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Avery (@bravegrapes), Carlos (@equitybruin), Greg (@bananamorphs), and Matt (@nopitstops) talk about Pac-12 football and basketball. We talk about all things related to the Arizona Wildcats, Arizona State Sun Devils, Colorado Buffaloes, Utah, UCLA Bruins,

No Truck Stops

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    Latest episodes from No Truck Stops: A Pac-12 Basketball & Football Podcast

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap, 11/22: UCLA pushes Marquette, Colorado falls to FSU

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2023 52:29

    Greg and Reid discuss the week that was in Pac-12 basketball, including UCLA's close loss in a battle vs Marquette, Colorado's upset at the hands of FSU, and Utah's up and down showing in the Charleston Classic.

    Pac-12 Week 12 Recap: Washington is 11-0; UCLA beats USC; Arizona continues to impress

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2023 94:42

    On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, the crew discusses Washington's win over Oregon State in Corvallis. The crew discusses Washington's 11-0 record, Washington haters, whether Washington can be the first team to go 12-0 in the Pac-12 era, and Jonathan Smith's and Brian Lindgren's playcalling.  The crew also discusses UCLA's beatdown of USC in the Coliseum. The crew talks about USC's horrid defense, Chip Kelly's job, and where Lincoln Riley goes from here. All that, plus a discussion of Arizona's beatdown over Utah, quick takes on Cal/Stanford and Colorado/WSU, plus game predictions for the final Pac-12 season. 

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap, 11/15: Arizona beats Duke, USC loses to UC Irvine

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2023 57:07

    On this week's basketball episode, Carlos and Greg discuss Arizona's big road win over Duke, including what is different about this Arizona team and what might make them built for March. That, plus, the Basketball Boys discuss USC's hilarious upset loss to UC Irvine, with Greg honking for USC while Carlos appropriately lambasts the Trojans for losing the Anteaters.  That, plus a roundup of Pac-12 hoops action, Pac-12 women's hoops going nuclear, WSU and Oregon State winning some legal stuff, and more! 

    Pac-12 Football Week 11 Recap: Oregon and UW advance; ASU puts Chip Kelly on the edge

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 13, 2023 104:59

    No Truck Stops drops a weekly football episode on Thursday mornings previewing the week's slate. Sign up for just $5 on our Patreon at! On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, the crew discusses Oregon's dominant win over USC and Washington's thrilling win over Utah. The gang discusses the Ducks' lethal offense, USC's offensive woes, Washington looking vulnerable, and Utah's tale of two halves.  That, plus the crew talks about Arizona's clunky but exciting win over Colorado in Boulder, Arizona State's absurd offensive gameplan to send Chip Kelly to the hottest of hot seats, Oregon State's dominating win over Stanford, and Cal's chances at bowl eligibility.  And, as always, the crew ends the episode with some game picks!

    Patreon Preview: Can Washington keep Penix healthy against Utah?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2023 1:25


    Pac-12 Basketball Opening Day Recap: Isaiah Collier goes off, Oregon starts strong, Frida Formann ends #1 LSU

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2023 50:04

    Looking for football content? Check out our Patreon for $5 for a deep-dive preview into week 11 of the Pac-12 football season, including a look ahead to USC at Oregon.  On this week's basketball episode, the gang recaps Pac-12 opening day. The crew starts with reacting to USC's big win over Kansas State in Las Vegas. Topics include Isaiah Collier's massive debut, Boogie Ellis's production, defense from Kobe Johnson, and what to think of USC going forward. That, and the crew discusses Oregon's win over Georgia in Vegas. The crew discusses N'Faly Dante's Player of the Year-worthy performance, the Ducks' size, Brennan Rigsby's thunderous dunk, and more! Plus, a discussion of Cal and Stanford struggling, UCLA and Colorado looking sloppy in blowout wins, Colorado women's hoops and Frida Formann destroying Angel Reese and LSU, Juju Watkins going nuclear in her debut at USC, and more!

    Pac-12 Week 10 Recap: Washington survives as Arizona continues to break out

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 6, 2023 123:45

    (NOTE: This episode does not include a discussion of Alex Grinch's firing. And for good reason. What would we even talk about? He got fired because he's bad. Here's how bad he was. They should hire someone good. The end.) On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, the full gang comes together to talk about the week 10 results of the Pac-12 football season!  The crew discusses Washington's 52-42 win over USC in the Coliseum, including a discussion of USC's defense, Caleb Williams being left hanging by his team, and Washington's offensive bounceback.  That, plus the gang discusses Arizona's big win over UCLA. We discuss how impressive Arizona has been this season, what weaknesses Arizona might have, and the likelihood that Arizona wins out and makes the Pac-12 title game. Plus, we discuss the disaster that is UCLA's offense. (For an in-depth breakdown of UCLA and the Chip Kelly era, head over to our Patreon.) All that, and a discussion of the rest of the slate, STONKS, and looking ahead to week 11! 

