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The SBNY Podcast brings New York sports talk on a national scale. With a focus on New York sports, host Peter Kennedy, balances the conversation with the best national stories and challenging listeners to think differently.

Peter Kennedy

    • Oct 20, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from Sports Blog New York Podcast

    New York Knicks Preview! Plus, New York Yankees Vent Session!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 86:19

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Alec Argento, and Andrew Calagna preview the Knicks season which for the first time in nearly a decade has tried and true playoff expectations. First, (0:00 - 33:00) The Designated Hitters have to touch on the extension of Aaron Boone and the comments accompanied by Brian Cashman. Is the Yankees window closed and do fans have this right to be so pissed? Cashman's press conference sent anger through the veins of Yankees fans - what do they have to do to get back on the right track? (33:12 - 1:28:00) The Knicks Preview: We discuss how this team improved from last year, how their depth will be their biggest strength, and how the newcomers Fournier and Kemba will fit into this team. They clearly got better on offense but will the defense slip? Will it net positive? Plus, how do the Knicks stack up against the rest of the East? They are projected on par with the Heat, Celtics, Bulls, and Pacers - who are they actually better than? Will the Knicks avoid the play-in games by earning a top-6 seed? @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and TikTok and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NBA MEGA PREVIEW: Lakers, Nets vs Bucks, Best of the West, and Knicks Stacking Up vs. the East

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 104:27

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Kyle Anderson, and John-Lucas Duffy first discuss the Sixers and Ben Simmons and the annoyance of that situation. Then move into the real NBA preview touching on all the Ego's with the Lakers and how LeBron James and Frank Vogel will navigate this season. The West is still strong at the top, but who are the best teams not names the Lakers? Can Denver get healthy and take a leap or will Luka's legend continue into playoff success? The new best rivalry in the NBA is Nets vs. Bucks. And they may be the best two teams in the league! How have those two teams gotten better? The East is as deep as its been in a decade plus, who are the elites? Will the Hawks build off a Conference Finals appearance? Can the Heat and Celtics get back on track with some new faces in town? Plus, how do the Knicks stack up vs the East? In NY, there is a lot of hope, but has their roster improved enough to make a playoff run? Lastly, we run through our League Pass favorites shouting out some exciting young teams in the NBA - the Pistons, Rockets, T Wolves, and more!

    Big 3 AFC & NFC Power Rankings w/ Pete Kennedy & Pat Boyle

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 62:00

    Hosts Peter Kennedy (@petekennedyy) & Pat Boyle (@8oyle) run through some of the most exciting games from week 5 and Power Rank the best 3 teams from each conference. AFC Candidates: Bills, Ravens, Browns, Chargers, and Chiefs. Did the Bills establish themselves as the best after a dominate win vs. the Chiefs? Who should you have more faith in the Browns or Ravens? Plus, what makes the Chargers special. NFC Candidates: Cowboys, Packers, Buccaneers, Cardinals, and Rams. Is it too early to call the Cowboys elite? The Cardinals may be 5-0 but are the Buccs still the team to beat? The Packers and Rams have clear flaws but who can figure out how to fix them first? Lastly, we recap our picks (27-23 combined through 5 weeks) and play 'No Regrets' vs. 'I Hate Myself'.

    Ravens Dramatic Win w/ Ravens Fanatic Dan Bahno. Plus, Week 5 Recap.

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 32:03

    Host Peter Kennedy is joined by Dan Bahno aka Mr. Bahno, big time Ravens fan, moments after the game to try and wrap their heads around that wild comeback victory. The Lamar Jackson hype is real! Is it MVP level hype? How the hell did they pull this win off over the Colts? Will the Ravens play any more normal games this season? What does a Ravens fan want to say to all the haters that say Lamar can't pass? Plus, Pete Kennedy talks about how after week 5 do we really know who these teams really are? What we think we know vs. what we actually know can be very different and the NFL has a special way of constantly humbling all of us. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and Tik Tok and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Yankees Wild Card Madness, Mets Need a New Manager, and Week 4 Giants/Jets Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 78:22

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Alec Argento, and Andrew Calagna prepare for the Yankees Wild Card Game with the Boston Red Sox. But first we spend 10 minutes discussing the Mets rough season and new managerial search. The Yankees have been a roller coaster then entire season - from division favorite to playoff hopefuls to down and out to right back in it. How do Yankees fans find any fair expectation or confidence in this team? We discuss what we want to see in the Yankees lineup, who are the offensive X-factors, and who we trust the most out of the bullpen. Plus we rank who is scariest players on the Red Sox front. We then move to the gridiron to discuss the big week in New York football. Is Daniel Jones turning a corner for the Giants? How will they matchup with the Cowboys elite offense and moving forward. Plus, a glimpse of hope for Jets fans and Zach Wilson. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and Tik Tok and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NFL Week 3 Recap: Big Time Matchups, Giants & Jets Trash, & Understanding NFL Outcomes

