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the boys talk give their take and share what's been going on in their world that week, as far as the culinary world, comedy, MMA, wrestling, whiskey, growing up differently, stories, documentaries, reality TV shows and sports entertainment and everything in between, basically just two best friends being young and dumb and sharing life with you guys.

Kodie Croll & Hylton Davis

    • Sep 26, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    4.8 from 16 ratings Listeners of Some People Suck that love the show mention: kodie, honestly, guys, real, love, hylton.

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    Ep.163- SUPERCHARGED (Feat. Kevin Sherrill & Reese Watkins)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2022 80:38

    Yep, that's us, me and Hylton, with Heavy Keavy and EvilBabyGoose, you're probably wondering how we got into this situation....well Kevin Sherrill was in town charging his Prius at a Tesla plug-in so we had time to sit down and talk to Reese Watkins about the way he fights, what he does with all his belts, his canceled fight, upcoming UFC cards, talking shit about Jon Jones, Kevin's funny Jiu-Jitsu summer camp at a castle in Texas, what we would do for a million dollars, how easy it is to scale Reese and so much more, wish these boys lived in town, hope you all enjoy this weeks poddy! Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@evilbabygoose@watkins.reese@kevingrapples

    Ep.162- Mostly Stories (Feat. Chase Thompson)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2022 83:31

    Not gunna lie, this one was special, we had the pleasure of being able to sit down with, Chase Thompson, Super Star Barber at Wilfred's in downtown Pensacola, FL, Company Founder and Owner of Thompson's Beard Balm, and over all cool guy. His pants are high and tight. We had the opportunity to talk to him all about our struggles with growing beards, his company, his connection with Tom Segura and how he cuts his hair now, you all known how BIG Tom is to us so this was such a dope hang, hope you guys all enjoy it! We hope to have him on several times going forward! Go check out his stuff!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@chase_tson@thompsons_beard_balm

    Ep.161- ADCC Open 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2022 87:40

    IT's TIME! It's the Monday before ADCC 2022! we've literally been waiting years for this moment, it will be the biggest ADCC of all time! So its only right that we had The Overby Brothers on! Both Casey Overby and Derek Overby will be competing just days before ADCC at the ADCC Open, one of the first of its kind. We are all going to Las Vegas for this Competition, its a Once in a Lifetime event and we will all be there to witness history and they will both being taking home Gold in the ADCC Open anyways! Also Tune into the Episode to see which Athlete we are Sponsoring for ADCC, Thank you to all our sponsors, fans and teammates that help support us and keep the podcast thriving!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@derek.overby@casey.overby@kuzushiclubpensacola

    Ep.160- From Rust to Roots (Feat. Rusty Strain & Zach Lukers)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 5, 2022 68:53

    We have the boys from A Rustyc Spoon back in studio, Head Chef, Rusty Strain, and his Sue Chef, Zach Lukers. We get into so much on this episode starting with the high level, the killer culture and environment inside the truck, potentially starting a food truck band...? Kodie describes a very graphic  and traumatic recent animal attack at the local pet store, they reveal BIG news in the Galactis Burger challenge at a charity event with The Campfire Fund for mens mental health event coming up very soon, how people try selling something you can't actually sell, Lays running out of flavors while Rap Snacks has way to many flavors, dj khalid being literally insane, Matty Matheson new show ,"The Bear" and so much more...tune in you'll have. good time, go see Rusty and Zach at A Rustyc Spoon asap in downtown Pensacola!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@arustycspoon@_chef_shooter_mcg_@_joedirte_

    Ep.159- People Like Us (Feat. Stephanie & Billy Jones)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2022 73:54

    To say we were excited to have on todays guests would be an understatement, our palms were sweaty, our knees were weak, our arms were heavy, there was literally vomit on our sweaters already...maybe it was the coffee...but we got the pleasure of having on, Stephanie & Billy Jones of Mrs. Jones Cold Brew Coffee. Literally local caffeine Legends and Pillars in the beverage community here. We talk about the birth and roots of the company and brand in 2016, the controversial different sides of how people take their coffee (Black or Full Flavor), breaking down flavoring profiles and differences in expresso vs cold brew, traveling and researching coffee and cold brew on the road, the future site and plans of the company, a cool spin off non alcoholic brand bar, Billy owing Stephanie a tattoo, billy's side company "Promises & Lies" which makes purple drink and non alcoholic whiskey, we seriously couldn't have had a better time with these two, we love them and everything their brand is, if you haven't already do yourself a favor and go get some of Mrs. Jones Cold Brew Coffee from Everman's or the neighborhood market on Palafox in downtown Pensacola! Follow us on Instagram:@mrs.jones_coffee@mrs_jones_really@mrbilliamjones@thisisthehomie@_hylty@somepeoplesuckpod

