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Tune in as Colts insider Jake Arthur brings you the latest Colts news.

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    NFL Week 4 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2023 24:27

    Our biggest surprises of week 4 in the NFL. Buffalo Bills handle business versus the Miami Dolphins. Josh Allen had more total touchdowns than incompletions! Baltimore Ravens beat a Deshaun Watson-less Cleveland Browns. The Houston Texans C.J. Stroud dissects the Pittsburgh Steelers defense. The New York Jets gave the Kansas City Chiefs all they could handle. The Washington Commanders showed guts taking the Philadelphia Eagles to overtime. Who will be the last undefeated NFL team, Eagles or San Francisco 49ers.

    Colts Start Off Too Slow Vs Rams

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2023 26:26

    The Indianapolis Colts looked completely different between halves versus the Los Angeles Rams. Indy's defense could not force the Rams offense to punt for the majority of the game. Matthew Stafford showed a lot of toughness late in the game. Colts could not execute on offense, and defense had poor tackling and no quarterback pressure. Halftime adjustments were good, but what really changed for the Colts? Anthony Richardson is still working through some rookie issues. Patience wearing thin with Wide Receiver Alec Pierce. Anthony Richardson doesn't know who his go-to guy is. Colts Tight Ends continue to show how good the depth is. Where was the Defensive spark that was shown the first 3 games? Rams WR: Puka Nacua was dominate, and the loss of Dallis Flowers hurt in overtime. Every phase of the game for the Colts was to blame, even Matt Gay.

    Rams at Colts Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2023 26:24

    Feeling good about the Indianapolis Colts after the Ravens game. Anthony Richardson and Ryan Kelly both should play after concussions. Aaron Donald will be all over the defensive line for the Los Angeles Rams. Zach Moss has more forced missed tackles than any other player in the NFL. If the Colts run downhill, the deep shots should be there. Indy's defense has been amazing at creating turnovers. The injury reports favors the home team. Matthew Stafford is a good quarterback, need to pressure him. Should the Colts blitz heavily Stafford? Game Predictions.

    NFL Week 4 Predictions!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2023 31:16

    Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills Detroit Lions at Green Bay Packers Atlanta Falcons at Jacksonville Jaguars (London) Minnesota Vikings at Carolina Panthers Denver Broncos at Chicago Bears Baltimore Ravens at Cleveland Browns Pittsburgh Steelers at Houston Texans Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints Washington Commanders at Philadelphia Eagles Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Chargers New England Patriots at Dallas Cowboys Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Kansas City Chiefs at New York Jets Seattle Seahawks at New York Giants

    NFL Week 3: Upsets and Blowouts!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2023 24:57

    Broncos - Dolphins: 70 points in a game is just stupid. Multiple blowouts in week 3. Bills and Chiefs did their part. Patriots - Jets is the score indicative of what to expect from these teams? Texans hammer the Jaguars. Jaguars now bottom of the division. Cardinals - Cowboys. Dallas had no business losing to Arizona. The Detroit Lions are a good team. The Los Angles Rams Is still struggling for their identity this NFL season. The Browns were dominate on both sides of the football against the Titans. Deshaun Watson knocking off the rust.

    Colts Shock Ravens in Overtime!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2023 24:59

    One word to describe the Indianapolis Colts at Baltimore Ravens? Stressful. Wide Receiver Michael Pittman Jr.'s catch did so much for the team in overtime. Ravens blitzed about 63% of the time. Why didn't many of the blitzes not get picked up? The Colts defense is legit! Grover Stewart is a major part. The referees called, or didn't call, a very good game. Zach Moss has been solid. How does that effect Jonathan Taylor when he comes off PUP list? Juju Brents came in and played well.

    Colts to face Ravens without Anthony Richardson

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2023 26:18

    Anthony Richardson probably not playing versus the Baltimore Ravens. Heavy rain in the forecast will dictate how the game will be played. Ryan Kelly is a bigger factor if he does, or does not, play? Gardner Minshew is a quality quarterback who can win football games. Donald say's the Colts offense has to run the ball outside the heart of the Ravens defense. Ravens have a lot of players on the defense nursing injuries. Ravens have 2 top O-linemen dealing with injuries also. Colts Defense is going to have to do their job, and play fundamentally. What is the best blocking scheme to use in a grimy game.

