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    Big Red Rage - Pat Tillman's Legendary Locker

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 45:50

    Ep. 566 - When Cardinals players head out to practice each day, they walk by the final locker used by the great Pat Tillman. The locker was saved from destruction during 2015 renovations at Cardinals HQ in Tempe. Paul Calvisi tells the incredible story of how a longtime employee was in the right place at the right time to intercept the locker from the buzzsaw. See for privacy information.

    Red Sea Report - Thompson Ready For Breakout Season

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 44:22

    Safety Jalen Thompson has received praise from both coaches and players during the offseason. Is he ready for a breakout season? Craig Grialou and Paul Calvisi discuss Thompson's rising star. Plus, discussions about the defensive line, run game, tight end position and the edge rusher opposite Markus Golden. See for privacy information.

    Big Red Rage - Talking Center With A.Q. Shipley

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 45:34

    Ep. 565 - Former Cardinals center A.Q. Shipley joined Paul Calvisi and Rob Fredrickson to talk about all the questions surrounding his former position. Can Justin Pugh simply slide over to center with no game experience? How much of playing center is mental? Shipley also discusses the growth he has seen from Kyler Murray heading into his fourth NFL season. Calvisi and Fredrickson examine the Kyler Murray to Hollywood Brown connection as well as the middle linebackers and what can help them succeed. See for privacy information.

    Cardinals Underground - Of Scorpions And Scrutiny

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 53:49

    Before the trio take a summer hiatus, Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban, and Dani Sureck discuss scorpion (semi-)horror stories, as well as deep dive into some other football topics as the dead of the offseason approaches. Among the discussion points: The addition of Josh Jackson and the cornerback position, Markus Golden's mindset, contract extensions that may or may not be on the horizon, the need for J.J. Watt with the pass rush, potential Keim Time Signs, impact battles between key players on each side of the ball, Paul's quest for a new motto, and what makes a good vacation.

    Red Sea Report - Cardinals Hope 1 + 2 = Touchdowns

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 45:40

    The Cardinals offense should be interesting to watch in 2022 after the addition of wide receiver Marquise "Hollywood" Brown. Dani Sureck, Paul Calvisi and Kyle Vanden Bosch discuss how Kyler Murray's former college teammate will fit into Kliff Kingsbury's scheme. Plus, discussions on the uncertainty at the center position, a pair of pass-rushing rookies and running back Eno Benjamin receiving unsolicited praise throughout the offseason.

    The Dave Pasch Podcast - Justin Pugh

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 29:20

    Ep. 32 - Offensive lineman and former first-round NFL draft pick Justin Pugh joins Dave Pasch to talk about nearly retiring after the 2021 season, working at center during the offseason, his faith in cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray and the evolution of the offense under head coach Kliff Kingsbury. Pugh also tells Pasch about the best gift he received from a quarterback, his post-football aspirations and why 2021 might have been his best season to date.

    Big Red Rage - Thomas Hopes Intensity And Effort Pay Off

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 45:28

    Ep. 564 - The Cardinals pass rush has been a top storyline following the departure of Chandler Jones during free agency. The team hopes that third-round draft choice Cameron Thomas can help fill the void left by Jones. Thomas joined Paul Calvisi to talk about playing an intense brand of football, his versatility, 2022 expectations and meeting J.J. Watt for the first time. Plus, Ron Wolfley and Calvisi discuss how the offensive line will deal with the absence of center Rodney Hudson, the Kyler to Hollywood connection, a stacked running back room and which position battles will be the most intense during training camp.

    Cardinals Underground - An Offseason Over, Training Camp Next

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 57:12

    Paul Calvisi leads Darren Urban and Dani Sureck into some BTS talk – mostly behind the scenes, as they discuss a never-boring offseason now that minicamp is over. The trio get into the question at center and Rodney Hudson, defensive versatility and where Isaiah Simmons and Zaven Collins might work, the crowded running back room and where Eno Benjamin fits, burgeoning leadership and accountability from younger players, the importance of J.J. Watt's health, Hollywood's work ethic, Maxx Williams mystery, Collins as play caller and, of course, Kyler's contract talks.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Next Stop Training Camp

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 58:45

    Ep. 570 - The offseason officially ended on Wednesday, one day ahead of schedule. Kliff Kingsbury decided to cancel the last day of mandatory minicamp, something he has done in previous years. So with the players, and eventually the coaches, off now until training camp, it's time to look back. Craig Grialou and Paul Calvisi review the highs and lows of what turned out to be an eventful offseason. What did the guys learn? And, maybe more importantly, what are the questions—perhaps even some concerns—before the team reconvenes in six weeks?

