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CNN's chief Washington correspondent, Jake Tapper, hosts this hourlong weekday afternoon program, which mixes Tapper's interests with headlines from around the country and the world, headlines that span politics, money, sports and popular culture. "The Lead" also concentrates on bringing stories tha…


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    Bogus AZ audit backfires on Trump, confirms Biden won; CDC director breaks with advisory panel, expands booster eligibility; Sources: Afghan evacuees in Europe straining U.S. bases; Biden admits Dems are at a “stalemate” over his economic plans;

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    Trump looks for new ways to undermine democracy after “fraudit” backfires in Arizona and confirms his loss; As one “big sham” ends in Arizona, another begins in Texas; Without any proof, Trump still claims 2020 election was rigged;  Biden WH won't assert executive privilege in Jan 6 investigation; Biden: if you're eligible for a Pfizer booster, get it “now”; 2 hosts of “The View” test positive right before VP Harris interview; Sources: the challenges of housing a large population of evacuees at Ramstein Air Base becoming a “dire situation”; Measles outbreak delaying plans to move Afghan refugees from base in Germany as freezing temperatures near; 10k refugees stuck at air base in Germany; 53,000 housed at eight military bases across the U.S.; Approximately 2,000 of 3000 Afghan women at Ramstein Air Base in Germany are pregnant; Pelosi expects vote on Biden's spending package next week; In letter to Dems, Pelosi says she expects to pass both the budget bill and infrastructure bill next week; Body found in river identified as missing grad student Jelani Day; FBI: nearly a third of missing persons are black, despite making up just 13% of the U.S. population; Black, indigenous, and minority families say they struggle to get attention on their missing persons cases; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    DHS temporarily suspends use of horse patrol in Del Rio; Now: CDC advisers voting on Pfizer vaccine booster; Police: 12 injured, one killed in TN grocery store shooting; Right Now: crews search for Petito's fiancé at nature reserve

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    CNN on scene as migrants try to cross river into U.S.; Mexican authorities form human chain to block migrants; DHS: 12 flights have returned 1,400 migrants to Haiti; 3,600+ migrants still camped under Texas bridge, awaiting processing; Special envoy for Haiti resigns, cites “deeply flawed” policy; Rep. Wilson: “I'm pissed” about handling of Haitian migrant crisis; Dem leaders project optimism as key deadlines approach; Moderate Dems suggest infrastructure vote still on for Monday; Results of conspiracy-led ballot review expected tomorrow; MOAB, UT police will investigate their response to Petito incident; NYT: FBU shows 30% uptick in murders in 2020 To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Democratic divide pushes Biden agenda to brink of collapse; CNN on the Mexican side of border as migrants cross into Texas; Daily death average in U.S. tops 2,000, highest in 6 months; FBI asks for tips as search intensifies for Petito's fiancé

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    NOW: Biden meets with key Dems at crucial moment for his agenda; Pelosi after WH meeting: “we are calm and everybody's good;” Biden tries to bridge divide between progressive, moderate Dems; DHS releasing some Haitian migrants into the U.S. while hundreds more have been immediately deported; Daily death average in U.S. tops 2,000, highest in 6 months; Right now: CDC scientists pouring over booster data for 65+ as we await the FDA's final sign off; U.S. donating additional 500m doses, bringing total to 1.1b globally; Dive team joins search for fiancé after Gabby Petito's death rules a homicide; Economics warn of dire consequences if U.S. defaults into debt; Debt default could cost millions of jobs, tank stock market To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Up to 30,000 Haitians could be traveling to U.S. border; Biden urges global unity in first United Nations address; Trump critics among some lawmakers facing new threats of violence; Dems try to force vote on govt spending, debt ceiling showdowns

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    Texas border town slammed with nearly 9,000 migrants, 30,000 more could be on the way; WH: horrified by border agents aggressively confronting migrants; Schumer calls on Biden to “immediately” end deportation of Haitians; Biden on Border as crisis deepens: were getting it under control”; Biden: U.S. shifting form “relentless war” to “relentless democracy”; Biden at U.N.: “we are not seeking a new cold war”; Soon: Biden meets with UK leader amid spat with France; NYT: GOP lawmaker who voted to impeach Trump now needs extra security for himself & family; U.S. capitol police: 107 % rise in threats against lawmakers in 2021 vs 2020; New book details Trump's obsessions with attempts to reverse 2020 election; Memo: Trump's legal team created six-step scheme for Pence to overturn 2020 election; New book: Pelosi believed Trump had been “crazy for a long time,” Gen Milley agreed; New book: Hope Hicks was among senior advisers who tried to get Trump to move on from losing 2020 election; Tonight: House votes to avert government shutdown; Dems locked in flight over Biden agenda; Progressives, moderates deeply divided over Biden agenda; Rep. Ocasio-Cortez: democratic moderates “want to hold the entire country's agenda hostage:”; J&J: vaccine booster provides 94% protection against COVID; Pittsburgh hospital cites “historic” number of children patients in its emergency department; Two-thirds of Kentucky hospitals facing staffing shortages; Experts worry upcoming flu season could be severe; Hundreds of heath care employees suspended in NC for vaccine non-compliance; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    U.S. COVID deaths surpasses 675,000; Higher than 1918 flu pandemic; Critical week for Pelosi to unite party, get Biden agenda passed; Biden's domestic agenda enters pivotal time on Capitol Hill;

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    Pfizer: vaccine is safe for children 5-11, generated “robust” antibody response; Ex-FDA chief: vaccine for younger kids may be available by late October; DC mayor mandates vaccines for all teachers, daycare providers; San Francisco mayor defiant after breaking city's mask rules; U.S. averaging 147K+ new infections and 1,900+ deaths a day; Pfizer now accounts for nearly 70% of all COVID shots given in U.S.; DOW sinks as Wall Street fears turn to China; Biden admin to ease travel restrictions on vaccinated foreigners flying to U.S., land crossings still closed; Rep. Ocasio-Cortez insists she's a “no” vote on $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill if larger $3.5T package not included; Moderate Sen. Manchin urges democrats to slow down on $3.5T economic package; Biden facing a growing number of domestic & global issues; Biden faced with foreign policy turmoil ahead of U.N. speech; Biden's approval rating falls to lowest point in his term; New book explores the rise of anger division in us politics; Psaki: Biden, Macron to speak “in the coming days”; France: we were never informed U.S. was doing sub deal; Source: U.S. officials surprised by French submarine outrage; Right now: Canadians voting in race pushed by Prime Minister Trudeau as his poll numbers drop; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    America's Longest War: What Went Wrong in Afghanistan, Part 2

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    In the second part of our special miniseries, “America's Longest War: What Went Wrong in Afghanistan,” you'll hear more conversations Jake Tapper had with U.S. commanding generals who led the war effort, from the former Afghan Ambassador to the U.S., and from the veterans who served. We look at whether U.S. troop levels could have ever changed the trajectory of the war eight years after it began and examine the bigger question of whether the past 20 years of war was worth the immeasurable cost. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    America's Longest War: What Went Wrong in Afghanistan, Part 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2021 49:52

    Today, we want to share a special miniseries CNN put together during the final months of America's withdrawal. In “America's Longest War: What Went Wrong in Afghanistan,” you'll hear conversations Jake Tapper had with eight former U.S. commanding generals who led the war effort over two decades and four administrations. We examine the mission and the missteps, how political decisions hurt the ability of service members to succeed, whether the Pentagon misrepresented the Afghan military's abilities to the public, and how after 20 years of sacrifice, the U.S. withdrawal resulted in the return to power by the Taliban in August 2021. In the first part of our documentary, we take you back to the very beginning. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    DOD: Kabul drone strike mistakenly killed 3 adults, 7 children; FDA advisers vote to recommend Pfizer booster shot for those 65+ and high risk; France recalls ambassadors to U.S., Australia over security spat;