    Is Shaquille Leonard playing scared?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2023 36:07

    Lawrence and Donald disagree on how to finish a game when you have a lead. Way too many dumb penalties, breaking down Nelson's false start. The Indianapolis Colts offensive line played well. Darius Shaquille Leonard doesn't seem to be playing to full speed, is he playing scared? Playing through many/major injuries has a lot to do with your personal life outside of football. Donald and Lawrence gives their early 2023 NFL season takeaways. The Patriots didn't practice on Wednesday's, and Tom Brady never practiced in 2012. Kyler Murray is not a leader, and may never be. Donald Thomas believes the quality of the game is going down, and it starts in college. Approximately 6-10 quarterbacks are elite, yet teams will pay young QB's who have talent, no matter their leadership skills.

    NFL Week 2 Review : Broncos and Cardinals are Horrible.

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2023 35:01

    The Patriots dynasty is definitely over with, with the Miami Dolphins winning in New England. Are the Philadelphia Eagles, San Francisco 49ers, or the Dallas Cowboys the best in the NFC? Who are the most surprising 0-2 teams in the NFL? The Arizona Cardinals have a real issue with Kyler Murray. Russell Wilson is the problem in Denver. What is wrong with the 0-2 Los Angeles Chargers? Baker Mayfield is the right quarterback for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Are teams paying too much for QB's who haven't proved themselves without top targets? How big is the problem right now with the New York Jets? The starting QB has to be the leader of the team.

    Colts Impressive with win over Texans!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2023 28:45

    Donald Thomas gives out 3 game balls to the players deserving with the win! The rotation at the defensive line position was very good, with Texans injuries. Defenses are looking to make big hits on rookie quarterbacks. Should you play to not lose when you have a big lead late in the game? Some of the young defenders are trying to make impact hit, rather than wrap up tackle. Defeating the Texans is nice, but you'll get more NFL respect defeating a better opponent. It's hard to keep all 5 offensive linemen together, but the longer they do, the more they gel. When a player has a concussion, (especially your star QB) let him have an extra week of healing. Anthony Richardson is more vulnerable to injuries due to being an athletic QB, and defenses ALWAYS looking for that extra hit.

    Colts at Texans: Week 2 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2023 41:53

    Donald Thomas is not happy that the Indianapolis Colts defense continues to break down in the 4th quarter. Is the lack of offense late game, partially to blame for 4th quarter fails be the defense? The offense looked simpler in the 4th quarter, compared to the other 45 minutes, and the Jags defense was able to clamp down. The first plays for the Colts offense was to calm the nerves of the young players like Quarterback: Anthony Richardson The Texans looked very disorganized and undisciplined, week 1 versus the Ravens. Colts have a big advantage in the trenches when on defense, and an sleight edge when on offense. Texans want to put the past behind them. The Colts have had their number. Hoping Andrew Ogletree is able to pass concussion protocol, but don't cut corners. Expect the Tight Ends to have a good game. The Running Back HAVE to get more than 2.1 Yards per carry! Indy also needs to have the treat of a deep pass, as opposed to last week. Even though most defenses will play cover 2 or cover 1 vs AR, you can scheme up open deep shots. Shane Steichen did not show their hand week 1, and kept things fairly simple for the players. Indy can not turn the ball over more than the other team, and expect a win. Game Predictions.

    Jaguars-Colts Review: Terrible 2nd half!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2023 21:01

    The Indianapolis Colts front 7 defense is elite! The pass defense did a good job even though they are inexperienced. A lot of questionable play calls gave the Jaguars great starting field position all game. I was right about new play calls, but maybe wrong about the offensive line. Kylen Granson and Andrew Ogletree are going to be stars in the NFL. I need to look closely at the All-22 to get a better understanding of the Wide Receivers. Anthony Richardson was amazing in the 1st half, erratic in the 2nd half. Richardson had a knee, and an ankle injury, in his first game. What hurt the Colts offense is that they could not run the football. Jonathan Taylor would not had made much of a difference in this game.

    The Shocking Story of NFL Guard: Donald Thomas

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2023 25:35

    Donald Thomas never played football until he was already at the University of Connecticut. He tore his Bicep and Quad, within 3 plays of each other! While on a snap count during practice, Donald re-tears his quad on his final snap of the day! Trying to live your life, after sustaining a major injury. Only try to control what you can, and take the politics out of it, if you want to succeed in the NFL. Ryan Grigson managed with his gut, more than analyzing his moves. He was welcomed with open arms in the locker room, even though he came from New England. Reggie Wayne called Donald when he was with the Patriots, telling him "It's too strict up here!" He works with Gary Brackett every day, to give back to the youth.

