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The Devil's Junkie Podcast features interviews and analysis surrounding Arizona State University athletics and recruiting.


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    Latest episodes from Devil's Junkie Podcast

    Breaking down ASU‘s 28-10 win over Stanford on Fox Sports 910 am

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2021 14:02

    My interview with Mike Grose and Alex Schild discussing ASU's 3-0 Pac-12 start and what kind of implications can Friday night's victory and for the rest of the Sun Devils' 2021 season. 

    Short week, challenging Stanford squad await the Sun Devils

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2021 30:00

    As impressive as ASU's win at UCLA was, it will be equally impressive if the Sun Devils avoid the pitfalls that many teams encounter after such a significant victory. Then again, the achievements of this Stanford team should have the full attention of the Sun Devils as they face each other Friday night. What will ASU need to do to continue its momentum when they match up with the Cardinal?   Episode rundown (29 minutes) (1:03) Much has been said last week about how much the UCLA contest could be a statement game for Arizona State, and indeed not only did the Sun Devils earn a precious conference road victory as an underdog the manner in which this win was achieved was certainly impressive. I discuss the two most important elements we saw on display, one on each side of the ball, that should be the most encouraging for the rest of the 2021 season. (19:20) This isn't your typical Stanford team in terms of strengths and weaknesses and we explain how those facets can impact Friday night's matchup and how Arizona State should approach them with its game plan.

    A pivotal Pac-12 South showdown awaits ASU at the Rose Bowl

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2021 30:02

    In the 2021 college football season that has already seen a plethora of upsets, especially in the Pac-12, a team such as the Sun Devils does not have to apologize for dominating last Saturday, perhaps the weakest team in the entire conference in the Colorado buffaloes. Yet when you literally slice like a hot knife through butter against such an opponent, how much do you really learn about yourself, especially on the doorstep of one of your toughest League games all season, a road trip to UCLA?   Episode rundown (30 minutes)   (1:00) Even a dominating win over Colorado did reveal some areas of concern alongside some encouraging signs. We review ASU's 35-13 win in the Pac-12 opener and share our takeaways. (16:21) It may have taken longer than expected, but head coach Chip Kelly finally has the Bruins on the right track vying for a division championship. Analyzing this matchup with the Sun Devils reveals some intriguing battles between units that have performed very well in 2021 but may now encounter their most formidable test this year.

    What did we learn from the UNLV game as ASU set to face a formidbale road test at BYU?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 30:34

    In sports memories tend to be short and the "what have you done for me lately" is the one fans and sometimes even coaches choose to go by when evaluating their team. Well, in the second half of ASU's last contest the Sun Devils turned in a convincing performance that provided a good deal of optimism in some respects. Will that be enough versus a BYU team on the road who is also in the top-25 after beating back-to-back Pac-12 teams? Here's our discussion on the topic.   Episode rundown (30 minutes)   (1:08) Examining both sides of the ball in Arizona State's 37-10 win, a defense that following a rough start lived up to its accolades and an offense that continues to exhibit polar opposites between its ground and aerial attack. (15:21) Our thoughts concerning the opportunities and challenges that the Cougars, a mirror image of the Sun Devils in many ways, can present, and who ultimately may have a bigger chip on their shoulder coming into Saturday's contest?

    Season opening win provides some concerns, pleasant surprises

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2021 30:26

    Week one overreaction is bound to happen when a team doesn't take the lid of the season in an impressive manner, and words such as "sloppy" and "embarrassing" were used to describe ASU following a 41-14 win over Southern Utah. But was Thursday's night more of an expected display of a bag of mixed goods? Here's our examination of that contest.   Episode rundown (30 minutes)   (1:02) My thoughts on the ASU offense which was sloppy and not able to achieve the desired balance between the pass and the run. What went wrong on the season opener and is this a trend and that can change later in the season? (14:04) The Sun Devils in comparison was a model of stability. We discuss what stood out on that side of the ball versus the Thunderbirds. (18:09) Special teams seem to draw the most ire from the collective fanbase, but is the picture of that unit as adverse as it seems? (24:58) Final thoughts about week one and a look ahead at ASU's next opponent, UNLV.

    Season preview with Pac-12 Network's Yogi Roth

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2021 62:09

    Season preview with Pac-12 Network's Yogi Roth   A bizarre 2020 season still offered a lot of optimism for the following campaign, but should off-the-field events temper the enthusiasm for 2021? I break down each and every position on this Sun Devil squad and invite Pac-12 Network's Football Analyst Yogi Roth to offer his perspective on ASU and the rest of the conference.   Episode rundown (68 minutes)                                                                                                  (1:09) The ASU offense offers an interesting contrast of some position groups that come into the season well established and one specific unit that still remains an uncertainty and is vital for Arizona State's chances of improving significantly over the last few seasons. (23:29) The other side of the ball offers proven talent galore in all but one starting role, but is that one unexpected absence substantial enough to hinder a veteran defense that may have to carry this Sun Devil team more often times than not? (43:33) Pac-12 Network's Football Analyst Yogi Roth has been on the road for several days this month, observing Several Pac-12 teams in their preseason preparations, including the Sun Devils, and offers his takeaways on ASU and its conference foes. (57:26) 2021 season prediction time. Can the Sun Devils overcome the various challenges lying ahead and capitalize on one of their most talented teams in recent memory?