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    US military admits it killed 10 civilians and targeted wrong vehicle in Kabul airstrike; DOD: Kabul strike killing 3 adults, 7 children a “tragic mistake”; FDA advisers vote against Pfizer's COVID booster for Americans 16 and older; Panel may vote on amended question; Israel: COVID boosters kept our hospitals from reaching capacity; Officials preparing for the worst ahead of right-wing rally;  New documents reveal concerns among Capitol Police about behavior of fellow officers on Jan 6; France recalls ambassadors to U.S. & UK over deal to provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarines; 12,500+ migrants living under bridge at U.S.-Mexico border; Anderson Cooper reflects on his famous family in new book; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Right now: attorney charged in botched suicide plot in court; Republican lawmakers keep Saturday's right-wing rally at arm's length as Democrats spotlight GOP extremism; CDC predicts decline in hospitalizations for first time since June

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    SC authorities open investigation into 2018 death of housekeeper at Murdaugh home; Trump speaks out in support of insurrectionists just days ahead of controversial right-wing rally; DHS warns DC officials of potential violence before right-wing rally; Capitol fenced off again ahead of pro-insurrectionist rally Saturday; Trump speaks out in support of insurrectionists just days ahead of controversial right-wing rally; CNN poll: 78% of GOP say Biden did not win in 2020; Biden to the wealthy: I'm asking you to pay “your fair share”; WH offers rapper Nicki Minaj a phone call with doctor to answer her Covid vaccine questions; Judge blocks a Trump Covid-era order that allowed Biden administration to expel migrants at border; Right now: first all-civilian space crew orbiting earth To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Star gymnasts call out FBI over Nassar investigation failures; Capitol police request help from DC Nat'l Guard for 9/18 rally; Debate rages inside FDA over need for Covid vaccine booster shots; CNN speaks with Afghan women in hiding due to Taliban threat

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    FBI fires agent accused of failing to properly investigate Nassar; FBI director: “don't have good explanation” for FBI failures; AG Garland will testify about decision not to prosecute FBI agents who botched Larry Nassar investigation; GA official: about 60% of state's Covid outbreaks are in schools; Woodward book: Gen. Milley took secret action, worried Trump would “go rogue” & order military strike after Jan. 6th; Biden affirms “great confidence” in General Milley as Trump issues statement filled with name-calling and denials; Afghan women condemn Taliban repression: “we are in darkness with no way to get to a brighter future” To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Pediatric group warns cases in kids are rising “exponentially”; Final stretch of voting in election to keep or replace Gov. Newsom; Blinken defends U.S. Afghan exit in testimony before congress;

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    New data: cases in children Jump 240% in three months; Former FDA head: vaccine for kids could be approved by Halloween; Reports: multiple members of New Orleans Saints test positive; One-on-one with Biden chief medical advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci; CNN analysis shows Black & Hispanic Americans are underrepresented in tested and vaccinations; CDC: no proof vaccine causes a loss of fertility in men or women; Today: voters decide whether to keep or remove Gov. Newsom; GOP challenger Larry Elder baselessly claims fraud ahead of election; CA data firm: 9.1M ballots returned early in recall, almost 51% of total cast in 2020 presidential race; Newsom makes surprise campaign stop in final hours of voting; Blinken faces tough questions on Afghanistan withdrawal; Blinken: “about 100” Americans still trying to leave Afghanistan; Blinken: Taliban's ties with Al Qaeda have “not been severed”; Woodward book: Gen. Milley took secret action, worried Trump would “go rouge” and order military strike after Jan. 6; Pelosi asked Gen. Milley after Jan. 6 if there was anyone at the white house not kidding Trump's “fat butt”; Bannon encouraged Trump to return to DC for Jan. 6 protest, “we're going to bury Biden… f***king bury him”; CNN poll: most republicans want trump to lead the republican party; Tropical Storm Nicholas slows, dumps torrential rain over Texas; Tropical Storm Nicholas expected to bring life-threatening flash floods across the deep south, including Louisiana; Biden in Colorado to push his infrastructure & climate plans; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Surgeon General: Biden to announce new COVID measures soon; Biden pushes infrastructure and climate agendas on first West Coast trip; Biden Admin to resettle 60,000 Afghans inside U.S. in coming weeks;

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    New COVID cases slowly declining, deaths up 4% from last week; NYC starts vaccine mandate as schools reopen for 1 million kids; CDC director: Delta variant in kids is more transmissible & dangerous; Arkansas Gov: Biden's mandate “hardens the resistance” to vaccines; NY hospital to stop delivering babies as staff quit over vaccine mandate; New CNN poll: growing support for vaccine requirements; CNN poll: most Americans want to keep mitigation efforts even after COVID cases drop; Former FDA head: vaccine mandates could “discourage” some vaccination; Fauci supports vaccine mandate for airline travel; Two outgoing FDA advisors say boosters are unnecessary for most; Biden heads to California to support Newsom hours before race ends; Dems give final push to keep Newsom in office one day before recall; Official: 8 U.S. bases become “small cities” to house Afghan refugees; Measles outbreak among Afghan refugees in U.S. pauses incoming flights; U.N.: Taliban increasingly violent towards protesters and journalists; Reuters: Taliban official says Afghan women shouldn't work with men; More than $1B in aid pledged for Afghanistan at U.N. conference; Law enforcement warns of potential violence during Sept. 18 rally; Pelosi: security plan for Saturday's rally “seems much better”; U.S. Capitol police arrest man with bayonet & machete in his truck near DNC headquarters; Bush likens U.S. extremists to foreign terrorists in 9/11 speech; Tropical Storm Nicolas hours away from Texas landfall; Tropical storm to bring torrential rain, flooding along Texas coat before moving over Louisiana; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Biden dares GOP to sue over vaccine mandate: “have at it”; Second passenger flight departs Kabul with Americans on board; Thousands of documents turned over to house select committee;

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    Biden implements vaccine mandate to blunt COVID surge; Republicans reject Biden's vaccine mandate as “overreach”; GOP Govs promise legal action over Biden's vaccine order; Appeals court sides with FL Gov, allows ban of school mask mandates; 21 U.S. citizens & 11 permanent residents onboard flight leaving Kabul; State Dept: at least 100 Americans still in Afghanistan; Jan 6 committee: “majority” of social media companies are cooperating but “much more information” needed; Social media and telecom companies vague about their response to records request from January 6 committee; Rudy Giuliani associate Igor Fruman pleads guilty to solicitation of a contribution by a foreign national; America's evolution after the attacks on September 11, 2001; A military family's transformation after the Pentagon attack; White House calls discussion “candid in tone” but not lecturing; China says Xi told Biden U.S. policy is causing “serious difficulties”; Communist leader pushes nationalism, orders sweeping crackdowns; China cracks down on businesses, accuses celebrities of disloyalty; China steps-up policing of what people say on the internet; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Official: Biden to require vaccines for federal employees, ask many private businesses to mandate shots or testing; First flight leaves Kabul airport after Taliban cleared Americans & others to leave the country; CNN finds new campaign of torture, det