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 94:37

    Hosts Peter Kennedy and Pat Boyle recap the biggest matchups in week 3 including Chargers v Chiefs, Buccs v Rams, & Packers v 49ers. Do the Chiefs have real problems on their hands or are the Chargers just legit? Are the Rams the best team in the NFL? Buccs two glaring weaknesses, Run Game & Secondary, cost them in week 3 - will it continue to do so? The Packers came out firing but the 49ers nearly completed the come back. Is Aaron Rodgers 'back'? Plus, whos the worst franchise the Giants or Jets? The last 5 seasons may show us the answer is simply yes... Lastly, we go over No Regrets - our segment recapping our week of football takes, picks, and thoughts bouncing around the league to decide if we made bad calls or end up regretting nothing. Jets, Vikings, Ravens, Bills, Overs, Patriots, and more. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and Tik Tok and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NFL Week 2 Recap: Overreactions to Overreactions with Pete Kennedy & Pat Boyle

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 63:45

    Hosts Peter Kennedy and Pat Boyle recap the action from week 2. Just when you thought you learned something from week 1, the NFL humbles us all. Who were the biggest victims of week 1 hype or horror? From the Titans and Ravens big comebacks to the Seahawks and Saints big let downs we cover it all. The Cardinals & Raiders continue to impress but what are their ceilings? Plus, we must call out Jets fans for their reaction to Zach Wilson's bad game. Lastly, we hit our new favorite segment "No Regrets" and recap Pete & Pats picks from week 2 where they both went 4-1 (8-2 total) bringing both their records to 6-4 (12-8 total). @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and Tik Tok and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NFL Week 1 Recap & Outlook: Giants, Jets, Cardinals, Dolphins, Packers, Ravens, and More. W/ Pete Kennedy, Pat Boyle, and Kyler Anderson

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 102:37

    Hosts Peter Kennedy,, Pat Boyle, and Kyle Anderson go into depth on the Giants disappointing week 1, the Jets and Zach Wilson, and the most interesting games/teams after week 1. What did we see from Daniel Jones and will he ever figure it out? Is Jason Garrett setting DJ up to fail? What can we make of Zach Wilson's debut? Why we are tired of the Aaron Rodgers/Packers narratives and why we wont care after week 2. How for real are the Cardinals after they earned week 1 glory? Can we confirm the Dolphins or Patriots are actually good? Who's better? Plus, how Lamar Jackson's heroics ended up biting the Ravens. What Lamar can do to improve even more. Lastly, we debut our segment, "No Regrets" where we go over our picks and decide if we regret any picks or if we'd make the same pick over again! @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and Tik Tok and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    BIG Questions Heading Into The NFL Season w/ Pete Kennedy & Pat Boyle. Including Giants & Jets

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2021 111:05

    Hosts Peter Kennedy and Pat Boyle are back to kick off this football season with a top notch NFL preview. But first we had to talk Mets and their drama for a minute (15 minutes). Then we tackle the biggest questions heading into the NFL season starting with the narratives surrounding Mac Jones and the Patriots. We discuss the AFC East: Josh Allen, Tua, and Zach Wilson. What is success for the Jets and Giants? Dave Gettleman, Jason Garrett, and Daniel Jones are all in put up or shut up seasons. Do they have the weapons and what it takes to come out on top? The AFC North and NFC West are two powerhouse divisions. Who are the favorites to win it and can we see multiple playoff teams from both. Lamar Jackson and Baker Mayfield enter their 4th season still with critics - can they both silence all the haters this year? Who is the cream of the crop in the NFC West - can Stafford lead the Rams to glory, can Russell Wilson and Pete Carroll maintain excellence, or will the Cardinals shock the league? Who is more likely to return to the Super Bowl: The Chiefs or Buccaneers? Then Pete hits Pat with his best future player props for the 21 season. WE BACK ALL SEASON LONG! @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and Tik Tok and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Yankees New-Found Hope & Mets No Hope. Plus, Giants Worst Nightmare

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 61:38

    Hosts Peter Kennedy & Andrew Calagna discuss the new set of expectations on the Yankees and how high they can really go. Was the trade deadline moves really want put this team on track or the players who were already there? Can the Yankees catch the Rays? The Mets, on the other hand, seem to have no hope. Is there even a path for them to truly end on a high note with optimism going into next year? Does Steve Cohen have to be careful with how bad he wants fans to like him? But first, Pete tells you the true worst nightmare for Giants fans and Daniel Jones. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NFL Quarterback Tiers & Rankings 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 101:21

