz to the NFC? Good. Jimmy G to any other team? Possibly good! Plus, our very own Mike Gesicki got slapped with a franchise tag and might be the only person to be unhappy about getting a raise to $11 million while on his honeymoon. We will break down why, as well as jump into the very big, and occasionally ugly, world of offensive linemen free agency! Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Former NFL Wide Receiver Pierre Garcon

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 69:49

    Former Wide Receiver Pierre Garcon joins Perfectville to discuss his playing days, his experience with Mike McDaniel as his position coach, as well as how he communicated with Peyton Manning week to week. Speaking of Mike McDaniel, he continues to kill it in the press. From hitting the "trifecta" for Rich Eisen, to answering the Tua question on Good Morning Football and everywhere else in between, the coach consistently brings the fire when talking to the mainstream media. While he is making it fun for Dolfans everywhere, perhaps there is more of a method to his madness and some insights into his coaching philosophy that Sam and Chris explore. And The Combine is in full swing! The boys reflect on what they have seen from the NFL underwear olympics and how this may change the draft strategy for The Dolphins in 2022. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    The PERFECT Surprise Party

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 54:02

    Chris Cullen is turning 35 years old and Sam Marcoux decided to throw him a SURPRISE PARTY! Hooray! Tons of Miami Dolphins related guests showed up with presents for Chris. Listen in as Chris opens the gifts live on air. What did he get? Who showed up? Tune in to find out! Oh, we also discuss Patrick Surtian joining McDaniel's coaching staff an whether or not he can help salvage a certain former first round cornerback or not. Plus, we dive into the NFL Draft strategy that the team might employ this year and what we would like for them to do with their first round pick. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Mike McDaniel and The Miami Avengers

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2022 55:10

    Sam and Chris return to discuss the rest of the Miami Dolphins coaching staff that Mike McDaniel hired. From proven coordinators and budding coaching stars, to homecoming reunions of players from yesteryear, Coach seems to keep launching homeruns with each hire. Frank Smith, Matt Applebaum, Darrell Bevell and the returning SAM MADISON are discussed at length. But even amongst all of this good news, the storm clouds are still hanging out on the horizon. Stephen Ross's tenure in Miami may be forced to end. If so, how does the NFL handle this sale? And could Tom Brady actually BUY THE DOLPHINS?!?!?! Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville! #finsup #DoYouBLEAV

    Check Your Pulse

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2022 57:26

    The Miami Dolphins finally hired their next head coach in Mike McDaniel. The former offensive coordinator for the 49ers brings a Yale education and more to the Dolphins organization. Sam and Chris review the hire, as well as the first week for McDaniel on the job, including his press conference, media appearances and his first interaction with Tua. Plus, the boys break down the coaching staff for McDaniel as it starts to come to fruition. Old friend Wes Welker comes back to Miami, along with Jon Embree and a few others. Plus, Coach McDaniel does his best to keep the defensive coaching staff together with the exception of one prominent name... And in less fun news, Zach Thomas is snubbed again by the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Sam and Chris go off on the process, as well as the inductees who did get in (no offense, fellas!) Plus, the Super Bowl is this weekend! Sam and Chris give their predictions for who wins and who gets MVP. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Tampering and Pampering: The Head Coach Saga Continues

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 5, 2022 35:56

    Sam and Chris go through the wild accusations from Flores towards Stephen Ross and the rest of the NFL, while building up and tearing down the finalists for The Miami Dolphins Head Coaching job. Are the grievances that Flores identified by Mr. Ross valid? Do you believe them or not? Sam chooses to bleieve everything anyone says about Ross, so it is up to Chris to provide a voice of reason. Plus, the two finalists for the still vacant Head Coaching job are pitted against each other, right here on Perfectville. The boys discuss the pros and cons between The Nerd and The Toilet Baby. Which offensive coordinator is best for Miami? We dissect it all. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville. #finsup

    Sources Say...