    Colts - Jaguars Preview W/Donald Thomas

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2023 30:23

    The Indianapolis Colts and Jacksonville Jaguars are at two different places right now. Can an inexperienced Colts secondary handle the high powered Jaguars passing attack? Jacksonville's defense will try to confuse the Indy offensive line and rookie Quarterback. Donald Thomas thinks Gardner Minshew should start over Anthony Richardson. Jags offense will try to jump out on the Colts early, and force Indy into a passing offense. The Colts NEED to figure out what kind of team they are early. There is no telling what a Colts offense drawn up by head coach: Shane Steichen will look like. Score Predictions.

    The Colts Will Not be Judging Anthony Richardson Harshly.

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2023 20:37

    This defense and offense for the Indianapolis Colts is different from years past. Offensive coordinator: Jim-Bob Cooter talks about how opening the playing is going to be fun this week. The Colts coaches won't be overanalyzing Anthony Richardson this season. Planning on team wins. Sometimes you have to win ugly low scoring games defensively. Defensive Coordinator: Gus Bradley say's he believes his young defense is ready for the season. Using the Jacksonville Jaguars as a measuring stick to find out where the defense is. Trust in your teammates is so important in the defensive secondary. Turnovers need to be a big focus for this young defense this season. The Colts coaches really believe in their young secondary. Thank you to the Indianapolis Colts for allowing the use of these press conferences. You can find them here: Gus Bradley: Jim-Bob Cooter:

    Chris Ballard want to mend fences with Jonathan Taylor.

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2023 21:08

    Indianapolis Colts GM: Chris Ballard was slammed with 90% questions about Jonathan Taylor, in what was supposed to be a press conference about the 2023 roster. Ballard states he wants to mend fences with the star Running Back. Ballard has never let the position market determine whether he pays someone. Doing what is best for the team, in regards to trade compensation, and the PUP list. Emotions got in the way, and caused a rift between player and organization. He has never said he does not want Jonathan Taylor. The Colts have never used the franchise tag during Ballard's tenure. Being up front and honest with players is always the best policy.

    Initial Colts 53 Man Roster Is Shocking!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2023 20:03

    The Colts have a shocking RPO roster. Indianapolis Colts release Darius Rush, but it made sense. The Colts only have Michael Pittman Jr., Alec Pierce, and Josh Downs as Wide Receivers! With 5 Tight Ends, Indy have a LOT of mismatch capability. This current roster is going to be interesting, and innovative. The Indianapolis Colts Practice Squad. The back-up Offensive Guards are still thin in my opinion. Only have 2 healthy active Running Backs on the roster. This is the team that Head Coach: Shane Steichen designed. The Colts keep 6 (really 7) linebackers. The Colts defensive Line is as what was expected. This is just the initial roster, expect changes by week 1.

    Despite inaccuracy, Anthony Richardson shows worth vs Eagles!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2023 20:53

    Indianapolis Colts Quarterback: Anthony Richardson's accuracy still need a lot of work. Richardson showed how valuable he is outside of current inaccuracy, with shockingly amazing pocket mobility. Anthony's poise is great, and that helps his decision making. The offensive line showed improvement in pass protection and run blocking. Running Backs looked decent, even though none are on Jonathan Taylor's level. The Colts defensive front 7 completely destroyed the Philadelphia Eagles run game! Darrell Baker Jr., Dallis Flowers, and the backup Cornerbacks, has been impressive. Wide Receiver Alec Pierce needs to play better. The unforced fumble by Richardson is not too big of a deal.

    Colts at Eagles Preseason Preview!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 23, 2023 20:27

    How the joint practice went between the Indianapolis Colts and the Philadelphia Eagles. This is the most important preseason game for the Colts, to determine how good the team really is. The Eagles defensive line maybe the best in the NFL, best test for the Offensive line. Finally get to see all of the Indy Tight Ends, and can the Wide Receivers continue to play well? Even though the running game is important, don't expect great production from the group. Anthony Richardson needs to continue to get through his reads quick, but bring the football down. Remember this is preseason, no need for the quarterback to run anyone over. The Eagles offense is very high powered, and the loss last season still 'Hurts'. The entire game revolves on how well the Colts Safeties prevent the deep passes defensively. Rather not force the Colts offense to get into a shootout with the Eagles.