    Patreon Preview: USC might beat Washington

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 3, 2023 2:17


    Pac-12 Basketball Exhibition Recaps, Biggest Non-conference Games

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 2, 2023 53:26

    On this week's basketball episode of No Truck Stops, Carlos, Greg, and Reid talk about the exhibitions that literally no one except Carlos watched. The crew discusses Cody Williams starting for Colorado, Sebastian Mack for UCLA, and more! Plus, the crew talk about the biggest nonconference games across the Pac-12, including several big (but somehow meaningless) tests for Arizona, prove-it games for Colorado and Utah, and big early challenges for UCLA.  All that, plus best offenses and defenses, and picks for opening day on November 6!

    Pac-12 Week 9 Recap: It's Oregon's league again; Arizona is a buzzsaw

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 30, 2023 120:24

    Subscribe to our YouTube channel to watch live episodes of our show, and be sure to check out our Patreon for bonus Pac-12 content at! On this week's episode, the crew sings Oregon's praises as they beat down Utah in Salt Lake City, 35-6. We talk about Oregon's absurd performance in the trenches, Bucky Irving, and Bo Nix. We also discuss whether Utah can still win a conference title this season and what went wrong against the Ducks. Plus, we talk about Arizona breaking out and beating Oregon State in Tucson. We discuss Arizona's odds of winning out (and making the Pac-12 title game), Noah Fifita, and bruising performances from DJ Williams and Jonah Coleman. We also discuss whether Oregon State's season is over, what went wrong for the Beavs, and Jonathan Smith's absurd decision to go for a fake field goal to end the first half.  All that, and discussing whether USC and Washington are fraudulent, Arizona State's big win over WSU, trick-or-treating, cursed Pac-12 storylines, and more!

    Pac-12 Men's Basketball Preview: Arizona's to lose, UCLA, USC, and Colorado lurk

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 26, 2023 93:33

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube! Subscribe to our channel to catch our live basketball episodes every Wednesdays at 5 PM PDT.  BASKETBALL IS BACK! Basketball Boys Greg and Carlos welcome Reid to the basketball episodes to preview the 2023-24 Pac-12 men's hoops season. On this preview episode, the gang discusses the biggest storylines for the league in its final season. Will anyone care if Arizona wins a lot of games in the regular season? How long will it take UCLA to figure things out with a new roster? Can USC live up to its potential? How much of a dark horse is Colorado, actually?  Plus, the gang talks about odds to win the Pac-12, over-performers, and under-performers. The crew discusses whether Stanford and Washington will fire their coaches midseason, whether Utah can break into the top-four of the league, and whether Oregon State can hit .500 on the season.  Then, the gang talks about the league's best players in a Pac-12 player draft, putting together the best possible starting five from the best and brightest in the conference.  The crew ends with final predictions, including Pac-12 player of the year, coach of the year, Pac-12 regular season champ, and Pac-12 NCAA tournament teams. 

    Week 8 Recap: Utah ruins USC; Pac-12 midseason awards and trades

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 23, 2023 117:29

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube! Subscribe to our channel to know when we go live and post a new clip. Basketball episodes return October 25 and every Wednesday at 5 PM Pacific until football ends. Pac-12 football patreon episodes can be found at On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, the gang gets together to discuss Utah's stunning win over USC in Los Angeles. The group talks about Kyle Whittingham's coaching job, Bryson Barnes, Sione Vaki as a two-way player, and what Utah's ceiling is this season. The crew also discusses Washington's scare vs. Arizona State. Is Michael Penix hurt? Can UW's offensive line be trusted? Is Arizona State better than their 1-6 record suggests? We answer these questions definitively and without any bias at all! Plus, a discussion of the rest of the Pac-12 slate, midseason awards for Pac-12 players and coaches, Pac-12 trades, and much more!

    Week 7 Recap: Washington beats Oregon in an instant classic; Oregon State and Arizona break out

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 16, 2023 102:04

    This game was live-streamed on YouTube! For a preview of week 8, join our Patreon for $5!  On this week's Pac-12 recap, the gang discussed Washington's thrilling win over Oregon in Seattle. The crew talked about Michael Penix's all-time performance, Dan Lanning's fourth down decisions, whether the two will get a rematch in Vegas, and more! All that, plus we recap a stacked slate of results, including Arizona's dominant win over WSU, Oregon State reasserting itself as a threat against UCLA, Colorado's meltdown vs Stanford, and the rest of the slate!  

    Pac-12 Week 6 Recap: USC escapes disaster, UCLA stifles WSU, Caleb Williams, & Jedd Fisch

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 9, 2023 113:26

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube! Subscribe to our channel and we'll make one of the hosts suffer on live-stream when we hit 250 subs. For a preview of the monumental week 7 slate, featuring Oregon-UW, UCLA-Oregon State, and more, check out our Patreon at! On this week's episode, the gang recaps USC escaping Los Angeles with a win over a feisty Arizona team. The crew discusses Caleb Williams's off-night and subsequent explosion, USC's defense, Alex Grinch, whether Williams is the greatest QB in Pac-12 history (since realignment in 2011) and more! Plus, the crew discusses Noah Fifita's breakout performance, Arizona's receivers, Jedd Fisch's bone-headed game management, and a re-evaluation of the Wildcats.  Plus, the crew discusses UCLA suffocating Washington State, including Cam Ward's very bad afternoon, Laiatu Latu exploding, Dante Moore figuring things out in real-time, Carson Steele, and the outlook ahead for both teams.  All that, AND the crew buries their dead preseason takes, reviews the STONK MARKET in Q2, makes game predictions, and so much more!

