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On "Pardon My Take," Big Cat & PFT Commenter deliver the loudest and most correct sports takes in the history of the spoken word. Daily topics, guests, and an inability to tell what the hosts might be doing will make this your new favorite sports talk show. This is a podcast that will without a doub…

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    • May 18, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from Pardon My Take

    4X NBA Champ John Salley, Heat Win Game 1 + Bring Your LunchPail Questions With Jersey Jerry

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2022 141:22

    The tension has already begun in the PMT studios as the Heat take down the Celtics in Game 1 after an unreal 3rd quarter.(00:02:35-00:18:48) Patrick Beverley wins hater of the year award and we give a postmortem to the Phoenix Suns after Sunday night. (00:18:49-00:34:04) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including an absolutely shocking Billy Football moment. (00:35:30-00:59:21) 4X NBA Champ John Salley joins the show to talk basketball, being a vegan, best of each decade and tons more. (01:00:53-01:55:41) We finish with Bring your Lunchpail questions with Jersey Jerry as well as a state of the union on his Pittsburgh Steelers. (01:56:44-02:18:13)

    Will Compton & Taylor Lewan, Chris Paul And The Suns Are Dead, Plus Hank Sat On The Floor For Game 7

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 131:02

    We start with some NBA talk and the Suns submitting one of the worst Game 7 performances of all time (also credit to the Mavs).(00:02:29-00:07:47) Hank is on zoom because he sat on the floor for Game 7 of Celtics/Bucks and we talk about his emotions and terrible fist pumps. (00:07:50-00:28:36) Who's back of the week including the Reds losing with a no hitter. (00:29:48-00:44:26) Will Compton and Taylor Lewan join the show in studio to catch up, talk about their podcast Bussin with the Boys, NFL, and tons more. (00:45:45-01:44:31) We finish with NHL talk and PFT and Jake's trip to DC on Friday night. (01:46:06-02:08:22)

    James Harden & The Sixers Are Dead, NFL Schedule Release + In Studio With AstroPhysicist Brian Cox

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 154:53

    James Harden and the Sixers are dead. We play a game called which post game quote is worst. Heat Culture demands respect.(00:02:30-00:21:50) The Mavs force a Game 7. (00:21:51-00:26:17) In NHL Playoffs we have Game 7's on Saturday after the Lightning are now 17-0 off a loss in the playoffs in the last 3 years. (00:26:18-00:31:09) NFL Schedule, games we're looking forward to and Billy tells us about the Jets before he leaves mid conversation. (00:31:11-00:47:38) We kick it back to ourselves in studio to talk Celtics and Capital heartbreaking losses on Wednesday night. (00:48:42-01:07:31) Astrophysicist Brian Cox joins us in studio for an incredible conversation about science, black holes, the universe, and being in a rock band.(01:08:28-02:16:18) We finish with Fyre Fest of the week. (02:17:41-02:31:31)

    Ryan Whitney In Studio, Hank Gets Public Support From Tom Brady & FAQ's

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2022 125:10

    We start on zoom with some unexciting NBA games from Tuesday night plus the best part of the night Kenny vs Chuck to the video board. (00:02:23-00:16:38) Back in studio we talk Bucks/Celtics and Warriors/Griz as well as hockey talk and Hank gets a public show of support from Tom Brady. (00:17:58-00:38:35) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Swag Kelly being back with the crew. (00:39:50-00:57:13) Ryan Whitney joins us in studio to talk NHL Playoffs, his golf game, Billy's terrible question and tons more. (00:58:51-01:48:29) We finish with some listener FAQ's. (01:49:49-02:02:26)

    Max Homa, Dmitry Bivol off his Big Win vs Canelo Alvarez, Insane Sports Weekend & Monday Reading

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 115:07

    We start with one of the craziest Kentucky Derby's ever. How horse racing might have been saved by an 80-1 shot. (00:02:51-00:18:24) NBA playoffs and Ja Morant getting his knee slightly tugged at.(00:18:26-00:36:24) Hockey playoffs and PFT and Jake may have a bet. (00:36:27-00:43:33)Who's back of the week including F1 race in Miami. (00:45:33-01:04:09) Max Homa joins us fresh off his Wells Fargo victory to talk about his win, staying positive, and Big Cat's golf swing. (01:05:54-01:24:27) Dmitry Bivol and Billy Football join us from Las Vegas to talk about his huge win against Canelo Alvarez Saturday night, how much Billy helped and more. (01:26:05-01:42:35) We finish with Monday reading “I put nose spray up my dick and it didn't work” (01:43:52-01:51:52)

