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Founded in 2014, Basketball Society is a lifestyle brand and multimedia network that provides diverse and insightful basketball coverage, hosts/sponsors basketball events and experiences, and offers skills training and development resources for players and teams. Our mission is to help people utiliz…

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    Ben Simmons gets robbed | The Atlantic Files Ep181

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2021 24:51

    Can we just take a moment to realize that the East has four of the most explosive and exciting players left in the post-season right now? The NBA Eastern Conference playoffs have been a roller coaster ride of sweeps, good games, offensive showcases, and even some defensive battles. That's no different when it comes to the Philadelphia 76ers and Brooklyn Nets so far. Before we get to the playoff updates, we have to take note that both Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons ended up getting second place in the MVP and Defensive Player of the Year awards respectively. One due to missed games the other due advanced statistics. Philly just gained an even bigger chip on their shoulder if it wasn't enough to already be considered an Eastern underdog as a first seed. Then we get to the playoffs and the Brooklyn Nets have been dominating throughout both of their series so far. This isn't far from what everyone expected, but still pretty impressive nonetheless. Even though this podcast was recorded before the game started, we also have to point out that it was crazy that Game Three of this series ended at only 86-83. What is this, the ‘90s?! Moving on to Philly. Game Two was more of what the Sixers have looked like all season. They controlled the tempo and the game right from the tip-off and Atlanta just could not fully catch up and take a lead. Then, all of a sudden, BAM, Shake Milton happens! His resurgence couldn't have come at a better time and couldn't be a better definition of ‘stay ready so you don't have to get ready.' We're here for all the excitement and all the drama as the Nets try to win Game Four and the Sixers go to Atlanta and try to take back their home court advantage! Timestamps: 0:00 Intro 1:10 Milwaukee vs Brooklyn Series 1:45 Nets stats with Kevin Durant On/Off court 4:45 Nets stats with Kyrie Irving On/Off court 6:40 Nets stats with James Harden on/off court 10:50 Ben Simmons getting 2nd in DPoY to Rudy Gobert 16:05 Ben Simmons defensive Stats against Trae Young 19:00 Joel Embiid scoring stats and Sixers series vs Hawks

    Joel Embiid's injury and impact | The Atlantic Files Ep180

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 4, 2021 24:02

    We now move on to the second round of the NBA Playoffs! Joel Embiid has injury concerns, yet again, and the Brooklyn Nets have to take on the Milwaukee Bucks.  The Philadelphia 76ers played a great series against the Washington Wizards, but they move on from the series wounded and taking a huge hit. Joel Embiid has a small lateral tear in his meniscus and it could mean trouble for him and the team.  Trae Young kept on playing his new villain role and took over New York City. He gashed the New York Knicks and took the Hawks to a 4-1 series win that left the Knicks wondering what happened.  Finally, the Nets took out the battered and bruised Boston Celtics in five games. Their offense was high-powered, but the defense left a lot to be desired. Now, they have to take on the Milwaukee Bucks, who not only scored a ton on the Miami Heat but also shut them down defensively on top of it.  In the East, this second round is going to provide a lot of drama and two very good series depending on player health. Let's all hope they both go seven so we get even more excitement! Listen to the full episode below! Timestamps: 2:10 - Boston Celtics vs Brooklyn Nets series 3:45 - Milwaukee Bucks vs Brooklyn Nets series preview 9:30 - Atlanta Hawks vs New York Knicks series 16:05 - Philadelphia 76ers vs Washington Wizards series 17:15 - Philadelphia 76ers vs Atlanta Hawks series preview

    George Hill the X-Factor | The Atlantic Files Ep179

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2021 30:39

    The most wonderful time of the year is really here and it's been great so far. NBA Playoffs heading into the great summer weather are something that just can uplift any basketball fan. Even ones that would be watching to see if George Hill is an x-factor. In this week's episode of the Atlantic Files, we dive into the first round of the playoffs as four Atlantic teams are all currently in the midst of some battles and even some easy series. The Philadelphia 76ers have been breezing through the Washington Wizards so far. Bradley Beal sure has been cooking, but the rest of the team, even Russell Westbrook, has not quite gotten up to his level just yet.  Brooklyn and Boston are going through a series that really looks like an easy sweep, especially if Jayson Tatum isn't 100% healthy for the rest of this. Kevin Durant is in playoff mode right now and has just been ridiculously efficient! Finally, we have the New York Knicks in a tough battle against Trae Young and the Atlanta Hawks. After dropping a game at home, the Knicks are going to have to dig deep and get at least one win in Atlanta now to keep the home-court advantage.  This week, we also introduce a new segment! We call this one Rant of the Week as we talk about the crazy fans that all made the news for some disgusting and disrespectful acts this week. Timestamps: 2:05 - Brooklyn Nets vs Boston Celtics Series 9:35 - Philadelphia 76ers vs Washington Wizards series and George Hill being an x-factor 17:10 - New York Knicks vs Atlanta Hawks series 25:20 - Rant of the Week: Dumb Fans at NBA Games

    NBA Playoffs are back! | The Atlantic Files Ep178

    Play Episode Listen Later May 21, 2021 22:52

    The NBA Playoffs are here, everyone can rejoice! It does mark the end of the season, which is saddening, but at least the crazy schedule is done. Next season will bring a more normal type of season and hopefully fewer injuries as well. A lot of people are lamenting the play-in tournament, but we love it! These extra games make the regular season more important to those playoff teams and it even makes it more exciting to the ones who may have slipped due to whatever reasons. The fact that they introduced it during one of the tightest packed schedules is the main issue, but with a regular type of schedule, this would work beautifully. Either way, four Atlantic teams have moved on to the postseason, but two of them have to face off during the first round. The Boston Celtics vs the Brooklyn Nets should be somewhat interesting of a series, but especially with Jaylen Brown out we all know the outcome of this one. Then, the Sixers and Knicks could be on a crash course if they both win their own first-round matchups.

