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Black Bougie Broads featuring Kev consists of 6 friends who are bougie, shady and have a lot to say and did we mention BLACK?! This eclectic group of friends met at the illustrious North Carolina Agricultural & Technical State University. Don’t let the title fool you, these business professionals let their hair down to tell you how they feel about the latest in current events and drama within their personal lives. So grab your cocktail and your edges and enjoy this bougie experience.

Black Bougie Broads featuring Kev

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    Latest episodes from Black Bougie Broads featuring Kev

    Episode 64: Romantical Rants

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2022 62:07

    Bougie Babes!! Listennn...the Bougie Den was filled with all kinds of emotions on this one.  Hunni we addressed how we want to be courted and loved. Do you think $500 is appropriate for a date? That question literally opened up the BOUG in BOUGIE!! Johnise and Brandon address beautiful moments in dating and relationships which warranted love and admiration. Kev isn't one to speak on love however he explains he isn't opposed to spending a little coinT on a deserving someone. Erica relayed her most romantic date and it was epic. Baby grab your drank, popcorn and edges because you will need it. xoxo 

    Episode 63: Beyoncé & Her Impact On the Black Community

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 72:37

    Bougie babes!! This episode was recorded during our live event which streamed on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. When you think of Beyonce – what comes to mind?  King B or does she bite off of everyone's music?  The Bougie Den comes together to dissect her new album Renaissance or B7 – Does Kelis have a pending lawsuit against Beyonce “sampling” her music or is her issue with the Neptune's – specifically Pharrell?  Why couldn't Kelis be happy like Big Freedia and Twinkie Clark and consider it an opportunity to collaborate.   Then, to make matters worse – Monica Lewinsky took it upon her irrelevant self to even have comments from the song “Partition.” Grab your Henny, cuz we have plenty!

    Episode 62: My Friend Betta NOT...

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 80:06

    Bougie Babes! Listennnnn.... we turned up & out on this episode. We invited our good friend LoLo Alexis back in the Bougie Den to address the code of friendship which at times can be referred to as the "Bro or Sis Code". Baybee we addressed friends and their privileges or boundaries with respect to your significant others and exes. Have you ever had a friend jump in your boo's DM's or they put kiss emojis under your exes social media posts? Well come on in as we address these crazy scenarios and more! This episode is litty so grab the popcorn, your drank & your edges because this one is for the books hunny! xoxo 

    Episode 61: Blazin' Them Boundaries

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 99:14

    Bougie Babes!!!! We gathered in the Bougie Den this week to tackle the topic of setting and communicating boundaries, and it got quite interesting!  While one of us has seemingly no qualms with setting anyone straight, we all broke down the dynamics within different environments and relationships that can make having that convo so necessary, and how changing circumstances can create the need for boundaries.  Sometimes being the 'go-to' person or having that "Black Bougie Magic" can make you an easy target to be taken advantage of.    How is it possible to set boundaries in  your friendships/relationships, in your professional life, or with your family? And how do you react when your boundaries are crossed?  How should you deal with friends finessing your boundaries?  We also break down the different types of boundaries because trust, there are much more than one.  Let me tell you, the discussion was thorough and plentiful this time, so its an extra-long listen!  Grab a supa-sized snack, a double cocktail, and hit the focus on your phone so that you won't be disturbed while enjoying this one.  Its a doozy!

    Episode 60: Half On A Baby

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 62:50

    Hey Bougie Babes!! This week we touched on all the hot topics.... goin' half on a baby, Roe Vs. Wade, and an Instagram model claiming kids that's clearly not hers!! The crew answered the question, "Would you go half on a baby?", and honey, Kevin wasn't feeling any of it!! The Bougie Crew talked passionately about Roe Vs. Wade, where Erica shared a personal situation!! Brandon brings us all the facts and is keeping us updated with all the dirt in politics!! Mrs. Johnise spoke about rule number 251; Don't be trying to claim somebody kids if you don't take care of them!! Come down to the valley as we discuss P-Valley too!  Grab your water and make a good charcuterie board because honey this a good one!! Bye Ya'll!