    Red Sea Report - Cardinals Get Physical In RB Room

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 45:38

    The Cardinals retained running back James Conner, signed Darrel Williams as a free agent and selected Keaontay Ingram in the draft. All of those backs have a common trait. They are big. Craig Grialou and Kyle Vanden Bosch talk about the size, depth and competition at the running back position and how the Cardinals ground game could be a strength in 2022. Plus, discussions on the start of mandatory minicamp, the future of Zaven Collins and how the pass rush might be more by committee after the departure of Chandler Jones.

    Big Red Rage - Pass Rush Forecast

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 45:27

    Ep. 563 - It's no secret that it will be difficult for the Cardinals to replace the production of pass rusher Chandler Jones. How can they find success? Outside linebackers coach Charlie Bullen joined Paul Calvisi and Ron Wolfley to talk about ways to get to the quarterback, Vance Joseph's scheme, the potential of young draftees Cameron Thomas and Myjai Sanders and the benefits of offseason workouts. Plus, Calvisi and Wolf discuss the need for Zaven Collins to step up, James Conner being a complete back and much more.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - The J.J. Watt Effect

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 43:55

    Ep. 569 - Great players make those around them better. Great players also make those around them _want_ to be better. J.J. Watt is such a player. Craig Grialou and Dani Sureck talk about Watt's presence here this offseason, specifically his participation in OTAs. Remember, it is voluntary. Also up for discussion is how to best handle DeAndre Hopkins' absence and whether or not Zach Ertz might be a viable option as an outside receiver; plus, Kliff Kingsbury is a top-5 head coach and the rest of the NFC West is the middle of minicamp.

    The Dave Pasch Podcast - Zach Ertz

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 35:01

    Ep. 31 - Super Bowl champion Zach Ertz joins Dave Pasch to discuss preparations for his first full season in Arizona, how his departure from the Philadelphia Eagles went down, where Kyler Murray ranks among the quarterbacks he's played with, the outlook for the Cardinals offense and Kliff Kingsbury's importance to the organization. Ertz also talks about his new look, the ongoing “donutgate” battle with J.J. Watt and what it will be like to be a first-time father.

    Red Sea Report - Watt Powers Defense In Many Ways

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 45:43

    Craig Grialou and Kyle Vanden Bosch break down the latest from Cardinals OTA sessions including the future of D.J. Humphries at left tackle, Kyler Murray being the long-term answer at QB, J.J. Watt's impact on the defense, generating a pass rush without Chandler Jones and why Zach Ertz chose to remain in Arizona.

    Cardinals Underground - Highway To The Danger Zone

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 53:47

    Poor Paul Calvisi can't get a ticket for the new Top Gun movie (but he is confident he is taller than Tom Cruise), yet he is ready to lead Darren Urban and Dani Sureck into this week's podcast. The crew talks D-Hop's birthday, Aaron Donald's new contract, a potential D.J. Humphries extension and the status of the entire offensive line; a potential parallel between Hicks/Collins and Beachum/Jones; what the pass rush might need; a power ranking of Keim Time Sign needs; a potential punter battle; and Dani tells us about bowling with BCBC.

    Big Red Rage - Kennard Ready For Opportunity

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 45:31

    Ep. 562 - Linebacker Devon Kennard joined Paul Calvisi to talk about how he feels heading into his ninth NFL season, how he sees the pass rush after the departure of Chandler Jones, the arrival of young pass rushers through the draft, expectations for Isaiah Simmons and Zaven Collins and his many off-field interests including real estate. Plus, Ron Wolfley joins Calvisi to discuss the tragic passing of Jeff Gladney, Kyler Murray joining voluntary OTAs, Rondale Moore's upside and much more.

    Cardinals Underground - Coping And Kyler

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 46:35

    It is a difficult week for the Cardinals, who lost a teammate and, for some, a friend after the passing of Jeff Gladney. Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck discuss how the Cards are coping while Kyler Murray returned to work for the first time this offseason. Murray's presence brings up a host of topics: Kyler's evolving leadership, his potential contract and when it might happen, how the Cardinals got “comfortable” late last season, and the Kyler-to-Hollywood Brown connection. Vance Joseph also talked about the learning curve for Zaven Collins and Isaiah Simmons, and Paul already wants to bring up the season-opener.