    The New York Knicks are back! | The Atlantic Files Ep177

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2021 22:49

    You read that headline correctly, don't act like you haven't heard about it either! The New York Knicks are back, baby! Oh, they're here to stay too! Currently, the Knicks are the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference and they even are third in the Atlantic Division only behind the Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers. Before this season began, we did not think the Knicks would be anywhere close to where they are right now.  The defense is brand new and very good. Coach Thibodeau has the entire culture and energy flipped upside down compared to last season. Guys are standing up and off the bench throughout the whole game cheering their teammates on at all times. Everyone has a tremendous amount of respect for each other and the coaching staff.  On top of that, you have Julius Randle playing like the Most Improved Player of the Year and Immanuel Quickley playing like the Rookie of the Year if only he got some more minutes. At this point of the season, if you don't have either of these guys on your radar or ladders for the awards, you're sadly mistaken. PLUS, RJ Barrett is really playing like a future All-Star and maybe even an All-NBA level.  Throw all of that together and you have a recipe for a very dangerous team to face in the playoffs. We would not be surprised at all if they won a first-round matchup and even pushed their second-round opponent to the brink of elimination. This is a serious worst-to-first type of story, and the state of the NBA is just better when the Knicks are better.

    The Boston Celtics need help | The Atlantic Files Ep176

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 19, 2021 25:03

    March Madness is in full swing, the second half of the NBA season is here, and the weather is getting warmer for those in the northern hemisphere! Always the best time of the year and we're here for all of the basketball fun.  This week we need to catch up with some of the big news and the standings in the Atlantic. It has been a while and a lot of moving, so we're glad we get to catch up with everyone again! Something very mediocre is brewing in Boston right now. The Boston Celtics are nowhere near as big of a championship threat as they were originally predicted to be. Yes, the season has been crazy with covid and all sorts of schedule changes, but the roster makeup is starting to show holes.  So this begs the question, what does Boston need to really be a true contender this year? Well, we bring THREE main bullet points that the Celtics are going to have to address if they truly want to win a ring during this crazy season. Then, it's time to talk about the Toronto Raptors. This season seems more of a lost cause when it comes to winning a championship. They definitely can make the playoffs, but they also could get some valuable assets for some of the pieces they have that won't necessarily be there long term.  Kyle Lowry, Norman Powell, and Chris Boucher are all names that could be heard on the trade block. Maybe they need to be shopped a little more aggressively and maybe they should be thinking for next season instead of trying to salvage a first or second-round exit this season. All of this and more on the latest episode below! Timestamps: 4:50 - Three things the Boston Celtics need to be championship contenders 21:10 - What pieces should the Toronto Raptors trade away?

    Xavier Silas' Coaching Journey | The Atlantic Files Ep175

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2021 32:02

    Anyone who's been watching basketball for the last decade has heard the name Xavier Silas. Whether it's college basketball, NBA, professionally overseas, the Big 3, or even The Basketball Tournament, Xavier Silas' name has come up. If you haven't heard the name, then you haven't been paying attention. Silas had a long playing career that took him to many places all over the world. Even played in the G League where he got the chance to play for Team USA too. Now that he's only making playing appearances in The Basketball Tournament over the summer, he's shifted his attention to coaching and running AAU or high school programs.  An AAU program is where it all started. After developing the program based out of Colorado, he then went through a coaching program with the NBA and landed a job as an assistant coach for the Delaware Blue Coats of the G League.  Last season, the Blue Coats had one of the best defenses in the league while still showcasing a high-powered offense. Silas had a big hand in this as he was helping with both sides of the ball at different parts of the season. Fast forward to this season that just started in the Disney bubble, and the Blue Coats are playing at one of the fastest paces in the G League while also placing in the top five in assist percentage, assists, points scored, and turnovers on both sides of the ball.  They're now the only undefeated team left after the G League Ignite team fell on Wednesday night.  Xavier Silas credits a lot of people for the inspiration to coach and the guidance to get him where he is. Everyone from people he's played with, against, for, and coached with. Now, he continues to make his own stepping stones towards a head coaching gig. The G League coaching job helps with the X's and O's, but the creation of the Colorado Prep school gives him all the surrounding experience that a college coach would experience. Hear about all of this and more in the latest episode below! Timestamps: 0:00 - Intro and Atlantic Division standings update 3:25 - Interview with Xavier Silas

    Ben Simmons is DPoY worthy | Atlantic Files Ep174

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 12, 2021 16:59

    The Atlantic Division has had a couple of notable situations take place in just the last week. Derrick Rose has been traded to the New York Knicks and Ben Simmons said he's the best defender in the NBA. Neither of these things really has changed the landscape of the league nor the Atlantic Division itself. Some people might be enthralled with Rose going to New York, but in reality, it isn't moving the needle in either way. Derrick Rose has one of the most inspiring stories in NBA history and he has worked incredibly hard to still be a meaningful contributor on a team. While his experience and skill set will be useful in New York, it's not going to push them any further than they were already projected. Then, we have Ben Simmons catching a lot of flack for what he said in a post-game presser. Confidence is key in any sport, especially on the defensive side of the ball in the NBA. His defense has been noted by a lot of people across the league, but fans keep letting his jump shot overshadow anything else he does. Finally, we have gotten a second round of NBA All-Star voting returns. The top vote-getters are not surprising at all. We've seen them there before and they probably will continue to be the top voted players for years to come. The fringe players are the ones that are surprising though. Alex Caruso, Derrick Rose, and Russell Westbrook getting the same or more votes as someone like Fred VanVleet? Make it make sense! All of that and more on the latest episode below! Timestamps: 2:00 - Derrick Rose traded to the New York Knicks 7:20 - Ben Simmons says he's the best defender in the NBA 11:30 - 2021 NBA All-Star voting returns

    Caris LeVert's blessing in disguise | The Atlantic Files Ep173

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 29, 2021 13:16

    By now, we're sure that everyone has seen the news about Caris LeVert's scary cancer situation. This trade that sent LeVert to Indiana could very well have saved his life!  Joining us this week to talk about everything cancer related is Deanna Bianchini. She works as a Physician Assistant in Oncology. For those who don't know, oncology is the study of cancer. She came to give her expertise on the whole situation and how much of a blessing in disguise this trade truly could be. Cancer is always a serious conversation. There are many cancer awareness campaigns and kidney cancer is not one of those that people often hear about. We had a great conversation with Ms. Bianchini, and everyone can learn a lot about kidney cancer and the complications that come with it! Before we get to that conversation, we had to give an update on the state of the Atlantic Division. This is the Atlantic Files after all.  The Philadelphia 76ers are still handling business, while a couple of other teams are sinking. The race for the playoffs in the East is going to be very interesting and the race for the top four seeds between Philly, Brooklyn, Indiana, and Milwaukee.  All of that and more in the latest episode below! Timestamps: 1:00 - State of the Atlantic Division 6:10 - Conversation with Deanna Bianchini, PA-C on Caris LeVert's cancer scare

