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Texas talk with a touch of sports. J.P. and his friends talk about sports, news, and life living in the great state of Texas. Interviews and insights, laughs and a lot of fun. Twitter: @TexasPorchPod

J.P. Heath

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    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 3, 2021 36:41

    Josh and J.P. wrap up the second half dominance, our new hero Treyvon Diggs, and a sneaky amazing game by Dak. Zeke is back to being Zeke and thank goodness Dan Quinn is the Cowboys DC.  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Catch the Dallas Cowboys post game live shows on Facebook and Youtube Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Buffer Treadmill

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 1, 2021 37:58

    J.P. tips his cool Stetson to International Podcast Day with a special random show dedicated to tipping and an incident of someone not knowing their personal space, while Josh and Mitch nod along.  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod


    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 28, 2021 38:14

    The Cowboys maul the guys from the City of Brotherly Shove in fantastic fashion. Josh and J.P. break down the joyous 41-21 win, from an energized Zeke to a defense that's suddenly forcing turnovers, and of course... everyone's favorite tight end Dalton Schultz!!  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Small Town Texas Talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 53:14

    J.P., Paul, Mitch, and Josh each grew up in small-town Texas. The topic comes about because J.P. recently made a move (2:50) away from a smaller Texas town and it's been tough at times. What percentage of Texans actually live in small towns? (5:30) Each of the guys talk about their most recent life in small towns and the benefits of it. Mitch gets a slice of both outside of DFW (10:50). J.P. contends that when it comes down to it small town life is the way to go (13:00). But wait a minute. What exactly is a small town? A college definitely makes a difference in small town life. (15:00) However you define it there's nothing wrong with wanting to get out. (18:15) As you get older you realize you don't have to get away, but it is a mindset.  What are the best small towns in Texas (22:20)? J.P. and the guys share their favorite small towns and where he wants to retire (32:00).  And one bogus website dares to list the worst places to live in Texas and the guys list a few contenders (35:00). Paul's time in West Texas was one to remember (40:40).  J.P. winds down the show with his XXL Stetson that Josh despises (43:00) before he shares yet another awkward story (45:15) around a recent trip to a Rangers game.  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Week 2 - Cowboys 20 Chargers 17

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 40:52

    The Cowboys and Greg Zuerlein delay our sadness and come through with a sensational road win in Jerry's return to LA! Josh and J.P. break it all down, from a beastly performance by Zack Martin to Big Game Tony Pollard on the ground. It certainly made up for that week one loss.   'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Week 1 - BUCS 31 COWBOYS 29

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 10, 2021 32:54

    The Moral Victory Police partners of Josh and J.P. break down the Cowboys season opening 31-29 loss at Tampa Bay. Dak kept throwing and throwing, the defense actually forced turnovers and you know what? They didn't look half bad. They also make record predictions that are sure to be right.  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Willie Concert Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 31:34

    J.P. and Mitch recently dared to venture into the sweltering heart of Texas to see the Texas icon of icons.  This was Mitch's second Willie show (1:35) and J.P.'s first. Overall they coudln't have been more impressed. The venue (3:00), the crowd (4:00) and the music were all perfect. Wait. Was this really their first concert together? (7:00) Throwing up in South Padre doesn't count apparently. They know what they're doing with these festivals (9:00) and the guys were perfectly content with their seats. Willie is as big a living legend as there is (12:05) and there's only one king that could come close.  They agree Willie definitley had his A game (14:10) and singing along with him was a moment to remember. They break down the set list (20:40) and J.P.'s favorite was actually a Lukas Nelson song Forget about Georgia. Lastly J.P. procurred a pic of a guy videoing the concert that he'll never watch. Mitch wraps up paying homage to his bff Lil' Dickey (28:50). 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    The Texas Porch Piledriver

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2021 41:02

    After begging for months to make a return appearance on The Texas Porch, Jeff returns with Josh and J.P. to break down the most recent wrestling "matches" in Texas. J.P. mocks and Josh nods along. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Vacation Talk Part 2 - Disney Adventures

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 16, 2021 63:49

    Part 2 of Vacation Talk focuses on the better half of the The Texas Porch couple! The Heaths ventured outside the state line for a trip to Disney World (2:45) and it was all thanks to our great vacation planner - Believe Vacations By Kelly. But before getting out of the driveway Lisa had an encounter with an aggressive insect (5:50).  On the way during a stop in Louisiana (7:00) Lisa and J.P. were practically in the middle of an episode of Cops at a gas station. The hotel J.P. picked left a lot to be desired (13:15) but it wasn't all bad because of the amazing coffee shop right across the street. J.P.'s been chasing the cold brew dragon ever since (15:15). Unfortunately all of the Buccee's outside Texas aren't like the ones back home (17:00). They called an audible to also go to Universal Studios the day before (20:50).  Overall it was great because Lisa got to scratch her Harry Potter itch. They finally make it to Disney World (27:30) and recap their Animal Kingdom experience. The mask police were on patrol, but overall it was their favorite park because of the safari.  On day two (33:20) they trekked to Magic Kingdom for their Be Our Guest dinner and spins on the tea cups and Dumbo. J.P. went on Space Mountain and almost died. Hollywood Studios (39:45) lived up to the hype and then some with the Star Wars rides and Mickey and Minnie Mine Train. On the final day they experienced Epcot (44:30), which was great but it was so different from the other parks. The food was amazing and thank goodness because a fast food burger establishment was not fast and J.P. and the burger guy had an awkward exchange. (52:50) Not to be outdone Disney Springs also got some of the Heath's money a couple of nights. (56:30)  Oh yeah. The Heaths are MOVING! (59:15) Lisa has been near home all of her life and J.P. has been in Lufkin 19 years. But The Texas Porch will continue! 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Vacation Talk

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 25, 2021 30:10

    After an earlier than planned summer break J.P., Josh, and Paul get back together to catch up and talk about a vacation taken and some vacations to come. J.P. and Mrs. The Texas Porch ventured outside of the Lone Star State's border to a magical place and it was well worth it (3:00). Josh has some trucker blood (7:50) and breaks down an awkward encounter with a family that didn't leave their rental (10:30) a few years ago. J.P. just thought he wasn't wearin' no mask but Mr. Disney had other ideas (12:10).  And to the surprise of no one Bucc-ee's shirts get much respect outside of the state (17:20). (19:00) J.P. and Mrs. TTP had an experience to forget at a non-Texas burger chain. Josh also dares to take his family outside the state lines (24:00) while Paul and his crew plan a venture to see the beautiful brown water down in Galveston (25:50), J.P.'s favorite Texas vacation spot. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Road trip tales & J.P. meets his idol

    Play Episode Listen Later May 7, 2021 58:24

    Another organized grab-bag gab session with The Executive Committee discussing recent road trip stories involving Rangers baseball, cult recruitment, and when you get to meet your idol. But first (2:45) a nod to Mental Health Week from shake-voice J.P. talking about his late brother Collin.  They get back to yucks (9:55) as J.P. has a knack for getting a free item for an unexplained reason during some recent late night gas station trips.  Then, was J.P. scouted out by a cult? (16:00) They pay off with a story on a tease from a few shows ago. J.P. went to his first Rangers game at Globe Life Field with his dad and Josh (22:35) recently and they spend much of the rest of the time rehashing that trip. J.P. happened to meet his broadcast idol, Hall of Fame broadcaster for the Rangers Eric Nadel (31:00). And so there's really no masks huh? Totally fine with one of the guys. A drunk fan (40:30) had his run of their section because there weren’t any ushers to be found and there was no chance they'd confront him. And J.P. and Josh got to talking about an outlandish hpothetical (46:45) and Paul and Mitch weigh in before (54:00) Mitch relays his favorite hypothetical of all-time. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Cowboys Draft & Sean Lee Goodbye

    Play Episode Listen Later May 5, 2021 41:21

    Kevin & J.P. sit down to give the onceover to the 2021 Cowboys draft. First, Kevin is congratulated for his moment of infamy from season one (2:40). Then they get down to brass tax and look at an overview of the draft and what stood out from the eleven picks (4:55). Their linebacker corp is definitely going to have a new look along with the rest of the defense (8:00). The defense's job is to just not suck so bad next season (9:50) but why oh why do the Cowboys just not care about the character of their draft picks (10:55).  Micah Parsons and the Cowboys may have just lucked into the right situation (15:00).  Overall the off the field issues with these guys are just amazing (17:00). Why do the Cowboys always seem to find these guys for their roster? "Bossman Fat" aka Kelvin Joseph had some issues at LSU, but as a rapper he's not.... that... bad. (21:10). Josh Ball though? Wow. Why draft a guy with ELEVEN domestic incidents with his girlfriend??!!   (29:08) A Cowboys legend (?) calls it quits. They break down Sean Lee's retirement and what they'll miss most from him. Dak gives an update on how he's doing (33:30) and Kevin delivers some fake news about J.P., but then the podcast audience is introudced to a character from circa 2000 from the original porch in college, GRUMPY OLD MAN (37:40)!! 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Texas Vaccine Stats & "What do you call a male Karen?"

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 23, 2021 39:00

    J.P. and Paul convene to discuss their experiences with the vaccine shots along with some awkward stories that have been on the shelf for a while.  J.P. was under the weather after his second vaccine shot and they discuss the merits of getting vaccinated (1:50) and what the process was like and how they felt.  A male Karen gives J.P. a piece of his mind (22:30) but then J.P. gets the last word.  He also stood his ground at a notable Texas food outlet (27:20) and tells a tale of a passive agressive confrontation with a neighbor (32:10). 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Love, Loss, Laughs, and a Look Back

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 16, 2021 66:08

    Mitch, Paul, Josh & J.P. gather again to break down the highlights and funniest moments and clips of the first season of The Texas Porch. But first they eulogize J.P.'s mom, Marilyn, with laughs and stories. From her kindness and storytelling ability J.P. hopes some of her will always be with him.  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    The National Champion Baylor Bears!

