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Rants, Raves, and Toys!

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2022 94:20

It's not only Rant and Rave Friday, it's also Day 8 of Idaho's Largest Toy Drive! Nate Shelman not only shares all of the toy drive updates but also talks about good news that we have. Americans gave over $3 billion dollars for this year's Giving Tuesday. A New drug is showing a lot of promise in reducing the effects of early Alzheimer's. Plus, elementary kids in Nampa got to help name some snowplows and the names they chose are amazing! (It's Baby Snowda for us!) We also heard a few rants about Top Golf lights, the Mayor of Boise, and one listener's experience at a jeweler. Listen to this podcast to hear good news and shenanigans! (12/2/22)

Day 7 of Idaho's Largest Toy Drive: Featuring a French Rant and the Boise Police Department

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2022 85:26

Day 7 of Toy Drive brought us several really generous money donations... and a hearse full of toys. That's right, thank you to all those who donated and to Summer's Funeral Home for donating all of the toys they could fit in their hearse! Nate Shelman not only talked about toys but also had a French rant and discussed the private investigator that has been hired to look into a retired Boise Police captain who has participated in a white supremacist conference since he retired in August. (12/1/22)

Grocery Store Debates and More Toys!

Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2022 87:07

For Day 6 of Idaho's Largest Toy Drive we got a special visit from Santa and Ms. Claus! But before we got there, we heard from Sgt. Rosenberger about the Toys for Tots Mission, Dino Glasscock about the events he has and is putting on for Toys for Tots, and we heard from Staff Sgt. Pala who told us that we have officially filled one entire 53-foot trailer top to bottom! Nate Shelman talked about the Albertsons and Kroger merger after a hearing yesterday that took place before a US Senate committee. Do you think the merger will bring more problems or more solutions for customers? There is a tort claim being filed against the Boise Police Department claiming emotional distress over arrests that took place during an abortion protest earlier this year. Listen to this podcast to hear more about that. (11/30/22)

Giving Tuesday and Idaho's Largest Toy Drive Day 5

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2022 88:16

Today is not only Day 5 of Idaho's Largest Toy Drive but it's also Giving Tuesday. What do you and your family like to do for Giving Tuesday? Do you volunteer your time for something, or do you do something like donating toys? We are grateful for everything that the Treasure Valley does for our community. Nate Shelman also talked about the US Senate moving forward with the Respect for Marriage Act and the future of the Republican party. Trump announced he will not hold a rally in Georgia before the Senate run-off, and Mike Lindell has announced he will run for GOP Chair. What direction do you want the Republican party to go in? (11/29/22)

Guns, Protests, and The My Pillow Guy

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2022 88:24

It's Day 4 of Idaho's Largest Toy Drive! Nate Shelman talked about assault weapons after Biden said that semi-automatics "have no social redeeming value." If you own a semi-automatic weapon, what do you believe is the "social redeeming value" of that weapon? Nate was joined by Congressman Russ Fulcher they discussed the protests in China, inflation, assault weapons, and the My Pillow Guy wanting to run for RNC chair. You read that last bit right. Mike Lindell, of My Pillow fame, wants to run for GOP Chair to focus on voter fraud. Republicans, is this the direction you want the party to go in? Is voter fraud the number one thing Republicans should be focusing on? (11/28/22)

Congressman Russ Fulcher

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2022 16:12

Congressman Russ Fulcher joined Nate Shelman on Day #4 of Idaho's Largest Toy Drive! They discussed protests in China, rising costs in the US, and Mike Lindell running for RNC chair. (11/28/22)

Idaho's Largest Toy Drive Kickoff!

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2022 77:30

Nate Shelman was live to kick off Day One of Idaho's Largest Toy Drive!! He was joined by Staff Sgt. Garcia, Staff Sgt. Pala, and Captain Johnson from the Marine Corps. They helped set this year's goal of filling five and a half semi-truck trailers full of toys! We will be out at Sportsman's Warehouse on Fairview in Meridian now through December 6th. Come drop off a toy and say hi. (11/25/22)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2022 85:28

We've heard a lot of tragic news in the past week leading up to Thanksgiving. Before we got to giving thanks, Nate Shelman asks: If you're not doing so great, why? How are you working through it? Thanksgiving dinner might cost you 20% more this year than it did last year. What is your favorite Thanksgiving dish? What's the worst one you've ever tried? We heard about your mouth-watering delicious dishes... and a few that made us want to vomit. Scott from Harold's Auto Body joined Nate and shared that over the past six years they have raised over $51,000 for Idaho's Largest Toy Drive. All of us at KBOI are grateful for you and your generosity as we move into year six of Idaho's Largest Toy Drive! Join us Friday at Sportsman's Warehouse in Meridian for the kick off of year six. (11/23/22)