    Episode 59: Build-A-Man

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 80:51

    Bougie Babes!! Welcome back to the Bougie Den.  This week we brought our very own good friend of the show back, Reneè , to discuss building your ideal partner. The fellas took a back seat as the Broads went in!! Do you have an ex that you regret messing with?  Or have you ever allowed someone below your standards get you caught up & you still cant get over it? If yes, dive on in here as we talk some good ole' trash about these pickin's out here. Grab your popcorn, sangria with a splash of Henney and your edges because BAYBEEE you will need it!! Xoxo 

    Episode 58: Levels to Dating & Cheating

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 66:11

    Bougie Babes!!!   In this episode we unpack what is considered “cheating?”  Are there certain non-negotiables that you and your relationship cannot rebound from?  Do you have experience dating an unloyal hoe?  Is one person not enough for you or do you prefer an open relationship?  If there are infidelities in your relationship clearly there must be a willingness to hash out any differences and a commitment to change.  However, there are levels to relationships and folks like to speed thru the process of talking, dating/friends, exclusively dating to being in a full-fledged relationship that ultimately leads to marriage.  How dare you make assumptions about being in a relationship when terms of agreement have not been discussed. That is the quickest way to be embarrassed or left in the dark!    Has someone ever tried to tell you that “you for the streets,” but technically you are still single and free to mingle?!   Millennials have the game all screwed up and they do not value building a friendship before developing a relationship – you may get hit with “no new friends,” or “let's be friends with benefits.”  If we wine & dine does that automatically make you mine?  Has your woman tried to cut off access to the goodies until you make her an honest woman and put a ring on it?  So-called relationships and cheaters will wear you the fuck out!  Chuck the deuces, because sometimes leaving may be the best method!  Grab your Henny ‘cause we have plenty!  

    Episode 57: The Dominant Gentleman

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 74:07

    Bougie Babes!! Have you ever met a nice looking gentleman who  exuded class and a heavy dose of dominance?! Well let us introduce you to Kaylon Toure' aka Loveless Deville. We welcomed Kaylon into the Bougie Den where we addressed his viral post on Facebook that sparked a blaze and set the comments on fire. He relayed a situation where a friend took a woman on multiple dates and got no action. This spun the episode into  many questions and scenarios about what a man deserves if he is financing dates. Also we spoke about virgins who date, what do they have to give if they aren't giving up le' sex? Grab your dank, popcorn and edges because baybee you will need it! xoxo 

    Episode 56: The Good Finish Last

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 68:55

    Hey Bougie Babes!! Jump into the Bougie Den for this LIVE recording we did with our fans on Facebook and YouTube. Hunni... Lori had the nerve to dump THE Michael B. Jordan so we had to hit the mic to discuss this tragic event in the black community. We also addressed horny a$$ Nick Cannon and him planting seeds all over the world! How many kids does this man have neow?? The cast also addressed Drew Sidora implying she was flewed out by LeBron James...why is this heffa lying?! Chile we had a whole convo that was colorful & crazy! So step into the Bougie den and grab those edges because its a wild ride! 

    55. Dead Cold Facts

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 61:08

    Bougie Babes!!! Welcome back to the  Bougie Den! This episode we have our new friend of the show, Renee, who is a young and fabulous funeral home director who helps us understand and break down homegoing processes. For example, we  address the loss of Kevin Samuels & knowing what you need in place to cover your expenses AND NO…stop doing GoFundMe! Dayummm! Grab your Henry, and edges because soon and very soon…we are going to see the Kang! Xoxo 

    Dating Over 40

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 65:00

    Bougie Babes!!!  We welcome you to the bougie den for yet another examination in the land of love and relationships.  Although we're zeroing in on a specific decade, please believe that this episode is for adults of all ages and seasons in life.  This week, we're diving into the age-old question; in the game of dating, does it "get greater later", or are there more trashes and ashes as the time passes?  We invited Kev's good friend and fan of the show, Ryanne, to give her perspective and impart some of her latest experiences in the dating game.   Society has often told us that the prime of dating and love is when you reach your 40's, but when we delved into this topic we tested whether some dating practices that were common in youth are still prevalent.  Is the dating game the same or have the rules changed?  Chile, we even debate the relevance vs necessity of maintaining a dating roster.  It gets hot and heavy in the den tonight.  You don't want to miss this one! Grab your snacks, cocktails, edges and prepare for the ride because this one gets REAL!

