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The single best Philadelphia sports podcast on the 7th highest rated sports talk station 92.9 FM the Sack. Follow the podcast on Twitter (https://twitter.com/letsgo2thephone?lang=en). Follow Uncle Coggin @coggintoboggan, Co-Host Chris @crimjimmegan and Producer Pat @PLinny32.

Uncle Coggin

    • Nov 24, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from Let's Go To The Phones

    Episode 69: The Eagles Allow us to Have a Nice Thanksgiving

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 72:41

    In a very special Thanksgiving episode, we discuss the Eagles beating up on fat boy Sean Payton, pardoning a Philadelphia Turkey, reveal our turkeys of the week and say what we are thankful for this year.  We also preview the terrible Thanksgiving Day football games, talk about Michael Barkann's tweet about fans leaving early, discuss how bad Eagles Postgame live has become, remember the best Thanksgiving TV episodes, and round it all out with our fabulous Las Vegas Lounge gambling picks. 

    Episode 67: Nick Sirianni Coach of the Year

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 79:10

    The Eagles are back baby! After moving to 4 and 6 on the year the boys have their eyes set on Superbowl LVI in sunny Los Angeles! We also talk about Nick Sirianni's bid for coach of the year, if it's time to push the panic button for the Sixers and give a fantastic preview of the upcoming Kurt Warner blockbuster hit, American Underdog! We finish with our gambling picks in the Las Vegas Lounge. 

    Episode: Behold, the Power of the Mighty Odellalator

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 65:39

    BOW DOWN and bear witness to the power of the mighty Odellalator! The Boys unveil their latest and most powerful algorithm designed to predict where mercurial receiver Odell Beckham will wind up. It's science. The Boys round out the rest of the show with a scintillating confession about the Eagles, delve into a mystery illness that is wreaking havoc on the Sixers, and give props to the legend that is Jim Gardner.  

    Episode 65: Did Aaron Rodgers Eat Mud To Not Get COVID?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 70:42

    One week after announcing every team was completely dead, the Let's Go To The Phones Boys declare that Philadelphia sports are SO BACK. The Eagles are Super Bowl bound with the easiest schedule remaining in the NFL, the Sixers are much better without Ben Simmons, and the Flyers are elite but making it nearly impossible for Coggin to become a fan again due to lack of video highlights on their social media feeds. The Boys finish off the show by delving into the Aaron Rodgers Covid-19 disaster and debate if a special mud eating strategy was his immunization against the virus. They also reach out to Ben Simmons therapist and talk to him about what he's doing for the mercurial 76ers star. The Las Vegas Lounge caps off the end of a great show. 

    Episode 64: Let's Go To The Phones Halloween Spooktacular

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 73:03

    The boys cross over to the other side in an extra spooky episode of Let's Go To The Phones, sure to tickle your fright bone and scare the pants off you. We discuss the horrifically depressing Philadelphia sports landscape, openly wonder if it's time to tune the 76ers out for the rest of the season and dissect Nick Sirianni's latest "pep talk" to the media.The Boys also consult Mr. Cleo, a world renowned tarot card reader, to take a look into the future of Philadelphia sports and discuss their own personal brushes with the paranormal. A rousing round of the Las Vegas Lounge closes out the show. 

    Episode 64: Happy Trails Ben Simmons (For Real This Time We Think)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 68:46

    The Let's go to the Phones boys discuss Ben Simmons' final days with the 76ers (maybe) and get to the bottom of his 1 game suspension. We also have a great conversation with a former teammate of Ben's from Australia to discuss what the star point guard was like in high school. We finish up by previewing the Eagles v. Raiders game and debut what is sure to be everyone's favorite segment, "Halloween Candy Draft of candies that some people don't Like but you do."Don't miss this one gang!   

    Episode 63: Thursday Fright Football

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 71:08

    The Let's Go To The Phones Boys get into the spooky season and give one of the most professional breakdowns of the Eagles/Buccaneers Thursday Night Football matchup you'll ever hear. Oh I'm sorry, I meant to say Thursday FRIGHT Football. The boys talk get into the Halloween season as they talk about movies that scared them the most over the years and delve into something truly horrifying...their betting picks for the Las Vegas Lounge. Plus, the boys welcome Ben Simmons back to Philadelphia with open arms. 