Public Safety and Public Questions

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2022 88:54

Nate opened up the show with special guests Brian Holland, the Police Union Public Information Officer, and Joe Andrioli with the Fraternal Order of the Police. They discussed who the news of a retired Boise Police Officer being associated with a white supremacist has affected them and others on the force. After that Nate opened up the conversation to everyone. Do you trust police officers? Today there was a press conference at the White House that featured Anthony Fauci. Multiple reporters were shut down after asking the question: Have you personally investigated COVID-19 origins? They were shut down for speaking out of turn. What are your thoughts? (11/22/22)

A Retired Boise Police Officer And A White Supremacy Conference

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2022 87:20

There is a retired Boise Police Officer who spoke at a conference held by a white supremacy group. The conference was over the weekend, and since then Mayor Lauren McLean has said that she will open an investigation into the officer and his time within the Boise Police Department. Do you care that a retired BPD Officer spoke at a white supremacy conference? Trump is being allowed back on twitter, but he has said that he will not be going back and will continue to use his own social media platform. Will you go back to Twitter now that Elon Musk has said Trump is allowed back? In other Trump news, over the weekend he spoke at the Republican Jewish Coalition and was met with mixed reactions. There are questions surrounding a shooting that happened in Colorado Springs over the weekend. Specifically, about how someone with clear issues was able to legally get a gun. Nate discussed all of those topics and took your feedback. (11/21/22)

Rants, Raves, and Republican Focus

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2022 81:46

It's Rant and Rave Friday, Live from Scandinavian Designs! Scandinavian Designs is one of our sponsors for Idaho's Largest Toy Drive, which is now only one week away! Nate Shelman took your rants, raves and everything in between. Nate also asked: What is the number one thing you want to see the newly Republican controlled US House address? This is after, future Speaker of the House, Kevin McCarthy announced he wants to investigate the Biden Family, securing the border, and looking into where COVID-19 came from. (11/18/22)

Micron's Boise Jobs

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2022 45:42

The Idaho Statesman had a story about the US Labor Secretary saying that Micron should look at hiring "underrepresented" people to fill the 2,000 job positions they will have in their new manufacturing plant in Boise. Nate Shelman asks: Who wants to work at Micron? Do you think that reaching out to women, veterans, people of color, and rural residents is a good way to help fill these positions? (11/18/22)

Where Are You Emotionally Post-Trump Speech?

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2022 62:24

Trump spoke last night and announced that he would run for president again in 2024. How are you feeling about that announcement? Are you Trump happy, Trump sad, Trump excited, Trump tired? During the show news broke that Republicans have control of the US House of Representatives. Listen to this podcast to hear Nate Shelman discuss those topics with our audience. (11/16/22)

From Loggins and Messina... To Trump and Pence

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2022 86:12

Mike Pence did an Interview with ABC News last night. He said that he was angered about Trump's actions on January 6th, but he didn't comment on whether or not he wanted Trump to run for 2024. If Mike Pence and Donald Trump were both on the ballot for the 2024 GOP Presidential Nomination, which would you vote for in this political boy band falling out? A Russian missile hit Poland today, but the reports are unsure if it was on purpose or not. There will be a NATO meeting tomorrow to discuss the situation. Do you think that all of NATO should go to war over this? To wrap of the show Nate asked you if you wanted to talk Trump or not Trump. You guys mostly chose not Trump. Nate discussed Oregon Measure 114 which limits magazine rounds to 10 or less and requires trainings and permits to buy and own guns. Are you going to buy a special magazine when you have to travel through Oregon, or will you just not go? (11/15/22)

Tragedies in the Gem State

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2022 91:21

To start off the show Nate discussed Trump calling DeSantis an "average republican governor, with great public relations." Do you think that those comments hurt or help Trump in his potential 2024 run? After that discussion, Nate Shelman discussed the tragedies that occurred in The Gem State over the weekend. In Fruitland, Police are excavating a back yard in search of the remains of Michael Vaughn. Fruitland Police Chief J.D. Huff says that the excavation follows a credible tip in the investigation. A listener messaged in and suggested that in the future maybe we should search every house within three miles of a missing child's disappearance. Would you be okay if the police searched your house just because you were within a certain radius of where a crime occurred? Up North in Moscow, four University of Idaho Students were found dead. Police are investigating it as a homicide and no other information about the investigation is known yet. (11/14/22)

