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Join Nicholas Meeks and Cory Skold as they talk about the last week in anime and other related nonsense. This Just Anime! is a podcast all about anime, all of the time... or, at least most of the time anyway. Tune in every Wednesday wherever you listen!

Nicholas Meeks and Cory Skold

    • Nov 24, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from This Just Anime!

    Episode 77: We See You Space Cowboy

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 73:24

    We're back, work was a little crazy for Cory last week so we took a week off in preparation to talk about something big. Or two something bigs really because we of course have the launch of the live action Cowboy Bebop from Netflix, but they also gave us the surprise gift that is Arcane which we felt we needed to cover as well. Despite neither of us being big fans of League of Legends, we both found ourselves really enjoying Arcane so we try to pinpoint what makes it successful. For Bebop on the other hand, we'll go over what worked and what didn't land for us and how we feel about the adaptation overall, we could spend literally hours covering it, but this is a condensed version of our thoughts, and yes we do stray into spoiler territory. And to round out the episode we have a couple of "facts" Nick found online to remind us all how anime works I guess. It's a big week so we hope you enjoy. 

    Episode 76: Space Makes Your Flow Go Crazy

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 72:25

    This week is a very special episode of the podcast for a couple of reasons. First and probably most importantly you'll notice we have some special guests on the cast this week, our Partners Madeline and Rose decided it was finally time for them to make an appearance and guest host an episode for us. We're finally talking about Star Wars Visions (only like a month late) and we asked each of them to prepare a topic respectively. We get to hear a bit about how they got into anime as well as hear how each of us would take on the Visual Prison as we plan our hypothetical vampire boy bands. We're very grateful to have them on this episode and finally bring an end to the patriarchy of this podcast.  

    Episode 75: Nick and Cory: Anime Origins!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 58:31

    This week is the long awaited return of the Cory Cast! It's been a hot minute, but we decided to switch it up a bit and Cory will take the lead for hosting for the week, it also means he picked the topics so it's sure to be chaotic and weird but in a good way. We're first highlighting Irina: Vampire Cosmonaut specifically talking about how predicable isn't necessarily bad and why this show stands out so much to us. We've also spent a lot of time talking about how fresh and exciting this season feels to us, so we're going to try and define just why we're so hyped and see if we can notice any patterns in successful titles this season. Lastly our conversation shifts to why we became anime fans in the first place, how we got started watching anime and maybe most importantly why we keep coming back to it.  It gives you a little bit of insight as to why we decided to even do this podcast in the first place so we hope you enjoy.

    Episode 74: The Best Damn PowerCast in a Hot Minute

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 89:13

    FALL IS HERE!!! and it deserves all three of those exclamation points because it is not messing around. We've got a whole slew of new titles to go through and it may be a surprise to all of us, but most of them are actually pretty dang good. In fact really dang good. We're running the list starting in the S tier and working our way down to F, as usual we're doing a one sentence explanation of each show and highlighting a couple titles in  each tier to go into a little more detail about. It's a stacked season so there's sure to be something everyone can enjoy, and if you want to read along as we go through the list you can hop over to our site and see where you need to start watching this season, because you won't want to miss anything.  

    Episode 73: I'm the Best Wizard and All Women Love Me.

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 60:11

    We're another week into the new season and we fee like we've been behind on news so let's start with that. We've got a Zombieland Saga feature film, some Disney Plus Anime announcements, as well as a fascinating article taken from an interview with Minako Fujiyoshi who is one of the few female producers in the anime industry. She works for TMS Entertainment and was recently a producer of season 2 of Megalobox. The Article we found is linked and details her perspective as a producer in a largely male dominated profession so definitely worth a read. The bulk of this episode will be an Isekai Roundup, mostly anyway there's one title that isn't technically an Isekai, of a season that continues to surprise us by having multiple decent to good Isekai titles instead of the generic stuff we're used to. We've also got a little look at the Batman Ninja stage play costumes which are a surreal delight and makes us wish more cartoons and anime got adapted to stage plays here instead of more bad real life filmed adaptations of classic shows. Powercast drops next week y'all!

