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Ute Talk Podcast: Providing unbiased opinions on all things Utah Football and Basketball. Join us weekly as we breakdown games and discuss what lies ahead.

Grant Bagby

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Latest episodes from Ute Talk Podcast

21% Chance of a Tie, Utes split with Oregon

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2020 30:02

The conference basketball season is in full swing. The Utes had there first week against Oregon and Oregon State. Was the split up to your expectations? Jeff and Grant talk about the split, the end of the Oregon game, and expectations moving forward. Have your expectations changed? Can the Utes build a resume for the tournament?

What a week to be a Utah Fan

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2019 35:14

The Utes take down the Wildcats and a signing day recap. Are you amped for what's to come in Utah football yet?

The Roller Coaster Continues

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 11, 2019 40:15

It isn't easy to be a fan sometime, but there were some bright spots in the Utah athletics world. Jeff and Grant talk football and basketball in the latest edition of the Ute Talk Podcast.

Did you know there is a big game Friday?

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 5, 2019 47:57

Jeff and Grant are back at it. It is time to talk about the PAC-12 title game. The one everyone is anxiously waiting for. Grant and Jeff cover the schedule, acknowledge some other sports news, and talk football. Oh, thanks for the bulletin board material Finebaum...

Down the Path and a Roller Coaster Ride

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 28, 2019 34:57

Jeff and Grant are back talking Utah football and basketball. The review the schedule and talk recruiting. Then it is time to manage some basketball expectations. Finally they get on the Playoff train. Who are Utah fans cheering for this weekend? How do you review games that are so unfair. Finally they preview the upcoming game against Colorado.

W, W, Ws All Around

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2019 41:24

Grant and Jeff are talking Utah Utes with wins to talk about in football and basketball. They discuss the college football playoff. What game are you going to buy tickets to? Then it is basketball time talk Larry K, expectations, and youthful exuberence.

Total Dominance. Rinse and Repeat?

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2019 36:29

Jeff rides solo in this weeks episode. Just how dominant was Utah against Arizona State? Was Arizona State dirty? Utah definitely has a new rival. Jeff previews this weeks Cal game. Cal has no offense, will Utah dominate again this week?

Sun Devils and Utes Get Set for a Battle

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2019 41:41

Grant, Carra, Jeff and Joseph are back at talking Utes. Get ready for some Utah Utes kool aid at the end. They cover the week that was and the week to come.

Bye Week Haikus and Beavers Previews

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2019 34:23

Carra, Jeff, and Grant are back having survived the torturous bye week. They review the Utes athletics schedule. Then the show gets rolling with haiku submissions, game times/tv coverage, and more. Finally, they wrap up the show looking at the Utah Utes match-up with the Oregon State Beavers.

Utes with Rifle > Cougar, Apparently

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2019 46:41

Carr, Grant, and Jeff review the game with a little word play. They also discuss the PAC-12 schedule and SB 206. Are the Olympic sports doomed? Listen in to find out. Joseph also drops by with his divisional odds. Anyone want some kool-aid?

Do the Utes have a rifle or bow and arrow?

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2019 32:17

Grant and Carra are back at it talking Utah sports. The touch on the quick hitters and the PAC-12 in review. The talk pros and cons with the USC loss and play a game of would you rather in talking about the Washington State game coming up.

Sam Maxfield - "Utah Country"

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2019 1:39

Song heard in Wednesday's episode recapping the first few games and getting you hyped for the game against USC. This song is by Sam Maxfield. You can find more of Sam Maxfield's music on Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud, iTunes, YouTube & more! Find him on social media:Instagram: @ sammax97Twitter: @ maxfieldmusic Facebook: @ SamMaxfieldMusic

Welcome to Utah Country and PAC-12 Play

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2019 38:58

This episode is all about PAC-12 play. Grant, Jeff, and Carra (the newest member of the show) review the Saturday that was in the PAC-12 and look forward to the start of conference play against USC. Of course, we talk quick hitters and take our weekly ride on the hype train too.

Interview with Scott Felix (Former USC Trojan)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2019 24:10

Welcome to a special edition of the Ute Talk Podcast. Grant was able to interview former USC player, Scott Felix. They discuss the status of the USC program, analyze the upcoming game, and Scott shares his favorite memory from playing Utah (This memory may surprise you).

Expectations and Sounders

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2019 29:26

Another episode of the Ute Talk Podcast is out. Jeff, the newest member on the Ute Talk team, joins the show for the first time. With the quick hitters, Grant and Jeff review the schedule, the uniform combo for this week, and game times. Then it is all aboard the hype train! Choo Choo! After some hype, Jeff and Grant talk to actual football.