    Red Sea Report - Hollywood's Role

    Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2022 45:37

    Our episode begins with the sad news of Jeff Gladney's passing in Dallas over Memorial Day weekend. Craig Grialou, Darren Urban and Drew Stanton share their thoughts on Gladney's young life ending too soon. As difficult as it is, there is still some football discussion: Marquise Brown's role in the Cardinals offense and how it might change when DeAndre Hopkins returns from his six-game suspension, big years upcoming for both Zaven Collins and Isaiah Simmons and which rookies might contribute right away.

    Big Red Rage - Keaontay Ingram Aims To Make Mark

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 45:32

    Ep. 561 - Rookie running back Keaontay Ingram joined Paul Calvisi to talk about being selected by the Cardinals in the sixth round, his running style, looking up to Adrian Peterson, his preference on using speed or power and looking forward to learning from James Conner. Plus, Calvisi is joined by Ron Wolfley to talk about the start of OTAs, the running back room, what's in store for Kyler Murray and the Cardinals being featured on the in-season edition of HBO's Hard Knocks.

    Cardinals Underground - Knocking Around On Camera

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 66:29

    Hard Knocks is coming to the Cardinals, and the stars won't be Bo Whitlock or James the dentist, but it's a topic ripe for discussion between Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck. There is also plenty of banter about the Cards choosing to get on Hard Knocks to help with the second half of the season, the comfort level that might have undercut the Cardinals down the stretch in 2021, a potential new running back, Kyler Murray's presence/absence at OTAs, Murray's contract timeline, the latest power rankings, Dennis Gardeck and what's left to do at edge rusher, playing international games, and an off-the-cuff delving into the miracle and mystery of driver's ed.

    Red Sea Report - It's A Hard Knocks Life For Us

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 45:44

    It's been a busy start to the week at Cardinals HQ in Tempe. Dani Sureck, Mike Jurecki and former Cardinals QB Drew Stanton are here to break it down. On Monday, it was learned that the Cardinals will be featured on the in-season edition of "Hard Knocks" starting in November. Stanton, who has been part of "Hard Knocks" in 2018 while with the Browns and the 2015 "All or Nothing" series with the Cardinals, weighs in on the pros and cons of being featured on the show. Plus, Stanton offers his opinion on organized team activities and explains how they can help everyone from rookies to the most seasoned veterans.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - OTAs Underway and a Big Announcement

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 37:28

    Ep. 568 - Voluntary organized team activities kicked off this week and not every veteran was in attendance. How concerning is that this early in the off-season? Dani Sureck and Mike Jurecki discuss what they saw on the field from the first day of OTAs including what they liked from the newest Cardinals acquired through both the draft and free agency. The pair also talk about the pros and cons of the Cardinals being announced as the in-season team featured on this season of HBO's “Hard Knocks”.

    Big Red Rage - Introducing Lecitus Smith

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 45:28

    Ep. 560 - Former Virginia Tech guard Lecitus Smith joins Paul Calvisi to talk about being drafted by the Cardinals in the sixth round, the recent rookie minicamp, his playing style and on-field demeanor, and his special pork chop recipe. Plus, Calvisi is joined by Ron Wolfley to discuss young linebackers Isaiah Simmons and Zaven Collins, rookie tight end Trey McBride's potential, the 2022 schedule and more.

    La Tacleada Cardinals - Analizando El Calendario De Temporada

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 41:56

    Ep. 33 - Luis Hernández y Rolando Cantú nos presentan el análisis del calendario de los Cardinals en este 2022. Cuántos juego pueden ganar? Cuál es el rival más complicado? Además nos presentan su menú acostumbrado...En qué ciudad se come mejor? A dónde está la mejor comida cuando vayan de visitantes?

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Year 2 For Zaven Collins

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 51:56

    Ep. 567 - It was an up-and-down rookie season for Zaven Collins, the team's first-round draft pick in 2021. There were lessons learned, and more importantly, experienced gained. So where does Collins go from here? Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki discuss Year 2 for Collins. A lot is expected. The good news, and give Collins credit, he's been putting in the work here this offseason. Also, six tryout players were signed following rookie minicamp. Six out of the 33 who were invited. Five of them are offensive players, including a pair of wide receivers. The guys spotlight each one.

