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A daily news podcast from the Connecticut-New York region, with a focus on the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath. Hosted by WSHU’s Sabrina Garone. Publishing evenings, Monday through Friday.

Sabrina Garone

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    Latest episodes from C19

    Santos surrenders

    Play Episode Listen Later May 10, 2023 8:39

    Long Island Congressman George Santos has been charged with 13 crimes, including money laundering. Healthcare professionals are concerned about Connecticut's healthcare policies for undocumented children. Advocates want more transparency from Waterbury police. And Connecticut Senate Republicans propose the largest tax cut in state history.

    Conflicting laws

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2023 11:44

    Connecticut lawmakers approve stricter regulation of THC products sold in convenience stores. Local leaders want to tackle deceptive marketing of food products. A Connecticut bill would raise the age for parole. And Governor Kathy Hochul says she'll continue to push for her housing plan even though it didn't make it in New York's state budget.

    Betting on Nassau

    Play Episode Listen Later May 8, 2023 14:36

    Nassau County and Las Vegas Sands are moving forward with a lease agreement for a casino at the Nassau Hub. Connecticut's Judicial Branch proposed a new rule to keep more residents out of jail. Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim will again plead his case to get his law license back. And why is it Connecticut hasn't established a new charter school in almost a decade?

    connecticut betting nassau nassau county judicial branch las vegas sands bridgeport mayor joe ganim
    Lunch time!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2023 11:29

    The New York State budget includes $134 million for funding free school meals for students. A report finds the health of Connecticut's environment has improved over the last decade. Local lawmakers are concerned a new bill could cut some VA services. And officials hope re-naming Fort Hood will shine a light on Latino service members.

    Sustaining with solar

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2023 8:56

    A 25-year solar lease program could help low income families save money on their energy bills. A law in New York will protect the remains of Indigenous people. A former Fairfield official has been found guilty of illegal dumping. And advocates want a full environmental review of a proposed warehouse in Brookhaven.

    Pension reform

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2023 9:34

    State-run pension reform for municipal employees that could save Connecticut cities millions over the next 30 years. Advocates say Connecticut's cannabis industry could still use some work. Deliberations began today in the Fairfield illegal dumping case. And New York finally has a budget.

    Hard to breathe

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2023 7:46

    Officials are warning of poor air quality conditions as summer approaches. Connecticut House Republicans offer up a budget plan for the first time in years. National Grid proposes a rate hike. And New York lawmakers still have major items to work out for the state budget.

    Mystery solved

    Play Episode Listen Later May 1, 2023 14:06

    A former Connecticut congressional candidate admits to painting pink stripes on the Capitol building. The Suffolk County government cyber hack gets special attention. Sen. Blumenthal wants to avoid another shortage of baby formula. And Connecticut nursing homes are closing their doors.

    Budget woes

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2023 11:04

    New York's budget saga continues. Connecticut tribes are on board with a plan to share more of their gaming revenue. A beloved New Haven park is getting a makeover. And prisoners in Connecticut have sued the DOC over its high incarceration fees.

    Utility companies...that work?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2023 11:41

    Connecticut's electric utilities could get an incentive system. MTA finances are under the microscope — again. Connecticut lawmakers come together to hammer out a two-year budget. And the clock's ticking for Connecticut's state universities to reach a deal with lawmakers on funding.

    connecticut mta utility companies

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2023 10:36

    Plans are moving forward on a $4 billion casino in the Nassau Hub. Connecticut officials highlight results of a state mandate on diversity in public schools. Andrew Cuomo sues a New York ethics watchdog. And Governor Hochul breaks her silence on state budget delays.

    Round five

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2023 11:05

    New York lawmakers approved a fifth spending extender to keep the state running until Friday. Advocates march in support of an Aid in Dying measure in New York. The West Haven Fire District gets a huge federal grant. And Bridgeport is building a new high school, but the property is in a flood zone.

    Preserve and improve

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 24, 2023 15:01

    Connecticut has started the process to redesign Seaside State Park in Waterford, the location of a former sanatorium. Proposed budget cuts for Connecticut colleges could mean tuition hikes and layoffs. A training center on Governors Island will prepare workers for green jobs. And Connecticut lawmakers are considering major bail reform.

