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It's TMR 2.0, Eric Chase, Floyd and more friends on Q105's The Morning Reboot, weekday mornings from 545a-10am LIVE in Toledo.

Eric Chase

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    Doing The Divisive Topic Finally

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 54:14

    I mean it! I cannot think of a more divisive topic, and I figured as current events swirl, it's time to broach the subject with our thoughts. Before it though... I received a very strange package yesterday at my home.  To me the Oxford tragedy became even more painful and unimaginable.  After THE A topic, is this the greatest era of paleontology ever? A potential basketball megastar is right here in Toledo. On Laskey. Candle stars are here, but they're hardly known? My Cyber Monday 'failure' showed up!

    A Big Wolverine Fan Visits

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 86:50

    My good friend Mary Bilyeu, Food Empress from the Blade, has returned for her monthly visit.  Lots to get to... Comfortable at work climates. Is Thanksgiving Mary's SUPER BOWL? Actually, no. Recipes being handed down within families.  Mary's origin story.  Lots and lots of word, grammar and language elitism from us.  She's a VERY happy Wolverine fan. 

    Bah Humbug!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 49:17

    Perhaps you've been saying that because of sporadic episodes lately. One, my apologies - our schedule will be a bit erratic till 1/2022 - and two, Scrooge from A Christmas Carol, Paul Causman, joins today! MORE SHOW INFO HERE!  Before we visit with Paul about the LIVE return of this year's performances... Local Vax 2 School winners.  A store that should be in your rotation is getting a second location.  4500 teddy bears. Protesting UT parking issues. A podcast I enjoyed that tells me Toledo's ideas to correct some issues ARE the right ones. Will they work? Hard for anyone, anywhere to say now. 

    Scourge Of Shootings + Murder

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 49:46

    Before that grim discourse though... Text your prediction for the OSU/UM game to win NYE at the Heights! The remaining people who didn't know about Urban Dictionary have found it. Some Toledo kids aren't having Thanksgiving with their families :( The gathering tonight. City council offered thoughts about the wave of murders and violence we've seen recently. 

    Bad News Maumee

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 39:14

    I've been boosted.  That road diet in Maumee will be PERMANENT. Let's talk about the Adele album. A massive Joker rumor, which took us into more things to watch. Like King Richard, Wheel Of Time and women led shows. 

    Feisty Effing Friday

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 53:21

    After going to bed a little despondent last night, I was ON one this morning and it did linger into the podcast with Bethany! Her daughter may need a totally different box to check to identify herself. TPS is off all of next week. Bethany is headed to a therapist, so let me share what upset last night. Baptisms and Bris's...or however that's spelled. Nerd stuff to finish out. Star Trek, Scarlett, Spidermen. 

    A Guest Asked Back On!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 26:41

    A tangent, like a former friend and partner of mine was so stellar at, to start the show. It's too early to say the violence interrupters aren't working out because some have left. I didn't tip at lunch at Hola's today. It's a new Cuban spot. Tomorrow the Guardians debut. A holiday to do list.  ANOTHER new Metropark.  The physical flaw that eats at Tom Holland. Sabriyah Davis who created Destination Pic asked to return. Her venture leveled up in a big way. And the picnics WILL continue into the cold months. Perhaps even with engagements!

    Let‘s Talk Taylor

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 46:12

    I was sorta having a thing. No, I will not talk to you but I immensely appreciate the offer. Is Taylor Swift responsible? I had NO idea billboards were such blight. The latest murder was a 3 minute walk from me. 

    Another Return To Studio Visitor

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 42:13

    Thank you, veterans. UT took out frustration on BG.  Wolverine fans are finally figuring it out. Stole Status. We have a hot new sister (city), and Maker's Mart. This guy is such a clown! Don't take getting pressured about children too harshly. 

    No More Kids Menus!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 31:17

    Food Empress from the Blade, and my friend, Mary Bilyeu returns...with a harsh stance against kid's menus.  Before that, brunch in the 419. Looking at you Basil. Mary is not pleased with anyone putting raisins in mac and cheese. Seems fine to me. Vote for Mary for Best Of in the City Paper.  Tailgating the food that we enjoy during it. 