    Randy Moss, Eddie Hearn & Chris Paul Might Be Good

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2022 121:16

    Chris Paul may be considered “good at basketball” after what he did Wednesday night. We're not giving up on the take though. (00:02:48:-00:12:00:13) We talk NBA and NHL playoffs plus Billy gets cancelled live during the show. (00:12:18-00:33:25) Our long time friend Randy Moss joins the show to preview the Kentucky Derby, best storylines, and picks for Friday and Saturday. (00:34:58-00:58:18) Boxing Promoter Eddie Hearn joins us live in studio to talk about Canelo vs Bivol, life in the boxing promoter world, darts and tons more. (00:59:42-01:41:18). We finish up with Fyre Fest of the week

    Paul Bissonnette Talking Hockey And Guys On Chicks, Celtics & Grizzlies Win & Hot Seat Cool Throne

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2022 120:05

    Great night in playoffs. We start with Celtics beating the Bucks and the Grizzlies evening the series with the Warriors plus a dumb rule for flagrant fouls. Hockey talk and the Caps are back plus the soul sucking feeling of losing in triple OT. Hot Seat/Cool Throne. Our dear friend Paul Bissonnette aka BizNasty joins the show to talk about the Stanley Cup Playoffs, becoming best friends with Wayne Gretzky, who he has winning it all and more. Biz sticks around for a very special edition of guys on chicks.

    Cowboy Joe West, NBA Playoffs & NFL Draft Recap/Grades

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 120:51

    The Bucks win Game 1 and Hank isn't putting his mini whomp button away.(00:02:34-00:15:17) We talk Grizzlies/Warriors and some hockey (Biz coming Wednesday). (00:15:18-00:24:38) Who's back of the week including recap from Saturday Night at MSG Taylor vs Serrano. (00:25:41-00:39:06) MLB Ump Cowboy Joe West joins the show to talk about his career, his music albums, stories from the road, and how he never made a bad call. (00:40:01-01:29:53) We finish the show recapping the NFL Draft and give out grades for a bunch of teams from the weekend.(01:30:42-01:57:34)

    NFL Draft Recap, American Hero Carli Lloyd And Fyre Fest of The Week

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2022 105:59

    The NFL Draft was chaotic and we give our terrible takes about each pick and the trades that went down on Thursday night.(00:02:32-00:42:05) NBA Playoffs and 5 teams got eliminated in the last 48 hours.(00:43:23-00:52:18) USWMNT star and now Franchise owner Carli Lloyd joins the show to talk about her career, her future and tons more.(00:53:26-01:24:36) We finish with Fyre Fest of the week. (01:25:14-01:43:00)

    Pardon My Take: Wed Apr 27, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2022 132:30

    The Timberwolves stay cursed as Ja Morant sucks their soul out of their chest. (00:02:41-00:10:19) The Heat finish off a terrible Trae Young performance and the Hawks. (00:10:25-00:20:44) We recap Monday night and the completion of the Whomp Bet live from Brooklyn. (00:22:11-00:39:54) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including a Brand New Website in defense of our guy Kenny Pickett. (00:39:55-00:57:20) Todd McShay joins the show to break down the draft, give us an answer on where current Tom Brady would be drafted, and tons more draft talk. (00:58:43-01:35:47) And we finish the show with Guys on Picks with Steven Cheah. (01:37:22-02:09:07)

    NFL Draft With Daniel Jeremiah, NBA Playoffs & Ben Simmons Dresses Like The Joker