    Host Peter Kennedy is joined by his quarterback Paul Barchitta to rank and tier all of the NFL quarterbacks entering the 2021 season. We use 4 tiers: Elite, Great, Good/Average, and Unproven/Below Average. Starting from the top with the like of Mahomes, Rodgers, & Brady - down to the more controversial tiers with discussions on Dak Prescott, Ryan Tannehill, & Matthew Stafford - through the likes of Baker Mayfield, Daniel Jones, and the rookies - and everyone in between we discuss what makes a quarterback great, how we grade them, and predict forward to say who will be the best quarterbacks of 2021. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Yankees Make A Push, Mets Need A Fork Stuck In Em, Plus Knicks Summer League and Kemba Walker

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 71:27

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Alec Argento, and Andrew Calagna hop on SST to discuss the two sides of NY baseball: the rejuvenated Yankees & the lifeless Mets. Can this newfound juice for the Yankees lead them to a playoff run? What have been the keys to the turnaround? The Mets lost all their fight, how can they possibly go up from here? Can anyone hit on this team besides Brandon Nimmo? Or is it time to stick a fork in them. But first we discuss the Knicks first Summer League games including the play of exciting 2nd round pick Jericho Sims, Immanuel Quickley, and the other rooks Grimes & McBride. Plus, we discuss the fit of Kemba Walker with this Knicks team. There may be minimal downside to this deal but what is the realistic upside to expect?

    Knicks Draft & NBA Free Agency. Plus, Mets & Yankees Post MLB Trade Deadline

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 98:00

    Host Peter Kennedy talks Knicks post NBA Draft & Free Agency night 1. Then joined by co-host Andrew Calagna to discuss the active trade deadline in the MLB, specifically in the NYC area. The Knicks didn't have a splashy draft or day 1 of Free Agency but is their process sound? Do we still trust in Leon Rose calling the shots? The answer may be a resounding yes.. but the Evan Fournier signing definitely raised some pause. What should have been the Knicks plan in free agency and are they done yet? Mets fans seem to be quite upset with the team due to lackluster performance, injuries, and only trading for Javier Baez. Are there any silver linings in this increasingly frustrating season? Have the Yankees fixed their issues with trading for Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo? The new energy in the Bronx may be palpable but where should expectations be set at? @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NBA Draft Probabilities and Knicks Draft Thoughts

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 53:54

    Host Peter Kennedy deep dives on the past 6 drafts to create a success rate and probability guide for the top 10, 11-20, 21-30, and 2nd round of the NBA Draft. We naturally think the top 10 provides the best players - but by how much? And how many busts come out of the top 10? Plus, what is the true value of picks 11-20 and 21-30? Lastly is there an real hope in the 2nd round? What's the point of stock piling all these picks if the hit rate is so minimal? Plus, thoughts on which Point Guards the Knicks need to target entering Thursday night. Including thoughts on Sharife Cooper, Jaden Springer, Jared Butler, Tre Mann, Miles McBride, and Ayo Dosumnu. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NBA Draft Tiers & Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 87:46

    Host Peter Kennedy is joined by first time SST guest Glynn Johnson! They both take their love for the NBA Draft and scouting prospects into ranking said prospects into tiers. Many believe this is a very strong draft but what does that mean? How does it compare to the 2020 draft? Tier 1 includes 4 players - but does Cade Cunningham still rank above the rest? How do Evan Mobley, Jalen Green, and Jalen Suggs project into the league? Where does the draft go from ranks 5-25? We discuss every from Scottie Barnes & Jonathon Kuminga through Alperen Sengun, Josh Giddey, Franz Wagner, James Bouknight, Davion Mitchell, Corey Kispert, Shaire Cooper and more. Of course we get our takes in on how the New York Knicks fit into this with picks 19 and 21. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Giannis & The NBA Finals. Plus, Yankees & Mets 2nd Half Trajectory

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 96:46

    This is the 1 year anniversary of Subway Sports Talk's inaugural episode - a perfect time to say THANK YOU! to each and every supporter! We are honored with every single listen! Host Peter Kennedy is first joined by Kyle Anderson to talk NBA Finals and Giannis' epic performance. Do the Bucks and Giannis deserve any sort of * on their championship? How did Giannis get over this hump and is he the NBA's best player now? Plus, Chris Paul's near legacy Finals win - what happened and now what happens next with the Suns. Then Alec Argento and Andrew Calagna join to talk Yankees and Mets. Despite the Yankees winning more games the frustration remains. How can Brian Cashman flip this season at the deadline? What are the realistic hopes for this team? In the first half he Mets could pitch and not hit - now they are hitting but can't pitch. Can the Mets find balance and make a run or will injuries derail this season? @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Mike Ham of The Morning Spotlight on Baseball, Podcasting, & The Dichotomy of Life