    Dynamic New Resident To Toledo

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 52:10

    Stuart James' (the new director of the Ability Center) visit to the podcast was all I'd hoped and even more.  Inspiring, a nothing-will-stop-me mentality, and advocacy.  I did not expect a small Backstreet Boy, nor a large Stan Lee(!!!!) anecdote, but Stuart is well traveled, and well experienced, and extremely successful.  I'm so glad he convinced his wife they could make Toledo work, so Stuart could continue the Ability Center's work of making this the most accessible city in the country. If you think you have something holding you back, Stuart, who has osteogenesis imperfecta, and his story may inspire you to think otherwise. 

    Shorty And Spoilery

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 28:39

    The awful things at Astroworld. Eternals review and S P O I L E R S including the one that leaked several weeks ago. The Harder They Fall. More city murders. 

    Jaden Jefferson Returns

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 47:02

    The second biggest Dunkin' fan in Toledo has returned for an IN STUDIO podcast visit. Reporters across the country he's befriended. And one in particular he admires. His favorite stories to cover. The story that's been most challenging. One question for the former President, and one for the current. And what a normal day is like for the wunderkind turned superstar reporter and journalist.

    A New, More Accurate Diagnosis

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 24:27

    Yea, so no more bipolar II. First... OVI checkpoints conflict me.  Continuing Alex's thought from the other day of controversial foods. If there was EVER a year to do this, it's NOW. It's not Diddy's legs. We did all that Summit Street stuff for 16 spots on a list. It's dysthymia, dummy!

    A Life Saver Of Mine Died

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 43:07

    Today's guest is Sgt. Lourdes Rocha from TPD. There's an academy in class now, but in about one month there is testing for next June's class. She has A LOT of info for what is a very challenging, but high paying job. A patrolperson right out of the academy is in the low 50s. Benefits day one.  Before that... It's the day after Election Day, and did Wade buy Carty UT tickets for life? Paul Wall wound up in a Toledo social post. Adele's track listing. A new late night place to eat - that isn't greasy fast food.  The father of cognitive behavioral therapy died on Monday. To quote...someone...'that shit saved my life.

    Apologies For The Pessimism

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2021 59:11

    Just a few topics today but long discissions. Oh sh&t someone cyber attacked the library. I may be overly pessimistic about supply chains, inflation and job hopping. Ohhhhhh, TARTA. The more Dr. Dre songs I hear, the more I think there's going to be real outrage in January before the Super Bowl. Toledo's Jared Anderson will fight at Madison Square Garden.

    Real Time Best Of Toledo Reaction

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 45:25

    I may have only goofy pics of Alex on my phone, but she's knows something I don't.  One last candy corn conversation and then we're done till next Halloween. Promise. What's Christmas season's controversial food? Tomorrow is Election Day, and the very civically engaged Alex has little to vote for in Wood County. Trick Or Treat 2021. That neighborhood balloon was NOT to signify the end of the street paving project. Boba Fett, Dune, Squid Game. 

    Alex Wins 20 Under 40

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 42:39

    Our girl IS one of the best under 40 people in our community. Now...give us your acceptance speech! A raccoon was in Bethany's house. Trunk or treat overload. Bethany and her husband never seem to fight.

    Two 80s Topics

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 15:13

    I grew up then, but never liked that decade much. For lots of viable reasons. Before those topics, Diddy update, thank you Manhattans, North Towne development, and a microcosm of the never ending pandemic.  I'm solo and quick today. Enjoy!

    Dan Ortiz + Mac Driscoll

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 33:47

    An at large council candidate and a 'friend of the campaigns,' return to talk about Election Day in Toledo next Tuesday.  How did this team of 6 come together? What they learned knocking on all those doors. Spending those rescue plan millions. And more... GO. VOTE. You can do that now if you want!  

