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'Theme Park Pulse' covers theme parks like Disneyland, Universal Studios Hollywood, Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and anything #ParksPopCulture! A production of No Midnight Media. Find our sister podcast ‘Unpacked’ anywhere you listen to podcasts!

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    The Disneyland Paris Train Scam!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2022 17:36

    Chris got scammed out of €100 on his way to Disneyland Paris, here is what happened and how to avoid being a victim! - Hear the full unedited conversation (55 minutes) behind the scenes content, and bonus podcasts on our Patreon for as little as $1 a month.

    The Skeleton Dance | Theme Park Pulse

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2022 25:12

    Adam is back with a new Theme Park Time Machine dedicated to 1929's “The Skeleton Dance”, and Nikki and Dave discuss the (totally predictable) price hikes coming to the Disney parks. Theme Park Time Machine was written by Adam Vargyas with edits by Josh Taylor, and sound design by Christopher Beale. - For early access to all of our programs, join us on Patreon for as little as $1 per month!

    Dave and Nikki's Excellent California Adventure | Theme Park Pulse

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2022 43:15

    SUMMARY Dave and Nikki just got back from their first trip to the Disneyland Resort in California and want to tell you all about it before everything on the property gets replaced by the new D23 Parks announcements…yeah, we saw those too.  - Help us keep making Theme Park Pulse!

    Inside Halloween Horror Nights 2022 | Coffee & Carousels

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2022 26:04

    The Universal Studios Hollywood version of Halloween Horror Nights is open for the 2022 season and we were granted media access to check it out, we take you inside this year's hottest haunted houses, plus Cast Compliments on Coffee and Carousels! - Support our work on Patreon for as little as $1 a month and receive all kinds of crazy bonus content, and other fun surprises. 

    Disney's Unfavorable Mix | Coffee & Carousels

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2022 24:51

    Disney's latest earnings call was upfront with how they feel about Magic Key annual passholders and the results were not pretty. Plus, lots of unique announcements for the Halloween season, thievery at an Ohio park, and of course, Cast Compliments. - Check out our Patreon for bonus content!

    Poor Unfortunate TikToks | Theme Park Pulse

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2022 31:59

    Your TikTok could get a Cast Member fired! Dave & Nikki discuss their journey towards sailing away on the Disney Wish and celebrate the career of Pat Carroll on Theme Park Pulse! - No Midnight Media are an independent podcast group, and we rely on your support to create shows like Theme Park Pulse, Coffee and Carousels, Stereotypes and Unpacked. To support our work, and hear EVERYTHING we make (yes theres more) early consider joining us on Patreon.

    The Summer of Theme Park Racism | Coffee & Carousels

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 25:52

    Throughout the United States, theme parks are being tied to acts of racism and classism as stock prices drop, but that's nothing new for the world of amusement parks. - No Midnight Media are an independent podcast group, and we rely on your support to create shows like Theme Park Pulse, Coffee and Carousels, Stereotypes and Unpacked. To support our work, and hear EVERYTHING we make (yes theres more) early consider joining us on Patreon.

    Make Mine Marvel…Maybe? | Theme Park Pulse

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 37:12

    Marvel Studios revealed the now-named “Multiverse Saga” at San Diego Comic-Con 2022. But with negative stories coming to light about some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe's business practices, Dave Warwick wonders is now the best time to be excited about Marvel movies?   Plus, Josh Taylor with the latest on Tiana's Bayou Adventure and Nikki Drake tells us about the new MagicBand+ on Theme Park Pulse!   -   No Midnight Media are an independent podcast group, and we rely on your support to create shows like Theme Park Pulse, Coffee and Carousels, Stereotypes and Unpacked.   To support our work, and hear EVERYTHING we make (yes theres more) early consider joining us on Patreon.  

    Shots Fired: Iger on Chapek | Coffee & Carousels

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 28:06

    The gloves have come off in the saga of the two Bobs as former Disney CEO Bob Iger has spoken out about current chief Bob Chapek. Plus, someone thought a game where you shoot into a crowd of people was a good idea.

    Disney's $5000 Image Problem | Coffee & Carousels

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2022 21:31

    Did you hear the one about the drink aboard the Disney Wish that costs $5000? Plus, escape rooms at Citywalk, and what is and isn't coming to a Disney park near you?

    Part of Our World

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 26:44

    Theme Park Pulse celebrates Pride with a Theme Park Time Machine retrospective on Howard Ashman and artist Andreas Deja! Plus, our Mount Rushmore of Ashman/Menken Disney songs, Ms. Marvel and more details on the Disney Wish on Theme Park Pulse!

    Summer Movie Preview | Theme Park Pulse

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 27:59

    It's summer blockbuster season and movie marketing is out in full-force! Join us for a double-feature discussion of Jurassic World: Dominion and Top Gun: Maverick.   Plus, a history of those franchises in some of our favorite parks. That's today on Theme Park Pulse! Cast: Dave Warwick Nikki Drake Jack Milliken Editor: Christopher Beale

    Magic Keys & Gay Days | Coffee & Carousels

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 25:18

    Did Disneyland really kill the Magic Key? We have the latest parks news! Plus, a sea of red shirts took over Walt Disney World last week for the 21st anniversary of Gay Days, our pal Ara Wagoner (Android Police) has an update.

    What's next for Disney's Star Wars?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 41:18

    May 25th was the anniversary of the releases of Star Wars (1977) and Return of the Jedi (1983). Obi Wan Kenobi is debuting on Disney+, and this year brings the return of the premier Star Wars fan convention Star Wars Celebration — after 2 years — and we were there! That's today on Theme Park Pulse! - Support our work on Patreon with a monthly gift, and receive early access to all of our shows and cool exclusives! 

    Genie + Changes....Again | Coffee & Carousels

    Play Episode Listen Later May 24, 2022 16:25

    Changes to Walt Disney World's reservation system, a rumored new coaster coming to Universal Hollywood, the first maze for Halloween Horror Nights and more today on Coffee & Carousels!

    The Circle: Disney Villains | Theme Park Pulse

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 29:31

    Imagine a world where Disney characters play “The Circle!?” Plus, “What's New For 2022!” in regional theme parks? We have answers this week on Theme Park Pulse.   Cast: Dave Warwick Nikki Drake Josh Taylor Jack Milliken Editor: Christopher Beale

    Epcot's Future and Affordable Alternatives | Coffee & Carousels

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 27:37

    The politics around Disney's company town, Epcot plans, Studio Ghibli + more for the podcast debut of Coffee and Carousels. - Hosted by: Christopher Beale & Josh Taylor. Support the show on Patreon here!

    Armchair Imagineering

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 37:58

    Flower & Garden Festival is back, more COVID restrictions have lifted, and we're giving our best ideas to improve our favorite parks with some Armchair Imagineering today on Theme Park Pulse!

    Theme Park Pulse…In SPAAAAACE!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 54:39

    It's an outer space-themed episode of Theme Park Pulse! We have the latest on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind, and Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser. Plus an all-new Theme Park Time Machine on “Lilo & Stitch!” - Support our work on Patreon for early access to all of our shows, and join us on Twitch for weekly live shows! - Our other podcasts: Stereotypes - Straight Talk from Queer Voices Unpacked - Peculiar Stories from Real Life

    St. Patrick's Day in the Parks!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 45:24

    New Hidden Magic to keep your eye open for, and tips for how to spend St. Patrick's Day in the parks. Plus, Josh puts Dave and Nikki head to head in the ultimate Magic Kingdom Trivia Showdown on Theme Park Pulse! - Recorded live on Twitch.

    twitch parks st patrick theme park pulse
    Moon Knight Preview | Assemble

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 35:29

    Josh, Dave, and Albie gear up for the start of Marvel's 2022 calendar with a preview of Moon Knight, a show featuring dissociative identities, Egyptian Gods, and Oscar Isaac murdering people in the night. - Assemble is available exclusively on our Patreon.

    Is there too much Marvel at Disney?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2022 44:28

    From TV shows and films, to new lands and overlays, Marvel IP is moving into every area of the parks. Our panel asks the question, is it all too much?

    Best and Worst of Marvel 2021 Pt 2 | Assemble

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 40:45

    Josh and Dave take over Theme Park Pulse for part two of a special presentation of Assemble examining the best and worst of what Marvel Studios gave us in 2021. To hear more Assemble, and get other perks, sign up at today!

    Hot Take Battle Royale + Parks Proposal Pro-Tips

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2022 54:09

    This week, we bring our hottest takes! Who has the best, worst, and spiciest opinions about all things parks!? Plus, ideal places to propose to your partner in the theme parks! - Support the show, pick up cool merch, and hear our sister podcasts at, or join us on Twitch!

    Best and Worst of Marvel 2021 Pt 1 | Assemble

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 41:56

    Josh and Dave take over Theme Park Pulse for a special presentation of Assemble to look at the best and worst of what Marvel Studios gave us in 2021. To hear more Assemble, and get other perks, sign up at

    This or That: Bicoastal Park Edition + Walt Disney World 50th Vintage Line

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2022 35:39

    This week we debate whether rides at Walt Disney World or Disneyland are superior. Plus, we'll give you the scoop on the new Vault Collection: part of the Walt Disney World Resort 50th Anniversary Celebration, and a new Rollercoaster Rapidfire.

    How much is a 50th VIP Tour? + Disney Wish and Epcot Arts

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 47:06

    An all-new season premieres with the first of 2 new sets of co-hosts! This week, Nikki and Dave detail the new 50th Anniversary VIP Tour to help you decide if it's worth the cost. Plus more info on the Epcot Festival of the Arts and the upcoming maiden voyage of the Disney Cruise Line's "Wish!"

    Bill Barretta On Dizney Coast To Coast

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 68:51

    This week, our friend Jeff DePaoli chats with Muppeteer Bill Barretta about Muppet's Haunted Mansion. - Catch the rest of Dizney Coast to Coast at, and the Theme Park Pulse team at

    Our Destination D23 Live Season Finale!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 56:09

    From a revamped Toontown, to larger-than-life characters, light sabers and anniversary celebrations we have all of the big announcements from Destination D23. Recorded live on Twitch, click here for the video. If you would like to support our work with a monthly gift head to our Patreon, for sister podcasts, merch and more head to

    Cancelling Walt Disney

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 12:55

    Does the Disney Company need to distance itself from its founder? Josh Taylor and Adam Vargyas explore Walt Disney's complex legacy, and relevancy this week on Theme Park Pulse.

    Disney Paper Artist Keith Lapinig!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 29:32

    Disney Paper Artist Keith Lapinig plays Pop Culture Trivia Tuesday live on Twitch! - Support our work on Patreon, and visit our website for more!

    Stranded by Southwest

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 27:16

    We are back from Jack's 21st birthday in Orlando and the travel back was…not good. Nikki has her story, Stranded by Southwest, plus Love Letters, the Parks Planning Forecast and more on Theme Park Pulse! - Support the show, buy merchandise, and more at - We're live several times each week on Twitch, join us at!