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 123:37

    Football is back. But first we recap the weekend of basketball including Celtics whomping the Nets and Ben Simmons antics continue. (00:02:23-00:17:30) Jokic earns his MVP. Grayson Allen owns Big Cat. Embiid is hurt. The TWolves stay undefeated in protest games and more. (00:17:31-00:48:14) Who's back of the week including Scumbag Yankee fans and Baker Mayfield's statue. (00:49:07-01:05:39) Daniel Jeremiah joins the show to talk about the NFL Draft, how this class stacks up, how he ranks the QB's and some nuggets you can pass along to people you watch the draft with. (01:07:20-01:47:18) We finish with Billy Explains, as Billy breaks down the Elon Musk/Bill Gates feud. (01:48:08-02:00:39)

    NBA Playoffs W/ Kirk Goldsberry, USMNT Goalie Zack Steffen + Hank's Huge Announcement

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2022 118:19

    The Timberwolves are dead and we're done with them. The Jazz team needs to go home. (00:02:24-00:13:21) We talk Celtics/Nets, Bulls maybe being back and Jay Wright retires in the classiest way possible. (00:14:49-00:36:12) Kirk Goldsberry joins the show to talk NBA Playoffs, vibes of the different teams, and what happened to Kevin Durant. (00:37:01-01:18:57) USMNT Goalie Zach Steffen joins the show to talk soccer, playing overseas and more. (01:20:33-01:42:37) We finish with Fyre Fest and Hanks big announcement (01:42:39-01:55:40)

    Tennis Pro Genie Bouchard, Hot Seat/Cool Throne, Billy's 1 Rep Max And Guys On Guys

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2022 131:01

    We're recording early because Big Cat and Hank are in Chicago so we talk Monday Night's playoff games and Kyrie getting fined. (00:02:35-00:26:18)Hot Seat/Cool Throne and Billy Football tries for his one rep max on air. (00:27:17-00:50:33) Tennis Pro Genie Bouchard joins the show live in studio to talk Tennis, her career, how we would do against her, and tons more. (00:52:15-01:37:11) We finish with the first ever Guys on Guys with Joey and Pat from the Out And About Podcast. (01:38:34-02:08:40)

    Jake Arrieta, NBA Playoffs And Monday Reading Is Back

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 128:58

    NBA Playoffs are here and Kyrie put on an all time villain show in defeat. (00:03:15-00:10:40) We talk about all the Games from Saturday and Sunday including another Glen Taylor protestor. (00:10:42-00:34:30) Who's back of the week covering Baker Mayfield, Russell Wilson and more. (00:35:37-00:53:38) Jake Arrieta joins the show to talk about his career, pitchers mentality, pitching for his little league son, baseball in 2022 and tons more. (00:55:00-01:49:08) We finish with a Monday Reading "My Boyfriend is Digging a Giant hole in our backyard, should I be concerned?" (01:50:51-02:03:35)

    Ryen Russillo, NBA Playoffs, Fyre Fest And Top 5 Coaches That Could Be Number 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2022 132:53

    Tax Day is here, until Monday. We talk NBA Playoffs and have an official Whompin bet for Celtics/Nets. (00:02:26-00:16:38) Kershaw getting pulled (00:18:13-00:23:26) and the Simmering Notre Dame vs LSU feud plays out on social media. (00:23:28-00:31:47) Ryen Russillo joins the show to talk NBA Playoffs, Minnesota celebration, and we draft top 5 coaches that could be number 1. (00:32:47-01:46:38) We finish with Fyre Fest of the week. (01:47:51-02:09:15)

    Play In Game Recap, The Pat Beverly Show, Craig Robinson (Darryl From the Office) In Studio Plus Things Get Contentious

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2022 114:20

    The NBA Play In Games absolutely ruled and we recap Patrick Beverly's show that he put on, Anthony Edwards and why Minnesota fans should not be ashamed of celebrating. The Nets beat the Cavs and the guys disagree with who they think will win Nets/Celtics. (00:02:35-00:32:26) Hank sends a very embarrassing text message and things get contentious.(00:33:19-00:45:22) Hot Seat/Cool Throne.(00:46:50-01:11:25) Craig Robinson (Darryl From The Office) joins the show to talk about his new show on Peacock, the Office, and an impromptu karaoke session in studio. (01:12:52-01:38:16) We wrap up with listener submitted FAQ's (01:39:16-01:51:55)