    Ep.158- Kuzushi Club Killers (Feat. Logan Ross & Dustin Ward)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2022 79:27

    Things are changing for the Some People Suck Boys, we both started new career paths and we are finally on the same team for the first time ever. Since we all last seen you guys, Kodie join Kuzushi Club Pensacola who is run by past guest and King Kuzushi Club Killer himself, Derek Overby, the team Hylton started and is currently on, since starting training together the team has given Kodie as well as Hylton the warmest of welcome, which in Jiu-Jitsu means, bloody lips, black eyes, sore bones and bruises, but we couldn't be happier being apart of this team. So with all that being said we had to have some of the team on, two stone cold killers, Logan Ross & Dustin Ward, absolutely murderers on the mats but even better people, to talk Jiu-Jitsu, the Mexican Ocean, Space Diving and much more, love everyone on this new team and we are so excited to see the future of what is to come for us all! Go Follow @kuzushiclubpensacola and drop in on a class to learn from the absolute legend that is Derek Overby and the amazing team he has organically grown!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@lross36@e4zyd@kuzushiclubpensacola@derek.overby

    Ep.157- RePete (Feat. Stinky Pete & Mackee Mane)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 70:50

    Today the boys take a literally Dub, we have on 2 of the boys from Dub Records, Stinky Pete and Mackee Mane, the day before Stinky Pete's much anticipated album release, he came on to talk all about his "RePete" album that is a project he has put blood, sweat and tears into, it drops Friday, 8/12/22. A lot has lead up to this album release and he's put his life into it, talks to us about how they met, future shows and projects, what the lifestyle is like, kendrick Lamar disappearing and so much more industry talk, hope you guys enjoy, go download and stream the album, RePete! Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@stinkylaflame@mackeemane@dubrecords

    Ep.156- Here to Help (Feat. Ryan Goldberg & Brett Benton)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 65:45

    We have a very important episode today for you guys, we sit down with the founders & owners of The Campfire Fund of Florida who are just 2 guys that want to help, they don't claim to be experts or doctors, they are concerned friends that have a story that lead them to start a non-profit to help fund mental health resources for men in the local community, they saw a need when a very close mutual buddy of theirs, Elijah Stepherson, took his own life after struggling with mental health issues himself, we have the guys on to talk about this growing problem in the world and what they have found to be able to help with, this one means alot to us, we hope you guys send this to anyone you know that may need to hear it, we love you all, take care of yourselves, we are here if you need to talk. For more information go to or DM them.Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@thecampfirefund@geardriven@brettbenton_

    Ep.155- BIG into Shoes! (Feat. Ben Conner)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 65:44

    The King of Wooden Kicks is back on the couch, Ben Conner, its been about a year and a half since we've seen the boy. Soooo much has changed, he has progressed so much behind the scenes, we talk a little about his life changing decision to have Gastric Bypass Surgery, how different that makes his everyday living, becoming friends with Fat Joe, the constant battle inside his household over his shoe collection, the sometimes controversial take on wearing his rare shoes and what future endeavors he has ahead of himself, we can thank you enough for coming back on Ben, also huge shout out to our fans and sponsors for making such a huge compact in our lives! Thank You!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@belowaveragefotos@handcraftedbybenconner

    Ep.154- Cruise vs. Cage (Feat. Jason & Cherokee)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 73:58

    Last time you saw todays guests, Jason Beck, Head Chef at Loudoe's Food Truck in Navarre, FL, with his beautiful future wife Cherokee, we were given homework from them, we have them back on today for some trivia and to see what we all thought about, Top Gun, Top Gun 2 Maverick & The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent. we also try to get down to who is the weirder one...tune in to see how weird it gets...Can't thank them enough for coming back on, we are looking to make this a reoccurring segment, hope you guys enjoy it as much as we did making it! Thank you to everyone listening and all our sponsors!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@yungxbard@cherokee_brit@loudoesfoodtruck

    Ep.153- this one's 4 the homies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 65:21

    The boys are back from vacation and they have some stories to tell, Hylty just got back from North Miami hanging out with Dan Bilzerian on his boat, while Kodie just got back from the mountains of Tennessee, we talk about our trips and food escapades, staying in a tiny cabin over the weekend, taking second to thank Wyatt Coleman for being such a dope human and blessing us with post-vacation drip (Check the thumbnail for his merch), addressing our fugged up fully loaded tour, bragging how well my students and team did at NAGA, the Subaru braking down again Chapter 216 and of course a MASSIVE shout out to our sponsors and fans, we can thank you all enough for all the love and support!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty

    Ep.152- Big Idea Guys (Feat. Brian Tan)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2022 83:56