    Episode 72: Monkey D. Luffy Founding Member of the Fantastic 4

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 84:15

    Fall is here gang and it boy howdy are we pretty damn excited about it. We've gone back and forth but both of us agree that we were feeling a little bit burnt out after the Summer season but Fall has really reminded us why we started this podcast in the first place, to watch some good stuff. We're doing our first impressions of the season, we're highlighting our outright favorites of the premiers so far as well as some potential sleeper hits that might go under the radar. We've also got a healthy number of weird titles that are so bizarre they're at least worth watching one episode. Also if you're into vampires this season has you covered big time. In the last bit of the episode we circle back to last season's buy it or deny it to see how wrong we really were and then make some bold new predictions about this season so we'll see how we do at a later date. Summer's rankings are still up and the Fall Powercast is only a little ways away so get all that ranking goodness over at the site.

    Episode 71: The Great VTuber Debacle 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 92:54

    It's time for what is without a doubt one of the stupidest episodes we have ever done. This week since we're in a little bit of a lull between season we decided to put our ignorance on full display and rank all of the Hololive VTuber characters we could find. We know very little about VTubers but decided to give you our opinion all the same based on character design and the profiles that the Hololive site provides. This is meant to be a fun way for us to delve into the weird world that is VTubers so please take our opinions with a grain of salt since again, we know nothing. If you want a visual to follow along with what we're talking about it can be found at the Hololive site under talents which I'll also link in this episode. We'll be back to our normal content next week, but let us know if you liked this or if you found it really stupid.  

    Episode 70: Hot Girl Summer is Over, So It's Time for the Summer 2021 Awards Cast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 76:41

    Yet another season has come to an end and so we must continue our time honored tradition of celebrating the highs, poking fun at the lows, and most importantly giving out This Just Trophies to all who deserve them. As always we'll be recapping the end of the season rankings and justifying our choices as to where things landed before moving on to the more fun part of the episode. We've got our normal categories you might expect form any awards show as well as a few you have probably never even thought of. And as always we'll find out who this season's BGBFG is! Power rankings for this season will still be up for a little bit, and we've got an extra special episode planned for next week as we eagerly await new titles for Fall 2021. 

    Episode 69: Nice!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 44:46

    Nice!Ok now for the real description. First off we officially hit 2000 downloads on this podcast! we think that's pretty damn cool, so a big thank you to everyone who's listened as we continue to record ourselves bullshitting about anime every week. This week we're all but finished with the Summer season, so we thought we'd do a little recap ahead of our awards cast next week. We're talking some of our favorite moments, sleeper hits, and maybe even a couple of disappointments as well. Then in the second half of the episode we're looking ahead at what is shaping up to be a tremendous fall season, on paper at least. We're speculating as to the heavy hitters, what the absolute trash will be, and pondering why there are so many vampire titles all of a sudden. We hope you enjoy, if you want to see Summer rankings before they disappear they're over at the site for you to peruse at your leisure. 

    Episode 68: Genres Fade, Tropes Go, but Shrek is Forever

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 78:13

    We took a week off last week because we're all busy people and there was a holiday, but we're back with an extra long jam packed episode full of all your favorite topics. As usual we've got some news but our main topic is how genres and tropes that anime rely on have shown their age and maybe need to be replaced. We're talking a lot about how shows are classified specifically by gender, but we also spend some time talking about how overused ideas can lead to lazy storytelling and reinforce antiquated ideas. We're also highlighting Edens Zero which recently premiered on Netflix and is a prime example of some of the tropes we talk about in the first segment. We even have two last week's one big things because we know you like them so much. 

    Episode 67: Cory Is Put On the Spot

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 77:16

    We're a little over half way through the season and we decided it might be worthwhile to do an episode really looking at the season as a whole. Specifically Nick thought it would be fun to make Cory, the one who usually doesn't care a lot about order and rankings, to classify each of the titles in the season and justify his choices. We're skipping any news this week to focus solely on how the power rankings have shifted and to see how Nick and Cory's opinions may differ. It'll be a great episode if you're looking at giving a couple of new titles a try or are running out of things to watch while you wait for new episodes of your favorite shows. 

    Episode 66: We're Not Into Catgirls, We Prefer Catwomen

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 73:31

    Follow us on Twitter! - week's episode comes hot on the heels of the new live action Cowboy Bebop release date and visual reveals so of course we'll be talking about that along with a supposed Catwoman anime in the works and a couple of other exciting releases. We're also here to note the death of much loved Japanese actor Sonny Chiba and spend a little bit of time discussing his legacy. Then we take a vibe check on some of the titles that we were a little lukewarm about earlier in the season and see how they're faring now. And finally in this Episode Nick confesses some of his biggest anime sins to us all and we get to sit in judgement and decide if he has a point or just bad taste. Power rankings are starting to solidify as we pass the halfway point of the season so head on over to the site to see how your favorite titles are shaping up.

