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The Young Turks is Home of The Progressives. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian and a host of progressive voices deliver the news and provocative commentary. Whether you are seeking a breakdown of current events, politics and the mainstream media or just a quick laugh, the Daily TYT Audio Podcast will always…

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TYT's 2023 LGBTQIA+ Pride Special

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2023 46:27

If you look at the calendar, it's 2023, but the news makes it feel more like 1823, as conservatives have decided to target the LGBTQIA+ community battleground for a culture war. Less than a decade after winning marriage equality, basic freedoms are now under assault. Join John Iadarola, Adrienne Lawrence, and more amazing guests as we break down, look back, and stand up for what's at stake for the LGBTQIA+ Community. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Free Fallin'

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2023 50:19

Lawrence O'Donnell is celebrating Democrats conceding to everything Republicans wanted in the Debt Ceiling Deal. President Joe Biden took a fall on stage in the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony in Colorado. The US is unhappy that Mexico is spending money on its own citizens. Gen Z teens are so unruly in malls, fed by their TikTok addiction, that a growing number are requiring chaperones and supervision.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

American Con

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2023 55:03

House conservatives threaten to oust McCarthy over the debt deal. McCarthy schemes to cut Social Security. Trump says he knew documents were classified in Leaked Audio "Enormous policy failure": States throw hundreds of thousands—including many children—off Medicaid. Higher worker pay isn't causing inflation, Fed says. HOST: Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Deal With The Devil

Play Episode Listen Later May 31, 2023 58:43

Kevin McCarthy says on Fox & Friends that the debt ceiling bill will prevent children from collecting welfare? Uganda imposes the death penalty for "aggravated homosexuality." The US is unhappy that Mexico is spending money on its own citizens. Gen Z teens are so unruly in malls, fed by their TikTok addiction, that a growing number are requiring chaperones and supervision. Costco pushing back on raising prices. "Trump bucks" promise wealth for MAGA loyalty. Some lose thousands. Dodgers announce "Christian Faith and Family Day" after inviting, then un-inviting, then re-inviting the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence to their Pride Night. Charlie Kirk's TPUSA teamed up with a registered sex offender. The QAnon Shaman is out of prison and selling yoga leggings And one-on-one sessions for $500 each. I'm a 102-year-old — good sex is my secret to a long life.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

"Economic Terrorists"

Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2023 56:51

Trump workers moved Mar-a-Lago boxes a day before the FBI came for documents. House Democrat frustrated with Biden's debt talks: "Why are we negotiating with the economic terrorists?" Biden could give back some of his signature IRS boost for a debt limit deal. Ron DeSantis says he will consider pardon for Trump if he's elected. Right-wing US Supreme Court delivers "catastrophic loss for water protections."HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), John Iadarola (@johniadarola) & Farron Cousins (@farronbalanced)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Missing The Target

Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2023 52:06

A leaked U.S. intelligence report from February says “Netanyahu probably calculates Israel will need to strike Iran to deter its nuclear program.” GOP plans to unveil deficit-exploding tax cuts for the rich two weeks after debt limit x-date. WATCH: Charlie Kirk incites viewers to go after the target using financial "force" over pride merchandise. Trump posts insane fake audio of Hitler, Soros, and himself crashing DeSantis campaign announcement.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞


Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2023 46:28

DeSantis' wife launches his presidential campaign with the first 2024 video: "America is worth the fight." Uber's diversity chief put on leave after complaints of insensitivity. Birds make us happier.HOST: Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Greasing Lips

Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2023 55:21

NYC professor allegedly threatens New York Post reporter with machete. The man who crashed U-Haul near White House was charged with threatening harm. House GOP auctions off McCarthy's used chapstick as debt talks intensify. The NAACP president explains why the group issued a Florida travel advisory. Here's what workers really care about, according to a Post-Ipsos poll. Newsmax segment condemns Fox News' trans-inclusive bathroom policy. Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Pentagon Payouts

Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2023 54:48

Bowing to pressure, Biden relents on F-16s to Ukraine. "That's a hell of an accounting error!" CNN's Jake Tapper grills NSA Jake Sullivan on Pentagon's "bizarre" discovery of $3 Billion in extra cash. NYC Mayor Eric Adams calls for an investigation into the false story of homeless veterans being displaced by immigrants. WATCH: Warner Bros. Discovery Boss David Zaslav gets brutally heckled during Boston University commencement. Fox News host Will Cain condemns people who don't want children as "selfish" for "focusing on their own needs and desires as opposed to those of perhaps a family." HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

God, Beer & Mustangs

Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2023 58:04

DC cop charged with helping Proud Boys during Jan. 6 Insurrection. The House Freedom Caucus vows no further negotiations on the debt ceiling until the Senate passes its bill: "We have a winning hand." “Sure, the US secretary of transportation has thoughts on building bridges. But infrastructure occupies just a sliver of his voluminous mind.” Man wields ar-15 near school bus stop to protest gun laws. HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), Max Burns (@themaxburns), John Iadarola(@johniadarola)HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Shadow Senator

Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2023 53:40

House Republicans crack up and yell "loser" when told of Biden's stance on welfare work requirements. Politico is reporting that a member of the Pelosi family is helping prop up Feinstein because doing so would help Adam Schiff's chances of replacing her over Barbara Lee. Rep. George Santos' comms director reportedly quits with a dig at Congressman. Joe Scarborough claims "cogent" Joe Biden calls him up at night to "aggressively'' debate his commentary. HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Ugly Greed

Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2023 54:48

Speaker Kevin McCarthy goes viral after inadvertently touting Biden's border wins vs Trump. The ugly truth behind “we buy ugly houses.” A monthly fee for heated seats? Car subscriptions are coming — whether Americans like them or not. Ex-Rep. Kurt Schrader goes to K Street. The New Republic has learned that with little fanfare and less explanation, the White House has stopped requesting that American think tanks disclose funding from foreign governments. HOST: Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Gross Giuliani

Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2023 53:58

Former Giuliani employee alleges sexual assault and harassment in $10 million lawsuit. Centrist Dems are plotting a save-McCarthy strategy for the debt fight. Ex-Rep. Kurt Schrader goes to K Street. The New Republic has learned that with little fanfare and even less explanation, the White House has stopped requesting that American think tanks disclose funding from foreign governments. Rep. James Comer is looking for anti-Biden evidence. He's also looking for his informant.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian), Emma Vigeland (@EmmaVigeland)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Ron Goes Rogue

Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2023 54:09

DeSantis signs laws to ease 2024 run. Measures would let him campaign while serving as Florida governor and shield travel records from the public. A Florida teacher is under investigation by the state Department of Education after what she believes is a targeted attack by a school board member who took issue with a Disney movie shown in her classroom. L.A. County homeless services workers can't afford housing themselves, study finds.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Turning on Trump

Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2023 54:58

Episode summary: Daniel Penny charged in Jordan Neely NYC subway chokehold death. "Anybody but him": GOP senators go public with disdain for Trump. Trump praises the “very smart” CNN for giving him town hall: "Many minds were changed." Elon Musk announces new Twitter CEO. Elon's fans get mad because she is affiliated with the WEF. "Building blocks of language" found across the animal kingdom.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), John Iadarola (@johniadarola) & Wosny LambreSUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Town Hall Turmoil

Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2023 51:00

Episode summary: CNN insiders were horrified watching their network conduct the Trump town hall: "an unmitigated disaster." CNN town hall audience laughs as Trump mocks rape accuser. The Biden administration is set to dramatically limit asylum in the wake of the expiration of Title 42. A new rule is rolling out Wednesday that mirrors a Trump-era policy requiring migrants to first seek and be denied asylum in another country before attempting to do so in the U.S. Arson, burglary, death threats: Abortion clinics see uptick in violence post-Roe. Corporate giants buy up primary care practices at a rapid pace.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Slimy Santos

Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2023 51:05

Episode summary: George Santos in federal custody as feds unseal 13-count indictment. DeSantis signs a bill restricting certain foreigners from property buys. Clarence Thomas reversed position after gifts and family payments. Drugmakers set strategy for legal fight against US pricing regulation. Corporate giants buy up primary care practices at a rapid pace.HOSTS: Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Out of Battery

Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2023 58:33

Episode summary: Donald Trump sexually abused writer E. Jean Carroll in the 1990s and then defamed her by branding her a liar, a United States jury has decided. Justice Department Files Criminal Charges against New York Rep. George Santos. Judge set to hear Abortion Pill case had ties with GOP Billionaire Donor. Tucker Carlson announces new Twitter show after leaving Fox News. HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Texas Massacre

Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2023 54:03

Episode summary: Gunman kills eight people at a North Texas outlet mall. After the Allen shooting, Texas Republican leaders downplay guns and focus on mental health. A Texas lawmaker, who previously said drag queen story hours would sexualize children, should be expelled for sexual misconduct with a teenage intern, committee says. "How'd that work out?": CNN host Jake Tapper grills judiciary head over Feinstein's absence, compares situation to RBG. Dmitri Mehlhorn, who has financed many of the super PACs that target progressives in primaries, says they're not going as hard after progressives now because he thinks the left has been sufficiently driven into the ground.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Cowboy Cosplay

Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2023 58:09

Episode summary: "Why Not?" Reporter demands to know why Jean-Pierre won't talk about Clarence Thomas or Supreme Court scandals. TV executives whose writers are on a picket line see the future for AI. This Texas bill would train third graders to use "battlefield" tourniquets. "Everyone over there will either be fired or indicted": Report describes war between Trump camp and defectors.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), John Iadarola (@johniadarola) & Ramesh Srinivasan (@rameshmedia)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞


Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 50:18

Episode summary: Clarence Thomas had a child in private school. Harlan Crow paid the tuition. Investigation uncovers two 10-year-olds working at Kentucky McDonald's. Louisiana rejects raising minimum wage a day after advancing bill to raise lawmaker pay. Ex-Proud Boys leader Tarrio guilty of Jan. 6 sedition plot.HOSTS: HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Unlikely Allies

Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2023 50:30

Episode summary: Carlson's text that alarmed Fox leaders: "It's not how white men fight." Catalytic converter theft ring that made hundreds of millions is busted, feds say. As fears of a banking crisis surged, members of Congress sold bank shares. Why is inflation so sticky? It could be corporate profits.HOSTS: Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Writers Block

Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2023 54:12

Episode summary: Hollywood writers to go on strike, bringing production on many television shows to a halt. US rail companies grant paid sick days after public pressure in win for unions. The group behind the conservative campaign to rewrite child labor laws. Newsmax Is reportedly planning to offer Tucker Carlson a lot more than just money. Former employees reveal Steven Crowder's abusive behavior. "Wow!" CNN this morning crew guffaws at Apple co-founder's dragging of Elon Musk during an interview. HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞


Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2023 53:30

Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Sen. Nina Turner, and Francesca FIorentini go through the history of International Workers Day, and discuss how the labor movements of the past influenced workers rights today. Hosted on Acast. See for more information.