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 79:12

    Host Peter Kennedy is joined by Mike Ham of The Morning Spotlight Podcast to talk about the state of baseball, the Yankees & Mets, Podcasting, Real Estate, and more. Mike & Pete air out their frustrations with the game they both love and Mike mixes in his frustration with the team he love so much, the Yankees. We continue the ongoing discussion of the MLB not getting out of their own way and mishandling all of their issues. Plus, the Yankees still being alive but playing with so little life. The Mets hanging on with bad hitting, can they turn it around and become a true contender? We also discuss Mike Ham's unique entry into the podcasting world through the world of Real Estate and how he has segued that into interviewing guests from Olympic & NFL athletes to musicians, doctors, and everything in between. @HamboneBBQ & @TheMorningSpotlight on IG. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    SST Boyle & Shen Show Mashup: Nets, Sixers, & Bucks vs. Hawks

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2021 84:46

    The Boyle and Shen Show hosts, Pat Boyle and Mark Shenloogian, join Peter Kennedy to discuss the collapses by the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers. Was one worse than the other? How did this happen to the Nets, who gets the blame, and what do they do moving forward? Plus, how much credit do Bucks deserve. Similarly, how bad is this Sixers meltdown and how much falls on Ben Simmons vs. the rest? How do the Sixers recover and move forward from this? Is it a necessity to trade Ben Simmons? Plus, how much credit do the Hawks deserve? Moving forward we preview and predict the Bucks/Hawks which brought in some surprising confidence out of Pete with his pick. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter. @BoyleShenShow on twitter.

    Sticky Stuff Plus Mets & Yankees Playing Each Other's Normal Roles

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 78:45

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Alec Argento, and Andrew Calagna talk about this sticky situation the MLB find themselves in with their balls (including all the low hanging fruit). How and why had the MLB handled it how they have? Can it be fixed and what do fans really want! We continue on to discuss the exciting Mets and their very strong run this point. How have they got here and has the best yet to come? The Yankees are lacking energy and its widely believed they need to change something up. What does that mean for Brian Cashman and the current and future goals of this team? What is the path for the Yankees to still get to the playoffs. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Sixers & Nets Fall to 2-2 & Chris Paul Displays His Point Godliness

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2021 78:37

    Hosts Peter Kennedy. John-Lucas Duffy, Kyle Anderson, and Mike Bonfield discuss the NBA's round 2 as the Hawks & Bucks fight back to even their series against the Sixers & Nets. Who should be panicking more: Brooklyn or Philadelphia? What went wrong for the Sixers and how has Trae Young increased his play to another level. Can the Nets withstand more games with Kyrie Irving and James Harden? We think about the current NBA's breakdown and consider the stars vs. depth between remaining playoff teams. Plus, how the Suns have set themselves up for success and Chris Paul's dominance. What makes the Suns so great? Who would you rather play: Jazz or Clippers as that series is also 2-2. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Knicks Lost The Series But Won The Season! Plus, Mets & Yankees Try To Find Their Rhythm

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 74:38

    Hosts Peter Kennedy and Andrew Calagna discuss the disappointing end but incredible success behind the Knicks season. You may hate Trae Young now but he and the Hawks out classes the Knicks and deserve that respect. More importantly.. Now What For the New York Knicks? The story book season ended with the nightmarish playoff performance - but how can they improve this roster moving forward? What do you do with Julius Randle's contract? Who can they target to give Randle and Barret help? Offense was their biggest issue all year and it showed in the playoffs, its now their biggest priority of the offseason. Plus, the Yankees frustrations continue as they seemingly cant hit - how can they flip the script and get to the top of the AL East? On the flip side, the Mets are starting to hit and are not just staying a float with a hundred injuries but thriving lately. Can the Mets grit, energy, and depth hold up until their starters get healthy? @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Knicks Game 1 Reaction & Series Outlook

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2021 30:47

    Host Peter Kennedy reacts to the exciting though disappointing game 1 for the New York Knicks. The Garden was bumpin but the Knicks came up short. What lead to the Knicks not getting over the hump in game 1? Why we cant blame Frank Ntilikina for getting beat in the final seconds. With Randle and bullock struggling, should their be concern or will they get on track in Game 2? Should Elfrid Payton still be getting any minutes, let alone starting? With all the easy reasons to be negative, what positives can be drawn from this loss? And Pete tells you the number 1 thing the Knicks need to focus in on to make Trae Young and the Hawks lives a whole lot harder. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    How We Got Here In The NBA Plus Play-In Preview: Lakers/Warriors & Celtics/Wizards

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2021 72:49

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, John-Lucas Duffy, and Kyle Anderson discuss the paths some teams took to make it to the promised land - which may be good for the Knicks but others, perhaps like the Celtics are stumbling in. We discuss our Over/Under picks aka what we got right and what we got terribly wrong. We move on to talk Play-In Tournament and beyond: Are we pro play-in? How can it be made better? Plus, breakdown the Lakers vs. Warriors and Celtics vs. Wizards. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NBA, Knicks Reality, and Mets / Yankees Finding Ways To Win

