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It's TMR 2.0, Eric Chase, Floyd and more friends on Q105's The Morning Reboot, weekday mornings from 545a-10am LIVE in Toledo.

Eric Chase

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    Toledo Helps Ukraine (Again!)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 24:56

    I'm happy to have Alona Matchenko back in studio. She recently was overseas providing aid, so we talk about that, and the upcoming Toledo Helps Ukraine wine and canvas event in BG next, wait no, later this month. First, I DO feel positive we have hit the peak of gas prices and inflation.  My work neighbor is a tortoise?  The UT and BG football programs may be in peril due to what the Big 10 just did. 

    East Toledo Family Center Friends

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 31:18

    I know a good amount about East Toledo, but I've not spent enough time there. So I was really thankful to get an invite to get to know and see all the East Toledo Family Center has to offer. It's an irreplaceable part of the 05. Before the visit with Jodi and Shelby...WORKCATION!

    Elephant Tranquilizers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 30:41

    Another way of looking at the (normal) summer weather. Perrysburg Heights will be untouched.  N'dre is a tank! I think I know who I want my plus-one to be at Alex's wedding.  No. We can't even be posting about this, not jokingly, not how upset we are. NO.

    Social Workers

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 53:31

    How long can we go before we talk about THAT? I've never had a bad experience at this place most people hate going.  Don't just give money to the Social workers. Hire them. How do you pronounce Thehater? Alex should have no shame for her Kroger delivery. Now we talk about that. A different way of approaching it. Important aspects that haven't been much discussed. 

    90s Favorites

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 48:17

    Dave Gierke saw the light of death on 475.  Drake, Beyonce and music for millennials. Favorite things from the 90s. You can't beat the 3am firecrackers. I'm sorry. A bike path coming to the Trail. I have some things in common with Brad Pitt. 

    Lemonade (Not Beyonce's)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 16:24

    I have three thoughts about the new Beyonce. Not a Beyonce thing, but we have a lemonade situation and the community needs to rally. The WILD Top Gun theory.   

    Homelessness Is Complex

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 28:36

    Ann Ebbert, CEO and President, of Cherry Street Mission is on today's episode.  How the Kahan Family Feud donation came the Mission's way. Ann discusses who they serve (mostly, but not all men), and how they revitalize their guests, many of whom are in dire need of mental health services. As well as some of their community partners who they refer guests to if they cannot help them for a particular reason.  With the unprecedented times we've been in, and with more on the way, many of us are in precarious situations and could be closer to needing CSM's services than we'd think. 

    Your Car Payment

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 35:07

    Bethany is feeling the heat.  I had the most interesting visit at what you'd think is the most boring place. The average car payment is how much!? Act I Renaissance is on the way July 29th.

    Storyteller Tedd Long (aka Toledopedia)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 37:12

    Finally, after several virtual podcast visits with Tedd, I have him and his gifted photographer Matthew McNulty in studio to talk more nuggets of Toledo history, his books, and more about the Remarkable 419 project they're hard at work on. Holy Toledo History Before Tedd and Matt, let's talk temps. And 100 really is better than 0. 

    Megan Scott With AFSP

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 34:39

    Time to slowly ramp up your interest in this year's Out Of The Darkness Walk with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention with my friend Megan Scott, who is a suicide attempt survivor. Megan joins at the 7:45 mark. First! Let me give you some bread crumbs how I was fortunate enough to get involved with a cause and event that has been instrumental in allowing me to grow as a helpful mental health advocate. Then, a second day of some optimistic economy thoughts. The world may feel like it's on fire...but maybe that's just summer heat. Or some metaphor like that. 

