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Brother and sister from another mother and mister, Kan Jones and Morgan Jones are two friends turned family sharing their takes on life, in this weekly podcast. Morgan, a political analyst, born and raised in NE Portland and Kan, a multi-hyphenate content creator, originated in San Diego, California. The duo goes over the week's news, pop topics, and welcomes guests ranging from music artists to mortgage lenders. Evolving, learning, and laughing, in a way only they can. Bring ya red cup and listen up! FB: Unrefined Sophisticates IG: @unrefinedsophisticates Twitter: @Unrefinedshow SnapChat: unrefined_snap

Unrefined Sophisticates

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    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 114:54

    Join us as we discuss the red flag trend, learning to embrace some of yours and if the word sassy is making a comeback. We also see a clip of #TysonFury and his whole family hitting the N word together with harmonies and after knocking out #Wilder we need to know who gon check him! We also go over the terrifying events happening to women at the #CambriaHotel in DC, what it means to travel for an abortion in Texas and a Judge in Tennessee that has made it her life's work to lock up Black and brown children as young as 7. She still has a job. You can watch whiteness work in the detailed #propublica piece on #JudgeDavenport and her #FilterSystem. We highly recommend getting familiar with this story, so when someone says “systemic racism doesn't exist in this country” you can know just how off they are. This is the beginning of the #FallFundDrive for #xrayfm so we asking for them dollas too! Grab your red cup and listen up!  #UnrefinedSophisticates #Podcast #TrappinByYappin #RedCupSiblings #LinkInBio  


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 99:22

    As promised last week we doubled back and had our pod fam DJ Ambush back for a second week of unrefined times. In this episode, we ponder out loud if feeding your photographer or any wedding-hired staff is included in the food plan and if this is a cultural consideration. From there we talk about a mother of 9 who we're not sure understands how public schools work as she calls for a mass exodus and defunding. R. Kelly aka Tickle me Pedo says he plans to use his pied piper flute to summon more high-profile weirdos from the shadows as he threatens to tell on others who have committed the same evils as him. DJ Ambush gives us a deeper understanding of what Nigcels are and how to spot em in the wild. We close it all out with a discussion around Dave Chappell's latest standup and why this one hits different and not the way we would like. This episode is the perfect amount of Unrefined! Pour a cup of what ya like and get familiar!


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 93:29

    Join us as we welcome back, fam of the show, Ambush!! We had a ton of topics on deck but y'all know how our conversations can get going. We congratulate #YoGotti for becoming an owner of an #MLS team and celebrate Seattle's very own burger joint #Dicks for creating their own minimum wage at $19 an hour. Proving once again that if you put people over profits, the profits will keep coming!  We get to cussing in the #UnrefinedHour going over Robert Kelly's guilty verdict, #PillCosby throwing in his predator 2 cents, and how tired we are of people acting brand new when it comes to documented abuse.  This one is jam-packed so grab your red cup and listen up!

    UNRFND x CEP: Power 101

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 78:46

    Join us for a very special 10 part series on energy and green energy initiatives happening locally in Portland, in partnership with Community Energy Project (CEP). During this series, we will be in discussion with community members and organizations about the latest work CEP has implemented and what energy upgrades can mean for our communities. In the first episode, we get some of the basics on power, energy use, and what it means to leave that fan on from Portland's very own, Mac Smiff.  You'll wanna get into this series for information on cutting down your energy costs with free energy upgrades for Black homeowners. You'll have opportunities to engage with CEP staff to gain a better understanding of the process. We'll also be in conversation with small businesses that also benefit from the program. Ultimately better energy practices will lead to a healthier environment, and we needs that. Gaining a better understanding as community members of what those benefits will look like, and revealing the processes behind getting programs like this the support they need, to continue to support us.  For more of the sweet deets, head on over to and be sure to rate, review and subscribe to the podcast so you don't miss an episode. Feel free to send us questions in our IG DM's and we'll get the answers on the show.


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 62:13

    This week the Unrefined duo are in a slightly different format as Kan remotes in from an undisclosed, but noisy location. They talk about stuff ranging from Bob's aka R.Kelly's case to a man whose bowels and bladder work in the opposite direction of the way we are accustomed to. Morg breaks some developing news about the Haitian migration that may have been a hoax to incite the people of the US. Come get unrefined with us for another hour of trapping while yappin!