    Will RJ Barrett become an All-Star? | The Atlantic Files Ep172

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 22, 2021 18:57

    Your eyes are not deceiving you. The New York Knicks are still at .500 right now and they are actually in the playoff race for the Eastern Conference. On top of that, they are the number one ranked defense in the entire league!  We have to tip our caps to Coach Tom Thibodeau on getting this Knicks team to where they are so far. We also have to give props to both RJ Barrett and Julius Randle. Two guys who have been doing the brunt of the work to get them here in the first place.  RJ Barrett had some doubts going into this season. His shooting percentages were super low and the Knicks were hoping he was going to be their big superstar one day. Over the last five games of this season, he has looked like he would deliver on that hope, however, the rest of his career so far might say otherwise. Then, in Toronto(or Tampa Bay), we have an interesting story brewing with the Raptors. Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet aren't exactly delivering everything they need to make the Raptors a playoff contender. They've been at the bottom of the East this whole time and don't look like they'll climb out very far if their play continues this way. All of that and more on the latest episode below! Timestamps: 1:10 - New York Knicks and Will RJ Barrett be an All-Star 9:42 - Are Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet actually Toronto's future?

    Who can beat the Brooklyn Nets? | The Atlantic Files Ep171

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 15, 2021 52:22

    What just happened in the NBA?! The whole landscape just shifted with a mega tilt towards the Eastern Conference. No, we're not exaggerating and if you think it is an exaggeration, then you might want to clean those glasses. James Harden is now on the Brooklyn Nets joining the likes of Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving! Who is going to be able to beat them in the Atlantic Division or even in the entire Eastern Conference? There is a very short list if there are any.  Also, what kind of ceiling do the Nets now have for this year and years to come after this deal? Is it only a one-year window or could it be more than that? Then, one of the biggest questions is what exactly is going on with Kyrie Irving, and will he be able to gel with the team as well?  Around the division, things are going quite well record-wise for the Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics. They're sitting at first and second in the East and it doesn't look like either one is going to slow up any time soon given they don't get covid after their recent issues. Joel Embiid still looks great and Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are still a very dynamic duo. Should the Sixers make a big trade after Harden didn't go to Philly? How about either Bradley Beal or Zach LaVine? Finally, we have the New York Knicks and Toronto Raptors bringing up the rear. One team is sinking and the other is rising. I'll give you a guess as to who is who. All of that and more on the latest episode below! Timestamps: 2:10 - James Harden traded to Brooklyn Nets (W/ Martin Soaries and Felix John-Baptiste) 33:25 - Philadelphia 76ers struggles and covid protocols 37:35 - Bradley Beal vs Zach LaVine, who should the Sixers trade for? 46:00 - Boston Celtics postponed games 47:15 - Toronto Raptors stepping their game up 49:15 - New York Knicks regressing to the mean

    The New York Knicks are good? | The Atlantic Files Ep170

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2021 27:52

    So here we are, finally into 2021 and about nine games into the NBA season. Thus far, this season is just as weird as the last year and or so has been. What do we mean, you might ask, well the New York Knicks actually have a winning record! You did read that last sentence correctly. The Knicks are actually playing winning basketball and we're not sure if the world is really prepared for this. Although, we could just see them crumble and then world order would then be restored. Moving to another tri-state team, the Philadelphia 76ers are at the top of the standings. Joel Embiid looks primed to win an MVP while some of the new faces on the team have stepped up and given the team a breath of fresh air. Let's not forget about Doc Rivers and the fact he could grab a Coach of the Year award as well! Then, we have the Brooklyn Nets. One of the most prolific offenses in the league while having one of the most garbage defenses to go along with it! One will have to outweigh the other in the end, but we'll have to see which wins out. In terms of the Boston Celtics, we have a real discussion brewing between Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum. Which one would you want to build with? Finally, there are the surprisingly bad Toronto Raptors. Well, we're not sure what else to say other than the fact that they're pretty bad. Hear about all of our thoughts on these topics in the full episode below! Timestamps: 1:50 - Sixers hot start and some worries 9:30 - Joel Embiid and Nikola Jokic for MVP 11:02 - Brooklyn Nets defense is garbage 14:35 - Boston Celtics and Jayson Tatum vs Jaylen Brown vs Brandon Ingram 24:10 - New York Knicks are actually winning games

    Shake Milton for Sixth man of the year | The Atlantic Files Ep169

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2020 21:02

    On this week's episode of The Atlantic Files, we go over the first round of games, Shake Milton's great first game as sixth man, the Nets dominant performance, and Jayson Tatum's heroics.

    NBA Eastern Conference Preview | The Atlantic Files Ep168

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 18, 2020 57:29

    The NBA season is officially less than one week away! After we previewed the Western Conference, it's now time to preview the Eastern Conference ahead of the 2020-21 season!  A lot of changes and power shifts have fallen onto the Eastern Conference landscape this time around. The good teams got better and a few of the bad teams made some huge moves that could vault them in front of a lot of people. For the Southeast division, the Miami Heat don't really seem to have a true challenger to their division champ status. Things are brewing down in Atlanta as the Hawks have made a big-time splash in free agency. The rest of the division, however, doesn't really seem all that exciting. Sure there are some nice talents here and there, but nothing that screams true contender. Then, we have the Central division where the rich got richer. The Milwaukee Bucks got themselves a true playoff point guard in Jrue Holiday and even re-equipped their bench. That's not to mention the fact that Giannis Antetokounmpo also signed the super max to stay in Milwaukee for five more years!  Much like the Southeast, the Central division doesn't have many other exciting teams outside of the Bucks. The Indiana Pacers are the defacto second-place team, but no one is really concerned with them come playoff time. Finally, we have the Atlantic division. This will be the most fun of maybe all the divisions across the league. The Toronto Raptors are the defending division champs, but the Celtics are knocking on their door along with the Sixers and Nets who both got better this offseason. Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are both back and ready to cause chaos in the East.  All of that and predictions for each division and the East playoffs in the full episode below! Timestamps: 1:10 - Southeast Division preview 21:15 - Central Division preview 36:00 - Atlantic Division preview