    Discussing ASU's AP Top-25 Preseason Poll ranking on SiriusXM Pac-12 Radio

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 18:57's Publisher Hod Rabino's interview on Monday August 18 with SiriusXM Pac-12 Radio's Sean O'Connell and Geoff Schwartz regarding the Sun Devils' no. 25 ranking in the AP Top-25 Preseason Poll and why Arizona State can justify that ranking and more

    Discussing ASU's NCAA Review effect on the Sun Devils' 2021 season with Salt Lake City's 1280 AM The Zone

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 18:12

    My interview with Jake Scott and Gordon Monson from The Zone Sports Network in Salt Lake City regarding the two ASU football assistants put on leave, the potential impact it may have on the season, and what are the prospects of this year's Sun Devil squad.

    Discussing ASU's NCAA Investigation on SiriusXM Pac-12 Radio

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2021 21:04's Publisher Hod Rabino's interview on Monday's June 28 with SiriusXM Pac-12 Radio's Sean O'Connell and Geoff Schwartz regarding the recruiting allegations against Arizona State Football and its impact it can have on recruiting the upcoming 2021 campaign

    Analyzing the flurry of activity by ASU Basketball

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 25, 2021 38:49

    Back a person into a corner and more often than not they’ll come out swinging, and show their true measure under adversity. And judging by the various personnel moves that Bobby Hurley has engineered not only with the roster but also with his assistant coaching staff has certainly validated that theory. We take a look at everything that has transpired in Tempe since the season ended, and we invite former ASU basketball player Jamie Andersevich to offer his own perspective on the topic. Episode rundown (38 minutes)   (1:04) Former ASU basketball player and current assistant coach for the G League Santa Cruz Warriors Jamie Andersevich shares his observations on the Sun Devils squad and discusses the evaluation process that professionals in his role have to through scouting players coming out of a very challenging season. (18:16) Examining the two new assistant coaches in the fold for ASU as well as the handful of new faces from both the transfer portal traditional recruiting ranks that have joined the Sun Devils in recent weeks.

    SOTD Podcast interview: reviewing ASU Football's spring practice, Hoops team additions

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 34:11

    Episode Rundown (34:20 minutes)   I was a guest on the latest Speak of the Devils Podcast where I shared my impressions of the Sun Devils' spring performance with Brad Denny and Joe Healey, the recruitment process with four-star QB AJ Duffy, and then shifted gears to ASU basketball which this past weekend has reloaded quickly and in impressive fashion ahead of the 2021-22

    My Interview on Fox Sports Radio 910AM discussing ASU's spring practice, in-state recruiting efforts

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 14:54

    My appearance on The Roc and Manuch show sharing my observations of the Sun Devils' spring practice, and discussing ASU's in-state recruiting efforts

    My Podcast Interview with SiriusXM Pac-12 Radio previewing ASU football's spring practice, 2021 season expectations

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 24, 2021 13:35

    My appearance on the SiriusXM Pac-12 Radio show with Sean O'Connell and Geoff Schwartz briefly discussing the state of the ASU basketball program and then previewing the Sun Devil football team's spring practice and how high of a bar is being set for the program this upcoming season. 

    My Podcast Interview with SiriusXM Pac-12 Radio on ASU Basketball bouncing back from a six-game skid

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2021 12:49

    In my interview with Sean O'Connell and Geoff Schwartz, we discuss the Sun Devils' sweep of the Bay Area schools, what contributed to those wins, and can these victories signal a season turnaround for Arizona State?

    2020 season in review, my conversation with Jeff van Raaphorst

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2020 48:40

    A weird and challenging shorten 2020 campaign has concluded for the Sun Devils, what can we take away from it? I offer my analysis on ASU’s performance and invite Sun Devil Network color analyst Jeff van Raaphorst to share his perspective and observations. Episode rundown (48 minutes) (:54) Discussing the trends we saw over the four games Arizona State played and what can make of their 2-2 mark? Later in the segment, I examine the offense and what were the surprises and disappointments exhibited by this group. (20:40) If only everything in life could be pleasantly predictable as our preseason expectations for the Sun Devil defense. Nonetheless, one position group still managed to remarkably perform at a much higher level than 2019, and yes, the scheme change was significant here.    (31:06) Sun Devil Network, color analyst Jeff van Raaphorst called the 2020 season “chapter 1 of an unfinished book” and talks about what team aspects showed encouraging signs and why others struggled. Furthermore, what is the one specific team tradition that was understandably missing this year that could be significant for improvement in 2021?   (46:29) Closing thoughts and what needs to take place for next season to truly be a special one for ASU.