    Patreon Preview: Oregon, Washington, and USC play each other. Who can go 2-0?

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2023 1:02

    Join our Patreon for just $5 for full access to this episode, where we preview the week 6 slate and discuss Oregon, Washington, and USC. 

    Pac-12 Week 5 Recap: Oregon State destroys Utah; UW and USC survive ugly games

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 2, 2023 79:01

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube! Subscribe to our channel and at 250 subs, we will make someone suffer! For a week 6 preview, check out our Patreon at On this week's episode, the gang discusses Oregon State's beatdown of Utah in Corvallis, Utah's dreadful offense, DJ Uiagalelei's potential, and whether Cam Rising can fix everything. All that, plus Washington's ugly win over Arizona, USC's defense, Noah Fifita's performance, whether Colorado is 2022 WSU, and much more!

    PATREON PREVIEW: Is Washington a legit national title contender?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2023 2:07

    Enjoy this short preview of our week 5 preview of the Pac-12 slate, including a lengthy discussion about whether Washington is as good as the national media thinks they are.  Want the full episode? Subscribe to our Patreon for just $5 at!  And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel! Someone on the show will be tortured with very hot sauces for an entire episode once the show reaches 250 subs. 

    Pac-12 Football Week 4 Recap: Cam Ward cooks, Oregon dominates, Utah survives

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 25, 2023 99:48

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube! Join us every Sunday at 9 AM PDT by subscribing to our YouTube channel! For a preview of week 5 games, subscribe to our Patreon for just $5 at On this week's recap of the week 4 slate, the gang discusses Washington State's convincing win over Oregon State in Pullman. Topics include Cam Ward's breakout performance, Josh Kelly and receivers' absurd pass-catching, WSU's secondary, DJ Uiagalelei's struggles, Jonathan Smith's refusal to run the ball, and more.  Plus, the crew breaks down Oregon's dominant win over Colorado. The gang talks about Oregon's dominant line play, the Ducks' resurgent secondary, and Colorado's outlook going forward.  All that, plus a deep-dive into UCLA-Utah, quick looks at the rest of the slate including the Noah Fifita game at Arizona, Washington's dominance and weird defense, Arizona State's impressive performance on the back of Cameron Skattebo, and more!

    Pac-12 Football Week 3 Recap: Colorado escapes CSU; Investing in the Pac-12 stock market

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 18, 2023 102:55

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube! Subscribe to the No Truck Stops YouTube channel now to get notified whenever the gang goes live. If you want a preview of the upcoming week's games, stay tuned to our Patreon at! On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, the crew discusses the largely uneventful week 3 slate of Pac-12 games, beginning with Colorado's thrilling win over Colorado State. Topics include Colorado's line play, Shedeur Sanders's late-game magic, Jay Norvell's trash talk, injuries, and more! Plus we discuss in some detail ASU's ugly loss to Fresno State and Stanford's upsetting loss to Sacramento State. After talking through the rest of the slate, the gang does STONKS MARKET, and talks about which Pac-12 teams' stock we're buying high and low on, and how we think teams will project moving forward into conference play. The crew talks about buying low on UCLA, buying high on Colorado, USC, and Washington, and taking a gamble on some Arizona State and Cal stock. 

    PATREON PREVIEW: Jay Hill to Utah?

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2023 2:28

    Probably not.   SUBSCRIBE to our Patreon for a full and silly preview of a horrible week 3 slate of Pac-12 football!

    Pac-12 Football Week 2 Recap: WSU handles Wisconsin, Colorado destroys Nebraska

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 11, 2023 107:19

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube! Subscribe to the channel to get notified when No Truck Stops goes live. Want a preview of the week 3 slate? Subscribe to our Patreon at! On this week's episode, the gang recaps the week 2 slate of Pac-12 football games, starting with Washington State's 31-22 win over Wisconsin. Topics from that game include a big game from edge rusher Ron Stone, Jr., Cam Ward's continued growth, Ben Arbuckle, WSU's ability to compete for a Pac-12 title, and more.  Plus, the crew dives deep into Colorado's epic beatdown of Nebraska in Folsom Field. The team talks about wide-out Xavier Weaver's big game, Shedeur Sanders's disciplined play, the Buffs' defense, and whether they themselves are contenders.  All that, and the crew talks about how scary USC looks, Oregon State's quiet dominance, Oregon and Utah's icky road wins, and heartbreaking losses from Arizona, Cal, and ASU.   

    PATREON PREVIEW: Analyzing the week 2 Pac-12 football slate

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 7, 2023 8:12

    Enjoy another short preview of our weekly Patreon episode previewing week 2 of the Pac-12 football season, wherein Greg convinces himself Bad Road Team Utah doesn't exist. To listen to the full episode and for more bonus content, check out our Patreon at!