#BHiaku and NIU, On goes the hype train

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2019 26:40

Joseph and Grant mix things up with a hiaku review of the BYU game. Don't poo poo our rhyming. Then it is time to talk NIU and leadership.

Immediate Reactions to The Rivalry Game

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2019 10:58

Grant and Joseph jump on the phone to give a first reaction to the game. The drop their main take away and their stat of the game. More to come next week.

Holy War and Shocking Predictions (Not Really)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2019 50:21

Without Joseph this week, Grant called in Aaron Kartchner from the Sports Bros podcast. He claims to be a realist of a BYU fan. We cover the quick hitters, the hype train and then get into the rivalry. We discuss the importance of the game, favorite memories, position battles, and more.

Predicting games, projecting the divisions: Game Week minus 1

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2019 38:05

First, a few quick hitters as the guys discuss the hype train and Grant tries to knock it off the rails. Is there a difference between a playoff caliber team and a championship caliber team?Then, the fellas go game by game through the season, picking Ws and Ls and seeing where they wind up.Finally, Joseph unveils his new Division Odds model and predicts the chance of each team winning their division.

Joe and Grant Talk The Potentially Special Offense

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2019 50:37

Grant and Joe have a fun, packed show for you today.First, they discuss the quick hitters, including olympic sports, some football notes, and the hype train continuing to build up steam.Next, they spend the rest of the show talking about the offense- who are the leaders, who are the ones to watch, and where are the question marks that could bring this potentially historic season back down to earth?

The month-of-game has arrived! Are we all ready for FOOTBALL?

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2019 36:00

This week, we're devoted to getting ready for the rapidly approaching first game of the season. First, we celebrate the news that the Zack Moss injury rumors were overblown, and then we check in on the Hype Train, chugging merrily along with the Utes continuing to pop up on numerous national radars. Then we dive into the position previews for the defense, addressing the talent and depth at every position on the field. It's an embarassment of riches on that side of the ball so there's no shortage of conversation.

All Aboard the Hype Train?!

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 24, 2019 14:07

Grant is spending the holiday with his family, so Joe gets the microphone to himself (who had THAT idea) and talks about the hype building around Utah's upcoming season.First, we go into the award watchlist, which is a heck of a rundown.Then we discuss the props Utah has been getting from PAC 12 media, including five Utes on the all-conference team and prevailing in the divisional (by a mile) and conference wide (by a whisker) media votes.Finally we turn to the national buzz- Phil Steele, Pick6 Previews... what does it all mean?Taking that together, Joe muses on how we should handle this new, national brand. Will the Ute Talk Podcast hop aboard the hype train or see if there's another leaving the station in September?

Tracking the Utes' National Buzz

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2019 35:41

First, we do our quick hitters, including a shoutout to UtahUtes.com, who is doing a great series that tells you a lot about their players.Next, we talk about the Sports Illustrated top 100 players list and the four Utes who made the cut.Then we talk about the Utes schedule, and Grant tries to find a loss somewhere- ANYWHERE.Finally, we chat about the big national buzz around the Ludwig hire and the disconnect with fan perception of the move, which has been pretty negative.

It's a great day to be a Ute: the Ute Talk Podcast is BACK!

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2019 39:25

Joe and Grant return for their first full length episode of the summer, and there's plenty to talk about.First, the guys will dig into the never-ending game of musical chairs being played with Larry's roster, and what it means for the Utes now and moving forward.Second, they touch on Utah's strong returns in June on the recruiting trail for 2020, including multiple defensive back commitments and another exciting Florida QB.Finally, Joe reveals his win projections for the 2019 season- are the Utes the class of the conference? Title contenders? Listen and find out.

Ute Talk Podcast is BACK June 26th!

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2019 2:01

The Ute Talk Podcast is thrilled to be back in action! The hiatus is over and we'll be bringing you the weekly podcasts you crave every week from here on out. When our first episode drops on Wednesday, June 26, there will be just 64 days until Utah football is back in action, so we'll have plenty to talk about. Listen in to hear what we'll be talking about this week.

Grant Returns! Football, though... still a wait ahead.

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2019 40:35

Grant is back on the show and the guys are in fine form.First, they discuss gymnastics and the meet against UCLA- unfair judging continues to plague the Utes' gymnasts.Second, they dive into basketball, and Grant shares his perspective on what needs to change for the Utes to take a leap forward.Finally, they touch on the massive expectations for Utah football- will the team be able to keep the chip on their shoulder that's been a key part of their success now that they are expected to contend for a playoff berth?