    When You Lose, You Win

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 40:48

    That episode title will make sense with the * Going with 'bare floors.' Did Alex buy a treadmill or something to just hang stuff? I cheated on something very important to me. Common is coming this week! SPORTS - The Walleye lose, and that's OK. Northview are state baseball champs. Our mutual love the mid to late 90s Indians. Inflation vs. Recession Wow. Actual gun control measures*

    Thanks East Toledo Family Center

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 36:37

    TSA business with Bethany, included a preview of Undisclosed on June 23rd. I got the VIP treatment at the East Toledo Family Center. I'm a fan! Madi judged and rocked the Old West End Festival. For the most part, the economy 'sucks, but I'm doing OK enough.' We had a real life Augustus Gloop situation. Zoo for Bethany this weekend, I went last Friday and it was SO different from my last visit.

    A Food Truck Bubble?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 50:49

    My good friend Mary Bilyeu, food editor at The Blade, is in studio for her monthly visit. The Blade did a Bill Of Fare at the place where I had SIX nachos. How'd Maybe Cheese Born With It recap.  Do we have too many food trucks?  Can we get back to some Zoom calls?

    Another Doctor Visits!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 40:18

    If you're just here for Dr. Heath Diehl and his crew at Black Swamp Players (Leah, thanks for the connect!) please jump ahead to the 22:00 mark.  Before the chat with Heath about BSP shows... I'm so glad a TOYS ONLY store is a thing again. No Joker sequel please. TARTA is missing an opportunity. Save money, lose weight? The legalizing of a taboo transaction may have saved DeShaun Watson and his accusers lots of grief. They may automate before they can successfully unionize anyway.

    A Disability Discussion

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 67:20

    First, my apologies that our time with Brad isn't the best audio quality.  Please check out his story. My friend Stuart James from the Ability Center wanted to have a disability discussion from three perspectives. He was born with his, Brad's was acquired through a horrific accident, mine is invisible.  After Brad's visit, I wanted to probe Stuart to make sure he's staying here, because he enjoys the area and DOES want to ensure Toledo is also the most accessible city in the country. Before the guests, a leftover topic from yesterday, with more coherent thoughts about a Pride night with some thorniness. 

    Into The Danger Zone

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 26:40

    COVID has hit the last spoke of my inner circle. The Walleye are in trouble. Very modest Top Gun spoilers. It WAS an exciting and exhilarating movie! Uptown Maumee has its first new edition in these Road Diet times. TPS may punish kids who film fights. Hold up, before you slam kids! And the Bystander Effect. That story or piece on our local news site, might not be local. Just as this editorial I want to share with you is not.     

    The Rational Irrational Fear

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 37:18

    COVID is being sneaky, but still disruptive, at this time. Bethany and the rational irrational fear of school shootings. What's your thermostat at? Potty training is looming for Madi. OWE Festival interest for this weekend.

    Old West End Festival Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 13:47

    After two years away due to COVID, the 49th OWE Festival returns, and I thank Daniel Finkel offering a few minutes to preview the (expanded) festivities!

    Return From COVID

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2022 42:03

    It's been a moment, hasn't it? When last I spoke/you listened, you may have thought, 'that doesn't sound like allergies.' So my little bout against that and... Strapped teachers. Boom. What was that? Jeep Museum whereabouts. Other options, besides books, for the friends of the library sale. Condo association drama may be looming. And now, the incredible Wendi Huntley from Connecting Kids to Meals.   

    Safety Net PT. 2

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 34:10

    We had Kitty and Hailey from Zepf's Safety Net a few weeks ago. Now a visit with their coworkers, Larry Smith who does street outreach and is the Youth Program Coordinator. First, why no episodes lately? And who could be tasked with stopping these repeated mass shootings. 

    Dad Leaves, Mr. Tiggs Arrives

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 49:54

    There were no dogs in my bed the last two nights. WEIRD. Also, I wish EVERYONE could have had what my Dad has given me.  A definite peer of Barry in Dad-dom, is Mr. Andre Tiggs. He's an instructor for PS419, a public safety program taught at Bowsher to get students interested in police, fire, etc jobs. Andre is a BIG mental health, with much admiration for NAMI. His daughter has made multiple suicide attempts.  Please enjoy today's episode and if pass along to any TPS students you may think have interest in the program. 