    How "The Sword In The Stone" Saved Disney Animation

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 24:40

    The true story of how "The Sword In The Stone" saved Walt Disney Animation, plus Halloween Horror Nights Icons vs. IPs, the Parks Planning Forecast and more on this episode of Theme Park Pulse! - To support our work on Patreon, and pick up cool bonuses check out

    Remembering 9/11 with Lee & Dan Cockerell

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 15:52

    Former Walt Disney World executives share what was going on behind the scenes the morning of September 11, 2001. Contains excerpts from 9/11 at Walt Disney World.

    The Pandemic That Struck Walt Disney

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 18:32

    Did you know that a pandemic nearly cost the world Disney? Adam has that story in Theme Park Time Machine. Plus, it's Halloween time in the domestic parks and our team has updates today on Theme Park Pulse, on the beat of themed entertainment.

    Two Sudden Deaths (Disney Trivia Style)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 29:07

    This week on Theme Park Pulse our trivia master Josh Taylor quizzes our panel, and special guest Ryan from "For The Love Of Theme Parks" with some really difficult Disney Trivia. Who will win, and how many questions can you get correct? - This episode brought to you by Disney Trivia Tuesday. Live each Tuesday night at 5pm west/8pm east at!

    Where To Brunch At Disney Springs?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 32:56

    We search for the perfect place to have brunch at Disney Springs, update you on the Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Celebration, check the Parks Planning Forecast, roast another parks guest behaving badly and more — this week on Theme Park Pulse!

    The Man Who Lived At Disneyland

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 20:21

    Universal Orlando rolling out the red carpet for APs, a new restaurant opening at EPCOT, remembering Mr. Disneyland Ron Dominguez, plus Love Letters and the Parks Planning Forecast this week on Theme Park Pulse.

    The State Of Disney w/ Jeff DePaoli

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 27:49

    In less than 30 minutes: Our guest Jeff DePaoli from Dizney Coast to Coast on Bob Chapek and the state of Disney, updates on Magic Key and the 50th Anniversary of Walt Disney World, and WTF is S.E.A.!? - Check out our other podcasts, merchandise, Patreon and more at

    ScarJo Sues Disney + Updated Disney COVID-19 Info

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 20:58

    Disney has updated their COVID-19 guidelines, Dinosaur's merch is missing, Scarlet Johansson is suing Disney, and Adam takes us back to Disneyland day 1 - this week on Theme Park Pulse.   Connect with the show on social media, pick up cool merchandise and support the show at   SOURCES Dinosaur Black Widow Variety CNBC Yahoo Entertainment

    BREAKING: Disneyland Announces 'Magic Key' Program

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2021 1:47

    Disneyland announced their "Magic Key" annual pass program today. Christopher & Josh were live at with the details the moment they were available.  Here is what we know. - -  Join us tonight at 5PM on Twitch for Disney Trivia Tuesday w/ our special guest Jeff DePaoli from Dizney Coast to Coast.

    BREAKING: Disneyland's Mask Mandate Ends Tomorrow

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2021 1:56

      California has announced many of their COVID-19 restrictions are ending tomorrow - Tuesday, June 15th 2021. Disneyland has also made an adjustment to their mask policy. Disneyland now says that vaccinated guests will no longer be required to wear masks at the resort including inside restaurants and attractions. Social distancing will no longer be enforced either. As for verification, Disney says they will not be checking vaccination status, but will instead be taking guests at their word. Children, and those who are not vaccinated will still be asked to wear a mask. These changes go into effect tomorrow at the Disneyland Resort - and we'll keep an eye on this story.

    Exclusive: Disneyland's Annual Pass Program Returning In July?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2021 2:23

    Theme Park Pulse reporter Jack Milliken is at Disneyland with exclusive audio that may reveal when Disneyland's shuttered Annual Passholder program will return - and it's sooner than you think!

    Ultra Super Mega Princess Alliance

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2021 30:04

      Cortanie from Orlando shares some princess beauty techniques and Josh loses a game he stole from Jack - this week on Theme Park Pulse: The Game.

    Elsewhere at the Madcap Motel | Field Report

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2021 12:58

    Elsewhere at the Madcap Motel is a new immersive art and theater experience in Downtown Los Angeles. Josh and Jack were on the scene to see and hear what this space had to offer. If you are looking for a fun-filled few hours of sci-fi storytelling and interactivity, we highly recommend "checking in" at the Madcap Motel. Tickets are available at This program was originally presented on our Patreon, where for as little as $1 a month you'll hear cool bonus content like this and help support our work. ->

    The Wolf of Main Street

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2021 33:56

      Susie from Orlando's Country 103.1 The Wolf plays Happy Haikus, plus Ryan and Stevie from TABLE | Ghost Kitchen share their story on Theme Park Pulse: The Game! Senior Editor - Christopher Beale Sound Mix - Jack Milliken Producer - Nikki Drake

    A Very British Hello!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2021 31:05

      Our pal Mike Rowe is a Disney Cruise Line Entertainment Host, how does he fair in Foley Schmoley at sea? Plus Preebs joins us to talk about Extra Life! - The Doomscroll & Assemble - weekly on our Patreon! Join for as little as $1 a month for bonuses and cool perks each week!  

    Mickey Makes the Big Leagues | Theme Park Time Machine

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021 15:38

      This year the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim are playing their 55th season down the road from Disneyland. Adam explores the relationship between America’s pastime and America’s favorite theme park. SUPPORT THE SHOW ON PATREON - OUR SOURCES Three Heavy Hitters Roles in the Disney-Angels Tale, LA Times, May 1995 Angels-Disneyland Doubleheader on YesterlandA History of the Angels on Halos Heaven - ADAM'S SCRIPT Sunday, October 27, 2002. 8 days before my 17th birthday. Edison International Field of Anaheim, one freeway exit south of Disneyland. I was watching this baseball game in Redlands, California, about a 45 minute drive away. The Anaheim Angels, my favorite baseball team, played the San Francisco Giants in the 7th and final game of the World Series. Taking a 4-1 lead into the 9th inning, closer Troy Percival had runners on 1st and 2nd with two outs. Just one pitch away from turning the Angels into World Champions for the first time in their 41 year history. Center fielder Kenny Lofton stepped to the plate representing the tying run. Lofton’s favorite pitch was low and inside. If Percival made a mistake low and in...this could suddenly be a tie game. Luckily for my adolescent psyche...that didn’t happen. If you’re a professional sports fan, and you were lucky enough to see your team win the championship during your formative years, you know the emotions I was experiencing that night. I honestly couldn’t remember a time in my life when I’d felt happier. Jump ahead a couple months. A few of my cousins were visiting from Ohio to spend New Year’s with me, my brother, and my parents. Like anyone visiting California, naturally, my cousins wanted to go to Disneyland, and we were happy to oblige.  But before that happened, I needed to make a very important stop. A week earlier, on Christmas morning, one of my presents was actually a raincheck. A promise from my parents that when we were in Anaheim, we’d pay a visit to the Angels team store and they’d buy me a bright red, Angels World Champion windbreaker, the very same jacket worn by the players and coaches. That jacket brought back all those same emotions from that night in October. And it bears mentioning, even though it was December, we’re talking about Southern California. It was in the high 60s that day! Definitely not heavy jacket weather. But you better believe that jacket never left my torso that day. I still have that jacket. It doesn’t get a whole lot of use these days. It still fits, but it’s a bit more snug around the midsection than when I was in high school. A year ago, on this channel, we released an episode called “The Heart and Soul of Brooklyn”. In that episode, I told a story about a group of young boys living in Brooklyn in the summer of 1955, visiting first Coney Island and then Ebbets Field. In the process of creating and hosting that story, I realized that the world of baseball and the world of theme parks often run side-by-side and have a lot of similar elements. They’re both fun, they’re both great family outings, and maybe I’m getting overly sentimental here, but they both have an element of adventure and...magic. It’s now been almost two decades since the Fall of 2002, and the Angels are beginning their 60th season.They haven’t returned to the World Series...they really haven’t even gotten close. Don’t get me started on that topic.  It’s baseball season, and with Disneyland set to open in a few weeks, it’s also theme park season. Unlike last season, Disneyland and Angel Stadium will actually have visitors this year. Beyond geographic location, the two organizations, Disney and the Angels, share a lot of common ground. It’s April 1961. John F Kennedy, the first US President born in the 20th century, has been in the White House for about 100 days. Yuri Gagaran wins major bragging rights for the Soviet Union by becoming the first man in space. Fugitive Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichman is brought to trial in Jerusalem. And in Los Angeles, a new baseball team takes the field for their first ever home game. 1961 was a transformative year for the American pastime. Baseball is notoriously slow to change, and true to form, the same sixteen teams had existed for six decades. Some of them had relocated, most notably the Dodgers moving from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, and the Giants moving from New York City to San Francisco. But they were still the same ball clubs. Frustrated by the static nature of professional baseball, which if you’re unfamiliar is composed of the National and American Leagues, plans were drawn up for third league, the Continental League. They had their sights set on professional ball teams in Minneapolis, Toronto, Houston, Dallas, and Atlanta, a few of the many regions that baseball-loving Americans were moving to. Before the Continental League could take shape, Major League Baseball struck a deal. They would do something just short of sacrilegious. They would expand. The next two years would see the creation of the New York Mets, Houston Astros, Washington Senators...and the Los Angeles Angels. The Angels would play their first season just south of Downtown LA, at Wrigley Field. If you’re a baseball fan like me, the name of that park probably rings a bell. It shares a name with the Cubs longtime home park, on the north side of Chicago. And no, that’s not a coincidence. William Wrigley, the millionaire owner of the chewing gum company and the Chicago Cubs, built the park in the 1920s for two minor league teams. But in 1961, big league baseball moved in. The previous winter, several baseball executives descended on the baseball owners meetings in St Louis with the hope of putting in a successful bid for the new Los Angeles Angels. Gene Autry, better known as the Singing Cowboy, an established country crooner, radio personality, and movie star would purchase and own the Angels for the next 36 years. The Angels home opener that year was a disappointment, drawing just 12,000 fans, about 50% of the park’s capacity. That year, they averaged just 7,000 fans per game, one-third the total of the Dodgers, playing down the road at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Despite not drawing many fans, the Angels won 70 games that season. Not too shabby for a hodgepodge mix of out-of-shape veterans and career minor leaguers. But, for their whole tenure in Los Angeles, the Angels struggled to attract as much attention as their National League counterpart, they also struggled to fill the stands. This was especially disappointing from 1962 to 1965 when the Angels and Dodgers shared Dodger Stadium. It was time for the Angels to move out of Los Angeles and find their own identity. That’s where Anaheim came into the picture. In just seven short years, Anaheim went from a dusty citrus-growing town to the home of the most popular theme park on earth; Disneyland. In 1965, Anaheim got another major tourist attraction: The only American League baseball team in the state of California. While announcing the construction of the new Anaheim Stadium just four miles south of Disneyland, the team also announced a new name: The California Angels. If the team’s move to Disneyland’s backyard seems too perfect to be a coincidence, well...that hunch is correct. Walt Disney was a member of the Angels board of directors from 1960 until his death in 1966, and he was a central figure in the team’s move to Orange County. As fellow family-friendly Hollywood entertainers, Walt Disney and Gene Autry both saw the benefit of giving Americans another option for a family friendly outing. You could visit Anaheim and see Mickey Mantle and Mickey Mouse on the same weekend! 1966,the team’s first year in Anaheim, saw 1.4 million fans visit the ballpark, the highest attendance in the American League. In 67, to promote the opening of Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Carribean, Autry teamed up with the Disney company to offer Angels-Disneyland doubleheader. For $5, fans could buy a reserved seat at a game against the Cleveland Indians, and a special nighttime ticket to Disneyland, giving them access to the park from 8 at night to 1 in the morning. Just as Disney began to experience some of their worst years, the Angels entered some of their best. They acquired Nolan Ryan, one of the best pitchers in the history of the game, and would go on to win their division in 1979, 1982, and 1986. Disneyland and the Angels remained friendly neighbors, but for the most part, separate and unrelated entities throughout the 70s and 80s. But that began to change in the early 1990s. In the middle of the 1994 season, just as the Disney Decade was gaining steam, the studio released Angels in the Outfield, starring a very young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, as well as Christopher Lloyd, Best known previously as Doc Brown from the Back to the Future franchise. Lloyd plays Al, who leads a team of Angels on a mission of divine intervention to help the team win the pennant. It’s cheesy. It’s sappy. It’s all the things Disney gets accused of on a daily basis, but it still gives me the warm fuzzies.  Disney’s new CEO Michael Eisner had an interest in sports that went beyond the silver screen. After purchasing and debuting the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim the previous year, Eisner now had his sights set on the Angels. By this point, Gene Autry was in his 80s and in failing health, having handed over day-to-day operations to his wife Jackie. She agreed to sell 25% of the team to Disney in 1994. After Gene Autry passed away four years later, Disney bought the team outright for just over $100 million. During the years of Disney ownership, the team changed their name for the second time, from the California Angels to the Anaheim Angels. With some financial assistance from the city of Anaheim, the team also gave the stadium a much-overdue makeover. Early in their ownership, Disney made a big blunder. The company re-designed the team’s uniforms. Beginning in the 1997 season, the Angels played in blue and white pinstripes, with a logo that looked like it was straight out of Toontown. Many fans compared it to something an adult softball team would wear. In 2002, the team did away with their five-year mistake and took the field in classic red and white uniforms. The uniforms didn’t help pre-season predictions for the team, as most oddsmakers expected them to place third in their four team division. When the Angels finished the first 20 games of the season with a 6 and 14 record, even those projections seemed optimistic. But they turned it around. Not unlike the original 1961 Angels, the 02 (oh two) team was scrappy. A collection of veterans and newcomers, without a lot of household names. They’d go on to surprise nearly everyone by ending the season with 99 wins. In early November, they celebrated their world championship with...what else? A parade down Main Street USA. Though Disney sold the team in 2003, the relationship between the two hasn’t ended. Most notably, when Angel Stadium hosted the MLB All-Star Game in 2010, Disney created 36 baseball-themed Mickey Mouse statues and placed them throughout the Disneyland Resort. I’ve always loved the fact that my favorite baseball team plays down the road from my favorite theme park. When two things you love, and that you’re passionate about, intersect like that, it gives you all the warm fuzzies. I love food, too, and I get that same overwhelmingly happy feeling when I sit down and have a really good meal at Carthay Circle at Disney California Adventure, or Blue Bayou at Disneyland Wherever you’re surrounded by people who love all the same things you do, those are the really good moments in life. Maybe we used to take those places and experiences for granted a little bit. But I have a feeling, after 2020, we’re never going to do that again. Whether it’s a baseball game, a football game, a trip to a theme park, a family BBQ...whatever part of your life that features your favorite things and your favorite people, I hope you get to a whole lot more of it this year. To the Angels, happy 60th season. Play Ball!