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    Fauci: Case rate needs to be 15 times lower than current rate to suppress virus; L.A. County to vote on vaccine requirement for eligible students; WH to require all federal workers be vaccinated, no testing option; Microsoft & AMEX postpone U.S. return to work plans; Army vet helps evacuate Americans out of Kabul; Source: More flights expected once Kabul airport is operational; Forensic examiner: Some victims' corpses piled up for months; United Kingdom lawmaker: CNN findings bear “All the hallmarks of ethnic cleansing and genocide; Campaign by Ethiopia and allied forces bears hallmarks of genocide as defined by the U.N.; TX Gov responds to DOJ lawsuit: “Confident that the courts will uphold and protect that right to life”; Whistleblower: Migrant children at HHS facility burned with scalding water and lacked clean underwear; Third whistleblower alleges migrant children mistreated at Fort Bliss facility, HHS watchdog launches review To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Child Covid hospitalizations hit all-time high as schools open; Party split threatens to derail two key Biden agenda items; Abortion activists seek legal loopholes for Texas abortion plan; Dem Gov. Gavin Newsom nationalizes California recall race

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    Study: unvaccinated adults 17 times more likely to be hospitalized than vaccinated adults; 13 Miami-Dade school staffers die of Covid since mid-August; Florida judge allows mask mandates to continue in schools; Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will return with in-person viewing; CNN: Biden's Covid-19 speech tomorrow will include announcements on mandates and testing; Progressive Dems: no infrastructure bill without budget deal; Party leaders reject Manchin's call for “pause” on budget bill; Gov. Abbott claims Texas will “eliminate rape” when pressed on impact of abortion ban on victims of rape and incest; VP Harris campaigning for Gov. Newsom ahead of next week's election; Dana's podcast “Total Recall: California's Political Crisis” releases today; Heavy rain, tornadoes possible in Northeast areas hit by Ida; Licenses revoked from seven nursing homes that sheltered evacuees in a warehouse during Ida, seven people died To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Biden tours damage caused by Ida in Northeast; Multiple Louisiana nursing homes ordered closed after residents die; U.S. surpasses 40 million total cases, 4 million in last 4 weeks;

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    Biden speaks after touring storm damage in NY, NJ; Biden: storm damage shows need for infrastructure deal; NJ Gov,: no commitment from Biden admin to expand disaster declaration; Biden: climate change a “code red” for the world, hurricane Ida is the latest example; 5 found dead in New Orleans senior apartments declared unfit for occupancy after hurricane; Power company says 50% of electricity restored but more than 400,000 still waiting amid heat advisories; New concerns about possible surge following holiday weekend; Fauci: not smart to go to crowded, unmasked outdoor events right now; Military deploys 60 medical personnel to support Idaho, Arkansas & Alabama hospitals; New data: more than 1 in 4 of weekly cases in children; Fauci: Third COVID dose may be part of full vaccine regimen; New poll: Americans turn on Biden's response to COVID; Texas governor signs voting restrictions bill into law; Gov. Abbot: abortion law wont force rape victims to carry pregnancies to term, Texas will eliminate all rapists in state; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Doctors worry Labor Day travel could fuel another surge; Taliban claim capture of final holdout province; WH pivots to domestic agenda as Biden faces several crises;

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    Hospitals face tough choices about who gets ICU beds; Fauci predicts three doses of COVID vaccine may be best; Fauci: Moderna booster may come later than Pfizer; Average of new daily cases is up 800% since Memorial Day; Israeli officials to brief FDA on booster shot data next week; Labor Day travel slows from summer highs amid COID surge & CDC warning to the unvaccinated; 1.63M travelers passed through airports on Sunday; Biden White House defends Afghanistan evacuation efforts; Source: U.S. not aware of Americans held hostage by Taliban, as claimed by GOP Rep McCaul on Sunday; Taliban hope to announce new government in “a few days”; Biden approval rating hits new low after Afghanistan withdrawal; WH: Manchin “very persuadable” on $3.5T reconciliation plan; Unemployment benefit expire today for 7 million Americans; Kinzinger: GOP shouldn't win house majority if it embraces conspiracies; Some GOP wary Texas abortion law could cost seats; Attorney General Garland pledges to protect abortion clinics in Texas that may come “under attack”; Big push by Dems in final days before recall vote; Newsom puts focus on union workers one week before recall; 510K+ in Louisiana still without power one+ week after Ida; Hundreds still displaced in Mamaroneck, NY; Caldor fire evacuation orders lifted for South Lake Tahoe, but new CA fires ignite; Droughts & fires threaten California's sequoia trees; Police identify ex-marine as gunman in rampage that leaves 4 dead; ex-marine charged with killing 4, including mom holding infant son; Sherriff: ex-marine had no known connection to victims of rampage; Sherriff: suspect's girlfriend says he suffers from PTSD; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    President Biden tours Hurricane damage in Louisiana; Source: WH may have to scale back ambitious booster plan; Job growth slows as delta variant surges;

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    800K+ homes, businesses still without power in Louisiana; Louisiana grappling with power outages, fuel shortages; 2/3 of gas stations in New Orleans & Baton Rouge out of fuel; Heat index tops 100° in Louisiana as 800K+ are without power; Four nursing home patients die after being evacuated; LA gov pledges investigation into nursing home residents deaths; At least 50 killed in the northeast due to flooding, tornadoes; Sources: booster rollout on Sept 20 may be for just Pfizer vaccine recipients, Moderna recipients would have to wait; Moderna: booster data submission to FDA completed; Biden's leadership tested this week: COVID, Afghanistan, deadly storms; U.S. adds 235,000 jobs in August, far fewer than expected; Manchin calls for “pause” on democrats $3.4T reconciliation bill; Evolution of Wisconsin's GOP senator into a conspiracy promoter; GOP Wisconsin senator losing support amid his conspiracies & lies; GOP Wisconsin senator hasn't said if he'll run for re-election in 2022; Potential 2022 challengers take aim at WI GOP senator's rhetoric; Biden speaks after touring Hurricane IDA damage in Louisiana; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Unprecedented rain & flooding kill at least 23 in Northeast; Possible tornado damage outside Philadelphia; Biden to visit storm-ravaged Louisiana tomorrow; U.S. Supreme Court refuses to block Texas abortion ban

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    Homes underwater, transit shut down as Ida hits Northeast; Rescues ongoing as rivers burst at banks, spill into towns; NYC suburb: 200+ stranded cars block major parkways; County Exec: At least 3 dead in Westchester County, NY; Philadelphia's Schuylkill river swell 16 feet above flood level; Officials estimate thousands rescued from NE floodwaters; More than 900k still without power across Louisiana; Sotomayor: Some justices "Opted to bury their heads in the sand" over Texas abortion law; Biden condemns Supreme Court ruling on TX abortion ban; U.S. Supreme court opens path for end of Roe V. Wade; Biden directs "Whole-of-government" response to Texas law; Mask debate turn usually-quiet school board meetings int shouting matches, fights nationwide; School board member gets death threats from anti-maskers; CDC: Cases & hospitalizations much lower among children in communities with high vaccination rates; Fauci: FDA should have data on vaccines for children under 12 by end of the month; More than 80% of Americans have some immunity to covid, blood survey finds To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Official: “majority" of Afghan visa applicants left behind; Food, water, gas scarce, nearly 1m in Louisiana without power; Child Covid-10 hospitalizations in U.S. reach new high

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    Officials: WH plans to shift focus away from Afghanistan; Social media video appears to show Taliban parading military vehicles taken from retreating Afghan forces; Top U.S. general says he feels “pain and anger” over Afghanistan; Book reveals Dick Cheney was nearly assassinated by Taliban; FEMA: $5m+ in assistance now approved for hard-hit households; Nearly 50% of gas stations in New Orleans and Baton Rouge almost out of fuel; Louisiana governor: 220+ Covid deaths in last four days; Child Covid-10 hospitalizations in U.S. reach new high; 30-40 mph winds & dry air fuel wildfire near Lake Tahoe To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Biden: "It was time to end this war"; White House briefing following Biden's address on Afghanistan; One-on-one with Biden's National Security Adviser; Five people killed in storm, Louisiana Gov. expects death toll to rise