    53. Pimp or Simp?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2022 72:30

    Bougie Babes!! Welcome back to the Bougie Den! Our guest Cousin Cornbread joined us to talk about simpin'. In the black community a certain group of black men blast Russell Wilson for being a "simp". The Bougie cast decided to address this crazy bashing that he receives. Is being a good guy to your lady a bad thing? Don't black women deserve to be treated like queens?  It got a little hot in the den when the cast also addressed Dwyane Wade and his experiences growing up and how it influences his fathering skills. Grab your Henney, popcorn & your edges because you will need it! 

    Phat Shaming

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2022 51:34

    Bougie Babes!!! Welcome back to the Bougie Den. Hunni let's talk about PHAT shaming! Yes we recorded this back in February but these judging-ass black people phat shame everyday so it's appropriate. Our friend of the show (in our heads) 50 Cent was clowned down to the ground about his weight and it triggered us to address the big elephant in the room. Step into the den to hear our thoughts on weight and self love because these internet trolls will make you think having curves or a body isn't popular. Grab your drank, edges and popcorn because you will need it. Xoxo 

    Episode 51: D.R.unk in Love!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2022 69:05

    Bougie Babes, WE....ARE....BACK!!!Did you miss us, because we've certainly missed you! It has definitely been a minute but we couldn't stay away any longer!  The BBB Crew is here to bring you even more dope discussions, debates, and even a refreshing brand new perspective with our newest member, B (The Rich Uncle)!  Season 3 is OFFICIALLY here, and we're comin' in hot with this one!! Ever made a  love connection  while traveling out of the country?  Our awe-inspiring guest, Danen, joins us in the Bougie Den to detail her dynamic love adventure on a trip to the Dominican Republic.  Taking in sun, sand, and sangrias, she makes an unexpected connection that sounds so surreal and amazing, its as if its from a modern day romance novel or film; However, the story takes several trips and turns!  We all were bursting with questions and anticipation, and BayBay! The plot just got deeper and DEEPER! Fans of Episode 21 (about 'Red Flags') are gonna love this one!  Grab your edges,  a nice cocktail to sip. and a paper bag for the gasps because you will need it!! xoxo 

    Bougie Story Time: Birthday Shenanigans

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 25, 2022 56:31

    Bougie Babes!!! Its Erica's birthday so the Babes jump on the mic to  discuss the pure shenanigans of our birthdays over the years. We address drunken instances,  weird arguments and people collectively passing out at these parties. Go to our social media pages and let us know about your crazy bday experiences, we would love to hear from you! Grab your edges, Henny drank and a piece of cake because you will need it!! xoxo 

    Bougie Story Time: I Used The Wrong Wipes!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2021 11:37

    Bougie Babes!!  Erica steps into the Bougie Den to tell the story about the time she used the wrong type of wipes on her kewchie. All hell broke loose but something beautiful came from it...a fresh orange scent that lasted 2 days! So be mindful of what you do and pay attention to your wipes because it could be scrubbing bubbles,,,and those bubbles work!!!  Be sure to SUBSCRIBE and follow us on all forms of social media, Season 3 is coming. 

    Bougie Story Time: Flaming Dr. Pepper

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 36:45

    Hey Bougie Babes! Ever been drugged before? Our bougie bartender Kev recounts a story where he feels that he definitely drugged at a house party.  The crazy memories of this hilarious tale are narrated by Kev and his good friend Gwen.  This one's got it all; a mystery drink, peer pressure, bread sticks, a mirror, and a mystery stain on a blazer.  Tune in to get down to the bottom of this whodunit.  Grab your Krispy Kreme popcorn, an Icee spiked with vodka, and a seatbelt to take this outrageous ride down memory lane.

    Bougie Story Time: The NYC Trip from Hell!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 47:02

    Bougie Babes!! Welcome to the Bougie Den for our very first Bougie Story Time!! Our first episode is the beautiful Broad Broad Erica and a guest to our show Erica's brother,  Will B. They finally told us the full story of how they went to Full Figured Fashion Week and she had her entire family in tow. All hell broke loose from the family arriving into town, all the way until they left the damn hotel. This episode is wholesome and funny!! Grab your popcorn, Henny margarita and your edges because you will need it. xoxo 

    Season 2 Is Over...But Wait!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 1:05

    Season 2 is a wrap but we have some goodies for y'all!! Tune in as we deliver story time in the Bougie Den which are our individual experiences. You will NOT want to miss it so subscribe & set your alarms because it will be one for the books! xoxo 

    Episode 50: 3's Company

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 68:16

    Bougie Babes!! Step into the Bougie Den.  Would you ever have a threesome? Do you consider yourself an unselfish lover?  No worries we kept in kinky yet classy (Kev's words). This episode is steamy with a side of fireball baby! We invited Lady K to the den to chat with us about threesomes and such. Yes, we went there *clutches baby pearls*. We dive into the mystery world of opening your bedroom to a plus one. Erica relayed her feelings being a hell nawl to allowing another woman around her man, Kev taught us about "pity sex" and Lady K told us how she maneuvers the threesome conversation  in a relationship.  Grab your Henny, your boo jank and your edges because you will need it. 