    Red Sea Report - Expectations Grow For Collins And Simmons

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 45:44

    The Cardinals linebackers will have a new look in 2022. With veteran Jordan Hicks moving on to Minnesota, expectations are on the rise for Zaven Collins and Isaiah Simmons. Craig Grailou, Mike Jurecki and Kyle Vanden Bosch talk about how the former first-round selections can make a greater impact. Plus, discussions about the 2022 schedule, the recent rookie minicamp and how the Cardinals can survive the six-game suspension of DeAndre Hopkins.

    Cardinals Underground - Sorry Not Sorry

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 64:43

    Paul Calvisi and Dani Sureck get a primetime mea culpa from Darren Urban, and that's just the beginning of this week's podcast, which includes talk about those first six D-Hop-less games, how you rate a schedule, what was seen at rookie minicamp, the impact of Hollywood Brown on Kyler Murray in the locker room, potentially disguising the offense, how the rookie outside linebackers translate to the pros, analyzing just what kind of defense the Cardinals have, buying dinner for your parents as an adult, the look at cornerback, the best primetime game, roasting Tom Brady and Darren's near-death experience.

    The Dave Pasch Podcast - J.J. Watt

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 32:07

    Ep. 30 - Three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year J.J. Watt joins Dave Pasch to talk about the upcoming Arizona Cardinals season, the team's offseason moves, how Isaiah Simmons and Zaven Collins can elevate their game and what's next for Kyler Murray. Watt also discusses the NBA playoffs, his post-NFL playing future, growing up a hockey player and his recent gathering with sports fans at a local dive bar.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Rookie Minicamp Review

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 48:07

    Ep. 566 - It may have been just three days, but they were three important days. Remember, the goal of every player is to make a good first impression. Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki discuss the now-completed rookie minicamp. How did the draft class look? Any of the undrafted free agents stand out? And keep in mind, it is early. Also on the table in today's episode, Kliff Kingsbury comments on the DeAndre Hopkins suspension and just-released schedule. Plus, a veteran has been added in the defensive line room.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Studying The Schedule

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 47:17

    Ep. 565 - Four primetime games. The bye week arrives in Week 13. The home opener will be against Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs. Those are just some of the highlights of the Cardinals' 2022 regular-season schedule, which has officially been released. Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki give their thoughts on how the 17 games are laid out over 18 weeks. They pay particular attention to the season's start—remember DeAndre Hopkins will miss the first six games—and the finish; certainly don't want to see another late-season collapse.

    Big Red Rage - Cardinals Schedule Analysis

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 45:32

    Ep. 559 - After weeks of anticipation, the Cardinals' 2022 schedule has arrived. Paul Calvisi and Ron Wolfley provide their initial reaction to all the juicy matchups from a slate packed with intrigue. Which of the Cardinals' four primetime games is the biggest? How will the Cardinals fare in Week 1 against the explosive Kanas City Chiefs? We will find out soon enough.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Welcome, Rookies

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 50:24

    Ep. 564 - Well, they're finally here. Two weeks after their selection, the Cardinals' 2022 Draft Class has arrived. The eight players, highlighted by tight end Trey McBride plus edge rushers Cameron Thomas and Myjai Sanders, will get their first taste of life in the NFL with rookie minicamp this weekend. Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki talk about what they want and hope to see over the next three days. Plus, it is official. Finally. Kliff Kingsbury's coaching staff is complete. Five assistants have been promoted and Matt Burke is the new defensive line coach.

    Cardinals Underground - Smells Like Team Schedule

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 65:53

    Paul Calvisi only wishes Dani Sureck was better about watching old Nirvana videos. Alas, no, so the two – along with Darren Urban – have other stuff to talk about. What's the best game on the Cardinals' upcoming schedule? The best road trip? The place where you should eat crickets? And what else can they debate? How about the Cardinals' run defense, and how important it might be to the Cardinals' success? There's also discussion about primetime games, what happens at tight end, what it means to have D-Hop missing so many games early, free agents the Cardinals still might sign, the depth at center, and key promotions on the coaching staff.

    Red Sea Report - Rookies Arrive This Week

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 45:43

    The Cardinals will get their first look at the 2022 draft class and undrafted free agents this week when the team holds rookie minicamp Friday though Sunday. Drew Stanton shares his own rookie camp experiences with Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki. The guys also discuss what the Cardinals offense might look like during DeAndre Hopkins' six-game suspension, the upcoming NFL schedule release, a handful of coaching promotions and much more.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Filling The Hopkins Void

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 48:21

    Ep. 563 - Without DeAndre Hopkins, what is the offense going to look like? Good question. The good news is the Cardinals have two things going for them: 1) time and 2) options. Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki focus on the latter. From Marquise Brown to A.J. Green to Antoine Wesley plus don't forget about the tight end and running back; all will be needed to help fill a rather large hole on offense. Also, the guys discuss whether the defense may need to add another piece, specifically a veteran presence on the defensive line.