    My Dad, Barry, Visits With Us

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2022 54:59

    Come join the NAMI event this Saturday beginning a little before 11 at their new Secor location. Are we a bowling town? Lots of stories and perspectives with my Dad. Hiding in the closet, him fighting a ticket for me and being disrespecting by Philly police, how I wound up in therapy when I was a little boy, how NOW is different and maybe just as bad as when he grew up. Him wondering I'll be unpartnered forever.  I hope you enjoy this (my Dad will say it's costing me a lot to have him) but more than anything now, this is for posterity and the ages. 

    Toledo Taco + Margarita Festival

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 49:11

    This could be bigger and more outrageous than the GAF. Who is going to Hamilton? I have a completely plausible Britney theory. Alex's rent may skyrocket. Planet Fitness has a nationwide grammar issue. The racial rampage in Buffalo.

    Toledo Doesn't Bowl

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 49:46

    Yea, we're not a bowling city from what I perceive. Perhaps my friend Mary Bilyeu can change that with her upcoming project. As the Food Editor she should've been to all the iconic Toledo eats places, right!? Summer drinks! So a Nashville hot chicken sandwich is the trendy thing now, right? 

    Losing Time to Save Money

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 38:38

    Bethany will be handling the dogs tonight while I'm a celebrity waiter at a Victory center event. Their food price is not immune to inflation. And why the formula chaos is happening. It's Bethany's husband Josh's birthday! Getting to and from Columbus is a hassle from here. Game Changer opens at the Imagination Station. Waiting in long lines to save money for gas. Tom Cruise got Pilots fired!? You may see Bethany working at Mr. G's at some point.

    Keep Toledo Lucas County Beautiful

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 44:22

    That's the name of the org, but also something you should practice! I'm happy to have Adam Cassi on from KTLCB to saving the earth - really.  We can all be a bit better when it comes to recycling; I had no idea there were so many numbers in those recycling arrows! Upcoming recycling events, websites, apps, and the second year of the Litter League!

    Doug Hinebaugh + Griz419

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2022 12:46

    Thanks to one of Toledo's best photogs - if not THEE best - Doug Hinebaugh for joining for a quick moment to talk about Saturday's Griz419 FUNraiser. It's another event to support the family of Aaron Grizaniuk as they manage through a cancer diagnosis. MORE HERE!

    Drifting And Donuts

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 40:30

    Alex had her Rotary initiation today!  She got to Focaccia's yesterday for Mother's Day. You might be surprised how we feel about the drifting and donuts that happened at Hill and Reynolds on Saturday night. STRANGE SPOILERS. 

    No Spoilers and No Dad

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 48:43

    My Dad had begun his trek to Ohio, and then he got called back to Philly.  No Doctor Strange spoilers aside from, it was SO comforting, and the MCU went to something I didn't think they ever would. Speaking of going dangerous places, at least in my world (which is not the accurate world view), I haven't seen anyone say YEA, IT'S ABOUT TIME. 

    Raising Hope With Good Grief

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 31:16

    My great friend Dorothy Mockensturm returns to talk about the return to in person Good Grief programming. They help kids and teens manage through the grief of losing a loved one. Would you like to work with them!?  Please join us for Raising Hope on June 2nd at the Pinnacle. Food, drinks, lots of silent and live auction items to fundraiser for this fantastic local non-profit. Then a few minutes with my former neighbor Toledo Police Officer Cheaib who got to spend a few minutes with Tom Hanks!  

    Alex Dominates Heardle

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 2:27

    This is some Q105 on air content that I'm share with you as an ERICCHASE+ extra. I promise! Within the realm of hit songs, I tried to stump Alex with the songs, and how little of the intro I used.  Ugh. 

    Dispirited Dater

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 43:43

    Alex asked, and Alex receives new intro music for the show. The mental health levy won in a landslide. Other Ohio election thoughts. Since late last year I have been a dispirited and dejected dater. Why it's important to do a podcast with my Dad. The Walleye are moving on. And Toledo's new AD had an extra ticket for the clinching game. Tom Hanks was here today. Some dude ran on stage at Dave Chappelle.