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2022 41:49

    The Miami Dolphins head into another week of their head coaching search and it appears they have narrowed their choices down somewhat. After a rumor filled week where bunches of internet "reporters" claimed to have the inside scoop as to who the favorite candidate is or was, the team still hasn't signed anyone on the lead the team in 2022 and beyond. And while it is extremely difficult to verify most of these "sources", Sam and Chris try their best to clear the smokescreen and show you the fire on this episode of Welcome To Perfectville. Who are the legit final candidates? What are their pros and cons as a head coach? And is Ross REALLY leaning towards another first time head coaching hire? Or is he waiting on a phone call from Ann Arbor, Michigan while everyone else twists in the wind? Plus, the boys take a quick look at the other openings around the league, and predict who will lose their coaching job next offseason. FUN! Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    The Perfect Space Invasion

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 61:15

    Sam and Chris take a backseat on this drive through Perfectville. The Citizens are at the wheel as the boys open up Twitter Spaces and speak directly to Dolphins Twitter about The continued search for the next Head Coach from The Miami Dolphins. Fans form all over the world chime in to give us their thoughts on who they want, and more importantly who they don't want to run the team in 2022 and beyond. Lots of opinions, lots of jokes and lots of fun! Which name becomes the most popular? And which bloke gets blasted for being a virgin? Listen and find out! Be sure to join us on a future Twitter Space as you never know if it will be re-formatted into a full blown podcast episode or not!

    Coach Flo Had To Go

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 67:57

    Brian Flores is OUT as the Miami DOlphins head coach. Despite posting back-to-back winning seasons and sweeping The Patriots, the team felt it was time to move on from "Coach Flo." What happened? Who is to blame? And what does this mean for some of the current players, going forward? Sam and Chris discuss all aspects of this story, including the possible replacements. The boys also roll out a very special version of Elite Tweet or Delete Tweet. Dolphins Twitter was on fire when news of Flores' firing became public, and Sam and Chris gather the very best, and very worst, reactions. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville! Latest article from Sam can be read here. Chris Cullen's Twitter:  Sam Marcoux's Twitter: Perfectville's Facebook Page:


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2022 48:37

    It was fun while it lasted. The Miami Dolphins lose to Ryan Tannehill and The Tennessee Titans to end their winning streak and their playoff dreams. What went wrong against their former QB? Did the team quit on Brian Flores? And with Tua's poor performance, how much longer will the fan base have to endure Deshaun Watson rumors? But it isn't ALL doom and gloom in South Florida. Sam and Chris take you through some things to look forward to, if you are a fan of this team. The squad has a ton of money for free agency, the opponents for next season are finalized and, of course, talented rookies who will only get better. That's something, right? RIGHT?!?!?! Oh, and Miami has a game against New England this Sunday. know...we preview that debacle as well. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville.

    Waddling Through Covid

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 52:35

    The Dolphins return following their bye week! Unfortunately, Covid-19 has returned to The Dolphins as well. The entire running backs room is out, as well as talented rookies Jevon Holland and Jaylen Waddle. Can Miami overcome some of their best players being out against The Jets? Or will the lack of availability of key players be too much to overcome? Plus, Sam and Chris drop another round of Elite Tweet or Delete Tweet, featuring a few tweets from previous Perfectville guests! Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    2021 NFL Fan Of The Year Finalist: Marc "Norcal Dolfan" Angelo

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 58:41

    As the weather turns colder, The Miami Dolphins turn up the heat. Winners of four games in a row, The Phins look to keep it going against The New York Giants this weekend and roll into the bye week one game below .500. The defense is now top 10 in sacks and first in QB hits, thanks in large part to the talented rookie duo of Jevon Holland and Jaelen Phillips. Speaking of rookies, Jaylen Waddle is finally getting himself some national publicity now that he is top five in the league for receptions and almost single handedly beat the top ranked passing defense of The Carolina Panthers last week. Can he keep it going against New York this Sunday? 2021 Nfl Fan Of The Year Finalist Marc "Norcal Dolfan" Angelo joins Sam and Chris this week to talk about his love for Miami, his process for getting ready for gameday and what he thinks of the "superfans" that have gained some national attention alongside him throughout the years. WTP is a proud part of The Bleav Podcast Network and presented by Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    The 6th Annual HATESGIVING Day Parade!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 46:17

    The 6th Annual HATESGIVING Day Parade is here! Sam and Chris throw out the playbook and dive into all the things that they hate about The Miami Dolphins, The NFL and life in general! Plus, the boys even jump into a quick round of Elite Tweet or Delete Tweet, and drop their predictions for this week's contest against Cam Newton and The Carolina Panthers. Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville! #finsup #DoYouBLEAV

    We're ALMOST Streaking!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 56:55

