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The best podcast for the best franchise in sports. Hosts Hubbs and Tommy Smokes are two lifelong Yankees fans who eat, sleep, and breathe Yankee baseball. Airing Mondays and Thursdays during the regular season and weekly in the off-season, the show covers both major and outside-the-box stories from Yankees Universe as we all chase World Series championship number 28

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    Episode 302: We Are Completely All Over The Place

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 70:41

    The offseason rumor mill continues to chug along, as the Yankees are still reportedly talking to the camps of both Carlos Correa and Corey Seager. In recent news however, Correa made some harsh comments towards Derek Jeter's defensive career, claiming Jeter did not deserve any of the Gold Glove awards he won. Understandably, many Yankee fans took exception to his quote and started to question whether Correa's villainous persona is something they want on the team. We also find out how desperate teams are during this year's pitching market, with Justin Verlander returning to Houston on a massive 1-year/$25 million gamble from the Astros, and the Angels signing Noah Syndergaard to a 1-year/$21 million dollar deal. Brett Gardner also reportedly wants to play again in 2022, making us seriously doubt that we'll ever get rid of this man from our lives. We also discuss the recent awards season, debating whether or not it was a good thing that Cole was snubbed for AL Cy Young and what it truly means to be an "MVP" of the league. Finally, we thought it'd be appropriate to comment on a certain Twitter "reporter" that got outed for sharing fake Matt Olson trade rumors in hilarious fashion, hopefully he never makes a resurgence. Outro Song: “Tropical House Music" via APM Music Library

    Episode 301: Matt Olson? Correa? Seager? Verlander? The Yankees Offseason Rumor Mill is in Full Throttle.

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 71:55

    We've got a big week of Yankees storylines to filter through on the show. Brett Gardner is now officially a free agent and someone actually decided to pay Andrew Heaney $8.5 million to pitch for them in 2022. The Matt Olson trade rumors are heating up big time as the Yankees debate who should be manning first base next season. Brian Cashman talked to reporters at the GM Meetings and shared lots of info including the fact that he's already contacted two free agent shortstops agents (Correa & Seager). Who do you want? We further debate. The Yankees also had scouts at Justin Verlander's showcase and have reported interest. Luis Rojas is expected to become the Yankees next 3rd base coach with Eric Chavez also being interviewed for a position. Tommy learns what dryer sheets are as well. Outro Song: “Imagine What Could Be" via APM Music Library

    Episode 300: All Over The Place With Joba Chamberlain

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 76:47

    To celebrate hitting 300 episodes of the podcast, we brought back one of our all-time favorite guests on the show: Joba Chamberlain! We talk with him about the Braves' World Series victory and what he thinks of the current and future landscape of baseball. He shares with us from his perspective what it was like to win a World Series title and the crazy days that followed. We also ask him about his thoughts on this current Yankees team and get some great stories about his time spent playing with veteran guys like Jeter and Arod. Finally, we wrap up the show with a long discussion on whether or not chocolate is considered candy, because we only focus on the most important issues on this show, of course. Thank you to everyone for supporting us through 300 episodes (for better or worse) and here's to many more going forward! Outro Song: “Friday Feeling” via APM Music Library

    Episode 299: Brett Gardner vs. Gerrit Cole? Correa vs. Seager? Offseason Life Moving Along

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 92:21

    The World Series is upon us! Thank god we're not forced to suffer through watching the Red Sox compete in it. Meanwhile in the Yankees newsphere, according to a recent tweet from Bob Klapisch, Anthony Rizzo is reportedly eager to return to the Yankees in 2022. Question is, do we want Rizzo back or should the team look to trade for Matt Olson? Klapish also made headlines calling out the superstitious habits of Joey Gallo, which some fans thought went too far. We also discuss the recent drama between Gardy and Cole following a prank that Cole did not take kindly to. After putting it off for a few weeks, we tally up the final results of our regular season predictions to see who owes the gang dinner. Finally, we round off this long pod with some voicemails, some of which were serious while the others were most certainly not. Outro Song: “I Feel So Alive” via APM Music Library

    Episode 298: Aaron Boone Is Coming Back For THREE MORE YEARS

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 19, 2021 83:57

    Our worst fears have been confirmed as the Yankees re-signed Aaron Boone to not one, not two, but THREE more years AND a club option for a fourth year. We discuss the insanity that is Cashman's iron grip on the entire organization, as well as what needs to be done to avoid having a repeat of this past season. We also answer some of your voicemails, many of which shared our frustrations with the recent news and press conference. God help us all. Outro Song: "Lift Up" (Instrumental) via APM Music Library

    Episode 297: Boone Likely Coming Back + Go Astros We Guess? This is Hell.