    Furious and Fast with Chris Van Vliet

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 31:35

      Media personality Chris Van Vliet shares the story of how Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson almost got him fired on live TV, and Josh’s new game will give you flashbacks to your childhood…they might be weird flashbacks. - For bonus audio, and early, ad-free access to all of our shows - support us on Patreon starting at $1 a month! Thanks in advance! - AUTOMATIC TRANSCRIPTION WILL CONTAIN COPIOUS TYPOS AND MISIDENTIFICATIONS.IT'S BASICALLY USELESS YOU SHOULD JUST LISTEN Kory: Welcome to theme park pulse, the game, the game show for theme park fans. I'm your host Corey in San Francisco, California. And I'll introduce you to the rest of the panel in just a second. If you'd like to be a contestant email, Nikki with two or call (213) 935-0513. And leave a message. If you love this podcast, the next logical step in your fandom is to join us on Patrion, where for as little as a dollar a month, you'd help us cover some of the costs associated with this podcast. And you'll pick up several pieces of bonus audio each week. More information at the link in the description. This week media personality, Chris van fleet tries to re-imagine a Disney attraction based on a guy who flicked him off on television. That story. Plus Christie Brown, a former Disney cast member turned author plays, mucked up musicals up first. It's the Park's pop culture pop quiz. If you'd like to play theme park, post the game. Call (213) 935-0513. And leave a message or email Nikki with two Let's welcome. Our contestant on theme park pulse, the game from Orlando, Florida. It's Christy Brown. Hey Christie. How are you guys?  Christy: Thanks for  Kory: having me. It's good to see you. Thank you for joining us this week. And just a minute, I'm going to test your Park's knowledge with the Park's pop culture pop quiz. But first I want to introduce you to our panel of lost toys. You know, now that one division is complete. He is back to obsessing over more important things like, you know, tick talk and star Wars and. His hair in Sacramento, California. It's Alby. Hey, yes,  Sean: it's true.  Josh: I've changed my hair color, I think three times already. What  Sean: is this color  Kory: that we're  Josh: looking at now? I mean, I got the Agatha purple up there, so it's kind of like a pink.  Sean: Ish.  Kory: It was Alberta all along, just the lab does in fact, you to reopen on April 1st, there is a pretty good chance that he will get there first for no other reason than simple geography and the energy of the young in San Diego, California. It's Jackie boy. Hey Jack.  Jacky Boy: I feel like probably being on the road with one arm driving is bad, but I will make it happen so I can be the first one in line. Wait, does  Kory: that not, is that not totally healed up yet? That's just how it is  Jacky Boy: now. This is reality.  Kory: It's messy from Jackie Jack, Jack, Jack to Shawnee, just as many Shawn's in Greenville, South Carolina. It's you guessed it, Sean. Hi.  Sean: I feel like now I have to go with the most Southern sounding ridiculous accent I can possibly  Kory: do as the personality and to finger point of an experience Disney cast member, but Disney frankly can not afford to pay for her Disney habit in Morgantown, West Virginia. It's Nicki Drake. Hey Nikki. Hi. Welcome back everybody. And last, but certainly not least he lives in Denver, Colorado for now. That's a tease. And so is he it's Josh Taylor. Hey, Josh.  Josh: I'm so much closer to being on the West coast. You don't know.  Kory: Oh, but is the West coast ready for Josh? I hope so  Josh: because I'm coming in strong  Kory: Christie, you worked for Walt Disney world for the better part of 13 years. What roles did you play while you worked for the County?  Christy: I started with merchandising and then I spent the last 13 years with the Disney's very, to weddings team. What's  Kory: a typical day, like in weddings. It is  Christy: stressful and crazy, and it was so much fun.  Kory: You still live there in the Orlando area with your family. Give your family a shout out. Of course.  Christy: Hi, Phillip Gus, Lila, and Jacoby.  Kory: How did you meet your husband? I was a  Christy: wedding intern back in 2007. They were doing a bridal shoot for the new David Tutera collection. I think I just fit the dress. So they asked if I would put on the dress and step into the role of a bride. I met Phillip. He was the groom for the day and I said, hi, I'm your Bradford today in 2011, we got married. At the wedding  Kory: pavilion at the  Christy: wedding pavilion. Oh, that's so cool. I met him in a wedding gown and then  Kory: theoretically married him in wa yeah. Since you left the Disney company, you've leaned a lot into writing something I'm getting into at this stage in my life. What are you working on right now?  Christy: I've got a book being published. It's being released July 1st. It's called a ring bear. And it's a book for anyone who's been asked to be a ring bearer in a wedding.  Kory: Oh, so it's a ring bear. B E R. Yeah. Yes. The little boy  Christy: thinks he has to be a ring bear. That's  Kory: so cute. And where can people pre-order that book? They can go to  Christy: black Rose and look for a ring bearer.  Kory: Can't wait to read it. All right, Christie, we're going to play the parks, pop culture, pop quiz. I'm going to ask you three questions about some recent parks news. And if you get two out of three, correct, we'll send you a glow in the dark theme park pulse wristband. Okay. Okay, here we go. Question one. Walt Disney world recently gave us a first look at artist renderings for new rooms at Disney's Polynesian resort. Featuring a Pacific ocean inspired color palette inspired by witch film franchise. That's right. I actually love this remodel and this film so much that I do not have a bad joke for this. You're welcome. All right. Question two Orlando theme park fans got some exciting news when it was announced that universal is resuming construction on their new theme park called what? Oh, Epic  Christy: universe,  Kory: right? A universal fans are excitedly chomping at the bit for yet another gate while Disney's fans are busy, constructing gallows at Disney Springs over the cancellation of the magical express. And Nikki is  Jacky Boy: the  Kory: lead  Sean: construction worker. Alfred swinging a hammer.  Kory: Last question. A touch of Disney is the name of the now completely sold out food festival, taking place where. In  Josh: my tummy, Kory: is that it? Disneyland? Yeah, Disney, California adventure. The tickets went really fast to the latest of course, is that the California theme parks will be allowed to reopen on April 1st with some restrictions. If it's anything like the bars here in California, you may get to ride pirates. So the Caribbean, but you'll be required to purchase one food item and one beverage in order to clear the state's COVID-19 standards, because reasons Alby, how did Kristi do on the Park's pop culture, pop quiz? I think  Josh: she needs to do my wedding at Epic universe Malanda style. So she got them all. Kory: Christie, will you stick around and play some more games later in the show? This is so fun. Up next to media personality, Chris van fleet plays, elevator pitch on theme park, pulse, the game. Welcome back to theme park pulse. The game. Our guest is the host of the podcast insight with Chris van fleet and he has a wildly popular YouTube channel under his name. Let's welcome to theme park, post the game, my friend and media personality, Chris van fleet. Welcome,  Chris Van Vliet: man. Thank you so much. Good to see you. Good to hear you. All of the  Kory: things it's been forever, where you and I first met in Cleveland, Ohio, many, many moons ago. That is not where you live now. And it's not where you're from. How many places have you lived at this point are  Chris Van Vliet: too many originally from Toronto, but then it was Toronto, Vancouver, Cleveland, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Cincinnati. And now I live in Los Angeles.  Kory: Well, welcome to California. Yeah. Thank  Chris Van Vliet: you. Thank you. The weather is beautiful here, but I think, I think I'm done moving for a little while. Kory: Canada. What would you say your awareness was of theme parks like at an early age. And did you go to Canada's Wonderland?  Chris Van Vliet: Everyone went to Canada's Wonderland and then Canada's Wonderland became paramount. Canada's Wonderland when paramount. Yeah, paramount bought it. And then they renamed all the rides after their movies. So I can't even remember what the original name was, but we would ride top gun and we would ride the Italian job like it. One day we showed up and all that, all the rides had brand new names. Cool.  Kory: Were there any that were just bad?  Chris Van Vliet: Like the names were bad or the rides were bad either. Italian job. That's so great. Sean: Do you get to drive mini Coopers in a tunnel? Because if you don't then the right is garbage  Chris Van Vliet: and it was very strange. There was the bat and I don't want to get too much off on a tangent here, but the bat was this rollercoaster that went forwards and then backwards. And the one for that was always like two hours long. That's all I did.  Christy: We're loops and  Chris Van Vliet: stuff too, but it was the entire ride. And then backwards, the  Josh: segment was not sponsored by  Sean: paramount  Kory: plus not at all. Chris, you host a podcast and a YouTube channel. What will we find if we look you up on YouTube and check out  Chris Van Vliet: insight? Like, I'm just fascinated with the idea of like people that are like super successful. There's a reason they got to be at that level. So my podcast is all about like reverse engineering. Like what are the habits and techniques that they have, so we can all apply them to our own lives. So some recent interviews are. Lots of wrestlers on big wrestling fan. As I know you guys are as well, but Freddie Prinze Jr. Was on the show. Chris Kirkpatrick from end sync was on the show. I just interviewed Jeff Timmins from 98 degrees. Andrew Yang was on talking wrestling with me, which is so cool. It's been a lot of fun and like I've selfishly do the show so I can learn from these people and go, Oh, you do that thing. Well, I'm going to start doing that thing now. Kory: Tell me about what you did to get the rock to flick you off on television. And why are you still alive?  Christy: And he's now done it twice. He's probably  Chris Van Vliet: out twice, but the first time he was on the red carpet for the ballers premier in Miami, when I was working in Miami and. The interview was supposed to happen at like seven ish. And I was live on TV TV at our, now our seven 30 show at seven 38. And I'm like, Oh, perfect. We'll be able to do the interview with him. We'll like take a clip and I'll be able to throw to the clip, like live on TV. We talked to the rocker, right. Here's what he had to say. Well, as you guys know, red carpet stock are never on time. So the rock starts walking down the red carpet, like super late. And, and I'm like, Oh my gosh, like, he's going to either be here. Like. Right before I'm on TV or right after I'm on TV. And then the rock is walking up and I'm, we're in a commercial break and we're like a minute away from me going live. And we start this interview and I'm like, Oh my God, like, what are we going to do? We're we're in a commercial break. And my producers yelling in my ear. Whatever you do, keep him there. We need him there. Live on TV, watching this interview out as much as I can, like asking like just silly questions. Finally, we come back live and I'm like, rock. Just want to let you know, we're live right now on deco drive. He's like, Oh, we're live. I could. Say anything I want and I'm like, ah, please, please do not. So I turned to the camera at the end of the interview. I go, let's have a people's eyebrow off, you know, where the rock raises the eyebrows. So we do that to the camera, as we're doing it to the camera, unbeknownst to me, he gives me the middle finger on live TV behind my head. I didn't see this happen. So I turn around. Rock. Thank you so much. That's  Christy: so great to talk  Chris Van Vliet: to you. I turned back to the camera. Dairy is one of the biggest stars in the world. Can you believe we got the rock live on TV? And then as soon as the segment ended, my producer calls me and goes, yeah, the rock flipped you off. I'm like, What they said. Yeah. We're not sure if we're going to get fined by the FCC. Now, why I spent the next couple of days, like wondering if we were going to get an FCC fine, which thankfully we did not make for a great viral moment. Then when I saw the rock at the Moana junket a few months later, I said, you know, the last time I saw you, we got in a lot of trouble. Cause you. Flip me off on live TV. He goes, ah, you know what that means? And they gave me another one. So the rock just thinks I'm number one, I guess  Kory: I feel like he's such a good guy though, that if you actually did get fined, you could throw a go-fund me on Twitter and he would take care of it.  Chris Van Vliet: I'd hope. So then that's the same guy who gave me the middle finger on live TV. So I don't know.  Kory: All right, Chris, we've invited you here to play a game that Jackie boy invented where we're going to put your imagination. No. You're Imagineering all to the test. This is elevator pitch, Jack.  