    I Hadn't Lived Enough

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2022 34:34

    I always wanted to be profound. As usual, I was too impatient. You've written a book before 30, successfully? You have my sympathy. I cannot believe this happened.  What was Stein Mart!? It's do or die, Game 7 tonight! I love whatever the Met Gala is. Go see a counselor twice a year. Thanks to 13ABC for their mental health feature!

    That Diddy Not My Diddy

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 49:09

    Alex wanted some Mase to start the show. Then we wound up down a path of one of rap's most overlooked 90s albums. One of my worst takes ever. Walleye head to Game 7 tomorrow night! Earnest heading to West Toledo, but what about South? Our friend Mahj made the Blade in Promedica story about combatting the opioid epidemic.  The N word at the lacrosse game leading to a larger discussion about its use and by who.  

    Be Local Stupid!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 38:59

    Several years ago, on the old show, we were asked to interview the winner of the Cumulus Toledo talent competition at the casino. These things often don't go well. But Floyd and I LOVE Phil Holtz AKA Philay Mignon. Phil is helping a friend out with with an event to raise money for the L + L Society HERE. Before we visit with Phil (18:45 mark), I have a truly serious tattoo curious. I'm not being disingenuous or snarky. I swear swear. And the FCC chairwoman on how people like me can SAVE THEIR JOBS. 

    Engage With Engage Toledo!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 34:12

    When I don't know what something is around here, I yank them in for a podcast visit! Engage Toledo is no different. They are NOT the people keeping downtown tidy, as I surmised. Thanks to Jenny Jaqua for visiting and explaining why the next app you downtown is ENGAGE TOLEDO. Right before Jenny (she's at 9:00), another test of NIMBYism, this just off the Trail in Maumee. Lucas County is innovating in the jails.  I now feel a bit terrible about laughing at Amber Heard memes. No Lady Marmalade 2k22, but I'm getting this...

    My Own Worst Enemy

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2022 32:59

    A devastating and controversial Walleye loss. Sinister plant people. Metroparks taking over the Main Library. A Culver's coming to BG? Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Nobody goes to Ikea for one thing. Help former inmates! After counseling yesterday, I'm regretting taking 'you're your own worst critic' as a compliment. Someone else said, 'no, you don't have a right to an opinion.'

    No More Self Care!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 46:07

    What's the opposite of Bridezilla, because that's Alex and it needs a phrase? Congrats to everyone that ran this weekend, and acknowledging one incredible human. Let's ditch self care for this... Goodbye Britney. Stay off! I'm an ex-Buckeye customer. Some things that jumped out to me after reading an article covering COVID in Nebraska. You're going to kill me in a roundabout. 

    We're Working Forever

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 43:29

    My Dad used to hammer me to save money when I was a bit younger than Alex is now. So I wanna know Alex and Bethany's financial futures. The shit actor/actress starter pack.  Food shopping fun! Madi is spending a lot of time in time out

    Stop The Stream?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 33:01

    Netflix is making big news again. And it's some of what we talked about weeks ago, but now TENS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS are gone. So yeah, Shonda was the better bet, but first... The very icky news Browns QB arrived for workouts. You can get your trash(can) cleaned. Hensville lineup announced. We are likely never getting this market here. It's too late. You may be getting commercials on Netflix. 988 for mental distress this summer. How to not rage on the road. The world's oldest dog. My toy prices are getting messed with.   

    419 Day With Zepf's Safety Net

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2022 31:23

    Safety Net is new to me, but that's why Kitty and Hailey are here. They'll explain RING THE BELL, and how Safety Net is helping runaway teens find betters lives after many have come from abusive environments.  First up, 419 Day things. Including a hat tip for the City Paper and the ONE thing I absolutely will generalize when it comes to championing where we live. 