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 56:42

    The Yankees are reportedly leaning on bringing back Aaron Boone. The Red Sox are in the ALCS against the Astros. Life is hell for all of us right now. We rant how if this doesn't embarrass the organization to shake things up then nothing will. Hubbs wants Michael Fishman and his team of nerds gone and replaced by better nerds. Tommy cannot fathom how Boone could be back. Mush refuses to believe Dusty Baker invented the high 5. We run through the Yankees arbitration eligible guys and who they should make offers to as we figure out how to fix this team in one offseason. Outro Song: “Live It Up” via APM Music Library

    Episode 296: Season's Over

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 48:02

    Yankees got walked over in the Wild Card Game and lose once again to Boston. We're all demoralized. Outro Song: “Sunset Chill” via APM Music Library

    Episode 295: Aaron Judge Sends The Yankees To The Postseason - Next Up? Boston Of Course

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 52:10

    They did their best to make us want to die, but the Yankees are into the postseason thanks to an incredible pitching effort on Sunday and Aaron Judge. We break it all down and preview the Yankees all or nothing do or die Wild Card game on Tuesday. Outro Song: “Waiting For This Moment” via APM Music Library

    Episode 294: Bronxie The Magic Turtle Helps Turn Robbie Ray Back Into a Fraud, Yankees Win a Massive Series in Toronto

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 49:43

    The Yankees followed up their massive sweep of the Red Sox in Fenway with a gigantic series W in Toronto. Robbie Ray turned back into a pumpkin on Thursday as the Yankees tagged him for four bombs. The bullpen continues to be lights out and now with the the return of Lasagna they are at an optimal level. Aaron Judge continues to mash despite a busted pinky. The Baltimore Orioles are now forever our great pals after what they did to the Sox this weekend. All of this thanks to a magical turtle named Bronxie who was adopted right before this hot streak. The Yankees are cooking, let's take care of business this weekend and secure the number 1 Wild Card spot. Outro Song: “Together Now” via APM Music Library


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 51:22

    The Yankees played the Boston Red Sox this weekend in Fenway. They won every single game. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday all victories where they scored more runs than the Red Sox. It was glorious, it was euphoric, it was spectacular. Giancarlo Stanton now owns Fenway Park after an unbelievable series. The Yankees are now ahead of Boston for the number 1 spot in the AL Wild Card. Sunday night's game was ridiculous with dropped fly balls, dropped strike 3s, Tyler Wade not sliding on a caught stealing, clutch go ahead hits by Judge and Stanton, fire alarm delays. Oh yeah and our pals Joe West and Adam Ottavino had huge nights for the Yankees. We break it all down and also discuss a new way to fix baseball. Outro Song: “Want Your Love” via APM Music Library

    Episode 292: Yankees Sweep Texas + Severino Actually is Back+ Gary Shut Us Up Good

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 72:59

    The Yankees actually did their job this week and swept Texas to pull in front of Toronto for the 2nd WC spot. It wasn't easy, but they got it done. Gary had himself a big week to shut us up. Luis Severino finally made his return to a big league mound and he looked awesome. We break down the series and look ahead to Boston. Also we do an updated trust tree and look at our current standings for our season long predictions. Outro Song: “Your Love” via APM Music Library

    Episode 291: Gerrit Cole Booed Off The Mound, Season Continues To Swirl Down The Drain

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 60:47

    The Bronx faithful booed Gerrit Cole off the mound on Sunday as the Yankees lost their series to the Indians. Cleveland scored 11 runs in back to back games, demoralizing the Yankees. Gary Sanchez's days with NY are numbered and it couldn't be more clear. We'll never root for losses and want this team to make the playoffs, but it actually might be better off for them to miss it and overhaul everything. Times are bad, drink our tears. Outro Song: “Celestial Fires” via APM Music Library

    Episode 290: Heart Attack City But 3 Wins in a Row + Gleyber What Are We Doing + Chad Green Go Away