    Not an excuse

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2023 10:44

    Some Long Island districts voice their opposition to the state's Indigenous mascot ban. Governor Lamont responds to budget proposals from Connecticut Democrats. New York passes another spending extender. And a farm that teaches sustainable practices is run by Mashantucket members, and college students.

    Still a long way to go

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2023 10:42

    Connecticut has made progress in lowering greenhouse gas emissions, but has a long way to go. A report says the Long Island Power Authority becoming a public entity would improve affordability. Officials wait to schedule a new lottery round for recreational cannabis retailers in Connecticut. And the important role that salt marshes play in combating climate change.

    Failing grades

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 19, 2023 11:54

    Suffolk County and Fairfield County received failing air quality grades from the American Lung Association. Two Nassau detectives are among the first to be investigated under a new state-wide police unit. A Connecticut bill would look into the double-taxation of businesses on tribal territory. And spring marks the return of much of our region's wildlife, including amphibians.

    Troubled no more

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2023 11:13

    The city of Bridgeport says its housing authority is no longer considered officially “troubled” by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. New York has officially put a ban on native american mascots in public schools. A Connecticut behavioral health provider will pay for False Claims Act violations. And a new app will catalog coastal flood damage in New York.

    An untapped resource

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 17, 2023 14:15

    An anaerobic digester opening in Yaphank next year will remove over 200,000 tons of food scraps a year. George Santos is expected to announce a reelection campaign. Governor Lamont wants to increase tree canopy coverage in Connecticut's cities. And the state's northeast corner is being called a food desert.

    connecticut untapped resource governor lamont
    Making it permanent

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2023 11:00

    Advocates urge lawmakers to make Connecticut's child tax credit permanent. Long Island lawmakers re-introduce the SALT cap. Connecticut is short over 80,000 affordable housing units. And government-owned, non-tactical vehicles are going electric.

    Top priorities

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2023 10:08

    Senator Chris Murphy visited eastern Connecticut this week to provide local leaders and businesses with an update on his work in Washington. New York and New England are seeing an increased risk of fire this week. Incumbent Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim is out-fundraising his opponents. And Governor Kathy Hochul has selected a new nominee for New York's chief judge.

    Connecting with nature

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2023 9:15

    A new company looks to promote Indigenous perspectives on hunting, farming and cooking. A report finds our region's air quality has made an improvement. An investigation into last year's cyber attack on Suffolk County is now complete. And New York will create a stockpile of misoprostol.

    Tracking the trash

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2023 10:56

    New York is hearing feedback from communities that have been disproportionately impacted by waste disposal and transfer facilities. Advocates say hundreds of Bridgeport residents are facing eviction. A report finds there are people on Nassau's gang database without a criminal record. And New York is still without a budget.

    Not in Connecticut

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 10, 2023 13:26

    Governor Ned Lamont is assuring Connecticut residents of continued access to mifepristone. Officials say an alleged bitcoin mining operation on Suffolk County computers had been going on for years. Connecticut's board of pardons and paroles has a new chair. And new technology will help the state monitor PFAS chemicals in drinking water.

    State of the bays

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2023 10:21

    Stony Brook University scientists find 17 Long Island water bodies fall below the state's oxygen standard. Lawmakers call for the FDA to lower the price of Narcan. The FBI could soon investigate a string of fake threats against Long Island schools. And New York is still without a chief judge.

    Fighting food insecurity

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 5, 2023 11:22

    A House proposal cutting nutrition programs could impact Connecticut's food insecure. Ten bills from a women's caucus in the Connecticut General Assembly will go to a vote. A hotel in New Haven has become a green energy landmark. And could New York change its bail reform laws?

    Witnessing history

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2023 9:52

    Trump's indictment brought hundreds of people to New York City to witness the spectacle. U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal wants $40 million for Connecticut to fight hate crimes. Brookhaven finds a proposed rail terminal wouldn't have a major environmental impact. And New York's state budget will be at least 10 days late.