    Western Conference Preview | The Atlantic Files Ep167

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 11, 2020 40:51

    The NBA season is right around the corner again! In Atlantic Files tradition, that means it's time for some conference previews! Today, we're taking a look at the Western Conference preview. In the Northwest Division, we watched the Denver Nuggets quite comfortably take the top spot. There's no real surprise there, it was something a lot of us expected. The division might look a lot different this season though with the changes to the Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trail Blazers. Minnesota made some great draft picks, but we're not entirely confident that will help them all that much in this season. Going to the Pacific Division, there's a lot to be excited about. This division will probably be one of the biggest battles in the league. As champions, the Los Angeles Lakers will defend their crown against the likes of the Los Angeles Clippers(again), a vengeful Golden State Warriors, and a new-look Phoenix Suns. Each game is going to be hard to win in the division, and we're here for it! Finally, there's the Southwest Division which is in a sort of limbo. If James Harden stays with the Houston Rockets, then the division will get interesting. Since it looks like he will be gone, however, the division gets quite boring in terms of championship contenders.  All of that plus breakdowns for each team in the latest episode below! Timestamps: 1:50 - Northwest Division 17:15 - Pacific Division 28:45 - Southwest Division

    NBA Free Agency & Draft reactions | The Atlantic Files Ep166

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2020 49:09

    The NBA off-season has been on fire lately and we're all loving it! NBA free agency is in full swing as the Draft has already passed. Some rookies that went undrafted have now been picked up and one of the bigger named free agents denied a sign-and-trade to the Milwaukee Bucks. Madness! First things first, we must talk about each Atlantic team's draft grades and which of the five teams did the best compared to the others. Not sure if anyone else felt the same way, but the Brooklyn Nets didn't really have to care about the draft all that much. The other four teams, however, all had to take it seriously as they either built for the future or had to address needs for less money. To everyone who happens to be a New York Knicks fan, don't worry, there were more good things to say about the Knicks than bad! Then, of course, we had to touch on the madness of free agency and all these signings, failed trades, and multiple team trades going on. The Bogdan Bogdanovic sign-and-trade to Milwaukee will be a head-scratcher for years to come. Instead, he takes his talents to Atlanta while the Los Angeles Lakers somehow attain the Sixth Man of the Year and the runner-up to the same award.  Oh, plus the Charlotte Hornets are out here giving crazy contracts again! Which one of the Atlantic teams won free agency so far though? This and much more in the latest episode below! Timestamps: 1:15 - NBA Draft reactions and grades 2:15 - Brooklyn Nets draft 4:35 - Boston Celtics draft 8:05 - Toronto Raptors draft 10:50 - Philadelphia 76ers draft 14:50 - New York Knicks draft 18:15 - NBA free agency reactions

    Russell Westbrook needs new scenery | The Atlantic Files Ep165

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2020 31:36

    The NBA off-season is in full swing and everyone is going crazy with the teams that they are currently on. Russell Westbrook and PJ Tucker are both frustrated in Houston, Jrue Holiday is getting shopped around, Chris Paul is weighing his options, and Victor Oladipo is straight-up asking teams if he can play with them. Ever since Daryl Morey left Houston, the team has seen nothing but turmoil. Westbrook voiced his worries about the Rockets' future and now he wants out. On top of that, PJ Tucker was 'irate' about his contract all season and now he wants to either get paid or go somewhere else.  In other news, Jrue Holiday is still getting shopped around for the best deal that New Orleans can get. He's a guy that could fit into any team's system, so it's not surprising that a lot of teams are interested.  Chris Paul is also looking at other teams he might be interested in playing with. This is a veteran that could really elevate a championship contender and also help along with a younger team. He showed in Oklahoma City that he can really gel a younger team and make them overachieve.  Finally, we have Victor Oladipo allegedly going up to other teams, IN FRONT OF HIS TEAMMATES, and asking them if he can play with their team. The audacity of this man! All of that and more on the latest episode below! Timestamps: 1:30 - Fred Van Vleet wants his money 6:40 - Serge Ibaka leaving Toronto 7:40 - New York Knicks rumored to sign everyone again 9:15 - Jrue Holiday coming to the Atlantic? 14:50 - Where will Chris Paul land? 22:10 - PJ Tucker and Russell Westbrook upset with Houston 27:50 - Victor Oladipo with the audacity

    James Harden to Philly | The Atlantic Files Ep164

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2020 31:42

    While most of the NBA was quiet and peacefully enjoying their off-season, the Philadelphia 76ers made another personnel signing and brought in the services of Daryl Morey. This comes just about two weeks after the new of Morey stepping down. So could that mean that James Harden will follow him? If you've listened to the Atlantic Files before, then you've heard that the Sixers have needed to make front office changes for a long time now. They have their coach in Doc Rivers, they made some lesser-known changes with Peter Dinwiddie, and now they have a new President of Basketball Operations. James Harden, of course, was the next name to start popping up after this news broke. Stephen A. Smith, amongst others, have kicked around the idea of the Sixers trading for Harden and trying to compete for a ring with a duo of either Harden and Ben Simmons or Harden and Joel Embiid. This brings us to the question of which young start should they keep? Let's say Morey does influence Elton Brand and the Sixers to move on from one, should it be Simmons or Embiid? Finally, the NBA proposed a start date for the new season. The NBPA wasn't exactly on board with the decision though. A lot of star players and teams who were in the bubble believed that it was too early and would sit out a month if that were to happen. Timestamps: 1:05 - Daryl Morey to Philly 10:00 - Joel Embiid or Ben Simmons? 17:05 - James Harden coming to Philly too? 24:30 - Start date to new season proposed

    The Atlantic Files Ep163: Fred VanVleet has options

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2020 34:03

    The NBA off-season is here and the draft and free agency are about to come into full swing. More coaching positions have been filled as well. So it's time to predict some landings and talk about who might have the biggest impact. A handful of teams have filled their vacant coaching positions, most of them being playoff teams. So who's going to make the biggest impact for their new team? Tyronn Lue is a strong candidate with the Clippers, but so are Doc Rivers and Billy Donovan for the Sixers and Bulls respectively.  Then comes free agency with some big name guys all looking for contracts. Some of them, like Anthony Davis and Brandon Ingram, seem to already know where they will land but are just waiting for a big contract. Others, like Fred VanVleet, could get some interest from tons of teams around the league as well as the Raptors. Christian Wood and Jerami Grant represent the young group of guys that could be in for a nice payday. So where will these guys land?  That and more on the latest episode below! Timestamps: 1:00 - New coaching hires and ranking of the hires 14:30 - Top Free Agents and where they might land