    Episode 62: Dropping the Gloves with Flyers Fan Favorite Riley Cote

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 75:39

    The Let's Go To The Phones boys all get five-minute majors during their conversation with Flyers fan favorite Riley Cote. The boys and Riley delve into what it means to be an enforcer in the NHL, how cannabis and CBD oil can help save athletes' lives, and what it meant to Riley to play in Philadelphia. PLUS, we analyze the Flyers chances this season and relive some entertaining moments from Riley's career. The boys wrap up the show with another rousing round of Las Vegas Lounge and pontificate on who will be Angelo Cataldi's successor to the WIP Morning Show. 

    Episode 61: Nick Sirianni's Wildwood Boardwalk T-Shirt

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 73:10

    It was all fun and games last week when we declared the Eagles season over, but after Monday night it may be reality. The Let's Go To The Phones Boys delve into the embarrassment against the Cowboys and wonder if Nick Sirianni's choice in t-shirt didn't help matters. We design his next boardwalk t-shirt, give an Eagles vs. Chiefs Super Bowl preview, solve the Ben Simmons crisis and wrap up the show with the Las Vegas Lounge. 

    Episode 60: Happy Trails To Ben Simmons

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 63:24

    Happy trails to you, until we meet again....well, in this case never again it seems, as Ben Simmons wants OUT of Philadelphia and away from the 76ers FOREVER. The Let's Go To The Phones boys have a long discussion about the never ending saga that is Ben Simmons. Not to worry though, as they quickly shift into a fresh topic and discuss Carson Wentz for the rest of the episode. Plus, the boys debut a brand new bit that was definitely not stolen from Jeff Foxworthy in 1993 and round out the episode with some riveting Phillies talk. 

    Episode 59: (Ray's Voice) But Debra, I Wanted To Watch The Eagles Game!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 74:39

    But Debra! Boy oh boy, if you like references to a sitcom that's been off the air for nearly 20 years you're in luck. The Let's Go To The Phones Boys break down the Eagles season opener as only they can, look ahead to the overrated 49ers and make their listeners thousands of dollars with another fabulous edition of the Las Vegas Lounge. Plus, the boys unveil a fabulous t-shirt idea for Producer Pat, start a Carson Wentz rumor and wrap up the show by wishing someone a very happy birthday. 

    Episode 58: The 2021 Eagles Are Your Super Bowl Champions

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 65:49

    The Let's Go To The Phones Boys delve into yet another NFL season with tonight's Bucs vs. Cowboys kickoff. Is the bile rising in your throat thinking either of these teams will be 1-0 to start the year? It should be. We discuss the Eagles guaranteed success for this season, their eventual Super Bowl championship and why Gardner Minshew will be starting by week 4. Plus, the boys bring back the Las Vegas Lounge for yet another season and Co-Host Chris and Producer Pat delve into some "future tweets" from your favorite Twitter accounts. 

    Episode 57: Ben Simmons is Leaving Philadelphia but Phil Sheridan is Back, Baby!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 75:27

    Ben Simmons is demanding a trade out of Philadelphia, while former Inquirer columnist and ESPN Eagles beat writer Phil Sheridan is demanding back into Philadelphia. What a world. The Let's Go To The Phones boys interview Phil Sheridan about his trek back to the Philadelphia sports journalism scene after years of insane health scares. Phil shares his experiences writing for the Inquirer, for ESPN, and his new venture writing Philadelphia sports columns for his Patreon page. Sheridan shares some stories from his beat writing days, which famous Philadelphia athletes hated his guts and why Angelo Cataldi may be the worst person he's ever met. Plus, the boys discuss their level of Phillies Phever and the mess that is Ben Simmons. 