National Signing Day Part Two: The Sequel

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2019 21:21

Joseph is on his own today, hitting on subjects large and small in Utah sports. Of particular interest is Utah's splashy finish to signing day, signing multiple four star talents including some big surprises. He also touches on Utah basketball and his deep jealousy of the men's golf team spending the week in Hawaii.Don't let Joseph's loneliness get you down, join Ute fans all across the country in learning more about Utah's big signing day haul!

Wow those ladies can BALL, an equal-opportunity edition

Play Episode Listen Later Feb 1, 2019 33:53

It's a packed week for Utah athletics with high profile matchups incoming for a variety of revenue and non-revenue sports, and signing day just around the corner. Grant and Joseph break it all down for you in this episode of the Ute Talk Podcast.First we discuss the quick hitters, including rumors that gymnast MyKayla Skinner might be taking a year off to compete in the olympics.Next, Joseph breaks down the prospects available to the Utes for the second signing day.Finally, Grant digs into basketball on both the men's and women's sides, talking about the remarkable success of the Lady Runnin' Utes and the Men's struggles with the full court press against Oregon.

Is this still Utah?! Talking the Utes gangbusters start to 2019

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2019 41:34

The guys start with their quick hitters, talking about Utah's 40th victory in a row over BYU and progress in other non-revenue sports (also when will the Lady Runnin' Utes be ranked this is RIDICULOUS)Then they discuss football in depth, giving their full assessment of the Ludwig hire, picking over Utah's incoming transfers and some late signing day targets, and set (sky high) expectations for 2019.Finally, they turn to basketball, where they talk about the progress of the freshmen talent and the emergence of senior leadership

Offensive Coordinator Roulette- 2019 Edition!

Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2019 41:18

Grant and Joseph start with quick hitters, touching on some upcoming rivalry games and developments in non-revenue sports.Then they dive into the offensive coordinator search, evaluating the resumes of Harding, Sarkisian, and Ludwig; three guys generally considered as frontrunners for the gig.Finally, they turn to Utah Basketball, returning home victorious over Arizona State and with a(nother) narrow, heartbreaking loss on the road at Arizona. Was it enough to move expectations or just nice to see?

Bowl Games and Basketball for All

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2018 34:24

Joseph and Grant cover the upcoming Utah Utes schedule with PAC12 basketball season upon us.  They discuss their expectations and predicitons for the bowl game. Oh, they also touch on the Runnin' Utes and try to bring some positive back to the season.

Signing Day Brouhaha and More

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 19, 2018 39:19

First we do quick hitters, not a heck of a lot to talk about so we dive into football feet first.Grant and Joseph discuss the coaching moves the Utes have made- Gary Anderson, Troy Taylor, and Justin Ena are all headed to different (although perhaps not greener) pastures. Second, the guys discuss each signing and Joe gives his perspective on each commit and class as a whole.Stick around for the whole thing- Joe was watching live when Quandre Mosely made his head-scratching decision to attend Kentucky. 

Utah Basketball is Flaming Out and Which QB Should Start The Holiday Bowl

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 12, 2018 39:27

The guys start with quick hitters, covering some great success in women's olympic sports, Utah football's All-American talent, and a bit of recruiting news before turning to the big issues of the day.First up is Larry Kryskowiak and the desperate state of Utah basketball. Grant and Joseph rate Larry's hot seat from 0-10 and talk about what's different from this year with tough years in the past.Next, they look back at the season and in particular the contribution and toughness of the "badass little elf" (Joe's term) Britain Covey. Then they discuss who should start the Holiday Bowl against Northwestern, and if there's a quarterback controversy in spring.Enjoy and please rate and review us!

Title Game Recap, Basketball and the PAC 12 Dumpster Fire

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2018 42:55

We start off with our quick hitters, checking in on Olympic sports- there's ladies' basketball, swimming, volleyball, and gymnastics news worth knowing. We also touch briefly on recruiting and the hot-button topic of Jayden Daniels.Next we hit the title game, whether it was satisfying, and the national perception of the quality of the contest.We move on to basketball after that, talking about the continuing rash of transfers and if Coach K's results justify his methods, as well as make picks for the BYU game (shame on Joe, SHAME!). Finally we discuss the ongoing disaster that is conference administration and debate whether or not the recent revelations have moved the needle enough for the school Presidents to consider making a change at commissioner.

PAC 12 Championship Podcast- BIG TIME FOOTBALL

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2018 44:42

It's here! The biggest game Utah's ever played in (Joe thinks, Grant has a few quibbles)- well anyway it's a HUGE contest. Utah rematches the Huskies, both at 9-3, with Rose Bowl dreams on the line.The guys tackle a few quick hitters first, touching on recruiting, olympic sports, and the BYU game before diving into the Washington contest. They pick it apart and make their predictions.Then they close out talking about the 4 part John Conzano series in The Oregonian, a ruthless expose on the disfunction and misery that is the PAC 12 administration.