    Scott Van Pelt Live From Augusta, Scottie Scheffler Wins The Master Plus NBA Playoffs Are Set

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 95:53

    Scottie Scheffler wins the Masters and we break down all the stories from the weekend including Max Homa making the cut then having a weekend. Rory and Nick Faldo ruining it. Tiger Woods being back until he wasnt and more. (00:02:29-00:28:28) We touch on the tragic passing of Dwayne Haskins. (00:28:29-00:33:15) Who's back of the week with some baseball talk.(00:36:01-00:50:45) Scott Van Pelt joins us from the show to talk about the Masters, being at Augusta, and the tragic lack of Big Texas rolls at the airport vending machine. (00:51:50-01:16:22) We finish with some NBA playoff talk as seeding is set. (01:17:30-01:33:11)

    Tom Segura, Pete Holmes, Tiger Is Back And Baseball World Series Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2022 127:22

    Tiger Woods is officially back. We talk some Masters with a sidetrack of Lebron and we're trying to stay positive about Max Homa. (00:02:10-00:11:41) We make our World Series predictions for baseball opening day.(00:11:25-00:19:44) Comedian Tom Segura joins the show to talk about his tour, comedy, and the injury that broke the internet.(00:21:00-01:10:20) Pete Holmes joins us in studio to talk about his new show, his past show ending, and more. (01:11:55-01:46:03) We finish with Fyre Fest of the week. (01:48:07-02:04:09)

    Max Homa, Kansas Wins The National Championship And Guys on Chicks

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2022 94:59

    We're back from Nola and a Kansas National Title. We talk the Championship game,(00:02:26-00:13:43) Billys spreadsheet and Jake's first Final Four covering the games. (00:13:44-00:23:48:20) Hot Seat/Cool Throne. (00:24:59-00:41:11) Max Homa joins the show in preparation of the 2022 Masters, guarantees he's making the Cut, and how he thinks he'll do this year. (00:42:26-01:19:21) We finish up with guys on chicks. (01:20:12-01:31:49)

    Coach K Is Done + Stanford Steve/Mark Titus Wing Date At Fat Harry's In New Orleans

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 108:27

    Live from New Orleans for Coach K's funeral. We recap Saturday night's game and all the craziness from the Superdome. (00:02:47-00:15:05) We then go into the time capsule where we recorded directly after Saturday nights game a little drunk. (00:16:30-00:48:51) Who's back of the week.(00:48:52-01:03:47) And we finish the show with Stanford Steve and Mark Titus live from Fat Harry's in New Orleans for our wing date (01:05:09-01:45:48)

    Judd Apatow, Final Four And Fyre Fest Of The Week

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2022 84:54

    It's finally here, the show before judgement day, UNC/Duke. (00:02:26-00:22:41) The guys get ready for their trip to New Orleans and talk Bruce Arians stepping down plus Schefty got paid. (00:22:42-00:31:49) Judd Apatow joins us in studio to talk about his new book, the evolution of comedy, George Carlin and more. (00:33:00-01:09:39) We finish with Fyre fest of the week (01:10:57-01:22:32)

    Buzz Williams, Patriots Trent Brown, Tiger Is Back And Guys On Chicks

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2022 135:01

    Tiger is back, we think.(00:03:03-00:10:26) We talk NFL Overtime rules and more.(00:10:27-00:17:05) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including LeBron twitter gate and our last discussion of Will Smith/Chris Rock.(00:18:10-00:46:09) Texas A&M Head Coach Buzz Williams joins us in studio ahead of the NIT to talk about his season, being red pilled the normal way and tons more. (00:47:15-01:35:26) Patriots Offensive Lineman Trent Brown joins us in studio to talk about his career, his very famous tattoo, and being a massive human being. (01:36:41-01:57:26) We finish with guys on chicks (01:58:36-02:12:14)

    The Blueblood Final 4 Is Set, Coach K Suck Fest, Emergency Will Smith Oscars Segment + Bert Kreischer In Studio