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    Biden: Will get remaining Americans out "if they so choose"; Biden: "I take responsibility for the decision" to withdraw; Biden: Couldn't stay in Afghanistan indefinitely because "everything had changed" after Trump's deal with Taliban; Biden: "To those asking for a third decade of war, I ask: 'What was our vital national interest?'"; Biden: "I was not going to extend this forever war"; Biden: Choice was "Between leaving or escalating"; Biden: 90% of Americans who wanted to leave Afghanistan did; Biden: August 31 "Was not an arbitrary deadline.... it was to save American lives"; Biden: "I respectfully disagree" that evacuation should have begun earlier; Biden: Afghanistan war "Should have ended long ago"; Biden: "The war in Afghanistan is now over"; Biden: Must defense U.S. from threats in 2021 and beyond, not from 2001; Biden: "Don't need to fight a ground war" In Afghanistan any more; Biden: We believe 100-200 Americans still want to leave Afghanistan; Biden: Taliban said "All bets were off" If U.S. stayed past 8/31; Biden: Choice was "Between leaving or escalating"; White House briefing on Afghanistan, Hurricane recovery; White House Briefing following Biden speech declaring "The war in Afghanistan is now over"; Biden: "We can never repay" 13 troops killed din ISIS attack; 1M+ without power, drinking water limited, cell service down; Power outages put strain on critical services; long lines for gas, generators, food, water; 1M+ without power with days of 100-degree heat in forecast; Report: Most oil and natural gas production offline in Gulf coast; CNN one-on-one with controversial GOP front-runner Larry Elder; GOP front-runner Larry Elder falsely says young people don't contract covid, don't need to be vaccinated; GOP fron-runner Larry Elder draws scrutiny for past comments on women, race, and sexual assault To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Pentagon: last U.S. military planes have left Afghanistan, marking the end of the United States' longest war; Rescues underway as flooding inundates Louisiana towns

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    U.S. races to complete evacuation as deadline looms; Parts of Louisiana unreachable, extent of Ida's damage unclear; Energy company: 2k+ miles of transmission lines out of services, 1m+ customers have no power; Pentagon: every single U.S. service member is out of Afghanistan    To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Evacuations continue after 13 U.S. service members killed

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2021 36:15

    WH: Working with the Taliban is a “necessity” for evacuations; Biden: “There may have been” list of evacuee names provided to Taliban; ISIS-K claims attack that killed 13 U.S. troops, 170+ Afghans; Surge in Covid cases puts strain on hospitals across U.S.; Judge rules against FL governor's ban on school mask mandates; School mask rules challenged in Florida, Missouri, Texas; CDC report: unvaccinated, unmasked teacher infected nearly half of a class; U.S. intelligence report inconclusive on Covid-19 origins, CDC warns of “rapid increase” in use of drug for livestock; Inside Mississippi hospital stretched to the brink amid Delta surge; VP Harris cancels plans to campaign with dem Gov. Newsom; Report: Dems outpace GOP in submitting early recall ballots; GOP recall candidate Larry Elder under police investigation; Police investigating 2015 domestic violence accusation against Larry Elder, the leading GOP candidate in recall To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Pentagon: 12 U.S. service members killed, 15 wounded in Kabul attacks; ISIS-K claims responsibility for attacks near Kabul airport; Biden raised alarm on potential attack in Kabul multiple times

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    Journalist in Kabul feel another explosion; Centcom Commander: “Very, very real” specific threats of more attacks; Defense Sept. “Continuing” mission to evacuate Americans & Afghans; Centcom commander: “We expect attacks to continue”; Pentagon: Two suicide bombers, ISIS gunmen attacked airport & hotel To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    State Dept: up to 1,500 Americans still may need evacuation; U.S. concerned about possible ISIS-K attacks on Kabul airport crowds; Report: 180k+ pediatric Covid cases, surge 4x in one month; Thousands evacuated as California fire engulfs more than 120k ac

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 36:39

    U.S. Defense official: “very specific threat stream” on ISIS-K attacks planned against crowds outside Kabul airport; U.S. concerned about possible ISIS-K attacks on Kabul airport crowds; Pentagon: 19,000 evacuated from Afghanistan in the past day; Pelosi & other lawmakers criticize unauthorized Afghanistan trip by two members of Congress; Blinken: U.S. in contact with 500 Americans who want to get out of Afghanistan, may be 1k+ more; Delta Airlines to charge unvaccinated employees $200 a month; Democratic support for CA Gov. Newsom is dwindling To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Pentagon: 21,600 evacuated in last 24 hours, a new daily high; CDC study: vaccines less protective against Delta variant, but still reduce risk of severe infection by two-thirds; House votes to pass Biden's $3.5T budget framework;

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    Taliban: Afghans will not be allowed to leave the country; Taliban: airport roads closed to afghans, open for foreigners; State Dept: thousands of Americans waiting to be evacuated; Defense officials: first U.S. troops have started leaving Afghanistan; U.S. has evacuated 4,000 American passport holders & their families; Biden won't extend Aug. 31 deadline to leave Afghanistan; Fauci: U.S. could have pandemic under control by spring 2022 if eligible people get vaccinated; Vaccine mandates move ahead after FDA approval of Pfizer shot; U.S. surgeon general: decision on vaccines for young children expected by end of 2021; TX mom shares her daughter's final message before dying from COVID; New study: unvaccinated 29X more likely to be hospitalized; Oregon governor announces new statewide outdoor mask mandate; House votes to pass Biden's $3.5T budget framework; Pentagon acknowledges sanitation concerns at base taking in evacuees; Pentagon: unsanitary conditions at base “improving” but not perfect; FAA warns travelers “unruly behavior doesn't fly”; FAA waring: unruly behavior distracts pilots; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    FDA approves Pfizer vaccine, paying way for more mandates; Pentagon: 16,000 evacuated from Kabul within last 24 hours; U.S. officials worry terror groups inspired by Taliban victory;

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    Biden encourages hesitant Americans to get their shot today; Pentagon to make vaccines mandatory for troops after FDA approval of Pfizer; Florida records most deaths in a week, COVID cases top 3 million; Miami-Dade begins classes with mask mandate, defies FL governor; As hospitalization rates soar, FDA approves Pfizer vaccine; Pfizer working on plans to advertise its approved vaccine; NYC mandates vaccine for all public school employees; U.S. prioritizing evacuations of Americans out of Kabul; Afghan allies told to stay away from airport today; Pentagon: “trying” to meet Aug 31 withdrawal deadline; Afghan soldier killed by gunfire outside Kabul airport; State Dept: “several thousand” Americans still trying to leave; Biden's national security adviser: ISIS threats against the Kabul airport are “real” and “acute”; Pentagon: 3 babies born during Kabul evacuation missions; WH: “irresponsible to say Americans are stranded” in Afghanistan; Biden: discussions ongoing to leave troops past Aug. 31 deadline; Sullivan: we can suppress terrorism without permanent presence; Officials watching for signs of recruitment among terror groups; Source: thousands of Afghan staff for U.S. embassy remain trapped in country and were “screwed over”; Controversial company conducting AZ audit delays release after members of staff test positive for COVID; House Democrats: GOP-led Arizona audit sought to promote the big lie, compromised election integrity; Flash flooding in Tennessee leaves 21 dead; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Biden: any American who wants to come home, “we will get you home”; U.S. flights trying to move backlog of 10K evacuees at airport; 1M+ vaccines administered yesterday in the U.S.; NC man charged with threatening to use weapon of mass destruction;