    Airport delays

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 3, 2023 14:02

    East Haven criticizes an environmental review of the proposed Tweed New Haven Airport expansion. A lawsuit claims the U.S. withheld toxic exposure information from a group of veterans. Hampton Bays residents want an old motel property to be converted to green space. And Connecticut's home care providers have little oversight, but are filling the gaps in long-term care.

    Rebuild or retreat?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2023 11:43

    Environmentalists say an Army Corps of Engineers plan to rebuild Montauk beach might not be a sustainable solution. Changes to a decades-old EPA plan could improve Connecticut's air quality. New York will not have a new state budget by tomorrow's deadline. And the Pentagon could adopt a new policy to reduce active duty military suicides.

    An alarming uptick

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2023 10:30

    Suffolk County will launch a subcommittee to work with police in fighting antisemitism. A report finds quality of life in Fairfield County depends on a few different factors. LIPA approves a new standard rate for customers set to start next year. And an online database is making Indigenous history more accessible to Connecticut students.

    Taking a local look

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2023 8:59

    New York will direct billions of dollars over the next decade to more than 1,700 disadvantaged communities identified in a new map to fight climate change. New federal funding will go towards conservation efforts in Connecticut. Tuition for SUNY schools could see a big jump over the next few years. And evictions in New York are back to pre-pandemic levels.

    Breaking barriers to reentry

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2023 11:19

    A new guaranteed income pilot program will give formerly incarcerated individuals in New Haven $500 a month for a year. Connecticut's healthcare spending exceeds the governor's benchmark. Police have seized an increased amount of ghost guns on Long Island. And results of the latest Siena College poll on the New York state budget don't reflect what's going on in the legislature.

    Crime woes

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2023 15:21

    A Siena College poll finds reducing crime remains among the most important issues for New York voters. Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont's income tax cut proposal faces hurdles in the legislature. New Haven housing advocates will meet with the mayor after the closing of a tent encampment. And more of Connecticut's aging population are saying no to nursing homes.

    Culture and community

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2023 11:10

    A new study reveals the majority of Connecticut residents engage with at least one form of the arts. The state gets funding to help fight its tick problem. The governor's waste recycling bill has the approval of a key legislative committee. And the Navy launches new programs to help sailors with kids.

    Closer to closing the gap

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2023 7:55

    Connecticut Republicans worry a bill meant to help close the gender wage gap will put an unfair burden on private sector businesses. A former detainee is suing the Suffolk County Sheriff's Office for $20 million. Advocates in Connecticut want to give the state's incarcerated the right to vote. And what women can learn about leadership from Mashantucket Pequot tribal culture.

    Tick time

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 22, 2023 11:15

    Warmer spring conditions could bring early cases of diseases from ticks and mosquitos. Some Connetquot residents say the high school's principal was wrongfully pushed out by the school board. Grants from the Mohegan Tribe will expand Native American studies in Connecticut schools. And Governor Kathy Hochul is at odds with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle over New York's budget.

    Still processing

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2023 10:07

    New Haven Police Chief Karl Jacobson announced Tuesday that he is recommending all four officers involved in the Randy Cox case be fired. Connecticut takes another step towards reducing prescription drug prices. Sikorsky has started laying off some Connecticut workers. And budget negotiations in New York are expected to be intense.

    Epicenter of offshore wind

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2023 14:02

    Suffolk County enters into an agreement with Orsted and Eversource for investments around Sunrise Wind. More affordable housing is coming to Stamford. Local lawmakers respond to the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank. And can elder care services in Connecticut keep up with the state's aging population?

    "Beary” controversial

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2023 10:50

    Connecticut animal activists gathered at the capitol today protest a proposed bear hunt. Lamont creates a “blue-ribbon panel” on childcare solutions. The NAACP intervenes to prevent a new waste transfer facility in Yaphank. And a new Pentagon policy aims to expand service members' access to reproductive care.