    Pac-12 Football Week 1 Recap: Colorado Stuns TCU; Pac-12, USC, Oregon, and Washington Dominate

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2023 123:09

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube, subscribe to get updates when No Truck Stops goes live, every Sunday at 9 AM PDT! For bonus Pac-12 content and a deep-dive preview into the week 2 Pac-12 football slate, go to  On this week's episode, the crew recaps week 1 of the Pac-12 slate, including a deep-dive into Colorado's big upset over TCU in Fort Worth, Texas. The crew discusses Shedeur Sanders's brilliance, Travis Hunter's dominant performance, and Colorado's  potential moving forward. That, plus the crew discussed Oregon's dominant, 81-point night against Portland State, UW's explosive offensive outing vs. Boise State, and USC's throttling of Nevada. The gang also discusses the Pac-12's perfect start and stunning performances from Cal, Washington State, and Stanford, as well as underwhelming performances from UCLA, Arizona, and Arizona State. 

    PATREON PREVIEW: Previewing the Week 1 Pac-12 Slate

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2023 4:34

    Enjoy this short preview of our weekly Patreon episode previewing the Pac-12 football games in week 1 of the 2023 college football season! To listen to the full episode and for more bonus content, check out our Patreon at

    USC-San Jose State Recap; ASU Postseason Ban; Cal and Stanford to the ACC; Week 1 Picks

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2023 70:50

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube! Subscribe to our channel to get notified when the crew goes live, every Sunday at 9 AM PDT. Thank you to Homefield for sponsoring this podcast; new customers receive 15% off their first order at  On this week's episode, Carlos, Greg, and Matt recap USC's 56-28 win over San Jose State. We discuss whether USC's defense is in trouble, whether we think it can improve, and if Eric Gentry is enough to get the defense over the hump. Plus, we talk about Zachariah Branch's breakout debut, USC's offensive line woes, the continued brilliance of Caleb Williams, and much more! After, the trio discusses Arizona State's self-imposed postseason ban, Cal and Stanford possibly going to the ACC, Carlos's strange simping for the Big 12, Jen Cohen leaving for USC, and other news around the Pac-12.  The gang ends with a lengthy segment picking games. Can Colorado upset TCU? Will San Jose State give Oregon State fits? Will Stanford survive Hawaii? (No.) Tune in to find out the answers! 

    Final Pac-12 Football Predictions, Players of the Year Awards, and Most Interesting Games

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 21, 2023 87:50

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube. Join us Sundays at 9 AM PDT! For a deep-dive preview of every Pac-12 school before the season kicks off, check out our Patreon!  In our final Pac-12 football preview, the gang discusses which games on the 2023 schedule are the most intriguing. The crew discusses Oregon-Washington, USC-Oregon, UCLA-Oregon State, and more! All that, plus we discuss which games have the worst vibes on the schedule.  Then, the crew discusses which players can win Pac-12 offensive and defensive players of the year. Is Caleb Williams a lock to repeat? Can a surprise contender like Bo Nix, Carson Steele, Michael Penix, or someone else dethrone Williams? And is Laiatu Latu a lock for defensive player of the year, or will a darkhorse contender from Utah or Oregon State emerge?  The quintuplet then discusses their final projections for the Pac-12 football season, including who the team thinks will win the conference, all before making the first game picks of the year with USC-San Jose State and a random game in Ireland. 

    Pac-12 Football Preview: Hot Takes and Player Draft

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2023 67:20

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube. Join us every Sunday at 9 AM PDT to talk Pac-12 football! For bonus Pac-12 content, visit  On this week's episode, the gang gets back to previewing the 2023 Pac-12 football season, starting with the hosts providing some hot, spicy takes for the season. Hot take topics include whether USC will actually make the title game, UCLA's potential, Oregon State's drop-off, and more! All that, plus the gang talks about the Pac-12's best players in a player draft. The crew of five comes together to draft players across five categories: quarterback, running back, pass-catcher, front seven, and secondary. We talk about the depth at each position and who we snubbed. 

    What happens to Pac-12 basketball post-realignment? With Bryce Hendricks

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2023 50:02

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube. Join us on YouTube every Sunday at 9 AM PDT. Want more Pac-12 content? Check out our Patreon at  On this special episode, join Carlos, Greg, and special guest Bryce Hendricks (@BryceHendrick14) to discuss Pac-12 basketball in the context of realignment and the death of the conference.  The crew gets together to ask whether Oregon State, WSU, Cal, and Stanford could join Gonzaga in the WCC or whether they're better off in the Mountain West. The gang also talks briefly about what becomes of women's college basketball blue blood Stanford post-realignment.  The trio also discuss which Pac-12 teams might be better off in their new basketball conferences. Is UCLA in position to run the league? Should Arizona be worried about joining the best college basketball conference in the country? Where will Oregon fall, and can Washington hoops survive the Big Ten?  All that, plus Bobby Hurley, Colorado basketball's potential death, Utah's status in the Big 12, and more! 