    Daryl Morey steps down | The Atlantic Files Ep162

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2020 34:48

    Daryl Morey has stepped down, Tyronn Lue has been hired, and the Los Angeles Lakers have been crowned as the 2020 NBA Champions. So, in other words, the last week has been quite eventful.  I guess congratulations are in order for LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the rest of the Lakers. They seemed to have cruised their way to the Finals in a one-of-a-kind post-season and then took care of business against a much weaker Miami Heat team. One could say that this is downplaying the achievement, but others could say that's the truth to the matter.  Okay fine, congrats Lakers. Tyronn Lue has been hired as the head coach of the other team in Los Angeles. Now that Doc Rivers is in Philly, it'll be interesting to see if Lue can do what Rivers could not. Can he keep everyone from fighting Kawhi Leonard because of his special treatment? Micro ball in Houston is officially coming to an end and so is the Daryl Morey era. Since he took over in Houston, the Rockets have had the second-best record in the league and the only team to have not missed the playoffs. Even though they didn't win a ring, that's one hell of a resume. Teams better be lining up at his door for his services! Finally, the NBA Draft will be coming sooner than we think. So, it's time to take a look at who the potential top picks could be. Will Lamelo Ball fall further than originally thought? Who will the Warriors take to go along with the return of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green next year?  Timestamps: 1:15 - Los Angeles Lakers are the 2020 NBA Champions 8:30 - Tyronn Lue hired as Los Angeles Clippers head coach 15:30 - Daryl Morey steps down as Houston Rockets GM 19:20 - Looking at potential top picks for 2020 NBA Draft

    Lakers Lair EP. 39: LAKERS ARE 2020 NBA CHAMPIONS!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2020 63:09

    2020 was a year like no other. However, one thing that is familiar is the Lakers winning an NBA Championship at the beginning of a decade (Lakers have won a ring to start four of the last five decades). That is exactly what they did as the defeated the Miami Heat in six games. In this episode of the Lakers Lair, host Randy King and guest Matt Semione discuss what this Championship means in terms of 'Legacy' for all members of the Lakers organization. Also, don't miss the Lakers-Celtics title count discussion that King and Semione have. All this and more in a celebratory episode. So sit back, smoke a championship cigar, pop some champagne, and enjoy a golden evening inside of the Lakers Lair.

    Doc Rivers in Philly | The Atlantic Files Ep161

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2020 24:08

    Doc Rivers is headed to the opposite coast! After leaving Los Angeles he has found a landing spot in Philadelphia. I'm sure no one in Philadelphia was imagining that turn of events, but here we are. The hire of Rivers was a quality one by the Sixers front office. That doesn't exactly mean that Rivers is going to be able to turn around this team and all of a sudden win a championship though. Hiring a quality and experienced head coach was a good starting point, but there are way more issues to this team. What else needs to be done? LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers are one game away from being crowned the champs. They've been destroying every team in their wake and now they have to fend off a determined Jimmy Butler and underdog Miami Heat. Other than the first two games, this series hasn't been easy. Closing it out won't be either. Finally, we have Kyrie Irving making some outlandish statements yet again. He talked about how Kevin Durant is the first one he's played with where he thought he could pass the ball to him during crunch time. If we're being honest, does Kyrie really pass that much in general? You guys let me know!  All of that and more on the latest episode below! Timestamps: 1:15 - NBA Finals 10:30 - Doc Rivers hired by Philadelphia 76ers 20:00 - Kyrie Irving making some crazy statements

    Lakers Lair Ep. 38: Lakers Inch Closer Towards Glory

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2020 40:15

    In the latest installment of the Lakers Lair, host Randy King is joined by guest and Laker diehard fan Matt Semione. Together, they to discuss the purple and gold back in the NBA Finals and what can be taken away from games one through three. King and Semione then assess what both the Miami Heat as well as the Los Angeles Lakers need to do to take Game 4. Also discussed in the episode is what NBA teams may be in the mix for a finals run next season and if the Heat and the Lakers have enough to get back to this spot come next season. So sit back relax for another evening inside the Lakers Lair. Enjoy!

    Lakers Lair Ep. 37: Lakers Lair Lakers vs. Nuggets in WCF showdown

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2020 36:58

    In the latest installment of the Lakers Lair, hosts Randy King and Justin Kirkland are joined by Lakers Carpool Podcast host James Brooks to discuss: the Lakers Game 1 performance in the Western Conference Finals, mapping out the remainder of the WCF, taking a peek at the Eastern Conference Finals, and what adjustments need to be made for Denver in Game 2. More topics discussed further in the episode. So as always sit back and welcome inside another evening inside the Lakers Lair. Enjoy!

    The Atlantic Files Ep160: Boston Celtics troubles

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2020 40:30

    Both Conference Finals series are set to be underway. In the East, the Miami Heat have actually already taken a 2-0 lead over the Boston Celtics. While the two teams are quite closely matched, the Celtics have to figure out how to reverse their woes soon if they want a chance. Jayson Tatum, a newly selected All-NBA Third Team member, has been the driving force yet again for the Celtics. Honestly, if it wasn't for him, then the Celtics probably would get blown out and swept. The rest of the team has shot very poorly from beyond the arc, and the offense is getting quite stagnant.  How can this team reverse their fortunes and tie the series back up against the Heat? Is Jimmy Butler too good for them to beat?  In other news, the All-NBA teams have officially been selected. There were a few guys that everyone agrees with. Giannis Antetokounmpo and LeBron James both were unanimous First-Team selections. The third team is where the real arguing begins though. Bradley Beal and Khris Middleton both missed all three teams?  Finally, we also talk about whether the Toronto Raptors would be better for Kawhi Leonard and we question where Giannis will end up going if it's not Milwaukee.  Timestamps: 1:15 - Boston Celtics vs Miami Heat series 13:45 - Celtics have ball movement issues, is Kemba Walker fatigued? 19:45 - Los Angeles Clippers upset, would the Raptors be better for Kawhi? 25:10 - Los Angeles Lakers vs Denver Nuggets series 26:30 - All-NBA team selections 29:00 - Rudy Gobert and Russell Westbrook really deserve Third-team? 37:45 - Where could Giannis go?