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 142:41

    The Blueblood Final 4 is set, Kansa, Nova, Duke and UNC are heading to Nola and we recap a bad Elite 8 but the most anticipated Final Four ever. Coach K's retirement tour is successful and its going to be insufferable. (00:02:54-00:33:26) Emergency zoom segment to cover the Oscars madness of Will Smith slapping Chris Rock.(00:33:27-00:53:41) Who's back of the week including Castellanos and Lebron winning a Razzie. (00:54:57-01:08:09) Bert Kreischer joins the show in studio to talk about messing with Parents at his kid's school, raffles, comedy and more. (01:09:50-02:00:41) We wrap up the show with Jake's one shining moment list, billy's spreadsheet and Hank being the hottest gambler alive. (02:01:57-02:20:14)

    Pardon My Take: Fri Mar 25, 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2022 107:29

    March Madness turns into March Sadness as Duke rips PFT and Big Cats hearts out and Hank gets to gloat. We recap all the games form Thursday night as well(00:02:08-00:24:51) as Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins and other NFL news.(00:24:52-00:33:27) Chef Tom Colicchio joins the show to talk about food, nft's, top chef and tons more.(00:35:36-01:21:25) We finish the show with Fyre Fest of the Week(01:23:21-01:44:24)

    Stanford Steve, Coach Tom Crean, QB Carousel & Guys on Chicks

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2022 121:38

    The NFL QB carousel hasn't stopped and we talk about recent moves and who's left out. (00:02:32-00:12:33) Billy updates us on the spreadsheet.(00:12:34-00:23:23) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Urban Meyer's monthly article.(00:24:29-00:42:41:10) Stanford Steve joins the show to talk Sweet 16, picks, and wings in New Orleans. (00:44:13-01:16:57) Coach Tom Crean joins to talk about what's next for him, what it takes to win in the tournament, and which coach is mostly likely to bust out the vampire bats. (01:18:12-01:45:51) We finish with guys on chicks (01:47:14-01:58:35)

    March Madness Recap, St Peters Head Coach Shaheen Holloway And We're Dead Men Walking

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2022 83:03

    March Madness recap, we're basically dead people podcasting. Wisconsin lost, Duke advanced, Arizona/TCU classic, Gonzaga/Memphis game of the tourney and tons more memories and moments from the first 4 days. (00:02:40- 00:46:17) Who's back of the week. (00:46:19-00:56:13) St Peters Head Coach Shaheen Holloway joins the show to talk about the story of the tournament, why his team is a bunch of dogs and more.(00:57:06:14-01:13:24) We wrap up with MLB and NFL talk. (01:14:33-01:20:57)

    March Madness Day 1, Coach Frank Martin And NFL Free Agency

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2022 88:27

    We recap a crazy day of March Madness and Kentucky choing as a two seed as well as other upsets and storylines(00:03:13-00:21:24). NFL Free Agency talk and Davante Adams traded to the Raiders(00:21:24-00:38:48). Coach Frank Martin joins the show to talk about coaching, what it takes to win in the tournament and his former life as a bouncer(00:38:48-01:12:05). We finish up with Fyre Fest of the week(01:12:05-01:26:36).

    Mark Titus, Guys On Free Agency With Mike Florio And March Madness Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2022 132:36

    It's almost tourney time and we fund Billy for his spreadsheet betting model that will totally win us money. (00:03:41:21-00:23:47:02) Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Max Homa and Chase Daniel being the God of contracts.(00:25:21:13-00:40:17:04) Our good friend Mark Titus joins the show to talk March Madness, break down each region, giving up on the Big Ten and a possible Wing redemption in New Orleans. (00:40:23:12-01:36:59:13) We finish the show with our good friend Mike Florio who has a new book out in stores about the last 20 years of the NFL as we also discuss Free agency movement.(01:38:32:26-02:08:17:18)

    Jon Rothstein, Brackets Revealed & Tom Brady Cucks Selection Sunday

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 114:26

    Tom Brady stole selections Sunday by coming out of retirement.(00:03:20:22-00:10:40:09) We talk brackets and what we see happening with a full tournament back.(00:10:40:12-00:29:05:24) Who's back of the week including Coach K's losing tour. (00:30:08:23-00:50:07:20) Jon Rothstein joins us in studio to break down his bracket, his upcoming trip to Europe and lots more.(00:51:21:02-01:39:57:01) We finish with Billy's Final 4 QB Bracket and the winner of the 2022 prospect draft. (01:39:59:13-01:51:57:23)