    Redoing Monday

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2021 53:56

    Alex and I did the podcast yesterday. Someone (me) forgot to record it. So... It's good you weren't at John Legend. A nice addition to Oregon schools. My friend, and our station engineer joins Alex and I to try and decode Dune. Spoilers. Lots of them. Alex has some professional news to share.  It's a Tuesday, so it's 50/50 we have Janet Amid on. 

    TMA‘s Rhonda Sewell

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 49:35

    I wanted to track someone down from TMA to talk about HOW they secured John Legend for a performance in the Great Gallery. I'd been wanting to visit with Rhonda because we have so many community friends in common.  This episode is 100 out of 10. PLEASE enjoy, and PLEASE consider helping Rhonda, as President elect of the Arts Commission, hit her fundraising goal. 

    IG Food Porn!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 68:34

    Food editor from the Blade Mary Bilyeu is back! She had her first visit to Odd Fodder.  Also in my chat with Mary, Friday's isn't bad, candy corn pudding, Banza rice, Rosie the puppy, too many good places to eat, and restaurant work and wages. Before my visit with Mary some local people to highlight, then the first time I've ever brought up a meme with a therapist, and for the last time I'll try to convince you spring and summer are the superior seasons. 

    Disabilities Discussion

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 60:47

    I had to bail on my visit to TMA to see my friend Katie Shelley, but I was able to grab her for a podcast visit. She's going to prep me for Friday's interview with TMA's Rhonda Sewell. Katie talks about her newly developed role at TMA, and her visions for its greater accessibility. Petunia the service dog...and butter lover! How to be more thoughtful with your words and behavior in your interactions with people with disabilities or impairments.  And Katie prodding me to do Squid Game already.

    3 Guests!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 42:54

    Chelsea Palmer from DPI (downtown Perrysburg) is on to talk about their upcoming Halloween event on October 30th.  Amy Mohr from the Imagination Station is on to share lots of fun things for us adults to do - including a night market in November! Lastly, it's WTOL's Melissa Andrews with an 'unofficial' podcast visit to talk about Friday night's Justice for Sierah evening at its new location on the UT campus  

    Closing 475W

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 38:13

    Would you rather deal or congestion? Because... 475 west will be closed all weekend.  Doing and not doing some adult things. Warranties, Epipens, taxiing your mom's man around... The Batman trailer break down. Adele left us Easter eggs. Viral hot Toledo dad has opened a men's store at Fallen Timbers. I saw my old living room downtown in a restaurant announcement Facebook post on Friday night. 

    Why Homelessness Matters

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 74:35

    Another fantastic human in our community visits today. Rachel Gagnon, the Executive Director of the Toledo Lucas County Homelessness Board, visits to add some context and backstory to of homelessness. You may have seen the recent story about Warren Commons near the OWE being approved. She will speak on that as well.  It took me too long to track her down for a podcast visit, but it was absolutely worth the wait. Also, Adele has arrived. Lansing schools shut down Halloween costumes and valentine's. Grand Rapids confusion, a quarterback graveyard, cornhole in college. Bethany's visit to the Applebutter Festival.  Who are those people on the mural!? Last last things on Chappelle. 

    The UK is Ready For Adele

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 49:13

    WHO is Gary Clark Jr. and why should we have started the show with Lil Nas X? Halloween in the UK is nothing like it is here. For that matter, neither is fall. Have any insight on home warranties? Jonathan Kent, Robert BATtison, and all things Adele for her new single. How Toledo will spend its $180m. Final Chappelle thoughts. 

    Hens Recap, Walleye Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 37:50

    Hens and Walleye broadcaster Matt Melzak returns after a successful, but maybe bittersweet Hens season, and right before the Walleye play their first game at the Huntington Center  in about 19 months. 

    Call Them...Outer Space Beings!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 33:36

    Mayor Wade is ready to spend $40m on the right things, but WAIT... I actually sought out a French Revolution rabbit hole. I'll explain. Demi says don't call them aliens. As odd as it sounds, I hear her! Now former NFL coach Jon Gruden has been saying hateful shit in emails for a very long time. He seemingly does hate everyone that doesn't look like him.  Some (more) hiring advice.  Janet is on for a couple quick readings and some good cosmic news!  