    Episode 65: KyoAni Two Years Later, Thank God They're Back!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 63:17

    It's been a little over two years since the arson attack on Kyoto Animation and with the triumphant return of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid this season we thought it would be fitting to dedicate another episode of the podcast to one of the greatest studios of all time. We'll talk about why they're such an amazing studio, rank ten of our favorite titles they've produced, as well as give our thoughts on the new season of Dragon Maid and how spectacular it is. But before that we've got a bit of news as always, we also take a look at the premiere of Fena: Pirate Princess a Crunchyroll original that comes from a team up with Adult Swim in an east meets west pirate samurai throwdown that promises to be a heavy hitter for the rest of the season. See where it falls in the rankings over on the site!

    Episode 64: Shaman King, More Like Sony King

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 49:49

    It's a cringe title, but it finally happened, Sony has officially acquired Crunchyroll for a billion and a half dollars and some change, we've talked about it before, but now that it happened is there anything we might see affected in the near future. We've also got a healthy bit of news this week, and most of it good for once which is cool. We also spend a little time on the Shaman King reboot that just hit Netflix, we see if the series still holds up, or if some of the favoritism shown is just due to rose tinted glasses. This week also sees the addition of two new shows to the power rankings that we missed at the beginning of the season, so sorry about that, even we make mistakes as it turns out. If you want to know what they are then head over to the site and check it out for yourself.   

    Episode 63: We Seriously Need Another Name For "Movie Time"

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 57:07

    We're not kidding, if you can think of something more clever to call it than movie time, we're all ears. This week we watched Words Bubble Up Like Soda Pop, a delightful Netflix film that proves that malls were the coolest and teenagers still like them. It's a solid summer film that's fit for the whole family and has an art style that will be sure to impress so if you want to know more about it we've got you covered, and we even did it without spoilers. Along with that we talk about the rise of the live action anime adaptation and how statistically one will have to be good eventually. Lastly we've got tow new segments this episode, one that's a rapid fire take on our usual news, and another in which we throw someone into the deep end having never seen any kind of anime before and get their reaction. Oh and power rankings are already on the move so go check them out!

    Episode 62: Another New Ranking System, aka The Hottest Powercast Ever!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 97:00

    It's finally here, the Summer 2021 Powercast has landed and it brings with it yet another way of classifying all of these shows. We're now operating on the well known S through F tier method you might've seen in an effort simplify things yet again. But never fear we're still doing our one sentence summaries and picking a handful of titles from each bracket to go into a little more depth on. We've of course got a little bit of news at the beginning, and not one but TWO last big things of the week, both of which are straight out of left field so stay tuned to the end for those. Rankings are now live on the site as well so check them out there if you're the reading type. 

    Episode 61: The Attitude Era of Anime Podcasts, Why Doesn't Stone Cold Have His Own Anime?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 68:44

    We are officially one week our from our Summer 2021 power rankings release, so we thought what better time than now for a casualcast? We've got a little bit of Olympics news, as well as some Ju Jutsu Kaisen updates, and also a bit of sad news about manga creator Kayaharuka. But beyond that it's pretty unscripted this week, not that it isn't every week, we cover everything from camping to casts to the big news coming from ATLUS studios hopefully any day now. We also manage to spend a little bit of time talking about another couple of premiers from the past week, so it's not all just us rambling about  nothing. Next week will be the POWERCAST so get ready because it's gonna be a good one. last chance to see spring rankings over at

    Episode 60: Murder on the Isekai Express

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2021 78:11

    This weeks episode brings our much awaited review of Demon Slayer-Kimetsu no Yaiba-the Movie: Mugen Train and now that we all have access to it via Funimation, we thought it would be worthwhile to review it since it shattered every box office record known to man.  We've also got some more Olympic news and a couple more first impressions based on premieres from this week. And we're dusting off the old Isekai Roundup and giving you a best to worst of the whopping 8 Isekai titles out this season. There are a lot of them and as you might expect, they aren't all winners so if you're a fan of the genre this episode will help you separate the sheep from the goats. Summer power rankings will be out soon as we wait for a few more episodes in order to get a good grasp of everything on offer this season. 

