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    EP275: Men, Video Games, and Time Management / What Does "Squid Game's" Popularity Mean? / Abuse Reckoning Is Coming for Several Institutions

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 50:10

    On this Episode: -What we can learn from Squid Game's popularity. -Sexual abuse has already rocked many institutions. In the SBC and in public schools, it seems another reckoning is coming. -Demi Lovato is mentally ill. -Men managing their hobbies while still fulfilling their duties. -A Super dishonest NBC headline -MUCH more --- Support this podcast:

    EP274: You're Not Life's Main Character, And That's GREAT News / The Lesson from Chappelle's Special / When Facts Try to Argue With Emotions

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 50:10

    On This Episode: REACTION TO DAVE CHAPPELLE'S COMEDY SPECIAL Chappelle is taking fire from alphabet soup lobby, and he's taking it well. He also spoke important truth in that special about the actual dominant force in the culture. You can often tell who is in charge of any given organization/culture by determining who you are NOT allowed to joke about. Chappelle's special is revealing that truth. YOUNG PEOPLE AND "MAIN CHARACTER ENERGY." I found out there's a phenomenon on social media among the younger set, urging them to be the main character of their lives. The Christian message has a true, liberating, and invigoration response to that message. We're all invited into a much bigger story than our own -- and it's an epic one at that. REGULATING SOCIAL MEDIA I tend to be against any regulation, but these 25 years of social media are giving us information now that might require action. I'll work through the options. AN ECONOMICS DEBATE WITH DEEPER MEANING I recently listened to two left-of-center folks debate these giant spending bills Congress is considering. One gentleman aptly explained the consequences of spending and taxes on inflation, wage depression, and employment. The other debater basically said, "but sad things are sad, so I want to spend money, so maybe I won't be sad anymore." It's a good lesson in HOW to think instead of WHAT to think. --- Support this podcast:

    EP273: What Happens if the Most Recent Former President Runs Again? / Thinking Rightly About About Our Personal and National Finances / A LOT MORE

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 50:10

    On This Episode: A LISTENER EMAIL ON WHY I'M WRONG ABOUT PERSONAL FINANCES (0:00-13:55) I recently argued that younger folks today struggle financially, IN PART, because of widespread inability to deny themselves the things they want and by thoughtless spending. A listener wrote in and made good arguments about inflation and cost-of-living being the primary driver of financial struggle. Let's find the balance between those two. SHOULD WE BE SPENDING $5 TRILLION DOLLARS WE DON'T HAVE? (13:55-36:18) Along the way in this discussion, we'll look at: -A Biblical worldview on government spending -How to measure the morality of an economic system -That the moderate bi-partisan position is AGAINST a gigantic welfare state spending bill -I'll provide specifics about what's in the $3.5 trillion Welfare State Bill SEVERAL ITEMS (36:18-End) -If the most recent former president runs, I'm asking folks on the right to ask themselves, "why would you do it again? What did you get from that administration that you couldn't get from any generic Republican? -Governor Kathy Hochul gets super weird -The Left hosted an abortion hearing. It was demonic and ugly. --- Support this podcast:

    EP272: Almost Nothing Good Happens On Accident / There Are no Solutions -- Just Trade-Offs / Let's Take a Political Quiz

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 50:10

    On this Episode: NO SOLUTIONS -- JUST TRADE-OFFS An important lesson to remember in life is that everything is a compromise between competing interests. If you make perfection the demand, you'll just be miserable. This lesson is important in policy-making too. DEEP LESSONS FROM A FOOTBALL GAME. NO, I'M SERIOUS A major football program is disappointed, but there are important lessons about entitlement, cherishing great moments, and gratefulness in the dissapointment. POLITICAL QUIZ You should take this quiz. I take it live on air. --- Support this podcast:

    EP271: Your Emails about The "New World Order," Sin-pathy, and a Ton More / What Doctrines are Worth Separating Over? / Don't Define Yourself by What You're Note

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 50:10

    I would usually provide a guide to the show in this section, but I'm in Colorado for work, and super busy. So, just enjoy it! --- Support this podcast:

    EP270: The V-Word Mandate is Illegal. I'll explain why and how / In a Dimwitted World, Let's Read the Proverbs / Christians Argue Over The Value of Empathy

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 50:10

    On This Episode: THE V@C!NE MANDATE IS OBVIOUSLY ILLEGAL (0:00-14:50) No president has this power, and the use of this power should trouble literally everyone. The order's parameters are arbitrary and capricious. The enforcement mechanism ranges from unclear to impossible. The court decisions being used as justification regarded how citizens interact with their government and were legislative actions in states -- not dictates from one person in the federal government. The mandate is illegal, and the Courts must handle it. WE NEED TO BE DWELLING ON THE PROVERBS (14:50-32:24) We live in a dumb time. It seems like we're getting dimmer. The Proverbs, though, have responses for most of our cultural ills. In a time of isolation, the Proverbs offer wisdom on being a good friend. In a time of idleness, the Proverbs urge us on to hard work. In a moment of instant-everything, the Proverbs provide the wisdom to defer gratification. In an emotionally fraught world, the Proverbs remind us that what we dwell on is what we are and that we have the mandate to direct our thoughts. IS EMPATHY A SIN? (32:34-End) I was blown away recently that this question is being sincerely debated. As I heard the debate, though I found some nuances we need to talk out. --- Support this podcast:

    Ten Minutes on the New Mandates: A Voice of Reason

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 8:57

    Let's take deep breaths and then talk about it. --- Support this podcast:

    EP269: A Deeper Dive into the Texas Abortion Law / For the Christian, the Instinct Should Be, "What Does the Bible Say"?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 50:10

    On this episode: I have some opening thoughts on the authority of Scripture in life. After that, though, I want to talk about the Texas abortion law, and then more broadly, revisit the abortion debate. --- Support this podcast:

    The Texas Abortion Law: Let's Talk About It

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2021 10:46

    Ten minutes on the Texas Abortion law --- Support this podcast:

    EP268: Are Humans Getting Dumber? / A Listener Question about the C-v-d V-Word / Separate CHURCH and State -- Not FAITH and State

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 50:11

    On This Episode: IS THE HUMAN MIND DIMINISHING? (0:00-14:50) When you think about the minds of antiquity -- Montesquieu, Jefferson, De Tocqueville, etc -- prima facia, it appears their level of cognition, computation, memorization, pattern recognition, and ideation are superior to today's best thinkers. When you compare the curricula of old to today's, again, it can seem we're diminishing intellectually. Is that true, though? If so, what's to blame. I have thought from something called the noetic effect of The Fall. Beyond that, I'll illustrate just how bad our cognitive dissonance and intellectual hypocrisy has gotten with our broken brains. LISTENER QUESTION: DO I FIND ANY MORAL REASONING AROUND BEING V-WORDED FOR C-V--D? (14:50-27:04) The kind and thoughtful listener submitted a question about moral culpability for a treatment or preventative measure that was developed using any line of aborted fetal cells. I try to work through this carefully, Biblically, and thoughtfully. RELIGION IS RUNNING THE ENTIRE CULTURE AND GOVERNMENT (27:04-33:37) We tend to be a "separation of church and state" culture. That idea, though, emanates from the concept of the Church as an institution not being intertwined with government. Our government operates on religion -- secularism, environmentalism, humanism, empiricism, etcetera. Some religion will inform our laws. My claim: The Bible's values will be the best for the most humans, so we should probably pursue Biblical policies. A COUPLE ITEMS TO FINISH (33:37-End) I have some thoughts on what SHOULD have happened in Afghanistan. Also, Bill Maher is the exact voice the Left needs right now. The problem is that they're not listening to him. Finally, let me tell you why gratefulness leads to happiness and entitlement leads to misery. --- Support this podcast:

    EP267: Some Covid Fear is Now a Paranoid Phobia (You MUST hear this audio) / Addressing our Envy and Resentment in Our Jobs / Listener Question on God's Allowing Evil In The World

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 50:10

    On This Episode: I HAVE AUDIO OF A WOMAN INDICATIVE OF PEOPLE HOW HAVE A CoV2 PHOBIA You really need to hear this audio from This American Life. This young lady has passed caution onto outright hysterical phobia -- but she feels righteous and good in this fear. We can laugh at or resent these people, sure. But there's also a better response. "ESSENTIAL WORKERS" AND HOW WE THINK ABOUT WORK I have some audio from a journalist questioning by people we called "essential" during the pandemic are also often low paid. The journalist makes the mistake of thinking an ESSENTIAL service is one where the workforce is limited. Labor is a market. If there is a lot of supply, wages will stay low. The more unique a skill set becomes, the supply for that labor is diminished (thus driving up wages). The quicker we realize this truth about wages, the better off we'll be. I have some additional thoughts on how to think about work Biblically here as well. LISTENER QUESTION: WHY WOULD GOD ALLOW THE CONCEPTION OF CHILDREN WHO WILL BE ABORTED? This question could be asked a myriad of ways: why deadly floods in Tennessee or chaos and killings in Afghanistan. Theologians and philosophers have wrestled with the "problem of evil" (theodicy) for millennia. I'll give my abbreviated response to it. V-WORD MANDATES AND THE CHRISTIAN (I say "V-word" so our Tech Overlords don't throttle me) Government mandates? I'm all the way out. Private Service Provider Mandates? Sure. That's freedom of association. Employer-to-employee mandates? That one is hard and requires wrestling through out. I also have a quick word here on how v-word absolutists on both sides are just behaving irrationally. --- Support this podcast:

    EP266: The Real Culprit in Afghanistan is Not Who You Think / When Is It Biblical for a Christian to Rebel Against a Gov't? / Is the ESV being "White-Washed"?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 50:10

    On This Episode: THE REAL PROBLEM IN AFGHANISTAN It seems almost unanimous that the US needed to leave Afghanistan. It's also seemingly unanimous that no one liked how the withdraw went. We Ie examine the problem, though, I lay it at the feet of the Islam. There is a reason it was Christianized cultures that birthed the Enlightenment and Industrial Revolutions. Islam, largely, is a system of rot, and it leads to places like Afghanistan. CHRISTIANS AND GOVERNMENT REBELLION The Bible has some clarity from the Christian citizen in every country: endeavor to live quiet and peaceful lives, worships regularly, raising families, building businesses, obeying the laws, and praying and working for the well-being of the place where we live. There is another doctrine in this category, though, called the Doctrine of Lesser Magistrates. I only very recently learned about it, and I'll share what I've learned thus far. SEVERAL OTHER ITEMS: -Audio from a public healthy officlal who has no regard for human freedom. -The English Standard Translation gets criticism for changing the word "slave." It's dumb criticism. -Some thoughts from a recent comedy show I attended. --- Support this podcast:

    EP265: Is It Time to Abandon Public Schools? I'm Not There. / A CLEAR Illustration on How Wokeness is Religion / Anti-Vax and Pro-Shutdown People Use the Same Logical Fallacy

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 50:11

    On This Episode: TWO SOCIAL QUESTIONS: HOW TO EDUCATE OUR KIDS? SHOULD AT LEAST ONE PARENT STAY HOME WITH THE KIDS? (0:00-17:22) Don't blame me. A listener asked me to weigh in on the questions of education and household organization. Many conservatives and Christians are advocating leaving the public school system altogether. My take is mostly that not all schools are the same, so each individual family needs to make their own individual decision -- having the child's spiritual and ethical formation as the top priority. I also use this time to clarify what the "traditional" family structure looked like at home. It's probably not what you think. ROBIN DEANGELGO PERFECTLY ILLUSTRATES THAT WOKENESS IS RELIGION (17:22-25:00ish) The "White Privelege" author recently talked about how she realized she was white. It sounded like someone "sharing their testimony." You have to hear this. IS "HANDING OUT TRACTS" STILL AN EFFECTIVE EVANGELISM METHOD (25ish-33:22) I deeply admire the Christian who specifically spends time on evangelism. I just want to revisit our methods briefly. A TERRIBLE ARGUMENT ON TWO OPPOSING SIDES (32:22-39:10) Pro-shutdown and pro-masking-children people tend to tell you stories and anecdotes about people who get sick or die to make their point. You know who else does that? Anti-Vaccine people. Both are terrible arguments. Data suggests both of their positions are dubious, and if we'll be data-driven instead of emotion-driven, we'll have a better country. --- Support this podcast:

    EP264: The Important Missed Lesson from Simone Biles / What Right and Left Value Differently / It's the 7-year-anniversary of the Show / A LOT MORE

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 50:10

    On this Episode: QUICK WORD TO OPEN THE 7-YEAR-ANNIVERSARY (0:00-3:30) The show just completed six years. Thanks to all who listen, review, share, and support monetarily the show. THE SIMONE BILES STORY WAS COVERED ALL WRONG (3:30-15:30) Some conservative media demonized her. Liberal media lionized her. Neither were helpful. The real story ends up being about the Leftist media reaction. They provide the modern narrative that everyone's #1 loyalty must be to themselves. SELF has been the priority of our culture for decades now. Has that served us well? Or are we better off when we find meaning outside of ourselves? RECAPPING THE START, FALL, AND RE-GROWTH OF THE SHOW (15:30-18:30) My show started strong in 2015. Then a presidential primary came that decimated my audience. I re-tooled, stopped obsessing over stupid politics, and found a new audience. I like this audience better. THE JANUARY 6TH COMMISSION (18:30-25:00ish) I'll say it: the January 6th Commission is a political stunt with no real, practical use. I'll prove it. THE ILLOGICAL SURROUNDING COVID IS BREATHTAKING (25:00ish-35:00ish) The messaging and fear around Covid at this point is psychosis for some people. I'll provide details on how very little makes sense for those still in fear and panic over this virus. LEFT AND RIGHT MEASURE DIFFERENTLY (35ish-end of show) I have found that the Left measure policies by INTENTIONS -- how they felt, their empathy, and what they wanted to happen. The Right measures policies by RESULTS. One method is mature and rational. The other is childish and emotional. --- Support this podcast:

    EP263: Our Billionaire-Driven Space Race is Going to be Awesome / Did Jesus PREFER the Marginalized BECAUSE They were Marginalized / Secession is Getting Popular

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2021 50:12

    On this Episode: THE SERVANT LEADERSHIP TREND IS A BIBLICAL ONE (0:00-7:05) With books like "Leaders Eat Last" and business schools teaching "servant leadership," it is worth noting that the entire idea is one Jesus gave us. Greatness through service is a Jesus-taught concept. Even in an unbelieving world, when Biblical practices and values are enacted, it's good and right for human flourishing. DID JESUS LOVE THE POOR OUTSIDER MORE? (7:05-15:45) I heard a sermon recently from a typically incredible Bible teacher that was not INCORRECT -- it was incomplete. It seemed to allege that Jesus pursued and valued the culturally marginalized BECAUSE of their lowly estate. That's not true, though. Cultural obscurity and personal weakness it EASIER for people to see their own need for a redeemer. The rich and powerful struggle to see their own problem. Both, however, come to Jesus totally by his grace alone -- not their earthly status. I LOVE THIS NEW SPACE RACE (15:45-33:58) I saw some folks -- typically Leftists -- bemoaning that billionaires are spending their money on space exploration instead of ...