    Uncertainty and optimism surround ASU football and basketball respectively

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2020 48:55

    Uncertainty and optimism are two sentiments that obviously are polar opposites from each other but at times can also be mentioned in the same sentence. And those two words each describe the general mood concerning the Arizona State football and basketball squads these days.   Episode Rundown (48 minutes)    (1:24) Sun Devil had to cancel two games due to its COVID-19 breakout. Is a third consecutive game also in danger of having a similar fate? We talk about the various aspects that may answer that question and what ramifications recruiting and personnel wise can a shorter than expected 2020 season bring about?   (21:14) A top-25 AP preseason ranking is hardly commonplace for ASU hoops, and we discuss why that lofty accolade is certainly warranted. What should be expected from some of its players, and what traits will this team have to exhibit early and often to justify an expectation level we haven't seen in Tempe in quite a while?

    Discussing ASU's 2020 Season Opener at USC on Sirius XM Radio

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2020 13:13

    Guy Haberman and Evan Moore interview Publisher Hod Rabino, to get his thoughts on the Saturday contest in L.A. and what we can expect from the Sun Devils this season.

    Pac-12 Network Analyst Yogi Roth discusses conference football schedule, ASU's 2020 prospects

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2020 37:31

    It's been a long off-season for ASU football fans to say the least but every day we're getting closer and closer to the season’s kickoff and the juices really start flowing with announcements just like the one we had last Saturday October 3rd where the Pac-12 football schedule has been released.   In this episode of the Devil’s Junkie Podcast I will give you my thoughts and analysis on the Sun Devil football schedule, what are some of the pros and cons for this seven-game slate, and later on I will be joined by Pac-12 Network Analyst Yogi Roth who will give his perspective not only on the ASU schedule but also the rest of the Pac-12, how does he see the different division races and who may be the surprise teams in the conference.  Episode Rundown (36 minutes)  (1:00) We begin the show analyzing ASU’s 2020 schedule and the two challenging games that await them right out of the gates. How much can its level of preseason preparedness aid the Sun Devils as they face the Trojans and Golden Bears? Does this year’s slate, seven games and all offer ASU any advantages?  (17:20) We invite Pac-12 Network Analyst, Yogi Roth, to offer his perspective on ASU’s prospects this year, who does he see as the favorites in each Pac-12 division, and what team could surprise us in 2020?  (34:57) My closing thoughts regarding ASU’s schedule and detailing our coverage for the upcoming season.

    The Pac is Back - conference resumes Fall football, hoops season to begin in November

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2020 45:53

    The long-awaited Pac-12 decision has finally arrived, as the conference announced it would have a seven-game season with kickoff taking place the weekend of Nov. 6th. In this podcast episode, we analyze that decision and how ASU can benefit from such a season. Episode Rundown (42 minutes) (1:53) We begin the show diving into the particulars of the Pac-12’s statement, projecting what ASU’s full schedule could look like and why the date of the seventh and last game cam be challenging for the entire league.   (11:18) We invite Speak of the Devils Podcast co-host Brad Denny, to offer his perspective on the Pac-12’s decision talking about whether the league waited too long or were there significant hurdles to clear first before it could resume play. What are the implications of the kickoff date and schedule structure on the Sun Devils, and what are some of the Fall camp storylines we should look forward to with this team? (34:39) I offer my final thoughts of the abbreviated football season, how a unified kickoff date may be less significant since the level of preparedness around the conference isn’t and won’t be on the same level, and how much does the proverbial season with an asterisk mean in case ASU is successful. 

    Analyzing Pac -12’s decision to postpone its football season to the spring

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2020 67:36

    It was less than two weeks ago since the Pac-12 released a modified conference only football schedule which certainly gave hope for fans of that conference that we would see football in the fall albeit it a little later in the year and with fewer contests to be played. On August 11th, it decided to delay the start of the football season to January 2021. We discuss the reasons for this decision, the various implications it may have, as well as answer your questions that have now arisen from this historical announcement.   Episode rundown (67 minutes) (1:38) There many catalysts to the league's decision and we detail them, as well as review possible implications on recruiting and other team aspects (39:51) Answering your questions and yes even addressing your vents on the Pac-12 decision 

    My Interview on Fox Sports Radio 910AM discussing ASU's football recruiting needs, projecting the starting five for Sun Devil hoops

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2020 11:20

    On the Roc and Manuch show, I talked about the pressing needs for Arizona State football's 2021 recruiting class and the unique approach they are taking in trying to achieve those objectives. We also delved into some basketball talk and previewed what could be ASU's most talented team this century. 