    Personal Decisions

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 29:38

    After mid 80s apple picking, sharing more of my temperature theory.  Adopt a dog, or at least take them on a day trip. A surprise arrival at Franklin Park mall. An unlikely Facebook connection.  Cillian and Timothee, oh my! Not everyone (over)shares as I/we do, but help us understand personal decisions.  One of the best dishes in the area. 

    Madi‘s First Birthday!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 33:08

    How would you like to foster a puppy? Is your place haunted? Bethany is preparing for Madi's first birthday party tomorrow. I was not invited. Let's talk about OTHER podcasts.  Happy Applebutter Fest weekend. Some TSA housekeeping. Some of the Adele UK Vogue interview. Meghan Trainor has side by side toilets

    Tracee Perryman Joins

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 29:17

    Tracee is a decorated mental health expert and is the CEO of the Center of Hope Leadership. She's got impeccable insight about mental health in communities color, as well as kids. I think you'll enjoy our chat Before Tracee... Something else to remind us that the explosion of crime isn't just here. TPS v. CRT (or what some think it is). Two local beverage spots team up for pumpkin spice latte ale. The pizza champion is here? That's an audacious claim. A familiar voice returns to the Huntington Center.   

    John Legend Coming To Toledo

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 45:58

    John Legend is coming to TMA! Laura Kuhlenbeck from Courageous Community Services is back to 1. share what they do 2. to give you a chance to win your way to the totally booked up Cannaley Treehouse Village at Oak Openings.  Next up is ghost behaviorist returns to preview his his event at Maumee Bay Brewing on Halloween eve. Chris is also writing a book and is looking for you to share haunted places in Toledo. 

    Adele Returns

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 45:58

    Lots of guests coming up later this week. Facebook going down was ______________________. This is reallllly expensive for a taco. Adele gave us a teaser of her new single, and Alex is a BIG fan. Urban Meyer is a loathsome human. More on the Ken Leslie situation.

    Call Off Culture Is Rampant

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 63:34

    Throwback concert tix on the radio show this week. Alex on getting her wedding venue. Saturday was an eventful day. Help! I'm about to enter Wayfairageddon. Call off culture. SPOILERS Midnight Mass discussion. Facebook is down and I'm thinking conspiratorially! What is the Ken Leslie story?

    Let There Be Carnage

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 36:23

    Yes, I went to see that movie last night, but that's a reference to something else. Happy fall...y'all.  A crate has been purchased for N'dre. Thoughts on the super Super Bowl halftime performers. Alex got her wedding venue! The theater made me want to leave. It's Apple Butter Festival weekend. 

    Celeb Wait Night w/The Victory Center

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 38:36

    Me. I'm the celeb. Thankfully, there will be bigger celebs for this great event at The Premiere on October 19th. I hope you can make it out. And thank you to the VC's Kimberly Newman for returning to talk it up, and answer our questions about her past jobs at WTOL and NBC 24. Also...I have a favorite new local ice cream place. And I'd never even heard of it till this story.  I'm going to ruin one of your favorite songs. Art is SO subjective. 

    The Blade‘s Kaitlin Durbin

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 54:06

    We've got a bit of an echo issue in today's episode, but I think you'll be able to manage through it and enjoy our visit with Kaitlin Durbin. She did fantastic work in her series called Under Fire. Kaitlin took a microscope to the neighborhoods most afflicted by the all the gun violence.  She also has some news about last summer's true crime Toledo podcast of hers called Code 18. She'll be releasing new content later this week.  We wish Kaitlin luck as she moves on to cover county government for Take note, we're losing another fine journalist. This is bad. Don't hold her love of mushrooms over her. Leave that to me. Also, I had a mental health/alcohol assessment this morning as I search for a new therapist. Alex will need therapy if she can't lock down the Glass City Metropark's pavilion for her wedding on Friday. 10.1.22 looms. 