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 85:57

    Hosts Peter Kennedy and Mike Bonfield get excited about the NBA Playoffs and the debates going around the league including the MVP and League's top contenders. We then discuss the reality of the Knicks as a playoff team, how they go here, and what they can do to make it even better. Perhaps no one expected them to make it this far, but now that the Knicks are here, how do they matchup against the Bucks, Hawks, or Heat? What do they need to do offensively to get to another level? Despite Randle & Rose's greatness, how can they be better? Plus, who are the most important "others" for NYK? The Mets have won 7 in a row with dominant pitching and recently lively bats - what's their ceiling since they haven't even hit that well yet? With Mets success and Yankees back above .500, we learn why there should have never been a panic button when talking New York Baseball this season. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Knicks, Nets, & NBA Take Regrets w/ Dan Favale & Adam Fromal of Hardwood Knocks

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2021 94:00

    Host Peter Kennedy is joined by Dan Favale of Bleacher Report and Adam Fromal of who together, makeup Hardwood Knocks: An NBA Podcast. They discuss the New York Knicks and their improbable run at the 4 seed. When did the Knicks season surpass just being a nice story and where should we reset our expectations? They still lack in offense but have shown improvements; who will have to pick up the burden to help Julius Randle out? We also try to figure out how to evaluate the Nets - right now it feels like a big incomplete with a crazy high ceiling! Next, the trio takes a look back at their takes from pre & early season to see which takes they should be most proud of and which yield the most regret. This leads us to talk our leading rookies, Anthony Edwards & LaMelo Ball, the Suns, the Heat, and the Grizzlies. We finish up by discussing the duo of Dan and Adam and their NBA media dynamics: Which of the duo gets more heat on twitter? Which fanbase gives the most grief? Who has the hottest takes? And what makes their show top notch! @DanFavale on twitter (Bleacher Report) @Fromal09 on twitter ( & - formerly Bleacher Report @HardwoodKnocks on twitter and all your podcast apps. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Yankees & Mets Mediocrity? Plus, Quick NFL Draft Thoughts For Giants & Jets

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 79:37

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Andrew Calagna, and Mike Bonfield discuss the lack-luster starts for the Yankees and Mets - but can we draw positives from the fact they are playing 'poorly' and still staying around .500? How are these offenses going to turn it around? The Shortstops for both sides, Gleyber Torres and Francisco Lindor have STRUGGLED. When should we expect them to get right? The two best pitchers in baseball continue to show out in NY - Gerrit Cole & Jacob deGrom. Plus, which units need the most improvement. But first, we react to the top picks for the Jets & Giants plus the incredibly trade down for Gettleman and the G-Men. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    How to Draft Wide Receivers in the 2021 NFL Draft - What We've Learned the Past 5 Years

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2021 59:29

    Host Peter Kennedy rides solo to talk about his favorite position in the draft, Wide Receivers, despite their value being in question - especially in the first round. We know about the big 3 - Ja'Marr Chase, Davonta Smith, & Jaylen Waddle but what about the rest? Every year there are at least 5 WRs drafted in the 2nd round or later who end up being hits; while the success rate in the 1st round is average to iffy. Pete takes you through the last 5 drafts to highlight the WRs who have made it and where they were picked. Do you think some teams regret their 1st round WR picks? 2021 WRs discussed include: Rashod Bateman, Elijah Moore, Terrance Marshall Jr., Rondale Moore, Kadarius Toney, Dywami Brown, Tylan Wallace, Amari Rodgers, Amon-Ra St. Brown, & D'Wayne Eskridge. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NFL Draft: Quarterbacks, Pass Catchers, Jets & Giants w/ Ed Arzooman

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 103:57

    Hosts Peter Kennedy & Mike Bonfield are joined by WFAN's Ed Arzooman to talk NFL Draft. We discuss first the most important part of any draft and definitely this one, the QBs. We rank the QBs starting with Trevor Lawrence and through the rest; Zach Wilson Trey Lance, Mac Jones, and Justin Fields. How will Wilson fit for the Jets? Plus, we rank the teams as the best landing spots for QBs; Jags, Jets, 49ers, Falcons, Lions, Panthers, Broncos, & Patriots. The Pass Catchers are the 2nd most interesting part of this draft - Pitts, Chase, Smith, & Waddle. Where do the Giants land in all this? Will it be a Wide Receiver or perhaps OL or LB? We finish with some WFAN stories from Big Zoo & Pete! @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NBA MVP, Steph vs CP3, Randle & Knicks Ceiling. Plus Yankees Worry & Mets Outlook

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2021 101:07

    Peter Kennedy is joined by a number of SST contributors to talk NBA, the Knicks, and the Yankees & Mets. Kyle Anderson & Mike Bonfield (followed by Alec Argento & Andrew Calagna) to breakdown the MVP race and how to weigh performances in this weird covid year. We compare Steph Curry's efforts on a meh team while CP3's lack of awe-inspiring stats still bring his team to glory. Does Julius Randle have a case to make he MVP ballot? If not, is he an All-NBA lock? The Knicks keep raising the bar, where is their new ceiling? On a scale of 1-10 how worried are you with the Yankees? What has gone wrong and how to turn the tides. Mets start solid and prove they can and should win a lot of games this year. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Jamal Murray's Injury & Its NBA Playoffs Impact. Plus Knicks & Mets Talk.