    The boys return to find their bewildered Miami Dolphins on the cusp of a bonafide winning streak! With wins over the Houston Texans and Baltimore Ravens in the same week, the 3-7 Miami Dolphins looks to takeover Metlife and ground the New York Jets this weekend. Can Miami go full Frank The Tank and go streaking? Or will Darius Rucker need another tissue after this weekend's matchup against their AFC East rivals?Plus, Sam and Chris play The Pick One Game again. And they have some doozies on tap this time. Play along as you listen and let us know which scenario you would pick.And finally, because our good friend Raist complained about it...we talk about our beloved Okay-ist Fantasy Football League as Sam and Chris face off this week in a battle for who can be better at fake sports!Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    The Doctor is IN

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 50:00

    Dr. Chris Cullen is IN! And he is diagnosing problems and prescribing solutions for all of The Miami Dolphins ills. From figuring out what is wrong with Coach Flores, to curing Austin Jackson and everyone in between, the boys enter the local medical facility within the Town of Perfectville, slap on some rubber gloves and have the entire team turn their head and cough.Plus, we address the Deshaun Watson rumors AGAIN, as well as breakdown how The Dolphins lost AGAIN. And a quick preview of the game that is about to happen on Spooky Night against The first place Buffalo Bills.Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Good News Bad News

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 42:33

    The boys are back to their winning ways! Unfortunately The Miami Dolphins are not. Losers of five in a row, including an embarrassing international incident to the Jacksonville Jaguars who had not won a game in over a year, The Miami Dolphins have started their plummet to rock bottom.But it isn't all bad news! Sam and Chris play a new game where we provide the good news to all the bad news that surrounds the team. Stick with us as we swim through the crappy portion of this season, covered in filth, excrement and bad losses. Because once we get to the other side, we will have nothing but good news ahead...we hope.Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville

    The Dream Is Over

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 31:17

    They did it! Six years of sixth round play from Jakeem Grant was finally enough for The Miami Dolphins. After an abysmal loss to the previously winless Colts, Miami makes a personnel change and sends Wide Receiver Jakeem Grant to the Chicago Bears for a later round draft pick in 2023.And while this is merely a minor transaction to most football fans, this is a HUGE move for Sam and Chris as they have been lobbying the franchise to part ways with the diminutive pass catcher for quite some time. And while Miami has plenty of issues across plenty of player groupings, the symbolic shedding of this skin is a step in the right direction for a franchise that is inches away from unraveling fully, again.So Sam and Chris suspend the regular shenanigans of Perfectville, to give our citizens a special celebration so that we can all say to Jakeem Grant, "Goodbye...From Perfectville"Part of the Bleav Podcast Network and presented by BetOnline.AGEnjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Diving into The Fish Tank

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 60:56

    A tough loss for Miami in Las Vegas, but don't worry Dol-fans...most people lose their shirts in Vegas. Miami just lost a game. Sam and Chris talk about what went wrong, what went right, and what needs to change going forward in order to turn the L into a W.Plus, The Fish Tank joins us to participate in Elite Tweet or Delete Tweet! Former Dolphins Wide Receiver, OJ McDuffie and Seth Levit spent some time with us, scouring the internet to bring you the very best, and very worst tweets from Dolphins Twitter. Check out their show at And finally the Colts are coming to town! The 0-3 Colts look to right their wrongs against YOUR Miami Dolphins this Sunday. The Jacoby Brissett revenge game is in full swing! Can Miami crawl back to .500? Or will they be toppled and thrown further down the AFC standings?Perfectville is a part of the BLEAV Podcast Network and is presented by

    Dolphins Legend Richmond Webb

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 62:20

    Dolphins Legend Richmond Webb re-joins the town of Perfectville to discuss the current team's struggles with the offensive line, how he overcame poor on field performances, and what advice he would give players like Austin Jackson to help him get better, immediately. The Ring of Honor inductee is once again up for the Pro Football Hall of Fame and has even jumped into doing podcasts! Richmond will also be launching another project soon that he gives us a sneak peak on.Additionally, Sam and Chris navigate the rough waters of Dolphins Twitter to bring you a very special edition of ELITE TWEET or DELETE TWEET.Plus...week three game predictions against the Las Vegas Raiders? Can Miami right the ship? Or will they make Hootie and all of us Blowfish cry again?Perfectville is part of the BLEAV Podcast Network and is presented by BetOnline.AGEnjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Former Dolphins Safety Jimmy Wilson

