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Cocktails and Scenes is a (usually) weekly podcast where Will Martin and Wayne Lawler discuss their love of all things movies, while also indulging in their favorite adult beverages. Each episode will cover a different topic including discussing specific genres, an individual actor/actress, new movie release reviews, and many more.

Cocktails and Scenes

    • Nov 24, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
    • every other week NEW EPISODES
    • 1h 14m AVG DURATION
    • 28 EPISODES

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    Latest episodes from Cocktails and Scenes

    27. Barrel Aged Movie Classics: Ghostbusters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 87:05

    When you want movie talk, and it better be good... Who ya gonna call? Well, Cocktails and Scenes Obviously. On this weeks episode, with Ghostbusters:Afterlife hitting theaters this month we thought we would revisit the original two entries in the franchise and talk about the history of the Ghostbusters. An absolute sensation in the 1980's, the Dan Akroyd/Bill Murray/Harold Ramis led sci-fi comedies are some of the most successful, most quoted, and most nostalgic movies of all time. Sean Murray joins Will and Wayne to talk about the history and legacy of the first two films, reflect on the 2016 reboot, and share their hopes for Ghostbusters:Afterlife. Grab your Twinkies, Stay-Puft Marshmallows, and drink some Ecto-Cooler as we talk all things Ghostbusters!

    26. Will and Wayne Go to the Movies: Eternals

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 72:30

    On our 26th episode we cover the 26th movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Eternals. Eternals came to us with high expectations equipped with a stellar cast and a recent Academy Award winning Director in Chloe Zhao, however its reception by critics was lukewarm at best. What do we think of the latest MCU entry? Does Chloe Zhao keep the momentum going after her Oscar win? Are we ever going to get to see the Karun/Kingo documentary? Grab your spit fermented ale and listen in!

    25. Will and Wayne Go to the Movies: No Time to Die

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 68:34

    FINALLY. The thrice delayed final Daniel Craig 007 adventure arrived with us last month after it was originally supposed to release almost two years ago. On this weeks C&S we talk about the long awaited swan song for Daniel Craig as Bond, No Time to Die. Will and Wayne are both noted 007 fanatics and have been huge fans of the Daniel Craig era, does No Time to Die end the series on a high note or leave us with more questions than answers? Fix up your martini and join us as we discuss all things Bond, Craig, and No Time to Die!

    24. Will and Wayne Go to the Movies: Dune

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2021 54:02

    This week we are discussing the long awaited Denis Villeneuve helmed epic, Dune. Adapted from Frank Herbert's science fiction novel, Dune was yet another oft-delayed pandemic era film that finally made its way to us this month via Theaters and HBO Max. As an avid reader of the books Dune is the movie Wayne has been looking forward to the most in 2021, while on the flip side Will goes into this one with an empty slate not having read the books. Our friend Sean Murray also joins us once again as our third man in to discuss. Did it live up to Wayne's expectations? How does the movie work for non-book readers Will and Sean? Join us and let's listen like demons!

    23. Enter Sandman: Adam Sandler Movies

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 73:21

    Cindy and Scott are newlyweds....whoooopa dee do! This week we are getting nostalgic and discussing Adam Sandler. If you grew up in the 90's and early 00's this episode is for you. If you didn't too bad, cause we have a microphone and you don't SO YOU WILL LISTEN TO EVERY DAMN WORD WE HAVE TO SAY. Next, we dive into our Top 5 lists and we wanna know who's list makes them THE SMARTEST MAN ALIVE and who's list you think is clorophyll more like borophyll. Finally, we give our worst Sandler flicks in Bottom of the Barrel.. we eat pieces of shit like these movies for breakfast.

    22. Will and Wayne Go to the Movies: Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2021 53:35

    On a dark desert highway.... This week we talk about the 25th entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings. Marvel's first entry into the kung-fu genre is not only a breakthrough for Asian representation on the big screen, it is also a huge commercial and critical hit. While smashing box office records, many studios are now adjusting their theater/streaming release strategy based on the performance of this movie. Most importantly however... what did Will and Wayne think of this movie? We could tell you here.... OR.. you can listen and find out!