    EP262: Our Self-Obsession is Making Us Miserable / The Deeper Meaning of the Cuban Protests / Leading Our Friends Away from Conspiracy Theories / A Ton More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 50:10

    On This Episode: OUR OBSESSION WITH "THE SELF" IS MAKING US MISERABLE (0:00-14:26) The Western world has largely conquered the problems that plagued most of history -- hunger, security, comfort, etcetera. In the absence of those struggles, we've become obsessed with the "self" and the emotional affirmation thereof. The results of that, though, have been soaring rates of all sorts of emotional disorders. All of that is true. What do we do now? CLINGING TO CONSPIRACIES (14:30ish - 26ish) We all know decent people who have been convinced of various conspiracies. An email from a listener prompted me to interact with the reality that some folks still cling to a conspiracy about the most recent election. I will try to establish that all of these can be true at the same time: the mass media is a biased, corrupt institution; there are politically driven, bad people throughout the institutions of power; governments used Covid to improperly change voting procedure; AND the outcome was fair and accurate. DON'T IGNORE WHAT'S HAPPENING IN CUBA (26ish-37ish) Communism, its precursor socialism, and all other centralized systems are immoral systems that oppress and hurt human flourishing. Watching what's happening in Cuba got me thinking about a lot -- what it means to be free, and how Cuban-regime sympathizers in the US would take us down a dangerous path. A WHOLE BUNCH (37ish-End) -Why is my show experiencing a surge of growth? -We got good news for religious liberty in court cases in both the US and in the UK -The consequences of our Covid freakout last year continue to come into focus slowly. -Ben Carson speaks a truth that gets him in trouble --- Support this podcast:

    Sermon: “Let The Children Come to Me” — Mark 10:13-16

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2021 42:03

    There's a surprising lesson about how we receive the Kingdom of Jesus in this very famous passage of scripture. It's a passage about children, but not CHIEFLY about children. --- Support this podcast:

    EP261: Learning from a Fallen Pastor's Mistakes / The Culture Wars of the 90s and 2000s Weren't Productive. Does that mean all culture wars are bad? / Liberal Women Still Want Traditional Men

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 50:10

    On this Episode: THE RISE AND FALL OF MARS HILL CHURCH (0:00-15:30) I've been listening to a FASCINATING podcast about the rise and fall of Mark Driscoll and the church he pastored in Seattle. One lesson I know we can take from Driscoll is the importance of being teachable. Are you someone who can take criticism and counsel? Do you make it terrifying for anyone to question you? There is safety and wisdom in having counselors around you. I'll also offer here a Biblical model on how to GIVE criticism and how to receive criticism. WHAT WOMEN WANT (15:30-33:38) Here's the New York Post story: It's in the words of liberal, progressive, secular women: they prefer men who adopt traditional (conservative) roles -- despite the larger culture trying to bludgeon those values out of men for almost 4 decades now. There are certainly biological and sociological reasons for this attraction, but there's a deeper reasoning: it's Biblical. The maker and men and women designed them for one another. These ladies can deny a God,-designed world and humanity, but their preferences betray them. CULTURE WAR, ROUND 2 (33:39-End) The catalyst for this is this post from a far-left blogger: In the last 30 years or so, conservatives have gotten SLIGHTLY more conservative, while liberals have gone off-the-wall Left. This made them the aggressor, and the VICTOR, in the Culture Wars around family, parenthood, sexuality, marriage, etcetera. Beyond this just being an interesting observation, it made me think about the next 30 years and beyond. Will anti-Biblical secular progressivism continue to dominate? Maybe so, at least in the West. But it doesn't have to, and I have some thoughts on that. --- Support this podcast:

    EP260: Why are we all so worried all the time? / A Deeper Story About That Olympian Who Turned Her Back on the Flag / Do we have a Sermon Plagiarism problem?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 50:10

    On this Episode: WORRY AND FEAR AS A CULTURAL FIXTURE (0:00-14:53) Putting aside actual anxiety disorders for a moment, I noticed recently that we are a culture almost dominated by fear. In conservative media, I recently saw BODY ARMOR being advertised. The home security systems have become ubiquitous, and we have companies selling us apps to constantly monitor our kids and even our pets. In a terrified world, the Jesus follower can live with a distinct faith and confidence. I have some thoughts on that. THE IMPORTANT STORY BEHIND THE OLYMPIAN HER TURNED HER BACK ON THE FLAG (14:53-32:52) I'm generally not offended and don't particularly care about this young lady's behavior at the playing of the national anthem at a recent Olympic trial event. However, I'm deeply interested in what we can learn from attitude. In interviews after the demonstration, it becomes clear that this girl is just a miserable person. If you listen closely, you can hear her misery emanates from a posture of entitlement. She's blown away that the world isn't exactly as she wants it to be, and until it's perfect, she's just going to be angry about it. We can do that too. Some folks create a world (or a family, spouse, career, home, etcetera) that has never existed and will not exist. Then, they get disaffected that their fantasy world isn't real. We have a choice to make. We can be grateful for the world we have, leading to happiness. Conversely, we can feel entitled to a world we didn't earn and doesn't exist, leading to misery. PLAGIARISM IN SERMONS (32:52-47ish) I'll provide details on a sort-of controversy in the evangelical world right now regarding pastors plagiarizing each other's sermons. The topic also allows some exploration on sermon generation and the nature of preaching. SOME CLEANUP (47ish) I re-visit some recent show content, respond to comments, and make clarifications. --- Support this podcast:

    EP259: Are All Sins Equal? / What Would a Biblical Prison System Look Like? / Why The 2nd Amendment is Absolutely First and Rationally About Stopping Tyranny

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 50:11

    On This Episode: INDEPENDENCE DAY THOUGHT (0:00-7:26) Happy Independence Day, all! Every year, I try to connect the people that celebrate the US totally uncritically and those that struggle to celebrate it at all. We are both the greatest experiment for human flourishing in the history of the planet AND a place with deep flaws -- all at the same time. We can, and should, recognize all those truths simultaneously. If you live in the US, you live better and more opulently than 99.9999% of all the humans that have ever lived on this earth. You could take the kings and queens of antiquity, bring them to 2021 America, and they would think they were in heaven. We can choose to be grateful for our place compared to all of human history, or we can choose to compare the US to a fantasy land that doesn't exist and be dejected. It's really our choice. DEGREES OF SIN (7:26-27:00) Are all sins equal? Do Christians improperly focus on certain kinds of sin in the culture and ignore others? These questions are worth exploring. Using a full Bible hermenuetic, we find that, while all sin is eternally damnable before a holy God, not all sins are considered equal. I'll build that out for you. BIBLICAL CRIMINAL JUSTICE (27:00-42:36) A listener sent me a podcast that developed the idea that prisons are unbiblical. It didn't win me all the way over, but it required me to think about our broken and often irrational penal system. Our prison system is out of control, often dehumanizing to the criminal, not restorative to the victim, and produces an alarmingly high recidivism rate. This segment is heavy on itemizing the problems but also has some ideas for solutions near the end. THE PRESIDENT'S "YOU NEED F-15s AND NUKES" TO RESIST THE GOVERNMENT COMMENT (42:36-End) Of course, the president's comment here was bizarre and dumb, but this notion is common among certain critics of the 2nd amendment. I'll explain why it's a terrible argument against the 2nd Amendment's first purpose, which was defending the states and citizenry against a potentially tyrannical federal government. --- Support this podcast:

    EP259: Matthew West's "Modest is Hottest" Song / Recent Supreme Court Rulings / A Couple Thoughts on Juneteenth / AND MORE

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2021 50:10

    On This Episode: MATTHEW WEST'S SONG TO HIS DAUGHTERS AND THE REACTION THERETO (0:00-19:11) Matthew West released a song that encouraged his daughters to dress modestly. Some critics said the song adds to a toxic culture of blaming women for male behavior. While the song is good-natured, it's worthwhile considering how we talk to girls about how they dress and the pressures we put on them. I have a lot to say on this one. THOUGHTS ON JUNETEENTH (19:11-25:10) If we should ever be able to unify on something, celebrating the end of slavery should be right near the very top of that list. That happened -- sort of. However, some folks ruined it by being reactionary and others ruined it by trying to use it for their on agenda and collection of power. Way to go, USA, you can even find ways to dislike each other while celebrating the end of slavery. THE SUPREME COURT WITH A THIRD AFFORDABLE CARE ACT RULING (25:10-31:20) It's not secret I think the ACA is a terrible law and program. The numbers back me up. It has broken every promise made about it. It's original form fundamentally changed the relationship between human freedom and the government. However, technically, the Supreme Court got this one correct on the merits. I have several thoughts on this one. THE SUPREME COURT RULES IN FAVOR OF RELIGIOUS LIBERTY -- SORT OF (31:20-37:11) It was technically a win for freedom when the Court unanimously ruled in favor of a Catholic agency discriminated against by the city of Philadelphia because they hold to Biblical sexuality. It's not nearly the win it could have been, though, and that's because John Roberts is just terrible. I'll explain. BILL MAHER GOES AFTER HIS OWN SIDE (37:11-42:56) Bill Maher goes after the Hamilton creator for bowing the cancel culture. It's foul-mouthed, but it's sort of important. MEGHAN MCCAIN ON JOE BIDEN AND ABORTION (42:56-end) Meghan McCain said some hard but true things recently about abortion and the current president. I have some thoughts to add. --- Support this podcast:

    Sermon: Let's Talk About Marriage (Matthew 19:1-12)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2021 46:58

    This is the latest sermon in my Gospel --- Support this podcast:

    EP257: What I Saw At the Southern Baptist Convention / Why Denominations Matter / A Story of Bitterness and Forgiveness

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2021 50:10

    On this Episode: A STORY ABOUT A POORLY BEHAVED FATHER (0:00-13:00ish) I saw a story recently of a father who dumped thousands of pennies on his ex-wife's lawn to make his final "child support" payment. The mother and daughter took this vindictive action and turned it around. This is a good opportunity to focus on what unforgiveness can do to us -- and the beauty that comes when we release our bitterness. THE CHURCH MATTERS (13:00ish-22:00ish) I know denominations of Christianity can seem absolutely mind-numbing at a glance. However, organized churches were the entities that gave us hospitals, orphanages, schools, universities, and a ton more. Let me convince of the power and significance of churched acting cooperatively. WHAT I SAW AT THE CONVENTION (22:00ish-End) From a presidential election to a debate on Critical Race Theory and an obviously growing skepticism (maybe well-earned) of SBC leadership, I have some facts to give you and some potentially meaningful take-aways. ONE OTHER NOTE: The show is slowly growing again. I mean this so sincerely: thank you for listening to me. Thanks for giving me an hour every week. I'm blown away by that. So, thank you. --- Support this podcast:

    EP256: A Deeper Lesson from the AOC Abuela Story / Some Surprising Thoughts from Schitt's Creek / The Southern Baptist Convention is Next Week / A LOT MORE

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2021 50:10

    On this Episode: THE DEEPER LESSON FROM THE AOC ABUELA STORY (0:00-19:26) Rep. Ocasio-Cortez recently complained about the conditions in which her grandmother was living. It never even occurred to her that he had the capacity to help. She had only the instinct for the all-powerful state/government to help. How does that happen? From where does that worldview emanate? I'll trace a philosophical history from the Dark Ages through the Renaissance and Enlightenment to demonstrate how we got to that backward view of family, responsibility, and care. SOME REACTION TO THE SHOW SCHITT'S CREEK (19:26-32:00ish) This show has become quickly popular across the culture. I don't know if they meant to, but the show teaches some really traditional values about family and roles in the family. I'll provide details. THE WUHAN LAB LEAK THEORY (32:00ish-38:30) Smarter people than I will solve the mystery of Covid's origin. What I want to talk about is how the worst of our institutions, the American media, made this a mess. QUICK THOUGHTS ON REMEMBERING THE TULSA MASSACRE OF 1921 (38:30-43:00ish) It's important that American know our history -- all of it. We should engage with our glorious moments AND our most shameful. We also have to be able hold simultaneous ideas at the same time about the history of ethnic injustice in the US. I'll break that down. THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION IS NEXT WEEK (43:00ish-end) The nation's largest denomination meets next week in Nashville, and I'll be there. With Critical Race Theory, gender roles, and the future of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission on the docket, it's going to be an eventful few days. I'll provide a preview. --- Support this podcast:

    Bonus: Practicing "Selah" with Brandon Burkhalter

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 5, 2021 22:29

    I sat down with a good friend, Brandon Burkhalter, to talk about taking the time to pause, think, and rest in our "go-go-go" and highly stimulating world. --- Support this podcast:

    EP255: A Liberal and A Conservative Talk About the World For An Hour -- Kindly.

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2021 75:12

    On this Episode: I sat down to talk with Nathan McDowell, soon heading off to a PhD program at he University of Illinois at Chicago, about the last year in the US. We talked about Covid, mask-wearing, racial justice issues, whether or not we're a "racist country," policing, election uncertainty, the Qanon riots, individualism vs. collectivism, vaccines, the value differences between liberals and conservatives, climate change, how to teach American history and more. We find some common ground along the way, but maybe most importantly, we model healthy conversation. --- Support this podcast:

    EP254: The Bible and the Conflict in Israel / DC Talk Member Says He's an "Exvangelical Now" / What Constitutes Morality? / A LOT MORE

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2021 50:10

    On This Episode: ANOTHER DECONVERSION STORY --THIS ONE FROM "CHRISTIAN ARTIST" DC TALK (0:00-13:55) Kevin Max from 1990s Christian subculture fame recently announced he is an "Exvangelical" but that he still follows the "Universal Jesus" -- whatever that means. He also offered a lot more of nonsensical word soup that demonstrates whatever Jesus he's following, it isn't the Biblical one. I'll provide details and respond. THINKING BIBLICALLY ABOUT THE MOST RECENT CONFLICT IN ISRAEL (13:55-27:06) I'm sure this segment won't make anyone angry... but I do need to respond to how I see Christians on social media responding to the nation of Israel regarding geopolitical matters. WHAT ARE THE MORAL VIRTUES (27:06-35:37) Jonathan Haidt and other social scientists from the University of Virginia surmised almost ten years ago that the difference in political Right and Left emanate from the two sides focusing on different factors that make up morality as a whole. I recently came back across their system and have some thoughts to share. A MAJOR RIGHT-LEFT DIVIDE (35:37-37:35) While talking about the segment above, I got distracted and took two minutes to talk about one major reason Right and Left differ. Rightism recognizes that the natural state of nature is disorder, destitution, poverty, and striving to survive. Leftism supposes the state of nature is actually good and plenteous -- there are just powerful people wrecking it. BACK TO THE MORAL VIRTUES (37:35-45:27) We finish off the talk on care, fairness, loyalty, authority, and sanctity. LISTENER QUESTION ON FACING IRRATIONAL FEARS (47:27-End) --- Support this podcast:

    EP253: The Unmasking of America -- I have some thoughts. / Lessons from Liz Cheney / What should the SBC do about Saddleback Church?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2021 51:18

    On this Episode: I HAVE SOME THOUGHTS AS AMERICANS TAKES OFF THEIR MASKS (0:00-17:40) I suspect the vast majority of Americans saw mask-wearing as a temporary, necessary step and felt it at various levels of annoyance. Another group hated them and refused. Still another imbued them with almost mystical powers or simply aren't mentally/emotionally ready to let them go. Now that the masks are coming off, there are groups to considers and to be considerate of, as they re-enter a maskless world. I'll also offer some thoughts on Covid policy in our new reality. WHY DID MASKING POLICY CHANGE (17:40-29:06) The CDC guidance on masking changed, seemingly, quite suddenly. I don't like assuming anyone's motives, but I will offer some theories as to why the policy changed dramatically and quickly. LESSONS FROM LIZ CHENEY (29:06-39:03) Liz Cheney is out as a leader of the House GOP Caucus. For me, this is a classic case of being able to recognize two truths simultaneously. Cheney might be mostly right about her concerns and priorities AND her concerns and priorities are causing her to be a poor leader for the goals of her organization. We can also learn a lesson here in the value of just moving on with your life. LIZ WARREN SAYS THE QUIET PART OUT LOUD (39:03-42:03) Senator Warren recently told Stephen Colbert how delighted she is with the current state of affairs. There's a little bit of a surprise in that. I'll give brief details. SADDLEBACK CHURCH, THE SOUTHERN BAPTIST CONVENTION, AND A COMING CONFLICT (42:03-50:10) Saddleback Church, currently in the SBC, recently ordained women as elders. That's in contradiction of the standards for inclusion in the Convention. It doesn't mean they're outside the faith, but they're certainly no longer Baptist. I have a few thoughts on the coming conflict as well as why this distinction matters. --- Support this podcast:

    EP252: Liberals Self-Report Higher Instances of Emotional Disorders. Why? / Studies Demonstrate How Left & Right Live in Different Worlds / Don Lemon Gets Hysterical

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2021 50:08

    ON THIS EPISODE: A COUPLE STUDIES SHOW AMERICANS ON THE LEFT OVER-ESTIMATE SOME PROBLEMS (0:00-14:00 Here's the Story: Liberals over-estimated Covid severity. Here's another study, showing those on the Left vastly over-estimate police shootings on racial lines: Takeaway: before engaging in conversations (especially on the internet), kindly be sure everyone is on the same page on the facts. AMERICAN LIBERALS REPORT HIGHER INSTANCE OF EMOTIONAL DISORDERS (14:00-29:00) Here's one version of the source: In a self-reported study, self-identified liberals report appreciably higher diagnoses of depression and anxiety. There could be 1,000 reasons for this. I'll offer some theories. CONSERVATIVE MEDIA FIGURE TAKES HEAT FOR SOME COMMENTS ON EMOTIONAL/MENTAL DISORDERS (29:00-35:00) A fairly popular conservative recently argued that we totally over-medicalized things like anxiety and depression in people. While, we might over-prescribe drugs for these, the conditions are real and requires meds and care. I want to offer some nuance to his comments. Also: talk to doctors, not show hosts, for mental health advice. DON LEMON THROWS A HYSTERICAL FIT (35:00-45:55) Don Lemon threw a hysterical fit on the air recently. In that fit, he made some absurd comments on the founding of the US. I will correct those claims. INFLATION IS STARTING (45:55-50:10) Inflation has started. I'm sure you can feel it. I'll explain why, and why it's going to be harder than a lot of experts think to control it. --- Support this podcast:

    EP251: Blake Shelton, Justin Bieber & 'Christian' Music / Lessons from the Census / Congresswoman Being a Terrible Mother

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 50:08

    On This Episode: MEANINGFUL LESSONS FROM THE CENSUS (0:00-13:07). I love the Census; I'm a demography nerd. Here's one lesson from this Census showing we're at an historically low growth rate: we're an unhealthy people. Healthy things -- organizations, organisms, churches, businesses -- grow. We're soon to be shrinking, meaning we're not healthy. Our values are rotten. Our national goals are in disunity. Our trust in each other is broken. Our ideas are backward. As a result, there is decline. In this segment, though, I do have a word of hope. POLITICAL RAMIFICATIONS FROM THE CENSUS (13:07-19:30) The Census also offers some political insights and practical changes to our political maps. I'll provide details. BLAKE SHELTON'S NEW "BIBLE" SONG (19:30-31:02) Blake Shelton's new song lays a heavy burden on you that you don't have to carry. Ironically, Justin Bieber recently released a gospel album that responds to the "earn it and strive" message Shelton offers. In short, when there's a message about the Gospel of Jesus floating around in the culture, I want to be sure we take the opportunity to clarify what the true Gospel is. SIGNS OF POLITICAL BACKLASH (31:02-34:40) Democrat Senator Mark Kelly is complaining about what's happening at the border. Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is rejecting Statehood for Washington DC and rejecting some spending. Democrat Senator Kristen Sinema is set on keeping the filibuster. In a healthy move for the country, some politicians can feel Leftist overreach and potential political consequences. TIM SCOTT, JOE BIDEN, AND KAMALA HARRIS AGREE (34:40-45:00) In a 48 hours period, Republican Senator Tim Scott, President Joe Biden, and Vice-President Kamala Harris all said that America is not a racist country. That sort of unity is something to build on. We also know that we have ethnic disparity in the present. So, if we are not currently a racist country, what are we and from where do ethnic disparities emanate? I have a theory. CONGRESSWOMAN IS JUST A TERRIBLE PARENT (45:00-49:00) I have audio of a Congresswoman whose ideology gets her dangerously close to emotionally traumatizing her own daughter. It's maddening, and you should hear it. --- Support this podcast:

    EP250: Prominent Christian Figure's Son Very Publicly Goes Apostate / A Critique of Conservative Media / Let's Look at the Tax Proposal on the Table

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2021 50:08

    On this Episode: MAJOR CHRISTIAN FIGURE'S SON BECOMES ANTI-CHRISTIAN TIKTOK PERSONALITY (0:00-16:24) I don't want to gossip, so I'll leave the names out of it. A beloved Christian figure's adult son has been making anti-Christian content on TikTok. While the son has some valid points and some stupid ones about the institution of Christendom, I have a different concern: how do we prevent the heartbreak of seeing our kids fall away? Ultimately, we rely on God's provision for this, but I also have some ideas: -Present your kids with all the best arguments against Christianity. Don't shelter them from those. -Point towards Jesus and Jesus alone. Personalities fail. Affections waiver. The Gospel of Jesus is the only power of God unto salvation. -As best as we can, live consistently with the things we say we believe. STOP LETTING [conservative] MEDIA FREAK YOU OUT (16:25-23:30ish) I recently saw the BREATHLESS headlines about proposals to add D.C. as a State and to pack the US Supreme Court. These are indeed atrocious ideas that emanate from evil intentions. They're also not going to happen. There is zero chance of either taking place, so calm down. Conservative media seems to be okay with getting clicks and streams off of your fear. I'm not okay with it, and I'd like to be a voice for more calm. QUICK THOUGHT ON THE CHAUVIN TRIAL JURY (23:30ish-26:00ish). It's not fair to assume the jury on the Derek Chauvin trial was motivated by some fear of social ostracization or of social unrest. They're adults just like you. They're intelligent people. They saw all of the evidence, whereas most of us saw a limited amount. If you disagree with their verdict, that's reasonable. But their verdict is also absolutely reasonable. We have the institution of the criminal justice system. Casting doubt on this institution further strains the social fabric. TAX FACTS (26ish-33:07) Did you know the top 25% of income earners earn about 69% of the dollars earned and pay about 88%(!!!) of all income taxes paid. We have an extremely progressive tax system already, and I'll provide further stats to establish that. I'll also analyze the current administration's tax plan and explain why it will harm growth, incomes, jobs, and the economic "little guy." IS THERE A BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW ON TAXES AND ECONOMICS? (33:07-44:50) Well, sort of. We do know some concepts: property is a gift of God to steward, but it's not collectively owned. We know that both work and thrift are attributes celebrated in the Bible. We know the Lord demands justice on those that cheat others or take advantage of people economically. Outside of that, we have several centuries now of human history, looking at organized economies which ones achieve the most human flourishing. All of these are worth considering. --- Support this podcast:

    EP249: Clemson QB Flexes His Theology Muscle / Is Christianity Supposed to be Dominant, a Victim, or Something Else Entirely? / Let's Think Better About Police Shootings

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2021 50:05

    TREVOR LAWRENCE WITH A POWERFUL LESSON WE ALL NEED TO LEARN (0:00-13:30) Trevor Lawrence recently took some flack for defining success as something other than winning football games. First, we can learn from this young man. We all tend to define success by something external: earning a certain amount of money, marrying a particular person, getting approval, power, or comfort. We let those define us, but we can learn from Lawrence here the Biblical lesson of being defined by eternal matters. I will also compare Lawrence to another quarterback who said in the past that his winning is all that defines him. We can a learn a lot when we compare these two men. WHAT CAN A CHRISTIAN EXPECT IN THIS WORLD? (14:10-29:00) I'm finding some Christians think the world is terrible, it must be terrible, and we should never expect the secular world to adopt or accept Christian thinking. Conversely, there is a theology that calls on Christians to conquer the institution of society and impose the faith. What's the balance? What should a Christian expect in a fallen world? Victory? Defeat? Let's talk about it. BLM MARXIST EXPOSED (29:45-40:00ish) One of the founders of the BLM ORGANIZATION (remember that the organization isn't the movement or the sentence) described herself as a Marxist. Her recent real estate behavior shows she was indeed a Marxist…. Until the moment she got some money. LEARN THIS ON POLICE SHOOTINGS: LOTS OF DIFFERENT THINGS CAN BE TRUE AT THE SAME TIME (40:00ish-50:10) Listening to discussions about police shootings can be frustrating for me. In these uncomfortable ten minutes, I endeavor to ask you to think clearly and draw clear lines. Not all shootings are created equal. George Floyd isn't Ahmaud Arbery who isn't Adam Toldeo who isn't Tamir Rice who isn't Daunte Wright who isn't Breonna Taylor. Every case has its own unique fact pattern, and we would be wise to realize that. --- Support this podcast:

    EP248: Wants to affect change? The Culture > Politics & Government / Secular Progressivism Cleverly Changes Our Language / Voter ID Laws / A TON MORE

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2021 50:09

    On this Episode: BE CAREFUL OF HAVING YOUR MIND CAPTURED (0:00-12:48) Colossians 2 warns Christians not to have their minds taken captive by secular, worldly, deceptive philosophies and ideologies. Our culture presents plenty of them: Woke-ism, Qanon-ism, and dozens of gradients in between. Colossians also gives us the solution: be rooted in the faith as Scripture describes it, take every thought captive, and measure against Scripture. THE CULTURE MATTERS MORE THAN GOVERNMENT (12:38-31:45) Folks obsess over what happens in capitol rotundas or on the nightly news. While a few million people watch and pay attention to these matters, though, literally hundreds of millions of people are having their minds and ideologies shaped on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. Consider this: it's not that hard to find a YouTuber you've never heard of with 25 million regular viewers while the combined viewership of cable news will top out around 10 million. If we want to be change agents in the culture, we should recognize that and strategize around it. In that vein, I have examples of how a Disney+ show and the latest Taylor Swift album endeavors to disciple our minds. CHANGE THE LANGUAGE; WIN THE ARGUMENT (23:21-37ish) Framing arguments for one own's advantage isn't new. However, I noticed that secular progressivism has been doing this lately insidiously -- and effectively. Secularism is winning the culture, in part, because they change the language, and we acquiesce to their changes. I'll provide details. MORE MEDIA MALFEASANCE (35:34-37:30) I have one quick thought on how the national media's agenda is made obvious in how they covered 4 recent violent acts. VACCINE THOUGHT (37:30-41:20) I have a brief thought on the Covid-19 vaccine. One spoiler: it's not the "Mark of the Beast.: THE DEREK CHAUVIN TRIAL (41:20-47:30) I have one piece of audio from an activist threatening violence and destruction if the trial doesn't go her way. That's evil, and cities should prepare to mitigate against that possibility. I attempt here to prepare everyone for every possible outcome on what might be the most prominent criminal trial since the OJ Simpson case. --- Support this podcast:

    EP247: What's In that Georgia Voting Law? / Are We Judging People by the Content of their Character or Not? / Truly, a TON MORE

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2021 57:01

    On this Episode: GEORGIA VOTER LAW I'll take a full 20 minutes to look at the provisions on the bill that is being called "Jim Crow on steroids." In short, there is no good reason for the hysterics around this bill. It's fully in line with other state rules regarding voting, and some of what you've heard isn't even true. So, I take a truly objective look at the facts of what the law does. Then, you can judge. After that, I do some judging -- judging the histrionics that came in response to the bill. RAPID FIRE TOPICS -Complaining on Jill Biden's bad Spanish doesn't help with credibility on topics that matter. -A Professor sues his college over a conflict about a transgender student's pronouns. -A teacher gets angry at a high school student for NOT seeing ethnic differences as crucially important. -A journalist says the George Floyd/Derek Chauvin trial is a trial on the entire country. That's incorrect, and it's the exact wrong message we need right no. -Lester Holt says fairness in journalism is overrated. He might be right, but that's a dangerous game. -A Chicago middle school is trying to change its name. Leftists there are protesting against naming after president Obama because... he wasn't woke enough. -Some thoughts on the Biden tax plan and how corporate taxes work. --- Support this podcast:

    Sermon: Jesus and The Rich, Young Ruler

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    The latest sermon the Gospel of Mark series --- Support this podcast:

    EP246: Every Slippery Slope Argument I've Made is Proving True / A Few New Points on the Filibuster / An Easter Reflection / A LOT MORE