    How will Pac-12 schools fare in new conferences? Plus nerd stats talk with Parker Fleming @statsowar

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 7, 2023 63:54

    This episode was live-streamed on YouTube! Subscribe to our channel and join us every Sunday at 9 AM Pacific to comment along and add your thoughts. Also, we're making our Pac-12 preview magazine free to the public! You can find the magazine here; if you liked it, consider giving us a $3 tip on Patreon or subscribing to our Patreon for exclusive content for $5! On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, the gang ditches 2023 Pac-12 preview discourse to discuss the emerging details of the demise of the Pac-12. Topics include new details about the TV deals, non-revenue sports suffering, and more.  Plus, the crew discusses which Pac-12 football teams will be worse or better off in their new conferences. Can Oregon and Washington succeed with half as much money as the rest of the Big Ten schools? Will Utah run the Big 12? We answer these questions and more! Finally, the gang welcomes Parker Fleming (@statsowar on Twitter) to discuss Expected Points Added and advanced analytics in the Pac-12. Which Pac-12 team does Parker think was overrated according to the analytics? Can USC actually win a national championship, and what will it take? Is the Oregon State hype perhaps unwarranted? Parker answers these questions to help us get ready for the 2023 Pac-12 season. 

    Emergency: Washington and Oregon leave for the Big Ten as the Pac-12 dies

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2023 56:05

    This episode was first live-streamed on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel  while the Pac-12 is still alive! And be sure to check out our first and last Pac-12 preview magazine on our Patreon at Want the magazine for free? We'll release it for free if we get 100 subscriptions to our YouTube channel before the 2023 season kicks off.  On this emergency podcast, we mourn the loss of the Pac-12, as Oregon and Washington leave the conference for the Big Ten. The gang reacts to the Oregon/Washington news, and discusses what went wrong, why this is the death of college football as we know it, and how we ended up here.  Then, the crew debates who killed the Pac-12. We lay blame on the ultra-wealthy media executives and companies (including ESPN, CBS, and Fox), UCLA and USC for leaving last summer, Oregon and Washington for dealing the final blow, and Pac-12 presidents and leadership.  The gang also discusses what happens now with Oregon State and Washington State, Arizona State and Utah likely leaving for the Big 12, and where Cal and Stanford go from here. 

    Previewing the 2023 Pac-12 Football Season, Part I: Over/Under Win Totals, Most Pressure to Perform

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 31, 2023 75:50

    Subscribe to our Patreon for just $5 and get our upcoming Pac-12 football preview magazine, available August 1! And be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel so you know when we're going live!  On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, the gang gets together for the first of their four-part series previewing the 2023 Pac-12 football season! The gang first discusses over/under win totals from the 2022 season. Can Oregon, USC, Washington, Utah, and Oregon State exceed their big win totals from last season? Will the bottom fall out for Washington State? Will Arizona take a step back, and can Arizona State take a step forward? We answer these question and more in this segment! And we discuss which team, coach, or player is under most pressure to perform, from Jedd Fisch to Caleb Williams to Alex Grinch. We discuss who needs to have a good season and who has lofty expectations that are going to be difficult to meet.  All that, plus comparing Oregon State to Georgia, Kyle Whittingham's new look, Dan Lanning leaving for Ohio State, and more!  This episode was live-streamed on YouTube. Check out our weekly livestreams on Sundays at 9 AM Pacific at! 

    Emergency! Colorado Leaves the Pac-12 for the Big 12

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2023 51:29

    On this special emergency episode of No Truck Stops, Reid, Matt, Carlos, and Avery get together to discuss the big news that Colorado is leaving the Pac-12 for the Big 12. We first offer our instant reactions before discussing what this means for the Pac-12 and how Colorado will fare in the Big 12. We also discuss whether George Kliavkoff could have avoided this, whether Oregon, UW, or other schools should or will follow suit, if the Pac-12 can survive without its worst football program, and more! Heads up! No Truck Stops is now on YouTube! Subscribe now! Episodes will stream live on Sundays at 9 AM PDT starting on Sunday, July 30. Podcast episodes will follow on your favorite podcast aggregator at their normal times on Monday, 5 AM PDT. 

    Funniest moments in Pac-12 history; Bill Walton's awful 30-for-30

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2023 41:58

    In this special offseason episode of No Truck Stops, Avery, Carlos, Matt, and Reid get together to discuss Bill Walton's extremely boring 30-for-30.  After, the crew talks about any Pac-12 media deals update. Spoiler: there are none and we make fun of all the weirdos making rumors about it on Twitter.  That, plus the crew discuss the 10 funniest moments in Pac-12 history and debate any big omissions. We reminisce about Lane Kiffin getting left on the tarmac, Arizona's hilarious collapse in the Territorial Cup in 2020, Kaelin Clay, the Alamo Bowl, and more! Be sure to subscribe to our Patreon at!

    Pac-12 Gymnastics in the Nationals

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2023 39:45

    On this surprise episode, Avery welcomes back Emily (@sportswithem) and Benjamin Royer (@thebenroyer) to discuss how Pac-12 gymnastics teams faired in the regionals and look ahead to nationals.  This description would say more but Carlos wrote it and he has no clue what else to write because he's a moron!

    No Truck Stops Season Finale: NIL collectives, favorite moments, and worst returning coaches

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 3, 2023 75:51

    No Truck Stops's main feed is entering a summer hibernation but content continues to flow on our Patreon! Tune in for all-time Pac-12 team discussion, historic game recaps, season reviews, and more! On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, the gang does a season finale! Matt, Reid, Greg, and Carlos get together to discuss their favorite moments from the 2022-23 Pac-12 season, the worst returning coaches from this season, and things they're looking forward to in 2023-24. Then, the crew gets into a lengthy discussion of NIL collectives, sparked by Carlos embroiling himself in controversy yet again, this time with UCLA fans and Bruin Report Online. The crew discusses whether it matters that NIL collectives are transparent, what role 24/7 Sports sites can or should play in these collectives, and the realities of the college football landscape. Matt and Reid offer contrasting thoughts about the structure of college football, and the crew laments how college sports is arranged post-NIL. All that, plus a smattering of SUCCESSION talk, Eddie Lampkin going to Colorado, Mark Madsen going to Cal, and more!