    Lakers Lair Ep. 36: Lakers are Western Conference Finals Bound

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2020 45:04

    The Lakers return to the Western Conference Finals for the first time since 2010 where they defeated the Phoenix Sun in six games. In this latest installment of the Lakers Lair host Randy King sits down with # Lakers Podcast host McKay Westbrook. King and Westbrook had several discussions but the main ones that were highlighted included the takeways from the Houston series victory and what to expect from either the Los Angeles Clippers or the Denver Nuggets in the Conference Semi's. As always, sit back and relax for another evening inside the Lakers Lair. Enjoy!

    The Atlantic Files Ep159: Talking Steve Nash with Mike Bash

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2020 50:17

    The Brooklyn Nets hit us all with an out of the box move as they announced Steve Nash as their newest head coach. Some people say its white privilege that is to blame for him being hired, but most people realize that he has quite the resume to qualify him for the job. In this week's episode, we welcome Mike Bash back to the show to talk about the Nash hiring and some moves that the Nets should make this offseason.  Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving are two guys who only benefit from the Nash hiring. Steve Nash has an incredible basketball IQ and he can command accountability from the team as he once did on the court during his playing career.  One question going into next season is whether or not the Nets can win a ring with Caris LeVert as the third option or if they need to upgrade. Mike and I talk about potential trade targets and who might be better than others to fit with Durant and Irving. Before the conversation with Mike, we had to talk about the crazy Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics series. Game Six was just one game in a long line of super close and physical games between the two teams. Now that the Raptors have forced a game seven, the series is only going to be more entertaining. Timestamps: 1:15 - Boston Celtics vs Toronto Raptors series 3:30 - Props to Kyle Lowry 8:18 - Conversation with Mike Bash 8:45 - Is Steve Nash's hiring the right move? 17:45 - Should the Nets trade Caris LeVert? 28:30 - Will the Nets be able to sign Joe Harris again? 33:00 - Remembering funny bubble moments 36:45 - How will the rest of the playoffs play out? Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Subscribe on Spotify | Subscribe on YouTube

    TAF #158: All Hail OG Anunoby

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2020 38:41

    You read the title correctly, the theme until the next game of the Toronto Raptors and Boston Celtics series is 'All hail OG Anunoby!' While he's saving the Raptors season, some others have ended while the rest keep fighting for the coveted championship trophy and rings.  The Celtics and Raptors are in a 2-1 series after the OG Anunoby game-winner on Thursday night. Other than the first game, the series has been close and it feels as though the scales could tip either way at any moment. Both coaches have been fantastic and both defenses have been ready to scrap and fight. Hopefully, we're in for a good seven-game series with these two. Jimmy Butler called out Giannis Antetokoumpo for his defense. Calling him the 'best help defender' in the league. This introduces an interesting point and now has stirred up some interesting comparisons. Could Ben Simmons and Giannis Antetokounmpo be the same player?  In the Western Conference, the playoffs have always been a bloodbath. This year is no different as the Clippers had to scrap to get through the Mavericks and the Nuggets just barely got through the Jazz. Now, the semifinals have kicked off and both Los Angeles teams look primed to kick it up another notch. Finally, we take a look back at some of the predictions from the beginning of the season and see how they worked out. On top of that, it was time to speak to some of the awards given out for the regular season. Timestamps: 3:05 - OG Anunoby, Toronto Raptors, and Boston Celtics series 19:15 - How good is Giannis Antetoukounmpo's defense? 28:30 - Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder series 31:00 - New York Knicks may have been correct with Kristaps Porzingis 35:15 - Revisit preseason predictions and awards

    Lakers Lair Ep. 35: Lakers-Rockets 2nd Round Playoff Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2020 53:17

    Welcome back for another edition of the Lakers Lair! In this installment host Randy King is joined by founders and creators of the Lakers Insider Grant and Neal to preview the Lakers and Rockets playoff. Before the preview Randy, Neal, and Grant discussed how both teams got to the second round and what we saw from both sides in their first playoff series. Deeper analysis of this match-up was dissected throughout the episode. So sit back and relax for another evening inside the Lakers Lair. Enjoy!

    TAF #157: Fire the Sixers Front Office

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2020 44:38

    In this crazy year that we call 2020, a lot can happen in just a week or two. The last time we talked, while the world wasn't much better, there was still basketball going on. Now, the players and teams are protesting due to another senseless killing. On top of that, we've had teams get eliminated from the playoffs and coaches get the ax. All of the teams in the bubble decided to protest by not playing their games starting last night into the foreseeable future. They did vote to keep the season going, but we just don't know when it will resume just yet. Further showing that Kyrie Irving was quite right in his statements about why he wasn't going to the bubble. In lesser news, Nate McMillan and Brett Brown have both been relieved of their coaching duties for their respective teams. This catapults the Philadelphia 76ers into a weird situation as they have a brand new General Manager in Elton Brand that will have to conduct probably the most important coaching search in the team's recent history. This should be a juicy story after it all shakes out. Then, we have the playoff series to recap where the Boston Celtics and the Toronto Raptors both swept their opponents right on out of the bubble. The 76ers put up a fight while the Brooklyn Nets, who also are looking for a coach, seemed to just take the onslaught of the Raptors. Timestamps: 2:15 - Player protests and Black Lives Matter 6:40 - Coaching searches around the league 12:40 - Brett Brown is gone, who should replace him? 29:30 - Brooklyn Nets rumored to be looking at Popovich 33:30 - Toronto Raptors and Brooklyn Nets Playoff series 38:15 - Boston Celtics and Philadelphia 76ers series

    Lakers Lair Ep. 34: Lakers-Trail Blazers Series Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2020 36:37

    With the Lakers back in the post-season, hosts Randy King and Justin Kirkland invite a Trail Blazers reporter (Ryan Rosback from Blazer's Edge) into enemy territory inside the Lakers Lair. With the contrasting styles of these teams, the opening round for the Lakers championship quest poses several questions before going further. Some of these question include: Who will be tasked with guarding the Bubble MVP? Which x-factor for the Lakers must show up? How will the rotations be managed by head coach Frank Vogel. All questins asnwered as well as inside analysis from Rosback on the opponent standing in the Lakers way for a 17th championship, the Portland Trail Blazers. As always, welcome inside another evening in the Lakers Lair, Enjoy!