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 62:05

    The Yankees have have somehow won all 3 games this week so far. Monday Aaron Judge continued to put the team on his back. Tuesday the boys mashed. Wednesday was a rollercoaster of epic proportions. Gleyber is lost mentally and almost cost the team the game. Chad Green can't be used in these high leverage spots right now. Did Gleyber know how many outs there were on Gardy's bloop single. Gallo sitting despite swinging a good bat? Chapman looking better. The umpire ejected the groundscrew. Nestor Cortes Jr. was incredible, including a career high 11 strikeouts. Dissecting Cole's start on Tuesday. Mike King also is going to be a big impact down the stretch here. All this and more on today's show Outro Song: “Brilliant Suns” via APM Music Library

    Episode 289: Subway Series Derailed - Whistle Gate Clears The Benches Between Yankees and Mets After Fireworks Between Lindor, Stanton, and Baez

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 54:14

    It was a wild Subway Series this weekend at Citi Field that culminated with an insane Sunday Night Baseball game between the Yankees and Mets. The benches cleared after tempers flared between Lindor, Baez, and Stanton. Chad Green gave up another bomb and lost another game for this team. Judge had a monster Saturday putting the team on his back but left Sunday's game with dizziness. Gary Sanchez is awful again and his error on Friday with the missed tag was beyond embarrassing. Clarke Schmidt made his season debut and ran into trouble with his location. Gleyber and Gio are completely lost. We talk about the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and the tribute they had before Saturday night's game. Outro Song: “Glowing Dance” via APM Music Library

    Episode 288: The Yankees Lose On Jeter HOF Day As This Rollercoaster Season Takes a Nose Dive

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 53:24

    The Yankees have lose 9 of their last 11 games, and five straight now. Pure sadness. Gerrit Cole left Tuesday's start early with a tight hamstring and we wait word on his prognosis. Gleyber is lost. The lineup isn't doing anything. What happened to playing Tyler Wade and Luke Voit? Luis Gil returned and wasn't at his best, but did make history. He also walked a ton of guys which wasn't ideal. Still, the offense is dreadful having mustered just one XBH since Sunday. Not great. Derek Jeter was enshrined in the HOF at least which was so awesome and a nice break from reality. We break it all down and take your voicemails on today's show. Outro Song: “EDM Elation” via APM Music Library

    Episode 287: The Yankees Might Suck Again + The First Ever Tommy Smokes Hosted Episode

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 51:54

    The Yankees have fallen off the wagon after their historic 13 game winning streak came to an end, going 2-7 in their last 9 against the Athletics, Angels, Orioles (!) and an 8-0 loss to the Wild Card contending Blue Jays. Andrew Heaney and Brooks Kriske are still seeing Major League pitching time even though we have Luis Gil in the minors. It's becoming abundantly clear that the push for the post season is not going to be easy, and it might be time to start biting your nails now. Strap in folks. This episode also makes history as the first without Hubbs, who is at the US Open. Tommy and Marty definitely respect Hubbs' absence and definitely DON'T make fun of him for the whole episode. Enjoy. Outro Song: “Faraway” via APM Music Library

    Episode 286: Gerrit Cole: The Ace, The Stopper, The Cy Young

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 44:02

    The Yankees have snapped their losing streak thanks to that maniac that is Gerrit Cole. 15 strikeouts and the most swings and misses he's ever recored. Our ace was as dominant as can be. The Yankees avoid a devastating sweep in LA and head back home. We break down the whole series and more on tonight's show. Outro Song: “Dunes of Time” via APM Music Library

    Episode 285: Winning Streak Over, But a Split in Oakland Plays + The Mets Maybe With Their Peak Moment In Their Hilarious History

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2021 71:21

    The Yankees winning streak ended at 13 games this weekend, but they still came away with a split in Oakland, a place they do not play well ever. Aaron Judge is on some kind of tear, along with Stanton. Gerrit Cole was lights out on Friday, as was Monty on Sunday. The guys discuss the near future of the rotation with Corey Kluber set to return Monday night in LA. With Gleyber due back soon, what kind of situation is he walking into? Who are we rooting for the next two weeks with Tampa and Boston going at it? The Mets also have an all-time firestorm debacle where Javy Baez is upset with the fans for booing him. We end the show reading Mush's latest blog that was a roller coater and a half in terms of the English language. Outro Song: “Future House” via APM Music Library

    Episode 284: 11 in a Row! Yankees Sweep the Braves - With Pinstripe Dan Barstool Big Cat and Joba Chamberlain