    Analyzing the impact of the Josh Christopher's signing, state of the ASU basketball program

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2020 29:23

    Between the addition of a five-star guard and the loss of a veteran frontcourt player, this week brought a mixture of good and bad news for ASU. We invited Sun Devil Network analyst Kyle Dodd to break it all down and provide his projections for the 2020-21 season.

    Discussing the departure of Romello White from ASU basketball

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2020 19:06

    With the rumors of Vanderbilt being the final destination for ASU grad transfer Romello White I went on The Dore Report to discuss that topic and the circumstances behind the Sun Devils' forward decision to leave Tempe.

    My Interview on Fox Sports Radio 910AM discussing ASU's recruiting efforts amid COVID-19, spring practice observations

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2020 13:22

    Here's my appearance on the Roc and Manuch Show on Fox Sports Radio detailing how the Sun Devils are handling their recruiting efforts with the inability to host prospects, and sharing my impressions of the seven spring practice sessions ASU was able to get in before the forced hiatus around college football.

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: COVID-19 brings Sun Devil sports to a screeching halt

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2020 56:21

    Sun Devil fans, let alone sports fans at large have never seen a pandemic bring the world of sports to its knees at best mudding the future of some sports and at worst bringing others to an abrupt end. So, in this environment we are left to talk about the impact COVID-19 will have on ASU football that could resume at the earliest in a couple of weeks, and wrap up the Sun Devil basketball and baseball season, two programs that were poised to qualify for NCAA postseason play.  Episode Rundown (56 minutes) (1:08) ASU football was able to get in half of its spring practice allotment of sessions before a forced hiatus. We evaluate the significance of this interruption not only in the preparation sense but also in the recruiting aspect. (10:39) Sadly one of the most impressive ASU basketball seasons in school history will have no postseason achievements to show in light of the NCAA season cancelation, yet we note the feats that did take place and whether the Sun Devils were hurt by not having even a token Selection Sunday event. (25:44) We shift gears to the diamond and talk about an ASU baseball season that just 17 games in showed a lot of promise and had the look of a College World Series team with a first baseman that was all but assured to break a 42-year old record. (33:03) In these times of ASU athletics uncertainty, it’s only natural that Sun Devil fans have many questions/issues they need answers and provide our replies in this segment.

    Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Mid-spring practice analysis, predicting ASU hoops’ postseason prospects

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2020 64:49

    ASU’s spring break still has us working, specifically delving into the state of the Sun Devils position by position they completed 50 percent of their spring practices. Later we move from the gridiron to the hardwood discussing ASU as a 3rd seed in the Pac-12 tournament this week and what they need to do to hear their name called in Selection Sunday and be called as “safely” in the field of 68. Thanks for tuning in! Episode Rundown (64 minutes) (1:19) We start our analysis of ASU on offense. What do we make of a somewhat lukewarm start in the spring, and how has inexperience at the skill positions affected this group so far? (32:14) Inexperience is much less of an issue when it comes to the Arizona State defense, as we share our observations on this side of the ball.   (48:39) For the third year in a row, ASU basketball has posted a 20-win season. Will this also result in a third trip to the Big Dance? We present all the implications regarding ASU’s possible Pac-12 tournament scenarios can present.

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Hoops faces a crucial home stand, recapping week one of spring practice

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2020 43:06

    ASU basketball’s winning streak ended in a road sweep by the L.A. schools. What are the various postseason implications of these results in the next couple of weeks for the Sun Devils? We then shift gears to spring football and break down position by position our impressions of Arizona State. Thanks for tuning in! Episode Rundown (42 minutes) (0:44) We analyze where does the Sun Devil basketball stand in terms of its postseason prospects in the Pac-12 and NCAA Tournaments following its recent results. (11:19) Inexperience is all the rage when it comes to each and every role on the ASU offense. We share our observations on all of the positions on the side of the ball following the first week of practice. (29:23) Examining the Sun Devils’ defense and special teams units following the first four spring sessions, and what’s on ASU’s to-do list for the next few weeks of practices?

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: ASU rounds out the 2020 recruiting class, a shift in defensive philosophy

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2020 70:05

    Episode Rundown (66 minutes)   (1:17) ASU successfully addressed some of its needs as it landed a backup quarterback in Daylin McLemore as well as tight end Jake Ray. Offensive coordinator Zak Hill offered his insight as to what each of those high school player prospects can bring to the table.   (11:56) The Sun Devils also added two graduate transfer offensive linemen and we caught up with one them in Stanford’s Henry Hattis who told us why he chose the Sun Devils and what are his expectations of his new team?   (22:47) There are many accolades associated with the Sun Devils crop of newcomers, especially with their success in the state of California, which is according to the coaches is “first base” to Arizona’s “home base.” We examine an interesting and perhaps somewhat new tone on this topic from the ASU staff.   (37:46) The departures of defensive coordinators Danny Gonzales back in December and Tony just the other day has caused ASU to now move in a different schematic direction that will be anything but a classic 3-3-5 alignment. There are many aspects to confer on here and we cover them all. (54:47) Recent events or just carryover from 2019 have naturally created some notable elements of spring practice that one or way or another could be very indicative of the makeup of this year’s team. What should we be on the lookout for during this 15-practice period?