    Episode 56: Les Bowen and The State of Philadelphia Sports Journalism

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 78:09

    Our old friend Les Bowen stops by the latest episode of Let's Go To The Phones for another great interview. Bowen talks about his decision to retire as Eagles beat writer for the Philadelphia Inquirer, the changes in the paper's newsroom over the years, and how sports journalism has changed in the era of social media. Plus, he delves into why most of training camp is worthless for reporters and why charting passes in practice is "absolute bullshit." The Boys finish the episode with some less than nice things to say about the Phillies and give an update on their biggest Australian fan.

    Episode 55: Is a Quarterback Controversy Brewing in Philadelphia?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 79:24

    Joe Flacco has thrown one touchdown this preseason. Jalen Hurts has thrown zero. Is there a potential quarterback controversy brewing in Philadelphia? The Let's Go To The Phones boys discuss the Eagles preseason, if Bill Belichick should be named our Crumbum of the Week for tampering with Zack Ertz and name our training camp darlings. We also share our favorite Little League memories, get annoyed at the Phillies and play a rousing round of "Real or Fake" with Phish songs. 

    Episode 54: Carson Wentz Will Set You Free Philadelphia

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 71:38

    SOUND THE ALARM, Ben Simmons has released his first Instagram jump shot video and the Let's Go To The Phones Boys are all the way back on our baby. He's it baby, HE'S OUR BABY! We discuss Ben Simmons, the Sixers inactivity during free agency and a Joel Embiid/Andre Drummond joke that's sweeping the nation. PLUS, the boys discuss how the Carson Wentz injury will set Philadelphia free, if the James Gang is redneck or not, and which curse has overtaken the city: The Curse of Gritty or the Curse of Carson Wentz?

    Episode 53: Training Camp Confessions

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 67:28

    Coggin is on Senior Week! Co-host Chris and Producer Pat take the reigns and discuss the Olympics, Eagles Training Camp, 76ers Draft Night, and the Flyers recent trades. We also debut a brand new segment called the "Training Camp Confessional" which is a safe space for Eagles players to confess their sins and be absolved by Buddy Ryan. We even have a special guest stop by! This one gets a little off the rails at times and we do promise that Coggin will be back next week.

    Episode 52: From the archives 7/22/1995

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 62:52

    We've done 51 straight weeks of shows so the Let's Go To The Phones boys are burnt out! We give and we give and we give to you leeches and it's never enough. We decided to reach back into the 92.9 FM the Sack archives and share a show we did 26 years ago today on July 22, 1995. What a moment in time, as we discuss that unforgettable 95 Phillies squad, share one of our classic crank calls to a local Philadelphia business, and interview an Eagles kicker that never caught on in the city. Enjoy this trip in the wayback machine. 

    Episode 51: The Diceman Cometh to Philadelphia

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2021 70:24

    Let's Go to the Phones doesn't take a mid-season break like the MLB (but maybe we should). The boys discuss the worthlessness that is the All-Star game, debate Co-Host Chris's claim that he could hit a home run in the event and break down the weekend that was English sports as only Andrew Dice Clay could. Plus, the boys discuss the best landing spot for Ben Simmons and wonder how Nick Sirianni could have already lost the locker room before the season even started. 

    Episode 50: Living in America

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2021 64:01

    Happy Birthday to good old America. The Let's Go to the Phones boys revisit their Fourth of July weekends, argue if the Phillies should be buyers or sellers at the deadline, discuss the sham that is the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest and devolve into a movie podcast about summer blockbusters for the last half of the episode. PLUS, we end with the triumphant return of the Las Vegas Lounge to discuss the NBA finals and Wimbledon, which we have absolutely watched every second of so far this year. 

    Episode 49: Happy Trails Marc Zumoff

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 76:29

    The boys open the latest episode of Let's Go to the Phones on a somber note as they come to grips with 76ers announcer Marc Zumoff's surprising retirement announcer. They recall some of his best moments and go through his trademark sayings...TURNING GARBAGE INTO GOLD, as some may say. The horrendous Phillies are discussed, Co-host Chris gives us his review of the 2010 Queen Latiffah/Common classic "Just Wright" as punishment for losing the original Ben Simmons Challenge and we wrap up the show by taking your horrible, horrible phone calls. 