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 6, 2021 43:25

    J.P. and Josh gather to break down the significance of Baylor's 86-70 win over Gonzaga for the school's third basketball title, its first on the men's side. After a congrats to one of the good guys out there (3:30), Voice of the Bears John Morris, J.P. goes into what this win means for basketball in the state of Texas (4:47). Then he butchers a trivia question that Josh gets right, but then gets wrong (9:30). (12:20) And then to the game itself, Baylor jumped on Gonzaga from the get-go and it was not a game despite what sports Twitter and CBS was trying to tell everyone. They take a glance at the stat board (14:50) and wow oh wow were there some stats that jumped out. They dominated on the boards, the offensive boards, and from three. Baylor peaked at the exact right time (21:10) and left no doubt who the best team is, and then Josh, a typical Longhorn fan, somehow twists it back to UT. But wow does Baylor have something to hold over those 'horns now (23:45). Josh points out exactly how far Baylor has come (25:10) in the last 18 years. It's just an unbelievable transformation after the sanctions they served. It may not be the most remarkable rebuild ever like Jim Nantz claimed (28:20) on the broadcast, but then J.P. convinces himself that well it may be the most remarkable rebuild.  Is Baylor a basketball school now?!? (31:30) They discuss their thoughts on both sides of it, but admit football will always be king in Texas of course. Surely Scott Drew isn't leaving anytime soon (35:00) so Bears fans can get used to this high level of play.  To round it out the guys throw the third-rate taco joint under the bus again with a funny story (39:00).  And JOSH takes one last jab at Baylor's chances of having a movie made about them (41:50). Seasons 1 and 2 of 'The Texas Porch' are available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    2021 Astros and Rangers Season Previews

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 1, 2021 55:25

    We're back! What a way to kick off season two of The Texas Porch! Josh and J.P. take turns breaking down their favorite teams while also busting each others baseballs a bit. 2:50 - Josh's biggest Astros storyline of the season is obviously fans taking their shots at them after the well documented cheating scandal. While J.P. couldn't care either way but knows they'll be wearing the black hat. 9:10 -  J.P.'s biggest Rangers storyline is LOSING! Get ready for it and bring it on, but with new GM Chris Young and so many guys at new spots don't expect any winning anytime soon. But find a few guys to build for the future. 13:45 - J.P. looks at the Rangers rotation and the minor league experiment with the back of their rotation.  18:00 - Josh talks about the Astros rotation with the shocking news that it's better than the Rangers! Greinke and company should keep them in contention.  22:10 - They discuss the Astros lineup with some new faces but Jose Altuve will be in the leadoff spot. And then the contentious Kyle Tucker debate gets tense.  27:50 - J.P. goes into the new many Rangers roles, but much of the time is spent with gleeful J.P. doing cartwheels about a particular punching Rangers second baseman that is thankfully no longer in Arlington. And despite audio proof saying otherwise Josh chides J.P. for a past bold claim. 39:45 - Globe Life Field is allowing 100% capacity but why? Totally speaking out of both sides of his mouth J.P. still can't wait to go to his first indoor Rangers games. And when will the guys actually go watch their teams duke it out for the Silver Boot?  46:30 - They go over win totals and projections for their two teams and J.P. actually predicts a better record for the Astros. Josh makes his bold Astros playoff prediction before they have a quick look at their huge fantasy baseball season coming up. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    FRI. 3-5-21 The Texas Porch Report - Baylor back at it, Horns win, Stars stink

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 5, 2021 3:06

    Spurs  go into the all star break with a 107-102 home loss to the Thunder. One bright spot was about 1000 first responders got to watch the game. First time the SPurs have allowed fans all season. DeMar DeRozan had 20 in the loss. But the Spurs had 19 turnovers that resulted in 26 OKC points. Spurs come out of the break with the Mavs.  #3 Baylor beats Oklahoma St at the Ferrell Center 81-70. Big 12 reg season champs were playing their fourth game in ten days. They got 22 from Jared Butler. Ok St. got 24 from potential #1 pick Cade Cunningham, an Arlington native. He twisted an ankle… Baylor Saturday gets the makeup bs Texas Tech . They hammered Iowa St. 81-54. Mac McClung had 20. … Texas won late at OU, 69-65. Longhorns got 16 each from Andrew Jones and Jericho Sims. … SWAC play. Texas southern squeaked one out 80-78 against Alcorn st. .. Prairie View beat Southern 68-61.  How about UTEP giving Kansas a game. Jayhawks gave the Miners a ring to set up this game as a tune-up before their respective conference tournaments. UTEP even had a 15-point lead, but that was erased and Kansas hit free throws in the final minute. Brison Williams is a dude. 23p 11r in the loss. Tonight: North Texas hosts UAB. Rice has a tournament tune-up with NAIA Our Lady of the Lake… In the Sun Belt, UTA opens the tournament as the 3-seed in New Orleans. … WAC. Tarleton St. is down at UT- Rio Grand Valley.  Stars woes continue. They drop their fourth straight, 3-2 to Columbus. They’ll run it back Saturday night.  I’ll be up in Big D and I’m considering a Stars game to get ‘em back on track. My magic worked in 1999.  Some of the Texas College baseball tonight. Texas goes to Houston. That’s David Pierce’s alma mater. … Aggies start a home series with NM St…. A number of Texas teams in the Shriners Hospital College Classic at MMP this weekend. … Rice has the early start against Sam. TCU plays A&M-CC and Texas Tech plays Texas St. in the nightcap…. Baylor starts a four-game series with Memphis in Waco.  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    THURS. 3-4-21 - The Texas Porch Report - The Beard returns, Aggies back to play

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 4, 2021 4:14

    Tell a friend Thursday! Tell a friend or ten about TTP. Forward them this episode if you’d like to spread the word. Podcast Josh was no luck charm for the Rockets last night. James Harden was the bigger story. He came back and dropped a triple double - 29-10-14. Brooklyn wins 132-114. The crowd of 3000 or so was largely booing the beard. John Wall had 36 and Victor Oladipo had 33. Both were season highs in the loss. Rockets have lost a not so lucky 13 in a row. It's their longest was 15 straight 20 years ago. They begin the second half of the season a week from today in Sacramento.  Sans Luka the Mavericks get by the Thunder 87-78. The franchise was sitting out with a sore back officially, but it was the last game before the break so kinda obvious what they were doing. Just 29 combined points in the 4th quarter. Shoutout to my buddy, and mentor really. Scott Garner did PA for that one last night. Dallas only shot 39%, but they held the thunder to a season low for a Mavs opponent - 33% . Kristaps Porzingas and Tim Hardadaway Jr. each had 19 in the win. Dallas to their credit has really surged. They’ve won 9 of 11 since their schedule gave them some relief. Mavs host the Spurs after the break Wednesday. … Tonight Los Spurs play their final game against guess who? Yeah, the Thunder. Lamarcus Aldridge a game-time decision. Texas college hoops last night. Texas A&M FINALLY had a game again. It was their first in 32 days because of Covid issues in the program…. But they lost to Mississippi St. 63-57. Savion Flagg did go over 1000 career points. Ags are at 312 Arkansas Saturday to end the regular season…. In the oldest town in Texas.  Abilene Christian tops SFA in the oldest town, 63-61. The 7-footer Kolton Kohl tipped one in right before the backboard lit up.… Incarnate Word falls at Houston Baptist 72-67….  Tonight in the B12. Fresh off its first regular season title in 71 years, Baylor plays at the Ferrell Center against Cade Cunningham and the Oklahoma St Cowboys. Cunningham is an Arlington native. Heis the presumptive #1 overall pick for the Pokes. That’s on ESPN2 at 6. … Tech hosts Iowa st…. TCU plays at #6 WVUTexas is in Norman. Sooners and Longhorns tip a little after 8 on ESPN. And sticking in the UT system. How about UTEP? They are playing up at Kansas…  College baseball last night: Aggies over Incarnate word 6-4. …. Texas beats Tex st. in San Marcos 10-3. .. Texas Tech gets the midweek sweep over Texas Southern, 15-0 in 7 innings…. Rice shuts out PVAM 10-0. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    WED. 3-3-21 The Texas Porch Report - All Texas hoops teams won! Almost

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2021 3:31

    Hey. Happy March 3rd. 364 days until Texas Independence Day Short-handed and a little worn down? Didn’t matter. Spurs beat a good Knicks team. 119-93. 68-point second half for SA. Trey Lyles had 18 points and four treys. …. Tonight Podcast Josh will be in the house for the Nets and Rockets. At least that’s the last I heard. In Houston, not Brooklyn but that’s prob obvs. Maybe podcast Josh is the good luck charm. His Rockets have lost 12 in a row. … Mavericks back home hosting OKC after three straight on the road. Dallas has won 8 of 10. Baylor over #6 WV 94-89 in OT. Bears get their first regular season title since get this…. 1950. Jared Butler had 25. Davion Mitchell 20 including the go-ahead layup with a minute left in OT. Bears scored the last six overall. They certainly bounced back from their one loss of the season. An inevitable #1 seed is on the way. Baptists have now defeated four top-10 teams this season. Texas wins at Iowa St. 81-67. Kai Jones led the Longhorns with a season-high 17 off the bench. UT led for all but 22 seconds. Longhorns still have an outside shot at the #2 seed in the B12 tournament. Little red river action tomorrow at #16 OU. TT rolls over TCU 69-49. Only meeting  of the season for the ole SWC foes. Kyler Edwards notched 17 of his 20 in the first half. Red Raiders didn’t need Mac  McClung. He only attempted four shots in 18 minutes. Tech hosts Iowa st. Thursday. UTRGV falls at NM St. 69-51.  Tonight future WAC bunkmates of the Vaqueros and the Texans play in the oldest town in Texas.  SFA hosts Abilene Christian in an 8:00 tip. Both teams 11-2 in Southland play. … Incarnate Word is at Houston Baptist…. A&M CC plays at Sam Houston st. Some Texas college baseball scores from last night: TCU over SFA 9-3. Horned Frogs have won five straight…. A&M blanks HBU 4-0. Aggies host Incarnate Word this evening at Blue Bell park. …. Baylor shuts out Sam Houston St. 4-0.  Texas Tech’s first midweek of the year. They clobber Texas Southern 14-2…. Longhorns get 15 hits and beat A&M-CC 12-1. Tonight UT is at Texas St, Rice hosts PVAM. And your hockey pod reports that the Lightning blank the Stars a second straight time. 2-nothing. The march grind is just beginning. Tomorrow Dallas hosts Columbus in the first of two. And one Lufkin legend quotes another one. I’m still wearing my mask. But be kind. That goes a long way.  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    TUES. 3-2-21 - The Texas Porch Report - HAPPY TEXAS INDEPENDENCE DAY Y'ALL!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 2, 2021 4:03