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2021 36:50

    Pentagon: U.S. flights resume in Kabul after pause for 8+ hours;  Afghans enduring brutal conditions outside Kabul airport; Secy. Austin to House members: some Americans beaten by Taliban; Pentagon: baby hoisted over wall was treated & reunited to dad; Riot control agent deployed on Afghans outside Kabul airport; New Pentagon images show humanitarian effort of U.S. Marines; Biden: don't know how many Americans are left or where they are; Biden: U.S. forces helped get 169 Americans to safety at airport; Roughly 30% of eligible Americans still vaccinated; At least five states at or nearing ICU capacity; Florida library turned into treatment center as hospitals near capacity; Pressure mounts on FDA to approve vaccine for children under 12; Washington State & Oregon: all schools staff must be vaccinated; NC man who threatened to bomb U.S. Capitol in court today; GOP Rep. Mo Brooks on bomb incident: “I understand citizenry anger”; Report: FBI warning tech firms about Russian & Chinese efforts to intimidate employees into spying for them; Hurricane warnings issued from long island to southern New England; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    State Dept.: 6,000 will soon board planes to leave Kabul; Pentagon: U.S. evacuated 7,000 from Kabul in past 5 days; Third senator tests positive for covid; One-on-one with Dr. Anthony Fauci

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 36:21

    CNN: Only a small number of Afghans are making it into Kabul airport due to Taliban checkpoints; Biden suggests U.S. troops could stay in Afghanistan past withdrawal deadline to evacuate all Americans; State Dept.: 20 flights expected to depart Kabul tonight; Taliban using violence to stop Afghans from reaching airport; Biden defends chaotic U.S. troops withdrawal from Afghanistan; Sources: State Dept. urged U.S. embassy staff to head to airport, some Afghans arrived bloody & distraught; Suspect surrenders after bomb threat, standoff near U.S. Capital; Five FL counties now in defiance of DeSantis mask mandate ban; Covid hospitalizations among children hit record high; Culver City schools: Staff & eligible students must be vaccinated; Surgeon Gen. worried about safety of children in states blocking masks; Dr. Fauci weighs in on boosters and the mask debate; Washington state & Oregon require all school staff to be vaccinated; Rioters sentencing delayed after online sleuths find new evidence; At least 2,100 dead, desperate need for aid in towns isolated after 7.2 earthquake and tropical storm To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    U.S. embassy warns it cannot ensure safe passage to Kabul airport; Pentagon pledges to evacuate all Americans who want to leave Afghanistan; Biden gives update on Covid-19 booster shots

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 47:10

    Gen. Milley: no indication Afghanistan would fall in 11 days; Milley on Afghan allies: “we're not going to leave them behind;” Taliban block access to Kabul airport with gunfire, violence; Biden admin recommends third shot eight months after second; Biden: plan for booster 8 months after receiving your 2nd shot To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    WH defends withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan; TSA to extend masking on planes, trains into 2022; Pentagon confirms U.S. in communication with Taliban leaders;

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 35:46

    WH estimates 11,000 U.S. citizens remain in Afghanistan; Afghan women fear for their futures under Taliban rule; Burqa prices surge as Taliban impose new rules for women; Taliban pledge “no violence against women” but say the world needs to respect their “core values” on women; Top generals hope to speed up evacuations within the next day; Pentagon: up to 4,000 troops in Kabul by end of today; Pentagon estimates 5k-10k Americans remain “near Kabul”; Sources: Biden admin to advise booster shots for most U.S. adults; Record number of kids hospitalized with COVID as Delta surges; Tomorrow: Biden to address booster shots for most adults as kids under 12 aren't approved for their first dose; 212k+ migrants taken into U.S. custody at border last month, largest number in two decades; CNN goes to the border to investigate worsening migrant crisis; Tropical rains compound misery in Haiti's disaster zone; 1,900+ dead, tens of thousands of homes destroyed after magnitude 7.2 earthquake & tropical depression hit Haiti;   To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Biden: I do not regret my decision to end the war in Afghanistan; Pentagon: Our mission is to secure airport for U.S. citizens, allies;

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 71:13

    Biden: I stand by my decision to withdraw from Afghanistan; I will not repeat the mistakes of the past; This did unfold more quickly than we anticipated; Scenes in Afghanistan are gut-wrenching; There was never a good time to withdraw from Afghanistan; Our mission in Afghanistan was never supposed to be nation building; Our current mission is getting U.S. citizens and allies out of Afghanistan; Biden: I inherited a deal president Trump negotiated; Staying in Afghanistan is not what the American people want; Civilians rush Kabul airport to escape Taliban control; Desperate Afghans cling to planes in attempt to escape Kabul; Bodies fall from plane leaving Kabul Airport; Taliban fighters swarm Kabul streets after government collapses; 700 Afghan allies evacuated from Kabul in last 48 hours; Defense Dept aims to relocate 30K Afghan allies to U.S.; Afghan who helped U.S.: “I'm under threat… I'm like a prisoner”; At least 1,297 dead & 5,000 injured in Haiti earthquake; Haiti braces for tropical depression after catastrophic earthquake; Former GOP Rep Paul Mitchell does of cancer at age 64; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    CDC advisory panel recommends third vaccine dose for those with weakened immune systems; Pentagon: U.S. troops on the way to Afghanistan; WH facing multiple crises: Afghanistan, covid, immigration & more; Three teachers in Broward County, FL die of co

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2021 39:59

    Covid hospitalizations near 80k, most since winter surge; Unvaccinated covid patient: “Get the vaccine”; (0% or more ICU beds full five states: AL, TX, GA, FL, MS; FEMA: More than $1B given to families of covid victims for funerals; CNN gains access to Taliban at old U.S. military base it seized; Taliban commander tells CNN: We believe one day we'll have Islamic law “All over the world… we are not in a hurry”; Afghanistan fast unraveling jolts Biden & national security team; Moderate Dems threaten to derail Pelosi strategy for $3,5T budget; DHS: Unprecedented number of migrants illegally crossing border; 212K attempted border crossings in July, a two-decade high; Whistleblowers alleged poor conditions at facilities for migrant children; Secy. Mayorkas: We ended the prior administrations “policies of cruelty”; Audio: Secretary Mayorkas says situation on border “Unsustainable”; Secy. Mayorkas: “We are not going to lose” situation on border; DHS intel chief: online calls for violence similar to pre-insurrection; CNN finds small percentage of Florida parents opting out of masks for their kids at school; NOAA: July was the hottest month on record To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Pentagon: 3,000+ U.S. troops will be deployed to Afghanistan; FDA could authorize booster shots for immunocompromised; Census shows most growth in cities, America more diverse; GOP Rep Perry played key role in promoting Trump's “Big lie”

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 37:29

    Official: Biden approved order to send troops this morning; U.S. may move embassy to Kabul airport as Taliban gain ground; Fauci: “Inevitably” everyone could need booster shot; Debate rages over school mask mandates; Schools in MS, IN, GA return to virtual learning after outbreaks; U.S. averaging 122,000+ new cases a day with 75k+ hospitalized; Hospitals across the south running out of ICU beds; San Francisco to require vaccination for restaurants, bars & gyms; Preprint study suggests Delta hurt vaccine protection in U.S.; Op-ed: Rename “breakthrough” infection to stress vaccines work; Census: U.S. population now 331.4M, slowest growth since Great Depression in the 1930s; Census: Multiracial groups grew the most in 2020, up 276% since 2010 and surpassing black population; Sen. Rand Paul files late financial disclosure revealing his wife brought stock in Feb. 2020 in Remdesivir company; Man confesses to killing his toddler and baby, tells FBI he was “enlightened” by QAnon conspiracies; Postal service requests price increase through the holidays to help offset delivery costs To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Biden scores big win as Senate approved $3.5T budget plan; Public health experts urge local leaders to mandate vaccines; Official: Taliban could be cut off and take Kabul within weeks; Pace of price surge slows in July as economy shifts