Jacky Boy: Chris welcome to elevator pitch is, is a game of speed wits and armchair Imagineering. Imagine walking into an elevator with our panelists and having to explain an idea before we hit the top floor. Okay, I'm going to give you a topic. It could be a holiday, a character, a movie, or a show, and you're going to imagine you're it into an attraction or refurb. Or an overlay. Now you'll have a moment or three to construct your magnificent proposition and then 45 seconds to pitch us your ideas. You'll be competing against Nikki today. And the rest of us will get to vote on our favorite and the most haphazard way possible. And we'll get to that in a little bit. Please note also there's a small chance that I will steal your idea and one day make it a reality. When I become an Imagineer, I like this. Okay. We all know that odd Topia Disneyland needs a good refreshing, as much as I love the little Honda robot, the appeal is lost just about the time you get your license and you actually get to experience LA traffic. So I figured we switched things up a bit. Chris, your friend, Mr. The rock was in a franchise of movies that has to do with fast cars. That may be a little more interesting when it comes to a driving attraction. Now I know we already have fast and furious supercharged at universal, but just like Apple says. Think different. Okay. This week on elevator pitch, we're going to be reimagining OD Topia with the fast and furious Kory: Dawn.  Jacky Boy: Chris, you are our guest, so I will actually let you go second. Cause I feel like that's probably where you want to be. Anyway. Mickey, go first. Okay. Cool. All right, Nikki, you've got 45 seconds. You're walking into the elevator. Are you ready for it? As  Nikki: ready as I'll ever be doors are closing.  Jacky Boy: Let's go. Nikki: Oh, my gosh. I just had an amazing idea because the most boring ride at Disney is  and then even in Disney world, they've got that silly, boring ride there to it.  Jacky Boy: Nice. Okay. All right. Yeah. So.  Nikki: I want to take all of the retired superstar, limo people and change them into the fast and the furious cast and throw them into October would be  Christy: amazing. Nikki: We need that little pep in the step and we can speed up the ride just a little bit, but not too much, but I also need the rock in here somewhere. Not only flipping us off, but taking a giant, like torpedo thingy and turning it around and blasting it backwards. And I ran out of time. I tried to stretch that beginning as long as  Kory: you did  Jacky Boy: it. Very good job. Nikki, do you have a name for this attraction that you've created?  Kory: Um,  Sean: not so fast and mildly annoyed.  Nikki: I'll take it. Thank  Jacky Boy: you, Sean. All right, Chris, do you get the gist? Are you ready for it? Let's do it. Doors are closing. Here we go.  Chris Van Vliet: I Topia is not only the worst ride there. It also has the worst name. So first thing we're going to do is change the name of this guide is now going to be called furious and  Christy: fast. And I think  Chris Van Vliet: one of the biggest problems about this ride is it looks awful. Like these cars are so ugly, so we're gonna, we're going to throw some new cars in there. There's also nothing to do when you're in these cars. It's not like if you turn left actually goes left. He was on this track. So we're going to put some stuff inside the car. Like there's gonna be some buttons in there. One of the buttons. If you push that button, it's going to fire off our  Christy: torpedo and actual torpedo.  Chris Van Vliet: Then the rock is going to jump in just like fast and furious six, I believe. And the rock is going to shoot away with his bare hands because that's what the rock does. Jacky Boy: I can't believe it. Now, the way that we're going to figure out a winner for this is my favorite part of this game. So. The rest of us here on the cast are all going to shout the name of the winner on the count of three, the most haphazard way possible. Okay, here we go. Three, two, one. . Oh, I'll be. Who do we got? What do you think, Chris?  Sean: Yes, you had me at   Chris Van Vliet: and the actual Rockwell be there  Kory: and Disney can afford to get him to not flick the camera's off. So it'll be good, Chris, will you hang out on the panel for a bit and play the eighth dwarf with us at the end of the show? Yeah. Welcome back to theme park pulse. The game. If you'd like to be a contestant, call (213) 935-0513 and leave a message or email Nikki in Let's welcome back to the show from Orlando, Florida. It's Kristy Brown. Hi Christie. Hi Christie. I hope you're wearing your ears Disney humor because you're here to play a game with Josh Taylor, cold mucked up musicals, Josh. Josh: Disney songs are iconic. Even those who don't really care for Disney movies probably still know a handful of classic Disney tunes. So instead of asking you to just name a Disney song, cause that'd be too easy, I've taken these songs. I've run them through my machine and I've spit out something different. No, no. This game I'm going to play three clips. You just have to name the Disney song. Get all three to win the catch here. All of these songs are now being played at an elementary school concert by a student named Jimmy with his musical record. Christie. I hope you're ready for a concert.  Sean: All right, Jimmy,  Josh: give us your first song. can you name Jimmy's tune? Do you want to build a  Sean: snowman?  Josh: You're in the ballpark. There it is frozen. It's let it go. Well, Jimmy, you got a better song for us. Christy: Is it supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, Sean: he's reading the lyrics and coming up with music instead of you can't fault, like a seven year old kid. I can I will.  Christy: It's this a real child play?  Kory: No, I think it's Josh.  Sean: I  Josh: heard that girls like musician, so I've been my recorder with me everywhere. Christy: Is  Nikki: that your recorder? Are you happy to see me?  Sean: In  Josh: fact,  Sean: my recorder, maybe we'll give you one more song. Okay. Christy: The bare necessities.  Kory: Yeah, good job. The good news is that's not the standard by which we judge things. Jack Alvey. How did Christie do on mucked up musical  Josh: Christie? Don't let your kids play that please, but you got them. All right.  Sean: Oh,  Kory: thanks. No, no, she got the first one.  Christy: Yep.  Sean: Like I said, you're a winner Kory: and that's why LV is the scorekeeper. We'll wrap up the show with part guests behaving badly. The eighth dwarf is next on theme park, pulse, the game. Before we wrap up the show this week, we're going to play another round of the eighth dwarf. And now you can grab your stylish eighth dwarf t-shirt at theme park, John, take it away.  Sean: All right. So we all know that the seven dwarves were designed to represent specific behaviors, personality traits. And at some point during any Disney trip, we're all likely to see or be sleepy, dopey, happy, or if you're meet with my students this past week, pretty grumpy, but every now and then we will witness people in the parks that we just can't categorize. And one of the seven different names, their behavior is so outrageous. They fit into their own category that we like to call the eighth dwarf. Now the eighth door stories are all based in real life, but I usually embellish a little bit for traumatic effect. However, today's examples are going to be an exception with the behavior, actually running the gamut from dumb to disgusting. I'm just going to go ahead and present them as they are and let them speak for themselves. Surprising no one there. Both pandemic related, suffice it to say it's been a long and exhausting year dealing with COVID-19. And unfortunately that's pretty much exactly how pandemics work. The virus doesn't actually care if you're tired of the imposition on normal life or that you might be too stupid to understand how modern medicine works, the latter of which. Definitely seems to include Kelly, a resident of Louisiana, according to the police report, who recently decided that getting his temperature checked in order to access private property was some kind of violation of his rights. Not content to duck pass the temperature checks. Kelly apparently proceeded directly to the boathouse where he was found berating, a security manager, Kelly, who is a shining example of why variations in your genetic line are desirable, managed to get himself arrested and charged with a misdemeanor of trespass on property. All of this occurred on February 13th. So in honor of that, I wrote a Valentine's adjacent poem just for Kelly. Roses are red. Welcome to jail. That trip was expensive because you had to post bail. Yeah. Very good shot. Corey, what do we call Kelly? If he was the eighth  Kory: auntie Maskey  Sean: legacy.  Josh: Passholder. Sean: Probably probably a good one. Probably. Yeah. Jack,  Jacky Boy: I'm going with Trumpy on this one. You're not wrong,  Nikki: right? Because it has to do with his temperature fiery.  Sean: Oh, yeah.  Josh: I mean, this is clearly Texas governor Greg Abbott.  Sean: Hey guys. Again, Josh has gone from throwing other podcasts under the bus to politicians. Oh yeah. I'll keep going up this  Kory: ladder. That's fine.  Chris Van Vliet: We support you. How about, because Kelly went directly to jail, it will take something out of like the monopoly playbook this'll be, do not pass, go Sean: and Christie that guy. I don't want to be that former employee of Disney, you know, plenty of that guy. Sadly. I think we're going to go with, do not pass. Go eat. So I don't actually know this person's name, but the police report said it was a middle aged man wearing a fedora. Usually I would just refer to that dude as a tool, but let's go with that. Seriously. It's totally acceptable to wear a fedora. If you're in your sixties or a former member of the rat pack, like most of us, Chad is apparently really tired of wearing a mask or he's parked camel. One of those things is understandable. The other would explain a lot, like for instance, his pension for spitting on people, according to the Orlando Sentinel, a security guard at Disney's contemporary resort reminded Chad to put on his mask before entering the resort in response, Chad, spat on the guard and ran into the elevator screaming. I'm a guest. Which honestly sounds exactly like something I'd expect from a tool in a fedora walking, although I'm not sure about him being middle-aged because speaking as a middle-aged man, there's no way in hell I'm running to an elevator or anything else, except maybe a chiro cart. I'm thinking this guy has to maybe be in his late twenties or that I'm in denial about being older than middle-aged. Because I like the last one so much. I decided to go ahead and write a poem for Chad as well. Roses are red. No one likes the foot. Dora. I wouldn't cry. If you were eaten by a banshee from Pandora, Corey, what is Chad's eighth dwarf  Kory: name? Lougie Sean: lb  Josh: Cecil hotel guest E Oh,  Sean: probably. Oh, Jack drew Carey.  Christy: Why because he's wearing  Jacky Boy: Dora and superstar limo. I feel like maybe too much explanation on that one probably should have gone with something else. You think also  Kory: why, why is Josh offended? Sean: Uh, barely drew carries the line for Josh. I'm trying to go up the  Josh: ladder. Like I don't need to fall back down the level.  Kory: Oh  Sean: wow. Oh, Nikki  Nikki: IDG, a F  Christy: E. Sean: All right, Josh. Who's on the bus this time.  Josh: Vanity.  Christy: Oh, I was like, who's that? Josh: the bus  Christy: every day. Kory: I really thought you were  Nikki: going to say Ted Cruz  Sean: in Mexico couldn't have been him, anyone to SeaPak  Chris Van Vliet: literally anyone. I liked it. The fedora was so important to the story that it was written into the police. That is right.  Josh: That's not an embellishment. It was in this story,  Chris Van Vliet: but like, have you ever seen a police report was like, well, the man was wearing like a flannel shirt. It doesn't matter what he's wearing,  Kory: unless it's a fedora. Is it matters  Chris Van Vliet: since most of us are wrestling fans here, I'm going to harken back. To Randy or in his legend killer days, he would spit in the face of the legends before beating them up. This is legend killer.  Kory: I feel like that would go right to this guy's ego though. Dora  Sean: the fedora standing there, go home Dubbo. All right, Christie, bring us home.  Christy: Well, if he's wearing a fedora, he's gotta be douche-y. Sean: Christie. You just cut to the heart like that.  Kory: Christy and Chris, thank you so much for joining us something park, posted the game. Oh, thank you. Thank you so  Jacky Boy: much. The bipolar as the game was created, written and produced by the panelists you heard on the show today,  Sean: Corey Alby, Nikki, Jack, Sean,  Kory: and Chad. We'd like to thank our special guest Chris van fleet of insight with Chris van fleet. And of course our guest Christie. They're in Orlando and  Nikki: all new episode of the doom squirrel drops tomorrow on our Patrion. That show is weekly and at  Kory: all tiers  Josh: assemble each Tuesday. Where right now we're going into a deep dive on Falcon and the winter soldier. Check out the link in the description and support our work for as little as $1 a month. And you'll get that and some other  Sean: cool bonuses. We'd also love to see you for trivia Tuesday on the theme park, pulse Twitch and Facebook live that's at 5:00 PM, West 8:00 PM East every Tuesday night.  Josh: The single most important thing that you can do to help us out is share theme park posts the game with  Sean: all  Kory: of your friends. Like all of them, maybe, actually don't, I'll be we'll know. Yeah. From our family to yours, wear a mask or however many it is. They want you to wear this week, wash your hands, keep your eyes on the road and join us next time for another all new theme park pulse.  Sean: Yay. Oh, the game.  Josh: Sorry. No one likes your content, Jimmy.