    HAAAPPPYYYYY TTEEXXASS INDEPENDENCE DDDAAYYYYYY!!!! Without that we may not be here so here’s a history refresher for ya: On this day in 1836, Texas became a republic. On March 1 delegates from the seventeen Mexican municipalities of Texas and the settlement of Pecan Point met at Washington-on-the-Brazos to consider independence from Mexico. George C. Childress presented a resolution calling for independence, and the chairman of the convention appointed Childress to head a committee of five to draft a declaration of independence. In the early morning hours of March 2, the convention voted unanimously to accept the resolution. After fifty-eight members signed the document, Texas became the Republic of Texas. The change remained to be demonstrated to Mexico. And all of this took place after Santa Anna entered Texas with 6,000 of his men. There would later be battles to fight in the ensuing weeks and lives would be lost, but Texas... our Texas was born in Washington-on- the-Brazos.  All three Texas NBA teams were in action last night. Spurs can’t overcome a James Harden triple double. Nets win in San Antonio 124-113. Spurs closed regulation on a 10-oh run, but Nets came right back. How about this wild sports nugget? It’s the Nets first win in San Antonio in over 19 years. It was only the 12th loss in the Pop era when they have 30 or more assists.  Rockets are just not a good basketball team anymore. The AP story says ‘hapless’ and you can’t argue with em. 12 straight losses and it was the Cavs of all teams pulling away with a 101-90 win in H-town. IT’s the rockets longest losing streak in 20 years. John Wall a season high 32 in the loss.Podcast Josh will be at the Harden return coming up tomorrow.  Mavs go Mavsy and knock down 17 threes and Luka gonna Luka in Orlando. Dallas wins 130-124 at the Magic. Doncic with 33-10-and 9. Jalen Brunson 24, 17 after the break Dallas hosts OKC tomorrow night… A few Southland games last night with texas schools. SFA wins at Central Arkansas 79-66. Lamar beats A&M-CC in Beaumont 66-47. Sam Houston St. wins at HBU 83-70...Incarnate Word falls against New Orleans 88-72. Tonight #3 Baylor is at West Virginia. Bears looking to regroup after their first loss of the season at Kansas. Baptists need just one win in their last three to win their first regular-season conference title since 1950. … Some other action tonight around the lone star state.#15 Texas is at Iowa St.. This begins the Longhorns three game road stretch in six days to end the regular season.... 18th-ranked Texas Tech is over in Fort Worth to play TCU. It’ll be their first meeting of this odd season...UTRGV is at NM St. Strugglin’ Stars host the Lightning tonight in the second game of their Stanley Cup rematch.  Again, Happy Texas Independence Day y'all! 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Fighting Words

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 1, 2021 43:04

    Snowvid 2021, no power and work kept the guys away for a bit, but they return throwing punches, or at least about the times they were backed into a corner.  2:00 - J.P. introduces the topic and Kevin immediately jumps into the fray talking about taking a lick from his brother and then a friend.  5:00 - Wait a second, let's define what a fight is first. Mitch confesses to sucker punches, but follows up with the first of his school fracases.  7:05 - Mitch's first fight with his childhood best friend. No not J.P. 8:50 - Felipe gives Mitch the business after some lip. 10:00 - Kevin picks on Juan in 3rd grade. 11:14 - Mitch my very last fight with Chris Vieau but can't remember a fight with Jesse Nugent. 13:20 - Not so shocking that Paul didn’t have a fight history but Mr. Texas did get into a small dustup. 18:50 - One member of the crew threatened to fight another member for calling him by his given name. 20:10 - Mitch brings up the three big fights in elementary school. 21:50 - J.P. has actually thrown some hands in his days, all relating to sports. 25:30 - Kevin then remembers a fight story he’s proud of the most. 29:45 - J.P. got in a dustup in front of thousands of people 25 years ago. 32:00 - Mitch admits to hitting a girl, forgets and then remembers it wasn’t a girl but then remembers he did hit a girl. 34:10 - Josh was “working” but chimes in when his sister was involved in a couple scrapes 36:40 Kevin defended a girl’s honor in high school 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    WED. 2-24-21 The Texas Porch Report - Luka magic, bye bye Boogie, Texas McDonald's All-Americans

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    Hey it’s J.P. Before we get going a quick tease. Finally another full pod comes again tomorrow. The guys and I talk fighting. It. Is. Funny. I promise. Your Tx sports essentials in about four minutes. It’s TTP report.  What a game in Big D! Mavericks beat Celtics 110-107. Mavs might have a player in that #77. Luka hits the fadeaway three with a tenth of a second remaining. Luka had 31.  KP and Maxi Klieber were both out. Bleacher Report had a story Tuesday morning that the Mavs were shopping Porzingas, a story that the Mavs of course denied.    Rockets have parted ways with Demarcus Cousins. The veteran forward was waived Tuesday. This was a mutual decision between Cousins and the Rockets. Cousins averaged about 10 points and 8 boards in only 25 games. His former team looking to break an eight-game slide. They’re in Cleveland tonight. Spurs back in action after a long layoff. They’re at OKC. Texas beats Kansas in OT 75-72. It’s the first time the Horns have ever swept the Jayhawks in a season series  …. TCU falls to #10 WV 74-66. Horned Frogs have dropped eight of ten and the play at Iowa St Sat… Cylclones were in Waco it had been forever since the #2 Bears had played. Baylor was down 17 at one point and pulled it out, 77-72. Adam Flagler had a season high  22 in the first game in three weeks for the Baptists .   In the SWAC, Texas Southern hosts MS Valley St. Prairie View beats Ark-PB 72-56. ….Texas Southern routs Miss Valley St 82-45. They’ll play again this afternoon. Tonight:  I’m 99% certain they don’t play for Chief Caddo but SFA is down 103 and in Natchitoches tonight. This could be their last meeting as conference foes. I’m sure they’ll still play…. Lamar makes the I-10 bus ride to play at Incarnste Word. … HBU plays at Nichols St. … A&M-CC is home to NO… Sam Houston is up at Abilene.  McDonald’s All Americans were announced yesterday. This was right down J.P. wheelhouse I junior high and high school. Not so much anymore but there are some Texas ties to it. The game won’t be played cuz #covid. Indeed. Baylor signee Kendall Brown from Wichita, KS made the team. Atlanta Rabbit big man Damion Collins has shot up the recruiting rankings the last couple seasons and it culminates with getting the big honor….the only other Texas player making the non-game is small forward Harrison Imgram out of St Marks in Dallas. He is Stanford bound.  Horned frogs played host to Texas Southern. How about an inside the park grand slam from Phillip Sikes! TCU coasts past the Tigers 20-0-. … A&M did not coast by Abiliene Christian. In fact, the Wildcats beat A&M 6-5. Kudos to SFA. They upset OU 9-5 in Norman.   Tonight Texas starts a four game  series with BYU. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    2-23-21 The Texas Porch Report - Rockets and Stars keep falling, Texas college baseball results

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    Rockets fall to the Bulls 120-100 . Houston’s now dropped 8 straight… Someone named David Nwaba scored 22 off the bench to lead the Rockets. Demarcus Cousins sat out. They’re still without  Victor Olodipo. Tomorrow they’re in Cleveland.  Mavericks roll over the Grizz, 102-92. Huge win for Dallas after more than a week off from weather postponements. Dallas jumped on Memphis from the start thanks to hot shooting from Josh Richardson. He ended with 17. Jalen Brunson, 19 and Luka had 21. Kristaps Porzingas was out again with a bad back. .Tonight the Mavs host the Celtics and former Flower Mound Marcus Star Marcus Smart. … Spurs were ppd at the Pacers.   Texas Tech falls in OT at Oklahoma St. 74-69. Red Raiders just four points in the extra session. Terrence Shannon had 18 in the loss. Mac McClung 17. Saturday the Red Raiders play host to Texas. … Tonight, the Longhorns host Kansas on ESPN, 8:00 tip. UT has lost four of six. They have never swept KU. .. TCU hosts #10 WV… In the SWAC, Texas Southern hosts MS Valley St. Prairie View is home to Ark-PB.  Florida Panthers beat the struggle-bus occupying Dallas Stars, 3-1.  They’ve lost six in a row and eight of nine.  Monday is a rare day for college baseball. Longhorns fall to 0-3 with an 8-1 loss to Ole Miss at Globe Life Park. Texas struck out 46 times and scored four runs in the three games in Arlington . ….. Miss St beats TT 11-5, also at GLP....Arkansas beats TCU 4-1. Horned frogs host Texas Southern tonight. …  Rice gets the series win over HBU, 1-0 walkoff from Connor Walsh. Owls had their game at Lamar tonight moved to Wednesday and now it’s been postponed. Tonight A&M hosts Abiliene Christian. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    SAT. 2-13-21 The Texas Porch Report - NOW JJ IS GONE?!!?, Mavs set a record,