    Big Red Rage - Hooray For Hollywood

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 45:27

    Ep. 558 - The Cardinals made a splash in the first round of the NFL Draft when they acquired wide receiver Marquise “Hollywood” Brown via trade with the Ravens. The move looks even better after it was revealed that DeAndre Hopkins will miss the first six games of the season due to suspension. Brown joined Paul Calvisi the day after the trade to talk about his role with the Cardinals, reuniting with his college QB Kyler Murray and how his practice habits translate to games. Plus, Ron Wolfley joins Calvisi to discuss all of the Cardinals draft picks and who can make the greatest impact on the 2022 season.

    La Tacleada Cardinals - Estamos Listos Para Los 49ers En México

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 33:39

    Ep. 32 - Luis Hernández y Rolando Cantú nos hablan del anuncio oficial sobre el rival que tendremos en CDMX en noviembre. Una vez más serán los 49ers a quienes enfrentaremos en el Estadio Azteca. Hay mucha historia entre dos equipos. Además se analizó el Draft del equipo en este 2022. Se tiene lo necesario para competir?

    Cardinals Cover 2 – Return To Estadio Azteca

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 53:26

    Ep. 562 - A rematch 17 years in the making. It is official. The Cardinals will play the San Francisco 49ers in Mexico City on Monday, November 21st. That's right, Monday Night Football. The Cardinals and 49ers played the NFL's first-ever regular-season-game outside the U.S. in 2005, and now they meet again. Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki react to the Week 11 matchup. Also, Rolando Cantu joins the show. He helps explain the excitement and significance of the NFL returning south of the border for the first time since 2019.

    Cardinals Underground - Hopping Into Wideout Issues

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 66:59

    Sure, it was draft weekend, but let's face it – the bigger news for Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck to hash out all were in the wide receiver room: the trade for Hollywood Brown and the suspension of DeAndre Hopkins. What do each of these things mean for the Cardinals in 2022? That's something for our trio to chew on, including how this mirrors (or doesn't) the 2019 suspension of Patrick Peterson. They also talk about how Kliff Kingsbury and the offense can work those first six games, why the Cardinals took a tight end over pass rushers in Round 2, the battle in the offensive backfield, whether the draft duo of Cameron Thomas and Myjai Sanders can produce as rookie pass rushers, a look around the NFC West, and Dani's inability to keep her yawns out of this professional broadcast.

    Red Sea Report - Unpacking The Cardinals Draft

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 45:44

    The Cardinals were dealt a major blow on Monday after news broke of a six-game suspension for star receiver DeAndre Hopkins. Craig Grialou, Mike Jurecki and Kyle Vanden Bosch discuss how Marquise Brown will be counted on even more to start the season. Plus, we'll unpack the draft and talk about the latest additions to the team. Who is poised to make an immediate impact? Who has the best chance to help the team down the road?

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Draft Grades

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 49:35

    Ep. 561 - Because that's what everyone wants to know immediately after the draft, how did my team do? Very well, apparently. The national or outsider's perspective was fair and pretty consistent across the board. Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki discuss what is being written about the Cardinals' eight draft picks. The guys also look at how the draft went for the rest of the NFC West. First though, the news that DeAndre Hopkins will miss the season's first six games is certainly not the news anyone wanted to hear to begin the week.

    The Dave Pasch Podcast - Quentin Harris

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 38:36

    Ep. 29 - Cardinals vice president of player personnel Quentin Harris joined Dave Pasch to talk about the acquisition of wide receiver Marquise ‘Hollywood' Brown via trade, his potential role in the offense and why the move makes sense. Harris and Pasch also discuss several members of the 2022 draft class and how some can help improve the team immediately. Plus, Harris details how he ended up with a career in player personnel and what it was like to interview for New York Giants vacant GM position earlier in the offseason.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Five New Faces Brings Draft Class To Eight

    Play Episode Listen Later May 1, 2022 36:16

    Ep. 560 - A running back, cornerback, outside linebacker and two offensive guards made up the Cardinals' five picks on Day 3 of the 2022 NFL Draft. Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki discuss each one, with particular interest in the team's first selection on Saturday, running back Keaontay Ingram out of USC. In total, the Cardinals added eight new players over the three days. They addressed positions of need, stayed true to their board and, oh yeah, let's not forget about the acquisition of Marquise ‘Hollywood' Brown. In other words, it was a very productive draft.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Edge Rusher Addressed, Tight End Added