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2021 50:08

    On this Episode: RESURRECTION DAY (Easter) REFLECTION (0:00-9:02) The seminal hours of human history took place on a Passover weekend in Jerusalem just over 2,000 years ago. We'll take a brief look at what Jesus's work on the cross dis for us. ALL THE SLIPPERY SLOPE ARGUMENTS OF THE 2000s ARE PROVING TRUE (9:02-23:00ish) The slippery slope is technically a logical fallacy, but I'm finding that arguments made in the 2000s about where we were heading as a culture on sexuality and marriage are all proving to be true. One of the arguments made back then as well would be that, eventually, churches and Christian organizations who wouldn't acquiesce to current cultural mores would be marginalized and demonized. I'll provide a recent example of that happening in college basketball. RENEWED ARGUMENTS ON THE FILIBUSTER (23:00ish-32:38) I have been a longtime defender of the filibuster – no matter which party has the majority. It's an important tool AGAINST radicalism on all sides and FOR stability on every side. I offer some new arguments and cautions regarding the filibuster. A QUICK THOUGHT ON WOMEN'S SPORTS (32:38-42:50) A women's soccer player said recently she is paid less for doing the same job as a man. Is that correct? And what deeper lessons can we learn from a recent conversation around equality in sports? THE MEDIA IS OUR MOST CORRUPT INSTITUTION (42:50-50:10) There is corruption every where – government (both parties), corporate America, the legal system, religious systems, entertainment – absolutely every where. I'll make the case that the media, though, is our most corrupt institution. --- Support this podcast:

    Sermon: One Of Jesus's Hardest Teachings (Mark 9:42-50)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2021 40:07

    The Latest sermon in the Gospel of Mark series --- Support this podcast:

    EP245: What We're Missing with the ATL Shooting / Don Lemon Embarrasses Himself Talking Religion / Palm Sunday Reflection

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2021 50:07

    On this Episode: (0:00-7:35ish) PALM SUNDAY REFLECTION Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week is quickly approaching. I have a brief reflection on the meaning of Palm Sunday in an effort to prepare your heart and mind for Holy Week. (7:35ish-25:00) CNN's DON LEMON TRIES TO DO THEOLOGY AND FAILS MISERABLY For some reason, The View asked Don Lemon about the Catholic Church not changing their theology on marriage. Lemon proceeded to tell us that God doesn't judge, that it's wrong to believe in a God that judges, and that the most important thing to teach your kids about religion is that Jesus isn't white. I'll unscramble all of that inanity. (25:00-33:45) WE'RE BOTCHING THE ATLANTA SHOOTING STORY The major media outlets are deeply invested in a narrative of an endemically "white supremacist" US, so they jumped on a narrative of racist motivations IMMEDIATELY. When that story began to unravel, they jumped to Christianity's "purity culture" being the culprit. The media's agenda-driven narratives obscured some important lessons we could have learned from the story. We apparently have massage parlors that double ad brothels. Do you think the women in them got their by fulfilling their hopes and dreams? Of course not. We're staring a sex trafficking story in the face and missing it. We're also missing the role pornography is playing in the degradation of our culture broadly. (33:45-45:00) WHAT IS THE "BIBLICAL SEXUAL ETHIC" Since the ATL shooting story has brought Christian teachings on sexuality into question, let's answer this question together: what does the Bible -- not any tradition or denomination -- teach about sexuality? (45:00-50:10) EVEN FAR-LEFTIST SARAH SILVERMAN IS FINISHED WITH WOKE CULTURE The American political Left is waking up to the dangers of Woke-ism. I'll play a clip for Sarah Silverman to illustrate. --- Support this podcast:

    Sermon: Pursuing Greatness (Mark 9:30-41)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2021 39:45

    The 21st sermon in the Gospel of Mark series. --- Support this podcast:

    EP244: Living in Woke-O-Haram / This Terrible Police-Protection Bill in Kentucky / Thoughts on Covid Relief Bill / A TON MORE

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2021 50:09

    On this Episode: TWO NEW WOKE-ISM CONTROVERSIES (0:00-13:00ish mark) There's now an "Autonomous Zone" in Minneapolis. Why are we letting people take over city blocks? Senator Tim Scott also takes some heat for talking about Woke Supremacy. HOW DOES THE CHRISTIAN LIVE IN A WOKE CULTURE? (13:00ish mark - 19:00ish mark) Jeremiah 29:4-7 give us a wonderful guide on how to live as a Christian in a pagan place. It's nothing revolutionary. Live your life. Live it distinctly. Live it by Biblical principles. Work the good of those around you. Pray for your city, state, and nation. Just be faithful. SEVERAL MORE THOUGHTS ON THE WOKE MOMENT (19:00-ish mark - 30:21) -Woke-ism is a religion, but it's too new to have apologetics yet. It imposes upon you its doctrinal statements but has no defense for them. -I have a theory on how Woke-ism will lead us to a resurgence of labor unions. I think I'm okay with it. -Leftism/Woke-ism admits we're a culture that is degrading. Leftism/Woke-ism is also the dominant force in culture. Shouldn't we conclude something from that? KENTUCKY PUSHES UNCONSTITUTIONAL "PRO-POLICE" BILL (30:21-34:15) Republicans in Kentucky are pushing a bill that would basically make cops kings and queens with no magna carta. It's unconstitutional and dumb. I'll explain. TWO "I TOLD YOU SO" MOMENTS (34:15-40:18) -A liberal columnist has a widely spread op-ed concerned with how we've replaced religion with politics. I've been saying that for literally half-a-decade. -Covid numbers also affirm a theory of mine. REACTION TO THE COVID RELIEF BILL (40:18-50:00) We needed a Covid Bill. I get that. There's some stuff in there we should know about, and there's some pork. I'll provide a rundown. --- Support this podcast:

    Sermon: “I Believe! Help My Unbelief.”

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    The latest sermon in my Gospel of Mark Series --- Support this podcast:

    EP243: Re-Opening of States Re-Exposes Interesting Left/Right Divide // The Goat-Dressed Guy from January 6th was Interviewed. It's nuts. // Is Religious Liberty Unbiblical?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2021 50:06

    STATES ARE RE-OPENING There is a divide in the US that is genuinely confusing. One side seems to think unless you require an action and/or require the government to pay for it, you are not actually for the thing happening. The other side just seems to leave people to liberty and freedom. State re-openings are exposing that divide. WOKE-ISM IS CONDESCENDING When I see people, I see a human, made in the image of God with talents, skills, abilities, and potential. Woke-ists seem to see only helpless victims that must be rescued by the Woke. It's weird and condescending. THAT GOAT GUY FROM JANUARY 6TH CBS interviewed that insane QAnon-goat-dressed guy from the events of January 6th. It was.... interesting? Let's listen to it together. POVERTY OF THE SOUL Matt Chandler recently preached the concept of having everything we want and absolutely nothing that we need. It was profound. I'll play the audio. JOHN MACARTHUR ATTACKS RELIGIOUS LIBERTY Dr. John MacArthur recently preached against the concept of religious liberty. I have a few responses. --- Support this podcast:

    EP242: Woke-ism Destroys Everything It Touches / A School Board Member Gets Obnoxious in California / The Smith College Debacle / A Ton More

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2021 50:09

    WOKE-ISM DESTROYS EVERYTHING Remember the Co-Exist stickers? Remember the argument in favor of being a pluralistic society? For the Woke, those days are over. The Woke will have its way, power, and dominance -- whatever it must do. It's small, annoying things (stories from the Bachelor, Mr. Potato Head, and Oreo tweets). It's more concerning things (CocaCola's employee training, a letter from Congress-people to AT&T, Amazon banning certain books). Woke-ism is a small group of Americans, but it's the dominant philosophy right now without even using government to enforce its beliefs. We can get angry at the Woke, or we can see behind the flesh and blood of this philosophy, and respond Biblically. SMITH COLLEGE AND A CLAIM OF RACISM. This New York Times story has a ton of important themes in it: I'll break all of those down. CALIFORNIA SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER IS OBNOXIOUS We get to hear a School Board Member near San Diego be the walking embodiment of the Woke Religion. It isn't pretty. SCHOOLS SHOULD RE-OPEN We now have data on how much damage we're doing to kids who have lost of year of in-person instruction. Let's get them back to school. --- Support this podcast:

    EP241: A Nashville Church Goes Full Apostate / Categorizing People is KILLING Our Culture / Celebrating Death is Just Ghoulish Behavior

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 21, 2021 50:09

    On This Episode NASHVILLE CHURCH GOES APOSTATE A Church in Nashville alleges that the Bible is not the inerrant, infallible, Word of God. I'll respond with the fact and why Biblical authority is essentially vital to the Church. It's also essential for functional living. CATEGORIZING PEOPLE IS KILLING US Western cultures have adopted the practice of no longer seeing individual human beings. We see people as their ethnicity, income group, religion, and sex. This is POISONING our culture and damaging people. Let's be people that actually see the human being in front us -- and not their culturally-imposed "categories." A RECENT CONSERVATIVE FIGURE'S DEATH EXPOSED SOME TERRIBLE PEOPLE A conservative icon died recently. Some folks on the Left were elated. This celebration of death pulls back the current on the real conflict in which we find ourselves. Also, as with all celebrity deaths, these are opportunities to focus on our own mortality. THE TEXAS FREEZE AND CLIMATE CHANGE A lot of less-than-informed thinking has been floating around on the topic. I'll explain. --- Support this podcast:

    Bonus: On The Death of Rush Limbaugh

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2021 7:30

    Thinking back on a giant in broadcasting --- Support this podcast:

    EP240: Ash Wednesday, Lent, and Living Distinctly in a Secular World / Dave Ramsey was Right, Despite the Controversy / Re-Thinking Taylor Swift Songs

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2021 85:18

    On this Episode: THE CHURCH CALENDAR IS AN OPPORTUNITY Ash Wednesday is upon us. The weeks of Lent are coming up. We have an opportunity now to set our minds toward Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Resurrection Sunday. Practicing and recognizing the church calendar is an incredible tool to live distinctly -- no matter where the Christian lives on this planet. DAVE RAMSEY CONTROVERSY ON STUDENT LOANS AND STIMULUS People didn't like it, but Dave Ramsey was right. More important than his financial points was this: you are responsible for you. God entrusts us all with some resources. Under his authority, we are responsible for what we do and don't do with our lives. We must be a people who don't wait for the government -- or anyone else -- to live our lives FOR us. RE-THINKING TAYLOR SWIFT LYRICS I'm a huge Taylor Swift fan. As she has re-released her "Fearless" album, I'm realizing how much she creates a world of hopeless girls, needing rescue from men and placing responsibility on men to be knights in shining armor. Is this healthy? More importantly, is it Biblical? It's a hard one for me, and I still don't know where I stand. A LOT MORE! --- Support this podcast:

    EP239: Should the Tax Code Incentivize Having Kids? / A Country Singer, a Terrible Slur, and Cancel Culture / Living Life Without Excuses

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 50:09

    On this Episode: A "No Excuses" Life I've been thinking lately about how much we allow life to happen TO us instead of TACKLING life. How would life and the world be different if we lived on purpose? Children, Fertility, and the Romney Tax Credit Plan Senator Mitt Romney has a tax code idea that would offer parents close to $70,000 over 18 years for each child in the household. We're country that is very literally dying from a birth rate now lower than 2.0. Is social engineering of this sort -- even if it's good idea -- a government function? My opinion might surprise you. I Re-Think Cancel Culture I'm a free-speech purist, so I detest cancel culture. There are a couple prominent people being canceled right now, though (like Morgan Wallen) that I think is deserved. I try to reconcile those positions. Listener Submissions, Questions, and A Lot More! --- Support this podcast:

    EP238: Making Clear and Easy the Robinhood & GameStop Story / The Real Lesson from the Robinhood Fairytale / Listener Submissions/ More!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2021 50:08

    On This Episode: ROBINHOOD/GAMESTOP/HEDGE FUNDS/REDDIT This has been an incredibly intriguing and sort of confusing story. So, let's take some time to understand it first. Then, I have some analysis and Christian worldview to bring to it. Truly, this is one of my favorite stories in a long time, and it's a lot of fun to learn about and discuss. THE TALE OF ROBIN OF LOCKSLEY This investment story made me realize that many people misunderstand the classic Robinhood story. It's not a "take from the rich, and give to the poor story." The antagonists are PRINCE John and SHERRIFF of Nottingham. The conflict in the classic story is unjust taxation, government largesse, and the Sherriff's enforcement of those taxes and policies. Robinhood didn't STEAL from the rich. He returned to the people what their government took from them. LISTENER QUESTIONS -A Baylor professor got in some trouble for a tweet. What can we learn? -Should the military still be on the streets of DC? --- Support this podcast:

    EP237: More Christians are Feeling Exiled. That's GOOD. / Thoughts on Minimum Wage and the Immigration Bill / Inauguration Thoughts

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2021 50:07

    On this Episode: CHRISTIAN AMERICANS FEELING EXILED I have been feeling like an exile in a foreign country for a long time now. I'm slightly frustrated that it took political happenings to make a lot of other believers feel this way, but I'm also just grateful for the company. The country is getting both more secular and more pagan at the same time. For Christians, maybe we were made for this exact moment. FOCUSING ON ONE ISSUE AT A TIME The new administration sent an immigration bill to Congress that BOTH reforms the immigration AND deals with the millions of people here illegally. Combining the two makes the bill needlessly divisive and less likely to succeed. They also attached an absurd minimum wage increase to the Covid-19 relief bill. Again, why can't we just do one thing at a time? MINIMUM WAGE I run through the long but interesting history of this terrible idea and tell you why there should be no federal minimum wage increase. IMMIGRATION We go to Scripture to surmise what should be both the Christian heart and the legal ethic toward the immigrant and human migration. A COUPLE INAUGURATION THOUGHTS I will admit I didn't watch the Inauguration (I never do). I have to also admit that I see the hypocrisy in people who have spent a decades or so saying the United States is a wasteland of every form of bigotry and should be hated.... now CELEBRATING the country. It was just weird. --- Support this podcast:

    EP236: I Think I Noticed Our Core Cultural Rot / The Left Flip-Flops on Covid Shutdowns / Sanctity of Life Sunday / A lot More!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2021 50:04

    On this Episode: CULTURAL ROTTENESS I recently saw a secular college professor bemoan that Biblical illiteracy in her students makes it more challenging to teach the Great Books and great writers of history. The Bible birthed and undergirded the Enlightenment and Western Civilization. Our Biblical illiteracy is the core of cultural rottenness. So what do we do? COVID LOCKDOWNS Out of nowhere, governors like Andrew Cuomo and publications like Newsweek are saying lockdowns don't work and that we can't stay shutdown. I wonder what brought them to my side of that debate. SANCTITY OF LIFE SUNDAY It's never comfortable, but this month is the Roe vs. Wade anniversary. So, it's worth spending some time on one our greatest national sins. DISAFFECTED VOTERS There are now a significant amount of voters -- mostly rural -- who feel forgotten by the entire culture and now their government. How do we re-engage these folks into the process? LISTENER QUESTIONS Listeners submit questions on "baby bonds," the Inauguration, and what I've gotten wrong in my fiscal philosophy. --- Support this podcast:

    EP235: Looking Back on a Terrible Week in the US -- Hypocrisy Abounds; The Events at the Capitol Expose a Rotting Culture

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2021 50:06

    On this Episode: It was a significant week in politics for the US. I'll look back on it, call good "good" and evil "evil," and shed light on the numerous hypocrisies exposed. After that, listeners submitted insightful questions. I'll finish with a look forward after the surprising Georgia run-off results. --- Support this podcast:

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