    Bruce Pearl, Falcons HC Arthur Smith, Carson Wentz To DC And March Madness

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 11, 2022 151:02

    Carson Wentz is a Commandeer and PFT had a break down but we're back for some spinzones. Billy reveals the first round of his 2022 QB bracket and we talk some March Madness(00;02;32-00;41;08). Bruce Pearl joins the show to talk basketball, his team's season, his career and much more(00;41;08-01;27;44). Falcons HC Arthur Smith joins us in person at the Combine to talk about year 1 in Atlanta, his family being succession and lots more(01;27;44-02;10;04). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week(02;10;04-02;27;47).

    JJ Redick, Russell Wilson Is A Bronco And Aaron Rodgers Is Back

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2022 128:11

    The NFL news cycle never dies as Russell Wilson gets traded to the Broncos and Aaron Rodgers re-signs with the Packers. Calvin Ridley's suspension and the NFL's hypocrisy and Big Cat won a twitter war in easy fashion (00:02:18-00:29:53). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Russell Westbrick(00:29:53-00:45:19). JJ Redick joins the show in studio to talk about about Saturday night in Cameron, March Madness, NBA, who is going to win the title and current Basketball geniuses(00:45:19-01:51:19:04). We finish up with guys on chicks(01:51:19-02:05:25)

    Bert Kreischer, Coach K's Farewell And Monday Reading

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 129:13

    Coach K's Farewell tour hit a disastrous ending and we recap Saturday night and everything leading up to it (00:02:19 - 00:27:56). Big Cat realizes Johnny Davis is hurt and Nebraska is going to win while we're taping. Who's back of the week including shorts and the Combine (00:27:56 - 00:44:13). Comedian Bert Kreischer joins the show to talk about his career, upcoming movie, thoughts on comedy and tons more (00:44:13 - 01:46:44). We finish the show with a Monday Reading, Billy's hunt for the Liver King

    Adam Schefter, Combine Review And Airport Review Number 2 (Madison Airport)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2022 101:48

    We're live from the Combine and running on fumes. Talk about Wednesday night and running into different coaches plus a recap of our trip. Fyre Fest of the week(00:02:46-00:25:19). Adam Schefter joins the show for his annual airing of grievances where we go through everything, talk big stories, and his future in his career(00:25:19-01:21:47). We finish with the Second Airport Review ever, Madison Wisconsin(01:22:11-01:40:26)

    Duncan Robinson and Aidan Hutchinson. Plus, the boys storm the court at Wisconsin

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2022 116:15

    Live from Madison fresh off the court storming the guys recap a wild night at the Wisconsin Purdue game. MLB is dead, Jake was wrong(00:02:33-00:19:45). Hot seat cool throne talking Ja Morant, baseball, and the magic of uncrustables(00:19:45-00:44:45).Duncan and Davis Reed talk about the NBA season, Heat Culture, and his podcast(00:44:45-01:16:47). Aidan Hutchinson preps for the combine and the NFL draft(01:16:47-01:38:23). Higher education answers your questions about college life(01:38:23-01:54:05)

    Deion Sanders, Recapping A Great CBB Weekend, Who's Back & We Read A MLB Lockout Article Again

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2022 129:36

    Incredible college basketball weekend recapped but best times of the year (00:02:56 - 00:31:29). Billy almost went to Ukraine after a few too many beers on Friday. (00:31:29 - 00:41:42)Who's back of the week including Buzzfeed's death porn and James Harden (00:41:42 - 01:02:57). Deion Sanders joins us in studio with Dana Beers to talk about the Fall Season of Coach Prime, the difference he's making at Jackson State, Dana Beers drinking too much and tons more (01:02:57 - 01:51:20). We finish up with an article each of us read on the MLB lockout.