    Pac-12 Gymnastics in the NCAA Regionals: A Primer for Casuals and Newbies

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 29, 2023 41:20

    On this special edition of No Truck Stops, Avery is joined by gymnastics fan Emily (@sportswithem) and Daily Bruin gymnastics beat writer Ben Royer (@thebenroyer) to preview Pac-12 gymnastics teams in the NCAA Gymnastics Regionals. The crew discusses issues of over-scoring across the country, which Pac-12 teams have a legitimate shot at a national title, which Pac-12 teams got lucky in their seeding, and how they see the postseason shaking out.  All that, plus discussions about which of UCLA and Utah are the favorites to come out of the Los Angeles region, a conversation about whether it's OK for Utah Twitter to talk trash after meets, and Avery almost killing Carlos for using a soundboard like it's a 1999 radio show!

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap: What went wrong with UCLA, and what's next?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2023 70:19

    On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, our friend Muna (@shortcorner19) steps in for Avery and Greg to talk about UCLA's final game, what went wrong for the Bruins, and whether this season was successful. They also discussed whether Mick Cronin should've sat players against Arizona and in the Pac-12 tournament, what he needs to do moving forward for UCLA to contend for a national title, and more! Plus, the two take some time to look back at the Pac-12 season and decide whether this was a successful year. Topics include Oregon's backslide, Jerod Haase and Mike Hopkins staying at their jobs despite underachieving with their talent, and what USC and ASU will look like going into the 2023-24 basketball season.

    UCLA is in the Sweet 16. Gonzaga awaits.

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2023 40:28

    In this week's episode of No Truck Stops, Greg and Avery ABANDON Carlos and leave him to do No Truck Stops's first ever solo episode.  Carlos discussed UCLA's win over Northwestern. He discussed what broke down for UCLA in the second half, Jaime Jaquez's big night, Mick Cronin's over-reliance on Jaime, where the shots went for Amari Bailey, Adem Bona's Struggles, Kenneth Nwuba's emergence, and more! Then, Carlos turned his attention to previewing UCLA-Gonzaga. Carlos discussed how UCLA might deal with Drew Timme, how much UCLA would miss Jaylen Clark, what the expectations are for UCLA going forward, and whether he thinks UCLA will beat Gonzaga. (SPOILER: Yes he does.) 

    Recap of Pac-12 hoops in Round 1 of the NCAA tournament: And then there was UCLA

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 18, 2023 84:54

    NOTE: Excuse the slightly subpar audio in this one. We recorded ultra late on Friday night and our editor is a lazy bozo. Also follow us on Twitter @notruckstopspod. On this special weekend edition of No Truck Stops, Carlos, Avery, Greg, and Reid (!), and special guest Bryce Hendricks (@BryceHendrick14) discuss the Pac-12's ultimately unsuccessful opening round of the NCAA tournament. The gang first talked about ASU's thrilling loss to TCU, including critiques (and praise!) of Bobby Hurley's offense, and how ASU's season might be evaluated. The crew also talked about Arizona's shocking loss to Princeton, how Arizona's season fared, new questions about Tommy Lloyd, and how he might need to change philosophically. The fivesome also discussed USC's disappointing loss to Michigan State, including the decline of Drew Peterson, Boogie Ellis's quiet night, how much the Trojans missed Vincent Iwuchukwu, and where USC goes from here as they bring in some talent for 2023-24.  And finally, the crew talks about UCLA's dominant win over UNC Asheville. They also discussed UCLA's path forward, Bryce's critiques of Mick Cronin, and how UCLA stands up as a legitimate national contender. 

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap: Arizona wins tournament title, four Pac-12 teams go dancing with Bryce Hendricks

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2023 74:03

    On this week's recap of Pac-12 hoops, the Basketball Boys Carlos and Greg discuss Arizona's thrilling 61-59 win over UCLA in the Pac-12 tournament championship game. We discussed Arizona's defense, UCLA's lack of size, Courtney Ramey's clutch shooting, Amari Bailey's continued breakout, and more! We also discuss Arizona's season, the value of conference tournaments, and UCLA's grit.  Plus, we recapped Selection Sunday, where four Pac-12 teams made the NCAA tournament. We broke down the brackets for Arizona, Arizona State, USC, and UCLA. Greg and Carlos try to dissect who has the easiest path to a Final Four, who might shock some teams, and more.  Finally, the Basketball Boys welcomed college hoops sicko and elite tape grinder Bryce Hendricks (@BryceHendrick14) to talk about the Pac-12 teams' matchups. Want to know more about who your favorite team is playing? No Truck Stops has no clue because we don't watch conferences outside our own, BUT Bryce does and he dropped expert insight into each of the team's brackets, matchups, and players.  Love No Truck Stops and want to support us? Consider giving us a $3 tip on our Patreon at! 