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    JJ Watt no longer a Texan. Goodness. As a neutral observer here - in general I want my friends to be happy - and I’ve got some friends that are Texans fans. Feel for y’all out there. J.J. Watt asked for his release and was granted that request. Gotta be the best player in franchise history right? For those of you that respond ‘Andre Johnson’, I totally respect it, but Andre Johnson didn’t win THREE player of the year awards on his side of the ball like Watt did. The impact he made after Harvey alone was enough to endear himself forever. $32 Million-plus raised when he was seeking 250,000.  Watt doesn't turn 32 until March so you’ve got to figure there’s AT LEAST two good years left in the tank. He’s had the injury history. Where does it end now?  Today, the late great Darrel Royal’s famous phrase that all Texans know is dead-on. Spring football. REAL Spring football. That counts. He probably wasn’t visioning a team with the Purple Poo as a mascot..The Tarleton St Texans play the McNeese St Cowboys. Texans first game as an FCS program.. It’ll be on Fox Sports Network-plus at 6 pm. Buddies John Liddle and Scott Garner calling it. It’s the only FCS game scheduled this weekend. Next week Sam Houston, Lamar, and Incarnate Word all play.  Mavs went berserk and beat the Pelicans to the 143-130. There’s a lot to get to here so pay attention. Luka careers with 46.13 straight with 25 or more to tie a franchise mark of?? Dirk and Mark Aguirre. Kristaps Porzingas had 36 points with EIGHT of the franchise-best 25 (!!) threes. 25. Dallas has won four in a row.  Spurs start the rodeo road trip off right with a deceiving 125-114 win in Atlanta. It got up to a 39-point lead.. Demar Derozen led a balanced attack with 23. 7 in double figs for SA.. They had a season-high 77 in the first half. Keldon Johnson had 20 in the win. Spurs are in Charlotte Sunday…. Rockets play at the Knicks tonight. Houston attempts to stop its four-game losing streak Rice fell here in Bowling Green, KY. 77-71.  Home of the Corvette museum. Sink hole is still here. They owned it. Saw it last year…. UTSA gets a great win against FAU 84-80. The best player you don’t know about is Jhivan Jackson. Ho-hum he drops in another 30.… North Texas wins 65-49 at Southern Miss… All of the CUSA teams run it back today…UTEP beats FIU 75-59 behind . In B12 play today  #13 Texas at the drum against TCU. Longhorns looking for their first win over a team not named Kansas State since Jan. 9. … Remember Baylor is ppd against Texas Tech. … In the swac Texas southern goes to Grambling. … Southland: A&M--CC tries to get off the season-long schnide at first-place ACU…. Lamar heads east on I-10 to play HBU… Incarnate Word hosts New Orleans… Sun Belt: The two Texas teams duke it out in San Marcos as Texas State hosts UTA. …  Stars host the Carolina Hurricanes. Dallas has lost six of seven since the 4-0 start.  Dallas’ Jordan Speith continues his hot play. He leads by one in the att Pebble Beach ProAm. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    WED. 2-10-21 The Texas Porch Report - Womp womp Spurs and Rockets, Horned Frogs and Longhorns both win

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    Rockets on the business end of another butt-kickin’, this time to the Pelicans in the Big Easy.  Pelicans pelt the Rockets 130-101. 17-oh run in the 2nd for the Pelicans. John Wall 25 in the loss. Houston is 0-3 since the Christian Wood injury. Rockets are back in the home digs at Toyota Center tomorrow night against Miami. Homecoming for Jimmy Butler btw.  Warriors pay back the Spus 114-91. Steph Curry NOT from Texas, but he continues to prove he’s ok at this basketball thing with 32 points and a modest four threes. Rudy Gay 17 in the loss. Nearly month-long Rodeo Road Trip is up next for the Spurs…. Tonight the Mavs host the Hawks. 6:30 on ESPN for you commoners that gripe about not getting the Mavs on tv. I’m not buying it personally, but the Mavs have won three of four. They’re still 14th in the west. Dallas won in Atlanta last week College basketball in our great state: #7 Texas goes down to visiting WV 82-71. Mountaineers take the season sweep  Mac McClung 17 points and three of their five threes before fouling out. Terrence Shannon 13 off the bench. Chris Beard tossed in the final minute. Red Raiders scheduled game against #2 Baylor is PPD, so their next one is Monday at TCU..… .  #13 Texas needed every bit of Andrew Jones 24 points and four threes to win in the Little Apple. 80-77 Longhorns over Kansas State. Burnt Orange tied a season-high with 13 3s…  Greg Brown 17, Courtney Ramey 14 for UT. They snapped a three-game slide and a wild nugget here. They haven’t beat anyone that’s NOT Kansas State in over a month now. They’ll try to do that against visiting TCU Saturday. .…. Speaking of them Horned Frogs they were home to Iowa State. TCU wins 79-76 thanks to a late 18-7 rally. RJ Nembhard had 20 with seven assists. Kevin Samuel had a double double.… also Tarleton St. squeaked by McMurry 112-54. Montre Gipson 14 points and 14 assists. TONIGHT: #8 Houston is at South Florida on ESPNU. Slew of games in the Southland. First place Sam Houston hosting SELa. Also first place abilene Christian hosts HBU … Incarnate Word home to NW St… SFA hosts A&M-CC. Islanders are winless in conference play. Lumberjacks are not….. Lamar hosts Nicholls at the Montagne Center. Stars are in a funk. They get swept by Chicago, 2-1 loss in ot for the second straight game. Stars have dropped five of six since their 4-0-0 start.  Anton Khudobin was NOT between the pipes. That honor went to young Jake Oettinger. Roope Hintz scored the lone goal for Dallas. Thursday they’re at Carolina. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    TUES. 2-9-21 The Texas Porch Report - Dejountae Murray balls out, Mavs find someone they can pick on

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    All three Texas NBA teams in action Monday night… Rockets were down three starters In Charlotte in the first part of a back to back. Eric Gordon and John Wall were resting and Christan Wood was still out with an injury. Hornets turned a late 3rd quarter tie game of 87-all into a 22-1 run. It didn’t help matters Houston missed its first ten shots of the 4th and scored just seven points. It tied the fest ever in franchise history. Charlotte won 119-94. Victor Oladipo had 21 in the loss. Houston is now a game below .500. They’re in New Orleans tonight and that’s on TNT. Spurs hang on and beat GS 105-100. SA was down five at the half. Demar Derozen had 21 points and ten assists including two free throws late to ice it after Steph Curry hit a three to get within 1. DeJountae Murray had 27 points 10 rebounds and EIGHT steals in the win. Spurs are the state’s best fwiw. They run it back with the Warriors tonight. Mavs barely hang on to beat the one team below them in the western conference standings Minnesota, 127-122. Timberwolves had a late 10-oh run to get it to a one possession game. It was up to 22 in the 2nd half. Josh Richardson hit a fadeaway in the paint with 27.5 seconds left to put Dallas up 5. 11th straight game of 25 or more points for Luka Doncic in the pillow fight. The soft season continues against the Hawks tomorrow night    Life is short and oh so precious. The college basketball world mourning the loss of UT- Rio Grande Valley basketball coach Lew Hill. Hill passed away Sunday. The Vaqueros had lost at Texas Southern Saturday. His cause of death was not announced. Hill was in his fifth year at the head of the program. He led them to a 20-win season two years ago and they were 8-4 this season. Hill won a national title at San Jac as a player before going to Wichita State and playing in the 1988 ncaa tournament. He later was an assistant for six season at Texas A&M.    There was one Texas D1 game last night.  Abilene Christian goes to 16-3 with an 82-69 win at A&M-CC.  Three more Baylor games have been canceled. Sat vs TT and b2b games against WV in a home and home. It comes in accordance with the Big 12’s interruption guidelines. …. Aggies got  two more canceled.  Tonight #13 Texas is at Kansas State…. TCU home to Iowa State at 8 on ESPNU, and Red Raiders on big ESPN. 7th ranked Texas Tech hosts 14th ranked WV at 8:00 on the south plains. … also Tonight Tarleton St. hosts McMurry. Stars try to avoid getting swept by Chicago. It’s unknown if Jake Oettinger will remain in goal or Anton Khudobin is back in the good graces of Rick Bowness after missing practice Saturday. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    THURS. 2-4-21 The Texas Porch Report - Mavs finally win, TXHSFB great players leaving Texas, Coogs upset