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 43:10

    The Yankees have won 11 games in a row for the first time since 1985. 10 straight series wins for the first time since 1954. Tuesday night wasn't easy with Aroldis Chapman making a mess of everything but Wandy was a hero. Loaisiga needs to be named the closer. Giancarlo is fire hot with two more missiles. Gio Urshela's return is imminent, but what happens when Gleyber comes back? Where does Velazquez end up? Pinstripe Dan (Big Cat) joins the show as well as a surprise FaceTime from Joba Chamberlain who watched our live stream of the game. Thank you to everyone who watched along on YouTube and congrats to our merch giveaway winners as well. 11 wins in a row. Onto Oakland. Outro Song: “Lift Up” via APM Music Library

    Episode 283: Yankees On Fire, Luke Voit is Going Scorched Earth, Andrew Velazquez's Dream Gets Even Better

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2021 55:25

    The Yankees continue steamrolling every team in their path following a sweep of our favorite punching bag, the Minnesota Twins. We're on a nine-game winning streak and suddenly only four games behind the Rays for the division. One of the biggest storylines to have emerged over this recent stretch of dominance is that of the hometown hero, Andrew Velazquez. Him and Tyler Wade have electrified this lineup with blazing speed and scrappy contact hitting, completely changing the profile of the team's offense. Meanwhile, Luke Voit has gone absolutely berserk at the plate since returning from the IL, clobbering every pitch he sees and cementing his rightful spot in the starting lineup. We discuss all about what's making this team awesome to watch right now, and what to expect once some key pieces such as Gio, Gleyber, Kluber, and Sevy return to the team. One of the most positive episodes we've had all year, let's keep the good vibes rolling! Outro Song: “Dark To Light” via APM Music Library


    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 49:32

    The Yankees just finished off an incredible sweep of the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium. Andrew Velazquez had his finger prints all over it coming up with big hits and great plays left and right. Andrew Heaney forgot who he was and pitched a gem to cap off the sweep. Every game was a sweat in some way but the boys pulled it out. We break it all down including Luis Gil's continued dominance since debuting in the big leagues. Anthony Rizzo is back, but what does that mean for Luke Voit. We go in depth on his comments that pissed off a lot of fans and Hubbs sets everyone straight. What should the Yankees do about the 9th inning moving forward now that Chapman is back? It's a great time to be a Yankee fan as they sit in the 1st wild card spot at a season high 17 games over .500. Now we go. Outro Song: “Cooldown” via APM Music Library

    Episode 281: Statement Series In Chicago - White Sox Dave is a Buffoon

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2021 51:46

    The Yankees bounced back from Thursday's nightmare loss in the Field of Dreams game and won both games in Chicago over the weekend. Boone tried his best to mismanage the pen but Albert Abreu and Wandy saved the day. Aaron Judge is locked in right now and it's scary. Joey Gallo had a huge night on Saturday when we needed it most. Nestor Cortes Jr. absolutely shoved on Sunday out pitching Giolito en route to a W. The Yankees get some big time reinforcements back this week as the Sox come to town. We break it all down and more on today's show. Outro Song: “Lazy Days” via APM Music Library

    Episode 280: Field Of Dreams Rapid Reaction - Leave Britton and Heaney in Iowa

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2021 25:18

    Welp. The Field Of Dreams happened. It was really awesome for 8 and a half innings, then Tim Anderson ruined it all. Hubbs, Tommy and Marty jumped on the podcast to break down everything that happened Thursday night in Iowa. Outro Song: “Sparkling Water” via APM Music Library

    Episode 279: Is Tyler Wade Actually... Good?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 52:05

    The Yankees took two of three from the Royals capping off a 10-3 stretch that they desperately needed. Covid continues to screw them but guys like Tyler Wade and Luke Voit have stepped up. Is Tyler Wade good finally? Monday's game was completely drunk including 4 blown saves. Rougned Odor's 3rd base defense is a problem. Field of Dreams game is on Thursday and Andrew Heaney is on the bump of course. Everyone pray. Outro Song: “Life's A Beach” via APM Music Library