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 57:45

    It is week two of the 2021 NFL regular season and the Miami Dolphins are all alone in FIRST PLACE of the AFC East. That is because The Bills and Jets lost their opening games and The Dolphins beat New England IN New England for just the second time since 2008. How sweet it is to be back on top of the division! So how did this victory come about? Outside of turnovers and penalties, New England dominated the stat lines, but Miami seemingly never lost control of the game.Sam and Chris give different takes on how this victory made them feel and despite riding high for the opening week of the season, this team still has a ton of questions that need to be answered as they head into week two against the Buffalo Bills.Speaking of The Bills...did you know that our guest this week absolutely HATES them? Former Dolphins Safety Jimmy Wilson joins the show to discuss the AFC East rival, his time with the team, and what rookie defender he is already impressed with. Jimmy also details how his former coach helped give him a career in the NFL, why he became a Cowboys fan as a kid and his thoughts on the NIL decision for college athletes.Afterwards, the boys get back to business and preview the home opener against the Buffalo Bills. Sam and Chris differ on the outcome of this game, believe it or not. Find out who is optimistic about Miami's chances, and who is not, in segment number three!Welcome To Perfectville is part of the BLEAV Podcast Network and is presented by BetOnline.AG.Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Former 'Phin Nolan Carroll

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 67:59

    Miami Dolphins football is BACK! The regular season is here and Sam and Chris CANNOT WAIT for it. The boys sit down with former Dolphins defensive back and special teams ace, Nolan Carroll. The three discuss the current team's chances against New England this Sunday, why the "captaincy" story about Tua Tagovailoa is a non-story and how a New York Jets coach is the best friend that Nolan Carroll never wanted.Plus, Covid-19 rears its ugly head again for Miami. How do they adjust to some key players being out for the home opener? Does it change Miami's gameplan at all? Speaking of gameplans, Sam and Chris jump into what Miami needs to do to be successful this Sunday and we say goodbye to a certain backup linebacker who seems to like Jack Nicholson far too much.Welcome To Perfectville is part of the BLEAV Podcast Network and presented by BetOnline.agEnjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Making The Cut

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 46:40

    The Miami Dolphins have announce their initial 53 man roster. And have since made changes to it...Sam and Chris breakdown who makes the cut, who was left behind and what surprises, if any, made the boys go hmmmmm?This very special episode of Welcome To Perfectville is part of the BLEAV Podcast Network, presented by Betonline.agEnjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Elite Tweet or Delete Tweet RETURNS

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2021 55:23

    Sam and Chris dust off their favorite segment as Elite Tweet or Delete Tweet RETURNS! What NFL analyst's tweet made Chris so happy that he almost farted for joy? And who had a tweet so horrible that Sam felt compelled to ask the guy to stop using twitter forever? All that and more with the best segment in podcast history...Elite Tweet Or Delete Tweet!Plus, the boys recap preseason so far, including the crazy improvement of Tua Tagovailoa, the depth of the wide receiving room and how the starting running back battle is now settled. And while there is a lot to be happy about as a dol-fan right now, it isn't all cupcake and tea parties. The offensive line is still pretty bad and some of the young defensive backs that we are depending on haven't had the best showing (if any) in the preseason games so far. Time for them boys to step up and prove they belong in this otherwise STACKED defensive backfield.Speaking of preseason, Miami enters the final week of it (yay!) as they travel to Ohio (boo!) to play the Bengals (boo! boo!). And while a lot of the starters won't play, there are still some areas that Miami and it's fans should be paying attention to. Sam and Chris explain all that and much more on this wonderful edition of WTP, as part of The BLEAV Podcast Network, presented by Bet Online.Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Miami vs. Chicago (Preseason Game #1)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 52:44

    Our long national nightmare is over. Miami plays the Chicago Bears on Saturday, August 14th to kick off their preseason schedule and The Citizens of Perfectville are here for it. Which rookie are Sam and Chris looking forward to watching the most? What player group has to have the killer instinct in this game? And just who in the heck is returning kicks for The Dolphins this season?Plus, Sam and Chris say goodbye to some long-time beat writers, say hello t the Chicago bears PR team and say sorry to Xavien Howard who isn't being traded after all.All this and so much more on this jam packed episode of WTP, part of the BLEAV Podcast Network and presented by BetOnline.