    A conversation with Ryan Abraham of the Podcast of Champions

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2023 40:45

    While Greg and Carlos were in Las Vegas, they kidnapped Podcast of Champions co-host Ryan Abraham and sat him down for a conversation about the Pac-12. Topics included interrogating Ryan to find out why he is in Las Vegas for Pac-12 basketball, his thoughts on Vegas as a city, and what he wants for the Pac-12 going forward.  At the end, Greg and Carlos played "Hooper or Basketball Player" with Ryan about Pac-12 quarterbacks, past and present.  Want to win a $50 Homefield gift card? Answer our trivia question during this episode by tweeting at or sending a DM @notruckstopspod on Twitter. You must be following both No Truck Stops and @HomefieldApparl and send us a screenshot to show you're following Homefield. Good luck! 

    Pac-12 Basketball Tournament Day 2 Recap: UCLA, Arizona survive scares; ASU and Oregon move closer to NCAA tournament bids

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 10, 2023 44:23

    Love the show and want to support our shenanigans? Consider tipping us on Patreon at! The basketball boys are BACK for day two of the Pac-12 men's basketball tournament! Carlos and Greg sat down in the middle of the night to talk about all 11 hours of Pac-12 hoops they consumed. They discussed UCLA's win over a feisty Colorado team, including Amari Bailey's breakout performance, Tristan da Silva's ridiculous offensive outburst, and the Bruins' outlook without Jaylen Clark.  The two also discussed Oregon's thrilling win over Washington State. The gang discussed WSU battling back from down 19, N'Faly Dante's dominance on the interior, and the Ducks' size and how that affected the Cougs.  Then, the crew moved to discuss Stanford pushing Arizona to nearly 40 minutes of competitive basketball. Carlos and Greg called out Stanford's nonsensical shooting night from three, Oumar Ballo and Azuolas Tubelis tearing through all of Stanford's purported big men, and Kerr Kriisa's shoulder injury.  The two then talked about the nightcap, where Arizona State beat USC to move closer to securing an NCAA tournament bid. The two discussed ASU's weird shot selection, Drew Peterson's poor performance, Desmond Cambridge's hot night, Warren Washington's defense, and much more! The duo then ended with a discussion of the Pac-12 tournament semi-finals, breaking down what they were expecting in the third iterations of Oregon-UCLA and Arizona-ASU. 

    Pac-12 Tournament Day 1 Recap: Hoopers vs. Basketball Players with Sam of Payton Years

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2023 45:29

    On this special bonus episode of No Truck Stops, Greg and Carlos go to Vegas! The two recap a long day of Pac-12 hoops from the first day of the conference tournament, including which games were more fun and which day 2 matchups are the most intriguing. All that, plus the duo are joined by Sam of the Payton Years podcast to talk Pac-12 hoops, Oregon State, and which Pac-12 players are hoopers and which ones are basketball players. Follow the Payton Years podcast on Twitter @YearsPayton!

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap: UCLA beats Arizona, but might have lost Jaylen Clark. What now?

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 6, 2023 95:37

    On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, the gang discusses UCLA's big win over Arizona and possible loss of Jaylen Clark. Avery, Greg, and a discuss whether UCLA can win a national championship without Clark, Jaime Jaquez's big game on senior night, Oumar Ballo's disappearing act, Pauley Pavilion, and  more! The gang also discussed USC's semi-convincing win against identical twin ASU. The trio discuss Boogie Ellis's monster weekend, Kobe Johnson, and Desmond Cambridge's cold night. All that, plus WSU wins six straight thanks to TJ Bamba, NCAA tournament bubble teams, and Oregon keeping its tournament hopes alive. AND discussion of Chip Kelly's contract, the Pac-12 media deal, and more!

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap: ASU stuns Arizona, UCLA wins a conference title

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 27, 2023 61:14

    On this week's episode of No Truck Stops, Avery, Greg, and Carlos discuss getting review-bombed, Cocaine Bear, and the weekend in Pac-12 hoops. The gang first discusses Arizona State's stunning win over Arizona. The crew talked about Arizona's defensive collapse, Azuolas Tubelis getting benched on defense, and Arizona State's absurd shot-making. They also discuss whether ASU is a tournament lock and if Arizona can be trusted to make a significant run in the NCAA tournament. The crew also discussed UCLA's escape against Colorado. Topics include the brutal physicality of the game, David Singleton's defense, Tyger Campbell's clutch second-half offense, and Jaime Jaquez's toughness through an injury. They also discussed UCLA winning the outright Pac-12 championship and what their season has meant. All that, plus a discussion of USC becoming a tournament lock, which non-at-large Pac-12 team is capable of winning the conference tournament championship, and how next weekend's massive slate of games will turn out.