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    Rockets six-game winning streak comes to a screeching halt in OKC 104-87. John Wall was sitting out due to maintenance.  Houston falls to 2-6 without him. They’re 8-4 with him. A game after a franchise-best 28 threes they hit 12. They also followed their season-high 133 Monday with the season-low 87 Wednesday. Eric Gordon 22 and Victor Oladipo 19. Christian Wood an uncharacteristic 8 points and 6 boards. Spurs cap the homestand with a 111-108 win over a bad Minnesota team. SA had to rally with a 30-11 run the last four minutes. Lamarcus Aldridge and Rudy Gay were out with hip injuries.DeMar Derozen had 30 points. I-10 rivalry with the Spurs and Rockets in Houston Saturday. Mavericks get back in the win column, 122-116 in Atlanta. Dallas breaks its six-game losing streak. Luka 27p 14a. KP 24 and 11. His tip-in iced it with 32 seconds left. Tonight Mavs have a national TV tilt with the Warriors to start a long homestand. National Signing Day. Most top recruits had already signed in the December Signing Day. The state’s top recruit , T tommy Brockermeyer is headed to alabama. Twin brother C James is going with him…. Only 4 of the top 10 staying in-state - 3 of those to A&M- LJ Johnson a corner from Cy-Fair,  DE Tunmise Adeleye from Katy Thompkins, and  DT Shemar Turner out of DeSoto… Longhorns top recruit was Ja’Tavion Sanders. The Steve Sarkisian Magic Dust was sprinkled and the Horns did land the Klein Cain class of ‘22 top RB Jaydon Blue as a commit…. SMU held onto highly touted QB of Parish Episcopal Preston Stone… Overall 28 of the 247 Top 50 left the state. 7 of the top 39 went to Alabama. Two days after moving to their highest ranking since Phi Slamma Jamma #5 Houston gets stunned at East Carolina 82-73. Pirates came in at the bottom of the American. Cougars 8-game winning streak is snapped. They made only 8 of 31 FGs in the second half. DeJohn Jarreau tied his career-high with 25 points in the loss… They’ll take it out on Our Lady of the Lake Saturday … SMU squeaks one out at Tulsa 65-63.. Kendric Davis 22 points and 10 assists for the Mustangs.... TCU’s Jayden LeDee (LETTY) hits the game-winning layup with 2 seconds remaining over Ok St.. Horned Frogs 81-78… . Incarnate Word takes one 67-58 at Lamar in the battle of the Cardinals ….SFA wins at AM-CC 84-75. Cameron Johnson 29 in the win. Lumberjacks now 8-1 in SLC play. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    WED. 2-3-21 The Texas Porch Report - Poppin' Power Play, Ballin' Baptists, 3 Texas NBA games tonight

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    The Power Play is POPPIN’. Dallas Stars beat the Columbus Blue Jackets 6-3. It’s the third time already this season they’ve scored six or more goals. They had three games of six more more all of last SEASON. Joe Pavelski had two goals and two assists. Jake Oettinger with 23 saves. Stars stay in Columbus for one tomorrow night at 6 on FSSW. It was the marquee game in perhaps the marquee conference this season. It didn’t turn out that close. Baylor matches its best start in school history last night.The Bears mosied down I-35 and took down Texas at the drum 83-69.  They are 17-0. Each win has been by at least eight. That hasn’t happened in 31 years since UNLV. They were decent. Texas had two brief leads. How about these other notes from college basketball twitter. 1) Bears have beaten the Longhorns 10 of the last eleven times they’ve met. And 2) Baylor is 10-1 in its last 11 games vs ranked teams. That hasn’t been done in 45 years. Davion Mitchell and Jared Butler both went over 20 and combined for eight threes.  The Baptists look to make it 18-0 Saturday when they host TCU. Andrew Jones 25 in the setback. Texas is down to 11-4. They are in stillwater Saturday. ….Aggies have had to pause their activities and that includes postponing their tilt against Vandy tonight. Multiple positive C-19 cases inside the aggies program…  #5 Houston is in the cozy hamlet of Greenville, NC. Coogs have won 8 straight. In their last six they’ve won by an average of 21….SMU is at Tulsa on ESPNU… TCU home to Oklahoma State on espn2…. SFA is a double-digit road favorite at A&M-CC. Lumberjacks are 6-1 in league play. .. Incarnate Word plays over in Beaumont at Lamar. Rockets run it back in OKC. Two nights after a franchise-record 28 threes they play a Thunder team on the skids. Houston has won six in a row. They’ve been the best defense in the league since the James Harden trade.Early jump on ATT SW …. Mavericks are somehow 1.5 point road favorites in Atlanta. Despite their  six-game losing streak. Kristaps Porzingas probably won’t play. Atlanta has won 11 of their last 13 against the Mavs. The pillow fight will ensue at 6:30 on Fox Sports Southwest. … Spurs try to find their winning ways again. They close a seven-game homestand against Minnesota 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    TUES. 2-2-21 The Texas Porch Report - Rockets are HOT, Spurs and Mavs are NOT

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    All three NBA teams in our Lone Star State were Rockets DESTROY the Thunder in OKC 136-106. Houston harkens back to the good ole D'antoni and Harden days. They hit a franchise-record TWENTY. EIGHT. Three pointers. 11 of those came in the first two tie an NBA record. Eric Gordon led off the bench with 25 points. He had 5 threes. Demarcus Cousins also hit five threes. John Wall and Danuel House hit four each. Break up the Rockets. Christian Wood had another double double of 18-11. Houston has won six straight and look to make it seven again in OKC tomorrow night.….. Suns absolutely gut and filet the Mavericks when Dallas needed a win the most. Devin Booker hit a go-ahead three with 1.5 left. 109-108 Suns sweep the two-game series. Luke had a good look despite being double-teamed. Mavs fall to 8-13. That’s six straight losses for Dallas. Last night was their first game back with a full roster.  They are in Atlanta Wednesday. … Grizzlies blow out the Spurs 133-102. Memphis shot 56% and scored 30 points off SA’s 14 turnovers.  Keldon Johnson 25 in the setback. Spurs host the Timberwolves tomorrow night.   A Big 12 skirmish on the south Plains. Texas Tech holds on late to beat OU 57-52. Terrence Shannon, Jr. scored 15 off the bench for the Red Raiders. Wasn’t a pretty one. Both teams shot 33% from the field and combined for only 11 threes.  Tonight it’s the game of the year in the state of Texas. They couldn’t play in December. #2 Baylor makes the short trek down I-35 to play at #6 Texas. Baptists looking to tie their school-record 17th straight win to start the season.  Longhorns have actually lost two of three. UT expected to get Courtney Ramey and Jericho Smis back from protocol. Shaka Smart will also be back on the sideline. Dallas Stars back in action tonight at the Columbus Blue Jackets. Their star forward Patrick Laine loves playing Dallas. He’s scored 18 goals in 17 games. He’s a little nicked-up though. Back to the South plains in transfer news. Matt Wells has added the Red Raiders fifth power 5 transfer of the young offseason. UCLA Corner Rayshad Williams gettin’ them guns up.  He’ll have THREE years of eligibility remaining. He appeared in 22 games over the last three seasons for the Bruins. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod  

    SUN. 1-31-21 The Texas Porch Report - Rockets are rolling, Mavs are not, HAPPY BDAY NOLAN!!

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    Rockets explode for 48 in the 2nd quarter against the Pelicans. Houston’s third-most in one quarter in franchise history. They win it 126-112. Christian Wood scored 27. Rockets are 6-3 since the trade despite dropping three of their first four and being injury-riddled. They’ve won five in a row. Dallas meanwhile…. Suns over the Mavs 111-105. It was a tie game at 96 late but a 9-zip run sealed it. Tough to beat a Phoenix team with Devin Booker. … on the roster! He didn’t even play. Luka Doncic had 29 in the setback. 5 losses in a row for the 13th place Western Conference Mavs. They play the Suns again Tomorrow against the Suns. BIg 12 / SEC challenge yesterday comprised most of the state’s college basketball action…#2 Baylor rips off its 16th win to start the season, 84-72 over visiting Auburn. More Baptist balance. 5 guys between 13 and 19 points…. 10th-ranked Texas Tech goes WILD in the final minute. A 12-oh run in the final 1:03 turns a Red Raider 7 point deficit. Mac McClung had half of that 12-0h run with two threes. He finished with 22 but Terrence Shannon popped with 23…. Texas A&M gets off the schnide and wins 68-61 at Kansas St. Jay Jay Chandler and Savion Flagg each scored 14…. TCU fell in a wild one 102-98. Mike Miles had 28 in the setback. …. Texas was ppd at KY. …. Abilene Christian bests Incarnate Word in Alamo City…. Lamar beats visiting McNeese 64-56….Prairie View beats Alabma A&M 79-57. Texas Southern tops Alabama St 80-73. Some Sunday college basketball today: #5 Houston is a double-digit home favorite to SMU. Coogs expected to get Quentin Grimes back from an ankle injury. High noon jump on Big ESPN. ….North Texas hosts Rice at the Super Pit. … Two of the fathers of Texas institutions, Stephen F. Austin and Sam Houston square off in some hardwood hate. This will be in the oldest town of Nacogdoches on ESPNU at 3. Happy Birthday to THE GREAT Nolan Ryan. From sports standpoints maybe the greatest? It’s worth a longer pod discussion. In my mind, FROM Texas played a majority of his career in Texas, got his big milestones in Texas., but really who else could be better? Earl Campbell is the first that came to mind...Big Tex turns 74 today….. Also of note today 28 years ago TODAY, The Dallas Cowboys defeat the Buffalo Bills 52-17 to win SB 27. Should’ve been 59-17. Thanks a lot Leon Lett.  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    SAT. 1-30-21 The Texas Porch Report - Go Spurs, Mavs stink

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    Three straight wins for the Spurs 119-109 over the Nuggets. DeMar Derozen and Dejounte Murray were fantastic. DeRozan 30 points and 10 assists. Murray had 26 points. SA is 11-8. They close January tonight against the Grizzlies ….. Mavericks got down 26 (!!), 26 (!) in the first quarter. ThThe final score? Just don’t worry about that so much. They made it somewhat respectable in the second before Utah coasted to the easy win. They fall to 8-11.  Texas college basketball from yesterday. CUSA North Texas beat Rice 79-74. It was the Mean Green’s first game in 13 days. Javion Hamlet had a career-high 30 points…. Utah Valley St. beats Tarleton St. 73-60. Texans fall to 3-8. They play again today in Orem, UT. Texas A&M plays at Kansas St. in the Big12-SEC challenge. Two teams that have really been scuffling lately.. 10th-ranked Texas Tech is at LSU… TCU plays at #12 Missouri.. #2 Baylor home to Auburn at 3 on ESPN. Baptists looking to start the year 16-0. The school record is 17 over 100 years ago… Texas MBB game at Kentucky canceled because of Kentucky pausing it’s program… Texas Southern hosts Alabama St…. Prairie View a home favorite against Alabama A&M. Houston Baptist plays at A&M-CC. Lamar hosts McNeese St…. Abilene Christian canceled at Incarnate Word. TT picked first in the Big 12 preseason baseball poll.  Side note, and you may know this but there are 9 baseball-playing schools in the Big 12. But there are 10 schools that play football and basketball. Just like pointing that out, but Red Raiders got seven of the nine first-place votes. TCU picked second. Texas third. Three weeks from yesterday college baseball gets underway. 27 years ago today 1-30-94 … The Cowboys defeated the Buffalo Bills, 30-13 in Super Bowl 28. Cowboys were down 7 at the half but scored 24 unanswered points. THOSE were the days.Emmit Smith 130 yards and two scores. He was named MVP…. Stay tuned. Season-ending pod with Podcast Josh and Podcast Kevin…  1-30-2018 James Harden puts up the highest scoring triple double in NBA history vs Magic. 61p-10reb-11ast 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    FRI. The Texas Porch Report - Rockets 4th straight W. Coogs 7th straight W, Stars can't be stopped!