    Mark Cuban, Catching Up On CBB & A Very Dumb Hypothetical

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 25, 2022 98:29

    We read the room a little then catch up with Jake on some college basketball and the best time of year on the horizon(00:02:17-00:25:05). We debate a very stupid hypothetical that made us all sound dumber(00:26:16-00:39:53). Mark Cuban joins the show in studio to talk about his new business, NBA, All Star Weekend, and we pitch him a few ideas(00:39:53-01:17:09). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week(01:17:09-01:37:16)

    Charissa Thompson And Erin Andrews Plus Post Vacation Recap Of Everything We Missed

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2022 133:41

    We're back from vacation and tanned as fuck. We talk Juwan Howard, Lebron, All Star Weekend, Aaron Rodgers and tons more (00:02:35 - 00:37:25). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Hank the Tank the Bear, Drunk Ideas, and Stefon Diggs Valentines Day (00:37:25 - 01:06:44). We welcome on Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson to talk about their careers, podcasting, hardest parts of their job and more (01:06:44 - 01:51:56). We finish with a special edition of Vacation FAQ's.

    Life Episode 2 With Ryen Russillo & Mark Titus

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 18, 2022 149:38

    We're back with Mark Titus and Ryen Russillo live from LA to catch up after not seeing each other for 2 years, talking life, careers and more.

    DPOY TJ Watt, Super Bowl Clean Up & Guys On Chicks

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2022 105:09

    We wrap up the Super Bowl and Football season with some more coherent thoughts about Sunday after sleeping a little bit. Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Coach K and Kyler Murray. Pittsburgh Steeler TJ Watt joins the show fresh off his Defensive Player Of The Year Award to talk about the season, Big Ben, the Uhhh Hey JJ Era, Big Cat almost killing him and more. We finish the show with guys on chicks

    Super Bowl 56 Recap, The Rams Are Champions And Football Season Is Over

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 14, 2022 69:38

    Super Bowl 56 Recap. The Rams win the Super Bowl and deserved it as the best team. Recapping the game and breaking down the big moments. Best commercials and we're pretty loopy from a long super bowl week. We finish with who's back of the week

    Bengals Evan McPherson & CJ Uzomah + Jimmy Tatro And Super Bowl 56 Picks & Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 11, 2022 137:55

    Super Bowl 56 Is Finally here and we talk about the game, everyones favorite prop and Hank's prop lock of the decade (00:02:49 - 00:34:06). NBA trade deadline and James Harden got traded again (00:34:06 - 00:47:50). Bengals Tight End CJ Uzomah and Kicker Evan McPherson join the show to talk about the Super Bowl, The Bengals run, Joe Burrow and Harambe (00:47:50 - 01:19:22). Our good friend Jimmy Tatro joins the show to talk about being a star now, how we miss smoking bad weed, Rams fans and Los Angeles as a sports town and tons more (01:19:22 - 01:59:27). We finish off with Fyre Fest of the week

    Jerry O'Connell & Jackass Forever Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2022 116:33

    Super Bowl week continues and we talk a little game and update how La is going (00:03:14 - 00:17:17). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including a Billy test (00:17:17 - 00:37:29). Jerry O'Connell joins the show to talk about fantasy football, poems for Hank, and tons more (00:37:29 - 01:37:01). We finish with a review of Jackass Forever.

    Chris Berman, Super Bowl Week Is Here And Drive To 405 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 7, 2022 141:06

    We've all made it to LA for Super Bowl Week and we get some stories from the road dogs after their drive across the country (00:02:24 - 00:28:50). Who's back of the week including coach hirings (00:28:50 - 00:45:55). Chris Berman joins the show and we cover it all in an 80 minute in person interview. Nicknames, espn early days, the Bills, Football and tons more in one of our best interviews ever (00:45:55 - 02:13:17).

    Taylor Heinicke, Drive To 405 + Fyre Fest

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 4, 2022 81:53

    Hank was right and he gets his thank you from Tom Brady (00:02:30-00:09:15). Billy, PFT, and Bubba update from the road to the Super Bowl (00:09:15-00:16:06). We talk Brian Flores and everything else missed the last couple of days (00:16:06-00:29:39). Washington Commandeers QB Taylor Heinicke joins the show to talk about his career, how Blake Bortles saved his football playing days, going full send on the field and more (00:29:39-01:04:10). We finish with Fyre Fest of the week

