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Here in Cincinnati, loving Basketball isn't the easiest thing by any means but here at the 48 Minutes Basketball Network we have all that covered. We have a few shows we upload every week during the season such as Shot Callers with Kyle Brandon and Ben Brown, 48 Minutes and also Hoop Cinema with Sea…

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    @ Large Bid:Feast Week Recap and Big Ten/ACC Challenge Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 47:07

    Tim and Taylor come to you to discuss Feast week's events and recap Duke vs Gonzaga, after that, they dive into the Big Ten/ACC Challenge Games and give their predictions on who wins what games and which conference will be victorious.

    Fans Going Too Far, Overlooked Suns and Rockets Drama

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 59:33

    The Bench Mob is back! This week the guys discuss the fans courtside at the Lakers/Pacers game allegedly going too far with their comments, Are the Suns being overlooked? Our Bench Gawds, and lastly, more Rockets drama.

    Shot Callers: What‘s The Kings‘ Plan?, Pozingis‘ Surge, & More!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 55:44

    The Shot Callers are back after a 2 week break of real life being hectic (SORRY!!!), and get back into the swing of things. Kyle & Joe talk the return of The Unicorn, attempt to decipher what's going on in Sacramento following the firing of Luke Walton, and we even get a little Wolves Watch action!

    @ Large Bid: Feast Week is here!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 40:07

    Welcome to Feast Week here on @ Large Bid! Tim and Taylor go through a handful of tournaments as well as some discussion about the other big games this week.   (2:20) Gavitt Games recap/ Xavier vs Ohio State (5:00) Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament (9:00) other game highlights from the weekend (19:10) Reed Sheppard commits to Kentucky (23:55) UCLA vs Gonzaga (27:15) Maui Invitational preview (31:06) Battle for Atlantis (33:55) Pre-Season NIT (36:15) Ft Myers Tip-Off (38:24) @ Large Bid All-Americans

    Bench Mob: Fights, Firings and Warriors Path of Destruction

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 52:31

    Join us on the Bench Mob as we discuss:   (4:34) Pistons and Lakers almost brawl (11:03) Luke Walton is fired (19:30) Bench Mob Bench Gawds (24:29) Warriors are destroying again, and it's fun.  (29:39) Klay Thompson cleared for 5 on 5 (37:35) How fun are the Bulls?  (41:02) Collin Sexton out for the season (42:55) Rockets holding John Wall hostage 

    @ Large Bid: Gavitt Games and weekend preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021

    NCAA Hoops is in full swing with week two and we here at @ Large Bid are here to tell you all about it! Tune in as we discuss:   01:18 weekend game reactions 31:23 upcoming games preview  38:50 Charleston Classic preview 42:14 hall of fame tip off preview  44:32 Paolo Bancheros arrest 47:45 @ Large Bid All Americans 

    Bench Mob: Cavs Playoff Chances, Brandon Ingram and THT are back on the Court, What do the Wolves do?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 54:10

    Welcome to the Bench Mob! Week 4 of the NBA Season is wrapping up and we are here to give you all the topics and discussions of the week! (2:52) Recap of Warriors and Bulls (6:18) Listener Question: Do the Cavs have a chance to make the playoffs? (11:21) This weeks Bench Gawds (14:22) Brandon Ingram is back on the court (31:47) Talen Horton-Tucker makes his season debut (41:34) Do the Wolves have a KAT problem?

    c@ Large Bid: Opening Night Reactions in CBB

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 39:16

    We made it through night one! After the champions classic, a few games that were too close to call and a top 25 upset we are getting in full swing.   This week Tim and Taylor discuss:   00:52 champions classic recap (15:37) Hubert Davis UNC debut  (18:37) rest of night one recaps (Villanova, Ohio St vs Akron, Xavier, Cincinnati, Virginia lose, Houston vs Hofstra, Gonzaga and UCLA (31:47) Weekend previews 

    Bench Mob: Herro and the Heat, OG‘s emergence, Celtics struggles and our Middle of the Pack teams

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 59:19

    As we already are getting ready for week 4 of the NBA season the Bench Mob is here rockin a new logo! (Thanks, Joe!) and hyped up to have the four of us together to discuss our topics of the week!   (3:25) Our Bench Mob Bench Gawds! (23:45) OG Anunoby's Emergence (28:24) The Boston Celtics Internal and External struggles (39:15) Quick hits on Ricky Rubio and the Cavs, The Wizards, Khris Middleton and the Bucks (46:00) Discussing the teams in the middle of the standings.