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 117:08

    Welcome to another jam packed episode! We come in hot with awkward neighbor interactions, the #Inbredsurrection celebration falling flaaaaat, the confusing trend of dusted and disgusted Air Force 1's, and #NickiMinaj being the monster she told us she was. In the second hour we cover the breaking disappearance and possible murder of #GabbyPetito and the mind numbing story unfolding of #AlexMurdaugh. We also get to the case of a teacher cutting a 7 year old little girl's hair without talking to her parents, a what would Kan do, and we have all the questions for #Usher about the utter lunacy that is the newly announced show he's cohosting called #TheActivist. There's lots more so settle in, get your red cup and get unrefined with us! 


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 68:25

    The dynamic duo is back this week with lukewarm and just below boiling hot takes on a few topics we feel a way about. Starting off we share love and appreciation for the late Michael K Willams. After that it's basically an Unrefined hour. The things we don't understand about the why behind people's social media questions...when it's easier to google or just not a thing you ask strangers for. Would you take 500K untaxed cash or a dinner with Jay-Z? Hint...THE MONEY...Every Time! Morg also takes a stand on men and their inability to be good friends with anyone. From there we talk horse medicine being used as a covid virus cure according to not science.  You know we are good for a few tangents so listen up and get unrefined one time! Grab a red cup and pour up! 


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 127:20

    Coming in hot with the potential pregnancies, CLB dropped and after  praising the album we ponder why Drake is upholding the sexual predator currently on trial. We move on to Bobby Schmurder making his return, a white woman rapping about twerking like its her last day on earth and Boosie's obsession with Lil Nas X. In the second hour we cover the new indictments in the murder of Ahmad Arbery and Texas and the Supreme Court telling women where their place is. It's a lot, so grab your red cup and listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 97:47

    You can spell Canada without Kan but you can't say it without Kan! The self titled Canadian Lover Prince talks about his weekend trip to Canada and some of the shenanigans that ensued. From there we talk Soulja Boy being the super troll he is and claiming to own the Atari gaming company to which Atari responded quickly confirming that this was in fact not a fact. The trial of the artist formerly known as R. Kelly but now known by the Unrefined crew as Bob is still underway and has gotten even more disgusting with the latest testimony from one of his victims. We also talk the cost of clout chasing, the rapper Trick Daddy having his legs cocked back over his head during sex and what the hell are youtube algorithms doing? As usual, get your red cups ready and get Unrefined with us!


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 128:00

    This week the luxurious locs we've come to know and love on Kan will no longer guest star because HE CUT HIS HAIR! The new buzz cut Kan and the same ol G Morgan talk Drakeavelli and if he is in fact Batman living rent free in the mind caves of Kanye's brain. We ask where the hell are all these crates coming from in these viral crate climbing videos. Are IG comedians good at standup? We ponder this in real time. That one group of proud little boys are out in the PDX streets being boys according to the police and media (lack of) response. Then we wrap it up with the 4 page predator himself, Robert Kelly and the trials proceedings. Grab a cup and fill it up then get Unrefined with us!


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 63:40

    Join us as we we try to crack the case of why folks scream during fight videos and if it's mis matched or mix match. We find out how Kan would feel if he tried to save his lady and failed, and another man swooped in to save her. And then we're back in covidland discussing schools reopening, Texas and Florida falling apart, and the misconception that vaccines are cures. There's lots of laughs this go round so grab your red cup and listen up! 


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 71:52

    Fresh off a plane, Kan recaps his trip home for a special wedding and takes in his childhood home for the last time. As industry leaders in the hard pivot, we move on to the story of the mother in Oklahoma, arrested for child neglect after her 12 year old daughter goes into labor; Morg goes over how fake #CancelCulture is and goes off about people conveniently forgetting other people's destructive actions (without taking accountability/making amends) and Kan reels it in with his take on separating art from the artist. Lastly, we remind y'all that the #ProudBoys and many members of the #PPB rep the same set. There's more you gotta listen for, so grab your red cup and get unrefined us.