    Waste management goals

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 16, 2023 8:43

    Environmental officials have released a proposal to set new goals for waste management on Long Island. Connecticut Republicans want more transparency on COVID-19 spending. Sag Harbor schools look for millions to put towards a new athletic field. And meet the Mashantucket woman leading her tribe in economic growth.

    Another rate hike?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2023 16:58

    A forum invites Connecticut residents to voice their concerns over an 8% rate increase from United Illuminating. The Shinnecock Indian Nation looks for ways to curb debts after multiple shut-off notices. Connecticut Republicans oppose a bill that would create more transit-oriented communities. And the military has made a string of new deals with small Pacific nations as relations with China worsen.

    china connecticut pacific hike shinnecock indian nation
    Equitable maternal care

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2023 10:08

    A bill in Connecticut would increase access to maternal health services, like licensing free-standing birthing centers outside of hospitals. A Long Islander is New York's new GOP chairman. Some Stamford residents were left disturbing propaganda in their front yards over the weekend. And a bill in New York would protect first amendment rights for student journalists.

    Clean up effort

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2023 12:34

    Advocates say a composting bill in Connecticut doesn't go far enough. Another bill in the state would change how juveniles in custody are interrogated. New York officials question pharmacy chains about access to abortion medication. And a controversy over the construction of a new Connecticut elementary and middle school.

    Sound studies

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2023 15:21

    Nine research projects studying the Long Island Sound have received funding from Connecticut and New York agencies. New York housing advocates are confused over a recent comment from the governor. Connecticut-based Pratt and Whitney announced a new multi-billion dollar deal. And get to know the U.S. Treasurer and Chief of the Mohegan Tribe, Lynn Malerba.

    A morning without childcare

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 8, 2023 14:30

    Connecticut childcare providers demand more state funding. Hospitals are in worse financial shape than before the pandemic. Advocates want more money for New York's farm safety program. A first in the nation police training involved Connecticut residents getting drunk and high for a day. And climate change is fueling an interest in protecting the local water supply.

    Learning for the future

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2023 11:13

    Northeastern Connecticut high school students will be the first in the state to take a class on artificial intelligence. Suffolk County Police reach a tentative agreement in a lawsuit with civil rights advocates. Connecticut's attorney general is suing ghost gun makers. And New York teachers unions oppose the governor's plan to create more charter schools.

    Town planners push back

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 6, 2023 14:10

    Some city and town planners in Connecticut are critical of the proposed Fair Share bill. A grant will help Shinnecock Kelp Farmers expand on eastern Long Island. Lawmakers in Connecticut consider a bill to crack down on repeat gun violence offenders. And what would Connecticut look like with fewer towns?

    Protection and repatriation

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2023 10:52

    New Haven's Peabody Museum has almost 90% of unreturned remains from Connecticut tribes. Suffolk veterans are urged to apply for health and disability benefits. Rep. Jahana Hayes wants to declare racism a public health crisis. And once deemed controversial, psychedelics are being considered to treat PTSD.

    Pointing to Patchogue

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2023 8:47

    Governor Kathy Hochul said Patchogue is a great example of her housing vision for Long Island. Connecticut lawmakers consider lowering the blood alcohol limit. Fourteen protestors were arrested for disorderly conduct in Hartford. And meet a Mashantucket woman who is redefining leadership in her community.

    Pequot country

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2023 9:40

    Connecticut's tribes need to agree on a new name for the Thames River. Lawmakers can't seem to agree on a solution to the state's housing crisis. Bridgeport police could be changing unions. And fiscal watchdogs say New York's surplus won't last.

    Not just a New York problem

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 28, 2023 10:41

    A bi-partisan group of lawmakers have proposed an additional $2 billion for the World Trade Center Health Program. Northwell Health considers screening patients to help reduce gun violence. Advocates call for a now-closed Middletown youth prison to be demolished. And both sides of the aisle have their issues with Governor Kathy Hochul's plans for minimum wage.

    All aboard

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 27, 2023 14:30

    Full Long Island Rail Road service to Grand Central opened Monday. West Haven's financial director steps down amid a possible state takeover. New legislation would create an English learners bill of rights in Connecticut. And are your recyclables actually getting recycled?

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