Veteran's Day 2022

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2022 84:16

Today on The Nate Shelman Show we took a step back from politics and focused on honoring our Veterans. We heard all of your stories about loved ones who fought, and people you may have served with. For all of those who have fought to protect our country, thank you. (11/11/22)

Homeless Solutions and Slow Vote Counts

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2022 89:57

Boise Police Officers cleared a homeless camp that was set up in the alley way behind Interfaith Sanctuary. What is a good solution for homeless people in our area? Particularly those who are addicts? It's election day again for several states in the US. Nate Shelman discusses states where votes still are not counted, most notably Arizona. Do you think that there was any part of the 2022 midterms that were fraudulent? In Idaho we saw mistakes that were corrected in Teton and Jerome Counties. (11/10/22)

Election Reflection

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2022 88:53

It's the day after election day. Were there any results in Idaho that shocked you? Nate Shelman was shocked by SJR102. If you didn't vote, why not? Nationally, we didn't see the red wave that many people talked about. Do you think Trump is still the right candidate for the GOP nominee in 2024, even though we didn't see a red wave? (11/9/22)

Confiscated Pepper Spray and Non-Lickable Toads

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2022 59:22

Should pepper spray be banned and confiscated from event venues? Nate had a friend who went to a concert recently and had her pepper spray confiscated and thrown away. He was shocked, especially since usually pepper spray is used only in self-defense situations. Meanwhile, the US Park Service is asking people not to lick toads. People are trying to lick a certain type of toad to get its hallucinogenic effects. Have you ever licked a toad? (11/8/22)

2022 Midterm Election Predictions: Audience Pick

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2022 94:53

It is the day before the Midterm Elections. Up until this point we have asked you to exclude all candidate names from your phone calls. Today Nate Shelman took that rule off. Who do you predict will win in Idaho's Election tomorrow? Do you predict any upset races? Listen to this podcast to hear what our audience had to say! (11/7/22)

Rants, Raves, Corvettes, and Christmas Music

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2022 98:26

It's Rant and Rave Friday live from Fairly Reliable Bob's! Bobby Peterson joined Nate to discuss the corvette raffle that goes towards The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Nate took your rants, raves, and everything in between. During the rave hour, Nate talked with Dino about the Toys For Tots Ride that is happening this Sunday. For the Rant hour Nate discusses political violence and a poll that came out that says that 88% of Adults fear political violence. Nate wagers that 88% of people would also fear any other type of violence. (11/4/22)

A Survey With Questionable Content

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2022 89:03

To start the show Nate Shelman reviewed the Biden speech from last night. Nate points out that Biden should've also taken a stand on political violence several years ago when people were burning cities. On a completely different note, Nate was joined by Idaho GOP Chairwoman Dorothy Moon. They discussed SJR102, if passed it would allow the Idaho State Legislature to call themselves into a special session. The Boise School District is having high school and junior high school students take a survey that is supposedly about mental health. The survey also asks students about their sexual orientation and their family's economic status. As a parent, did you opt your student out? Do you have problems with this survey? To round out the show, Nate discussed free Wi-Fi in public parts. The City of Boise wants to put free Wi-Fi in three of its public parks. Do we need this? Is this worth the money? (11/3/22)

Dorothy Moon Talks About SJR102

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2022 18:46

Idaho GOP Chair Dorothy Moon joined Nate to discuss her in favor stance of SJR102. That is the constitutional amendment, that if passed, would allow the Idaho State Legislature to call itself back for a special session. (11/3/22)

Money Hour with Brian Wiley

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2022 26:29

Brian Wiley from Tree City Advisors took over Nate's show for an hour today to discuss the latest Federal Reserve rate hike. He was joined by Dave Perry from Academy Mortgage to discuss how Perry has seen it affect his clients. After that Brian Wiley was joined by Richard Arnold, the Chief Financial Officer at CapEd Credit Union. They discussed how this is affecting bank loans. (11/2/22)

Campaign Signs and Downtown Crime

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2022 63:38

Nate Shelman discussed ten reports of teens attacking adults in Downtown Boise. Boise Police are investigating. Will this prevent you from going downtown? There is a campaign sign that is being investigated for misinformation. It is a QR code that links to a campaign website that claims uninformed voters are dangerous. Do you think uninformed voters are dangerous? (11/2/22)