    Shot Callers: NCAA Hoops & Early Season Surprises

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 74:16

    On this week's Shot Callers, Kyle & Joe are joined by Taylor Bergfeld from the @ Large Bid podcast to discuss NBA prospects to keep an eye on for the upcoming NCAA season. Plus, the guys talk about which early season surprises they think are most likely to sustain through the entire season!   (1:23) - NCAA Hoops Primer w/ Taylor Bergfeld (21:51) - Love To See It/Hate To See It (42:55) - Early Season Surprises? (57:00) - Things We Missed? (1:06:00) - Shot Caller of the Week

    @ Large Bid: ACC & SEC Conference Previews

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 58:43

    Our final episode of the Off-Season is here and we are excited about our conference previews!   Tim and Taylor dive into the ACC & SEC in the final editions of their predictions. They also discuss the suspension of Kofi Cockburn, Oklahoma St being deemed ineligible for the 2022 NCAA Tournament, and a quick preview of the Champions Classic next week.

    Bench Mob: Halloween Hoops Talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 56:28

    Happy Halloween everyone! Here at the Bench Mob, Tim and Ben have a ton of topics for tonight's show! (2:00) The Knicks are on fire (9:25) Is Evan Mobley already an elite defender? (21:05) The Hornets hot start (29:39) The Jazz are being the Jazz (35:13) How is Ben feeling about his pick for the Warriors to win it all? (40:27) Ja Morant is leveling up (44:38)  Bench Mobbers of the week (47:34) How is Tim feeling about the Lakers?

    Shot Callers: Starting Out Hot

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2021 51:46

    On the latest Shot Callers, Kyle & Joe introduce a new segment to the show, while continuing to beat the Wolves War Drum. They also provide a preview of tonight's matchup between Charlotte and Miami, two teams off to impressive starts to the year! (2:00) - Love to See It, Hate to See It (15:56) - Wolves Watch (24:25) - Hornets-Heat Preview: Hornets (37:23) - Hornets-Heat Preview: Heat (43:09) - Things We Missed? (45:05) - Shot Caller Of The Week

    @ Large Bid: Big 12 & Big 10 Previews

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2021 56:27

    As we continue to dive into our conference preview, we next tackle the Big 12 and Big 10's upcoming seasons. These two conferences could potentially be the best two in the country so there are a lot of teams worth hearing about in this episode!

    Bench Mob: Bulls are awesome, Lakers are not and the top 75 reaction

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 73:39

    The Bench Mob gives you our first episode of the current NBA Season and we are stoked to talk about who else, the Chicago Bulls!   The Bulls 3-0 start (4:12) The Lakers Rough start and terrible rotations (27:13) The Nets are taking calls on Kyrie Irving (35:39) Top 75 all-time reactions list (49:24)

    Shot Callers: Opening Week Over-Reactions!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 22, 2021 68:42

    The NBA Season is here, and the Shot Callers are coming at ya with the only thing that matters week one: OVER-REACITONS AFTER ONE GAME! Also, Kyle unveils a new segment that's near and dear to his heart. (0:40) How are you watching this year? (2:22) Ben Simmons Update (3:00) Bucks-Nets (11:15) Heat-Bucks (16:45) Hawks-Mavs (26:05) Warriors-Lakers (35:45) Knicks-Celtics (44:10) Hornets-Pacers (54:46) Kyle's New Segment (1:00:40) Shout outs (1:04:00) Shot Callers Of the Week

    @ Large Bid: AAC & Big East Previews

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 20, 2021 43:42

    This week on @ Large Bid, Tim and Taylor dive into the AAC and Big East Conferences to preview the season! Who to watch for, Who makes the tournament and who takes home the conference awards? Find out all of that info here on @ Large Bid

    The 2021-22 48 Minutes Basketball Network Fantasy Draft

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 39:38

    As we get closer to the NBA Season, we decided to do our first-ever Fantasy Draft podcast episode!    Tune in for this quick 12 round, 6 team fantasy draft featuring the Bench Mob's Tim Daniel and Ben Brown, @ Large Bid's Taylor Bergfeld, Shot Callers Joe Micucci, and Kyle Brandon (auto-draft but pre-set draft queue), and friend of the network, Casey Peterworth!   6 teams, 12 rounds, 45 second picks done on ESPN.com!