    Lost Boys: The Complex Legacy of Disney Child Stars | Theme Park Time Machine

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2021 17:06

    Disney has given plenty of work to child actors over the years. Some have gone on to fame and notoriety. Others...have not. Learn about Kurt Russell, Shirley Temple, Britney Spears, and the sad, complicated tale of Peter Pan himself, Bobby Driscoll on Theme Park Time Machine. SOURCES Walt Disney’s last words were “Kurt Russell”, According to Kurt Russell on HuffPost The Psychology of Adolescent Fame on Network 1901 Song of The SouthPeter Pan CNN - Britney is bald! Follow Me Boys Screech Archival JFK Jr. Archival Shirley Temple Archival Adam's Script Oh to be a kid again. No bills, no body aches, no responsibilities. Your whole life ahead of you. Nothing but whimsy and potential. Maybe that is why we are so drawn to the stories of child stars.  For example, Shirley Temple. She made her film debut at the age of three, and before her 10th birthday, was one of the biggest stars in the world. This continued through the 1930s and into her teenage years in the 1940s.  After some TV hosting gigs in the 50s and 60s, Shirley Temple became active in the California Republican Party, and was appointed ambassador to Ghana in the 70s, and ambassador to Czechoslovakia in the 80s, the only woman ever to hold that post.  She served on the board of directors of several organizations, including Bank of America and Disney, and received the Screen Actors Guild Lifetime Achievement Award and Kennedy Center honors before her death in 2014. Of course - Shirley Temple is a mostly-positive outcome. For every one of those, I can think of many examples of child stars who weren’t so lucky. I think that one of the most important things about being a kid, is the freedom to screw up. And when you get into some kind of hijinks, assuming no one gets hurt and no one destroys any irreplaceable property, the grownups in your life are likely to chalk up your misbehavior to that old cliche... “Kids will be kids!” But what happens when kids DON’T get the chance to be kids?  John F Kennedy, Jr was the first child ever born to an American president-elect, and he was a world famous celebrity pretty much from the moment he entered the world in November 1960. The paparazzi followed him and his equally famous mother around the world, and he never really had a private moment to himself.  The pressures of his public life, failing marriage, and unrealistic expectations created the stress that ultimately led to his fatal plane crash at the age of just 38 in the summer of 1999. Then there’s Dustin Diamond. Starring as Screech on the 90’s smash-hit Saved by The Bell, Diamond was a megastar before he was even a teenager. Dustin couldn’t find sustained work as an actor post-adolescence, and his later life was riddled with substance abuse, domestic violence accusations, prison stints, and of course the requisite starring role in an feature. Dustin Diamond passed away this year after a short battle with cancer.  Similar fates awaited Jodie Swetin, AKA Stephanie Tanner on Full House, Danny Bonaduce, AKA Danny Partridge, pretty much all of the child stars on Different Strokes: Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, and Dana Plato...I think you get the idea. Having given work to countless child stars over the years, it’s not surprising that Disney has made its fair share of contributions to the curse of the child star.  Who’s fallen victim to it? Who’s escaped it, and maybe most importantly of all...what can we do about it?   It’s March 17, 2021. Actor Kurt Russell, a former child star himself turns 70 today. Recently, you may have seen Kurt portraying Ego in Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2. Or possibly starring as the one and only Santa Claus in The Christmas Chronicles. In addition to now being part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Kurt Russell has some deep Disney roots. How deep? Let’s point the time machine to December 1966. Burbank, California, just north of Los Angeles. It’s almost’s also Southern California, so of course it’s sunny and delightful outside. But not everyone is feeling the warm LA vibes. At St. Joseph’s Hospital, Walt Disney is near death. On December 15th, just 10 days after his 65th birthday, he’ll succumb to lung cancer, the end result of a lifelong smoking habit. Jump ahead 4 years, and Disney archivist Dave Smith was tasked with documenting everything in Walt’s office, which had remained virtually untouched since his death. On Walt’s desk was a note he intended for his older brother Roy, quite possibly, though we can’t be certain about this, the last correspondence he ever wrote. And among other things on the note was a name...Kurt Russell. What did that note mean? Well, I can’t answer that definitively, because the only person who really knows the answer is the guy who wrote it...and he’s not around anymore. But here’s what we do know. Walt Disney was a big fan of Kurt Russell. In the winter of ‘66, Kurt was a baby-faced 15 year old. Walt’s studio had just released a movie called “Follow Me, Boys”, about a traveling musician-turned-scoutmaster in Depression-era America, with Kurt in a minor role. Walt always had an eye for young talent, and he knew Kurt was talented. The affection was mutual. Kurt said Walt reminded him of his own grandfather-warm, welcoming, and creative.  Once, Walt gave Kurt career advice; Kurt enjoyed acting, but what he really wanted was to be a professional baseball player. Years later, his dad, actor Bing Russell, even owned the independent minor league Portland Mavericks. Walt said he didn’t think it was a great career path.  Kurt...eventually came to the same conclusion. Follow Me, Boys was Kurt’s first Disney film, but it wouldn’t be his last. In fact, he signed a ten year contract with the studio, and even though the live-action Disney movies of the late 60s and early 70s...well...aren’t exactly cinema classics, Kurt Russell quickly became a household name and had no trouble finding work.  In fact, when you look through his list of credits, hardly a year went by that he didn’t star in something. From Jack Burton in Big Trouble in Little China, to Lieutenant Gabriel Cash in Tango & Cash, to Wyatt Earp in Tombstone, Kurt was a bankable, bona fide movie star. Disney recognized his influence on entertainment by making him a Disney Legend in 1998. And it all started with a wholesome slate of Disney movies and, more importantly, a child star. Kids have always featured heavily in Disney’s particular brand of family-friendly entertainment. That tradition goes all the way back to the late 20s. A young Walt Disney produced a series of shorts called The Alice Comedies. These shorts featured the first appearance of Virginia Davis, portraying the real-life Alice. Davis had a 20 year film career before retiring in the late 1940s, raising a family, and becoming a successful realtor in Southern California. When it comes to child stars....people like Kurt Russell, Shirley Temple and Virginia Davis seem to be the exception, and not the rule. Enter Britney Spears. One of the biggest pop stars of the late 20th and early 21st centuries and in fact, the best selling teenage musician of all time. Last year in 2020, Rolling Stone named “Hit Me Baby One More Time” as the greatest debut single ever.  Yep, ever. Like, in the whole history of music. Like Kurt Russell before her, Britney Spears got her start as a Disney star! In this case, as a Mouseketeer alongside some other folks you’ve probably heard of, Justin Timberlake, Ryan Gosling, Cristina Aguilera, and Keri Russell. Then, by the mid to late 2000s, everything seemed to shift. If Britney Spears got any press, it was about her behavior off the stage. The media labeled her wild, erratic, and an unfit mother. Her ongoing struggles with mental health and addiction were pursued and publicized relentlessly. The same media that praised her as “The next Madonna or Debbie Gibson” now seemed to relish her falling to pieces.  It was during this time that Britney’s estate entered a conservatorship, supervised by her father, an arrangement that controversially continues to this day. One of the most talented and promising child and teen stars of all time is now an almost-forty year old woman who has very little control over her own life and finances. And then, in the “definitely a sad story” department of former child stars, there’s Bobby Driscoll. Bobby was born in Iowa in 1937, but when he was just five years old, his family packed up and moved to Los Angeles. Like Roy Disney a few decades earlier, his father was told the warm climate would ease his respiratory problems, in this case, years of working with asbestos. Bobby’s breakout role came later that year in the MGM drama Lost Angel. The roles came quickly, and by the time he was seven, he was under contract with Disney. His first starring role came in Walt’s first feature film in years, the now notorious and maligned Song of the South. His portrayal of Johnny was so well received that he was getting Oscar buzz for the category of Best Juvenile performance...which evidently used to be a thing. Bobby’s Disney star continued to rise in the 50s, when he starred in Walt’s first ever completely live-action film, an adaptation of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Treasure Island. At the same time, he was giving voice to the absolute embodiment of childhood adventure and whimsy, the one and only Peter Pan. But youth fades quickly, and so does youth stardom. By the time Peter Pan was released in 1953, Bobby was 16 years old. Kind of an iffy time in the life of a child actor. Too old to play kids, not old enough to play adults. His voice was changing, and his face was breaking out so badly that he needed a couple extra layers of makeup anytime he was on screen. It all got to be too much for Disney to cope with. They terminated his contract shortly after the release of Peter Pan, and Bobby Driscoll was officially unemployed. For the first time in more than ten years, Bobby was enrolled in a public high school.  He was bullied relentlessly by his peers. Driscoll turned to drugs, first marijuana, and later heroin. He was arrested for drug possession in 1956, and infamous Hollywood gossip columnist Hedda Hopper predicted it would be the downfall of his career. In an attempt to distance himself from the youthful roles of the past, Bobby began using the screen name “Robert Driscoll”. He found some work in minor TV roles, but nothing like the superstardom he’d known in the early part of the decade.  Hedda Hopper, it turned out, was right. Bobby’s career was over. He continued using drugs, and soon found himself in a combination prison/drug rehab facility. When he was released, he was bitter and resentful for the way he’d been treated his whole life. Bobby moved to New York City and became part of artist Andy Warhol’s circle. He made his final film appearance in a Warhol-produced film called Dirt in 1965. Three years later, two kids playing in an abandoned apartment found his body on a cot, surrounded by beer bottles. While the coroner determined he’d died of heart failure with contributing drug abuse, no one knew who he was. His unclaimed body was buried in an unmarked pauper’s grave.  When his mother went searching for him to reunite him with his terminally ill father, the NYPD finally made a match with his fingerprints on file. His death wasn’t reported publicly until the 25th anniversary re-release of Song of the South in 1971, when reporters learned about his fate while researching the movie’s stars. It’s incredibly sad and ironic that the boy who played Peter Pan...quite literally never got the chance to grow up. So what’s the lesson here? This sounds really saccharine, but my biggest takeaway is kind. Even if they ARE famous, kids need space to be kids.  And we need to be even more mindful of the social and emotional growth that kids need, in an era where you can be famous just by having a popular YouTube channel or TikTok. Famous or not, influencer or not, kids need what we all need. Support, and the knowledge that someone’s in our corner who cares about us, will listen to us, and is on our side. You can accomplish that, right now, with a phone call or a text.That’s a solution we can all be a part of. “I do not miss childhood, but I miss the way I took pleasure in small things, even as greater things crumbled. I could not control the world I was in, could not walk away from things or people or moments that hurt, but I took joy in the things that made me happy.” ― Neil Gaiman, The Ocean at the End of the Lane Theme Park Time Machine is a production of No Midnight Media. This show is written and recorded by me, sound design by Jack Milliken, story edits by the executive producer for No Midnight Media - Christopher J. Beale. Additional narration for this episode was provided by Nikki Drake. All of our work and contact info is at Special thanks to No Midnight cast member Josh Taylor, who also covered this topic on his podcast, Network 1901.

    A Real Life Hook!