    In a world of art and unique artists something about our guest today just stands out in such a simple and subtle way, Brian Tan, who you may know as @btanart on IG, sits down on the couch to talk to us about how he came up with his own style, talks to us about moving across the country in the pandemic from NYC to Mobile, AL. How dead New York was during the shutdown, adjusting to the big wild that is Florida, his residency at easy going gallery and occurs we are big idea guys so we had to give the boy some gems to ponder before he left the studio, we sincerely implore you guys to check out his art work or even commission him. to do something crazy to your house or business! HUGE shoutout and thank you to all our fans and our sponsors for helping us thru all these times!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@btanart

    Ep.151- Beachside Brawler (Feat. Edward Lordman)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 78:04

    Edward Lordman a.k.a. Mr. Hollywood is back from taking over the West Coast boardwalk scene, the season finale of Beachside Brawl "West Coast vs. East Coast" is this coming Sunday on the Food Network, where our boy starred on and absolutely crushed it, raving about how he had the time of his life. We talk about how different the food scene and culture is in California, his first flight jitters, injuries in the kitchen and working summers, all about being proud about growing up in the south and the things we've been thru, we couldn't be prouder to have him represent us on the big screen and couldn't be happier for him! hope you guys enjoyed! Also Huge shoutout to our sponsors and fans for voting for us! We hope to bring home the title of Best of the Coast soon! Thank you to everyone for voting and supporting!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@chef_ed_lordman@foodnetwork

    Ep.150- Hounds of Fury (Feat. Shauncey Fury)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2022 68:14

    You already know by now that we had to have the big dawg himself back on for the big nifty one fifty, Shauncey Fury, lord of the Hounds of Fury. We needed a big guest and he never disappoints. We talk so much from inflation, wealth gap and where the extra money should go, he attempts to enlighten ua on what exactly crypto and NFT's and how it all works, also the racists sides of some NFT's, Government Overreach, his views on atheism, starting his newest podcast, "Heretics Social Club" and his goals for this year including "Hounds of Fury"! Tune in to see the madness unfold! We always enjoy having you on bro! Thank you to all our sponsors for having the belief in us!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@shauncey@hereticssocialclub

    Ep.149- Change (Feat. RJ Summerlin)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2022 72:18

    SOOO stoked for the huge announcement on todays episode, we had to have RJ Summerlin back on to break the news! He and his love Taylor are introducing a new BABY GIRL to the family! we couldn't be more excited to have him on to tell us about it, we first talk about how podcasts are popular from the beginnings of talk radio, how grunge is making a huge comeback and how music and things in life constantly recycle, watching movies with your special someone and accidentally falling asleep, documentary's blowing up in the last 5 years, being able to be closer with certain people versus other friends, and of course the announcement, we wish RJ & Taylor the best and we love them both, so happy for them! Go wish them the best! hope you all enjoyed this one! Also thank you so much to all our sponsors for helping make all of this happen!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@rjsummerlin

    Ep.148- Tommy Behommy Boys (Feat. Coleman Young)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 70:21

    We finally have on Cam Bennett's older brother and fellow Martial Artist, Coleman Young, out of Crestview, FL. We get into his up bringing and high school days, from wrestling at Crestview High School and at Northwestern College in Iowa, we talk about the whiskey he gifted us, Hylton slanders Coleman thru out the episode, how thick the thighs we have had on the cast couch, chicken industry taking a dip, how wrestling translated into his amateur mama career, working at chick-fil-a, white belts baby face off between Coleman & Hylton. Hylton being born with a silver spoon and kodie not being as fortune & roasting our Tommy Behommy shirts, we loved you Coleman, we had a blast and hope you all enjoyed it! Thank you again to all our sponsors!Follow us on Instagram:@thisisthehomie@_hytly@somepeoplesuckpod@colemanyoung1@atlasmartialarts_crestview

    Ep.147- Dat Sit Bangin' Yo!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2022 53:57

    On this Solo we get into some Subaru News, Hylton pulled up acting totally different, as of the filming of this episode the subie is back and better then ever...for now, giving updates on ginger healthy, hylton being excluded from getting the talent related emails from hair and make up and being salty about having an oily forehead on the last episode, our UFC 276 breakdown and picks, we both talk about us being in new positions and how much time that's been taking up in our lives! We hope you all love these, cause we love making them for you! Thank you again to all our sponsors!Follow us on Instagram:@thisisthehomie@_hylty@somepeoplesuckpod

    Ep.146- Broke Florida Boys (Feat. Scott & Sherm)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 73:55