    Episode 278: King of the Gil

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2021 61:38

    The Yankees took 3 of 4 from the Mariners this weekend it what was a great series for the boys. Great pitching, clutch hits, awesome comebacks have the Yankees making a charge up the standings. Couldn't get the sweep on Sunday but Luis Gil continues to be incredible to start his MLB career. Unfortunately Anthony Rizzo has covid because of course he does and he'll be down for a little bit. Aroldis Chapman also is on the IL with possibly Gleyber to follow. The hits just keep on coming. Luke Voit is back and we talk about his role for the rest of the season. Stephen Ridings continues to impress out of the pen. Andrew Heaney grinded on Saturday but we still want no part of him, especially in the Field of Dreams game vs. the White Sox. Joey Gallo had a big weekend including his massive 3 run bomb signature moment on Thursday to give the Yanks a late lead. We talk about it all and more on today's show. Outro Song: “All Summer” via APM Music Library

    Episode 277: DAVID WELLS INTERVIEW + Why Have Luis Gil and Stephen Ridings Been in the Minors All Year?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 86:17

    We have an awesome interview with Yankee great David Wells! The 98 team, being traded a bunch, fighting with George Steinbrenner, and drinking with David Cone. Also, the Yankees young guns continued to flex their muscles this week. The offense exploded for 23 runs the last two games when we needed them. Luis Gil made his MLB debut and shined. Stephen Ridings followed and was incredible. Where have these people been? Tommy and Mush think Hubbs is weird, plus intern Noah was turned Italian. Outro Song: “Getaway” via APM Music Library

    Episode 276: Anthony Rizzo is a Super Hero

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2021 62:05

    The Yankees debut of Anthony Rizzo was nothing short of spectacular. This man did everything, leading to the Yankees actually sweeping a baseball team. Homers on Friday and Saturday along with the clutch game tying hit on Sunday. We're ready for the Yankees to extend him. Jameson Taillon capped off an unreal July with another great start. Jordan Montgomery also continues to deal and has quietly put together a great 2021. We've fallen in love with Clay Holmes. Brett Gardner cannot be the starting CF if this team wants to do something. We do a bullpen trust tree at the end of the show. Outro Song: “Edm Euphoria A” (via APM Music Library)


    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 30, 2021 87:53

    The Yankees traded for Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo out of absolutely nowhere. Insanity. Brian Cashman has gone nuclear with more moves to come. We break it all down and more on today's show Outro Song: “Glowing Inspiration” (via APM Music Library

    Episode 274: Two More Worst Losses of the Year! Yankees Lose 3 of 4 in Fenway Because God Hates Us

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2021 57:43

    Yankees lost in devastating fashion Thursday and Sunday. Chad Green's blown save. Kriske's wild pitch bonanza. Lasagna's implosion. Boone mismanaging as bad as it gets. It's equally as expected and surprising at this point. Pure sadness. We recap it all, then Tommy goes on a bizarre rant about evolution out of nowhere. Outro Song: “As The Sun Sets“ (via APM Music Library)

    Episode 273: Yankees Sweep Philly, Ryan LaMarre Plays Hero Ball + Greg Allen Continues To Be a Force

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 56:13

    The Yankees somehow won both games against the Phillies and head to Boston with some out of nowhere momentum. Ryan LaMarre was the hero Wednesday night with his walk off hit in the 10th. Someone named Asher started the game for the Yankees. We wonder why Nick Nelson is still on this roster. Hoy Park was sent down without getting any sort of chance. Rougned Odor continues to come up with huge hits. Chapman's nail continues to be a giant issue, but he's pitching better lately at least. Greg Allen is a force in this lineup. Boone continues to make no sense with his handling of Chad Green. We also break down how we'd handle the Joker showing up mid-game and running down the aisle of seats. All that and more on today's pod. Outro Song: “Feeling Alive” (via APM Music)

    Episode 272: The AAA Yankees Are World Beaters?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 19, 2021 62:49

    The Yankees took 2 of 3 against the Red Sox this weekend with guys like Trey Amburgey, Chris Gittens, Hoy Park, Timmy Locastro, and Greg Allen running the show. They brought speed, heart, and a knowledge of what to do in a baseball game and it was awesome. Gerrit Cole and Jameson Taillon were very good over the weekend as well which helped. Rougned Odor is everywhere and we're all about it. Tommy goes on to make an outrageous prediction. A fan threw a ball at Alex Verdugo on Saturday and we rip him for doing so. A-Rod doesn't know where Joey Gallo would play on this team full of AAA guys. Jasson Dominguez doesn't know how to slide and that needs to change fast. Tommy is confusing people in elevators. We also talk Ugandan Olympics somehow. All that and more on today's show. Outro Song: “In My Bones“ via APM Music Library