    21. Barrel Aged Movie Classics: Heat

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2021 117:34

    This week is our first in a new series of episodes we are calling "Barrel Aged Movie Classics". On each of these episodes we'll do a deep dive into one classic movie and we start with the 1995 crime thriller, "Heat". Written and Directed by Michael Mann and starring Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, and Val Kilmer, Heat has gone on to be a main influence for such films as The Dark Knight, The Town, Baby Driver, Out of Sight and many more. Join us as we discuss Heat and remember... Don't let yourself get attached to anything you are not willing walk on in 30 seconds if you feel the heat around the corner.

    20. Top Tom: Tom Cruise Movies

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 114:06

    Hello. This episode is all about the Quan as this week we dive into the resume of the one, the only, Mr. Tom Cruise. Our mutual love of Tom Cruise is a big reason why we started this podcast (hence the name Cocktails and Scenes), so we have a lot to dig into with our Top 5 Cruise films. It essentially was Mission Impossible to get it down to 5, but we got there. Should we or should we not follow the advice of the galatically stupid movies we chose as our bottom of the barrel Cruise flicks? It pains us to say, but there are some. We'll stop here, we know we had you at hello.

    19. Will and Wayne Go to the Movies: The Suicide Squad

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 30:00

    HAND! Another movie review this week as Will and Wayne got together in Westfield, MA to hit the theater and see James Gunn's "The Suicide Squad". Is the Sequel/Reboot/Remake/Requel in line with James Gunn's other fantastic Superhero movies? Grab your favorite nom nom's, listen in, and let us know what you thought of the newest DCEU film.

    18. Will and Wayne Go to the Movies: Black Widow

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2021 41:01

    IT STILL FITS! This week we review he long awaited next chapter in the MCU, Black Widow. ScarJo finally gets her spotlight in the leading role in the first entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in over two years due to three COVID related delays. It also becomes the first MCU movie to simultaneously release in Theaters and Streaming on Disney Plus. What do Will and Wayne think of the MCU's newest chapter? Is it worth the wait? Tune into find out... Bye Bye Miss American Pie!

    17. Straight Up Movie News June 2021

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 81:20

    We're back! This week we are reviewing some news and headlines from the world of movies in June 2021. On the docket for todays episode: - ANOTHER Transformers sequel in the works - Live action Snow White cast - Dune delayed AGAIN - House Party/Naked Gun reboots - New Trailers - Tarantino Retiring - Next James Bond - Will watched all the Fast and the Furious movies in a week - Cruella Review

    16. Sweet 16: Teen Movies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 4, 2021 80:42

    We've already done 16 episodes? As If! This week we celebrate Cocktails and Scenes Sweet 16 by going back to High School and talking teen movies. We can't hardly wait for you to hear your thoughts on our Top 5 lists. Disagree with our picks? Bring it On! We finish this week with some Cruel Intentions when we talk about the Superbad movies in this weeks Bottom of the Barrel segment, let's just say there are more than 10 things we hate about these ones. Cheers y'all!

    15. Straight Up Movie News 5/26/21

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2021 55:02

    This week is a first of a series of episodes we will be releasing periodically called "Straight Up Movie News". These episodes will delve outside of our individual topic based episodes, and discuss the latest news/headlines from Movies and Hollywood. On this weeks episode we dive into the following topics: - Timothee Chalamet to play Willy Wonka in reboot origin story for Warner Brothers - Henry Cavill to play lead role in Highlander reboot - Robert Pattinson scores "First Look" deal with Warner Brothers - Lindsay Lohan to return to acting in new Holiday Rom-Com on Netflix - Kevin Spacey playing a sexual abuse investigator in his return to acting, yes really. - Marvel's "Eternals" Trailer reaction - "Those Who Wish Me Dead" (HBO Max) review.