    So it came to our attention that we were in need and had to combine powers and call upon the powerful and world famous Broke Florida Boys,  consisting of Scott Papi and BIG Sherm, we knew from the moment we heard Cash Cow, that there was a musical storm brewing in Pensacola, we get into what it's like to play shows, upcoming musical projects, how they started in music, Wade the table guy, drug use thru out the process, how dumb people on “to catch a predator” staring Chris Hanson can be, musical influences from childhood and so much more, love these dudes, we had a good hang and it was akward at all! Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@brokefloridaboys@scottpapi@brokesherm

    Ep.145- GMT Time

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 56:04

    Just like Drake in July of 2015 we are going Back to Back. 2 SOLO rigs, we needed the time for ourselves, between all the changes we've been going thru lately, both SPS boys have been adjusting to life under new career paths, from studying for exams together, looking to get a fade for hylton for the first time but him being to afraid to ask, the great versus's battle of D vs P sauce, being on GMT Time together for the first time, jail time forcing us to pick between Popeyes or Dominos for life, we can't thank you guys enough for always supporting and continuing to listen to us! Thank you as always to all our sponsors!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty

    Ep.144- Cheers Homies!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 50:48

    This week the boys were fucking swamped, so much to catch up on, Hylton recaps his emotional journey during pops marriage, the shape we are in and wanna be in, drakes new album "Honestly, Nevermind", we talk about the Kanye documentary "Jeen-yuhs", kodie closing one chapter and opening a new one with his change of career, Hylton never responding to messages, real estate companies and law firms having weird names, how weird Hyltons name is and of course had to shout out our beautiful sponsors! We hope you guys enjoy these solos!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty

    Ep.143- Pensacola Vibes (Feat. Sean Mullins)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 62:06

    We couldn't be happier or more stoked to have on our buddy and newest sponsor of the podcast, Sean Mullins of Pensacola Vibes and his newest venture Panhandle Springs. We were all immediately just a bunch of peas in a pod, we very quickly learning Sean is a Skim Boarding Champion among also being the Manager of Team Waterboyz. He is also on the board of directors of Keep Pensacola Beautiful, so he's very in touch with the pulse and direction Pensacola's growth is taking, he cares so much about Pensacola which is where his passion for shooting and capturing all of its beauty comes from, he tells us stories from Hang-Out Fest, his style and creative point of view, we go off the rails talking about Tom Cruise & all the Top Guns, how opportunities come about, chasing your passion and craft, playing games and being so tech savvy at a young age, being run over by a car and so much more, can't thank you enough for coming on and joining the family brother, always welcome back on, anytime!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hytly @thisisthehomie@pensacolavibes@panhandlesprings@_seanmullins@southeasternsubmissionclassic@joshgeorgerealtor@panaceabjj@arustycspoon@a_lifestyle_experiment

    Ep.142- Love Yourz (Feat. John Noland)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 60:51

    This one was an absolute pleasure recording, yes you have seen our guest on the podcast before but never like this, you may have known him by John Conner but his real name and what he will be going by moving forward is, John Noland. We talk about coming to terms with his family name, how he has struggled with drugs, addressing and handling his own personal mental health, stepping down from coaching, taking the Bo Nickal fight in the middle of the lowest part of his life and how it became the catalyst of change for better, his new lady friend, cross training and changing gyms and finally falling in love with this dope new hat! we fucking loved being apart of his journey and being a vessel to explain and put some shine on his life and story. We love you all, take care of yourselves!Thank you to all our sponsors, Joshua George Reality, Panacea Martial Arts, A Rustyc Spoon & SouthEastern Submission Classic. You Guys Rock!Follow us on Instagram:@thisisthehomie @_hylty@somepeoplesuckpod@ironhead2007

    Ep.141- You a Softy Boy ?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 55:33

    SOLO rig for you's guy's. We immediately jump into a HEATED debate when it comes to ice cream and the time you should take before eating it if you are taking it home to enjoy, the texture in which it has to be, how we both feel about how to navigate grocery store, the preferences in savory vs sweet and how they play into milkshakes, opportunities within real estate and how Hylton has been feeling since flying solo on the market, a ton of upcoming fights local and international. Hope you guys love these! Also Huge Shoutout to our Sponsors for helping us out on making these episodes possible!Follow us on Instagram:@thisisthehomie@_hylty@somepeoplesuckpod@joshgeorgerealtor@panaceabjj@arustycspoon@southeasternsubmissionclassic

    Ep.140- Main Goals (Feat. Wyatt Coleman & Sandra Vergara)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 80:05