    Episode 271: One Last Run At Positivity: 2nd Half Preview + Jasson Dominguez Discussion

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2021 63:20

    As we put Sunday's horrific loss behind us, we look ahead towards the Yankees' upcoming homestand against the Red Sox and Phillies (with varying levels of optimism). We discuss the Home Run Derby and All-Star Game, as well as give our predictions for when Jasson Dominguez will have his first game in pinstripes. We also give a midseason update on our prop bets from the beginning of the season and see who is currently in the lead. And Tommy rants about elevators and plagiarism. Welcome to the second half. Outro Song: "Energize Me" (via APM Music Library)

    Episode 270: All-Time Nightmare Loss in Houston Ruins a Great Weekend

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2021 59:34

    The Yankees had their REAL worst loss of the season on Sunday in Houston, blowing a 7-2 lead in the ninth capped off by a walk-off HR from, you guessed it, Jose Altuve. The way this team manages to find new and creative ways to crush our spirits is truly evil. All the positive vibes from Nestor's solid start on Friday and a complete-game shutout from Gerrit Cole on Saturday, gone. Everything sucks. See you all in the second half. Outro Song: "High and Low" (Instrumental ver.) (via APM Music Library)

    Episode 269: Subway Series Disaster, No More Chapman

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 5, 2021 57:51

    The Yankees lost their subway series to the Mets at the stadium this week. Aroldis Chapman might be the worst pitcher in baseball right now but Boone continues to use him as the closer in an act of sabotage. The Yankees manager's excuse for pulling Chad Green on Sunday was embarrassing. Gerrit Cole continues to suck in the post sticky substance era and we voice our concerns. Cole also gave another terrible answer in a presser and we think he needs some extreme PR 101 lessons. Who is the new closer of this team? Nestor needs a bigger role. Who do you keep in a rebuild? All this and more on today's show. Outro song: "Take Control" (via APM Music Library)

    Episode 268: Murphy's Law - Yankees Suffer Maybe Their Worst Regular Season Loss Ever

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 44:02

    The Yankees managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory against the Angels, suffering one of the worst regular season losses in a long time. Aaron Boone also decided to sit both Judge and Gio in a crucial game against Ohtani because that's just what smart managers do. Nothing can go right for this team. Outro song: "Fire Flames" (via APM Music Library)

    Episode 267: Swept By Boston, This Team Just Sucks

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2021 54:20

    Swept by the Sox. Cole was rocked. No one got the big hit. The Yankees are simply not a good team. Outro Song: “House For Sale” (via APM Music Library)

    Episode 266: The Home Run King Is Back

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2021 62:04

    The Yankees took two of three over the Royals and are 40-34 on the year as they head to Boston for a big weekend. Luke Voit is back and mashing like the beast we know him to be. Wednesday's game might very well be the win of the year. Gary remains red hot and continues to push for an ASG spot. Cole was good once again on Tuesday but Lasagna and Chapman really struggled this week. More concerns for Aroldis for sure. The new sticky substance checks were put into this place week and were a disaster. We break it all down and more with DMs to close out the show. Outro Song: “Pop Chocolate” (via APM Music Library)

    Episode 265: The Triple Play Wizards + He is Still Gary

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2021 61:23

    The Yankees refuse to stop turning triple plays. Some would say they're obsessed with it and we expect a rule change at some point to stop them. The Yankees not only won a weekend game but also took the series against the A's. Gary Sanchez remains scorching hot and it's awesome. Good baseball is finally being played just when they needed it most. Gio survived splinters to the eye and we cringe at the thought of it happening to us. Johnny Lasagna deserves an All Star spot no questions asked. Luke Voit returns Tuesday. Outro Song: “Let Me Have You For Tonight” (via APM Music Library)

    Episode 264: He is Still Gary + Rob Manfred Ruined Baseball Again

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 66:22

    The Yankees have won both games to start the Jays series in Buffalo. Gary Sanchez stays fire hot at the plate, hitting a massive go ahead homer late on Wednesday. Gerrit Cole was very good for 8 innings and then further voiced his frustration with MLB's stupid new sticky substance rules. Cashman had some interesting quotes about Boone. Giancarlo is trying to play the outfield next month. Yankee Stadium is re-opening with full capacity on Friday. We talk about all that and more including a breakdown of how stupid Rob Manfred continues to be on this episode. Outro Song: “Life Here Now Forever” (Via APM Music Library)