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    In a move that surprised no one Deshaun Watson formally asked for a trade. Gets his cake and can eat it too I suppose with the no-trade clause he has. No teams were released that he’d be so gracious to allow the Texans to trade him to, but the writing is obviously on the wall. No professional sportscast style sounder but I did hear Peter King on The Ticket in Dallas Thursday said he thinks Watson will be in Houston when the season starts. Big Pete siding with the Big Man! Check out our latest full pod. I outlined four or five reasons he won’t be traded. Rockets d up and beat the Trailblazers 104-101. Break ‘em up. It’s their fourth straight win. Christian Wood 22p-13r… They were down TWENTY in the first. Small sample size, but it’s the first time they’ve won when being down double digits. Twitter tells us (Tim McMahon specifically courtesy of podcast Josh) that Houston is 5-3 since the trade. Not hard to do that math. BUT in that time they have THE BEST defensive rating in the NBA. It’s not for nothing. Rox look for win number five in a row Saturday in the Big Easy….  Spurs host the Nuggets tonight… Mavs are in Utah for the second straight game. #5 Houston wins at Tulane 83-60. They get the w without Quentin Grimes. Cougars Cameron Tyson had 31 and NINE threes. UH has won seven straight…. SMU 67-65 win over visiting Memphis. Ponies would not trail after two Yor Anei FTs w/ 1:27 left. … Dr. James Naismith would’ve been proud (Maybe?) of TCU and Kansas last night. Remember he coached at Kansas.  It was 19-18 Horned Frogs at the half. They were playing for the first time in two weeks and it showed. No peach baskets in this one. Kansas won the pillow fight 59-51. …  CUSA basketball last night:  UTSA beats visiting UTEP 86-79. Jhivan Jackson 32 in the win. Guy can play. Today! They run it back. Rice and North Texas were postponed yesterday to today at 2pm. Break up the Dallas Stars! 4-0-0. Jake Oettinger 20 saves in his first career win between the pipes. Stars beat up the Red Wings again 7-3. 7 guys with the goals and 12 different players have scored goals through the first 4 games.  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    THURS. 1-28-21 The Texas Porch Report - The Texans have their man, Spurs and Baylor win, Mavs lose

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 28, 2021 3:43

    The Texans have their man! After a twisting and turning search with storylines from a soap opera, David Culley has been named the fourth head coach in franchise history. Culley was the assist head coach and passing game coordinator at Baltimore. He is 65. That’s the oldest first-time coach in NFL history. Culley graduated from Vanderbilt in 1978 where he was one of the first black QBs in the SEC. Gauging by the Texans twitter reaction it’s a curious hire to say the least and it may back up that a lot stayed away from the gig the more vocal Deshaun Watson got about wanting to be moved. . Culley’s never even been a coordinator before. Who knows if #4 stays, but Culley is supposed to be a  Spurs win 110-106 against the visiting Celtics.. It’s SA’s 10th win of the season. DeMar Derozen had 21 points and 7 assists. Spurs wouldn’t trail again after his jumper with :27 left. Lemarcus Alldridge scored 20. Keldon Johnson a double double with 18-10. Spurs turned it over 19 times but hit 56% of their shots. They’re now 10-8. Friday they host the Nuggets. Jazz own the Mavs last night in Utah 116-104. Dallas has its second three-game losing streak in ten days. Remember they didn’t lose three in a row at all last season.This one was never really too close. Wire-to-wire win for the Jazz in Salt Lake City. Mavs drop to 8-10. They’ll run it back in Utah Friday night. 2nd-ranked Baylor THUMPS Kansas St. 107-59 at the Ferrell Center. Davion Mitchell had a career-high 33 points. He had 7 3-pointers. 3rd time in history the Bears have started 15-0. The school record is 17 … Abilene Christian beats SFA 82-62. … SHSU gets out of Corpus Christi with a 75-70 win over the Islanders. Demarkus Lampley had 21 in the win. Bearkats now in 1st place in the Southland with that SFA loss…. HBU wins at Incarnate Word 73-57… Tonight #5 Houston plays at the quaint Devlin Fieldhouse… UTEP plays at UTSA. North Texas and Rice have been postponed until Friday.  Aggies announce their SEC schedule. Some notables. Kyle Field opponents include Miss St, Alabama,South Carolina and Auburn. They’ll go to Missouri, Ole Miss and LSU. The neutral game vs Arkansas remains for the 2021 season. Dallas stars look to start 4-0-0. Their second in three days vs the Red Wings. The Stars will still be shorthanded. Ben Bishop still out in goal but Captain Jamie Benn And Roope Hinz may both be back. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    WED. The Texas Porch Report - Rockets third straight dub, Ags and 'Horns both fall

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    Rockets beat the Wizards 107-88. First time the Rockets have won three straight. Not ever. That would be weird. John Wall 24 against his former team. Russell Westbrook 19 points and 11 rebounds against his former team. See what I did there? They were traded for each other before the season started. And that led to a little jaw-jacking. They each got teed up for yapping at each other. Victor Oladipo and Eric Gordon added 20 points apiece. Boogie Cousins 19 and 11. Rockets had their most healthy lineup of the season. They’re still missing Christian Wood with a sprained right ankle. Houston hosts Portlant Thursday night before a four-game road trip.  A&M drops another one on the hardwood. This time to LSU 78-66. Ags went almost the last 9 minutes without scoring. They were led by Jay Jay Chandler’s 21 off the bench. 17 for Savion Flagg. One positive is they only turned it over 8 times. It had recently been a huge reason behind their slide down the standings. They’ve now lost five of six. They’ll face Kansas St. coming up Saturday in the B12-SEC Challenge….. Texas falls late to OU 80-79. Longhorns had a couple cracks at late shots and then couldn’t complete a full length of the court pass for one more attempt at a game-winner. UT had five scholarship players late in the game AND they were playing without Shaka Smart. Their head coach wasn’t on the sideline after testing positive for Covid. Kai Jones had a double double with 15-10 in the loss. Big 12-SEC challenge also next up for the Horns. Not much of a challenge. They get the worst Kentucky team in decades on Satruday….. SMU falls in Memphis 76-72. Mustangs without their head coach Tim Jankovich, You guessed it. Positive on Covid-19. Tyson Jolly 15 in the loss. Leading scorer for the ponies Kendric Davis held to 8 points. Action tonight for Texas teams… #2 Baylor hosts Kansas State. Bears looking for the season sweep. They won by 31 in Manhattan in the Big 12 opener. It’s on espn2  at 8:00…. Not sure how this escaped me, maybe because I was off, but how about the fact that four teams from Texas are in the top-10. Probably won’t be that way next week with Texas and Texas Tech both losing the last two nights, BUT Houston holding steady. They’re back in action at Tulane Thursday night.….. in the Southland Conference: HBU is at Incarnate Word. Sam Houston plays down at A&M-CC. Two future WAC rivals: Abilene Christian home to first place SFA.  Stars are rolling! Three games in and six points. First of two in three days against the Red Wings. Jason Dickinson the early first overtime game-winner. 2-1 win for Dallas. First time in eleven seasons they’ve won their first three. Run it back Thursday. College football transfer season. See the tweet bomb if that’s even a fair term for Keontay Ingram. He tweets that he is heading to….. USC. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    TUES. The Texas Porch Report - Another Mavs loss, Rockets back tonight

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2021 3:23

    Back to the scene of the crime for Mavs/ Nuggets in Big D. It was the site 10.5 months ago the night the sports world came to a screeching halt… Very good game. Denver wins it 117-113. It looked like the Mavericks had turned the tide after Tim Hardaway was punched in the nads by Jamal Murray in the 3rd quarter but then Michael Porter went off for 30 for the Nuggets. Luka’s league-leading 6th triple double in the loss - 35-11-16 But the Mavs are 8-9. Mavs at the Jazz Wednesday AND Friday… SPurs postponed at New Orleans. Neither team was going to have enough players because of contact tracing…. Tonight John Wall will play his former team the Wizards . Christian Wood remains questionable for the Rockets Texas Tech falls in Morgantown. 88-87 loss at WV.  Mac McClung had 30 in the loss… Prairie View A&M wins at Ark-Pine Bluff. Jeremiah Gambrell had a career-high 23 points. Texas southern was ppd at Miss Valley St.… Tarleton State Texans and Billy Clyde Gillespie score a season-high points in a 115-53 win over Howard Payne. Tonight the Longhorns get back to action. #5 UT missed its last two games because of two other team’s covid protocols. They’ll be without head coach Shaka Smart against red-hot OU. He tweeted he has tested positive, Red River basketball rivalry has an early 6:00 jump on espn2… Texas A&M is home to LSU. Aggies have been coughing the ball up way too much. Aggies and Tigers on the SECN at 8:00. 2-0 Stars and Red Wings start a two-game set in Dallas tonight….  Michael Brantley’s deal with the astros was made official Monday. The 40 man has 40 guys. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    SAT. 1-23-21 The Texas Porch Report - Rockets and Mavs win, Big Texas Tech transfer, Stars finally play