    This episode we have for you guys today takes a whole new meaning, not only is “Main Goals” one of Wyatt's new songs but its also a play on words cause we all trying to have what they have, for those who don't know. Wyatt Coleman is a local up and coming artist, not just musically and he brings with him his lovely lady Sandra Vergara, who is in her own right a local aspiring and established model, but they themselves together are such a Main Goal. We talk to them about his new musical projects coming this year, her modeling career aspirations, the importance of trying to do things solo and the key to balancing 2 artists schedules within one relationship, the importance of marketing yourself now a days, kodie's genius marketing ideas and so so much more, it's a pleasure every single time they decide to grace our podcast with their presence, they are more then guests, they are family, hope you all enjoy and learn a lil something! Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@madebydubs@sandraavergara

    Ep.139- EmoProm Royalty (Feat. Cory Hiamovi)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 69:04

    I love this podcast and so should you cause we continue to bring stellar guests like our buddy which whom you might know from such acts as being the vocalist of Young Natives, EX ES, running the soon to be world popular Emo Prom, his beautiful and world traveled tequila company Asesinato, you may have guessed by now it's Cory Hiamovi! He talks all about his trips in Europe and all thru out Thailand & Vietnam, what your tastes would be as a human meat dealer, how much the check would have to be to J another dudes D, and so much more goes down in this banger of an episode, can't thank Cory enough for coming on and having a good hang with us! Another member added to our growing family

    Ep.138-From 305 to 850 (Feat. Lanko Blaze & Matthew John)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 72:11

    Todays guest is a organically made friendship amongst us and our buddy Lanko Blaze and his coach Matthew John, I remember the first time we met, after watching him at his island fights debut he approached me in the crowd afterwards and just started talking about the fight then where we were from and what we do and goals and it's been all good vibes since then so I knew we had to have him on asap, he's such a bright light and good soul, we talk about so much on this one from Kodie's new parasailing idea to driving, to Lanko's past and future fights and plans and personal goals, how he found Island Fights, weight cuts and traveling for fights, absolutely love this guy! Hope you guys do too! Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@lanko_blaze@kochampftt

    Ep.137- Daddy Danger (Feat. KITTY)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 30, 2022 75:56

    We couldn't be more stoked to have The Godfather of the podcast back on again, Josh Shelton a.k.a. KITTY,  beyond a brother to us, we had to catch him while he was still in town, he's constantly on the move progressing in his videography career, we talk to him about his recent stint in Jamaica and how he was offered "bob marley" at the airport and then "dickwater" just moments later, we talk about the growth we all have been able to share and watch each other experience, what his new journey in dad hood has been like, we all weigh in on our POV's on the longer hang or longer wang debate and what its like to deal with long balls, hope you all love these as much as we do!  Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@thisisthehomie

    Ep.136- The Future of Energy (Feat. Gordon Skinner)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2022 64:04

    I will start with this, we begin the episode with taking a deep dive into AfterParty and all things music related with our good buddy Gordon Skinner, who is one half of AfterParty, we catch up with him while the other half of AP, Caio, is in Miami, but we somehow immediately get off the rails when Hylton asks him if he graduated from the same high school he did hahaha but somehow we take the conversation all over the place including selling solar panels door to door, how hard he grandma works on her steps, selling weed legally and stories from the music industry! probably the silliest podcast we ever had, wouldn't trade it for the world!Follow us on Instagram:@thisisthehomie@_hylty@somepeoplesuckpod@afterparty_us@gordyordy@caixmil

    Ep.135- Fresh Baked (Feat. Chef Jordan Hewes & Anna Monk)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 23, 2022 66:10

    Today we literally have a treat for you guys, its from Craft Gourmet Bakery in Pensacola, FL! We have on the owner and Head Chef Jordan Hewes and the Bakery Manager, Anna Monk. we talk all about what lead Chef Jordan to find her passion in the Baking industry, all her little journey's within her culinary career, how she approaches flavor and finding the perfect balance of sweet and savory, some of her favorite foods, playing word association and explaining cut videos to Jordan and Anna, baking vs cooking, and what the future of craft really looks like, absolutely loved having this beautiful couple on the podcast, 10 outta 10 would recommend them for their customer service and stellar snacks, hope you all enjoy, go visit Craft Gourmet Bakery!Follow us on Instagram:@thisisthehomie@_hylty@craftbakerypensacola@chef.jordan.leann@annaleighmonk

    Ep.134- Sushi is Life (Feat. Rowell Javier)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 19, 2022 60:56

    We couldn't be more to stoked to have had on the pod the Head Chef of Sushi Life Catering, Rowell Javier, he is a self made entrepreneur in the food industry specializing in sushi and private catering events, although he and his family are all from the Philippines he fell in love with the Culture that is Sushi. We dive into how he got started in the catering business, his culinary background, his food journey within pensacola, his current aspirations as a chef and possible future franchising his catering company, he weighs in on the very heavy chicken sammie debate, our preferred ingredients in our favorite sushi rolls and all things in between, what a dope person, we greatly appreciated having Rowell on, such a warm person and we highly recommend his sushi!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@sushilifecatering@rowellshawn