    Colts - Bears Review/Indy Lets Taylor Seek Trade.

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2023 21:26

    Both Minshew and Ehlinger started antsy, then settled in and played well. Kenyon Drake and Pharaoh Brown will not make the 53 man roster. Colts only gave up 1 sack against the Chicago Bears, who had 8 the week prior. Grant Stuart is making a name for himself. Will the Colts and Eagles play their starters in the Dress Rehearsal game? Jonathan Taylor is right to want a long term, high end contract. The Indianapolis Colts are also right in wanting to know if he's still as good as he was in 2021. The Colts have granted Taylor permission to seek a trade in the NFL. The Christian McCaffrey trade was an outlier because the 49ers were desperate. The Colts are expecting Taylor to come back and play for them, after realizing he's not getting what he wants.

    Colts - Bears Preseason Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2023 23:00

    Indianapolis Colts and Chicago Bears joint practices are so important for Anthony Richardson, now he has been named the starter. Prime opportunity for Richardson to get a lot of playing time against the Bears. There is familiarity between the Bears and Colts. So many offensive linemen for Indy need reps into the 2nd team, with Richardson. Even though play calls are vanilla, Shane Steichen still needs to expand Richardson's playbook. Our Wide Receivers and Tight Ends need to produce vs the Bears secondary. The Colts young defensive secondary will have their hands full. Shaquille Leonard still needs the first contact in a live game. Will Deon Jackson continue his good production, with the starting Running Backs injured?

    Colts-Bills: What We Learned - Kylen Granson 1 on 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2023 22:53

    Colts Tight Ends group in very versatile. With 2 new Quarterbacks, timing is still being figured out. Andrew Ogletree is a dynamic player, who blocks well. Kylen Granson continues to work on his blocking. Granson's favorite places to eat in Indianapolis. How playing with Anthony Richardson is different. How Anthony Richardson looked in the Colts - Bills game. Gardner Minshew had a perfect passing day in Buffalo. Colts Offensive Line starters looked good. Indy NEEDS to get a decent swing Offensive Guard. The slot receiver position battle between Josh Downs and Isaiah McKenzie is great. The Running Backs were efficient, but Jonathan Taylor would have been dynamic. Players who are still injured, that we still need to see. The Corner Back position is inexperienced, but looked promising.

    Which Colts Are Hot Like a Sauna, or Bringing the Drama?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2023 20:00

    NFL Network's: Stacey Dales discusses what she is watching with the Colts, and recals her own mental fears coming back from an injury. The Jonathan Taylor drama continues as he starts rehabbing ankle off site. Quarterback: Anthony Richardson is throwing and scrambling for big yards, and touchdowns. Wide Receiver: Alec Pierce has really improved his release and route running, to get open. Linebacker: Shaquille Leonard really looks as though he is fully back. Making big plays on the practice field. Cornerback: Juju Brents Has been surprisingly physical so far. Other players who has caught my eye by improving they play from the last time we saw them.

    Will Jonathan Taylor play, if not traded by the Colts?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2023 20:23

    Jonathan Taylor doesn't have a problem with the Colts, other than wanting paid. Taylor has thus far acted like a professional though all this mess. How much would he be fined if he 'holds out'. The 4th year running back Holds out, he'd be fined more than he's ever made in the NFL. Taylor requested a trade, and Jim Irsay immediately denied trading him at all this year. How far will JT go, to make his point? His best move is to play for the Colts, like he is playing for a contract. It is possible he will hold out because he knows his ankle isn't the same. Taylor should play if healthy, and force Chris Ballard's hand. NFL running backs have not gotten a real raise in the past 10 years.

    Colts shockingly surprising at camp so far!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2023 24:48

    Anthony Richardson does everything amazing in the physical department. Still some questions, and things Richardson needs to work on. Offensive Line has renewed vigor, but still questions about the Right Guard. The young Wide Receivers are looking like they are improving. Shaquille Leonard looks like his old self! No pads means no real look at pass rush, but someone HAS to step up. DeForest Buckner is leading by example by doing so much extra.