    Side Effects

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 63:29

    Alex is headed for a COVID test. A local woman may have suffered some very severe side effects from a J+J vaccine.  These keep popping up local without any fanfare. Sex Life season 2, Goliath, Midnight Mass, Squid Game. NO SPOILERS. Some love to the Ability Center! Dress your dogs up for me this weekend.  Snooping on Britney.   

    Controversial Fall Food Question

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 43:59

    It is NOT another candy corn love letter A quick review of Phillipe's birthday party at Beirut last night. Vaxxascholarship doesn't have the same ring to it.  Who wants to drive a school bus. Defend your a&^%e allegiance! Madi's first birthday is coming up. COVID and kids, and kind of a back door, invisible mandate to get vaxxed. 

    Mary NOTBILLOFFARE Bilyeu Returns

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 31:40

    Few people know food in the area like Mary Bilyeu from the Blade! Have you noticed how rainy it's been? YIKES. Mary's soon to be ex colleague Kaitlin Durbin had an incredible trilogy about the city's gun violence plague.  Mary is a lot of things, but she is NOT Bill Of Fare in the Blade. What to do with trolls. Food updates! Little Asia, Kengo, fall recipes (food and drink!)  

    Visiting The BrightSpot Podcast

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2021 49:33

    Four years ago some lady showed up in my Twitter DMs very displeased that The Morning Rush got displaced. She was, and still is, Dr. Andrea Mata. She helped me find a path and voice to being a positive mental health advocate. I was delighted that she invited me on her podcast so I could share my story with her audience. Most of today's content is that podcast visit of mine. But first... Kudos to Kaitlin Durbin at the Blade for her work on the series she did about our epidemic in a pandemic. Crime and murder. Then, about your hours and earnings. 


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 50:36

    Phillipe dropped by for a surprise visit yesterday. So for the first time, in a long time, he's IN Toledo to record wit Alex and I. Surprising his family. They didn't  know either. How much did travel cost? And what about COVID protocols. Bike lanes. Phillipe has good insight on this because London is very bike friendly. His nights out since he's been home. What he remembers anyway. Emmy thoughts!

    Dog issues!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 17, 2021 31:46

    Bethany and I both have dog issues. Though hers is with a baby and dog food! But really you're here for my friend Megan from AFSP. We would like to invite you the Out Of The Darkness walk on October 2nd.   

    So Much Perrysburg

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 63:45

    Ashlee Layman from Destination Toledo is on to talk about the return of Momentum in downtown, but first... dis mfer! Also, what the f they doin' over there...the Perrysburg Heights stuff. Finally, a story of someone living to 112 with a way I can get behind! Back to Perrysburg for the Fedex havoc. Lastly, an idea, or many, for all the staffing shortages. 

    Something Rotten!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 50:37

    My friend Liz Latta is on to talk about the show finally opening up at the Rep this weekend.  Before that... Growing Grumpy's A viral Green Lantern. A violence interrupter's misstep. Good Britney news and... What these ruthless businesses shouldn't be able to buy. 

    Tik Tokking

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2021 34:46

    Is my first extensive Tik Tok gonna get banned? There was a teenage suicide in Sylvania. Money for wedding gifts is now a thing. Would you subscribe to Taco Bell. Hailee Steinfeld and more at the Met Gala. 

    A Local Star Is Leaving Us Soon

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 42:55

    Hi. We're back! What's coming up this week? A lot of guests. One of my favorite pets is going to leave us soon. Today is the last day for early voting. The primary is tomorrow. I AM missing some of the nice that we had twenty years ago. It was a fun weekend of football. Browns, UT...the crazy cat in Miami.  

    Monroe Popfest

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 26:45

    Creator, founder, all around nice dude, Gary Pillette, is on because we are less than two weeks out from the little comiccon that has! Monroe Popfest. 

    Throwback Show - Bethany Is Pregnant

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 6:20

    Madigan is now 11 months old. So, yes, very much a throwback show!

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