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    1.23.21 ---- All 3 Texas NBA teams in action, 2 against each other. I-35 tussle in the Alamo City. A Luka fadeaway and a Jalen Brunson three sealed the game in the final minute after the Spurs cut down to an 18-point deficit down to 1. Dallas wins 122-117. Spurs dealt a big blow with dejounte Murray going down in the opening minute. DeMar Derozan 29, Pride o’ Seagoville LaMarcus Aldridge 26. Luka messed around and almost got another triple double - 36-9-11. Kristaps Porzingas and Tim Hardaway, Jr each with 21. Spurs host the WizardsSundy. Mavericks host… the Rockets tonight. Whoooo survived in the Motor City. 103-102 Rockets win.  Snaps a 3-game skid for the Rockets. Pistons thought they had a foul on PJ Tucker before time ran out, but the replay went in the Rockets favor. Tucker in his first game back. He had 15, one of 6 in double figures. Eric Gordon goes for 20.They’re now 5-9. Texas college basketball tonight. In Conference USA, first of two games in two days,  UTSA edged Southern Miss 70-64. Jhivvan Jackson 25 points… Rice playing without their second-leading scorer Travis Evee, They fall 78-68 at UAB. … UTEP gets a huge win at home vs LA Tech, 82-74.Souley Boum 25 points ..North Texas PPD at ODU…. Texas St gets its 10th win, 57-47 at ULM. Bobcats held the Warhawks to 13 first half points.  UTA fell to visiting Ark-Little Rock 66-59. Mavericks only shot 28%.... Selfish shoutout. My A&M-Commerce Lions win 79-75 against UT-Tyler… as long as we’re talking D2, #15 DBU beat Midwestern St. 81-80. Today in B12 play…  #2 Baylor plays at Oklahoma St. 1:00 on CBS. Not easy for the Baptists. While they’re one of four unbeaten teams in the country, the Cowboys are 9-3. If you tune in check out Cade Cunningham. He’s the favorite to be the #1 overall pick… ...Texas Tech postponed b/c of Iowa State Covid protocol. #5 Texas PPD at TCU because of Horned Frogs protocol … Texas A&M is at Ole Miss. Aggies are the lowest scoring team in the SEC. 230 on SECN. … Texas southern is at Ark-Pine Bluff…. Southland play today: A&M-CC plays up I-37 at Incarnate Word. .Abilene Christian hosts Central Arkansas….Lamar goes up to SFA. Lumberjacks are in first place. They look for their 6th straight win…. Notable B12 news- Texas Tech QB Alan Bowman to transfer. He’s got THREE seasons of eligibility. He used the new redshirt rule last season and has the blanket waiver for the 2020 season. Henry Columbi looks to be the favorite behind center this fall now for the Red Raiders. Dallas Stars POUR. IT. ON. in their season opener. 5 power play goals will do it in a banner-raising night for the Western Conference champs... 7-ZIP win against the Nashville Predators. Antoin Khudobin’s team in the net with Ben Bishop out for a while after knee surgery. He had 34saves. Captain Jamie Benn left early with a lower body injury. Well that’s it. I think. It’s all I’m doin… Signing off from not-Texas, Alabama, RIP to Hammerin’ Hank, the greatest all-time in my book. I’m J.P. Be kind. Happy Saturday. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    Houston Hot Messes - Springer, Harden and DeShaun

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    No time for any nonsense. J.P. is reporting from not-Texas and joins Josh to dive right into the three massive stories that are swarming around our great state’s biggest city. The pod’s resident Astros fan (3:00) isn’t crying about George Springer’s departure because he was expecting it. (12:00) Chubby James Harden forces himself out but in the long run Rockets fans won’t remember his childish behavior. (22:45) And then there's the Texans, redefining how not to handle a star player. J.P. outlines the four reasons there’s NO CHANCE Deshaun Watson gets traded. This Week in Texas Sports & History (32:50) features some great Texas sports birthdays, Josh’s steamboat past and the Republic of Texas Coat of Arms. A great Texas war hero is discussed and J.P.’s favorite radio station of all-time was formed. The first Baptist church of Texas was formed and fittingly they end arguing about when the Cowboys will win their next Super Bowl. Josh's daughters are some ballers too!   'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    FRI. 1-22-21 The Texas Porch Report - Texas native Ted Thompson passes away, Gary Kubiak hangs it up, Texas WACky news

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    From my road office in NOT Texas… Sorry about yesterday. Gotta get that rest. And day job prevailed. I’m in Birmingham. More on that in a bit….make sure you catch Josh and me in our just released full episode. Your Texas sports essentials in four minutes. Or so. The Cowboys officially announced their three new recent coaching changes. Dan Quinn indeed is the new DC, Joe Whitt Jr is the secondary coach and the defensive pass game coordinator. Harold Nash Jr has been promoted to head strength and conditioning… OC Kellen Moore is officially safe. For now. Eagles hire Nick Sirriani  Ted Thompson passed away Thursday at his Atlanta, TX home. Most widely known for being Packers GM for ten years. Aaron Rodgers was his first draft pick.  he was a captain at SMU and went to the NFL as an unstaffed free agent. Thompson played ten years for the Oilers as a LB and special teams captain. .  Former Texans head coach an all time wins leader Gary Kubiak has hung em up for good. The Houston native and former Aggies QB left his Vikings OC post Thursday and said this was it this time. He spent 36 years in the NFL as a player and coach. He’s only 59. He had to leave previous coaching stops because of health. Kubiak retires with four super bowl rings as an asst with the 49ers, Broncos, and Ravens.  I-35 rivalry with Spurs host the Mavs tonight. Spurs have been in almost every game. Four of their losses have come by 8 points or less …. Rockets at Pistons tonight. 6:00 jump. Still no John Wall. Christian Wood sprained an ankle Wednesday. It’s not certain if he’ll go.  The four Texas schools joining the WAC will officially be there sooner than originally expected.  SFA, SHSU, Lamar, and ACU will officially join July 1st now. That’s up one full calendar year. You read between the lines the Southland Conference is saying ‘don’t let the door hit ya.” Texas college basketball tonight UTSA home to Southern Miss… Rice at UAB… UTEP hosting LA Tech, North Texas at ODU.Texas St at ULM, UTA hosts Little Rock  Good news keeps rolling in for the Astros. A day after re-signing Michael Brantley, it was reported Jason Castro will be back. 2 years possible $9million deal  Longhorns WR Tarik Black has declared for the NFL draft.  And FINALLY this is a hockey pod. the Stars are back. After their first four games had to be postponed because of COVID-19 in the team they host the Nashville Predators tonight. Ben Bishop working his way back from knee surgery. He won’t play in the net. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    WED. 1-20-21 The Texas Porch Report - George Springer chunks the deuces, Sark's new DC

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    A couple of coordinator hires at Texas schools. Some bad news for Astros fans, and College basketball I suppose. Howdy I’m J.P. Heath and here’s The Texas Porch Report: your Texas sports essentials in four minutes or less. But the big news. Hold on Astros fans, if you haven’t heard. George Springer and the Blue Jays are in agreement on a deal. This is still pending a physical. But 6-years and $150 Million was enough to lure him away. 7 seasons for Springer in Houston and from the Astros fans perspective I always gathered this day would come. Podcast Josh for one. A while back he said it’s inevitable. Now it’s here. Another huge piece of the 2017 title team appears to be gone. The tough time continues for Houston sports fans.  All 3 Texas NBA teams in action tonight. Rockets are 12 of their 72 games into the season. They’re anxious to turn it around. Houston hosts the Suns tonight with their big gun still out. John Wall still out with his knee issue. Former Cougar and Aggie Danuel House has Covid protocol and Dante Exum is still out, but he still hasn’t played since coming in the James harden trade. Suns and Rockets jump at 8:30 on ESPN…. Spurs look to continue their better than expected start. San Antonio a late one at Golden State. …  Mavs try to break a 3-game losing streak. They play in Indiana. Early 6:00 tip.  On the college front remember #5 Texas is postponed at Iowa State. Ditto for Texas Tech. 12-th ranked Red Raiders won’t play at TCU. Head coach Jamie Dixon tested positive Monday…. In Southland play Northwestern St. is at SFA Lumberjacks 4-0 in Southland play. That’s good for first place. … HBU home to Nicholls St. … A&M-CC plays at UNO… Abilene Christian goes to play Sam Houston St. That’s on ESPN+. Late 8:30 start… Incarnate Word @ Lamar, PPD Looks like Kellen Moore will interview after all in Philly. This a day after it looked like the Eagles had zeroed in on Josh mcDaniels as their coach.  Steve Sarkisian is going back near his Washington roots for his next DC. Pete Kwiatkowski has agreed to come to the 40 acres to head a once-proud defense. This according to the Football Brainiacs. Kwiatkowski’s time with the Huskies was not at the same time as Sarkisian when he was head coach. Kwiatkoswki was DC under Chris Petersen at Boise State before going to the northwest the last 7 seasons. All 7 seasons they’ve led the Pac-12 in yards per play. He’s coached 16 NFL draft picks, 10 in the first two rounds the last 6 seasons for what it’s worth.  Houston Cougars are going to promote Doug Belk as DC. He was the co-DC with Joe Cauthen, who was let go tuesday. Shoutout to to Cauthen, old DC when I was at A&M-Commerce in school. You can see the timing. Belk will continue to coach safeties and retain the title of associate head coach. ON THIS DATE in Texas Sports History….  1-20-68, the #2 Houston Cougars defeated #1 ranked UCLA 71-69 in the “Game of the Century” at the Astrodome. It was the first NCAA regular season game broadcast nationwide in prime time & paved the way for modern “March Madness” tv coverage. Jeremiah Trotter turns 44 DOB (Hooks, SFA, 3rd rd Eagles, Redskins, TB)