    Indianapolis Colts Most Important Position This NFL Season.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2023 22:03

    The Defensive Line has the most pressure to make up for the secondary's inexperience. The Defensive Back group is playing with house money. The offense runs through the Offensive Line. Will Bernhard Raimann elevate his play from last season? Gus Bradley needs to practice blitzing, more so the Offensive Line can practice against it. Even with youth at DB and QB, the area that has the most on it's shoulder's are the trenches. Reggie Wayne is so important this season. Kylen Granson was the most improved player on the Colts last year.

    Returning expectations of Jonathan Taylor and Shaquille Leonard (With ProFootballDoc)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2023 28:19

    Doctor David Chao considers Indianapolis his 2nd home, in many ways. Dr. Chao says the 'Underwear Olympics' was like Groundhog Day. The National Anthem, and the Lord's Prayer, were always special to Dr. Chao on gamedays. His medical staff was ranked top 5 in a poll, even when their team (Chargers) went 1-15. Dr. David Chao say's he is relatively optimistic that Indianapolis Colts Running Back: Jonathan Taylor will return to previous form. Teams do not get into details about player injuries, but players do appreciate outside Dr.'s giving their analysis to the public. Dr. Chao believes Darius Shaquille Leonard tried to come back too early, and is now more guarded about his return after the 2nd back surgery. The NFL should go to an 18 week season, with 2 bye weeks.

    A Young Indianapolis Colts Defense Still Top 10?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 26, 2023 24:32

    Last season's Indianapolis Colts defense was not helped by the offense. So much youth at cornerback. Same defensive playbook from last year should help the defense as a whole. Could the defense play more man coverage due to circumstances? Linebacking corps should provide even better play than last year. Need the 4 young defensive ends to make that leap. The Colts have the offensive players now to make the defensive players better. The young CB's can learn from the Colts variety of Wide Receivers. The Colts athletic freaks, and physical monsters at Tight End and Running Back, should help the LBers. Grover Stewart & DeForest Buckner will need to switch positions a lot at practice. If the Colts offense can stay on the field, the Colts defense could be even better than last season.

    Re-capping the Indianapolis Colts OTA's (Live Q&A)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2023 32:25

    Richardson and Gardner Minshew showing friendship on the practice field. Anthony Richardson has similar qualities to Andrew Luck. Richardson is better than advertised coming into the draft. Josh Downs & Anthony Richardson need reps together. Should the Indianapolis Colts sign a veteran Cornerback right now? Would you be a fan of the Colts 'IF' they moved? Anthony Richardson has more/better coaching on the Colts, than he's ever had. Will it be painful to watch the Colts in 2023? What should Isaiah Rogers' punishment be, if the accusations are true? The Colts offense should do well to start the season. The return of Darius Shaquille Leonard will help the young secondary. Who should get an extension 1st, Michael Pittman Jr., or Jonathan Taylor? Media frustrates me when they waste precious presser time on questions they know won't get answered!

    Isaiah McKenzie Interview

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2023 18:59

    Isaiah thinks Special Teams should have to earn the kickoff to the 25 yard line. There is a friendly competition with Josh Downs for game reps. The friendship and competition with Kenny Moore II will make each other better. Isaiah's BBQ restaurant has been successful for 2 years now. Diving into how he earned his nickname: 'Little Dirty'. Anthony Richardson has done a lot of good things during OTA's. Goals that he has for himself, for his time with the Indianapolis Colts. Isaiah's favorite go-to comfort food is? Michael Pittman Jr. Missed OTA's due to having a new born baby! The Colts do not want to Franchise tag MPJ! How much should the Colts offer MPJ on an extension? How solid is the Wide Receiver room?

    2023 Indianapolis Colts Roster Grades

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2023 32:56

    So little experience at the Cornerback position this year. A lot of young talent at Safety this year. Can Darius Shaquille Leonard return to form after surgery? The Indianapolis Colts lack a stud at edge pass rusher. The Colts interior Defensive Line are absolute studs! The Colts Wide Receivers are solid, even with no 'scary' target. Are the Tight Ends the deepest position on the team? The offensive line needs to rebound, even without a solid Right Guard. The Running Back will be a major focal point of this years offense. Quarterback is the biggest question mark heading into the season.