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: ASU posts a historic comeback win over its rival, now can they turn around its season?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 27, 2020 24:25

    Under Bobby Hurley, upsetting ranked opponents or comeback wins overcoming halftime deficits have been commonplace. Saturday night’s victory over Arizona though wasn’t just another contest that fit both categories. We discuss how historic this win actually was and have the Sun Devils now found the formula to build on its current momentum? Episode rundown (24 minutes)  (1:10) Reviewing ASU’s improbable victory digging itself from a 22-point hole, a contest where once again defense led the way. (13:01) Incoming freshman forward Marcus Bagley talked about the ASU win over Arizona that he attended, his thoughts on being part of the team next season. (16:06) What does the win over Arizona mean in the big picture as far as ASU’s postseason chances? Have they found a winning formula in that victory that can carry them forward and into the upper echelon of the Pac-12?

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: ASU’s 2020 recruiting class reaches unprecedented heights, addresses dire needs

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2020 50:08

    Much like the last day of 2019 the first week of 2020 has put a big smile on the collective faces of ASU football fans, seeing not only three four-star prospects publicly pledge to the Sun Devils in a span of 48 hours, but also realizing what impressive milestones have been achieved in the process. We examine all of the signees to date in this class, and what can be expected from them as incoming freshmen. We conclude the podcast discussing a rough Pac-12 opener for the basketball team and what is in stored for this program for the rest of the conference schedule. Thanks for tuning in and Happy New Year!!!  Episode Rundown (49 minutes)   (1:14) We review all of the offensive signees in ASU’s 2020 class and which of the newcomers can play a pivotal role in their inaugural season in Tempe.   (18:37) All the talk this week was regarding the offensive skills players signed, but some significant first-year players inked their names to ASU’s letter of intent in this class as well and we take a closer look at that group of incoming freshmen.   (37:36) One can argue that ASU basketball was hardly coming on a high note into the Pac-12 portion of their schedule, and unfortunately for the Sun Devils, a trashing by their in-state rival proved that assertion in spades. What is ailing this team and what are its prospects for the rest of the season?

    Discussing ASU's 2020 Recruiting Class on KDUS 1060 AM

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2020 10:35

    My interview on the NoBull show with Jordan Simone and Shawn Crespin reviewing the Sun Devil newcomers. This interview was done before LV Bunkley-Shelton committed to Arizona State.

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Sun Devils make a bold statement with 2020 recruiting class, coaching hires

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2019 62:34

    It’s been whirlwind of activity for the first three or so weeks of December and this week's episode covers it all. We take a deep dive look at the crop of ASU newcomers inked in the early signing period, as well as the multiple staffing decisions made by Herm Edwards on both sides of the ball and the thinking behind all of them. Thanks for tuning in and Happy Holidays!!!  Episode Rundown (62 minutes)   (1:16) We examine all of ASU’s 13 signees in the December period, the possible impact some of them can make as freshmen, and what are some of the traits we have seen in a group of newcomers one that is very much work in progress in the positive sense of the term.   (35:12) Not may returning head coaches in college football had to be faced with the predicament of replacing both of his coordinators and several other assistants as well. I explain why Herm Edwards navigated these treacherous waters so well, especially on the defensive side of the ball and the reasoning for all of these staffing decisions.

    My Interview on SiriusXM College Football station discussing ASU's 2020 recruiting class, coaching changes in Tempe

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 20, 2019 13:41

    I offer my analysis of the crop of Sun Devil newcomers, as well as explain why Hem Edwards decided to name Tony White as defensive coordinator 

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Territorial Cup victory overshadowed by offensive coaching shakeup

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2019 49:34

    A ho-hum ASU win over its archrival didn’t generate many fireworks but the next morning in Tempe was much more eventful in comparison as head coach Herm Edwards announced the dismissals of offensive coordinator Rob Likens, wide receivers coach Charlie Fisher and tight ends coach Donnie Yantis. Those two topics and an extensive Q&A session with ASU fans are all covered in this week’s episode. Episode Rundown (49 minutes) (1:10) We dive right into the dramatic coaching staff decision Edwards handed down Sunday morning, the events that preceded it and what implications it may have. We also discuss some potential replacements for these roles. (13:47) No, we didn’t forget about ASU’s third consecutive win over in its in-state rival. What were the key elements in this contest that allowed the Sun Devils to keep the Territorial Cup in Tempe? (25:42) We conclude with fielding a dozen or more questions from my premium subscribers and Twitter followers on the topics discussed in this podcast and more.  