    Episode 48: The 76ers Suck Again with Crossing Broad's Kevin Kinkead

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2021 76:04

    Welp, here we are again. Another 76ers flameout in the Eastern Conference semifinals. Crossing Broad's Sixers beat writer Kevin Kinkead helps us scavenge through the wreckage of another wasted season to see if any hope can be salvaged. He gives us his take on the 76ers future, where a good landing spot for Ben Simmons may be and the challenges of covering such a frustrating team. Plus, the boys play a round of the Movie Game, read some HILARIOUS Ben Simmons jokes they found on Twitter and introduce the world to the Inaugural Ben Simmons Challenge. 

    Episode 47: Tennis Anyone? with ESPN's Chris McKendry

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 74:22

    Let's Go To The Phones welcomes Philadelphia's own Chris McKendry to the show for a fantastic interview with the ESPN legend. McKendry, host of ESPN's tennis coverage for the U.S. Open, Australian Open and Wimbledon, talks Sixers, the upcoming Wimbledon tournament and her time at Drexel University. She also reveals what LEGENDARY Philadelphia radio sports talk host gave her a start in the business as an intern. Plus, the boys round the show out with a rousing segment of "Terminator Timeline" for Wednesday's Sixers game. 0-10:40 Sixers talk 10:40-16:33 Dr chao, US Open, Phillies 16:34- 1:02:12 Chris McKendry Interview 1:02:12- 1:09:48 post interview tennis chatter1:09:49- End Sixers terminator timeline 

    Episode 46: An Old Friend (Enemy?) Calls the Show and the Best Sports Conspiracy Theories are Discussed

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2021 61:55

    The Let's Go To The Phones boys are rudely interrupted at the start of the show by an angry Adam Schefter* calling the hotline to complain about them breaking the Julio Jones trade to the Titans on Sunday. The Sixers Game 2 win over the Hawks is broken down in expert fashion, several horrendous Philadelphia sports talk radio polls are discussed, and the boys break down their favorite sports conspiracy theories.*Do you REALLY think Adam Schefter would call the show?

    Episode 45: Eytan Shander and the State of Philadelphia Sports Talk Radio

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 72:05

    The Let's Go To The Phones boys welcome their special MYSTERY guest Eytan Shander to the show to discuss Philadelphia sports talk radio, why it completely sucks, and his experiences at both WIP and the Fanatic. Plus, we get into who the biggest dicks are at each station, who was cool, and play a rousing round of Real or Fake with Mike Missanelli tweets. 0:00- 19:00 Sixers game 3 preview 19:00- end Eytan Shander interview 

    Episode 44: 76ers Live and Popcorngate

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 73:38

    30 years from now we'll still be talking about Popcorngate, won't we? We watch the 76ers  take down the Washington Wizards in game two of the playoffs LIVE at the Las Vegas Lounge. We give our thoughts on game one, Ben Simmons' performance and the 76ers chances against the rest of the east. We watch a fan douse Russell Westbrook with popcorn live and have a good laugh, get sick of the Phillies yet again and wrap up the show with some Bill Simmons talk. 

    Episode 43: Trust the Philadelphia Process Play-In

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2021 73:34

    It's playoff time and we still don't know what the NBA play-in game is. We talk 76ers, who we'd want to see in the first round, and settle the Process debate once and for all. We debut a new golfing segment, talk some mini-golf and give our Eagles predictions for the years. We cap off the show by solving all of Philadelphia sports talk radios biggest problems and take your horrible, horrible phone calls. 

    Episode 42: Misery Loves Company in Philadelphia

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 71:26

    The Flyers are absolutely miserable and the Let's Go To The Phone's Boys have had enough. The boys eviscerate the Flyers, the franchise, the past season, the brainwashed fans, everything about the organization from top to bottom as we end yet another marvelous season. Plus, we guarantee a Sixers #1 seed in the NBA playoffs, have a therapy session with our fans about the worst Philadelphia season ending losses and celebrate Co-Host Chris's 57th birthday. 