    TUES. 1-19-21 The Texas Porch Report - Ballin' Baptists, Texas native NFL hire, Spurs win

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    An Aggie is getting a crack at another NFL job. More on that in a little bit. AND gets a massive home win. I’m J.P. Heath and here’s The Texas Porch Report: your Texas sports essentials in four minutes or less.  All 3 Texas. NBA team had MLK day games. …. Four Spurs go for 20 or more and they go to 8-6 and beat the Trailblazers 125-104. LaMarcus Aldridge had 22 against his former team and DeMar DeRozan had 20 points with 11 assists. The ageless one Patty Mills had 21 and so did Rudy Gay. SA’s bench was dominant. They scored almost half their points. Tomorrow the bench and the starters play at golden State. Short-handed Mavs get whalloped in Tampa. I feel like a bad NBA fan and questionable host of a sports-ish podcast for not knowing until a couple days ago that the Raptors have moved their because of that whole Canada banning travel from the US thing. But Florida venue or not the 2019 champs blow out Dallas 116-93. KP 23 points and 9 rebounds. Dallas goes below .500 at 6-7. It’s their first three-game losing streak in almost two years.  Bulls pull one out and beat the Rockets in Chicago, 125-120. Houston shot 52% from the field but way too many first half turnovers to overcome. Victor Oladipo 32 points and 9 assists in his Rockets debut. It was the second most points in a debut in Rockets history. John Wall still out with a sore knee. Christian Wood continues to impress - 30 points and 9 rebounds. Rockets are 4-8. #2 Baylor was on the way to throttling #9 Kansas at the Ferrell Cnter. Jayhawks got it down to 5. 77-69. Jared Butler if you somehow don’t know about him. Man. 30 points and 9 assists. Bears hit 54% of their shots and that made up for 18 turnovers. …. TCU head coach Jamie Dixon pops a positive for COVID-19. Two Horned Frogs upcoming home games are now postponed. Wednesday vs Texas Tech and Saturday vs. Texas. The Longhorns had their game tomorrow postponed at Iowa State. The Texans finally interview Eric Bienemy for their long-vacant head coaching job. He joins Leslie Frazier, Matt Eberflus, and David Culley. This straight from the Texans twitter account. … Clifton, Texas, native and former Aggie and Cowboy Dan Campbell will get another crack at an NFL head coaching job. He was interim head coach for the Dolphins in 2015. Most recently ICYMI, Pride of Whitehouse Patrick Mahomes did NOT suffer a concussion in that awkward fall against the Browns Sunday. He tweaked a nerve in his neck. He’ll still undergo tests this week before getting the final medical sign-off. Technically he’s in concussion protocol but Sunday he immediately passed the initial concussion tests after the hit from Mack Wilson It might be safe for Cowboys fans… for a bit at least. OC Kellen Moore may not be Philly’s top target after all. Jefferie Lurie and co. reportedly have eyes on Josh McDaniels….  Another Texas- NFL note. Baylor Heismann winner Robert Griffin III was waived by the Ravens Monday. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    1-16-21 SAT. The Texas Porch Report - #TXHSFB 5A title blowouts, Friday college hoops, Correa going to arbitration

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    From our Houston office, it’s The Texas Porch Report. Don’t forget the Happy New Year pod with the guys. Here are your Texas sports essentials in four minutes… or so.  Texas High School Football 5A title games last night at AT&T Stadium. A pair of blowouts. The Cinderella slipper was yanked off the Crosby Cougars foot (does that metaphor work?). Titletown Aledo Bearcats get their TENTH championship 56-21.. … Denton Ryan wins its second state title, 59-14 over Cedar Park’s Timberwolves. Raiders last title was 2002…. TODAY the longest TXHSFB season ever is wrapped up. What a way to go out The Dodge Bowl. Dad Todd of Austin Westlake against son Riley of Southlake Carroll in the 6A D1 title game. It’s believed to be the only time dad and son have coached against each other in a title game. Dragons looking for their 9th title. Westlake won the D2 title last year…. It’s Houston v Dallas in the D2 title game. Katy Tigers play Cedar Hill.  Katy looking for its 9th state title.This is the fourth meeting between these two programs for a state title. Katy won in 2012- The Longhorns won the next two years. Can’t wait. It’s all on fox sports southwest today.. Mavericks had their cracks at it late, but the Bucks win in Milwaukee 112-109. Dallas short-handed again with five regulars still out with  Aggie Khris Middleton averaging a career high in points and rebounds.  CUSA play -- North Texas blows out visiting UTEP 63-33. Miners had just 11 FGs. Fewest points allowed in Mean Green D1 history.… The game I was on, Rice goes to 4-1 in conference play. They defeat ODU 69-59. Fun game. Owls Quincy Olivari 7 3s in the W…. UTSA falls to 1-4 in conference, 77-66 loss at LA Tech… All the Texas CUSA teams play again today. Texas St. upsets first place Ark-LR 63-59.. Bobcats had a 12-day layoff due to Covid-19.. They run it back today at 4…. UTA won 91-86 against visiting Lousiana. Today A&M hosting 17th-ranked Missouri at Noon on SECN… Game of the day in the B12 has #2 Baylor on the South Plains. ESPN at 3:00. This is the first time they’ve played each other when both the Baptists and the Red Raiders are ranked in the top-15.…. Texas tries to bounce back. They’re huge home favorites vs Kansas St…. Texas Southern hosts Grambling, Prairie View PPD vs Jackson St…. In Southland play, SFA is at Incarnate Word. Cardinals 4 of 5. Lumberjacks have won four in a row. Head coach Kyle Keller celebrating a birthday today. ….  HBU goes north to Sam Houston St. on ESPN+. ACU hosts SE LA on Espn+... A&M-CC ppd @ Lamar. Carlos Correa and the Astros are heading to arbitration. They’re  $3 Million apart right now. A deal can be struck before then and it usually does. Friday was the deadline for both sides to release their numbers. Correa’s camp wants $12.75M. He killed it in the postseason with 6 HRs and hit .366.. Astros were however to strike deals with Lance McCullers and Aledmys Diaz. Notable birthday in Texas history. 1-16-35 Houston native AJ Foyt turns 85.  1-16-72 The Cowboys beat the Dolphins 24-3 in SB 6 at Tulane Stadium to win their first title. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod  

    Happy New Year Texas! - Resolutions, Recycled Clippers, and Getting Older

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    After a quick reconnection and sharing some sips (2:30) Kevin introduces Mitch, Paul, and J.P. to his pups. (3:00) The guys talk about their Christmas gifts of note. Mitch bought himself a new truck for Christmas and gives us a quick lesson on his former cars. Paul got some Dad Jeans and J.P. has audio proof of his gift (7:00) and of course Mitch makes his second Toobin reference of the season.  (9:00) J.P. couldn’t pull the trigger at the store on a middle-aged item of choice but gets some advice from the follicly challenged guys on the show. Then a story (19:45) about one of the only times Mitch was actually mad at him.  They discuss their Texas New Year’s Resolutions, (24:00) and agree that what they want to do most is getting to the Hill Country and seeing some live music wherever it is.  A member of the crew has a birthday coming up (34:00) and after some talk from old Mazzio’s Pizza days they kick around his topic of choice (37:30). It gets a little deep for a little bit as they discuss the best and worst things about getting older. The first This Week in Texas Sports and History (48:45) features the birth of Fort Hood and the time someone broke wind in their junior high Texas history class and it cleared the room. And there’s also two great Cowboys anniversaries, and a note on the life of the great Texan Barbara Jordan. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod  

    1-14-21 The Texas Porch Report - See ya Harden, Red Raiders and Aggies huge wins

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2021 4:08

    The Houston strip club business will SUFFER!! Has anyone thought of them??!! 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod  

    The Texas Porch Daily 1-13-21 - New Boss at Texas, Adios Harden?, KP is back

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2021 4:17

    Harden said WHAT?!?  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    1-12-21 The Texas Porch Report - Happy late B-day REK, New Cowboys DC, and stuff

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    It surprised me that each team Monday night had 8 Texans on their rosters.  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod  

    The Texas Porch Report 1-10-21 - Big boy #TXHSFB title games set, Spurs and Mavs wins, and lots of college hoops

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2021 4:50

    Mike McCarthy's first big coaching interview. It's a family affair in the 6A-I state title game coming up. And the Longhorns win won with their hero. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    1-9-21 The Texas Porch Report - Bye bye Nolan, #TXHSFB Semis, and Dallas teams w/ Covid-19

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 9, 2021 4:11

    Jam PACKED with some good good to start your weekend. Cowboys make an obvious fire and a heart-breaking high-school football loss. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod  

    1-8-21 The Texas Porch Report - Texans imploding, Spurs/Mavs big road wins, Transfer season

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 8, 2021 4:07

    Our first pod from El Paso!! BIg west coach road wins for the Spurs and Mavericks. Deshaun ain't happy. Astros get some help for the 'pen. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    1-7-21 The Texas Porch Report - Baylor be good, Rockets fall late

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2021 3:50

    Thursday is the best day of the week. Tell a friend. Baptists are balling. 'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    1-6-21 - The Texas Porch Report - Texans new GM, Spurs big win, and a familiar Longhorn hire

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2021 4:03

    Cal loves him some New England huh?!?  'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

    1-5-21 - The Texas Porch Report - Luka is good, Big 12 tonight and the dancing knuckleball

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2021 4:08

    Who wants Jason Garrett as their HEAD coach?!!?   'The Texas Porch' is available on Apple, Spotify, Google, Stitcher, Tune-in, I-Heart and all major podcast outlets. Also at Subscribe here. Twitter:   @TexasPorchPod    Facebook: TexasPorchPod

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