    Episode 49: Keep The Same Energy & Effort

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 66:08

    Bougie Babes! This episode is about Effort & Energy! Ever been in a friendship or relationship where someone didn't give what you were giving? If so,  step into the Bougie Den as we address the lack of efforts people put into relationships these days. The Babes & Kev got deep down in their bags to address how they felt about about this topic. Erica damn near aired out an ex but the good father above held her tongue, Johnise relayed her hubby goes above & beyond for her love, and Kev described his life as a huge giver knowing he will not get the same energy back. Yes, we went there so don't ride in the car listening to this episode with your effortLESS significant other or friend; it may get oogly! Grab your Henny-rita, your edges and popcorn because you will need it. 

    Episode 48: Hopelessly Romantic?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 26, 2021 71:57

    Hey Bougie Babes!!! The Bougie Den was open for shade and counseling this episode. We welcomed back our fav,  Anthony aka The BBW Connoisseur and baby he was READY for us!!! We addressed Kev and his emotionless emotions, everyone's dating checklists, and the art of weaponizing Valentine's Day. Anthony was driving the boat by asking questions such as why is Erica is single. He had the NERVEEEE to ask if her standards were too high. AS IF!!! This episode allowed Johnise to help the singles figure some thangs out since she is a kept woman.  This one is a hoot, holla and shade-fest so grab that Henny and edge control because BAYBAY its crazy!! If you want to see Anthony's "pimp daddy"  outfit, head over to social media and check out the episode clips! xoxo 

    Episode 47: African vs African-American Dating

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2021 70:09

    Step into the Bougie den as we address the fascinating dating life of Africans versus African-Americans. Our guest for the episode is Rollison and we cleverly name him "The Nigerian Love Doctor".  He asked to step into the den to explain dating African-American women being a man from Africa. We tackled how black women speak to men, the expectations of communication, and personal interactions with African significant others. Rollison even asked the cast a few questions and Erica explained her views on not being submissive to just any man. Johnise admires the foundation of love African men are built upon while shading the lack thereof with black American men. This episode is pretty good so grab your edges, your kente cloth and Henny because you will need it. 

    46: Secrets Amongst Friends

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2021 72:55

    Hey Bougie Babes!!! Step into the Bougie Den as we address keeping secrets!! Have you ever known a dirty little secret and decided to keep it to yourself? This Episode is all about secrets and truths!! The Bougie Crew share their experiences with keeping secrets or telling the low down ugly truth. They say the truth shall set you free!! Well baby let me tell you Erica & Johnise are free as a bird!! In this Episode Kevin called himself the bone collector and he doesn't disappoint. He is telling everybody's business!! Grab your shovel, your edges and lie detector test because this episode will make you wonder if we talking about you!!

    Episode 45: Marriage versus Mortality

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2021 73:20

    Hey Bougie Babes!!! Step into the Bougie Den as we address marriage and dating. We have a special guest, the beautiful Alafia (@HeyAlafia on all platforms). This Queen went viral speaking her truth about men and mortality, and how men get married to avoid death and loneliness. This episode is all about why dating and marriage is so complicated. We coined her our unlicensed therapist. The Bougie Crew share what they believe to their toxic ass traits in a relationship. This episode has real high notes of personal truths with a strong twist of comedy as Erica friesssss Kev since she was mad at him from episode 44 (check it out). Grab your green tea with a shot Henny, your edges and your rolodex because this one will make you think about those AINT SHIH EXES! 

    Episode 44: Unconditional Love-ish?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2021 64:05

    Hey Bougie Babes!!! Step into the Bougie Den as we address The Game and his view on unconditional love. Laz from Season 1 Episode: 19 is back like he never left! This episode gets heated and turns into the battle of the sexes. We talk about how social media and reality TV  change the way both women and men view each other in real life. Laz gets very passionate about women dating men for money!! Erica and Kevin has a come to Jesus moment  and Johnise is just trying to stay connected!! Grab your popcorn, your edges, and your notepad because this one may make you a little confused with all the backpedaling!! 