    Did You Know?!?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 6, 2021 43:53

    The boys are back and talking Miami Dolphins football, yet again. Pads are on and the Miami Dolphins defense is looking to get some respect back from the offense that attacked them early and often in week one of training camp. Did the offense clap back after the defense showed up? Or have their weaknesses on the o-line and running back position been exposed for all the world to see? Plus, the Xavien Howard saga takes another twist as the talented cornerback and the team take on softer language when discussing one another.Sam and Chris then introduce a new segment called Did You Know?!?! Random facts about Dolphins players present and past. For instance, did you know that former fin, Vernon Carey's son is a professional athlete himself? Or that AJ Francis has turned in his helmet and pads for trunks and boots? All this and more in your new favorite segment.Plus, the boys travel around other NFL camps to reveal that there are an awful lot of awful news for other teams right now. Thankfully, we are fins fans so this misery at other camps feels good for us.Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!A part of BLEAV Podcast Network and presented by

    Miami Dolphins Training Camp YAY!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2021 52:18

    Sam and Chris celebrate their 200th episode of Perfectville by welcoming in the 2021 season as Miami Dolphins Training Camp is under way! Who looks good, who looks...not so good and what the heck are we going to do with Xavien Howard's trade demand?Is Albert Wilson already a lock to make the team after the first few days of camp? How big is DJ Fluker's injury to the offensive line depth? And No Xavien Howard? That sucks but there are way worse scenarios for Miami than that, as we explain. Enjoy and Welcome To PErfectville presented by Bet Online!

    Gon' Give It to X

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2021 44:27

    The boys are back! But Xavien Howard isn't. The situation between the star Cornerback and The Miami Dolphins appears to be heading towards a messy divorce. X is no longer following the team's social media accounts, he is posting vague quotes on his Instagram page and it appears that The Dolphins are finally open to exploring trade packages with teams. How did it get ot this point? Is there any way to salvage it? And what would be the ideal trade scenario if Howard does indeed get traded? Sam and Chris try to make sense of this messy situation.The boys also jump back into ELITE TWEET OR DELETE TWEET which focuses on Darius Rucker, billionaires with bad kitchens and all things Miami Dolphins.Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville presented by Bet Online.

    The Over/Under Game 2021 Edition

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 50:35

    Fresh off the announcement that Pro Bowl Wide Receiver CHRIS CHAMBERS will be joining the show soon, Sam Marcoux and Chris Cullen discuss the latest news surrounding the Miami Dolphins, including joint practices with other teams, and whether or not this is a good idea, the infamous slide that was installed in the new Miami Dolphins headquarters and why Sam isn't a fan. And Chris explains how one can "fart wrong".Plus, the boys bring back a crowd favorite with the 2021 edition of the Over/Under game! How many yards with Tua throw for? What will be Myles Gaskin's total yards from scrimmage? Will Emmanual Ogbah set another personal record for sacks? And most many games will The Miami Dolphins win in 2021? Sam and Chris set the lines on these important questions, and more.Oh, and we talk uniforms and fashion too...Enjoy and WELCOME TO PERFECTVILLE!

    The Pick One Game

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2021 52:40

    Chris Cullen returns to Perfectville and joins Sam Marcoux to discuss the contract situation of Xavien Howard, the early struggles of Tua Tagovailoa in mini-camp and what Jerome Baker's contract extension means for Mike Gesicki and others.The boys also introduce a new game called Pick ONE, forcing the hosts to choose one Dolphins legend versus another with the caveat being the one they don't choose, is erased from team history forever. Jason Taylor vs. Zach Thomas? What about Ricky Williams vs. Larry Csonka? Tough decisions all around for the co-founders of Perfectville and the Citizens playing along while listening.And finally, the boys try to construct the 53 man roster using...wait for it...LOGIC. It's a new concept for Sam and Chris but we think they will catch on quicker than a Chris Chambers 9 route against the Bills.Plus, BIG news is coming to the Town of Perfectville! Dol-fans everywhere are going to love it.Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville.

    Comedian Jeremy Curry

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 18, 2021 33:59

    Stand-Up Comedian and huge Miami Dolphins fan, Jeremy Curry fills in for Chris this week. Jeremy talks about how he became a fan, his biggest disappointments of being a fan of this team over the years and how he scraped up enough money to buy his sweet Dan Marino jersey. Jeremy also discusses the life of a traveling comedian and the easiest way to break into the business of comedy. Plus, Sam and Jeremy share a couple of stories from the road as the two long time friends have traveled all over the place to do comedy and watch The Miami Dolphins in person.Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville

    Return Of The Dern

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 62:21 writer and former podcaster in the Town of Perfectville, Kevin Dern returns to discuss all things Miami Dolphins with Sam. What is Chris Grier's M.O. when drafting? Which players on offense and defense could move on before the regular season that would shock Dol-fans everywhere? Kevin dishes the dirt and proves once again why he is the most underrated DOlphins analyst on the internet. Speaking of returns, Chris Cullen returns from his family vacation to sit back in his rightful chair as co-host. The boys discuss the latest news on Tua and his admission that he didn't know the offensive playbook fully as a rookie, Mike Gesicki's criticism of those criticize his quarterback and much, much more.Plus, the boys drop a new segment in called, "So Many Questions", where, you guessed it, they ask and answer so many questions!Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville

    The Inevitable Return of Travis Wingfield

    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2021 44:55

    The Miami Dolphins only full-time Podcast employee, Drive Time's Travis Wingfield comes back to the Town of Perfectville! Filling in for the vacationing Chris Cullen, Travis discusses his experiences working with Miami Dolphins legends, pestering Brian Flores in the halls of team headquarters and so much more.Travis also gives us his thoughts on what The Dolphins do better than any other team in the NFL, and where the squad can improve on the field to catapult them into the playoffs in 2021. He also lets us know who the first guest he booked that made him nervous and how the podcast landscape has changed from when he first put on the headphones to now.

    Release The Schedule Hounds!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 59:23

    Episode 192: The BEST (of) Damn Draft Night Livestream, period.

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2021 89:40

    Happy Football Christmas! After months of anticipation, hype and rumors, the 2021 NFL Draft has come and gone. And Sam and Chris were here to livestream the entire first round of it! Joined by fellow podcaster Sevach, and with a murderer's row of guests along the way, the boys from Perfectville plopped down for the entire four hours of the first round and discussed it all, and then some.Thankfully, The Town of Perfectville stripped the livestream audio and boiled it down to the highest of highlights for you, the Citizens of Perfectville. So sit back, hit play and re-live draft night, Perfectville style.Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!#FinsupSpecial Guests include:Comedian Jim FlorentineSports Journalist Simon ClancyComedian Kabir Singh Follow Sam on Twitter at:@PerfectvillePodFollow Chris on Twitter at:@ChrisC561Follow Sevach on Twitter at:@SeriouslySevach

    Episode 190: Know Thy Enemy

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2021 65:54

    Episode 191: Blowing Smoke

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 59:56

    The Week:It is NFL DRAFT season and the Miami Dolphins haven't seen this much of a smoke screen around them since Ricky Williams retired. Trade rumors and misinformation runs rampant around this time of year and 2021 is no exception. Dolphins GM Chris Grier has his chessboard out and is looking to play a round with 31 different GMs in the league. What is real? What isn't? Sam and Chris sift through the many clouds of smoke and try to decipher it all.Speaking of The NFL Draft, Sam and Chris will be LIVE on Night One! That's right, the boys will be livestreaming the entire first round across Twitter, Facebook and Youtube simultaneously, and they are bringing some friends!Former Pro Bowl and All-Pro Linebacker Levon Kirkland, Comedians Jim Florentine and Kabir Singh, Journalist Simon Clancy and so much more are planned for this epic night of grown men saying other grown men's names!The boys also bring back a Perfectville favorite: ELITE TWEET OR DELETE TWEET returns! And the tweets are nothing short of incredible. From dick measuring contests to human stripper poles and everything in between, Dolphins Twitter went HAM this week as they prepare for the NFL Draft.And as always, The Town of Perfectville goes through the rule changes for the NFL in 2021. Which rules are good, which ones are bad, and which one makes us wonder why that rule didn't already exist?PATCHVIBES has partnered with Perfectville to give you 20% OFF THE ENTIRE STORE! Just use promo code PERFECT at check out to receive major discounts on all of your Miami Sports gear!Enjoy and Welcome To Perfectville!

    Episode 190: Know Thy Enemy

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2021

    This Week: The boys take some time to look at the REST of The AFC East on this episode of Welcome To Perfectville. The Bills, Patriots and Jets each had various levels of success and failure in 2020 and their offseason approaches reflect that. The Patriots went on a spending spree, The Bills added talent […] The post Episode 190: Know Thy Enemy appeared first on Perfectville.

    Episode 189: A Little Bit of This n’ That

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021

    This Week Sam is almost out of his temporary recording location and back into the Perfectville West studio, Chris is still in his Perfectville East studio, and The Dolphins are almost on the clock! The boys review Miami’s free agency plan and how it relates to the aforementioned NFL Draft. Did Miami make enough moves […] The post Episode 189: A Little Bit of This n’ That appeared first on Perfectville.

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