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2021 77:46

    Host Peter Kennedy is joined by host of 40 Under 40 Pod Chris Mangan, and Mike Bonfield to discuss Jamal Murray's devastating injury, his career year, and what it means for not just the Nuggets but the Western Conference. The Nuggets w/ Murray were rolling and a true contender - now can they stay afloat and compete without their Point Guard? What are the updated Power Rankings in the West? Do the Suns have enough juice to win the West? Is it warranted to still sleep on the Jazz and Clippers? Plus, lower seed teams no one wants to see. We also discuss the Knicks and RJ Barrett's recent surge and his ceiling. We finish off with some Mets talk to finally got to play some baseball and it felt good! @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Yankees & Mets Vibe Check After Week 1. Plus, Knicks Lose To Celtics.

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2021 75:44

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Alec Argento, Andrew Calagna, and Mike Bonfield give a vibe check on the Yankees & Mets. Frustration lies for both fan bases: whether it be injuries, same old bullpen blowups, or lack luster offense - but its obviously to early to truly worry, what negatives should actually make us nervous? The Yankees injury woes already return with Judge, Hicks in the 3-hole?, and some surprising pitching for the Yanks. For the Mets, we got more deGrom greatness that doesn't mean wins, and offense that's coming around, but pitchign that can be an issue. Plus we discuss the Knicks tough loss to the Celtics at the start of the episode. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Mets Lose Opener, Plus Yankees, MLB, Knicks, and Sam Darnold

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2021 63:01

    Hosts Peter Kennedy and Frank Villani react to the Mets opening game and losing another deGrom lead. Will the same woes continue to haunt the Mets? Not winning deGrom's starts, bullpen issues, and timely hitting. Plus, Dom Smith's place in the lineup! But first, Pete gets off his take on Sam Darnold and why this might be best for both Sam and the Jets. Gonzaga's near story book ending was stopped by an impressive and hungry Baylor team! We continue on with the aforementioned Mets talk, Yankees talk, hop around the most exciting teams & players according to Frank Villani, before finishing up taking the temperature on the New York Knicks. Has their ceiling been reached this season and is that ok!? @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NCAA Final Four & Gonzaga Dominance. Plus, NBA Outlook Post Deadline

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 70:52

    Hosts Peter Kennedy & Kyle Anderson discuss the NCAA Men's Final Four and the NBA Post Trade Deadline. Gonzaga has a legit chance to go undefeated - are they one of the best college teams we've seen? Baylor and Houston's gritty matchup and UCLA's Cinderella run! We discuss the NBA buyout market and what top tier teams may have gotten better and who we have hope in moving into the final stretch of the season. Including: Nets, Bucks, Heat, Knicks, Nuggets, Trail Blazers and more. The Knicks couldn't close the Timberwolves out and that may have shown us why doing nothing at the deadline was the right move... Congrats to Francisco Lindor and Happy MLB Opening Day! @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Mega MLB Preview: Mets, Yankees, Props, and Predictions! (Plus a New York Minute on Knicks, Giants, Jets)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2021 110:51

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Alec Argento, and Andrew Calagna preview the Mets, Yankees, and MLB at Large. But first, a New York Minute on the Knicks, Giants, and Jets. We then move to he Mets, with great potential comes great expectation: what is the key to the Mets success? Who is the 2nd most reliable pitcher past deGrom? the Yankees are expected to walk to the Playoffs again. Why is that the case? Is their rotation now being slept on? Plus, Over/Under picks for the Mets & Yankees, World Series Picks, MVP & Cy Young Picks, and Dodgers/Padres talk. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    How Real Are The New York Knicks?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2021 47:01

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Alec Argento, Frank Villani, and Kyle Anderson discuss the Knicks after the hard fought loss to the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets offense may be next level but the Knicks continue to prove their defense prowess. Can the Knicks defense carry this team to the playoffs? NYK is missing the top level shooting and closing when compared to top tier teams in the league - but do they have enough offense to stay in games against the best? What tier of the Eastern Conference do they belong - NYK is clearly behind Brooklyn, Philly, Milwaukee, and Miami but how high would you rank them against the Celtics, Raptors, Hornets, Hawks, and Pacers? @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Boyle and Shen Show join SST to talk Nets, Mets and Yankees