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 36:56

    Biden critics balk at massive $3.5T budget blueprint; Manchin raises “serious concerns” about $3.5 trillion budget; White House faces delicate balancing act to advance Biden's priorities; L breaks hospitalization record, gets hundreds of ventilators; Judge grants temporary restraining order again Texas governor's ban on mask mandates; Oregon institutes indoor mask mandate after record new cases; San Antonio judge approves temporary stop to gov's ban on masks in schools; Austin, Dallas, San Antonio among cities requiring masks in schools despite Gov. Abbott's mask ban; Pace of price surge slows in July as economy shifts To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    NY Governor Cuomo resigns, effective in 14 days; Nearly a third of eligible Americans still unvaccinated; 19 GOP senators join Dems to pass infrastructure bill;

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 38:18

    Gov. Cuomo resigns following damning A.G. report on sexual harassment allegations; Biden: “I respect” Cuomo's decision to resign; Biden on Cuomo: “he's done a helluva job” as governor; Gov. Cuomo resigns but maintains innocence, says allegations are “politically motivated”; Cuomo replaced by first female governor in NY history; As school districts battle GOP govs over masks, cases skyrocket & hospitals run out of beds; Nearly 94,000 cases in children reported in just the past week; COVID-19 hospitalizations highest since winter surge; Baltimore mayor to unvaccinated: “shut up, don't complain” about mask mandate; Fauci: vaccine mandates for teachers “should be done”; Senate passes $1.2 trillion sweeping bipartisan infrastructure deal; Fate in house still unclear; Biden: GOP lawmakers “kept their word” in passing infrastructure bill; House won't vote on infrastructure bill until Senate passes Dems-only budget proposal; Broward county school board votes to keep mask mandate; Florida governor threatens to withhold salaries from school leaders who impose mask mandates; Gov. DeSantis: parents should decide if kids wear masks; Biden: White House “checking” if president has power to stop GOP governors with bans on mask mandates; Florida's Alachua County allows parents top opt out of mask mandate with doctor's note for children; U.S. scrambles for diplomatic fix as Taliban gain ground; Taliban claim they seized an eighth capital city; Biden on Taliban gains: Afghan military has to “want to fight”; Sources: quick drawdown of U.S. embassy in Kabul under review; U.S. envoy in peace talks with Taliban as Afghan forces struggle; 12,000 Californians evacuated as 11 fires blaze across state; 870+ structures destroyed in historic CA fire, thousands more at risk; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    CDC: more than 99.99% of fully vaccinated people have not had a severe breakthrough of COVID-19; NY speaker: Cuomo impeachment probe could wrap in “weeks”; Biden's two-track infrastructure push sees momentum;

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2021 38:46

    Hospitals in southern states running out of space and staff; Right-wing conspiracy theorist spreading COVID misinformation; Florida schools reopen as COVID positivity rate rises among children; CDC vaccine advisers meet on Friday to discuss vaccine boosters; FL church loses six unvaccinated members to COVID amid Delta surge; Full FDA approval on Pfizer vaccine expected in coming weeks; U.S. averaging 100,000+ daily cases for first time since winter surge; Gov. Cuomo's top aide resigns as he faces potential impeachment; Cuomo's executive assistant to CBS: “what he did to me was a crime”; Sources: aides say Cuomo in a “fighting mood,” want him to resign; Senate moves toward final vote on $1.2T infrastructure bill; Democrats release $3.5 trillion budget resolution, doesn't include an increase to the debt limit; Source: members of congress concerned about security, threats; U.N. Secy General: climate report is “code red for humanity”; U.N. report: world has warmed faster than previously thought; California's Dixie fire now the second largest in state history; Thousands evacuated in Greece as fires rage; Largest lake in Middle East shrinks to half its size due to drought; Florida governor vows to appeal judge's cruise line ruling; Federal judge: cruise line can require proof of vaccination; Indiana University students ask Supreme Court to block school's vaccine mandate; Some college students using fake vaccine cards to evade mandates; Students reveal some fake vaccine cards have sold for $200 a pop; Some college vaccine mandates met with lawsuits and flood of exemption requests; DOJ: it's a federal crime to create fake vaccine cards; Rep. Ocasio-Cortez says first term was “very painful”; Ocasio-Cortez: “very cold environment” in “my own party”; Ocasio-Cortez doesn't rule out 2022 challenge to Schumer; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Covid spread sharply accelerates, topping 100k new daily cases; Feud escalates between White House, FL Gov over restrictions; New details reveal extent of Trump's push to overturn election; California mountain town decimated by state's 6th largest wildf

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 37:48

    WH: Daily vaccinations at highest level in more than a month; WH praises businesses with vaccination requirements; Fauci warns of future covid-19 variant worse than Delta; Covid cases, hospitalizations spike across all age groups; FL Gov DeSantis calls Biden a “Tyrant” for pushing mandates; Biden's approval rating on covid falls as cases, hospitalizations spike; WH may mandate vaccinations for all foreign visitors to the U.S.; Biden asked about criticism by Florida Gov, says “Governor who?”; U.S. intelligence digging through trove of data from Wuhan lab in covid origins investigation; U.S. intel agencies searching through genetic data gathered from Wuhan lab at center of covid probe; Trump loyalist at DOJ wanted dept to intervene in election; CNN: DOJ official drafted resignation letter over Trump's big lie; Half of all new covid cases & hospitalizations in seven states: FL, TX, MO, AR, LA, AL, MS; Vaccinations in Alabama hit fastest pace since April; Alabama ties Arkansas for lowest vaccination rate in U.S.; More vaccinations in Alabama ahead of the return to school & work; CA congressman gets emotional after fire destroys town; California's Dixie fire explodes overnight, burns land about the size of DC in 12 hours; American prisoner in Russia mysteriously disappears; family state department, don't know whereabouts; Spirit airlines cancels hundred of flights for fifth straight day; Spirit airlines cancels almost half its flights today; Biden orders half of all U.S. cars to be electric by 2030 To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Mixed messages from Biden admin lead to Covid confusion; Fauci worries variant worse than Delta could be coming; CNN CNN: Majority of NY assembly would vote to impeach Cuomo; Rural Georgia town split over optional masks in schools

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 34:55

    Top DOJ official prepped resignation letter over Trump's “direct instructions” to support his election fraud claims; Ohio primary race strokes intra-party heat for Dems; Trump-backed candidate Mike Carey wins OH GOP primary; Key win for progressives as WH takes actions on evictions; Some Georgia schools reopen and opt to skip mask mandates as Covid cases surge; CNN finds possible prison camp to jail Belarusian dissenters To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    NYC mayor: vaccine proof required for many indoor activities; NY AG finds NY Gov Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women; Biden updates efforts to increase COVID vaccinations;