    14. Sandy Bully: Sandra Bullock Movies

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 74:20

    Pop Quiz Hotshot... you need a podcast about Sandra Bullock's best movies.. What do you do? Well our proposal would be to listen to Cocktails and Scenes this week, as we talk about our favorite and least favorite movies from the one we call Sandy Bully. We come armed and fabulous for this one so make sure to listen to it extremely loud and incredibly close as we will blind side you with some of our picks for our Top 5 Bullock films. It must have been a premonition as Wayne and Will share the same Bottom of the Barrel pick for Sandy's worst.

    13. Stah Wahs: Top 5 Star Wars Movies with Adam Walker

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 147:32

    May the Fourth Be With You! Happy Star Wars day everybody. Star Wars, a topic so big that it required our first guest! We welcome HUGE Star Wars fan, our friend and coworker Adam (Sky)Walker onto this weeks show to discuss all things Intergalactic. This is our longest episode yet, as the three of us have very different outlooks on where the Franchises strongest and weakest points are in our Top 5's. Afterwards Wayne and Adam answer 20 questions about their favorite parts of the franchise, and the three of us pick our worst Star Wars movie in Bottom of the Barrel. Listen to this episode or don't, there is no try.

    12. 93rd Tiny Golden Man Awards: Oscars Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2021 53:10

    Why did the Scarecrow win an Oscar? Because he was outstanding in his field. Believe it or not, some movies were released in 2020 and the 93rd Academy Awards are this Sunday. On this episode we preview the 2021 ceremony by discussing 8 of this years biggest categories. We discuss the nominees, make our picks, and of course enjoy some fancy cocktails. See you on the Red Carpet!

    11. Dude Where's My Podcast?: Stoner Characters

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2021 80:35

    Hey bud, let's party... Happy 4/20 to all! This week in honor of the national holiday we get into the weeds... with our Top 5 stoner characters in movie history. Grab a bowl.. of your favorite snacks and enjoy a joint... effort by Will and Wayne as they agree on their number one this week. We don't mean to be blunt... but we do not enjoy the characters we select in this weeks Bottom of the Barrel. I can't think of a pun with bong right now... so just enjoy the episode!

    10. Will and Wayne's All-Star Movie Baseball Teams

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2021 45:37

    Today we consider ourselves the luckiest podcasters on earth. On this weeks episode we each draft a Baseball Team, selecting fictional characters from movies about America's Pastime. We go back and forth, drafting position by position, and leave it to you to decide who fields the better roster. Will you agree with our picks, or think they missed by jussssssttt a bit outside? Either way, the loser will have to take their loss in stride because as we all know.. there's no crying in podcasting!

    09. Did we take 6 shots... or 5?: Clint Eastwood

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021 92:17

    Ever notice how you come across a podcast episode once in a while that you shouldn't have f****ed with? That's this episode. This week we talk the incomparable Hollywood legend, Clint Eastwood. We do two separate Top 5's this week, Wayne tackles Clint Eastwood's starring roles while Will takes on his directorial outings. We can't guarantee that you'll agree with our picks...if you want a guarantee, buy a toaster. Wayne then quizzes Will on some famous Eastwood lines, or in other words he asks a question and then asks another question. Finally, we close out with our Bottom of the Barrel (yes, bad Clint Eastwood exists). We leave you with this... in this world there's two kinds of people, my friend. The ones who create podcasts and the ones who listen. You listen.

    08. Will and Wayne Go to the Movies: Zack Snyder's Justice League

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 44:22

    #releasethecocktailsandscenescut. People on Twitter have been clamoring for it for days and days, and here it is after that long excruciating wait.. we finally review Zack Snyder's Justice League. In the first of an episode series we are calling "Will and Wayne Go to the Movies", we discuss the long awaited #SnyderCut of the 2017 film "Justice League". Is the film worth the wait? How does it differ from the original cut? Does Henry Cavill's upper lip finally get its due? We answer these questions and more as we give our thoughts on Zack Snyder's Justice League.