    Shot Callers: End Of Season Awards Predictions

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2021 63:26

    Oh this week's Shot Callers, Joe & Kyle are joined by Tim & Sean from Bench Mob to make their predictions for the end of season awards for the 2021-22 NBA Season! (1:56) Most Improved Player (13:40) 6th Man of the Year (20:27) Coach of the Year (32:22) Defensive Player of the Year (41:53) Rookie of the Year (49:35) Most Valuable Player

    @ Large Bid: We are back!

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2021 39:04

    @ Large Bid is back and ready for the College Basketball Season to begin! This week Tim & Taylor discuss   Emoni Bates and Jalen Duren at Memphis (2:33) The change of the College Hoops Recruiting Landscape (9:50) Has Coach K's retirement already been overcovered? (17:29) State of Kentucky and Louisville (28:00)  

    Shot Callers: Western Conference Tier List

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 8, 2021 71:51

    In part 2 of the Shot Callers Tier List Previews, Joe & Kyle go over the Western Conference. Will it be as smooth as the Eastern Conference went, or will the Wild West strike once again? Watch along over on our YouTube channel! Make your own tier lists and send them over to us @48MinutesNtwrk! Western Conference Eastern Conference

    Shot Callers: Eastern Conference Tier List

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 104:53

    The Shot Callers are back for the 2021-22 season. This week, Joe & Kyle are coming at you on both Wednesday & Friday with their tier list previews for both conferences. Today's episode covers the Eastern Conference! Who do the guys think will end up being the creme de la creme, and who do they think will be the shit de la shit? Tune in to find out! Also, feel free to watch the video companion for this as well over on the YouTube channel, as well! Watch along over on our YouTube! Make your own tier list and send it over to us @48MinutesNtwrk!

    Bench Mob: Timberwolves Dumpster Fire, Vaccine Status and SI NBA Rankings

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 56:24

    Bench Mob is here! This week the four of us are together discussing some of the NBA Hot topics including: The Timberwolves being the Timberwolves (AKA: A Dumpster Fire) How will NBA Players Vaccine status affect the season? Reaction to the SI top 100 NBA players How would Tim form the Top 75 list of all-time NBA players?

    Bench Mob: Ben Simmons, John Wall, League Pass and NBA 2K22

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 55:23

    The Bench Mob returns to discuss all major topics including the future of Ben Simmons and John Wall, and our immediate reactions to NBA 2K22

    Bench Mob: Paul Pierce, Rasheed Wallace and our Best Bets for Individual Awards

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021

    As we continue telling your our terrible betting advice for the upcoming NBA season, we also run into some older NBA players saying stupid things.   This week on the Bench Mob, the crew are all together to discuss the Paul Pierce Sports Illustrated interview before his Hall of Fame Induction, Rasheed Wallace doing a horrible job understanding what era's means and our best odds for Individual NBA Awards in the 2021-22 Season!

    Bench Mob: Lauri Markannen to the Cavs, Western Conference Win Totals

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2021 69:38

    This week on the Bench Mob, Tim, Ben, and Josh discuss their thoughts on the Bulls/Cavs/Blazers three-team trade and give their thoughts on betonline.ag's Win Totals for the Western Conference teams.

    Bench Mob: Eastern Conference Win Totals Predictions

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 63:40

    The Bench Mob returns and we are getting ready for the 2021-22 NBA Season!   This week Tim, Ben and Sean take the win total predictions from betonline.ag and give their thoughts on the Eastern Conferences win predictions from the site.

    Hoops Cinema: Untold - Malice at the Palace

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 51:46

    On this edition of Hoops Cinema, Kyle Brandon and Joe Micucci of the Shot Callers are joined by friend of the network, Steve Hendrickson to discuss "Untold: Malice at the Palace". The three discuss the different aspects of the documentary as well as sharing insights from both teams' fanbases!