Gun Country

Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2023 58:56

Episode summary: Five dead in Texas "execution-style" shooting, suspect armed with AR-15 is on the loose. First Republic Bank is seized by regulators and sold to JPMorgan Chase. 14 million jobs worldwide will vanish in the next 5 years, new economic report finds. Chris Wallace pushes back when Bernie Sanders slams companies: "I happen to know about it because my son works there." Bernie Sanders on why he's endorsing Biden, discourages progressives from primarying Biden.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Gitmo Ron

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2023 55:17

Episode summary: Fed slams its own oversight of Silicon Valley Bank in post-mortem. Draft GOP midterm post-mortem says it's time to shut up about election fraud. Donald Trump mocks Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC), one of his earliest 2024 endorsers, as a “progressive” as the crowd boos. DeSantis loses his cool with a reporter after being challenged over claims he witnessed torture while working at Guantanamo Bay.HOSTS: John Iadarola (@johniadarola) , Wosny Lambre & David Doel (@daviddoel)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

House of Horrors

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2023 61:18

Episode summary: "I'm here because Donald Trump raped me," E. Jean Carroll testifies. A Santa Monica police employee molested more than 200 kids. Warnings of abuse were ignored. Texas woman who "nearly died" savages Ted Cruz at Senate hearing over abortion ban. Watch: Marjorie Taylor Greene implies stepmoms are not real moms as she rages at the teacher's union chief. Lizzo brought drag queens onstage in Tennessee.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Francesca Fiorentini (@franifio)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Screwing Average Joe

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2023 53:21

Episode summary: Mortgage fees are changing for homebuyers next month. Here's what you should know. Clarence Thomas' billionaire friend did have business before the Supreme Court. "Green colonialism": Indigenous world leaders warn over the west's climate strategy. Global military spending hits an all-time high of $2.24 trillion. Penn ER ordered to closed strains community and healthcare system.HOSTS: Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Dunking on DeSantis

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2023 58:02

Episode summary: Atlanta prosecutor sets timetable for charging decisions in Trump's investigation: Any indictments would be announced between July 11 and Sept 1. President warns of "MAGA extremist" attacks in reelection campaign launch video. Donald Trump's brutal new ad reminds Ron DeSantis "how he got to where he is." Sacklers gave millions to institution that advises on opioid policy. The cop who killed Breonna Taylor is now a sheriff's deputy.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Tucker Carlson OUSTED

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2023 53:47

Episode summary: Tucker Carlson is leaving Fox News. Don Lemon, CNN star anchor, to leave the network. HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

"Actual Facts"

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2023 55:13

Audio reveals top GOP lawyer's 2024 strategy: Make it harder for college students to vote. Trump tries to make Taibbi's IRS visit about himself: "The price you pay for being honest in the USA." Sen. Ted Cruz's telling call with Fox Business host caught on newly released tape. Elon Musk's dad Errol says he can "prove" existence of an emerald mine in a new bombshell claim revealing its location. Kyrsten Sinema, Joe Manchin fail to attract small donors for potential re-election campaigns.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & John Iadarola (@JohnIadarola)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞


Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2023 52:12

Episode summary: Right to Life leader in Ohio says 10-year-old rape victims should carry babies to term. Ron DeSantis went to South Carolina to talk about wokeness while his Florida constituents face a fuel shortage. Marjorie Taylor Greene was prohibited from speaking at the hearing after calling the DHS secretary a "liar."HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Green Gamble

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2023 52:43

Episode summary: Germany shuts down its last nuclear power reactors. Biden's green gamble. UnitedHealth touts profit surge after lobbyists weaken Medicare advantage crackdown. Group of wealthy Americans warns US democracy "will not survive" unless the rich are taxed heavily. HOSTS: Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Settling for Seconds

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2023 60:01

Episode summary: Dominion settles lawsuit against Fox News. An 84-year-old is charged in the shooting of black teenager who went to the wrong house. Oklahoma county sheriff and three other officials allegedly caught on tape talking about killing journalists. Employees asked about canceled bonuses. The CEO replied, "Leave pity city."HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Doom & Groom