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 5, 2021 61:21

    Host Peter Kennedy is joined by the Co-Hosts of the Boyle and Shen Show Podcast (Apple & Spotify), Pat Boyle and Mark Shenloogian. We kick off the episode getting into a heated debate about James Harden and the Brooklyn Nets. Pete and Mark think the Nets hype is real while Pat is hitting the brakes on crowning the Nets as champions of anything. Then comes baseball, with the season rapidly approaching we try to set up proper expectations for both the Mets and Yankees. Could it be a benefit that the Yankees are a bit more under the radar this year? And the Mets offense is expected to be awesome, but will they deliver and will the pitching hold up? We finish with Last Words - where Pat Boyle makes a strong claim about new found Knick favorite Julius Randle. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NBA Make or Break Teams Heading Into All Star Break

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2021 71:14

    NBA Outsiders Peter Kennedy and John-Lucas Duffy highlight the importance of every game in this NBA Season. With just a few games separating the 4 seeded Knicks from the 10th seed in the East and the 5th and 11th in the West, some teams need to show up asap. The Knicks & Hornets might be playing with house money and the Celtics may be fledgling but these teams are a bad week away from dropping out of the playoffs. The Nuggets may not be panicking yet while the Mavericks aren't feeling so hot but with teams like the Pelicans getting hot, you can never be too confident. In the shortened year with expanded playoffs, there is more meaning to every game - which teams need this final stretch to set the momentum going into All Star. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NBA All Star Selections Plus Knicks Hype is Real

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2021 98:33

    The NBA Outsiders Peter Kennedy, Frank Villani, and Kyle Anderson create their definitive All Star list for the East and Western Conferences. We debates starters, settle our locks and debate the remaining spots in one of the most stacked All Star games in recent memory. With guys having breakout years like Julius Randle or Zach Lavine. Plus, we discuss the Knicks hype and impact of Derrick Rose. Is this Knicks hype real or will it fade?

    Mets & Yankees Roundup Plus New York Knicks Check In

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 94:38

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Alec Argento, and Andrew Calagna take a look at the off-season's of both the Mets and Yankees and start to look forward at what is now great expectation for both Franchises. Can the Mets live up to their new found hype? And can the Yankees find ways to push to get better? What are the biggest holes for each team? Plus, can we still look at the Yankees as the YANKEES? Cause they haven't acted like themselves in a while. We discuss the Derrick Rose trade as the Knicks are beating expectations this season. But that doesn't mean there isn't reason to complain. Where does Tom Thibodeau land in that convo? Can these rotations be improved or is Thibs making the right calls leaving out Knox and Ntilikina? @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Buying and Selling NBA Narratives, Players, and Teams

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2021 108:40

    The NBA Outsiders Peter Kennedy, John-Lucas Duffy, Frank Villani, and Kyle Anderson play an Around the Horn style game of Buy or Sell: NBA Edition. In the stock crazed world we live in right now, what better time to buy or sell the top topics, most intriguing players & teams across the league. Categories include: Narratives: Bradley Beal wants to be traded. Can a Center win MVP? The Nets can't win with this defense? Players: Obi Toppin aint it/ Quickley is it. Zach Lavine is good for real? Gordon Hayward a leading man? LeBron or Kawhi MVP? Teams/Coaches: Mavericks playoff team? Rockets are better w/o Harden? Cavs are good at defense? Coach Thibs and the New York Knicks?@SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Lakers, Sixters, and the Rest?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2021 50:53

    Hosts Peter Kennedy and John-Lucas Duffy discuss the Lakers and Sixers game that came down to the last second. What did we learn about each team? And are they both established as the best teams in their conference? Joel Embiid has been an MVP thus far, what has lifted him to the next level? But are the Ben Simmons shortcomings truly exposing themselves? Also, how good are the Lakers and who has been the most impactful newcomer? Plus, we discuss who is the biggest threat for each team. Last words include a 'Life Comes At You Fast' Award from Duffy and a Zach Lavine take from Pete. And of course, some last minutes Knicks talk. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    The Nets and The Eastern Conference Hierarchy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2021 83:37

    The NBA Outsiders Peter Kennedy, John-Lucas Duffy, and Kyle Anderson discuss the ceiling of the Brooklyn Nets with Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. How big of a problem is their defense? is the Kyrie Irving experience worth it? With the new look Nets, what does the Eastern Conference hierarchy look like? Everyone is sick of the Bucks already, can they re-flip the script? The Sixers have strengths but will it out weigh the weaknesses? Plus, the Pacers and Celtics. Then, Pete and Kyle each pick a Western Conference team to decide whether they are real or fake. Lastly, we sprinkled in some Knicks talk before we said goodbye! @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Robert Saleh and the New York Jets

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2021 53:25

    Hosts Peter Kennedy and Rocco Del Priore discuss the new head coach of the New York Jets, Robert Saleh. There is reason for Jets fans to be excited right now but also important to note Joe Douglas and the Jets' job has just begun. Who will be playing QB for the Jets? Will Deshaun Watson's name truly come into play? or will it be draft or Darnold? How can they fill the other holes: skill players, more complete O-line, edge rusher and more? Plus, an off the top Andy Reid/James Harden analogy from Pete? Why not! @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Mets Get Francisco Lindor