    Episode 59: The Hottest Summer Ever?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2021 83:06

    While the title of this episode seems to be in reference to the global climate crisis causing temperatures to rise, it's actually about anime. (shocking I know) This week we've got a bit of news as always, all of which is actually pretty good which is a nice change of pace. We're taking a look at the ova for Wonder Egg Priority that just dropped and then it's straight into summer content. Lots of shows  have already dropped their first episodes, so we're talking the good, the bad, and the trash for Summer 2021. We're also continuing our trend of making some bold predictions about the fate of the season, so we take a look at our buy it or deny its from Spring to see how wrong we were before making some outrageous new claims about this summer. Spring power rankings are live for a little bit longer on the site if you want to see them before they go.

    Episode 58: You Done Good Spring 2021 aka the Awardscast

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 79:32

    Another season comes to a close and thus we've got to dole out some This Just Trophies to some of the best and maybe not so best of the Spring 2021 season. We dive right in with the categories everyone expects, best new and returning series, our favorite lead and supporting characters, the usual, and then slowly make our way down the list to the more out there categories. We see who loved and lost, who had a big old noggin, and perhaps most importantly who shall take home the coveted title of best girl's best friend girl for Spring 2021. Final rankings are up on the site along with the episode so go check those out if you prefer and we'll see you all in summer 2021! 

    Episode 57: Everyone is Welcome at the Weeb Table

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2021 75:50

    We're doing things in a slightly atypical format this week so it's a kind of hybrid casualcast. We've got some bullet points to get to, but it's mostly just us kind of going off on a variety of mini topics before the end of the season. We've got some Tokyo Olympic news, yet another Mugen Train update, and a couple of end of the season bits worth mentioning prior to the awardscast next week. We're also taking a look at The Saint's Magic Power is Omnipotent which by all accounts should've been near the top of our list but never really was. We've mostly given it a miss, but it's time to touch on what it does well or not so well and why we did or didn't appreciate it. Then in a final but important point at the end of the episode we go into detail about what pride means to us both personally as well as anime fans and how inclusivity and acceptance should be the default for the anime community. We've really enjoyed taking time to focus on pride this month, so hopefully you all did too! 

    Episode 56: In the Name of the Moon We Will Punish You

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 68:46

    This week is all, or at least mostly, about everyone's favorite OG magical girls who recently put out a new 2 part movie for all of us to enjoy. As per usual we start the episode off with some news then go right into our first impressions of Sailor Moon Eternal: The Dead Moon Circus which recently debuted on Netflix and has the most metal title of any Sailor Moon film. We're not going into spoiler territory on this one, but it does lead us into a solid discussion on how Sailor Moon became an icon within the queer community and led to wider representation and acceptance of LGBTQIA folks within the world of anime. If that wasn't obvious, Sailor Moon and its impact is the focus of our pride segment this week. And for our final segment we take a look how some titles this season are being rated by the community on and how that stacks up to where we think they deserve to be. 

    Episode 55: We Don't Need No Stinking Gender

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2021 74:43

    We didn't just change the logo to the pride flag and move on, this week the meat of our episode is 5 maybe lesser known (and some pretty well known) more recent titles that delve into LGBTQIA+ themes and issues. While there's a lot of different interests within that acronym, we tried to suggest shows that represent a number of groups be it homosexual, trans, asexual, or nonbinary and most importantly we tried to stay away from shows that fetishize or stereotype queer characters. With that being said there's always room for improvement, and we address that as well and talk a tiny bit about what we'd like to see improve in the genre as far as representation goes. And that's not the only pride segment we'll run, in fact we've got at least one planned for every episode this month. But before we get to all that goodness, we've got a little news like usual and we've also got a review on the new Netflix title Eden, what we thought of it, who it might appeal to, and how it is or isn't setting itself apart from other shows with cute robots. Power Rankings have recently been updated over on the site so go check it out if you haven't paid a visit in a while. 

    Episode 54: We're Finally Talking About My Hero Academia

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2021 57:05

    It's official, the time has come. This episode is all about season 5 of My Hero Academia but before we deep dive we have a little bit of serious news to get to coming out of Japan. We touch on the current Olympic situation as well as a thwarted arson attempt of a couple major animation studios, and we have a couple of other articles as well. Then it's finally time, we're talking Class A vs. Class B, we're talking our new favorites, we're talking Endeavor, and much much more as we see how season 5 measures up to past season of My Hero. We also do a bit of speculating as to what's coming down the pipeline since neither of us has read the manga. Lastly we talk a moment to highlight some stellar non My Hero related animation from a couple of titles this season. 