    ASU shocks the college football world ahead of Territorial Cup contest

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2019 53:27

    Herm Edwards said it best: ABC didn't come to Tempe to feature a 5-5 ASU team but rather their opponent no. 6 Oregon, but following a signature 31-28 win over the Ducks, it was the home team that their crew was ultimately talking about. We review that exciting Saturday night Homecoming game, look ahead to the Sun Devils' rivalry game this weekend through the lens of a former Arizona player and their unique perspective of this matchup, and conclude with some hoops talk and ASU's performance in the Hall of Fame Tip-Off Tournament over the weekend, reviewing our takeaways from a win over St. John's and a loss versus Virginia.  Episode Rundown (53 minutes) (1:30) If you're going to halt a four-game losing streak, might as well do that with a statement victory against a Top-10 program and the class of the Pac-12. We give our overview of this dramatic Sun Devil win, and what were the recent deficiencies that were virtually nonexistent last Saturday night.   (18:06) We often read and listen to former ASU players detail their experiences of their battles with their archrival, so for a change, we get the point of view of a former Arizona player, Shaq Richardson, and his feelings about the Territorial Cup game. Richardson also talks about the current state of the Wildcats and his view of the 2019 Sun Devils. (31:47) I offer my thoughts on the rivalry game and take a look at an Arizona squad that has a sharp contrast between its two units on both sides of the ball, as well as the challenges and opportunities that the Wildcats will present ASU.   (38:07) We conclude the podcast with ASU basketball talk. A 3-2 mark may be a very unassuming record in this juncture of the season, but there are certainly quite a bit of positive to draw from, along with some concerns to note, after ASU's handful batch of games to begin this 2019-20 campaign.

    Wash, Rinse, Repeat. Familiar shortcomings persist for ASU.

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2019 55:35

    If you follow the Sun Devil football team and feel trapped in a Groundhog Day environment, you’re probably not alone. As repetitive deficiencies continue to reveal themselves, Arizona State isn’t able to stop the bleeding and finds itself with the longest losing streak, four games, it had endured since 2016.  We discuss the key factors in the loss in the 35-34 loss to Oregon State, the highly controversial two-point attempt decision that backfired and look ahead to the toughest challenge this year, a home meeting with Oregon. Episode Rundown (55 minutes) (1:27) Another week, another tale of two halves for the Arizona State defense which allowed its opponent to score 28 points in the first two quarters, only to turn around and virtually shut down Oregon State in the second half. The predictable storylines were evident everywhere on this side of the ball.    (16:04) When talking about the offensive performance in Corvallis with naturally begin with an analysis of the decision and execution of the two-point conversion play that ultimately was the difference on the scoreboard. Nonetheless, there are issues on this side of the ball that continue to be an unpleasant déjà vu and we discuss those as well.  (44:46) We conclude the podcast with a quick preview of the home contest versus Oregon,  and how we see ASU fairing in that contest and overall having a chance at a bowl-eligible record.

    Sun Devils still searching for answers as losing streak continues

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2019 49:23

    The soul-searching process for ASU continues, as does their skid which now stands at three games. We discuss what went wrong in a 31-26 home loss to USC, and invite former ASU quarterback, Rudy Carpenter, to discuss the debut of true freshman signal-caller, Joey Yellen, who nearly led the Sun Devils to a comeback win. We also talk some Arizona State hoops as the basketball team tipped-off its 2019-20 season in China with a loss to Colorado. Even with a small sample size, what could we learn from that performance? We end the podcast with a quick look at Oregon State, ASU’s next opponent.  Episode Rundown (49 minutes)  (0:45) Sharing my thoughts concerning ASU’s loss to USC, and the issue that plagued the team on both sides of the ball and the level of concern that these shortcomings convey.  (15:59) Former ASU quarterback, Rudy Carpenter began his career as a starter at a very early stage of his career in Tempe and can relate to the tandem of young newcomers who have already seen playing time for the Sun Devils. He reviews Joey Yellen’s debut last Saturday, as well as the play of signal-caller starter Jayden Daniels prior to his injury. He also addresses the question of whether having now capable young quarterbacks will simply be a “good headache” for the ASU coaching staff? (32:09) Basketball season is already upon us. What were my takeaways from ASU’s 81-71 loss to Colorado, as well as the surprises and disappointments from that contest?  (42:31) We conclude the podcast with a quick preview of the Oregon State road contest and general thoughts concerning the state of the Sun Devils and what can be done to remedy the current situation.