    Episode 43: Sorry, NOT Sorry!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 70:54

    Hey Bougie Babes!!! Step into the Bougie Den as we address people being able to apologize. The Babes and Kev chat about giving an apology and how we hope to receive this courtesy. While listening to this episode you will be deciding if you are the apologizing type, how would you like to be apologized to and what was the most epic apology you ever received. This episode is one for the books and the personal stories are worthy of your me!!! We even address manifesting a perfect apology from an ex WHEW chile!!!!! Grab your popcorn, your edges, and your rolodex because this may make you call that throwback. 

    Episode 42: Irrational Fears & Phobias!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2021 57:50

    Bougie Babes!! Welcome back and protect those edges because this episode will be AWF the chain!! Also moisturize the epidermis of those nostrils to prevent the formation of Boooogars ( in the voice of Kev) because one of our guests is deathly afraid of boogers LOL. Brandon, the first winner of the Bougie Box and "Sweet Tooth" are our guests for this crazy episode. We address the fears of our hearts that are a little irrational.  Kev is scared of pets, all animals, pretty much any damn thang!! Johnise, Brandon and Erica relay their weird ass phobias but nothing trumps "Sweet Tooth". Do NOT listen to this episode while eating because it gets real. Baby grab a shot tequila because you will need it to get through this!! LOL xoxo

    Episode 41: You Gon' Retire Me Boo?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2021 58:32

    Hey Bougie Babes!! Okay listen....this episode was triggered by the actions of hatin' ass Wendy Williams against our beautiful friend Tabitha Brown. Tabitha is doing so well that she was able to retire her husband so that thrusted us into the conversation of gender roles. Have you ever heard of a woman retiring here hubby? Maybe Whitney retired Bobby? Or even Oprah retiring Stedman? Regardless, a woman doing something amazing like this provoked the hard conversation between the Broads and Kev. Johnise is a happily married woman so she had those gender roles clear, cut, and defined!! Erica relayed her ideas of what she wants from her future hubby while Kev....well he was just Kev!!! *Stares into the abyss!* Grab your red wine, your edges and your 401K because BAYBAY!!!! Whew.  xoxo 

    Episode 40: Fake Body-Ody!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2021 61:50

    Bougie Babes!!! Soooo we saw our good sis K Michelle with a grand-spanking new face and we had to divulge!! Ever wanted a new nose, jawline or even the coveted booty augmentation? Well step into the Bougie Den as we address self love and reflection in a world of plastic surgeries with one of our fans and Bougie box finalists, Chrissy Belton. This episode was recorded live so head over to our YouTube page to see the Babes and Chrissy communicating live with our audience on Facebook & YouTube. We had the nerve to address the magic of makeup....which we LOVE!!! Hell, even Johnise is a consultant for Thee Mary Kay so you know we got knee deep on this topic. Also is there a thing as too much booty??  These Brazilian Butt Lifts are getting out of hand!!! Sheezus!! So baby grab your Bum Lift Lotion, your thinning edges and Botox injections because BAYBAY you will need it!

    Episode 39: Frienemies & Haters!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2021 66:51

    Heyyy Bougie Babes!!! Listen...this episode set the microphones on fire! Both the Broads & Kev really dug deep to relay their sentiments on friends that turned to enemies! How does one discern from a true friend versus an enemy?? Well bring your hindparts in the Bougie Den to find out how to scope out these miserable a$$ people. The depths in which they described the haters in their lives from family members, old friends and so-called friends is undeniable! Chile they snatcheddddd a few wigs with this one. If you ever screwed over Kev, Johnise or Erica...they may be talking about your hatin' a$$! Grab your buttered Krispy Kreme popcorn (you can buy this in North Carolina), your thinning edges and extra skrong boxed wines because baby, you will need it!!