    Happy Birthday Barry!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 34:34

    Even though there's embargo on me talking about my family (it's been quiet anyway), today is my Dad's birthday. And since I waited till the very end of the episode to bring it, he makes the episode title. Sorry Dad! It's snowing. And this is not that unusual. Thanks to Alex, we know coyotes are in Perrysburg Township. Area gas price disparities.  The Craig Bridge is functional again. Customer service is back to sucking again. Alex visits the rich Aunt in St. Clair Shores. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAY!  

    Let's Go Birding!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 40:26

    This is the second time in just a few days where I got to sit back to listen and learn. Did you know we host the Biggest Week in Birding here in our area? It's often a news story this time of year, and things will be closer to normal after two years of COVID keeping people from all over the planet from visiting. Please enjoy the birding expertise of UT student Nate Koszycki.  Where the birds come from. What to look for and where. The Maumee Bay Plovers. And dinosaurs!

    Good Friday Redundacy

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 41:39

    It's Good Friday. All, well most, Friday's are good! Easter, Passover and Jesus. Apologies for the deep snarky humor.  My visit to Perrysburg's career day. Teaching and instructing is exhausting. Peeps and candy corn. It's a Tik Tok weekend on the station. Ear licking. Massive Rossford mansion for sale. Comparing Rihanna and Britney's pregnancies and maybe the cost of yours!

    The Incredible Erika White

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 61:12

    Top five podcast guest we've ever had.  Alex and I sat, watched and listened in awe of just how impressive Ohio House of Representative candidate Erika White is. First up, the Springfield levy to fund Lucas County Sheriffs. Why is she running? Hoping Black women follow in her path. These tense labor times we are in. And an entire spectrum of mental health discussion. 

    An All Food Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 49:34

    My friend, Mary Bilyeu, from the Blade has returned to talk... Silly things you NEED to start embracing. Paska, a Ukrainian bread you will love. Passover is this week. Be careful of your gefilte fish.  Mary's missive to peanut butter. She also still has her hand issue from last year. John Elway can't cure you. Peep! Opening Day was survived. Mary got to visit Coop's but before the alcohol.

    Stars Supporting Our Disability Community

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 31:29

    Laura Kuhlenbeck from Courageous Community Services has returned to talk about their upcoming gala honoring those in the community that are overwhelming supporters of those with disabilities.  Friend of a good friend of the show - PHILLIPE! - Dom Glover is on to remind me not to overlook the dance community when it comes to arts in Toledo. AND to invite you to THE Modern Dance Company's performance of EXPERIOR CLICK HERE.

    Opening Day Recovery + NAMI

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 43:50

    No, NAMI isn't helping my recovery from Opening Day, actually, none is needed. But my friend and NAMI's director, Robin Isenberg is here to talk about their new building, their free services and the upcoming walk! Before that... My ride on TARTA to the game. Opening Day adventures, and lots and lots and lots of pics. Research what you want to do for a living. Life is not so simple as a saying on social or the internet. Baseball in the inner city. STILL.   

    Opening Day Eve

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 19:46

    The Grammy's were going one of two ways. More chaotic than the Oscar's, or as they did last night. Something of mine was stolen. I'm still intending to take TARTA downtown tomorrow. I'm OK being on an island, but occasionally being like others is comforting. We seem to ALL dislike this overpass. The right thing happens at Perrysburg schools. Sorry Kam. Hey, wanna buy a meal? 

    Toledo Humane Soc. Thrift Store

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 12:58

    After Kelly McConnaughy tells you what she's calling the Reynolds corridor where the new Humane Society thrift store is opening, I'm stealing it :) I didn't even think to add in At Home. Though I often find things there more expensive than I expect them to be. That's a me problem though.  Anyway, shop there (when it opens), help the dogs!

    Alex's Wedding Challenges

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 44:48

    We begin with Heardle. This modest 1998 hit - that I LOVED - from a legendary artist has new life.  Alex has some wedding challenges.  Very bad accident outside of TSA this morning. Last words on Will Smith. The Grammy's are Sunday. Alex's engagement shoot is this weekend. 

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