Governor Butch Otter

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2022 26:40

Former Idaho Governor Butch Otter joined Nate Shelman to discuss SJR102. That's the constitutional amendment that if passed on election day would allow the Idaho State Legislature to call themselves back for a special session. Governor Otter told us why he disagrees with it and took your calls. (11/1/22)

Two Types of Races

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2022 56:55

It's one week away from the 2022 Midterm Elections. Nate decides to open up a bracket of sorts. He asked: What percent of the vote do you think Ammon Bundy will get? After that we moved on to a different type of race. The Supreme Court is weighing in on affirmative action cases, where different universities are accused of choosing certain people of color over others. How important is race in today's society? (11/1/22)

Sensitive Football Fans Make Nate Mad... Again

Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2022 90:20

Nate starts the week off by ranting about BYU fans for being too sensitive. This comes after BYU fans have complained about our BSU VS BYU football promos for the third year in a row. After that Nate asks: Do you believe the Paul Pelosi attack story, or does it seem fishy to you? There are lots of different theories floating around about this news story. To end today's show Nate Shelman discussed The ballot measure that would allow the Idaho State Legislature to call themselves back for a special session. What are your thoughts? (10/31/22)

Rants, Raves..... and Drag Santa?

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2022 84:12

It's Rant and Rave Friday! To start the show Nate rants about how some news stations have started using the phrase "breaking news." This is after several news stations used the phrase before announcing that Tom Brady's divorce was official. This is not what Nate feels is a serious enough situation for that phrase. After That Nate discusses a local holiday event where there is going to be an LGBTQ night featuring drag santa. How would you feel if you didn't know that event was happening that night and you brought your kids? To end the show on a good note, Nate took your raves! (10/28/22)

Ukraine and Local School Choice

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2022 82:02

Nate discusses topics of international and local interest. On an international level: Do you think that we should continue funding any part of the conflict going on in Ukraine? At this, point do you think that Russia is just trying to drag the war out in order to control energy and other supply chain issues? Locally, out of all of the schools that scored well on their ISATs, most of them are charter schools. This might change Nate's mind on school choice. Where did your kids go to school and why? Do you think tax payer money should follow students to the schools that they attend even if they are private schools? (10/27/22)

Helping Our Children Achieve

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2022 85:47

Nate started off the show a little different today. He gave us a sneak peek into Idaho's Largest Toy Drive! Mike Kasper joined in and they talked about a little side bet they have going and what happens if we reach our goal of $100,000 dollars. Staying on the topic of children, test scores nationally have gone down. Here in Idaho scores have also gone down. What can we do to ensure our kids are meeting the goals and learning what they need to? Don't say money... because you can ask New York, spending per child is not the only factor. (10/26/22)

School Staff: Would You Feel Safer Carrying A Gun?

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2022 82:07

The day after the school shooting in St. Louis, we have more information about it. Nate asks school workers: Would you would be willing to carry a gun in order to protect students? He asks everybody else: How much ammo do you own? This is because the shooter had more than 600 rounds on him. After that Nate asks what the definition of Christian Nationalism is. This is after an Idaho Statesman Op-Ed that says that Christian Nationalism is affecting Idaho politics. What is your definition? (10/25/22)

A Local Tragedy and Federal Student Loan Relief

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2022 91:56

There was a teenager killed this weekend when he was hit by a semi-truck on the corner of Highway 55 and Beacon Light Road. What do we need to do in our community to make it safer for cyclists? After that discussion ended Nate talked about student debt relief. The federal program that is set provided student debt relief, has been put on a pause while The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals weighs in on a lawsuit against it. While you may not agree with the program, is it worth going to court over? (10/24/22)

Rants, Raves, and Special Sessions

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2022 85:09

It's Rant and Rave Friday, live from Shooters Bench in Nampa! Nate took your rants, raves, and everything in between. The main news story of discussion today is a ballot initiative that, if passed, would allow the Idaho State Legislature to call itself back for a special session. Are you for it or against it? (10/21/22)