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2023 43:37

Episode summary: Stop the Steal organizer Ali Alexander admits to inappropriate messages with teen boys. Big Republican donor and "a bunch of friends" back off DeSantis over culture war politics: "Very big problem." "What happened to Donald Trump?" DeSantis supporting super PAC launches attack ad against former president. GOP Congresswoman Nancy Mace calls out her party's "heads in the sand" response to gun violence: "Republicans can no longer be silent." Trump on school shootings at the NRA forum: "This is not a gun problem ... this is a spiritual problem."HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Pudding Fingers

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2023 57:41

Episode summary: Billionaire Harlan Crow bought property from Clarence Thomas. Justice Thomas didn't disclose the deal. Marjorie Taylor Greene claims intel leaker was arrested because he's "white, male, Christian." Republican uses "great replacement" theory to justify abortion ban. Donald Trump ad slams "pudding fingers" Ron DeSantis for supporting social security cuts. HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur), John Iadarola (@johniadarola) & Jordan Uhl (@JordanUhl)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Pentagon Leaker

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2023 54:39

Episode summary: Leaker of U.S. secret documents worked on military base, friend says. Alex Wagner airs secret recordings showing Giuliani and Trump aide telling Fox News they couldn't prove voter fraud. Appeals court temporarily keeps abortion pill available but limits access. Ro Khanna calls for Feinstein's resignation: "It is obvious she can no longer fulfill her duties." In surprising turnaround, Tennessee's Republican governor is pushing gun reform.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Cruel Conservatives

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2023 54:39

Episode summary: Driven to debt: Too-low interest rates caused. GOP eyes new work requirements for millions on Medicaid, food stamps. Rutgers academic workers strike for the first time in their school's 250+ years of existence. Popular handgun fires without anyone pulling the trigger, victims say.HOSTS: Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Sowing Discord

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2023 57:39

Episode summary: "We must prepare for war against China": Mark Levin gets raucous applause from Hannity's studio audience. Pentagon leak traced to video game chat group users arguing over war in Ukraine. Ex-NCAA swimmer Riley Gaines posts video of confrontation with protesters. Twitter users are unable to retweet, like or comment on Substack links. Also, Substack users can no longer embed tweets in newsletters. America's first dark money ballot line: The latest scheme to launch a centrist, third-party “unity” ticket comes from a dark money front for corporate interests.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Reproductive Fights

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2023 52:14

Episode summary: Access to abortion pill in limbo after competing rulings. "That is a stunning position!" CNN's Dana Bash confronts AOC on telling Biden to "ignore" abortion pill ruling. Jon Stewart tangles with Biden official on bloated defense budget while soldiers are on food stamps. Five dead and at least six taken to the hospital in Louisville mass shooting, police say. The shooter is dead.HOSTS: Cenk Uygur (@CenkUygur) & Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Silencing Dissent

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2023 54:19

Episode summary: Expelled Tenn. Democrat slams GOP: "We can never normalize the ending of democracy." Justice Thomas defends luxury vacations with GOP megadonor, claims he was advised he didn't have to disclose. Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been "trash talking his GOP colleagues," per report. Anti-vaccine activist RFK Jr. challenging Biden in 2024. DOJ tentatively settles over Texas church shooting for $144 million.HOSTS: John Iadarola (@johniadarola), Michael Shure (@michaelshure), & AB Burns Tucker (@iamlegallyhype)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

Supreme Corruption

Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2023 59:16

Episode summary: Clarence Thomas has been illegally accepting luxury gifts and private jet travel for decades, per bombshell ProPublica report. Students protesting gun violence in Colorado are being spied on by the state's intelligence command center. Chants of "Fascists!" ring out as Tennessee GOP moves to expel Dems over gun control protest. Despicable: Idaho becomes first US state to restrict interstate travel for abortion care. Candace Owens reveals just how much a famed designer hates her: “I'd rather get beat in the ass with a wooden plank than ever go near either of you." HOSTS: Ana Kasparian (@AnaKasparian) & Brian Unger (@IamBrianUnger)SUBSCRIBE on YOUTUBE: ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞ ☞

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