    Ep.133- Little Miss Heel Hook (Feat. Darby Jones)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 16, 2022 53:38

    Today we had on a friend of the podcast and one of the fastest growing local females in our sport, a Pensacola Kuzushi Club Blue Belt, training under Derek Overby, Darby Jones, she just got back in town from winning the Women's 135lbs and under Sapateiro Invitational tournament, we get into so much in this episode, from how weird all our names are, how cool it is having a relationship with someone in bjj, how big the sport is down south, and her own personal bjj journey and so much more, we hope you all enjoy, we should celebrate people more, so here's to you Darby!Follow us on Instagram:@thisisthehomie@_hylty@somepeoplesuckpod@darbybjj

    Ep.132- Only Fans ? (Feat. Jason & Cherokee)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 12, 2022 73:40

    So excited to be able to have Jason Beck from Loudoe's back own the show, he's accompanied by his beautiful fiancé Cherokee Brit, we all go way back to the mall days which seems like 10 years ago now, we are all a bunch of Vans Warp Tour kids, we get an update about how well Loudoe's is going, we get the scoop of how the Disney/Star Wars engagement went, what new movies we all have been watching, how conceptually it makes more sense for homeless people to have cats versus having dogs, then we get down to business...are we gunna get an Only Fans ? if we did, would you subscribe? Tune in to hear the Masterplan! We love Jason & Cherokee and can't thank them enough for coming on!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@thisisthehomie@_hylty@yungxbard@cherokee_brit@loudoesfoodtruck

    Ep.131- Controversies...(Feat. Ryan Lewis)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 9, 2022 38:20

    In a strange turn of events we had an emergency during normal recording time this week, in turn we had to do a last minute podcast over the weekend, so I sat down with one of my long time MMA buddies Ryan Lewis to talk shop, we preview the UFC 274 card which happen over the weekend, all the card changes(Cowboy dropping from the card due to illness & Oliveira missing weight and having to vacant the UFC lightweight title), we make our fight pics, with a guest feat from past guest Cedric Banks and his father, we talk about the lead up and all things UFC 274, hope you guys enjoy this last minute podcast!Follow us on Instagram:@thisisthehomie@rlewis907@somepeoplesuckpod

    Ep.130- Best Buddies

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2022 59:24

    SOLO DOLO, so much has happen since we've had the chance to do a Solo Rig, we just got back from Kuzushi Club APB in Atmore, AL who is run by Justin Ramer, let me be the first to say, what a great future that team and gym has under his watch, Sean Applegate did a little seminar as well as handing out several much deserved promotions, kodie gives us a few new documentaries we absolutely have to get into, we talk about the up and coming SouthEastern Submission Classic that is next month May 21st and how we are sponsoring the Absolute Division that is $1,000 to win with our bother company A Lifestyle Experiment, Also an absolute massive CONGRATULATIONS to my brother Hylton for becoming a licensed Real Estate Agent! So proud and happy for you bro, all the hard work paid off and its amazing to see and so much more in this episode, hope you all have a blast listening like we do when we record these!Follow us on Instagram:@thisisthehomie @_hylty@somepeoplesuckpod

    Ep.129- The Gulfcoast Gangster (Feat. Josh Mayo)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 2, 2022 81:37

    This episode is one of the reasons we do this podcast, people judge this man so much by his appearance or his ring walk outs or his post fight speeches but don t give him the time of day, this is Josh Mayo and this is his story, he tells us what its like growing up in the mean streets of Mobile, AL, what his family life has been like, countless street fights in random towns, getting the call to fight for Jorge Masvidal, EMT life & death situations, what going thru CO-VID as a medic was like and so much more, hope you all really listen to this one!Follow us on Instagram:@thisisthehomie@_hylty@gulfcoastgangster

    Ep.128- I'm Trippin' (Feat. Jay Zen & Jahsidiq)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 28, 2022 70:03

    In this episode we have back on Jay Zen & Jahsidiq, 2 of the premier artist from pensacola, FL. except this time in reverse, spotlighting Jayden more so, since last time he didn't even make the video (Camera Reasons) he talks to us about his new move and the new studio space and what kinda creativity that has brought to him, talk about good and bad trips on psychedelic, our ideas and personal curiosities involving hallucinogenics and how they can help change you for the better, believing in yourself and your journey, some of their upcoming shows and solo as well as joint projects, and me and Hylton get to the bottom of who is stronger in the arm wrestling arena, you don't wanna miss this one! Love watching their journey and being apart of telling their stories, hope you all enjoy!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod @_hylty@jayzenwins@jahsidiq@goldensouldynasty