Child Marriage and Idaho Republicans

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2022 91:40

At the beginning of the show Dorothy Moon, The Chairwoman of the Idaho Republican Party, joined Nate to discuss an event they are holding tonight. She also weighed in on what is and isn't an important issue for the Idaho Legislature and what her thoughts are on Republicans supporting and endorsing non-Republican candidates. After that we discussed something completely different, child marriage. The Idaho Supreme Court chose not to weigh in on a case where a parent agreed to marry off his sixteen-year-old daughter in order to get out of custody hearings with his ex-wife. Do you think that the Idaho law should say no one under the age of eighteen can get married? How safe do you feel in the Treasure Valley? Nampa Mayor Debbie Kling reported, that while some crime is down, violent crime in Nampa has increased. There is also a story that the Boise Police are looking into involving a group of teenagers ganging up and going after adults in Downtown Boise. (10/20/22)

A Squirrel Eating, Tort Claiming, Name Calling Wednesday

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2022 85:56

Nate made a joke about a squirrel possibly causing a power outage at the station, and then we heard all of your stories about eating squirrel. Have you ever eaten a squirrel? How do you prepare it? A Meridian man is filing a tort claim for $200,000 dollars. This is after he was the passenger in a crash last May. The driver of the car he was in was arrested for felony aggravated DUI; the car they were in crashed into a police car that had its lights on. Sophie was able to fill out the student loan forgiveness application in less than 5 minutes. There was not only a news story saying that you can fill it out in under 5 minutes, but also a story asking borrowers to be aware of scams that are popping up surrounding student loan forgiveness. Congressman Russ Fulcher joined Nate following an Idaho Statesman Editorial Board comment that he had "betrayed" his country. Fulcher also discussed inflation, student loans, and other issues he has gotten questions from Idahoans about. The Oath Keepers trial is ongoing and the Prosecution has presented all sort of cellphone data that is trying to prove that they had intent to be violent during January 6th. What are your thoughts? Nate shared his. There was a story that says Idaho Teachers are tired, but pushing through it. However, we are not seeing a story about all of the Teachers who are happy and doing a great job. Parents, are you happy with your child's Teacher? A survey put out by the Idaho State Department says that parents are happier and students are more engaged this year than last year. (10/19/22)

Congressman Russ Fulcher

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2022 11:57

Congressman Russ Fulcher joined Nate Shelman to discuss an Idaho Statesman Editorial Board article where they said that Fulcher had "betrayed" his country. He also discussed the questions he had about the 2020 election, and questions he's gotten from Idahoans about inflation, debt relief, and other national issues. (10/19/22)

Tackling The Hard Issues

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2022 91:41

In 2023 the Idaho Legislature is set to solve all of our problems! Oh wait, never mind, there will be a bill to ban public drag performances introduced near the beginning of the session. What are your thoughts on this story? What topics do you think the Idaho Legislature should actually tackle? Do political parties matter in Idaho? Recently Jared Deloof, Executive Director of the Idaho Democrat Party, told the Idaho Statesman that they are seeing more and more Republicans voting for Democrats. Are you voting along party lines in all races? Election day is Three weeks away. Do you believe the polls? Right now, they show Republicans becoming the majority in the US House. (10/18/22)

Ada County Bikes, and Canyon County Lands

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2022 92:32

Well, Boise City Councilwoman Lisa Sanchez says she feels like a ghost. Listen to the beginning of this podcast to hear why she feels like she's being left out. Also happening in Boise, more bikes. Or at least a proposal to make Capitol Boulevard more cyclist and pedestrian friendly. ACHD is asking for people's feedback on the proposed plan. Moving to Canyon County, two of the three Canyon County Commissioners have voted in a new comprehensive land use plan. Some people are mad about it because this means that farmers can only sell their lands to other farmers. What are your thoughts? (10/17/22)

Rant and Rave Friday: What's your best?

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2022 33:39

It's Rant and Rave Friday! What was the best thing in your week? What was the worst part? Nate asks people to call in and got their feedback as a new way to start off the potpourri hour. During the rant hour Nate discusses whether or not a murder suspect in the killings of two Idaho hotel owners should get the death penalty. The prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in this case. For the rave hour we end on a good note. Not only did Nate take your raves, but he was also joined by Andie who told us all about the One Walk Event happening tomorrow. That event helps raise money for Juvenile Diabetes Research. (10/14/22)

Grocery Merger, Committee Subpoena, and a Life Sentence

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2022 93:05

There are reports that Kroger wants to merge with Albertsons. Boise Dev's Don Day joins Nate to discuss what this could mean for us here in Boise. The January 6th committee has issued a subpoena for Donald Trump. Constitutional Lawyer David Leroy tells us what he would advise Trump to do, and what the legalities are surrounding a congressional subpoena. What would you advise Trump to do with this subpoena? The parkland shooter, who is responsible for the deaths of seventeen and the injuries of seventeen more, was sentenced to life after a jury did not unanimously decide on the death penalty. Nate shares his thoughts. What are yours? (10/13/22)