    Episode 38: Jungle Fever!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 64:54

    Hey Bougie Babes! Come on into the Bougie Den as we discuss Jungle Fever...the Swirl...or maybe you call it interracial dating! We had our good friend Beth come sit with the Babes to discuss here love of international men. From the white meat to the Asian persuasion. We asked Beth everything from the myths of dating other races to the color of body parts because the cast has never seen pink meat before. Erica said she was interested in meeting men of different races but the men don't give her a chance! It was a hilarious episode and is worthy of your time especially if you're thinking of swimming in sex with a person of a different race. Grab your drank, your edges and Lawrys Seasoning because you will need it. xoxo 

    Episode 37: The Sex? It Was TOO Much!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2021 65:10

    Bougie Babes! Ever had so much sex to where it almost fell off?! OR did you receive  the best 19 (oral sex) that you put that person in the Hall of Fame? Welllll we address all of that with our favorite guy, The BBW Connoisseur, Ant! He came into the Bougie Den to chat about the art of great sex and compatibility. This episode was hilarious and it honestly made sex sound like a past time of craziness. Kev had so much sex once that his  pee pee felt helpless and it went numb!!! LMAOOOOOOO. Call it raw hot dog, not quite boiled all the way.  Poor Kev!! Erica relays how a college friend gave her the best 19 of her life, she says he was a great guy but due to him having a lady, no relationship every transpired.  Our resident mother lamented on making sure to take advantage of every spicy moment without the kids.  And Ant let's it be known that there's no circumstance where he will ever turn a good bang down.  Grab your snacks and trash bags for when you gag from laughin'.  This one is a crazy grab your edges, your favorite tizoyyy and a stiff one (a drank) because you will need it!! 

    Episode 36: Women Proposing to Men?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 68:06

    Hey Bougie Babes! So our friend of the show Job, the Sexless Christian, is back!! Episode 35 he relayed to the Babes & Kev that he found the "one" and we absorbed it beautifully...of course with a little squint! He came back to eloquently relay the lady and him are no longer together and he is focusing on himself. But he did step into the den to battle it out with the Broads and Kev over women proposing to men! Kev was struggling with the understanding of why women are totally against the logic.  The Den caught on fire with emotions because Johnise and Erica BE DAMNED, Job said oh hell nawl but Kev was like "sure why not! Pop the question!" Contradictions all over the place and Kev was speaking from the seat of his designer joggers. As I am typing this (Erica) I am listening to the fear of commitment in the episode that Kev has so babay.....pray for our love! LOL Grab a Henny drank, your edges and Advil because you will NEED it! 

    Episode 35: Crazy in Love?!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 27, 2021 78:30

    Bougie Babes!! One of our fav's, the "Sexless Christian", is back and in loooove! Job has found the ONE week. Job describes falling in love with a friend from the past. The babes and Kev absorbed the news positively and had a pinch of skepticism  in the air! We always want love for all but this one made us squint because we are protective over our Aggie brotha! He relays all the wonderful attributes about this love and it opens up a new side of Job we weren't expecting. We aren't going to lie, there is more to this story....catch episode 36 next week for an unexpected update you will never forget. So grab your fluffy blanket, a nice red wine and fall in love with Job! But keep your ears open.... more to come! xoxo

    Episode 34: He Gives Me Mooola Baby!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2021 72:46

    Bougie Babes!! Step into the Bougie den as we address the phenomenon of being more than a provider but more like a Sugar Papi! We were inspired by the viral antics Papi Don aka Pastor Papi Don from Instagram.  He is an advocate of men giving women money during the dating phase. He relayed men should hand a woman $800 if they're interested and this made Erica go awf!!! She posted the video on her IG story and the fellas went nuclear in her DM's, so here we are!!! The Broads decided to address this and let's just say it became a colorful episode. We addressed dating people with or without money, marrying rich and gender roles. Finances was the name of the game this episode. Soooo grab your edges, a liquored drink and a rich boo because you will need it!! XOXO 

    Episode 33: Porsha! Porsha! PORSHA?!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 58:24

    Bougie Babes!!! We had to step into the Bougie Dungeon and sound AWF about this Porsha Williams situation! Porsha is loved by the Broads and Kev with her character on Housewives of Atlanta but this news of her dating a former friend's husband is crazyyyy. This episode comes with mixed emotions hunni...all three of us struggled. We had to even address characters from Housewives of Atlanta to validate our strong emotions about the topic. Beautiful but we cannot STANNNNNNND Kenya and we had to even check if her shady self had words about this situation. Marlo...ew she BET NOT speak! Join us in the salacious Bougie Dungeon with your hard brown liquor drinks, your G-String, a Bolo-sized artifact (wink) and your edges as we break this story down.  

    Episode 32: Dating For Marriage? Who Does That?!