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 131:17

    The unrefined find themselves in a thruple this week with a guest feature from Educator extraordinaire, Aliyah Taylor-Hershal! We get to talk education and the impact that a teachers experiences can bring to the learning environment. This episode starts with the interview style we know you all love and then after a few adult beverages we get into the stuffs like PDX businesses scamming the government, a trump enthusiast and construction company owner who spent 30 M's on building a portion of “the wall” and is now looking to sell it. A bishop has a hard time choosing between Heaven and Grindr and Sha'carri Richardson disqualified for the weeds but another Olympian gets elevated for the same weeds! Wonder if that's systematic in nature? Tune in, grab a drink of choice and get unrefined with us. 


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 62:41

    The duo is back being dynamic this week! We kick it off with songs we've heard in stores that make you say "WTF? is this really what I am hearing?" and then seamlessy transition into discussing our heroine of F this S, who quit her job at walmart over the intercom while calling out staff for their trash behavior. Then we talk read that right, #monkeypox. Just google it. We lastly talk about musician T-Pain's depression revelation and explore how you can appear to have everything going right for you but still feel lost and out of touch. We managed to get all of this done just before Kan's computer shut down without a power cord to juice it back up! Grab a cup, fill it up and get unrefined with us!


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 118:44

    Join us as we discuss the Andre 3000 sightings happening in Portland, who we want an album from today, the evolution of hwhite women weaponizing their tears and their hwhitness, Stephan A. Smith upholding white supremacy once again, and the foolios in Oregon wanting to merge with Idaho. Did someone say Sun Down towns?? This one covers a lot so grab your red cup and listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 125:23

    Join us as we return from hiatus fresh off the heatwave! In the #SophisticatedHour we get right back at it by discussing one of the sickest burns of the 90s, Lil Uzi being a B-boy at #Ticklefest, and the gross discrimination happening to Black women athletes by Olympic committees. In the #UnrefinedHour we go over why #PillCosby is out of prison, states going full Future (mask off) and lobsters on a plane. We're baaaaaaaack! Get your red cups and listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2021 62:52

    Join us as we enter the great debate of which rappers belongs on the "Mt. Rushmore" of the blog era. Who was going the big business of the 2010's for you? Meek Mill gets roasted again for his internet activity, we wonder where road trips went, Kan lays down a laugh challenge for adults and fads that we wish lasted the test of time. Get your red cup and listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2021 92:31

    Join us as we discuss straining important fingers, #Rory, #Mal and #OliviaDope give us many reasons to leave #JoeBudden where he's at, the #CDC putting public facing workers at risk by declaring vaccinated folks don't have to wear masks anymore, The latest case of out of touch MAGA celebrities yelling at workers, #Tulum being the new #Vegas and some hackers getting extra freaky with their plans. Get your red cup and listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2021 62:02

    Join us for another one, as we what we do best; calling out racism, talking culture and going on Kangents (aka tangents).  We talk #SerenaWilliams and the photo floating the internet that appears to show her in a lighter shade of brown than we may be used to seeing. A billboard in PDX aimed at the Black community that doesn't quite add up when we do the math. Although admittedly, neither of us are math whiz's outside of countin up these checks, ayeeee! #McDonalds employees in 15 states say "it's up and it's stuck" when it comes the cost of living vs their wages. This means #strike time and don't cross the salted fry line! We make sure the people understand a bit better about media headlines and trials, and how they work in terms of a defendant. It was never the George Floyd Trial! That bum Chauvin was on trial for killing George Floyd and not the other way around.  As usual we are leaving being sophisticated to our listeners while we unrefined-ly talk amongst ourselves. Get your red cup and listen up! 