    Episode 53: Vesticular? Vestibular? Testicular?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2021 55:55

    Well we've got a hell of a show for you this week, but if you're subscribed then you already knew that. First up we've got a bit of news some good and some not so good. As many of you know by now the creator of Berserk, Kentaro Miura, recently passed so we pay tribute to him and the fantastic dark fantasy legacy he left behind. After that we vibe check three titles that we couldn't quite get a good read on during the start of the season. We go over Shadow's House, Osamake, and Pretty Boy Detective Club and decide once and for all whether we can in good conscience recommend these shows. And lastly for our one big thing of the week we've got a heartwarming equestrian headline that is sure to make you smile (or not, we just thought it was neat). 

    Episode 52: A Cruel Angel's Medical Thesis

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2021 58:05

    Oh man you need to stick around for the end of the episode, because our one big thing this week is too crazy to be believed. It has something to do with Evangelion inspiring an interesting new life saving treatment for Covid patients' but we don't want to spoil it here. We've got a lot of other great stuff this episode before that though, we're giving you a mid season check in as by the time this episode airs we'll officially be past the halfway point of the season. We're also looking Fruits Basket episode 7 as the episode of the week. Some crazy stuff happens there so if you're wanting to avoid spoilers then make sure you watch it before you listen to the second half of this episode. 

    Episode 51: D.D.H. Draconic Dental Hygienics

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2021 48:01

    This week we've got all kinds of weird stuff to offer you. First up we've got some news about a new Dragon Ball Super movie being led by none other than Akira Toriyama himself. If that wasn't big enough news, we've also got word that a much demanded manga is finally receiving an anime adaptation, and if that's not enough we've recently learned the United States Military is jumping into the anime game... sort of anyway. Our main topic however is going to be the 2017 film/series The Dragon Dentist. We're calling it a hidden gem because it's fantastic, but never really got the fanfare it maybe deserved on launch. We've got a review and a mostly spoiler free synopsis to see if it might be up your alley. We're almost halfway through the season so peep those power rankings over at

    Episode 50: Yasuke! Was it Any Good?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2021 54:45

    It's out, it's been hyped, we were certainly excited for it, but now that it's finally here is Yasuke all we hoped it would be. We're going to spend most of the episode going over to highs and lows of the six episode series that just dropped on Netflix. Fair warning we're going deep on this one, so if you haven's seen it for yourself and don't want it spoiled then watch it first, I mean it's only six episodes. In this episode we also revisit some past comments on Tokyo Revengers because maybe we judged it a little hastily. And as always we've got our one big thing from the past week to end on a high note. Power rankings will now  be updated every Wednesday over at  

    Episode 49: If It Looks Like and PowerCast and It Smells Like A PowerCast, Then It's Probably the Spring 2021 PowerCast

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2021 92:42

    It's finally here, the Spring 2021 PowerCast. As always we'll be dividing the entire season's worth of titles into categories and putting them all in order based on the first three episodes. We'll also be continuing to use our world famous one sentence summaries of each show so you've got an idea if it's something you might be into or not. As the season goes on the rankings will be sure to fluctuate as we find out more about each title. We also highlight a couple shows from each category that may or may not stand out and do a more in depth look on those. If you prefer a written list to follow along with while we talk your ear off, it's over at and will be updated every Monday. 

    Episode 48: It Always Snows In April

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 70:50

    Despite this Episode having a Prince title, and airing on the 5 year anniversary of his death, we actually only talk about him briefly, but rest in peace to the legend. This episode is actually almost entirely about Zombieland Saga Revenge. In our opinion it's one of the best most original anime to come out in a while, but does that give it all time classic status or not? We've also seen some comments writing off the show completely because of the use of the use of CG animation, so we're gonna hit the talking points of hos CG can be an effective animating choice, and why you shouldn't write off a just just because of it. Finally we're talking about the top five premiere episodes of the last few years and seeing how some new titles stack up. Powercast next week, and rankings will go live on the site as well! 

