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How To Hit Your Mark While Dating & In Relationships: During this podcast, we will be unpacking Reality TV like The Bachelor & Love Island in order to call out the BS so that you know what to look for while looking for love!

Alex Scot & Brianna Dachisen

    • Nov 25, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    • 1h 8m AVG DURATION
    • 8 EPISODES

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    Latest episodes from Ditch The Script

    Grateful Dates & Full Plates

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2021 87:49

    In this episode of Ditch The Script turkey day edition, Bri & I discuss some of our favorite Thanksgiving traditions, memories & foods! You have to hit us up on the gram on your thoughts of "The Great Potato Debate"! Then we jump right in & get down & dirty as we discuss our thoughts on this weeks episode of Michelle Young's The Bachelorette. We spotted some NASTY toxic behavior from Martin, so we discuss the details on the lying, blame shifting, & manipulation! We also have a listener question on height dynamics within relationships & the dating scene! Rate & Review our show if you love it! Your support means so much to us. And Have A HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

    Whiny B*tches & Dating Standards

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 77:06

    Ready to hear what whiny manipulation sounds like?! In this episode, Bri & Alex unpack the interactions of Michelle Young's remaining suitors. From thoughtful interactions to victimhood, this episode is packed full with all the words & behaviors you should be keeping an eye out for when looking for a long-term relationship! The Reddit Q of the week is SOOO relatable. Dating rules? Which ones are legit & which ones are bull s***? Bri & Alex give their honest opinions! Follow us! IG: @ditchthescriptpod Tiktok: @ditchthescriptpod Website: www.ditchthescriptpod.com

    Finding Love In The Hard Conversations

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 80:59

    In this week's episode of Ditch The Script, the suitors of Michelle Young, The Bachelorette, are called out for their lack of communication skills! We discuss how to spot when someone is dysregulated, loads of communication tips, as well as point out the few green flags we spotted in this weeks Bachelorette episode! We also answer 2 listener questions: 1) He wants kids & she is on the fence, they've been together for almost 3 years, what do they do?! 2) She's been dating this guy & wants to discuss exclusivity but doesn't want to sound clingy. How soon is too soon to ask for exclusivity? How do you bring it up without sounding like a clinger?! Follow Us! Instagram @ditchthescriptpod Tiktok @ditchthescriptpod Website www.ditchthescriptpod.com Time Stamps: Bach Breakdown: 10:33 1:1 Martin - 12:94 Group date - 25:27 1:1 Rick - 44:48 Reflag/greenflag- 5933 Listener Qs? - 1:02:55

    Liar Liar Pants On Fire

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 68:46

    In this episode Bri & I break down The Bachelorette week 4 & unpack Peter's vindictive behavior, Jamie's web of lies, & we cap the episode with a question on infidelity from Reddit! Submit your dating & relationship question at www.ditchthescriptpod.com IG: www.instagram.com/ditchthescriptpod Tiktok: www.tiktok.com/@ditchthescriptpod Email: info@ditchthescriptpod.com Show Timestamps: Group Date #1: 11:40 Rodeny's 1:1 Date: 25:47 Group Date #2: 37:03 Cocktail Party/Rose Ceremony: 50:14 Red Flag & Green Flags Of The Week: 56:38 Reddit Q: 1:00:09

    Contempt, Fights, & Classroom Etiquette

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 65:12

    **Trigger Warning**: Mentions Suicide (3:58) In Michelle Young's 2nd Bachelorette episode a lot came to the light! Bri & I unpack the good, the bad, & the absolute most ugly that we saw. Get ready to learn how to spot it all! From contempt to healthy fighting skills, Bri & I point out the "red flags" & what to look for instead. Follow Ditch The Script: Instagram: www.instagram.com/ditchthescriptpod Tiktok: www.tiktok.com/@ditchthescript Youtube: https://youtube.com/channel/UCkEzdDMGVu3psvJlygFKIqw

    Dishing On The Suitors: Michelle's Bachelorette Premier

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 66:46

    In this episode, Alex & Bri dish on ALL the things that stood out to them on night 1! From ice cream trucks to speedos & red flags to trophy moments, it is covered in this episode of Ditch The Script! Michelle Young came in like a badass babe ready to confront the baddies & seek out the honeys on her way to finding her match, and we gotta say she is killing it and looking gorgeous at the same time. Follow Ditch The Script Tiktok: www.tiktok.com/@ditchthescriptpod Instagram: www.instagram.com/ditchthescriptpod YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkEzdDMGVu3psvJlygFKIqw

    Dates, KY, & Mems, Oh My!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2021 54:22

    In this episode, we hear the latest in Brianna's dating life, relive our initial dating experiences & past memories, & of course we had to update you on the KY Jelly experiment! There are some other taboo topics mentioned & questions from Tiktok answered, but you'll just have to listen to enjoy it all! October 19th starts a new season of The Bachelorette, so get ready to stay up to date with the drama but also learn how to navigate dating & relationships! Follow us on IG @ditchthescriptpod Submit your dating & relationship questions to the show at: www.ditchthescriptpod.com

    Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves...

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 49:28

    In this episode we explain who the F we are, why we are doing this, & we answer some questions from Reddit! Buckle up cause this one is full of laughs! Starting Oct. 19th, we will be unpacking Michelle Young's season of The Bachelorette each week! Get ready to learn how to spot red flags & how to navigate uncomfortable convos, so that you can show up confidently while looking for love! If you want your dating & relationship questions answered visit our website, www.ditchthescriptpod.com & submit your question! We will contact you when your question is airing in our podcast! Follow our Instagram @ditchthescriptpod for the latest updates & teasers!

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