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 53:15

    NYC mayor announces vaccine requirement for indoor dining, fitness centers, entertainment & performances; Mote corporations require vaccinations, masks as cases surge; Hospitalizations top 50K for first time since February; Report: “substantial” jump in kids & teens testing positive, more than 72K new cases just last week; 70% of US adult have at least one vaccine dose; NIH director: parents could consider wearing masks at home to help keep children to young to be vaccinated safe; Cuomo insists allegations against him are false, despite state AG report finding he sexually harassed multiple women; NY AG: Gov Cuomo creates “hostile work environment for women”; NY AG: local prosecutors may use report to pursue charges; Albany County district attorney to request materials form NY AG on Gov Cuomo report for criminal investigation;  Biden: Delta variant accounts for 80% if U.S. cases today; Biden: Almost all new cases, deaths among the unvaccinated; Biden: About 90 million Americans are eligible for vaccines but haven't gotten their first shot; Biden: “Encouraging signs” in states with low vaccination rates; Biden: By offering $100, we've seen uptick in daily vaccination rates; Biden: Private sector “stepping up” by requiring vaccinations; Biden: “We have a pandemic of the unvaccinated”; Biden criticizes states that banned masks in schools; Biden: if govs aren't willing to help, “at least get out of the way”; Biden: U.S. is committed to be the “arsenal of vaccines”; Biden speaks about efforts to limit evictions; Biden: CDC will have something to announce on evictions in the next one or two hours; Biden calls on Gov. Cuomo to resign; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    WH: 70% of adults have received one covid vaccine dose; Florida makes up 1 in 5 of all new COVID cases in the U.S.; Bipartisan senate group unveils $1T infrastructure plan;

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2021 38:14

    CDC data: 99.999% of vaccinated haven't had deadly breakthrough case; U.S. averaging nearly 80K new daily COVID cases; New data: fewer than 1% of fully vaccinated people experiencing a breakthrough COVID-19 infection; Louisiana gov reinstates indoor mask mandate for all; WH again makes COVID-19 the focus of Biden's schedule; Unvaccinated cases, hospitalizations rising as variant spreads; UK preparing to offer COVID-19 booster shots for most vulnerable; FL gov bans school mask mandates, says parents can choose; 168 Arkansas students in quarantine after first week of school; Georgia goes back to school this week amid rising cases; Atlanta area school districts mixed on mandating masks; Millions could lose homes after freeze on evictions expires; Rep Cori Bush sleeps outside capitol in protest after house allows evection ban to expire; Ocasio-Cortez on evictions: can't blame the GOP when democrats are in the house majority; Third officer who defended U.S. capitol on Jan 6 dies by suicide; McCarthy jokes “it will be hard not to hit” Pelosi with gavel if he becomes house speaker; Pelosi spokesman slams McCarthy for “disgusting” joke; McCarthy jokes about hitting Pelosi with gavel; Pelosi calls McCarthy a “moron” last week; GOP Senator Lindsey graham tests positive for COVID-19; Sources: lack of info on Havana Syndrome frustrating U.S. diplomats; Havana Syndrome causes vertigo, headaches, brain damage; Sources: Havana Syndrome fears impacting U.S. diplomats' career decisions, some avoiding overseas postings; Simone Biles to compete in balance beam tomorrow after withdrawing from four previous Olympic finals; Megan Rapinoe: “It sucks.” U.S. womens soccer team loses semifinal to Canada, bronze medal match set for Thursday; Poland grants visa to shelter Olympic sprinter who fears “forcible” return & arrest once home in Belarus; Olympic sprinter criticized Belarus team managers for entering her in a relay race without her consent; Olympic sprinter's fear of arrest comes after past claims of brutality against activists in Belarus; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    CDC reveals breakthrough infection data behind new mask guidance ;CDC: “The war has changed” with highly-contagious delta variant;  CDC internal document: those vaccinated could spread delta variant as much as those unvaccinated;  Nearly 170 new cov

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2021 35:59

    Handwritten notes show Trump told DOJ last December: “Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me” ; CNN: Trump pressed DOJ in December to say election was corrupt;  Former Justice Dept. Officials may testify in house probe of Trump's efforts to overturn election results.; First group of Afghans who helped American troops arrive in U.S. ;Around 200 Afghan translators & their families now safe on U.S. soil amid rise in Taliban threats; Afghans who helped the U.S. say the Taliban will kill them if they are not evacuated out of the country;  Thousands of Afghans who helped U.S. troops are still waiting to be evacuated as the Taliban gain power; Millions at risk of losing homes; Dems still unable to reach deal to extend ban on evictions;  Dem group urges two-pronged approach to voting rights; Voting rights bill faces tough battle in senate; U.S. swimmer calls out Russians over doping allegations; Simone Biles shares videos explaining the “Twisties,” raising new doubts about return To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    President Biden gives update on effort to vaccinate more Americans; More companies tell employees: Get vaxxed or get fired

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 70:21

    70%+ of U.S. lives in “High” or “Substantial” transmission area; NYC  Mayor: More guidance Monday on indoor mask use; DC reinstates indoor mask mandate even for the vaccinated; Biden announces vaccine requirement for all federal employees; Biden: if you're out there unvaccinated, you don't have to die; Biden: This is not about red states and blue states, it's about life and death; Biden: With freedom comes responsibility; be responsible and get vaccinated; Biden calls on states to give $100 payments to the newly vaccinated; Biden announces more incentives for people to get vaccinated; Biden: Every school should be open; Biden: Breakthrough cases remain rare, almost all are mild To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Police at insurrection feel little support from union; Source: infrastructure deal includes $550b over next five years; CDC: vaccinated people can spread highly-contagious Delta variant

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 41:14

    Bipartisan negotiators reach long-awaited infrastructure deal; Pelosi won't commit to bipartisan deal until she's seen it; CDC Dir.: new data on “breakthrough” cases to be released soon; Thousands evacuate but brothers stay to battle nearby blaze in CA; All 67 Florida counties considered “high transmission” areas     To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    CDC urges masks in schools and indoors in COVID hot spots; Officers attacked at U.S. Capitol testify at emotional hearing;

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 36:33

    CDC revises guidance, recommends vaccinated people wear masks indoors in COVID hot spots; CDC urges masks for the vaccinated & everyone in k-12 schools; CDC revises mask guidance as COVID cases rise in all 50 states; New mask guidance as daily COVID cases rise 65% in one week; Hospitalizations up 36% in one week; Biden considering mandatory vaccinations for all federal workers; Officer slams lawmakers who downplay Capitol riots: “I went to hell and back to protect them”; Officer who defended Capitol: “we were all fighting for our lives”; Officer at Capitol riot heard chants of “kill him with his own gun”; Black U.S. Capitol police officer says rioters call him a “F**ing n*****” on January 6; Rep Cheney: If congress does not act responsibly “this will remain a caner on our constitutional republic”; As officers testify, GOP leaders blame Capitol riot “tragedy” on Pelosi; One-on-one with Jan 6 committee member Rep Luria; Mental health front and center with Osaka & Biles exit; One-on-one with gold medalist Aly Raisman; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    V.A. heath care workers, New York City & California state employees all now facing vaccine mandates; Trump ally Tom Barrack pleads not guilty to charges of illegal foreign lobbying and making false statements; Infrastructure deal on shaky ground as bl

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 36:42

    Biden administration will mandate vaccines for all V.A. heath care workers; Trump ally Tom Barrack ordered to wear GPS tracking bracelet, travel restricted, can't transfer funds overseas; Hose committee prepares for first capitol riot hearing; One-on-one with Jan 6 committee member Rep. Schiff; Feud intensifies between McCarthy, Pelosi ahead of Jan 6 hearing; China warns U.S. to “stop playing with fire”; U.S. general warns of more airstrikes targeting the Taliban; Record civilian casualties in Afghanistan as U.S. withdraws; Typhoon looms off Japan, suffers totally cool with it; CNN gets rare access to U.S. surfing team as it makes history; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Delta variant increasing threat to unvaccinated Americans; White House puts new urgency on the unvaccinated as cases surge; Trump returns to Arizona to peddle election fraud claims;