Constitutional Lawyer David Leroy

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2022 9:54

Constitutional Lawyer David Leroy joins Nate Shelman to discuss the Trump headline of the day. The January 6th Committee has decided to subpoena Trump. Leroy tells us what he would advise Trump to do, as well as weighs in on the legalities of the congressional subpoena. (10/13/22)

Words Matter: Define Conservative

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2022 87:21

There is controversy stirring up in the City of Eagle. There is a group that is gathering signatures to recall the mayor and all of the city council members of Eagle. Eagle Mayor Jason Pierce joined Nate Shelman to discuss that situation. If you live in Eagle what are your thoughts? GOP Candidate for Attorney General Raul Labrador joined Nate Shelman to discuss his campaign, and recent news that known Idaho Republicans are backing his Democrat challenger. This lead us to this question: How do you define conservative? What about Republican? Nate took your answers to those questions and briefly discussed Alex Jones having to pay nearly a billion dollars to Sandy Hook victims' families. (10/12/22)

GOP Candidate for Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2022 11:56

GOP Candidate for Idaho Attorney General Raul Labrador joined Nate to discuss his campaign and recent news that several Idaho Republicans are supporting Labrador's Democrat opposer. (10/12/22)

Eagle Mayor Pierce on Recall Petitions

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2022 12:26

Eagle Mayor Jason Pierce joined Nate Shelman to discuss recall petitions that are circulating not only to recall the Mayor, but also every city council member. (10/12/22)

Leaving The Party

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2022 87:57

What is the first movie or TV show you think of when you hear of Angela Lansbury? Nate and our audience honor her passing by recalling what movie makes them think of her. After that discussion, Nate Shelman was joined by Nate Silvester the Tik Tok cop. Silvester was recently on Dr. Phil to discuss his firing last year over a Tik Tok he posted. The Nates discussed cancel culture and how ridiculous it has gotten. Tulsi Gabbard announced that she is leaving the Democrat party. If you have changed from a party to become an Independent, what sparked that change? (10/11/22)

Transgender Lawsuit, Racist Comments, and No Day Off

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2022 86:50

Sophie wants the day off for Indigenous people's day, Nate thinks it's unnecessary. Two Idaho transgender residents are suing the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare for discrimination because Medicaid won't pay for their gender reassignment surgery. That's just the beginning of today's Monday Madness. We took a break from chaos for a while to discuss some good news. Brad Ehrlich, Director of Holding the Line Idaho, joined Nate to discuss a really cool fundraising event he is putting on. After that it's back to the news. Nate was joined by Tori, a woman of color, to discuss the resignation of LA City Council President after audio was released of her making, what some are calling, racist comments. (10/10/22)

Brad Ehrlich Director of Holding the Line Idaho

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 10, 2022 13:50

Nate was joined by Brad Ehrlich Director of Holding the Line Idaho about an event that they are putting on that includes four country artists, a mechanical bull competition, and bagpipes. The event will take place in Emmett on Friday and all of the proceeds will go towards charities that help police officers. Nate will be there to reclaim his title of mechanical bull champion. Go to for more information.(10/10/22)

Rant and Rave Friday, Live from Smokefest!

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2022 91:20

It's Rant and Rave Friday, live from Smokefest 2022 at V Cut Lounge in Nampa! Nate Shelman and Mike Kasper tell you more about that event. Nate then moved on to rants, raves, and everything in between. That included discussing red flag laws, baseball, Herschel Walker, and talking to Stingray Robb about the Idaho Potato truck being pulled over as a spoof. (10/7/22)

Mines, Mountain Home, and Marijuana

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2022 53:49

At the start of today's show Nate was joined by Paul J Schneider. Paul J will be this year's BSU Homecoming Parade Grand Marshall. There is a new cobalt mine that is opening in the Salmon-Challis National Forest. Meanwhile in Mountain Home, there is a City Councilman who is under fire for what some are calling discrimination. Also, the Mountain Home Police Chief has been placed on paid administrative leave. Nationally, Biden announced that he will give a pardon for all federal offenses of marijuana possession. What are your thoughts? (10/6/22)

Ada County Clerk Phil McGrane

Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2022 33:12

Phil McGrane joined Nate Shelman today to answer all of your election security questions. McGrane also explains why election day is on November 8th and not November 1st this year. (10/6/22)

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