    Bye week features soul-searching time for the Sun Devils

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 29, 2019 85:29

    We said ASU was at a crossroads going into the UCLA contest, and following the loss to the Bruins, the Sun Devils' season has now taken a sharp and adverse turn. What are the aspects that have contributed to a two-game skid and can Arizona State rebound in November? We try to make sense of it all with our guest former Arizona State defensive back and Sun Devil Network sideline reporter, Jordan Simone, as well my analysis by answering your various questions on the team. Episode Rundown (85 minutes) (1:02) Sun Devil Network sideline reporter, Jordan Simone’s access to the team is second to none and in our candid conversation, he provides his unique insight to the current state of the Sun Devils and his outlook coming out of this bye week. (18:56) There was no shortage of questions from my subscribers and Twitter followers on various team topics and I answer each and every one of them in this segment. (77:49) Offering my parting thoughts on what we saw from the Sun Devils in the first eight games and how can we realistically expect them to finish the regular season.  

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Following lopsided loss ASU’s resiliency will be tested once again

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2019 32:15

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Following lopsided loss ASU’s resiliency will be tested once again A minor setback before a major comeback? That’s how the ASU coaches and players would like to view their 21-3 loss to Utah as they look to bounce back from that defeat as they take to the road again to meet UCLA. We discuss what took place Saturday night in Salt Lake City and what implications can that contest have on a matchup with the Bruins that can truly define the 2019 season for the Sun Devils.  Episode Rundown (32 minutes) (1:30) It was one of the worst offensive games in the history of the ASU football program. How much did the caliber of opponent play a part in comparison to the Sun Devils’ talent level and overall approach? (17:06) The ASU defense shot itself in the foot with numerous penalties but are there some positives to take away from the Sun Devils’ performance on this side of the ball? (24:53) Previewing ASU’s road matchup at UCLA. Are the Bruins coming in with legitimate momentum into this contest? Why is this game so significant for the Sun Devils?

    Previewing the ASU at Utah Contest on 1280 AM The Zone in Utah

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 17, 2019 14:18

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: ASU football successfully living on the edge

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 15, 2019 35:44

    Reviewing another dramatic Pac-12 win, this time at home to the tune of a 38-34 decision over Washington State, and how the positive familiar trends outweighed the negatives tendencies in a precious conference victory. This Saturday it’s on to Utah for a challenging road battle against the favorite to win the Pac-12 South. We discuss the key elements of this week’s foe and how they can affect the contest.  Episode Rundown (35 minutes) (1:32) We talk about the heroics of true freshman quarterback Jayden Daniels’ career day and a game-winning touchdown run and how the ASU offense was able to dig itself out of a first-quarter hole. (12:38) Many were wondering how well the Sun Devil defense would be able to deal with the explosive Washington State offense. Here’s how the grueling chess match unfolded in favor of ASU.  (24:41) Examining the Saturday afternoon matchup in Salt Lake City, and what ASU fans should look out for in the Sun Devils’ next foe? (34:07) Before we sign off we offer a preview of our pregame content ahead of Saturday’s game.

    ASU’s (nearly) mid-season report, upcoming opportunities and challenges for the 4-1 Sun Devils

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2019 59:42

    Reviewing the 24-17 road win at Cal, and going into the bye we provide our overview of the 2019 season to date, and whether the Sun Devils are poised to better themselves from last season’s mark? We also discuss the new California State law allowing student-athletes to earn money from using their likeness in 2023.   Episode Rundown (56 minutes) (1:30) Another week, another road win against a ranked opponent. The offense and defense were able to deliver in a significant way when it really mattered and that has become a staple of this year’s team. (15:52) There is much to get excited about what has transpired in the first five games for ASU, but areas of concern do persist and can potentially hold back Arizona State from building on its momentum. (34:56) ASU’s Associate Dean in the Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law and the lead administrator of ASU’s Sports Law & Business Program discusses the new California State law allowing student-athletes to earn money from using their likeness in 2023. Will this law actually go into effect despite the NCAA’s objection and what are the implications of this ruling? (49:28) My final thoughts on the state of the Sun Devils, and is my preseason prediction of 7-5 in jeopardy now?

    Avoiding a letdown turning into a spiraling down

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 24, 2019 42:25

    Recapping the 34-31 loss to Colorado and discussing whether the Sun Devils can rebound as they take to the road to face no. 15 Cal? Episode Rundown (38 minutes) (1:03) A less than adequate defensive game plan put ASU in a hole that they could not climb out of. What were the aspects that contributed to it? (12:00) Even in a loss, there are a lot of positives that the Sun Devil can draw upon for their next game and beyond. But what are some the areas they still need to clean up on? (24:43) Looking ahead to the ASU’s road game at Cal, how can the Sun Devils get back on track and how much significance does the result of this contest carry moving forward?