    Ep156: Toronto could sweep with eyes closed

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2020 33:52

    The NBA Playoffs are right around the corner and the crown of the Atlantic Division is officially back in the hands of the Toronto Raptors. The Six is going to be a tough outing for any team they come across, but the Atlantic Division as a whole has entered four teams in the postseason talk. Joel Embiid and Jayson Tatum will get to talk trash to each other one more time this season. The Philadelphia 76ers and the Boston Celtics drew each other to faceoff in the first round. The last time these teams met in the playoffs was in 2018 when the Celtics won 4-1 and made the Sixers look quite bad. In the bubble, the same thing could very well happen especially with Ben Simmons unlikely to play. Then, there is the matchup between the Brooklyn Nets and the Toronto Raptors. This one...isn't so hard to predict. The Raptors have been a well-oiled machine this season. On the other hand, the Nets have lost almost all of their biggest contributors once the bubble season started. Something tells us that this one shouldn't be too long of a series. Finally, we predict the rest of the Eastern Conference first-round matchups and we also talk about the Western Conference ones that have already been decided. Timestamps: 2:00 - NBA Playoff matchups and final standings 5:30 - Sixers vs Celtics series in 2018 14:30 - Looking ahead to Sixers vs Celtics this year 20:45 - Diving into Raptors vs Nets 29:55 - First-round series predictions

    Lakers Lair Ep, 33: Are Lakers Shooting Woes a Cause for Concern?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2020 36:34

    Welcome back inside another evening of the Basketball Society's podcast series 'Lakers Lair'. Hosts Randy King and BJ Boyer are welcome by former Division Two big man, current sports writer for St. George News out in Utah, and co-host of the new Lakers podcast entitled "Hop on the Buss", Ryne Williams. These three Lakers diehards discussed: WIll Danny Green break out of his shooting slump soon? Is Dion Waiters worthy of potentially cracking the starting line-up? When should Vogel rest LeBron James and Anthony Davis? Hear what was said in the latest installment. So sit back, relax, and as always, Enjoy!

    The Atlantic Files 155: Ben Simmons hurt again

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2020 33:47

    NBA Bubble action is in full force and the games actually have some meaning to them. In the midst of these games, Ben Simmons has unfortunately gotten hurt again. Not all news is bad news in the Atlantic division though.  For the Philadelphia 76ers, with the news of the Ben Simmons injury, a new gameplan is going to arise. If we're being honest, no one was really sure if the current gameplan was going to work out anyway. Joel Embiid has been a constant force in the bubble, but the supporting cast is going to have to step up in a huge way now. The way they play despite the injury could make or break Brett Brown's future. In completely different news, the Toronto Raptors are firing on all cylinders. Kyle Lowry is being his normal, hard-nosed self as he got into an argument with Aaron Gordon after a hard foul. Fred Van Vleet and Pascal Siakam are still big offensive threats as well as OG Anunoby. Are they a real Finals contender? Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown are both playing up to expectations after their first game against Milwaukee. The Boston Celtics are just 2-2 in the bubble so far, but there's plenty of time left for them to find their groove defensively at the same time they find their offensive groove. Last but not least, the Brooklyn Nets are still surviving. Caris LeVert hasn't been as big as expected, but after some great advice from the Houston Rockets, the Nets did take down the Bucks.

    The Atlantic Files Ep154: NBA officially back

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2020 21:00

    The NBA is now OFFICIALLY back! Seeding games have now begun inside the bubble and everyone is beyond hype. The first set of games are nice and all, but they aren't Atlantic games. On this episode, we preview each Atlantic team's first game inside the bubble. Brooklyn and Boston both play Friday. The Celtics and Bucks are going to be a big game to watch. Jayson Tatum vs Giannis Antetokounmpo, while it's unlikely they will guard each other, is going to be a great matchup. The day after, Philly goes up against the Pacers while the Raptors have a tall task against the Lakers for the nightcap. Pascal Siakam might be out to prove a little something against the big dogs of the West, especially on national TV.

    Lakers Lair Ep. 32: Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson Sheds Light on Lakers Restart

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2020 27:06

    Welcome back inside another edition of the Lakers Lair with your hosts this week Randy King and Justin Kirkland. Also in the episode King and Kirkland are joined by host of the Scoop B Radio podcast as well a Senior writer for, Brandon 'Scoop B' Robinson. Robinson sits down with the hosts to discuss what takeaways could be taken from the three Lakers scrimmages as well as: How Rajon Rondo works his way into the rotation upon return, what the Lakers title chances would be with a injured Anthony Davis, and which young player on the roster now is in the fold in terms of the Lakers future outlook? So as always, sit back and get comfortable for yet another evening inside the Lakers Lair. Enjoy!

    Lakers Lair Ep. 31: Which Lakers Have Most to Prove in Scrimmages

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2020 27:18

    In this episode of the Lakers Lair, host Randy King is joined by fill-in co-host Justin Kirkland of Basketball Society to discuss the resumption of NBA play beginning with scrimmages in Orlando. King and Kirkland were also joined by fellow podcast member and host of Lakers Central Alex Hollingsworth. Along with breaking down the first Lakers scrimmage versus Dallas, these three talk: The potential impact of Markieff Morris' return to the Lakers, JR's comments about playing with LeBron on "Inside the Green Room", and why Alex Caruso is the GOAT as far as fan favorites. With that said, welcome back to another evening inside the Lakers Lair. Enjoy!