    Shot Callers: The 48 Minutes Free Agent-Palooza!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 77:36

    This week, Joe & Kyle are joined by fellow 48 Minutes teammates, Sean Mackey & Tim Daniel from The Bench Mob to discuss all things free agency. From Miami & Chicago's massive moves, to trying to figure out what in the world is going on in New Orleans, we've got you covered!   Twitter: https://twitter.com/48minutesntwrk TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@48minutesnetwork YouTube: https://bit.ly/3yvwB5S  

    The Bench Mob: Russell Westbrook Trade Reactions, Kyle Lowry to the Heat? Lonzo Ball to the Bulls?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 2, 2021 58:33

    The Bench Mob is back and going strong as we get ready for a crazy off-season in the NBA! This week Tim, Sean and Ben discuss their reactions and feelings to the Russell Westbrook trade to the Lakers (3:46), The Thunder and if their plan makes any sense (20:55), Free Agency News- Kawhi Leonard, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Lowry, Chris Paul (27:33) and Team USA advances in the 2020 Olympic Games as Kevin Durant becomes the all-time leading scorer in Team USA History (49:12)

    Shot Callers: NBA Draft Reactions

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2021 83:47

    Joe Micucci & Kyle Brandon provide reaction and analysis to the 2021 NBA Draft. They discuss draft winners & losers, and late round sleepers to watch out for going forward. Also, there's a much needed Disney Channel Original Movie reference.

    The Bench Mob: Team USA Loses, Bradley Beal, Lakers Off-Season

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2021 52:03

    As 48 Minutes moves on to the next big thing, we are excited to announce our new weekly show, The Bench Mob!   On the Bench Mob we discuss Team USA losing to France (3:41), Bradley Beal Trade Rumors (12:18), The Lakers Potential Off-Season moves (26:14) and Myles Turner potentially being traded to Charlotte or New Orleans? (38:47)

    Hoops Cinema: Space Jam: A New Legacy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 72:54

    Hoops Cinema makes its triumphant return to discuss the highly anticipated film Space Jam: A New Legacy starring LeBron James.  Not only do we discuss the film, but we are joined by 48 Minutes alumni Alex Derickson! We break down the plot of the film, discuss the WB easter eggs, how we feel the film compares to the original Space Jam and so much more!

    Shot Callers: Giannis & The Bucks are WORLD CHAMPS

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 71:45

    Joe Micucci & Kyle Brandon provide an instant reaction to the Milwaukee Bucks winning the 2021 NBA Finals. We cover Giannis' legendary 50 point performance in the closeout game 6, and what this means for his legacy. We then take a dive into what this now means for the Bucks going forward, the Suns going forward, and the NBA, as a whole, going forward.

    Lottery Mock Draft 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2021 73:03

    As the NBA Finals continues to wind down, the guys are turning towards Draft Season!   Tune in as Tim Daniel is joined by Kyle Brandon and Joe MiCucci as the group mocks the Lottery for 2021 and discusses their selections!

    Shot Callers: NBA Finals, Team USA's Struggles, Space Jam: A New Legacy

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 31:46

    Shot Callers is in the building!    The NBA Finals now sit at 2-1 and the Bucks look anything but out of the series. How do the guys feel the rest of the series will go? Team USA has now lost two straight exhibition games, should we be panicking or are they just exhibitions without a full roster? Lastly, Space Jam: A New Legacy hits theaters this week after 10 years of speculation, how excited is the Shot Callers Crew?

    2021 NBA Finals Preview: Phoenix Suns vs Milwaukee Bucks

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 53:11

    It's finally here! It's finally time for the 2021 NBA Finals! Tim, Sean, and Ben break down all angles of the NBA Finals including what this will mean for Chirs Paul, How do the Bucks fare if Giannis cannot play, Who wins, how many games, and who gets the Finals MVP? Lastly, we draft our all-time NBA Finals starting 5!

    Conference Finals and Coaching Changes

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 64:03

    These playoff injuries have caused this to be the post season from hell, but we are in the midst of two very competitive Conference Finals series!   Ben and Tim discuss the series, the NBA coaching changes, Scottie Pippen and the Team USA Roster all on Shot Callers!

    Lottery Reactions w/ J.T. Smith of the Front Office News

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2021 63:35

    The NBA Draft Lottery has now been revealed! Tim is joined by J.T. Smith of the Front Office News to discuss their lottery reactions as well as some of the best fits for the 2021 NBA Draft.