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Improbable road win leads to a perfect 3-0 mark

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2019 36:36

    Episode Rundown (32 minutes) (0:44) Discussing the all too familiar sight of a dominating Sun Devil defense which bends but not breaks and in instrumental in supporting a struggling offense en route to another win. (11:58) Having extremely difficulty is moving the ball and scoring against a stout Spartan defense is more than understandable, but when it counted the most this side of the ball for ASU came through. (22:31) Looking ahead to the ASU’s Pac-12 opener against Colorado at home this Saturday and the chances of the Sun Devils to continue their momentum thus far.

    My ASU at Michigan State Preview on ESPNU Radio

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2019 7:28

    My interview today with Jon Crispin and Jon Jansen breaking down Saturday's afternoon matchup in East Lansing

    September Struggles Ahead for Sun Devils?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2019 48:56

    Episode Rundown (45 minutes) (0:52) What has been the main culprit for the Sun Devils' offensive struggles and how can they be remedied?   (15:55) The ASU defense and special teams, on the other hand, have been bright spots in this young 2019 season. How can their performance be impacted as they continue and carry a heavy burden for this team?  (33:16) Looking ahead to the road game at Michigan State what are some of the aspects that can dictate the outcome of this game?

    Devil's Junkie Podcast: Jayden Daniels named starting QB, Camp T Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 13, 2019 75:25

    Episode Rundown (75 minutes) (1:09) Why was Jayden Daniels named ASU's first-ever freshman quarterback to start the season opener? We discuss the evolution of this position battle and what this means now to the other signal-callers in terms of their depth chart ranking.  (16:44) There were many other stories lines on offense to track at Camp Tontozona and discuss them all in this segment (43:00) Moving to the other side of the ball, how did the influx of bodies compared to spring affect the play of the defensive line? We examine that position and the rest of the Sun Devil defense in last week's sessions (62:47) Discussing the Sun Devils' to-do list and has my season prediction changed in light of the new starting quarterback and teams' performance thus far in preseason sessions?  

    Devil's Junkie Bonus Podcast: Sizing up the Pac-12

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2019 18:11

    Episode Rundown (18 minutes)   LOS ANGELES - Ralph Amsden and Hod Rabino share their impressions of Pac-12 Media Day, how the various coaches reacted to their standing in the preseason poll, and how do they see the division races shaping up for the 2019 season.

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Fall Camp Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2019 131:49

    We’re exactly one month ahead of ASU’s season opener and just a couple of days away from the Sun Devils’ first preseason practice. We take a comprehensive look at the 2019 Arizona State squad and break down each and every position and its storylines going into this season. Episode Rundown (128 minutes) (1:11) Reviewing the media preseason poll from Pac-12 Media Day. Was that projection a fair one for ASU and its conference foes? (12:17) We start our Fall Camp preview with the question on every ASU fan’s mind, who will emerge at the end of camp as the Sun Devils’ starting quarterback? We examine all the scenarios in play and what the most likely outcome will be. (20:57) Diving into the rest of the groups on offensive discussing the importance of having a no. 2 running back, how the depth chart at wide receiver can hinge greatly on one or two receivers’ health, and what can we expect from both the tight end and the offensive line groups?  (60:40) During spring practice ASU’s defensive line had more of its fair share of challenges to deal with. Will fall camp resent a more encouraging picture? How do we view the bevy of talent returning at linebacker and the changes that took place with that unit? (97:27) Wrapping up our defensive preview with a look at the cornerbacks and safeties which do have quite a bit of experience at the starting position, but a very young group of backups.   (117:17) No, we didn’t forget about ASU’s special teams and what we can expect to see taking place on a unit looking to be more productive in 2019.

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Recapping the month of May (and a little bit of June)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2019 83:01

    Episode Rundown (82 minutes) (0:59) Discussing the hire of Marvin Lewis to the football coaching staff, the two newest 2020 class pledges. (13:39) How should we view the 15 players who departed the program during and after the 2018 season? Which now former players may adversely impact the team more than others and how do I view the concept of the transfer portal? (30:51) ASU basketball adds two junior college frontcourt players in the 2019 class. How well have they reconciled the departures on this team and how can it help the Sun Devils come close to duplicating last year’s results?   (45:51) Fresh off its season-ending loss in the Baton Rouge regional, I share my view of the ASU baseball program and how the results of the 2019 season can potentially affect the future of head coach Tracy Smith (55:13) Answering our listeners’ questions

    The Devil’s Junkie Podcast: Hurley staying, Dort leaving and its impact

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 12, 2019 69:22

    Breakdown (67 minutes) (:36) Earlier this evening ASU basketball head coach Bobby Hurley announced that he and the school are working on a contract extension. Why did Hurley turn down an opportunity at St. John's and what aspects of his current job compelled him to stay with the Sun Devils? (27:50) Luguentz Dort leaving for the NBA draft was no surprise but slamming the door shut on a possible return was. What were the factors in play and how will that affect the 2019-20 roster? (50:56) Answering your questions regarding various Sun Devil sports topics

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