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2022 34:10

    Ep. 559 - Day 2 of the 2022 NFL Draft saw the Cardinals double down on their biggest need: edge rusher. The Cardinals spent their third-round selections on San Diego State's Cameron Thomas and Cincinnati's Myjai Sanders, a pair of defensive ends who will line up at outside linebacker. That all, though, occurred after the Cardinals added Colorado State tight end Trey McBride, a player too-talented to pass up in the second round. Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki react to all three selections plus give their first impressions of Marquise ‘Hollywood' Brown.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - ‘Hollywood' Comes To Arizona

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 34:13

    Ep. 558 - Rather than draft a player, the Cardinals chose to acquire a player via trade with their 2022 first-round pick. Welcome Marquise ‘Hollywood' Brown to the desert. Certainly a surprise, and a very good surprise on Day 1 of the NFL Draft. Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki react to the move; what it means both short-term and long-term for the team. Plus, what it means for Kyler Murray, who is now reunited with his former Oklahoma wide receiver. They were dynamic together in college, and there's no reason why they can't be dynamic together in the pros.

    Big Red Rage - Gentlemen, State Your Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 45:35

    Ep. 557 - With the NFL Draft under 24 hours away, Paul Calvisi, Ron Wolfley and Dave Pasch come together to discuss the many possibilities the Cardinals could face when selecting 23rd overall. The guys speculate on several prospects and make their final predictions before the real thing takes place on Thursday night in Las Vegas. Who will become the newest members of the Arizona Cardinals?

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Time To Mock-It-Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 57:18

    Ep. 557 - Predicting what will happen in the NFL Draft can be an exercise in futility. Especially this year. Yet, Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki are going to give it a try. What's another mock draft, right? How do they see the first round going? And more importantly, who's the Cardinals' pick at No. 23? Based on this mock draft, fans should be happy with the selection as wide receiver does fill a need. Also, the guys discuss the two recent roster moves. GM Steve Keim continues to prioritize retaining players from last season.

    Cardinals Underground - On The Clock For Draft Week

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 65:49

    Draft talk may be full of smokescreens, but Paul Calvisi, Darren Urban and Dani Sureck have nothing to hide when it comes to discussing every angle about the Cardinals' 23rd pick -- and what to do with it. The trio discuss the needs the Cardinals have (and whether that ultimately makes for the deciding factor in the first-round choice), whether taking a wide receiver is smart, the value of premium positions (and maybe not taking any offensive lineman but a left tackle in the first), 'zero chance' Kyler Murray is traded, Paul's gig as draft party host, and they make their ultimate pick what will happen at 23.

    Red Sea Report - Reading Cards In 2022 NFL Draft

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 45:45

    What will the Cardinals do with the 23rd overall pick in the NFL Draft? It's very hard to predict. Craig Grialou, Mike Jurecki and Drew Stanton present a number of different scenarios the Cardinals could face on Thursday. Plus, Stanton talks about early-round roster building and offers thoughts on the return of A.J. Green and the upside of Rondale Moore.

    Cardinals Cover 2 - Welcome To Draft Week

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 53:24

    Ep. 556 - Now only three days away, the 2022 NFL Draft remains a great mystery. Who will be the No. 1 overall pick? How many quarterbacks will be selected in the first round? More importantly, what will the Cardinals do when it's their turn? Craig Grialou and Mike Jurecki speculate—and, really, that's all anyone is doing or has done over the past several weeks and months. With the 23rd overall pick, the Cardinals could look at any number of positions. Then there's also the possibility of moving off that pick. Might they trade up? Or, perhaps more likely, trade down?

    Big Red Rage - Green Vows Improved Chemistry With Murray

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 45:28

    Ep. 556 - Wide receiver A.J. Green returned to Arizona this week after signing a new contract to stay with the Cardinals. Paul Calvisi chats with Green about his 2021 season, the future of the offense and the need to improve chemistry with quarterback Kyler Murray. Calvisi and Ron Wolfley also react to GM Steve Keim declaring "no chance" when asked about a potential trade involving Murray and Kyler's response to those comments on social media. Plus, more draft talk and discussion about the Cardinals potentially finding more veteran help later in the offseason.

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