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 23, 2021 38:02

    Unvaccinated Americans behind rise in COVID-19 cases; Daily pace of vaccinations hits lowest point since January; Alabama's GOP Gov: It's time to start blaming the unvaccinated; U.S. averaging more new cases now than spring 2020 surge; CNN analysts: most U.S. teens not vaccinated as back to school looms; CDC: Alabama is the least vaccinated state in the U.S. with just 34% fully vaccinated; NFL warns teams may have to forfeit games if outbreaks among unvaccinated players & staff cause cancelations; Biden: White House teams are looking at “all” possibilities in response to COVID surge; Psaki: COVID vaccines are not mandated for White House staff; COVID rules and protests hang over quiet opening ceremony; 110 COVID cases linked to Olympics as games begin; Wash Post: Trump PAC raises &75M but spends nothing on 2020 election audits; VP Harris making voting rights her top public focus; Fire officials: at least 83 wildfires burning in 13 states; Nation's largest wildfire in Oregon burns more than 400K acres; Nation's largest wildfire stirring pyro clouds & fire tornadoes; British government under fire for lifting COVID restrictions; COVID surge in U.K. is causing dome food & gas shortages; U.S. warns against travel to Britain as COVID cases surge; Retail exerts predict shortage of back-to-school supplies; Cleveland MLB team to switch name from Indians to Guardians; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    Top health officials warn about “aggressive” Delta variant; More hospitals are requiring staff to get covid vaccine; McCarthy balks after Pelosi vetoes two of his picks for 1/6 committee; Chicago mayor sits down with CNN

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 37:24

    Biden health officials discussing changes to mask guidelines for fully vaccinated Americans; Growing number of towns reinstating mask mandates; Alabama Doctor: Seeing young people intubated due to covid “should be a gigantic wake up call”; Sources: Biden admin talking about revising mask guidance; White House insist guidance has not changed; CDC Director: Delta variant is more aggressive than previous covid strains; FL Gov: This state will not mandate masks in schools, children should not be “muzzled” by face masks; Biden admin give $100m to rural health clinics for vaccine outreach; Biden warns covid is becoming a pandemic of the unvaccinated; Sleepaway camp in New York says 31 campers under the age of 12 have tested positive for covid; Missouri, Florida & Texas make up 40% of new cases nationwide; 99% of covid patients are unvaccinated in Missouri; States lagging in vaccinations see spike in new covid cases; 90% of covid patients are unvaccinated in Missouri; Florida ranks #1 in nation for most ne daily covid cases; White House: One in five new covid cases in U.S. are in Florida; South FL doc frustrated by more unvaccinated patients in ICU; Pelosi: We won't let GOP “antics” disrupt 1/6 committee; Sources: Pelosi considering GOP Rep. Kinzinger for 1/6 committee; Conservative group launches attack as likening Rep. Liz Cheney to Hillary Clinton; Nearly half of house republicans still refuse to divulge if they're vaccinated; Chicago sees 3rd mass shooting in a 6-hour span; Chicago mayor on gun violence, police reform & critics; DOJ creates gun trafficking strike forces In 5 cities; New audio: Trump rambles about Jan. 6, says rioters were “loving”; New details about Trump's disastrous last year in office; Opening ceremony director fired for past anti-Semitic remarks; At least 20 covid-positive athletes forced to drop out To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    McCarthy pulls out of 1/6 committee after Pelosi rejects two picks; Cases, hospitalizations, deaths all up double digits in recent weeks as highly contagious Delta variant spreads; Doctor: Patients “beg me for the vaccine” on their death beds

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 37:41

    Sources: House GOP sees Pelosi move as “political gift”; McCarthy: 1/6 committee “has lost all legitimacy”; Pelosi rejects GOP Reps. Jordan & Banks from 1/6 committee; Cheney: McCarthy's rhetoric on 1/6 commission” disgraceful”; CDC: 91m people live in a country with “high” covid spread; NYC Mayor: Health care workers must get vaccine or weekly covid tests; Slow in vaccination ignites debate over mandated masks & vaccines; CDC Study: Covid cut U.S. life expectancy by 1.5 years; Fauci: Vaccine data for kids 12 & under likely to come by winter; Doctor: Victims families say vaccine was a “hoax,” “political”; Some GOP & Right-Wing media changing their tune, encouraging vaccine; GOP Rep. Scalise finally gets vaccinated, says it's “safe and effective”; Top general responds for first time since multiple books reported tensions with Trump, feared “coup”; Gen, Milley won't comment on claims he feared a Trump “coup,” reiterates oath to constitution; Pentagon: U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan “on track to finish up by the end of August”; Senate GOP blocks opening debate on infrastructure plan; WH: Biden grateful for bipartisan efforts on infrastructure; White House: Biden supports Schumer's strategy to hold votes on infrastructure plan before a final bill; Covid, border crisis, Afghanistan all urgent issues for Biden ahead of CNN Town Hall tonight To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    CDC director: Delta variant now represents 83% of cases; Trump ally Tom Barrack arrested, accused of acting as foreign agent; Pelosi won't say if she'll veto GOP commission picks;

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 37:06

    WH tries to tamp down on spread of vaccine misinformation; WH confirms discussions with Fox News over vaccine coverage; Delta variant fuels COVID spike, as vaccinations lag; Pediatric group: more than 23,000 kids got COVID last week; Fed judge rules Indiana University can require students to get vaccine; Psaki says there have been breakthrough cases at the WH; Pelosi says how republicans voted on January 6th is “not a criterion for service” on the committee; Tom Brady jokes about election deniers at WH ceremony; Trump plans to meet with Cheney's primary opponents; Amazon's Jeff Bezos & crew complete 10-minute flight to space; Bezos calls launch & landing of his spacecraft “best day ever”; Bezos becomes second billionaire in nine days to launch private rocket into space; Bezos: “road to space will help keep this gem of a planet”; 30 dead in Baghdad market attack, ISIS Claims responsibility; Suicide bomber attacks Baghdad market ahead of religious holiday; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

    DOW drops on fears Delta variant will hurt economic recovery; Infrastructure deal faces make-or-break week on Capitol Hill; 150+ killed, 380+ wounded in weekend shootings across U.S.;

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2021 37:09

    DOW closes down nearly 725 points as Delta variant drives fears about economic recovery; Hospitalizations & deaths rising, nearly all unvaccinated; American Academy of Pediatrics: everyone should wear mask in schools; CDC: 48.6% of U.S. population is fully vaccinated; Biden backs away from his claim that Facebook is “killing people”; NYC mayor: no plans to reinstitute mask mandate; Growing number of athletes test positive for COVID-19; Number of COVID cases linked to Olympics rises to 61; U.S. gymnast test positive four days before games; Biden rejects his agenda would accelerate inflation; Biden assures Americans that rising prices are “temporary”; U.S. & allies call on Taliban to stop committing violence; Biden plans to relocate some Afghans who worked for the U.S. to an army post in Virginia; U.S. & allies blame China for hacks, opening new front in cyber war; DC mayor: shooters didn't target fans, game at stadium shooting; Chicago police target gun traffickers after weekend shootings leave 11 dead, 56 wounded; Philadelphia reaches 300 homicides in 2021; Earliest point in decades; Almost 200 dead in Western Europe flooding, hundreds still missing; German official on flooding: “worst natural disaster in a century”; To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit

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