    Episode 47: Nobody Should Have to Go Through Middle School Twice

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2021 74:33

    We're officially into the Spring 2021 season, but not far enough in to do a Powercast yet. So instead we're highlighting a wide array of shows that all have at least one episode by the time of recording and giving our first impressions on each. We're talking World Ends With You, Odd Taxi, xxxx Dynazenon, Don't Toy With Me Miss Nagatoro, and last but not least Tokyo Revengers. We've got our first impressions formed, but we'll see how things shake out. We've also got some bold predictions for the season in general, and of course our one big thing of the week. 

    Episode 46: It's Hip to Be Casual

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021 51:55

    Well we're officially done with the Winter 2021 Season, and while we wait for all of the Spring shows to be released we thought we'd do another casual cast. Like the last couple times we've done this the format is a little different. We'll still talk about anime, but with less structure and more rambling. In this particular episode we cover Cory's career as a new amateur skater, Nick's newfound interest in camping, and spend a good deal of time talking about some strange anime videogames that may or may not exist. Power rankings for Winter will still be live on the site for another couple of weeks until we've got enough episodes of the Spring season to publish them, but next week we'll give you some first impressions on some upcoming titles as we return to our regular episode structure.

    Episode 45: No More Winter! Except For Those Last Couple Episodes

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 65:42

    We're still waiting on one or two more episode to drop before the Winter 2021 Season is officially complete, but we have enough to go on for another round of seasonal awards. We'll be giving out even more This Just Trophies to some of our favorite and maybe least favorite titles from the winter season. As always we've got a couple of serious categories and a good few no so serious ones as well. Find out which quintuplet reigned supreme, which show had the best artistic vision, and most importantly who will take home the coveted best girl's best friend girl award for this season. We also devote a little time to looking back on our predictions from the beginning of the season to find out who was right and who is a total idiot. It's a hell of an episode and if you want to see it in words instead of hear it then head over to to get the final rankings

    Episode 44: Nick Is Officially Old Now

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2021 58:40

    We're Back! We took a week off so Nick could turn 27, so Happy Birthday to his old ass, and now we're just in time to start looking ahead at the next season. Our first segment is new, followed by a wish list of things we hope the new season will do, not all of our requests are necessarily realistic, but a man can dream right? After that we play a game of watchamacallit, not the mediocre candy bar, but we make Cory try to guess what some of the new shows are based on their description alone. And on a final but important note given the ongoing racism and violence against the AAPI community and in particular response to the hate crime committed in Atlanta last week we thought it necessary to use our platform to support the AAPI community and do the little bit we can to help spread awareness. Here is an article listing several organizations geared toward providing aid and justice for Asian Americans around the country.

    Episode 43: Cuts like a knife... Hurts Like a Skateboard to the Face

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2021 51:40

    We've got some long awaited news about Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid and even longer awaited news about The Devil Is a Part Timer finally getting new seasons after waiting almost forever. After that we hit on some other shows that could use a new season before ultimately moving into the episode of the weak and week for this... week. And finally in this week's one big thing we're already revisiting a previously mentioned title.

    Episode 42: It Gets Its Own Category Now?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2021 55:11

    We're switching things up this week and giving you a mid season(ish) update on how the power rankings are faring for Winter 2021. We go through all the shows again and talk about how things have moved and why. We also pay special attention to Mushoku Tensei as it has proven to be as controversial as earlier episode made it out to be. We're keeping up with our promise and ending with a high point for the last week of shows as well. This episode we feature Bottom Tier Character Tomozaki as it has recently turned us both into fans. If you want a handy visual aide for this episode head over to for the rankings in list form that you can read with your eyeholes.

    Episode 41: The Anime Awards for real this time.

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2021 50:38

    Crunchyroll has finally announced their 2020 Anime Awards winners and naturally we've decided to see how they stacked up against the titles we chose to win. Will we mostly agree, or was this year a total upset? After that we spend some time in the world of BL, as we gave Given the Movie a watch and are now prepared to tell you how we truly feel about it. We end on a high note of the week with a pivotal plot point from none other than this past week's episode of Quintuplets and the impact it had on the series as a whole. Power rankings are up to date to include RWBY and Vlad Love now so check them out as we hit the midpoint of the season.

    Episode 40: Three Half Demon Princesses, Two Maybe Lesbians, and a Spider in a Cave... Tree?