    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 107:01

    Join us for this tangent heavy, full of plot twists and double aunt Andre's (entendres for you sophisticated folks)episode. We get to the inside info about Morgan's new show on Xray FM "News with my Fiance" and yes that means more Morg for ya head tops weekly! Kan does his first advocacy day with legislators from around Oregon and lives to tell the tale. From there we get into being blocked on social media for reasons unknown and sometimes reasons that are completely justified. We give some sweet deets about the Nine Brand pop-up shop, coming the weekend of May 15th-16th in these Portland streets. The band is back together over at #JBP and we point out just how SVU-ish the news headlines have been. Bring your red up and listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2021 91:26

    Join us as Kan comes in hot with his FOMO surroundning the infant goat aka Chet Hank's "White Boy Summer" song vibes! Thankfully we find for every Chet, there's a "Dan" who may be the best type of friend a person can have, because Dan will let you kick him in the **** as a way to motivate you through rehabilitation after being paralyzed in an accident. We then jump into an actor who may never see fame but gained the fortune... and by gained we mean scammed $690 milly. Elon Musk out here being extra horn doggy dog on the interwebs. We close out on a serious note with RIP's to Shock G and Black Rob and our own feelings about the past few weeks in this country. Somehow with each topic, Kan finds a correlation to #WBS. As usual, we are more unrefined than sophisticated, so get your red cups and listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2021 87:35

    This week has been heavy. We're collectively exhausted from carrying the weight of the nation's sins. But like taxes or eczema, you can count on us to show up regularly! Join us as we strategize a panty pyramid scheme, and discuss topics like admiring strangers glow up, pranking our partners, charging a Tesla truck to a debit card, and the Klan no longer stealing all the white sheets but instead showing up in regular clothes. If you think the tangents didn't happen then you are wrong. They are plentiful in this episode, so grab your red cup and get unrefined with us.


    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2021 173:36

    Join us for the #SophisticatedHalf as we talk about food quirks, Kan living his life like it's safety green, Diddy getting tone-deaf, and Amazon defeating unionization in Alabama. Oh and spending tons-o-money on anti-union propaganda instead of paying people for their labor. In the #UnrefindHalf we celebrate the life of DMX, discuss Prince Philip picking the wrong day to pass, the fuckery and antics of the Chauvin trial, mass shootings being America's favorite pass time and Paul Pierce doing the fool and Kanye shrugging. Bring your red cup and listen up! 


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 87:48

    Join us as we go over music you just had to be there for, people getting crafty with gun customizing, Derrick Jaxn traumatizing his wife while grifting the public, another Karen in the wild and what the hell is happening over at the Joe Budden Podcast!? Get your red cup and get unrefined with us! 


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2021 110:22

    Join us as we go over when is the right time to retire, Kirk Franklin's son catching extra L's as he tried to expose his dad, someone putting banana peels on the steps of AF1, domestic white terrorists back at it like they never left (cause they never left) and Kan breaks down House Bill 2002 and the importance of repealing measure 11. Bring your red cup and listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2021 88:56

    Join us as we get to share a step on the path to greatness that is being walked by our special guest, Senior Director of Fitness and Tennis Mens / Womens Footwear at Nike, Dom Debnam!! We're talking shoes, community engagement, globe trotting and what drive looks like for a Black woman in the professional world. There is also a gangland style feud of PDX high schools happening between Morg and Dom. Due to this rivalry there may or may not have been gunshots ringing out at some point in the show. This talk is something special so make sure you listen in and see if there is a shooting or not. Get your red cup and get unrefined with us! 


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2021 129:35

    Join us as we welcome special guest, Editor of WeOutHereMagazine and a whole lotta other things, Mac Smiff! We get into the roots of Portland politics, personal nap preferences, backdoor Nikes, and a Pro-Trump Florida rapper who the streets have aka'd Magavelli! Bring your red cup and listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2021 81:04

    Join us as we come in Bobby Schmurda hot figga style this week. We start it off with being asked for your phone number and having it called on the spot! The WO:KE Pdx team does their first virtual event with Morg leading that thang! We give you our non-spoiler review of 2 must see movies, American Skin and Judas and the Black Messiah. We spend some time talking about Joseph Robbinette because B-I-D-E-N must be pronounced BOMBING after we learn he ordered airstrikes in Syria last week. We finish with a very serious question... did young Michael Jackson give the blueprint for being a male side piece? Listen up and find out! #Podcast #TrappinByYappin #UnrefinedSophisticates


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2021 69:02

    Join us as we kick the pod off with a "good" bye to the riptide Rush man Limbaugh and then blow our own minds with learning when credit scores were birthed (hint: many of us are older than the FICO system). We talk about some snow and weather that some infrastructures could not get jiggy with just like Mr_Catch_Flights_Not_Feelings himself, Ted Cruz and Morgan makes a double aunt Audra (we know it is spelled entendre) reference to inches and men lying about theirs. Listen up and spend some time getting unrefined!