    Bengals DE Sam Hubbard, Tom Brady Retires + Uncle Chaps

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2022 136:52

    Tom Brady has retired, officially. Hank gives his thoughts a;nd we break down the insane stats Tom Brady has that will never be touched (00:02:22-00:30:51). Coach hirings plus Brian Flores is suing the NFL. (00:30:51-00:36:51) Hot Seat/Cool Throne and The drive to the 405 is off to a rough start (00:36:51-01:04:20). Bengals DE Sam Hubbard joins the show to talk about going to the SB, what it means as a Cincinnati native, Joe Burrow's coolness and what his SB story will be (01:04:20-01:44:22). We finish with a catch up with our good friend Uncle Chaps

    Bengals Vs Rams Super Bowl, Championship Game Sunday Recap And Brady Retires?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 31, 2022 103:30

    Championship Game Sunday has occurred. We start with fastest 2 minutes and then recap both games (00:02:43 - 00:05:06). Bengals going to the Super Bowl. Chiefs choke down the stretch ( 00:05:06- 00:46:40). Rams vs Niners and the curse of being Kyle Shanahan in the 4th quarter ((00:46:40 - 01:09:12). Tom Brady retires? Maybe? (01:09:12 - 01:25:49) Talking Soccer, Talking Tennis and Who's back of the week (01:25:49 - 01:43:02)

    Julian Edelman In Studio, Championship Preview + Fyre Fest Of The Week

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2022 98:39

    Julian Edelman joins us in studio to talk about hiring and firings (00:03:11-00:20:00) and Big Ben's retirement (00:20:00-00:29:35). We preview both Championship games starting with Niners/Rams (00:29:35-00:50:01) and then Chiefs/Rams (00:50:01-01:06:08). We get Jules to FaceTime Tom Brady as well (01:06:08-01:11:46). We finish the show with Nathaniel Hackett to the Broncos and Fyre Fest of the week.

    Brandon Marshall, Sean Payton Leaves The Saints, MLB HoF Continues To Suck & FAQ's

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2022 102:29

    Sean Payton is leaving the Saints (00:02:29 - 00:08:49). Bears hire a new GM and we are still buzzing from Chiefs/Bills (00:08:49 - 00:17:14). MLB Hall of Famer voters refuse to put Barry Bonds into the Hall and its stupid (00:17:14 - 00:27:26). Hot Seat/Cool Throne (00:27:26 - 00:46:34). 6X Pro Bowler Brandon Marshall joins the show in studio to talk about his career, what makes good coaches, the intricacies playing Wide Receiver and more (00:46:34 - 01:31:18). We finish with listener FAQ's

    The Best Football Weekend Ever Recap, Fastest 2 Minutes And More

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 24, 2022 121:38

    The best football weekend ever just happened. We start with Fastest 2 minutes then recap every game.  (00:02:54 - 00:06:19) Chiefs/Bills incredible game/finish ( 00:06:19- 00:32:17) Bengals/Titans and the end of Tannehill ( - 00:53:03) Packers/Niners and Rodgers chokes (00:53:03 - 01:20:32) Rams/Bucs and the computer simulation running out for Brady (01:20:32 - 01:36:03) We finish with who's back of the week.

    Coach O, NFL Divisional Round Preview & Fyre Fest Of The Week

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 21, 2022 105:57

    It's a Football Friday and we get ready for what should be an incredible weekend with a preview of all 4 games(00:02:05-01:02:22). We welcome on our good friend Coach O to talk Football, Joe Burrow, what his next plans are and his momma's cooking(01:02:22-01:27:58) and then we finish up with Fyre Feat of the week(01:27:58-01:43:32).

    Braxton Berrios, The Cardinals Suck & Rovell Is Not Racist

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2022 113:31

    We start the show talking about Monday Night's wildcard game and the Cardinals looking horrendously bad (00:02:59 - 00:17:07). Darren Rovell is not racist because some of his favorite memorabilia is black (00:17:07 - 00:28:30). Hot Seat/Cool Throne including Andy Reid trying to win more cake (00:28:30 - 00:47:09). Jets Wide Receiver and All Pro Braxton Berrios joins the show in studio to talk about his upcoming free agency, Miami being back, thirst trapping and tons more (00:47:09 - 01:27:47). We finish with FAQ's

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