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2021 75:16

    We're closing in on the midway point of the season and we thought it might be worth taking a look at some of the shows we maybe didn't have the strongest of feelings about to see if we've changed our opinion in any way. We'll be going in depth on I'm A Spider So What, Otherside Picnic, and Yashahime Princess Half Demon each in turn to see if they've managed to pull us in or done something noteworthy to deserve a second look, or if they've ben forever relegated to the "just okay" tier of anime. Before that, as always, we've got a couple tidbits of anime news, and after that we'll be speculating more on Dantai, Idris and Sabrina Elba's new show being produced with Crunchyroll. We'll take a stab at what the show might be about as well as what it might mean for the industry at large. As always get your power rankings over at and we've change our handle on social media to TJAPod on instagram and twitter so there's that!

    Episode 39: Idris Elba Does Anime Now? (a.k.a. The Corycast Strikes Back)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 74:03

    The Corycast has returned and with it we've got some pretty exciting new regarding a certain badass celebrity couple making anime, some censorship in China, and the newest Persona game to be released in the west. After that we talk about Cory's particular fascination with the quintuplets, and why it's not just harem trash. We also take the look at the stupid brilliance that is the character design in Sk8 the Infinity and what it is doing so obviously right. and we round out the episode with a friendly game of would you rather? Based loosely on anime from the current season. Power rankings are live and updated for the week over at

    Episode 38: New Year, Same Powercast

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 3, 2021 91:16

    It's finally here, the first Powercast of the new year, and boy is it a good one. With a stacked lineup of new titles this season as well as a really solid returning show list, there's a lot to go over here and this is the best way to find out what to check out this season. We updated the names of a couple of our categories, but the basic idea is still the same, rank all the titles and try to explain them in one sentence each. We'll also highlight a show from each category and go over why we placed it where we did, it's a lot of fun and we're excited to do it for this season. Also, small note: while we don't go into much detail about it, we'd be remiss not to include a trigger warning as we do talk briefly about the graphic nature of Redo of Healer. The content of the show is pretty intense and while we don't talk about it in depth, it just seems like a good idea to warn folks. If you prefer a written version of our rankings it's over at

    Episode 37: Strong RomCom Opinions

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2021 58:03

    Spurred on by a prediction about Horimiya we made last week, We've put together a definitive list of our favorite supposed S tier romantic comedy titles. WE really had to think about it, but here it is so enjoy. Also on episode we're putting our two cents in on the subs vs. dubs hatred that always seems to bubble up. And we've of course got a bit of news of some exciting announcements from this past week. Power rankings go live next week so get ready!

    Episode 36: Are You a Plane Guy or a Boat Guy?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 20, 2021 69:42

    This week on this just anime this is what we're talking about: First up it's the Crunchyroll anime awards, the nominees are out and the winners will be announced a few days after this episode airs so we're taking this opportunity to see the similarities and differences between their nominees and our own. After that ,in another round of buy it or deny it, we're making some bold predictions about the some titles form this season with very little to go on. surprising no on, Nick and Cory have different opinions on a couple things, so this could get spicy. Lastly we're going in depth on a new title, Idoly Pride, which despsite having a rather generic sounding name may or may not be doing its best to shake things up in the somewhat formulaic idol genre. Also a cool new blog post just landed over at so give that a read if you've got some time.

    Episode 1: Here's Looking at you 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2021 84:38

    We're back! And a new year means a new season of anime as well as a new season of the podcast, it's amazing we've made it this far, so thanks for that. This episode is a run down of all of the new and returning titles for the Winter 2021 season. We give you the name, studio and air date, as well as pick out a few stand outs, some good and others not so much to give our first impressions of before our official powercast episode. From there we hazard a few guesses as to how things might play out this season. We're happy to be back so get ready for season 2!

    Episode 34: So Long 2020, And Thanks For All The Anime!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2020 81:39

    2020 May have been a total dumpster fire of a year, but if there's one good thing that came out of it it's some half decent anime. Before we get into our year end review though, we've got to take a quick look at how the current season ended. after that it's all reminiscing about old times, and shows we all forgot about from seasons long ago. We're handing out our patented "This Just Trophies", in all kinds of categories, some you'd probably expect and others you maybe hadn't considered. Most importantly you get to find out who gets the title of best girl's best friend girl for the whole year! It's all in the last episode of This Just Anime! of 2020, and if you're curious about how rankings ended check them out over at