    The 2023 Indianapolis Colts Schedule Breakdown

    Play Episode Listen Later May 14, 2023 30:38

    Indianapolis Colts fans have mixed feelings about the possible outcome of this season. Breaking down the preseason games versus the Bills, Bears, and Eagles. Colts hoping to break 9 year opening game loss streak, versus the Jaguars. Don't want to tie the Texans week 2. Week 3: Haven't beaten the Ravens in 9 years. Week 4: Quarterback change for the Colts, heading to face the Rams? Who will the Titans Quarterback be week 5? 4 of first 6 games are divisional, as the Colts go to Jacksonville Week 6, and hope to slay a demon. Colts get to see Rodney McLeod, and Bubba Ventrone, as the Browns come to town week 7. Week 8 Saints in Indy: the 1 game, above all, the Colts should win? Frank Reich reunion Week 9, versus the Panthers. Colts go overseas to Germany, to face the Patriots week 11. Colts get a bye week, in week 11!? Facing the Buccaneers week 12 should be a win. Colts travel to Tennessee week 13. Colts at Bengals week 14, could be toughest game of the year. Week 15, the Colts face their long time biggest demon: The Steelers. Week 16, The Falcons looking to see if they have their future QB on the team. How will the Raiders look on New Year's Eve, week 17? Will week 18 against the Texans be for nothing, or a playoff spot?

    Post Draft Interview W/Kevin Rogers, Will Mallory, and Evan Hull

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2023 24:06

    The Indianapolis Colts Director of Personnel: Kevin Rogers discusses the draft process. The feeling in the room leading up to the 4th overall pick. How this rookie class puts a different feel heading into camp. Then we are join by Rookie Tight End: Will Mallory. He discusses training plans, his chance to make an impact in the tight end room, and more. Finally, Rookie Running Back: Evan Hull talks about his mindset at his position, why he was the only RB to take all his reps at the NFL combine to the end zone, and more.

    Best Draft Options for the Colts, with: Brett Kollmann

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2023 47:38

    The 1st 2 picks of the 2023 NFL draft 'near locks' for Brett? The Indianapolis Colts most likely ends up with Anthony Richardson. Right Guard needs to be addressed on day 2. It was the worst RG position in the NFL. What to do at pick #4, if your Quarterbacks are no longer available. Why is Yannick Ngakoue still sitting in Free Agency? Day 2 NFL draft players that would be a really good fit for Gus Bradley's defense. Would Anthony Richardson start for the Colts week 1, if they draft him? Quarterbacks drafted high who 'wash out', general have bad support system's. Will the Los Angeles Chargers give Justin Herbert a 'blank check'? Does Jalen Hurts' record breaking contract effect where Lamar Jackson plays next year? Is Aaron Rodgers finally going to be traded?

    Indianapolis Colts Offseason Needs W/Robert Mathis!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2023 25:26

    What Robert Mathis thinks the #1 priority for the Indianapolis Colts this offseason is. Should the Colts re-sign Tyquan Lewis? How pass rushers have changed from his era, to today's NFL. Has the NFL given too much power to the referees? How would Robert Mathis perform in today's game? Should the Colts re-sign Yannick Ngakoue? What do the Colts truly mean to Robert Mathis? Who does Robert like in the 2023 NFL draft for the Colts to get at pass rusher? What the Gridiron Gang is about. What is Robert Mathis' favorite go-to comfort food? Restaurants Robert Mathis would suggest to others in Indianapolis. Top 2 NFL tackles Robert Mathis faced during his career. Did Robert Mathis have a mentor when he came into the league? Jerraud Powers learned quickly to never interrupt Dwight Freeney or Robert Mathis before a play.

    Talking NFL Franchise Tag W/Parris Campbell

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2023 29:05

    Jerraud thinks Geno Smith's contract with the Seattle Seahawks was 'great'! "They wrote me off, but I didn't write back!" Derek Carr is a proven Quarterback, and puts the New Orleans Saints in the forefront of the division right now. The Dallas Cowboys and Las Vegas Raiders franchise tag their running backs:Tony Pollard & Josh Jacobs. It was in Tony Pollard's benefit that he got franchise tagged. The Giants had a tough conundrum with who to place their tag on. The Kansas City Chiefs are making a massive mistake by letting Left Tackle: Orlando Brown hit free agency. Is the NFL Franchise tag a good thing? Or should it be removed? Kirk Cousins changed the NFL forever with the tag. The faster defender speedy Parris Campbell has ever played against. Parris tells Wide Receivers why they should choose Ohio State over Alabama. The moment Parris Campbell felt he was mentally over his injuries.