    Ep.127- From Within (Feat. Carter Holmes)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2022 76:33

    The boys finally have a real deal professional rockstar in studio, Carter Holmes, a man of many talents, Owner of the "From Within" record label, he drums and or plays vocals for 4 different bands, Blue Belt in Jiu-Jitsu, Loves Nicolas Cage and Nickelback, he sits down to explain to us what it means to him to be straight edge, touring with his bands, his personal jiu jitsu journey, we turn him on to the "White Hot" Documentary, we talk about the Hardcore Scene and the scene from back in the day! We fucking loved having you on Carter, HAVE to do it again!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@ciggymon@fromwithinrecords

    Ep.126- Storylines (Feat. Emily Monk)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2022 80:18

    This one is special to me because we finally get to sit down with one of my longest known friends, Emily Monk, and boy does she have a story to tell, she has gone thru so much in her life and she sits down to talk to us about the multiple surgeries and what they entailed from removing 85% of her stomach and only being able to eat 4 oz. of food a meal, removing 7 lbs of skin, to getting her chin, bellybutton and butt done, the differences in kodie and hylty's head sizes, the similarities in Nicolas Cage and Nickelback, addiction problems with food, figuring out if being full is the same thing as being not hungry, Dita Von Teese and much more!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@emilymonk

    Ep.125- Well that was Surprising...

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 18, 2022 60:39

    Boys is back again with a solo, we had to catch up and have some time, both of us have been very buys, we had to Bring you guys the new ALE Drop and show all of that off at the top of the show, we talk about how old we are getting and the random pains we feel, talking about Hylton coming out of retiring from the sport of BJJ and how he's starting to get lower body kills, the results from the last UFC card, our 2022 Summer Dream Card, refs calls in fights, what Bjj person or gym we would wanna fuck off with, announcing we are going to FULLY LOADED Comedy Festival, some of the major losses in comedy and much more!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty

    Ep.124- Who Want Smoke? (Feat. Garden Street Vintage)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2022 86:44

    In honor of Wrestlemania just recently passing and all the new things in the world of combat and all things vintage we had to reach out to Dallas and Adam from Garden Street Vintage to come on, we learn more about the world of vintage, the waves and eb and flows of the industry, we talk shit about each others current style and choice of attire, the growth in the company this past year, the upcoming plans from thrift conventions, Dallas cuts a mean promo on C.M. Punk, then we all shoot on one another, we had a blast and always love having on the boys from GSV on, hope you all enjoy!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@gardenstreetvtg@tom__foolery@lowkeygas_

    Ep.123- The MogFather (Feat. Brett Williams)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 11, 2022 65:03

    It's a beautiful Monday morning and we are pleased to bring to you another episode with The Mogfather himself, Brett Williams. We had to catch up, so much has happen since we all last seen one another, we get to the bottom of us and if we Mog, or get mogged, what he's been doing with American Prize Ring, how Portuguese Journalists Mariana Van Seller from National Geographic's Documentary Series, "Trafficked" reached out to him to do an episode on him, how he has had experiences lately involving mental turmoil and how close suicide prevention has become to him,  and what he's got in the works with Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship in the very near future, as always, its a pleasure every time we sit down with who we consider a brother, love you Brett, we are always here for you!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@brett_willyumz

    Ep.122- Love Yourself (Feat. Ally J)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2022 65:36

    We have a special one for you guys today, we sit down with my buddy Chris a.k.a. Ally J, I've known him for years and recently over the last year found out about his passion and background in performing and being a Drag Queen, so I wanted to learn more about it and him, so we sat down and talked about Euphoria and how he's never seen Friends, what shows we all watched growing up, who our favorite wrestlers were, growing up with siblings, growing up in Miami, not having his father, how much divorce we all have been apart of, how strong his mom and the women in his life have been, loving himself and finding people that except him for him, we hope you all learn something from this one, we absolutely did, we love you all and we love and accept you Ally!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@allyjher

    Ep.121- Meat & Potatoes (Feat. Rusty Strain)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 4, 2022 64:48

    So happy to have Chef Rusty back on, been to long so we had to get back at him, we sit down and talk about his progression over the course of the last year, what being recognized feels like on a national level, loving cooking and eating french cuisine, bathroom selfie trends, boss ass golf stories, catching up about jiujitsu, mental development thru problem solving, future food truck days and so much more, excited for the growth of everyone over the past year and excited for what's to come! We hope you guys enjoy this one!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@_chef_shooter_mcg_

    Ep.120- Passion Over Popularity (Feat. 00hiem)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2022 81:36