Title Champs and 99.7% Confident

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2018 27:44

Joseph and Grant are talking Utes. They start with the quick hitters including the upcoming schedule, recruiting, and keeping the #FireWhitt tradition alive. Then it is time to talk about the Utah win over Colorado, Our Beloved Ducks, and the rivalry game. Needless to say, the guys have some high levels of confidence in the upcoming non-conference game

Rumble in Rockies and the PAC-12 South Crown

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2018 41:57

Joseph and Grant are back together to talk all things Utah Utes. Starting with the quick hitters, they review the schedule coming up for Utah atheltics. They also talk about football recruiting, and the #FireWhitt tradition continues. They then get into basketball and new expectations. Have you lowered your expections? Then it is time for some football. We talk about the Utes vs Oregon, Utes vs Colorado, and the PAC-12 south division.

Utes take on SoCal - One down, One to go

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 24, 2018 35:00

Due to schedules, Grant and Joseph got together a day early to talk about the Utah Utes. Starting with quick hitters, Grant reviews the schedule which includes a couple ranked opponents for the volleyball team. The guys talk all about the SoCal schools. They review USC and look forward to UCLA. Will the Utes keep the 40+ points streak alive? Oh, and Grant keeps the #FireWhitt bandwagon going just to keep the win streak alive.

Game Week- Utah at Stanford, what to do with the offense?

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2018 43:35

The guys jump right in to the news of the week, starting with a little Olympic sports coverage (No. 24 Utah at No. 2 Stanford, Women's Volleyball) and then hit the games, discussing both Washington State and the sharp fan reaction. They chew over the questions of what led to the second half offensive power outage and what it means for Whittingham's legacy and future at the U. Are either Grant or Joseph aboard the #FireWhit or the #FireTroyTaylor bandwagons? Finally, the Stanford game is a stiff test for a struggling offense, and the guys make their predictions. As always, please rate, review, and share this podcast! Go Utes!

Bye Week- Fixing #PAC12 Refs... and Utah's Offense

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2018 51:43

The guys start with the quick hitters- touching on some olympic sport successes both on the course and in the boardroom, then they dive in to the real meat of an extra-long show.First, they talk about PAC 12 officiating and the persistent problem of bias and general inadequacy, coupled with Commissioner Scott's apparent total lack of concern. This problem stretches beyond consistency and cranky fans and includes competitive balance, national reputation, and the entertainment product. Second, they discuss Utah's offensive issues through the first two FBS games. Joseph goes in depth on what he thinks the problem is and at whose feet it lies- and it's not Troy Taylor's. Joseph and Grant bring the heat in this segment- definitely worth a listen.Please listen, rate, and enjoy. 

Gameday- Big Time Matchup as Washington visits Utah

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2018 30:00

First, some quick hitters- Grant runs through the olympic sport schedule and Joseph puts on his tin foil hat and comes up with a wild conspiracy theory about Saturday's black out uniforms.Then, the guys chat briefly about NIU, keeping it short and sweet as we've been over it a million times and no one wants to talk about a game like that anyway.Finally, they talk about Washington- have they really been playing at the high level their hype deserves? How many points will Utah need to score to be in this game? There's so much to dig into and discuss and the guys discuss as much as they can.Please remember to share, rate, subscribe, and retweet!

Gameday- Utah at NIU with Eddie Carifio

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2018 40:40

Grant and Joseph discuss the popular reaction to Weber State and whether or not it's reasonable to be down on the Utes offense after game one. Then they introduce guest Eddie Carifio, Sports Editor of the Daily Chronicle in DeKalb, Illinois. Eddie shares his insider knowledge of the Huskies and then Grant and Joseph down a full glass of Kool-Aid and make daring predictions for the game this Saturday.There's a lot to cover, so give us a listen and as always please rate and review the show, or drop us a line if there's something you would like to see us fix!

Gameday- Weber State at Utah

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2018 34:44

The long wait is over, it is finally game day! Grant and Joseph have a lot to discuss.The open with the quick hitters- Utah's national title in 2008 was recognized by the NCAA last week, how should the Utes handle it? Then they touch on a big new recruit, the 6'8" Falcon Kaumatule.Finally, they discuss Weber State, first hearing from the Standard Examiner's Brett Hein and then breaking down the game themselves including a score prediction.Please rate and share our show if you enjoy it!