    The Atlantic Files Ep153: NBA Bubble Talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2020 35:36

    The NBA is back, so that means the Atlantic Files is back too! The only difference between the two is that there isn't a bubble surrounding the apartment where the podcast is recorded. The NBA bubble is an interesting place that almost feels mythical when you hear about all the rules, bad food, and weird game atmospheres. This week's episode we talk about the preliminary bubble type of things. In terms of the Atlantic Division, a lot of fun things can happen with the four teams remaining in the playoff and championship race. While the Brooklyn Nets have lost almost their whole team, the other three teams are trying to prove a lot of doubters wrong. Defending champs is a nice moniker, but they have to do more than just defend a title. The Toronto Raptors are also trying to show that they can win postseason games without their Finals MVP in Kawhi Leonard.  In Boston, the Celtics have a lot of young talent that is ready to break barriers into stardom level. Can Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown prove to be the one-two punch that people hope and expect they can? Finally, you have the ever-mysterious Philadelphia 76ers. No one really knows if they're going to show the level of dominance that allowed them to boast the best home record in the league, or the level of awfulness that gave them one of the worst road records in the league. Ben Simmons is trying out playing the four more as Shake Milton may take over the starting point guard duties. A lot will be determined with their run in the bubble.

    Lakers Lair Ep. 30: How important are the Lakers 'Seeding Games'?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 23, 2020 47:23

    Welcome back inside another evening of the Lakers Lair! In this installment hosts Randy King and BJ Boyer are joined by fellow writer Kevin Rosendale to discuss several topics relating to the purple and gold. Topics include: How will the Lakers fair in the remaining regular season schedule? Is Anthony Davis the front-runner for DPOY? What teams should the Lakers seek to avoid in the first round of the post-season? All these questions are answered. So sit back, grab a drink and as always...Enjoy!

    Lakers Lair Ep. 29: Will the Lakers Survive the Rondo Injury?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2020 38:04

    Welcome back inside another evening inside the Lakers Lair! In this episode hosts Randy King and BJ Boyer are joined by former USA Today Writer and host of the podcast entitled "Dunks and Discourse" brought by the Bluewire Network, Jabari Ali Davis. King, Boyer and Davis discuss several key Lakers talking points such as: Was the Rondo injury too significant a loss for the Lakers? What does Frank Vogel get in terms of a grade this far? Lebron or Kawhi in Game 7? Which Laker will stand up as the 3rd scoring option? Be sure to listen in to find out all the answers. Enjoy!

    Lakers Lair Ep. 28: Lakers and the NBA Announce 'Return To Play'

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2020 24:59

    Welcome back inside another episode of the Lakers Lair! In this episode we discuss the breaking news that the NBA has announced a 'Return to Play' start date. March 11th was when the NBA suspended the league season due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Joined by Twitter account 'The Lakers Review' in this episode we ask several questions including: Does Pau Gasol deserves to have his jersey hung up among the other Lakers legends in the Staples Center? Does the last eight games have any impact on the MVP voting? So sit back and welcome inside another evening inside of the Lakers Lair!

    Lakers Lair Ep. 27: The King, A Laker For Life?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2020 41:33

    Welcome inside another edition of the Lakers Lair. Host Randy King and guest Atlantic Files' own Alex Fischbein sit down to discuss several topics regarding the purple and gold. Topics of conversation included: Will we see the NBA this due to the coronavirus pandemic? Is it true that LeBron James will play play out the rest of his career with the Los Angeles Lakers? Are the Lakers the most complete team in the NBA? All questions answered here. So get cozy inside the Lakers Lair. Enjoy!

    Sam Hinkie steps down - The Atlantic Files Ep152

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2020 34:21

    After a long hiatus where the whole world seemed like it was ending, we are back! Yes, it is great timing with the NBA also being on hiatus, we know. So, we're bringing back a nice little episode on Sam Hinkie. This episode was originally posted way back on April 7, 2016! An emergency pod was recorded because Sam Hinkie stepped down as the Philadelphia 76ers General Manager which eventually became the seat that Bryan Colangelo filled. Sixers fans were split down the middle on whether this was a good move or not, but at this point, a lot of fans may want Hinkie back. Without further ado, let's get into the episode that still breaks my heart to this day. Yes, I recorded this episode right after a college class where I was not paying attention because I was fuming over the fact Hinkie was not the GM anymore and 'The Process' felt like it was ending.

    Lakers Lair Ep. 26: Coronavirus Halts NBA Season and Lakers Momentum

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2020 33:04

    Welcome inside for another episode of the Lakers Lair. Host Randy King is joined by Basketball Society's own Felix John-Baptiste as they discuss several topics including: The impact that the coronavirus has had on sports, especially the NBA. Is the race for MVP closer than we think? Will the Lakers end up as the top overall seed? What does the addition of Dion Waiters mean for the Lakers? Tune in to find all the answers. Enjoy!

    Schmidt Talking Podcast: Atlantic 10 Tournament Preview With Matt Martucci

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2020 25:15

    On this weeks episode, Matt Martucci, an ESPN, Atlantic 10, and Saint Joseph's Hawks play-by-play announcer, joined the podcast this week to preview the Atlantic 10 Tournament.

    Schmidt Talking Podcast: A Live Show From Philadelphia

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2020 19:43

    On this weeks episode, we record their first ever live episode from Philadelphia and discuss the Bonnies loss to La Salle and where they go from here.

    Schmidt Talking Podcast: Another 10 Win Season For Mark Schmidt

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2020 18:43

    On this weeks episode, Kyle Allan and Alec Walt discuss the Bonnies win over Richmond, where they sit in the Atlantic 10, and their two games this week.

    Schmidt Talking Podcast: A Week Off To Prepare For Richmond

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2020 17:56

    On this weeks episode, Kyle Allan and Alec Walt recap the loss to Davidson, preview the Richmond game, and take a look at the Atlantic 10 standings.

    Schmidt Talking Podcast: The Battle For A Double Bye

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2020 16:37

    On this weeks episode, Kyle Allan and Alec Walt discuss the Bonnies four-game winning streak, the upcoming games, and where the Bonnies stand in the battle for a double bye.

    Lakers Lair Ep. 25: Remembering Kobe Bryant

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 8, 2020 38:36

    Welcome inside another edition of the Lakers Lair! In this latest installment we remember the life and memories of Laker Legend and basketball icon Kobe Bryant and his far reaching impact he had on several people's lives. As we try and heal from this tragic loss we are all still trying to cope with, special guest Matt Semione joins host Randy King to share his thoughts on the moves made at the trade deadline as well as who now poses the most serious threat to the Lakers with these new rosters. Enjoy!

    Schmidt Talking Podcast: A Solid Week After The Losing Streak

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2020 17:44

    On this weeks episode, Kyle Allan and Alec Walt discuss the Bonnies snapping their three-game losing streak, and the two upcoming games this week.

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