    We sit down with 00hiem again to catch up with him, he talks to us about what it means to hustle when you're young, having some sort of income to help pursue your passion, how much time is really wasted throughout the year that could be invested into yourself and your craft, what it means to stay independent, background in a collective he use to be in called Bellflower and how that translated into his own company “Not 4 Sale”.  How to know your own value and so much more, listen to this man he is truly on to some things! Always a Pleasure, Enjoy!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@00hiem@not4rsale

    Ep.119- Dr. Love (Feat. Cam Bennett)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 28, 2022 71:30

    Back at it Again, the most reoccurring guest, Cam Bennett, makes his 4th overall appearance, we had to have him back to give us an update on what's been going on in his life. Most recently taking a break from fighting to focus on his working career, he been very busy and lets us known his opinion on Paddy the Baddy, what sells fights, Jon Jones losing his main training partner, how guys and girls differ when measuring fish, talk a little bit about Colby Covington persona, we break down UFC 273, his perfect UFC card and much more, hope you guys enjoy, we love you Cam!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@killacam_0 

    Ep.118- What the dog doin ?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2022 47:46

    The boys finally sit down and talk about what it was like for hylton, his nerves, his experience and what it was like to win his first tournament, we took a road trip down to South Florida, Lakeland to be exact to run the COPA America tournament and have a weekend of it. Well the cats out of the bag, the boy swept his bracket and crush it, won his weight class and we went out afterwards to Ferg's in St. Pete, FL to watch UFC 272 and celebrate his Victories! We give an update on Ginger and much more, hope you guys enjoy!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty

    Ep.117- As Real As It Gets (Feat. Larry Downs Jr.)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 21, 2022 89:38

    What a Wild One we have for you guys today, is anyone more themselves than Larry Downs Jr.? I don't think so, what a genuinely authentic person, we sit down with him and talk about everything from, referee's making weird calls, past Island Fight stories, retiring from reffing to cornering his son, government overreach, local regulations in MMA, plumbing, having smoker fights in the middle of car circles in parking lots and FREEDOM! We loved having him on and being able to talk to Larry final, he's sooo authenticly himself and questions everything, I mean can you blame him? tune in!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@larry_downs_jr_plumbing_llc

    Ep.116- Kanye Over Everyone (Feat. Saben Cura)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 17, 2022 65:11

    Back with Anotha One! This time we have on the boy himself, Saben Cura, local undefeated boxing prodigy, 7-0 (5 KO's) Pro, we talk to him about his upbringing in the Backyard Boxing Club him and his dad built in their own backyard, the fighters they have had in and out of their gyms, cross training with all the legends in the city that came before him, he makes his case for Kanye vs. Drake and who is the better artist and who has the better discography, Who you guys got? thank you for coming on bro, we appreciate it so much!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@say_ben99@bybclub

    Ep.115- Do You See What I See? (Feat. Ty & Cat)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 14, 2022 75:55

    Today we have on the local dynamic duo that is Ty & Cat, 2 outstanding local photographers with amazing talent and level heads on their shoulders, we sit down and talk about business connections, the subjectivity and perspective of how people value photography and local photographers, the Dunning-Kruger effect, Island Fights and how they got connected with Dean Toole, BitCoin, Lot Lizards and so much more, such a pleasure sitting down with these 2 been a fan of theirs for awhile, stoked to be able to learn from them.Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@tyandcat@photos.with.ty@photoswithcat 

    Ep.114- Rippin' & Tearin'

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2022 50:20

    The boys filmed this right before we left for the weekend so our predictions may be a little off but still a good time, kodie really gets to pick hylty's brain about how he views Jiu-Jitsu now that he's in the sport and can start to see things he didn't before, we go over our UFC 272 picks one last time, we talk about his prep and how he feels on the mats going into his BJJ Tournament over the weekend. Spoiler Alert: He Won GOLD! 2 victories, not without so adversity, in the final he was down on points and came back to win! He's a Killer in the making, Super Proud of him!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty

    Ep.113- Everyday Porrada (Feat. Helio Soneca & Tra Alidor)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 7, 2022 52:25

    Today is a very special day, we have on the LEGEND himself, Helio Soneca, he is kodie's Head Instructor in his lineage, he is Tra Alidor's Head Coach. Helio is a world champion who is a pioneer in the sport and who is also recognized for his lovable and super funny personality, also known for growing up with the Gracies and his friendly rivalry with Megaton Diaz, we talk to him about growing up in Brazil, being undefeated in MMA, how Jiu Jitsu makes you a better lover, how the internet helped the sport grow and so much more, we really enjoyed having Helio on and hope you guys love ed it too!Follow us on Instagram:@somepeoplesuckpod@_hylty@helio_soneca@corelouisville@talidor@teamremedybjj

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