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2021 146:14

    Join us for an almost lost one


    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2021 148:48

    Join us as we welcome special guest, Sr. Loan Officer, Rain Maker and the plug, Justina Smith! We talk about credit, loans, and ownership readiness. In the #UnrefinedHour we discuss why Black folks stop teaching Spades at 10 years old, white folks using Black and brown emojis, Valentine's Day during COVID and Lil Uzi becoming a Philly Avenger. Listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2021 128:31

    Join us as we have something the world needs more of, inspiration! We get to sit down with restorative justice student and advocate Nikky Lal, The Distinguished Delinquent, Statik, and Director of Business Operations of V.O.T.E, Kaleb!! We talk political literacy from the perspective of our younger generation, the songs we would walk out to on inauguration day and the importance of understanding our social and government structures from a young age. Listen in as we get Unrefined with the V.O.T.E. team. Listen up! Issa lot!


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2021 132:19

    Join us as we discuss copycat coups in the wake of the attempt made at the nation's Capitol, if that stimmy is going to add $1400 to our net worth, Lori Harvey dating as she pleases, sucking from scratch and SOHO Karen really not caring. Listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2021 103:35

    Join us as we talk about the botched coup d'etat of this nation's Capitol. Why we weren't shocked and we ask the question, if the Gravy Seals did this already, what the hell will happen on inauguration day? Listen up!

    EPISODE 105: MASTER P BAG 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2021 120:05

    Join us as we kick the year off in a way only we can! Which includes; Kan considering sugaring, Master P and Baron Davis looking to bid on Reebok, financial advice from poor people given to poor people, the falsified search warrant in Breonna Taylor's murder, and we ponder why the proud boys are changing their tune towards the boys in blue. Listen up! It's a lot.


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2020 107:10

    Join us as we recap our 2020 holiday experience, social norms we are not returning to in a post covid world, and a stimulus chat which includes our agreement that $600 can fit in our 5th jean pocket no problem, so we need the $2K! As usual, we are more unrefined than sophisticated, so get your ears ready for what these mouths might say. Listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2020 123:25

    Join us as we welcome special guest, host of Opening Presence Podcast, Meditation Coach, Spiritual Guide, Founder of AR Concepts, and all-around cool human, Aaron Robinson!!! We discuss the deeper meaning of listening to self and the art all around us. We get unrefined talking about Only fans, Lil Wayne selling other people's property and the covid shot heard around the world. Get #Unrefined and #Sophisticated at the same time. Listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2020 109:45

    Join us as welcome special guest, friend of the show and Morg's partner, DJ Ambush!! We discuss New Zealand and Australia running covid out their neighborhood, the passing of Tiny Lister AKA D-BO, Johnny Depp being a weirdo and Shai LeBoeuf getting it close to right in his attempt at accountability. We also give our Bay area legends E-40 and Too Short Verzuz battle predictions and Kan ponders if R. Kelly is possibly going to become a human jukebox in prison. As usual, we are unrefined than sophisticated so get your ears ready for what these mouths may say. Listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2020 102:15

    Join us as we make a few personal announcements, Kan gets some flowers while he's alive, we talk celebs that miss the mark on social media, who we got in the next verzuz battle, regional slang and Morg clarifies what stimulus means. Listen up, it's a lot!


    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2020 145:30

    We reached 2 milestones y'all! Episode 100...Big Face 100 to be exact! We talk about some of our favorite episodes, guests and moments of the show over the past 4 years. And we got our first gift from a fan of the show, so you can bet you'll be hearing about what that meant to both of us. We also talk about Dave Chappelle asking his fans to boycott the beloved Chappelle's Show. As usual, we are more unrefined than sophisticated so come laugh with us!