    Episode 41: Our Best Friend Les Bowen Joins The Show to Talk The Eagles Draft

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2021 63:35

    Our best friend Les Bowen of the Philadelphia Inquirer joins the Let's Go To The Phones boys to talk the Eagles draft, covering the draft from lovely Cleveland and why certain NFL draftees don't cut it in the league. Plus, the boys go hunting for a Jalen Reagor burner account and lose several fans in the process. 

    Episode 40: The NFL Draft Spectacular

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2021 63:27

    The Let's Go To The Phones boys break down the draft to perfection and give pinpoint predictions for the Eagles. We did our homework for this one, gang. Plus, the boys share some intel with their leaders on who Howie Roseman has his eye on for the later rounds of the draft and share the best listener responses as to who the worst person would be to announce the Eagles draft pick. 

    Episode 39: Phillies Legend Chris Coste Joins the Show

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 71:11

    The Let's Go To The Phones boys welcome Phillies 2008 World Series champion and fan favorite Chris Coste to the show to discuss his career, his thoughts on Phillies fans and how a swollen testicle proved to be his path to the big leagues. Plus, the boys discuss the Zack Hample situation, a weird comic his dad used to draw about Woody Allen and wonder if Gabe Kapler deserved to be booed. 

    Episode 38: The Phillies are Toast and Braves Fans Are Losers

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2021 71:58

    We called it, folks, the Phillies are garbage. The Let's Go To The Phones Boys discuss their early season tail slide and pat themselves on the back for predicting this awful season. Please don't listen to prior episodes to confirm, just take our word for it. Coggin tosses out a theory that Braves fans have the worst fanbase of any sport and a discussion on their putridness ensues. We wrap up the Price is Right tournament, have a groundbreaking sci-fi segment with our future selves and the 76ers/Nets game, and wrap up the show with a great caller question about TV theme songs. 

    Episode 37: Masters and Commander or Masters of Puppets: A Masters Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2021 72:59

    The Let's Go To The Phones Boys dig into the Masters like only they can, giving the best preview of the finest golf tournament on American soil. Jack Nicholson even stops by for a visit, or maybe it was Jack Nicklaus? Whichever one is the golf guy. The boys also give their 73rd Phillies season preview of the year, give an update on the Price is Right pricing game tournament and answer questions sent in by our devoted listeners. 

    Episode 36: It's Opening Day for the Phillies and Flyers Fans Stink

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 66:33

    What a great show, one of the best episodes the Let's Go To The Phones boys have ever done....April Fools! They do another Phillies season preview in honor of opening day and discuss why Flyers fans are the most annoying fandom in the city. They give an update on the INSANELY popular Price is Right pricing game tournament (April fools), talk college hoops and finish out the show with a rousing round of Mike Missanelli real or fake. 

    Episode 35: Joe Flacco, Juwanna Mann and March Sadness

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2021 68:20

    The Let's Go To The Phones boys open up the show with some breaking news and discuss the Eagles mind-boggling signing of backup quarterback and South Jersey folk legend Joe Flacco. March Sadness is reviewed and Co-Host Chris's recent gambling misses make a listener's day. The voting for the elite eight of the Price is Right Pricing Game tournament is opened, a round of the movie game is played and the boy's finish out the show with a brisk 25 minute discussion of the 2002 classic "Juwanna Mann."

    Episode 34: The Madness of March and Philadelphia Sports Talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2021 83:20

    The Let's Go To The Phones boys break down the NCAA Field of 64 like you've never heard before. Base your bracket on our analysis and we GUARANTEE you'll win every single pool you enter into......not a guarantee. Plus, the boys break down the strange week of food segments from 97.5 the Fanatic and their odd insistence that people want to listen to a radio host make pasta live on air. Finally, we talk Eagles free agency (crickets) and wrap up the show with our Field of 16 Price is Right pricing game tournament. 

    Episode 33: Phillies Fever with Bob Wankel and The Wooderboys

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2021 79:22

    Episode description: It's Phillies Fever with the Let's Go To The Phones boys as we give you a comprehensive Phillies preview with special guests Bob Wankel, Phillies beat writer for Crossing Broad, and Kyle, one half of The Wooderboys. We take a deep dive into the Phillies upcoming season, go dancing with the Drexel Dragons, debate the nonsensical story of the guy who claimed to live in Veterans Stadium and all have a good laugh at Producer Pat's misfortune while he tries to eat 30 McNuggets in 5 minutes. SPORTS!