    07. Episode 007: Bond.James Bond.

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2021 83:42

    (Opening gun barrel sequence) On this weeks episode we talk the longest running movie franchise of all time, James Bond. We have 25 movies ranging from 1962-2015 to pick from when we review our Top 5 007 Movies. Afterwards, we go over our favorite Bond songs, gadgets, girls, scenes, actors, and more in a segment we call "Q's QuickFire Questions". While Will and Wayne have some agreement at the top of their lists, they disagree on one of their picks for the worst Bond Film on "Bottom of the Barrel".

    06. Wicked Good Movies: Boston Movies

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2021 108:53

    You know what the best part of my Wednesday is? For about ten seconds, when I wake up and open my favorite podcast app and I think another new episodes of Cocktails and Scenes will be there, and I can just listen to it on repeat. No goodbye, no see you later, no nothing. I don't know much, but I do know that. This week we talk Boston movies. Will you agree with our Top 5? Maybe, Maybe not, maybe go F%$# yourself. We debate who's had the better career Damon or Affleck, we'll see you around on one side or the other. Finally on bottom of the barrel we talk about the movies that we wish would go Gone Baby, Gone.

    05. Will and Wayne's Trailer Park: 2021 Movies

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2021 62:36

    We all make sure we get to the theater in time so we can catch the previews right? Well this is Cocktails and Scene's version of Coming Attractions. The guys discuss the current state of movie theaters and each dive into the Top 5 Movies they are looking most forward to seeing in 2021 (fingers crossed they actually get released). Afterwards for all those with kiddos out there, Wayne runs through some family friendly movies coming out this year as well. As the Counting Crows once said "Maybe this year will be better than the last."

    04. HANX: Tom Hanks Movies

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2021 71:57

    THERES NO CRYING IN PODCASTING! On this weeks episode we talk the beloved, Tom Hanks. Our top 5 Tom Hanks movies are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. Houston, we have a problem in this weeks Bottom of the Barrel as Will and Wayne have a major disagreement on one of the guys picks. Finally, this town ain't big enough for the both of them as we debate Hanks v. Cruise in a segment we call "Tom vs. Tom"... WILSON!!!!

    03. Will & Wayne Go To Washington: Political Performances

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 17, 2021 85:14

    Thanks to all for a great first full week of Cocktails and Scenes! In honor of President's Day this week, we run through our Top 5 Performances in Political Movies. Wayne discusses (the lack of) women in leads in Political Movies. Will reviews the many portrayals of George W. Bush we've seen in Movies and on TV. On Bottom of the Barrel this week, Wayne talks some fictional Presidents who have some questionable policies, while Will takes on some horrible impressions of Presidents that all take place in the same movie.

    02. Cocktails and Scenes: The Sequel

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 110:50

    Can we top the original? That's the question, as we delve into the world of Movie Sequels on Episode 2. Will and Wayne start off their Saturday morning with a few beers and their Top 5 Movie Sequels. Will's topic this week is diving into the (very dark) world of Comedy Sequels and Wayne discusses Trilogies. In this weeks "Bottom of the Barrel" the guys have a major disagreement on Wayne's worst sequel.

    01. When Will Met Wayne: Romantic Comedies

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 10, 2021 83:19

    One in the books! In honor of Valentine's Day coming up this weekend, we kick off the Podcast by showing our softer sides with Will and Wayne talking Romantic Comedies. First, Will and Wayne discuss what beverages they are enjoying as they run through their lists of Top 5 Rom Coms. Next, Wayne discusses a Romantic Comedy that has comparisons to his real life, while Will talks about what defines a Romantic Comedy and how they have changed over the past few decades. We end the episode with our inaugural "Bottom of the Barrel" segment, where we pick our worst of the genre.

    00. Cocktails and Scenes Intro/Trailer

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2021 4:43

    Welcome to Cocktails and Scenes, a podcast where friends/co-workers Will Martin and Wayne Lawler talk about all things movies and have a few beverages along the way. In this introduction, we introduce ourselves and the podcast and set the table for whats to come on future episodes.

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