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2020 57:22

    Join us as we talk Covid doing the running man up all the charts across the country and why you should sit down and stop trying to hang out to flatten the curve. Travis Scott's brown Batman costume and the life it has been given via social media, things Kan did not know about womens bras and that one man not wanting to concede. As usual, we are more unrefined than sophisticated, come learn and laugh with us. Listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2020 56:50

    Join us as we talk internet rabbit holes, the electoral roller coaster we all rode during election week, including a recap of Morgan's other podcast, Vern and Vern, which live-streamed the events of Tuesday night and Kanye West not getting his wife's support during his presidential campaign venture. As usual, we are more unrefined than sophisticated but a good listen nonetheless. Listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2020 82:04

    Join us as we discuss our unrefined thoughts on the ensuing election, some clarity on the election process, and what it means to support the maga hat creator. Listen up and VOTE!


    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2020 57:40

    Join us as we talk about 50 Cent pledging allegiance to the almighty dollar, even if it means embracing DJT. Kanye halfheartedly launching a write in campaign, to be the president, Kan Rather takes to the streets to ask the all important question, are ribbed condoms still a thing? And Morg shares her thoughts regarding the pearl clutching reactions to the #PortlandProtests with F Your Feelings Friday (#FYFF), Listen up!

    Episode 95: Contagious Corners

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2020 76:03

    Join us as we discuss the one and only Vice Presidential Debate/Debacle, Trump aka patient zero continuing his super spread with the help of Candace Owens, Offset with his public displays of manipulation and Bill Burr giving white women a reality check. Listen up! It's a lot!

    Episode 94: Substandard Standards

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2020 58:00

    Join us as we have an unfiltered conversation on the presidential debates (or should we say debacle!) The Breonna Taylor case (or should we say debacle!) and covid-19 finding its way into 45's system (or should we say patient zero). And we give Rhianna and her vision with Fenty her flowers while she can smell them. Cause she has changed the inclusion game giving major love to the big men out there! Listen up as we get to talking that talk in the way only Kan and Morgan do!

    Episode 93: Family Affair 2.0

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2020 130:13

    Join us as we welcome special guest, long time listener, first time guest and Kan's cousin, Kortney Lashay!! We keep it all the way #Unrefined this episode! We talk about people's trash reactions to Cardi B and Offset getting divorced, Alicia Keys almost giving Christina Aguilera, If I Ain't Got You, and briefly go over why Kanye doesn't own his masters. We also learn more about Kortney and Kan growing up in San Diego.  Listen up!

    Episode 92: Rigged Systems

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2020 120:40

    Join us as we welcome special guest, school safety staff, mentor and high school basketball coach, Curtis Riggins! In the #SophisticatedHalf we talk about the importance of working and relating with the youth, finding and filling the gaps between students and teachers and what makes a great mentor.  In the #UnrefinedHalf we discuss #JessKrug a white woman who exposed herself for portraying herself as Black or Latinx depending on the era, pretending to be a high school student in your 30's and our predictions for the Patti and Gladys #Versuz. Listen up!


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2020 117:59

    Join us as we welcome special guest, high school Social Worker and Executive Director of Influencers of Neighborhoods, Paul J. Peters!! In the #SophisticatedHour we discuss mental health with students before and during distance learning, what support looks and feels like and finding your passion. In the #UnrefinedHour we talk about those who exploit trauma for profit and clout (looking at you #Vlad and #JasonLee), taking care of the youth today instead of tomorrow and checking each other's kids. Listen up! It's a lot.

    Episode 90: Girl Dad

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 3, 2020 141:45

    Join us as we welcome Cultural Historian with WO:KE PDX, Community Equity Strategist, Girl Dad and Abolitionist, Marcus Carter II. In the #SophisticatedHour we learn about Marcus and his various roles in both the tech and Black communities. We talk about EDI/DEI work, how tech became the front runner within the workplace, and how reform of existing systems is a pipe dream. In the #UnrefinedHour we drag #TerryCrews for his latest antics, how powerful NBA/WNBA strikes would be and how hard it is to see people you respect have wild takes on important issues. Listen up!

    Episode 89: Just Chillin

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 20, 2020 104:05

    Join us as we record from the last day of #SneakerWeek and welcome special guest Poet and Author, Trell "Chillin" Goss. In the #SophisticatedHour we learn all about Chillin's childhood, getting into poetry and writing his first children's book. In the #UnrefinedHour we talk the new project from #Amine, being Black in Portland right now and the case of the mysterious missing mailboxes. Listen up!

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