    Play Episode Listen Later May 6, 2021 59:28

    Bougie Babes! Ever dated and felt like you put your ALL into it and it went nowhere? Well if so, this may be the episode for you!! Our guest, Ronny, steps into the Bougie den to relay her sentiments about the crazy world of dating. She does NOT date with the intent of marriage! Kev was loving her for this because he knows Erica is dating for marriage and he aint with it! Kev even told a few dating stories of his own so this episode is platinum since he doesn't speak about dating. Whewwwww this is a good one! The dating pool has pee in it with a side of turd and the Broads open up about the grim side of dating. Dating with standards, someone who makes money and lifestyle were at the top of the conversation with this group and it gets juicy! Strap on your edges, grab that mean drank because baybayyyy you will need it. 

    Episode 31: Gettin' Saucy & Smackin'

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2021 71:29

    Hey Bougie Babes!!! Listen... we are bougie but this episode may take our Black Bougie CARDS!! Kev decided this episode should be a little different and it surely is. Its a damn MUKBANG! Yes, you read that correctly! No table rules applied in this recording. Hot, messy, SUPERSIZED and Smack-a-licious..with a side of sauce! Now y'all know this was a hot mess but we wanted to bring something different to the literal bougie table. We taste tested BLove's Smackalicious Sauce from her international brand on YouTube. She is a big deal and we wanted to make sure if the hype was real. Step into the Bougie Den and let us know what you think of this audio conundrum of smacking and plastic rattling. This episode will most definitely be on YouTube so you can see the butter on Kev's lips!! :) Grab your edges, garlic sauce and lobster tails because its going DOWN! 

    Episode 30: Shackin' Before Marriage

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 22, 2021 68:39

    Bougie Babes!!! Listennnn....have you ever fell in love and realized you couldn't go a day without waking up beside this person?! BUT your parents or guardians gladly let YOU know the Lord doesn't appreciate you "playing house". Yes you heard right!! Aisha from Season 1, our Babe who joined us on the 'No Type' episode came back to give us the deets on living with a significant other. Kevin has his views of course but since he doesn't like to share, plus he is a guy so expectations for him are different. On the other hand, Johnise "the Bday girl" successfully shack-a-lacked her way to marriage. Erica...welp her parents don't play so she has yet to share a home with any man but her daddy and brother. Step into the Bougie den and let us know what you think! Grab your popcorn, edges and holy oil because you will need it! 

    Episode 29: Best Friends With Benefits!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 15, 2021 48:33

    Bougie Babes!! Does your significant other have a bestie of the opposite sex??!! Well if so, should you be concerned? LOL Come on in the Bougie den and hear what the Broads have to say about this crazy topic. The Broads are slightly divided on this issue as Kevin doesn't care, Erica is in the middle but Mrs. Johnise aint playing that $hit!!!! She is the married one so she has rules she likes to live by. Sex is a real thing so we address does the friend every want to smash?! Whew chile its get spicy in this convo and you will need your edges laid DOWN down for this drama. Grab your snacks, edges and DRANK because baby you will need it. 

    Critical A$$ Black People

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 8, 2021 43:54

    Bougie Babes! Have you ever noticed that when a new black movie drops or someone in the entertainment industry does something  bold, black people can be undeniably critical? Black Twitter???! Y'all are the WORST! Why are we as a people like that? Soooo unforgiving and truly draggeth. Come into the Bougie Den to hear the Broads and Kev discuss this wild and unjust phenomenon. Where does this come from and are we 'crabs in a barrel' as our ancestors have called us?! Le sigh! Grab your drank, your edges and your feelings as we address the critical a$$ black people of the world! xoxo 

    Episode 27: Thrill of the Chase!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 53:02

    Bougie Babes! Ever wondered why that fly guy never chased you but the OOGLY one loves you so much? Well we have brought in two sexy guests to chop it up about this phenomenon. The Babes had Anthony from Season 1...the BBW Connoisseur and Shawntel The Model  come through to talk about the thrill in the chase. Grab your snack-a-dack, drank and lingerie (Shawntel wore lingerie for this episode) because BAYBAY you will need it! Follow us on all social media platforms for your chance to hear about the latest contests and Live's. 