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      Meg was once on Disney's Dream Squad, and while that usually meant making dreams come true - one time it almost meant her job! Plus, Jay Sherer faces off with Josh Taylor in a game of Goldblumian and Nic Cagean proportions on Theme Park Pulse: The Game!-To support our work for as little as $1 a month on Patreon - click here!-AUTOMATED TRANSCRIPTION (will contain many, many, many errors) Kory: [00:00:00] welcome to  pulse, the game, the game show for theme park fans. I'm your host Kory in San Francisco, California. And I'll introduce you to the rest of the panel in just a second. Theme Park Pulse: The Game is a fan supported podcast. Meaning this ultimately costs us more money than we make. It's truly a labor of love for everyone you hear on the show and we can really use your support on our Patriot for as little as a dollar a month. You'll get some awesome benefits and you'll help us offset the costs associated with making this show. There's a link down in the show notes. If money is tight and we totally get that, help us out by telling a friend about the show and showing them how to subscribe. Hmm, thanks in advance. In the next half hour, you'll meet a former cast member and part of the Walt Disney world dream squad laid off during the pandemic and our buddy Jay Sherer from the story geek stops by for an unconventional showdown on rollercoaster. Rapid-fire up first. It's the Park's pop culture pop quiz. if you'd like to play theme park pulse the game. Call (213) 935-0513. That's (213) 935-0513. And leave a message. Let's welcome. Our listener contestant on theme park pulse the game from Orlando, Florida. It's Meg Patton. Hey meg. Great to be here. Thank you for joining us! In just a minute. I'm going to test your Park's knowledge with the Park's pop culture pop quiz. But first I'd like to introduce you to our legacy panel,  Albie: [00:01:54] Oh, that's not funny.  Kory: [00:01:56] Up first. Check again from the deck of a star ship that is randomly docked in Sacramento, California, for some reason, it's our scorekeeper Albie up high.  Adam: [00:02:05] Yeah.  Albie: [00:02:05] So I needed fuel some like, Hey, this place looks cool and it's not covered in snow. Let's stop here.  Kory: [00:02:11] And the gas prices are cheaper there than, you know, a lot of nearby cities.  Sean: [00:02:15] Yeah. I  Albie:[00:02:15] don't have to steal it from a. Pirates some space.  Kory: [00:02:19] It's just practical, just a few miles away from Alby there in California's capital city sits the host of Adam's theme park time machine on this channel, and very much in competition for the best beard on this show. It's Adam Vargas. Well, and see we're  Adam: [00:02:32] on zoom, so I'm not wearing a mask so you can see it. And it's newly trimmed. It's good  Kory: [00:02:37] for this next panelist known for her haikus. A poem roses are red. Violets are blue. Nikki loves kitties and podcasting. Oh,  Nikki: [00:02:48] that  Kory: [00:02:48] was wonderful. Co-host of Jack and Nicky weekday mornings on WVA Q in Morgantown, West Virginia. Hey man. Oh,  Nikki: [00:02:56] what's up? Y'all  Kory: [00:02:57] South South West of West Virginia in the suburbs of Greenville. South Carolina is where we find our friend Jack. Calls him Shawny. Shawn, Shawn, Shawn, or daddy. Goth Santa's is used regularly, but his friends just call him Sean.  Sean: [00:03:12] I'm also not wearing a mask, but when I do, you can still see my beard. They just become one after a while.  Kory: [00:03:20] It's true. And finally, he is the host of modern mouse on YouTube and in your podcast feeds. And he's the trivia. God. He wrote that on Tuesday nights for Disney trivia, Tuesday on the theme park pulse, Twitch and Facebook live. It's Josh Taylor in Denver, Colorado. Hey, John Corey, I wrote you a potent too. Adam: [00:03:37] Did you? Yeah. Uh, it  Unknown: [00:03:38] goes like this, uh, roses are red. You just introduced me. I'm here for some games and probably some hazing. Yeah. I.  Sean: [00:03:50] And a genius Kory: [00:03:55] continuing our series. He's on former cast members of the Walt Disney company. Maggie worked on the dream squad, which by the way, sounds super rad. Just get to make people's dreams come true. It's amazing. And you had a bit of a swash buckling interaction. You might say with a guest at up cuts, mouse gear, can you share that story? Meg: [00:04:15] I would say the, you know, the dreams, God was amazing, you know, given out dreams, nicest Cinderella, castle, suite, and Disney vacation club memberships. But when you were not doing all those high profile things, you were just literally wandering the park and. Looking for ways to amuse yourself and others. So I came out from our office and I look over and there's this older grandfather type gentlemen coming out of mouse gear, wearing a child's pirate hat is kind of standing there, you know, arms crossed. I was like, Oh, I have to go talk to this guy. So immediately, very chatty we're talking it up, I'm calling them a pirate, R B from Mayday and you know, he's going back and forth. I was like, Oh, this is great. What fun? I was like, wait, I have, I have a pirate button. I can like officially make this guy a pirate. So I take out the button, I make it this big thing. He's like all excited. And he goes, would you mind pinning it on me? And I was like, Oh, you know, okay. I don't, you know, any, I will never forget this. He like slow motion pulls his arm that had kind of been hidden, which I didn't. Well, he noticed out and on his hand is an honest to goodness, real life hook. So all of a sudden my brain goes, I just called a man to the hook. It  Unknown: [00:05:31] five times  Meg: [00:05:34] I. If going to get fired. I like look at the fellow dream squad member that is with me who thank goodness is the sweetest person on the planet. So I was like, they will believe Jackie that I will not  thank goodness. I have a witness and he like taps the button with his hook. So that like day, sir, I was like, Oh my God. Oh my God. So I immediately go upstairs, write a whole email to my leader like this. I was really trying to make magic. It really blew up in my face. So fast forward the end of the night, if you've ever been at the parks, sometimes we wave and so dreams called. We would do that. And I saw this man coming in a sea of like 30,000 people. I see my pirate. I was like, Oh my gosh, this is it. This is where he's going to call me out from everyone. And about these were this big family and they all yell my name. Everybody literally bought it.  Unknown: [00:06:26] So excited. They're like, he's been  Meg: [00:06:27] jogging about you all night. I'm so glad he got to meet you. He's so proud to be a pirate. So I was like, Oh,  Kory: [00:06:34] ultimately really happy with what you had done.  Adam: [00:06:37] But I was  Meg: [00:06:37] like, this is, I can't believe I called a man with a hook, a pirate.  Kory: [00:06:43] Maggie, you haven't let leaving the Disney company slow you down. You have a next page with mag where you put together a children's literature with related activities for kids. You've also created this thing that I'm fascinated by story hunts. What is story  Meg: [00:06:55] hunts? So I personally have always been a fan of. Trivia, you know, it's just something I naturally liked and there's this great Facebook group called for each other that allows cast members and folks that want to support the impact of cast members, ways to connect. And what are people looking for? And someone said, Hey, we're going to the parks. We know not everything's open. We're looking for like a scavenger hunt type of thing. And I was like, shh. I can't do that. You know, no one tells a story like Disney and there are so many details, teeny tiny ones, a big ones, you know, of course you can walk into agency expedition, Everest, and you know, you're in Asia, but do you also ever look at the prayer flags that are hanging and the dinged up pots and pans that are from the village? So it's, it's that type of stuff that I send people all over the park.  Kory: [00:07:39] I'm looking for. Where can people find your scavenger hunts? Cause that sounds really fun.  Meg: [00:07:42] Yes. People are like, which one's your favorite? I'm like, well, I really try not to make a lame one. I mean, they're all on both Facebook and Instagram as well as Gmail next page with Meg. All right,  Kory: [00:07:56] man. We're going to play the parks, pop culture, pop quiz. I'm going to ask you three questions about some recent news from Park's pop culture. If you get too correct, we'll send you a glow in the dark theme park pulse wristband. You're ready to play. Oh, yeah, let's do it. Here we go. Question one. It was once the rainforest cafe. Now it's Disneyland's first store outside the park dedicated to what space centric franchise,  Meg: [00:08:23] a desktop. Kory: [00:08:27] Oh, you can no longer get a burger under a drippy elephant. You can take home a grow goo of your very own. In my mind, I'm like. Can we do both room for all. How about a drippy Grogan? Can we get that? Sean: [00:08:43] Eat the crumbs  Unknown: [00:08:44] out of that little baby's mouth. Kory: [00:08:50] Okay. Mag question two. It was announced recently that Disneyland is considering a dedicated entrance gate for what,  Meg: [00:08:58] uh, annual pass  Unknown: [00:08:59] holders.  Kory: [00:09:01] That's right. An idea. And it's one that has already been implemented widely at Walt Disney world in Florida. But it makes me wonder before you give pass holders, their own entrance. Wouldn't you want to consider actually like having pass holders?  Unknown: [00:09:17] I don't know for us legacies.  