One More Pod Before It's GameDay

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2018 44:05

First, Grant and Joseph discuss the Ute Daddy lawn process- Grant is respecting the process more than Joseph right now and seeing better results.Then they hit the quick hitters- Davir Hamilton's transfer, what's on the schedule, and it turns out those half shirts aren't just for showing off the abs!Next the guys make some predictions- Joseph tests Grant's instincts against his mathematical talent projections, and they hit the schedule and come out with specific win loss records- Joseph has the Utes at 9-3 while Grant thinks they go 10-2.Please take a minute to rate and review the podcast so we get more listeners!

What's got you nervous? Talking fall camp.

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2018 37:05

We open the show discussing our yards and whether Ute Daddy's 'process' can hope to save us and then hit the show-First, Grant and Joseph start with the quick hitters- some housekeeping in the PAC 12 and what is the deal with the half-shirts at practices, really. Then they touch on the premier QB recruit Utah is targeting before hitting the meat of the show.Grant's poll showed Ute fans the most concerned about OL and WR, so the fellas break down those positions- where they mostly don't share your worries. Listen, rate, and tell us what you think! 

Camp is HERE

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2018 42:38

The fellas, both new homeowners, open up with a discussion of the sad states of their lawns and their new adherence to the @UteDaddy 'Process'. We'll be posting photos and touching on the Process and how trusting it is going for us regularly from here on out.Then we dive into the quick hitters, including some media news, a laughably bad preseason projection for the Runnin' Utes, and a new watchlist for Chase Hansen.Next is recruiting, with new recruits to discuss in both the football and basketball landscapes.Finally we hit the information from PAC 12 Media Days, including some nuggets Coach Whittingham and Chase Hansen's interviews revealed about what's coming for Utah.It's a good one, so give us that five star rating on your podcast service of choice!

Media Days and Fall Camp Preview

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2018 44:26

First, the guys discuss the watchlist watchlist, and new arrivals. Joseph teases his own award- the Hercules Mata'afa award, which we'll break down fully next week.Then they address Media days, including some head-scratching votes for a champion in the PAC 12 south.Finally, they spend the bulk of the episode discussing what they're looking for out of fall camp. Grant and Joseph each have their own things to watch, from wide receivers to the defensive line. Please, contact us if you have any complaints and give us a five star rating on your hosting site of choice!

Talking the Utes' Front 7

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2018 39:40

After a few quick hitters, talking about the women's basketball schedule and the awards lists Utes are popping up on, the guys dive right in to the final part of their position preview.Joseph and Grant talk about the LBs, particularly Chase Hansen's moving up to the position full time and what that could mean for his production.Then they hit the DEs- Bradlee Anae is a known quantity, but who is going to be lining up next to him? Grant gets three guesses- but will it be enough?!Finally, they talk about DTs and things get a little uncomfortable as Joseph goes full heart eyes emoji for the Man, the Myth, the Legend Leki Fotu. Who will stand next to Leki and make him look like the demigod he is? We discuss.Football is SO CLOSE! Can't wait!If you enjoyed this episode, please give us a rating on your service of choice.

National Championship Utes? and Position Preview- DBs

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2018 37:51

First, the guys touch on Larry K scheduling yet another big name major conference team, further confirming that he has extremely high expectations for this basketball season.Then we move into Joe's numbers, explaining where they came from (science) and how good they are (quite) and why they say the Utes are the team to beat in the South this year.Finally we dig into the roster and examine the situation at defensive back, which is to put it plainly an embarassment of riches.Join us for a deep drink of Utah Football kool-aid and then rate the five star flavor!

Position Preview- QB/WR

Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2018 23:09

Joe is flying solo today, because Grant is building a happy, successful life for himself. Hurray home ownership!First, Joe breaks down some recent '18 and '19 commits and takes a look at what seems to be a new, more aggressive strategy for Utah recruiting. Utah's extensive offer sheet also gives insight as to what positions the Utes are most interested in.Then, Joe dives into the QB situation (it's Huntley) and starts to break down the bevy of weapons he has available to target. After discussing wide receivers, Joe hits on tight ends, where there are two exciting new possibilities. In one of two exciting newcomers, have the Utes finally found their prototypical tight end?

Football Position Preview- OL/RB

Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2018 36:32

Plenty to talk about today, and Grant and Joseph start off by touching on Gymnastics and Volleyball before diving into football coverage. Also, Grant nearly pokes his eye out with a microphone so listen for that!Utah has two new recruits on the O-line from great high schools- does it signal a change in strategy for Whittingham?Next we deep dive into the roster and discuss the depth, talent, and experience on the offensive line and at running back, with a few guesses about who the breakout talent might be. It's shaping up to be an exciting time to be a Ute fan!

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