    Episode 26: Toxic for 100, ALEX!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 25, 2021 75:35

    WE'RE we never left! Bougie babes welcome to the first episode of Season 2! Why not start the season with a BANG?! Our guest, Chuckie D, the Casanova lets us know how life is dating as a self proclaimed "toxic" gentleman. Have you ever dated a toxic AF person?  Well here is your birdseye view to the tomfoolery. Join the Babes and Kev as they dissect the toxic traits in the dating world. Grab your snikkedy snacks, edges and drink because you will need it! Join us on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter to connect with us! We go Facebook & YouTube Live every Wednesday night to review Married at First Sight. See you there! xox

    Welcome to Season 2!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 24, 2021 0:42

    Bougie Babes!! Welcome to Season 2 and we must say we have missed you all! Season 1 was amazing and we hope to continue to bring you laughs and joy in your daily life. With love we bring you Season 2 and all its craziness. Enjoy! 

    Episode 25: New Year, New Boo?! Are You Even Ready?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2020 87:11

    Bougie Babes!! Baby listen... the Broads brought their Aggie brother back for an episode to close out the season. The Sexless Christian from episode 10, Job, came to set the mic on fire with his assessment of self since his last visit! He addressed being Tinder-less, dating, and how he is getting himself together for the New Year. The Broads even chimed in to shake the room. Grab your popcorn and your edges... because you will need it! Be sure to follow us on all forms of social media as we will go Facebook & YouTube Live this Thursday at 10:30pm EST for our first ever Bougie New Years Eve Bash!

    Episode 24: Have You Been Naughty or Nice?!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2020 55:46

    Happy Holidays Bougie Babes! Have you been Naughty or Nice? The Broads welcomed back their buddy Anthony, the episode 19 phenom of loving the BBW’s. This episode is CRAZY to say the least and some of the Broads were not ready. Grab your hot cocoa, wrapping paper and edges because baby... you will need it! Be sure to follow us on all social media platforms so you will know about our New Years Eve Party on December 31st!

    Episode 23: What Did He Say?! Dissecting the Male Opinion!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2020 79:42

    Bougie Babes!! It's going DOWN! The Broads decided to address the recent comments of Youtuber and influencer Kevin Samuels. The ladies were not in the best of moods with how he relayed his feelings but Kev seemed to understand what his namesake was saying! The conversation was real as they addressed finding love while having children, dating "up' depending on how you look and how finances decides your social status. This convo gets hot so grab your wine, your popcorn and your edges... because you will need it. Be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. We go live on Facebook & Youtube every Friday at 9:15pm. Come join us as we address YOUR comments and concerns from the last episode.

    Episode 22: You's a Black A$$ Lie!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2020 71:48

    Bougie Babes! The Broads break down the supreme lies they told in their younger years and knowing Kev, current day! WIth no shame in their game, the Broads crack open the treasure trove of lies and craziness that they never thought of revealing. This episode will help you go down memory lane of stupid stories you told your parents and friends because this epsiode is full of them! Grab your popcorn, a cocktail and your edges... because you will need it! Be sure to follow us on social media especially on Friday's as we go Facebook & Youtube Live at 9:15pm EST! Facebook: Black Bougie BroadsInstagram: BlackBougieBroadsYouTube: Black Bougie Broads featuring Kev Twitter:Black Bougie Broads Podcast

    Episode 21: Flag on the Play! The Master Manipulator!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2020 76:08

    Bougie Babes! Babyyyyy...this one right here?! Hold the phone and prepare your minds for the story of the year. Our guest, Laz, ignored every single last red flag dating who we will identify as a MASTER MANIPULATOR! The Broads were floored at the situations Laz's ex put him through that really took them on an emotional journey. From cheating, being jumped and literally facing jail time for loving this woman Laz took the Broads out! Grab your edges, clutch your pearls and fix a big bowl of sunflower seeds because this right here is Reality TV level craziness! Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube! We go to Facebook and Youtube Live every Friday at 9:30pm EST so you can interact with us and ask questions!

    Episode 20: Thanksgiving Edition: Fried Turkey or Ham?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2020 77:42

    Bougie Babes! This episode is heartwarming, loving and downright disrespectful if you love a nice slice of turkey! The Broads open up to share their memories plus what they cook for this wonderful occasion. They even give you tips on epic dishes such as butter fried Eggo waffles... yep, you read that correctly! Lol. Stay tuned because they even play a healthy game of “One Has to Go” so let us know if you agree with the outcome! Grab your fried oysters, turkey legs and cranberry sauce for those edges because baby... you will need it. Happy Thanksgiving!

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