Kory: [00:09:19] You have your own line to go buy a one day one park ticket. All right, Meg, last question. As part of the upcoming 18 month celebration of Walt Disney world's 50th anniversary, which spherical park icon is getting some lighting upgrades. Unknown: [00:09:34] I believe it is  Meg: [00:09:34] spaceship earth.  Kory: [00:09:37] That's right. It was also announced that those lighting upgrades will be permanent Disney. It's calling the 50th, the world's most magical celebration. It's rumored that Imagineers are already working on plans for the 60th anniversary of the resort, which they plan to call the world's more, most magical or celebration Topia. Adam: [00:09:56] They really need you on  Kory: [00:09:57] payroll. They do. I'll be headed back, do on the Park's pop culture, pop quiz. As the legendary  Adam: [00:10:02] RuPaul says,  Unknown: [00:10:03] you're a winner, baby. Kory: [00:10:08] I wondered if lb could make this show a little bit Geyer and he did. Thank you, Alby. Congratulations, Maggie. Will you stick around and play some more games later in the show? Up next. We meet our guest Jay Scherer and put him to the test against a member of our panel and a game of gold blue Meehan and Nick KGN proportions. See what I mean? Next on theme park pulse, the game. Welcome back to theme park, post the game. Our guests this week is a long time friend of the no midnight media family of podcasts. He's an author and is a part of the story geeks podcast and YouTube channel in Southern California. It's our pal, Jay Shearer. Welcome Jay. Hey,  Jay Sherer: [00:10:55] it is a pleasure to be here. It's like in pandemic days. I'm just  Kory: [00:10:58] glad I get to hang out with you guys. It does feel like hangs, not quite the same as the hangs we're used to, but almost how are you and your wife passing the time they're in. So Cal without Disneyland to run off.  Jay Sherer: [00:11:10] Oh, it is such a bummer. I will tell you, we do get down to downtown Disney when it, when it's open and we'll have, you know, a meal and try to get some ice cream and salt and straw, which is amazing. But yeah, a lot of times, I mean, we're just like watching TV, doing podcasts, working remotely, staying at home.  Kory: [00:11:27] You do what you can, in addition to being a super talented podcaster, definitely checkout story geeks. You're also an author and that you co-wrote an audio book called death of a bounty Hunter. That's getting a lot of attention. Tell us about that. What's death.  Jay Sherer: [00:11:42] Death of a bunny owner is my favorite thing that I have actually ever written. And one of the things that made it, my favorite thing is it exists as a novel. But we wrote it to be a full cast audio book. So we know we didn't have the budget to film a movie. And so what we did was we said, look, we can actually write this as a full cast audio book use all of our friends who are in the acting community and do this. And so we have three different narrators who were recording from the first person, but we have a total of 11 voice actors voicing 14 different characters. It's like a supernatural steam punk Western. So if you're into that kind of thing, it's a genre mashup, and it's a story about a Korean bounty Hunter who kind of, has to come face to face with the widow. Of a guy that he killed. And so it's a very intense, but very fun story. And you guys can check it out death of  Adam: [00:12:33] a bunny, Can I just say quickly as an avid audio book listener, I wish more audio books would do that. I get so sick of hearing the same white dude doing voices. Bravo, man. Good job,  Kory: [00:12:47] Jay. What is the story? Geeks podcast.  Jay Sherer: [00:12:50] We're all about storytelling. And so the art of storytelling is really important to us. So Kayla Monroe, who is a screenwriter, he wrote the Mongolian connection. And I, uh, and sometimes occasional guests will talk about the philosophy of storytelling and what goes on, um, when you're writing our story or telling a story. And then we also have a whole team of people who just like to geek out about geek stories, science fiction, fantasy comic book stories. And so that's kind of a big mashup of all the things that we do together. And I think almost everybody here has been on that  Adam: [00:13:22] show. Right?  Jay Sherer: [00:13:23] Almost everybody here has been on that show at one point in time or  Kory: [00:13:25] another analyst, Josh Taylor have hosted a podcast dedicated to the personalities and work of two great American actors. You've got one. You've already done one that's coming up. The first one was on Jeff Goldbloom. And the upcoming one is about Nick cage. Why those two actors and later why work with Josh Taylor? I'm just kidding.  Adam: [00:13:49] It's fair. Actually. I want to do  Jay Sherer: [00:13:51] those podcasts because I get to work with Josh Taylor, who I think is super fun to work with. He's the best. Basically Josh came to me and it was like, I love Jeff Goldbloom and I think you're going to fall in love with Jeff Goldblum. I was like, all right, let's see. And then of course you do because he's Jeff Goldbloom. We had a blast on that podcast. That was a fun one. That was good. I think we just said to ourselves, like we chose one huge nineties celebrity. Who else was big in the nineties. Oh, Hey, that guy, Nick cage big. Let's go after  Kory: [00:14:17] him. Scope living still out there somewhere. Josh  Sean: [00:14:20] Taylor. Yeah. You can still listen to global blooming currently  Unknown: [00:14:24] at the. Network 1901 or modern mouse website.  Kory: [00:14:27] After all that work, you should be an expert on both of those men by now, but so HSA Josh Taylor. So this time on theme park, post the game, we are pitting you against each other. It's rollercoaster. Rapid-fire the Goldbloom cage Taylor Scherer showdown, Adam.  Adam: [00:14:46] All right. I'll admit, I don't think Nicholas cage and Jeff Goldbloom have that much to do with theme parks, but you know what? You guys love those guys. And we like to have fun. It's  Kory: [00:14:55] technicality. They like parks and they like these guys. Adam: [00:14:58] It's two degrees of separation. I guys, we played rollercoaster. Rapid-fire, uh, quite a few times here on theme park, host the game, but just a quick refresher on how this works. I am going to ask you five questions with a number. That is incorrect. All you have to do is tell me, is the correct number higher or lower for no other reason than the fact that Josh is before Jay on my screen, Josh is going to go first. And Jeff Goldbloom is going to be the first set of questions. No roller coaster rep fire, the marvelous Jeff Goldblum. Here we get the number of Portlandia episodes that Jeff Goldbloom stars in six.  Sean: [00:15:41] Oh, uh, uh, lower  Adam: [00:15:48] eight. My favorite roles include the doily salesman and the karaoke coach. Everybody needs to watch Jeff Goldbloom on Portlandia. Kory: [00:15:55] I think he's great. As the pullout King,  Adam: [00:15:57] he is very good as a pullout thing as well. Appearances in best picture, Oscar nominees, three lower. For Annie hall, the big chill, the right stuff. And the grand Budapest hotel. I don't know anything  Sean: [00:16:16] about Adam: [00:16:19] the number of times. Ian Malcolm says the word chaos or chaotic in Jurassic park nine. I'm  Sean: [00:16:28] going to go lower,  Adam: [00:16:30] correct. Six times. The word is said seven times in the movie once by Dr. Sattler and the other six by Dr. Malcolm Jeff gold blooms, Instagram followers, 1.5 million. Let me go higher 1 million, which honestly, that, that is criminally underrated. Yeah, man  Sean: [00:16:54] fashion icon that is still too low for our Lord and savior  Adam: [00:16:59] fifth and final question. The year he appeared on Saturday night live as Dr. Kent Waller opposite will Farrell as Harry Carey, 1999. Slower. 1997. And I only have one question for you. Hey, eat the moon. If it was made of ribs,  Kory: [00:17:22] I'll be, how many did he get?  Unknown: [00:17:24] He got three, right? So I guess he kind of does know  Adam: [00:17:26] Jeff Goldbloom ish. He recovered. Nice. All right. J three is the number to beat. And I'm nervous about this guys. Nicolas cage. Joshua  Jay Sherer: [00:17:35] was the one that did all the history stuff for this. Kory: [00:17:39] I'm trying  Adam: [00:17:40] to be interesting.  Kory: [00:17:41] Oh, is this big trouble? I guess  Jay Sherer: [00:17:42] let's see what I can do.  Adam: [00:17:45] Number of IMD B after credits 90. Oh,  Unknown: [00:17:50] higher.  Adam: [00:17:53] 102. I don't have a joke for that. That's a lot of movies, the rotten tomatoes approval rating for the Wicker man, 20% lower 15%. They're probably just all people who really, really liked. B's  Kory: [00:18:14] Josh, how are you feeling right now? I'm  Adam: [00:18:16] just really  Sean: [00:18:17] excited that we're talking  Unknown: [00:18:18] about  Jay Sherer: [00:18:19] Nick cage and  Adam: [00:18:19] Jeff Hogan movies in which he's credited by his birth name, Nicolas Coppola for if  Jay Sherer: [00:18:28] you would've asked me what his birth name was, I would not have known  Kory: [00:18:31] it. I'm going to say lower. Adam: [00:18:36] Yeah. Nicolas Coppola is for folks who don't know is the nephew of Francis Ford Coppola. He was credited by his birth name and two movies, a TV movie in the early eighties and fast times at Ridgemont high, where he's the pizza delivery guy amount of time that he was married to Lisa Marie Presley 100 days  Jay Sherer: [00:18:56] a minute, say higher, Adam: [00:19:01] just barely 107 days, which means of course he has something in common with Michael Jackson. One of the only people weirder than Nicholas cage. Ah, we got to do that. Jackson podcast, Jay Sherry, you're going for the clean sweep on Nicholas cage, the amount of money he spent on a T-Rex skull, $250,000.  