    Episode 32: Q&A with the Answer Boys

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2021 70:17

    You've got questions? Well losers, we have the answers. In a never before done segment in this business we call show, we take your questions on-air and answer them as truthfully as we possibly can. Can Producer Pat eat 30 chicken McNuggets in 5 minutes? Who would we rather fuck, marry, or kill....Big Ben, B. Franklin Dogg or Phil E. Moose? Real high-brow stuff. Plus, the boys wade into the unpaid internship argument, talk potential Sixers trades and give a world-class Phillies spring training review. 

    Episode 31: Brett Myers, Tom Petty and Lynyrd Skynyrd Walk into a Bar

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2021 70:45

    2008 World Series Champion and Phillies mainstay Brett Myers hops on with the boys to discuss his burgeoning country music career, his memories of spring training, his predictions for the 2021 Phillies and his recent foray as a referee in little person professional wrestling. Co-Host Chris makes a live 76ers bet, we once again delve into the world of women's tennis and debate which Philadelphia sports figure we'd most want to see shot into space. Oh yeah, Carson Wentz got traded too. All that and your horrible, horrible phone calls to round out the show. 

    Episode 30: Phat Philadelphia

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2021 67:50

    Is Carson Wentz still here? Enough with him already. The boys discuss the never ending saga that is Carson Wentz in the latest episode of Let's Go To The Phones and take bets on what mega church he wants to be traded to. In honor of Fat Tuesday the boys draft teams of their favorite overweight Philadelphia athletes. Spring training is starting and nobody cares. We finish out the show with Sixers talk, reveal where Coggin went to college and once again dip our toes into the world of tennis. 

    Episode 29: Let's Talk About Wentz, Baby

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2021 66:35

    Tommy Terrific wins his 7th Super Bowl and Producer Pat and Co-Host Chris couldn't be happier in this depressing episode of Let's Go To The Phones. The boys discuss Brady's latest triumph, the absolute garbage that was the Super Bowl and the streaker being the only entertaining moment of the night. They also debut a new segment, "Let's Talk About Tennis, Baby," play a rousing round of "Dead, Playing or Retired," and take your awful, awful phone calls. 

    Episode 28: Todd Pinkston and the Super Bowl Sweep

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2021 69:33

    Former Eagles great Todd Pinkston (@PinkstonTodd) joins the boys on the latest episode of Let's Go To The Phones to discuss the rampant cheating of the Patriots in Super Bowl 39, TO vs. Donovan, the state of the Eagles locker room in 2004 and the insanity of having to deal with Howard Eskin as a rookie. Plus, the boys announce their official "Crumbum of the Day," make their gambling picks for the big game and debut a new segment, the Super Bowl Sweep. 

    Episode 27: Les Bowen Talks Eagles With the Boys

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2021 66:34

    Les Bowen comes on the show and chops up the Eagles with the boys on Let's Go To The Phones. Will Nick Sirianni be a Philly guy? What can Philadelphia expect out of his coaching style? Did Doug Pederson quit because he didn't want to do the WIP Morning Show anymore? Les answers it all and also tells a great story about why a nude Flyers tough guy Shawn Antoski wanted to beat him up in 1994. Plus, the boys discuss the Phillies signing of JT Realmuto, touch on The Fan for the 900th time and discuss the nonsense that is the Baseball Hall of Fame voting process. 

    Episode 26: Phillies Legend Dave Coggin

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2021 63:12

    It's the interview we've all been waiting for as Phillies pitching LEGEND Dave Coggin joins the boys as the first live interview on Let's Go To The Phones (interview starts at 20:10). Dave talked about his journey to the big leagues, getting yelled at by Ed Wade for staging fake punches on camera with Dan Plesac, drinking with Pat Burrell and how the Scott Rolen drama affected the clubhouse dynamic. He also discussed his pitching program with PFA Baseball and his pitching device Pocket Path (pocketpath.com). A great discussion with a great guy. PLUS, the boys welcomed Producer Pat back to the show and gave their conference championship picks in a rousing segment of Las Vegas Lounge. 