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap: Can UCLA or Arizona win the natty? SDSU joining the Pac-12? Player of the Year race update

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 20, 2023 96:30

    Love No Truck Stops and want to show gratitude? Consider tipping us on Patreon for $3 at! On this week's jam-packed episode of No Truck Stops, Avery, Carlos, and Greg get together to talk about the rumor from Jason Scheer that San Diego State is joining the Pac-12. We discuss whether we believe it and the absurdity of the tweet being about a swim and dive championship banquet. Plus, we talk hoops! We quickly discuss this week's bad slate of games before discussing the NCAA tournament bracket preview from the NCAA selection committee, including whether UCLA or Arizona were underseeded and Mick Cronin's disdain for the selection committee's decisions. We also talk about whether we think UCLA or Arizona can win a national title this year. Can Arizona overcome its guard play? Can UCLA overcome its size disadvantage? We debate these and more! We also revisit the Pac-12 player of the year race in depth, discussing whether Azuolas Tubelis or Jaime Jaquez should win the award. We discuss Tubelis's rim-running and offensive prowess, Jaquez's shot creation, Tubelis's limited minutes, and more! All that, plus weird college basketball mascots, Cal's ineptitude and whether their facilities matter, the NBA Slam Dunk competition, and more!

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap: UCLA ends Oregon, Arizona falls again

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2023 58:11

    New Pac-12 football episode drops this Tuesday morning on our Patreon at! Subscribe now for $8 to listen to the gang discuss the Pac-12 TV deal, expansion possibilities, what the league looks like (or if it exists) in 2024, and what Utah will do without offensive coordinator Andy Ludwig as rumors heat up about Notre Dame poaching him! On this week's basketball episode, the BASKETBALL BOYS Greg and Carlos sit down to discuss UCLA's mean ending of Oregon‘s season. The two discuss UCLA's absurd defensive performance, foul trouble for the Bruins, Jaime Jaquez's takeover game, and Jaylen Clark bursting back onto the scene. Plus, the crew discussed another stunning Arizona loss, this time to Stanford. Carlos and Greg discuss what went wrong with Arizona, Stanford's gameplan against the Wildcats, and whether Azuolas Tubelis has lost ground in the Pac-12 Player of the Year race as Jaime Jaquez moves into number one in KenPom. The duo also talk about USC's absurd loss to Oregon State, ASU's dumb overtime win over Cal, Utah's consistency and their tournament hopes, and more!

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap: UCLA, USC, and Arizona sweep; Pac-12 trades

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2023 63:47

    No Truck Stops football host Reid Tingley graded every single 2023 Pac-12 football recruiting class. Read it for FREE on our Patreon at  On this week's Pac-12 basketball recap, Greg and Carlos discuss UCLA and USC's sweep of the Washington schools. Topics include Adem Bona's performance against Mouhamed Gueye, Kobe Johnson's breakout performance against Washington, and whether we're ready to trust the Trojans to be real Pac-12 contenders.  Additionally, the duo talk about Arizona's dominant wins over Oregon and Oregon State. We discussed Azuolas Tubelis's explosive 40-point performance against the Ducks and what has changed in Tubelis's game from last season. Plus, we discussed Oregon's tournament chances after splitting their trip to Arizona, and whether they can sweep the LA schools in Eugene next weekend.  All that, plus Cal's long streak of ineptitude, Stanford's stunning win over Utah, and Arizona State's crowd and diminishing tournament hopes. 

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap: Oregon and USC re-emerge as contenders

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2023 66:32

    Read Carlos's piece on UCLA basketball's soul-searching mission for free, along with more Pac-12 football content, on the No Truck Stops Patreon at On this week's Pac-12 basketball recap from No Truck Stops, Carlos and Greg get together to talk about Oregon's crucial home sweep of the Washington schools and USC's massive win over UCLA. The two debate who of USC and Oregon had the more impressive weekend, Vincent Iwuchukwu's impact for the Trojans, the Ducks' balanced contributions, and what Oregon needs to do to get back into the bubble conversation. Plus, the basketball boys discuss what's gone wrong with UCLA this month, the development challenges from Adem Bona, UCLA's defensive collapses, and what the Bruins need to re-locate their swagger from the fall.  All that, and a discussion of USC's locked-in tournament spot, finding a fourth Pac-12 NCAA tournament team, what happens when good coaches get 5-star recruits, Arizona State's spiraling towards doom, and more!  Follow Greg on Twitter @bananamorphs Follow Carlos on Twitter @equitybruin See more Pac-12 content

    Pac-12 Basketball Recap: Arizona is back

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 23, 2023 80:23

    Want Pac-12 football content? Head over to our Patreon at!  On this week's Pac-12 basketball episode, we discussed Arizona's win over UCLA at the McKale Center. Topics include Arizona's size advantage, UCLA's offensive breakdowns and droughts, Arizona's offensive explosion in the second half, Oumar Ballo's return to dominance, and more. We brought on Brad Malone from the Bear Down Bias podcast to talk about the game and Arizona's season. We also talked about USC's massive win over Arizona State, including Vincent Iwuchukwu's promising performance and ASU's defensive collapse. All that, plus Utah's big sweep over WSU and UW, Branden Carlson going off, Oregon's fall to Stanford, and more!

    Patreon preview: Pac-12 Schedule Release Reactions

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2023 21:48

    Enjoy this 20-minute preview of our Patreon-exclusive episode where the gang reacts to the Pac-12's schedule release for the 2023 football season. For the full 90-minute episode, and other Pac-12 football content, subscribe to our Patreon at!

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