Kory: [00:19:25] I don't even care what the answer is. Oh,  Jay Sherer: [00:19:28] I'm going to say that it's  Adam: [00:19:29] higher than that. Unknown: [00:19:34] Perfect  Adam: [00:19:35] score in rollercoaster, rapid fire. $270,000. He returned it when he found out it was stolen. Now maybe I'm a cynical guy, but if somebody said you'll want to buy this T-Rex skull, I would just assume that he didn't get it legitimately. What's the legitimate  Sean: [00:19:52] way to  Adam: [00:19:52] get it. See Rex  Sean: [00:19:53] skull, then  Kory: [00:19:55] Jeff Goldbloom would have, uh, found a way one roller coaster, rapid fire this  Adam: [00:20:01] time. I mean, see, I'm obsessed  Unknown: [00:20:03] with Cardi B and obviously. BJ's obsessed with Nick cage. So Jay won. Congratulations.  Kory: [00:20:09] I don't know what  Jay Sherer: [00:20:09] it says about me,  Kory: [00:20:12] Jay, will you hang out on the panel for a bit and play the eighth to work with us at the end of the show? Sure. Up next on the podcast, you see, Nikki will read haiku's exactly. Three. If Meg can guests two out of three, she might just be the champion of our next game by Nikki. I know. Oh my God. Thankfully, Nikki is a way more effective poet than I am happy. Hi, cruise is next on theme park pulse. welcome back to theme park, post the game. If you'd like to be a contestant call (213) 935-0513 and leave a message or you can email Nikki in IKK I at noon, midnight Let's welcome back to the show from Orlando, Florida. It's Meg Patton. Welcome back. Thank you, Meg, we've invited you back to play a game of silly lines and crispy rhymes. Yes. I made that up. It's a game Nikki invented. It's called happy haikus. Nikki  Nikki: [00:21:17] Meg, you create scavenger hunts for families at Walt Disney world and the resorts and beyond. So I thought I would create a little puzzle for you to solve, but we're going with Disney land rides.  Kory: [00:21:32] Just out of sheer cruelty. Really? I'm sorry. Tricky. Tricky.  Unknown: [00:21:38] I  Nikki: [00:21:38] have created three haikus for you. You need to guess two out of three, correct? Two wins. So keep those Disneyland rides in mind. All right. Haikus number one, who even are you eat? Drink grow shrink heads will roll a tumbling down. We go.  Meg: [00:21:58] I feel like that. I forget what it's called. Alice in Wonderland.  Nikki: [00:22:04] There you go. All right. This one might be a little bit tougher. Hey, number two. What a waste of pies? I hope you have insurance look out for that  Unknown: [00:22:17] train.  Meg: [00:22:20] Mr. Toad's wild ride  Nikki: [00:22:24] pass. He needs one  Meg: [00:22:25] insurance.  Adam: [00:22:27] Didn't that watch out for that train thing. Was that like a, what were you like doing a little Georgia? The jungle tie-in thing. That's what my mind went  Sean: [00:22:33] to.  Nikki: [00:22:34] Oh yeah. I didn't even think  Kory: [00:22:36] of that. I'm actually just surprised you didn't find a way to Ryman goes to hell in there somewhere because I mean, that's a real, real thing. You've got to give the devil his due. It's an important plot point,  Unknown: [00:22:47] right?  Sean: [00:22:48] Crispy rhymes,  Meg: [00:22:50] haiku, number three,  Nikki: [00:22:52] a code adventure, stop and play some basketball. Harold waits for  Kory: [00:22:57] you. Oh, this one's tricky. Matter what?  Unknown: [00:23:00] Yeah,  Kory: [00:23:04] that was very insightful. Basketball, I guess she would say I'll be, how did Meg do on happy haikus, our special  Unknown: [00:23:12] guest three questions. You're a winner. Kory: [00:23:20] close enough. We'll wrap up the show with park guests behaving badly. The eighth dwarf is next on the game. Hey, it's Corey real quick while I have you at the park post, the game is a completely fan supported podcast. And well, last year we almost broke even, but because of the pandemic and the economic downturn, we've seen a lot of our financial support dry up. If you've been thinking about supporting our work now would be a really great time to join us on Patrion. Just search for a midnight. And join for as little as a dollar a month. You'll pick up multiple cool bonus episodes every week and get early access to all of our shows with no ads like this one. There's a link down in the description of this podcast. Take a look at that. Join us on Patrion. If you can, either way. Thank you so much for listening now back to the show. before we wrap up the show this week, we're going to play another round of the eighth dwarf play along at home or on social media using the hashtag eighth dwarf, Sean, take it away.  Sean: [00:24:35] All right. So we all know the seven doors they're designed to represent specific behaviors, personality traits. And at some point during any Disney trip, we're likely to see or be sleepy, dopey, happy, or. While 2020 keeps casting its shadow over 2021 grumpy, but every now and then we witnessed people in the parks. So we just can't categorize as one of the seven dwarfs. Their behavior is so outrageous that we fit these people into their own category that we call. The eighth dwarf. All right. We're all avid Disney fans park goers. Or we were back in the house the on days of 2019, you know, back in the before times. And we're all guilty, a little bit. Some of us made more than others of being that friend. You know, the one that, the note, all that is more than happy to offer tons of unsolicited advice. The minute you hear someone say the word Disney, most of us. Meanwhile, but then there are folks like Alex, no matter what Alex, who is single with no kids mind, you knows what's best for you on your trip with your family. It doesn't matter that your family five who is bringing along grandma and grandpa, which was not an uncommon occurrence before 2020, Alex has yet. Do it counter a trip that he can't micromanage all the help. He will gladly make all of your decisions for you. Context, be damned. He has a foolproof, one size fits all plan that you need to know. And clearly, if you don't listen to Alex, you are the stubborn one. Corey, what do we call Alex?  Kory: [00:26:08] Daddy  Sean: [00:26:11] buffoon. He,  Nikki: [00:26:14] you said he's single, right? Yeah, Unknown: [00:26:21] this is Len Testa from ah,  Adam: [00:26:28] E type a,  Kory: [00:26:33] I  Jay Sherer: [00:26:33] literally do not have a better answer than  Kory: [00:26:37] shots. Also. We have two Lin testers. That's the first  Sean: [00:26:44] and Meg.  Kory: [00:26:47] I see,  Sean: [00:26:49] I think Papa's he takes it. That's got a good flow. Good. All right. Next up, we have Danny with an eye. Let me start this whole thing by saying I'm old ish and I'm aware of this, but I don't reflectively hate all young people. For example, I think I do a wonderful job of tolerating, Jackie, Jack, Jack, and all of his shenanigans jokes aside. I do try to do my best to remember that I was in my twenties once and well, it's kind of a Rite of passage. You dumb manned or short-sighted things in your twenties. Oh, but Danny, she goes just a little bit too far, or at least Danny goes too far when she's on trips, surrounded by five of her friends, flash photography on pirates, reciting the script in the haunted mansion, singing loudly and poorly on carousel of progress, saving quote unquote spots in line for all of their new friends in the space, mountain queue, perhaps the most egregious. Practically stampeding over a young girl, dressed like bell so they can record themselves with guest on for their followers. Quote, unquote, I'll admit to being too old to get tick tock, but I sort of feel like it's not old fashioned to suggest that people not run over children. Unless, of course you are guest on, and then it's pretty much on brand. But come on, Danny. Corey, what is Danny's eighth dwarf name? This  Kory: [00:28:15] is why we can't have nice things. He  Sean: [00:28:19] Al be exasperated.  Unknown: [00:28:23] Look at me. Sean: [00:28:29] I feel like that he would just go on.  Unknown: [00:28:32] Josh, this would be entitled influencers, David Dilbert in his blog squad, Sean: [00:28:41] Adam  Adam: [00:28:42] hashtag the worst.  Jay Sherer: [00:28:46] Mine's kind of similar to Nikki's, but it's selfie E Sean: [00:28:53] and Meg  Meg: [00:28:54] non influencing  Kory: [00:28:58] non-influenza  Meg: [00:29:00] fluid.  Sean: [00:29:02] I think we're going to go with selfie, Jay. Well done. The extended E's really sell that one. I  Kory: [00:29:07] think Jay and Meg, thank you so much for joining us this week on theme park,  Jay Sherer: [00:29:11] post the game. It was great to be here and I'm a little bit ashamed of how well I did it in the cage Adam: [00:29:19] theme park pulse, the game was created, written and produced by the panelists you heard on the show today, Corey, Allie, Nicki,  Kory: [00:29:25] Adam, Sean. And, uh, we'd like to thank our special guests, Jay shear of the story geeks and our contestant former cast member, Meg Patton in  Nikki: [00:29:33] Orlando. An all new episode of the doom. Scroll drops tomorrow on our Patrion. That show is weekly and at all tiers plus  Sean: [00:29:40] assemble each Tuesday where right now we're doing a deep dive into one division. Check out the link in the description and support our work for as little as $1 a month. And you'll get that as well as other cool bonuses. We'd also love to see you for a trivia Tuesdays  Unknown: [00:29:53] on the theme park, pulse Twitch and Facebook live that's 5:00 PM. Uh, West 8:00 PM Eastern every Tuesday night. The single most important thing that you can do to help us out is share the part, cost the game with all your lovely  Kory: [00:30:08] friends. This is a fact from our family to yours, wear a mask, or is it three now, wash your hands. Keep your eyes on the road. Call your mother and join us next time for an all new theme park pulse the game

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