    Episode 25: Help Wanted - Philadelphia Eagles Head Coach

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2021 67:50

    So long Doug Pederson, and thanks for all the fish. Doug Pederson is gone and there was nothing nobody could do about it. The Let's Go To The Phones boys break down why he was fired and share their conspiracy theories as to why he wasn't given one more year with the Eagles. We discuss how Howie Roseman kept his job, the 76ers and the COVID-19 nonsense and debut a new game. Plus, the boys give a Flyers season preview that can't be beat. 

    Episode 24: Tanks For Nothing Philadelphia Eagles

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2021 70:06

    Well tanks fer nuttin'! The Let's Go To The Phones boys discuss the amazing tank job the Eagles pulled off on Sunday night and the national outrage over the tank from stupid crybaby jerks. The boys discuss who the Eagles will select in the NFL draft, who may or may not be the next quarterback of 2021 and just how much integrity it takes to tank so perfectly. Coggin shares a reader email about Johnny Estrada's hairy ballsack, co-host Chris shares his Super Bowl prediction and the boys round out the show with your horrible, horrible phone calls. 

    Episode 23: Mercy killing 2020 and the Philadelphia Eagles

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2020 58:33

    We've had it with the Eagles, we've had it with 2020 and we've had it with most of the teams in this city other than the Flyers. Good Old Uncle Coggin and Co-Host Chris guide you through the most depressing Philadelphia sports moments of 2020, wonder if Jalen Hurts is the real deal and lose their minds watching Joel Embiid crumple to the floor in a big ol' heap against live against the Raptors. Join the Let's Go To The Phones boys as they ring in 2021 during the last show of this accursed year. 

    Episode 22: An Airing of Grievances for the Philadelphia Eagles

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2020 63:43

    In a never before done bit, the Let's Go To The Phones boys take a page from the book of Festivus and air their grievances about each other. The good natured ribbing definitely doesn't cross over the line into petty, childish insults and emotional abuse. The boys wonder if Jalen Hurts is actually the right quarterback for the Eagles, pontificate on the future of the 76ers, enjoy a frightening visit from Coggin Claus and play a special holiday round of the movie game. Plus, a special guest picker from The Mush Bros (@themushbros) gives a can't miss pick for this weekend's slate of NFL games on a very special holiday episode.

    Episode 21: Jalen Hurts Will Be In The Hall of Fame (But Is He The Real Deal?)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2020 68:56

    Is Jalen Hurts the real deal? The Let's Go To The Phones boys definitely think so. We discuss his Hall of Fame worthy performance, visualize the Eagles into the playoffs as the team nobody wants to face and thank Howie Roseman for his drafting prowess and his ability to find this diamond in the rough. Also, the boys give a thorough analysis of the 76ers upcoming season which devolves into a discussion about Co-Host Chris's pointless internship with the 2010-2011 Sixers. We wrap up  the show with a discussion on the hit TV show "LA To Las Vegas" and take your horrible, horrible phone calls. 

    Episode 20: The One With The Eagles Quarterback Controversy

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2020 68:39

    This is not a drill people, God help me I wish it was....but the Eagles are in a full-blown quarterback controversy. The boys discuss the intricacies of this very delicate situation and if Carson Wentz's mushy brain can ever be rebuilt after this disaster. The boys also touch on John Middleton and how he might be the worst owner in Philadelphia history when everything is said and done. All this plus a rousing segment of "The Harden They Fall" and a round of your horrible, horrible phone calls. 

    Episode 19: The Eagles are Usual Suspects for Failure

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2020 67:52

    In today's episode we put our press passes in our fedoras, hitch up our suspenders and take a deep-dive into analyzing who is actually making the moves for the Eagles. Co-host Chris admits he's never seen The Usual Suspects, Producer Pat gives us a list of who the Phillies are eyeing in free agency for the 2021 season and Uncle Coggin shares the story of how Rob Ellis deservedly blocked him on Twitter for his thoughts on Breakfast on Broad. All this and your terrible, terrible phone calls.

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