    The NBA Happened Today

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 50:06

    Today, the NBA Happened and gave us enough content to do a whole show.   Tim and Sean discuss Chris Paul's COVID Protocol, Coaching Changes, Giannis vs Durant and a lot more.

    Playoff Talk, Awards and League News

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 11, 2021 60:08

    This week on 48 Minutes the guys discuss the MVP & DPOY awards, NBA Teams getting intel on Penny Hardaway as a coach, LeBron switching jersey numbers and the Playoff's current look.

    Shot Callers: LeBron Hate, Portland moves on from Stotts, Clippers prevail and more

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2021 68:08

    This week on Shot Callers the guys discuss the hate for LeBron James, The Blazers move on from Terry Stotts, the Clippers advance past the Mavs and we select our top 10 NBA Jerseys we'd like to own of current NBA players.

    Danny Ainge steps down, Brad Stevens steps up, Coach K's last year and Playoff talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 34:34

    Tim returns from his honeymoon and we have a ton of news!   The Celtics have a ton of front office changes, coach K announces his final season and Tim wants the Lakers season to be over with.

    The Bucks Aren't Playin' Around, Knicks vs. Trae + Luka is Out of His Mind

    Play Episode Listen Later May 28, 2021 31:53

    The NBA Playoffs are in full swing! While Tim is on his honeymoon, Sean and the Shot Callers crew of Ben Brown and Josh Hays get together to talk how impressive the Bucks have been, this incredible Knicks/Hawks series we're witnessing and how Luka Doncic is dismantling the LA Clippers.

    Hall of Fame Classes for 20 and 21, Play-In Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 59:07

    The NBA Playoffs are on the horizon this week and we are here to get you ready for the Play-in games of the Postseason.   Tonight Tim and Ben recap the HOF ceremony for the 2020 class, discuss the inductees of the 2021 class and end the show previewing the play-in games!

    Shot Callers: Russell Westbrook Becomes the All-Time Triple-Double leader.

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2021 56:37

    The guys discuss Westbrook's historic triple-double and more.

    Talking the New York Knicks with Mo Egger of ESPN1530 and the Athletic

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2021 45:12

    Folks, the Knicks are going to the NBA Playoffs, and not just barely either! Tim and Sean are joined by Knicks superfan and Cincinnati Sports talk host Mo Egger.   Mo discusses how fun the Knicks have been, how Mike Breen is the best and lastly, what is the ceiling for this team?

    NBA Season End Game is Here

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2021 50:34

    This week the 48 Minutes and Shot Callers Crew come together to discuss the NBA playoff Play-In Scenarios, Why do people sleep on Russell Westbrook, Thibs has gotten the Knicks to buy in, and LeBron's possible super hard road to the finals.

    Shot Callers: Steph Curry spreads the good vibes!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2021 69:05

    While the Shot Callers crew was on Curry watch during yet another historic game, they did manage to sneak in a little bit of Basketball talk. The guys discuss Curry's insane run. (2:24), Kobe Bryant's Nike contract has ended (16:10), Injury updates (30:05), NBA hot streaks (47:00) and the Knicks, the Kings of New York (50:14)

    48 Minutes: Jamal Murray ACL Tear + Kevin Durant vs Shannon Sharpe + Ben Simmons for DPOY

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2021 45:32

    This week on 48 Minutes Tim and Sean discuss Jamal Murrays ACL tear (01:52), Kevin Durant vs Shannon Sharpe (11:03), Ben Simmons for DPOY (18:05), Clippers 6 game win streak (29:29), and Steph Curry becomes the Warriors All-Time Leading Scorer (38:30).

    48 Minutes: KD Returns + Warriors Struggle + Nuggets or Suns + LaVine & Vooch Early Impressions

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2021 45:45

    Sean has returned to the show!!! Yes sir Sean is back and we are talking about Kevin Durant's return to the Nets (3:35), Despite Steph Curry's best efforts, the Warriors struggle (13:47), What team are you most confident in, the Suns or the Nuggets? (26:02) and finally, as die hard Bulls fans, our first impressions of the Zach Lavine & Nikola Vucevic combo (34:35)

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