    Episode 33: So This is the Christmas Cast?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2020 71:42

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Bah Humbug- take your pick. This week, Nick and Cory have cooked up a rather odd Christmas episode for the podcast. It starts normally enough with a top ten list of the best Christmas episodes from the past 5 years, giving you some good ideas of what to watch as we get into the festive spirit. From there, we take a look at a true but often overlooked classic anime Christmas film. And finally, in a truly odd segment, we design our own dating sim as we've been inspired by the success of the new Colonel Sanders movie that is apparently a real thing. We also forget to relate it to Christmas. Next week will be our end of the year episode, so see what this season's power rankings look like as we come to a close over at

    Episode 32: Back to the Future... of Anime.

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2020 45:12

    This week the anime world as we know it may change forever! Ok it might not be that big of a deal but here we are talking about it anyway. In a previous episode we mentioned a potential acquisition of Crunchyroll by Sony, that deal has indeed transpired so here we are guessing what that might mean for everyone's favorite anime streaming platform. Going along with that we discuss the potential, and rather likely, rumor the Funimation is merging with Crunchyroll to make one big animonopoly for Sony. In keeping with our theme of looking to the future, we also take a look at some trailers for new titles dropping next season and decide which ones are the good, the not so good and the downright ugly. Be sure to check out the power rankings over at as the season comes to a close.

    Episode 31: What makes it a real HypnosisMic?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2020 51:34

    This week we've got some exciting news about Chainsaw Men, Demon Slayers, Super Mario Them Parks, and upcoming videogames that Cory will have pre ordered by the time this episode airs. There's a lot of news this week and most of it is the good kind so that's cool! After that we take a closer look at episode 10 of the only title that matters this season, Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle: Rhyme Anima , and how they tried to squeeze some plot into the end of it. Lastly we play some weird google translate game we totally didn't steal from somewhere else on the internet and it's generally a good time. The season is coming to an end sooner rather than later so power rankings are live on

    Episode 30: The Casual Cast Strikes Back

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2020 51:34

    This week we're bringing you another casual cast. So if you missed the last one, or just forgot what happened, essentially we're just going stream of consciousness and talking about whatever we want sans outline. We talk ramen, travel in Japan, MMORPGs, some of our favorite workout themed shows, and eventually get into what we're hoping from for next season. We'll be back next week with the usual outline, but for now enjoy our nerdy ramblings. If you're curious about how your favorites are doing on the power rankings you know where to go,

    Episode 29: TJA! The Live Action Remake

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2020 55:07

    We might have overdone it this week... First up we give out thoughts on the live action Cowboy Bebop adaptation set to be produced by Netflix. We talk casting choices, what they could potentially do that would be different than the source material, and in short give our brutally honest opinions of the idea in general. From there we get hyped about something Netflix is doing, and that is season 2 of The Great Pretender which is set to be available around the same time this episode premieres. We discuss what made the first season great as well as offer up some predictions for the future. We save the best for last this episode, where we plan and cast our own live action remake of a title no one wants to see with real people, so give this episode a listen to find out which Monster Girl filled anime we've decided to make a reality. As always power rankings are updated at

    Episode 28: Trial By Isekai

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2020 50:48

    We're back so soon! After a weird week last week it's nice to be back in our Normal schedule. This Episode features 2 segments. The first is a continued discussion of the new Demon Slayer Mugen Train movie. As it continues to shatter box office records we discuss the impact it's having on how anime is perceived, how it's bringing in new fans, and ultimately how Demon Slayer has cemented itself as one of those instant classic shows everyone has an opinion on. After all that we switch things up with the Isekai Roundup for this season. We discuss all three Isekai titles out this season so, Kuma Kuma Kuma Bear, I'm Standing on a Million Lives, and By the Grace of the Gods. All of which have their own strengths and weaknesses we'll delve into as we try to rank them in order of worst to best. As always rankings are updated over at

    Episode 27: Number One Contenders

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2020 52:12

    This Week's episode is coming out at a weird time for... reasons. But rest assured it is packed with all that juicy anime content you crave. This week we're taking a look at ten shows that all have the potential to be called the best show of the season, and in a rare moment of positivity we're only trying to focus on things we think the show does well. These shows are currently the top ten spots on our rankings over at but that may change as we get closer to the end of the season. Whatever happens though, these are all excellent shows, and it's our job this week to show what sets each of them apart.

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