    Episode 263: Tired of Being Sad, Sad of Being Tired - Yankees Swept By Phillies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2021 79:28

    The Yankees continued their misery of a season by getting swept in Philly over the weekend. Is Jamo a reliever for this team? Sevy might be dead. Boone got pissed off by a Bryan Hoch question. Giancarlo didn't play the outfield this weekend because the Yankees don't care about the regular season. Hubbs has a theory about sleep and Trevor Bauer stinks. Plus Tommy now has a dog and is a grill master? Outro Song: "In Trouble” (Via APM Music Library)

    Episode 262: Gerrit Cole Shuts Up Donaldson, Thank God For The Twins

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2021 57:16

    With tons of scrutiny and controversy surrounding our ace, angry Gerrit Cole showed up in Minnesota and shut up Josh Donaldson. Cole threw the hardest he's ever thrown in his career as he answered the bell and helped the Yanks get another win in Minnesota. The bats are cooking and it's refreshing to watch. The guys discuss how Andujar needs to play everyday and how Gary needs more playing time given how hot he currently is. Yankee Stadium is finally increasing their capacity almost back to full strength and we're ecstatic. Pete Alonso has a wild conspiracy about the jucied/deaded baseballs and we debate how many people have seen the movie The Wizard of Oz. Outro Song: "Got a Feeling” (Via APM Music Library)

    Episode 261: Aaron Boone Thinks Hitting Into Double Plays is a Good Thing - Yankees Swept At Home By The Red Sox

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2021 57:20

    Rock bottom reached a new low as the Yankees were swept by the Red Sox at home this weekend. Boone refused to get ejected Sunday Night despite the Yankees suffering from one of the worst strike 3 call you'll ever see that sent the game into extras. Phil Nevin and Marcus Thames lost their minds, but our manager did nothing as usual. Boone also believes hitting into double plays is a thing a good team does. That's a real quote. DJ LeMahieu's struggles continue to mount. No one can hit besides Judge really and Gleyber in the clutch. Stanton sat on Sunday after Boone promised he would play the entire series. Jamo was pretty good on Saturday but fell victim to no run support. Hubbs rants about the Altuve chants at the stadium. Luis Severino made a rehab start and was pretty good! All that and more on this therapeutic episode of The Short Porch. Outro Song: "Run to You” (Via APM Music Library)

    Episode 260: Series Split With The Rays, Clint & Miggy Coming Alive

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 61:33

    After Monday’s 4th straight loss the Yankees woke up and managed to split their 4 game series with the Rays. Clint Frazier and Miguel Andujar are really starting to hit. Montgomery turned in another good start. Of course the base running issues continue to make us wanna lose our minds and that falls on Boone. Aaron Judge played CF, we talk about how much that worries us. The Mets have gone to 90% fully vaccinated sections while the Yankees do nothing as the Red Sox come to town. Boone got ejected but it was horrible timing. Nick Nelson shouldn’t be in the big leagues. Gardner kinda stuck it to Hubbs but still sucks. Oh and Hubbs almost made Tommy orgasm with a stat that will blow your mind. Outro Song: "Having the Time of My Life” (Via APM Music Library)

    Episode 259: Memorial Day Weekend Ruined - The Yankees Were Swept By The Last Place Tigers And Lost Some More To The Rays

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2021 55:14

    The Yankees were swept by the Tigers. Not even sure how that’s possible. They’ve scored 3 runs or less in 30 games this year which has only been done by the Pirates. Everything is bad and Boone gives us the same crap again. No one hits. No one has life. We’re all sad. Outro Song: "Here With You” (Via APM Music Library)

    Episode 258: Kluber and Voit Out Months, What the Hell Happened?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 54:29

    Fresh off his no-hitter, Corey Kluber is headed to the IL for months. Luke Voit follows him after straining his oblique. At least the Knicks won a playoff game so we start the show with that. Otherwise we’re trying to spin zone the injuries. Get ready for a lot of Mike King, Deivi, Ford, Andujar, and maybe Gittens. Clint is showing signs of life which would be helpful and Stanton is ready to come off the IL on Friday. The injuries have arrived, let’s buckle up. Also, what is Tommy’s night out like these days and how does he plan to attack this summer. Outro Song: "Higher” (Via APM Music Library)