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2021 47:08

    Hosts Peter Kennedy and Andrew Calagna discuss what may be the biggest move of the entire MLB Offseason: The Mets acquiring Francisco Lindor and Carlo Carrasco. New owner Steve Cohen makes his first big splash and brings a true star to the Mets. We talk about the new energy Uncle Steve has brought to New York, how Lindor and Carrasco can bring this team to a new level, and what it means to lose Amed Rosario, Andres Gimenez, and a few prospects. Plus a quick outlook on this new lineup and rotation. Last words on Knicks. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Giants & Jets Wrap Up, NFL Wild Card Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2021 84:04

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Pat Boyle, Rocco Del Priore, and Chris Mulé discuss the Eagles debacle from Sunday night that stripped a playoff birth from the Giants. We wrap up what was mostly a poor year outside of a few weeks for the Giants. But what do they have to hang their hat on? Joe Judge and Daniel Jones will be returning but where can they still improve and should they move on from Jason Garrett? The Jets were 2-14, not a lot of positives to draw from but what do we know about this roster? Then most importantly who will be the coach and quarterback? Plus the path to keeping Sam Darnold? Lastly, we preview each Wild Card matchup discussing if there are any looming upsets or if favorites will make their way to the Divisional round. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NBA Predictions We Regret vs. Want To Double Down On

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2020 70:12

    The NBA Outsiders Peter Kennedy, John-Lucas Duffy, Frank Villani, and Andrew Duffy state their biggest NBA regrets and strongest double downs from their preseason prediction. We ripped off takes on all 30 NBA Teams heading into the season: What are some takes we think have already spoiled and which takes did we knock out of the park! Each host picks two teams and discuss if this early in the season we already know what will age well. Plus, Happy New Year Y'all! @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NFL's Wild Playoff Picture: Browns, Dolphins, NFC East & more.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2020 84:33

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Pat Boyle, and Chris Mulé discuss the Browns abysmal loss and the Dolphins last second win. What happened to the Browns and why this season can become a massive disappointment. Plus, the Tua-Fitzpatrick dilemma and how Brian Flores has handled it with grace to this point - but what should be done moving forward? Does Tua game manage the Phins to the playoffs or will they need more FitzMagic? Plus, the rest of the AFC playoff picture. Then we discuss the formerly exciting NFC West to the now disappointing NFC West. Who can keep their $@!% together better, the Rams or Cardinals? Lastly, the NFC East and all the drama to ensue. Washington wins and they're in. If not? Winner of Giants and Cowboys will HOST a playoff game. How can the Giants get there and should the Cowboys be favorite to win the division now? Plus last minute Jets talk. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NBA Western Conference Previews & Over/Unders

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2020 95:51

    The NBA Outsiders Peter Kennedy, John-Lucas Duffy, Frank Villani, and Kyle Anderson pick Over/Under's and preview all 15 Western Conference teams. The West has been the big brother conference for a few years now - but with a true favorite in the Lakers, will the West still be as deep? Yes it will! We discuss the talented dynamic in the West and how this season will shake out. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    NBA Eastern Conference Preview & Over/Unders

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2020 79:49

    The NBA Outsiders Peter Kennedy, John-Lucas Duffy, Frank Villani, and Kyle Anderson pick Over/Under's and preview all 15 Eastern Conference teams. The East has gained respectability after being the clear little brother to the West, who are the top teams and what sleeper teams do we need to look out for. @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Ravens Browns Game of the Year, AFC Playoffs, and Giants Letdown

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2020 66:15

    Hosts Peter Kennedy, Pat Boyle, and Chris Mulé react to the incredible Ravens/Browns game - filled with drama, heroics, high powered offense, and one bad beat! We discuss how the Ravens re-inserted themselves into contention and how we actually feel better about the Browns despite the loss. Resident Browns fan Pat Boyle lays his heart out after the brutal loss (only loss worse is Mulé on Browns +4.5). But why is Pat keeping his head so high? Which AFC playoff team has the best chance to beat the Chiefs? Who will round out the wild card teams? Plus, the Giants horrible weekend which flipped them from division favorites back to pedestrians with a punchers chance. Pete rips into Daniel Jones and drops some stats that will make Giants fans cringe. Is there a turnaround incoming for the Giants, or will we get another Giant letdown? @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

    Week 14 NFL Picks w/ Peter Kennedy & Pat Boyle

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2020 46:11

    Hosts Peter Kennedy and Pat Boyle make their week 14 NFL picks. After an astounding combined 9-1 in week 13, Pete & Pat try to maintain their winning ways. @PeteKennedy 5-0 last week (12-13 total) and Pat Boyle 4-1 last week (17-8 total). @SubwaySportsTalk on IG and @SubwaySportsTlk on twitter.

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