    Parris Campbell Free Agent Interview

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2023 22:34

    How Parris Campbell liked being with the Indianapolis Colts the past four years. How important it was last offseason to be healthy and available. Does Parris feels he still has plenty to prove. Having Reggie Wayne as a Wide Receivers coach. Parris and the Indianapolis Colts have mutual interest in getting him re-signed. Brian Hartline and Ohio State, is now Wide Receiver University. Dealing with a Quarterback carousel as a WR. Indianapolis Colts have a GREAT training staff. What is Parris' favorite go-to comfort food? Parris wants to improve his outside route running. Stephone Gilmore is the defensive back that give him the most trouble. Derwin James is a great cover safety. Special message to Colts Nation from Parris Campbell.

    Brandon Graham Free Agent Interview

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2023 26:03

    Brandon Graham's thoughts/feelings after losing the NFL Super Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs. Rodney McLeod wonders what it took for BG and the rest of the Philadelphia Eagles pass rush, to be the best in the NFL. Brandon's advice to young players whose careers are not starting off the way they hoped. Brandon wanted to play 10 years, but Ray Lewis' career made him want to reach 15. What Brandon learned about himself after dealing with major injuries. Brandon's mindset entering 2023 Free Agency. Favorite moments this past season was finally getting double digit sacks, against the New Orleans Saints. What he contributes to having his best year, after 13 seasons, on a diminished capacity. Jerraud Powers wonders how long Brandon has had his professional mindset. Brandon wants to 'run it back' with the Eagles.

    Colts Retain Reggie Wayne & Gus Bradley.

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2023 27:21

    Eagles pass rusher: Brandon Graham talks about the Indianapolis Colts new head Coach: Shane Steichen. Jerraud Powers loves that Reggie Wayne continues to be the Wide Receivers coach. Rodney McLeod speaks on Coach Reggie Wayne, rather than just WR:Wayne. Reggie understands it is the little things that wins games. Wayne still talks with the defense to increase his WR's production. Gus Bradley Staying on is a great move for the Indianapolis Colts defense. It is a comfort for the players, that Gus is returning. Defensive coaches have to adjust their scheme to fit their players strengths. Players have a responsibility to find a way to fit within any scheme. Gus Bradley adjusts his scheme on a drive to drive basis. Good coaches would ask input from his players during the game, and change as needed.

    Carr to the Jets, Rodgers to... the 49ers?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2023 30:58

    Jerraud Powers thinks Derek Carr to the New York Jets is a good fit. Could Carr handle the New York Media? Rodney McLeod wants to see Aaron Rodgers with the Jets. San Francisco 49ers QB: Brock Purdy would benefit from Rodgers? The Jets NEED a veteran, over another rookie quarterback. The Baltimore Ravens will must pay Lamar Jackson what he wants. Will Daniel Jones get $45 million a year? Should the New York Giants franchise tag Jones, as a prove it year? Saquon and Daniel need to discuss their futures together. Should Frank Reich and the Caroline Panthers go after a Vet? Taylor Heinicke could be a savvy target for the Panthers. Would Baker Mayfield fit with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers?

    Indianapolis Colts new coaching hires.

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2023 23:45

    @01:44 Update on Rodney McLeod's Childrens foundation. @04:45 Bubba Ventrone to the Cleveland Browns? @07:07 Was Bubba upset over not being the interim Head Coach? @09:20 DeAndre Smith hired as the Indianapolis Colts Running Backs coach. @13:40 Tom Manning hired as the Tight Ends position coach. @16:40 Rodney McLoud's thoughts on Andrew Ogletree. @18:20 Jim Bob Cooter looking to be the Colts Offensive Coordinator. @20:24 Jerraud Powers came to the Indianapolis Colts same time as Jim Bob.

    Super Bowl LVII Was An Amazing Game!

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2023 23:52

    Ref's let the teams play, for the most part, and the teams played clean. Jalen Hurts is a franchise quarterback. Jalen's unforced fumble, that the Chiefs scooped and scored, changed the momentum of the game. The run game and defense are still prominent factors in playoff football. Andy Reid took advantage of film, to get wide open scores. Jerraud & Rodney break down those motion plays. Final thoughts: Both teams should be proud of how they played.

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