    Episode 257: Unreal Starting Pitching And Post 2nd Covid Gleyber Sweep The White Sox Out Of The Bronx

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2021 42:51

    The Yankees starting pitchers have now thrown 35 consecutive scoreless innings of baseball. Not too bad for a group that was labeled bums by White Sox Dave earlier this year. Montgomery twirled the game of his life on Friday night and the Yankees turned a triple play out of their ass. Great defense all weekend by the boys. Aaron Judge picked up his first ever walk off on Sunday as Liam Hendriks wanted nothing to do with throwing strikes. Great sweep for the Bronx Bombers as they’ve now won 17 of their last 22 games. We’re feeling good. Also Go Knicks. Outro Song: "Let's Go” (Via APM Music Library)

    Episode 256: The Yankees Can Pitch. Chapman Cy Young Candidate. Jeter Doc is Coming. Open Up Yankee Stadium.

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2021 67:31

    The Yankees take 3 of 4 in Texas to cap off a 7-3 road trip. They’ve won 6 straight series behind some excellent starting pitching from Kluber and Domingo. Is Aroldis Chapman a serious Cy Young candidate? We ask again, is Gio the guy you want up at the plate with the game on the line. The answer might be obvious now. The Yankees OF is depleted and we scroll through the list of available targets they should go after. The Texas Rangers camera angle is stupid and is the reason Gerrit Cole struggled on Monday. We tackle how stupid it is that MSG is going to 75% capacity while the Yankees are stuck at 33%. Also our excitement for the upcoming 6-part Jeter documentary coming out next year. And lastly we rip apart Tony La Russa, although Tommy thinks he might be good for baseball in a weird backwards way. All that and more on today’s Short Porch. Outro Song: "High Fidelity” (Via APM Music Library)

    Emergency Episode 255: COREY KLUBER HAS THROWN A NO-HITTER!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2021 17:45

    For the first time in the 21st Century, a New York Yankee has thrown a no-hitter. Corey Kluber no hit the Texas Rangers tonight, and the haters are absolutely furious. The boys hopped on Zoom to give their instant reaction to the historic accomplishment. Full Episode coming Thursday, Outro Song: “All I Want Is Sunshine” (Via APM Music Library)

    Episode 254: 2017 Aaron Judge Might Be Here Again

    Play Episode Listen Later May 17, 2021 45:52

    The Yankees won another series this weekend, taking 2 of 3 over the Orioles. Sunday’s game was a bit of a mess and left us with a sour taste in our mouth, but a series victory is a series victory. Gleyber has covid and Hicks is on the IL with a wrist injury while Stanton sits with quad tightness so we’re not exactly all sunshine and roses. Hubbs rants on Tyler Wade for a bit after Sunday Night Baseball gave him some shine. Aaron Judge might be back to 2017 form and it’s very appreciated. TJ went to the Trop with Tank and Duggs and talked about his experience in that hell hole. We’re onto Texas. Outro Song: “The Music Makes Me Dance” (Via APM Music Library)

    Episode 253: Gerrit Cole Dismantles The Rays, Yanks Win a Series At The Trop Plus An Interview With Yankees Reliever Mike King

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 74:11

    Gerrit Cole murdered the Rays on Wednesday night, completely dismantling them while on the mound. The Yankees also got a great start from Jordan Montgomery and have won a series at the Trop for the first time in 2 years. The team is also dealing with a covid outbreak among the coaching staff so there’s that. We discuss in depth the pronunciation of the letter “o” and Tommy forgets what rhyming is for a second. Also does Marty have any friends outside Barstool. We also have a great interview with Yankees pitcher Mike King. The Yankees are 20-16 and closing in on 1st place. Enjoy the episode. Outro Song: “Giving Up On Love” (Via apm Music Library)

    Episode 252: MVP Stanton Continues To Come Up With The Goods

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2021 50:14

    The Yankees finish off their 7-2 homestead with a Giancarlo Stanton walk off hit off Brad Hand. Starting pitchers continue to come up strong for this team and they’re winning again. Mush and Hubbs break it all down. The Yankees have a fella in Single A who is hitting the piss out of the ball and it’s insane. Luke Voit returns on Tuesday for a massive series with Tampa. We’re feeling good once again. Happy Mother's Day. Outro Song: “Spin Around” (via APM Music Library)

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