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Locked On Giants (Baseball) is a daily podcast focused on the San Francisco Giants. Providing rational, data-driven SF Giants analysis in a clear and accessible way. Hosted by Ben Kaspick, who has contributed for the popular baseball statistics and analysis websites FanGraphs and Beyond the Box Scor…

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    Thairo Estrada's walk-off HR seals SF Giants' sweep of Pirates

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2022 28:47

    Thairo! The San Francsico Giants' unsung infielder delivered a walk-off home run on Sunday, securing a much-needed three-game sweep of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Estrada has emerged as an important player on the Giants this season, and this wasn't the first time he hit a late-inning bomb that helped the Giants win a game. Down by a run with one out in the ninth, Estrada turned on the first pitch he saw and socked it high and deep into left-center field. Estrada has been above-average in pretty much all aspects of the game this season, which is great to see considering his age and multiple years of team control remaining. Co-aces Logan Webb and Carlos Rodón helped the SF Giants win the first two games against Pittsburgh. Even with the win, however, the Giants still have a tough road ahead. Their record is just 57-57, and they are six games out of a playoff spot. But they have nine straight games remaining against below-.500 teams, and will need to continue to take advantage. The D-backs come into town next for a four-game series, and they've been a tough matchup for the Giants this season. Madison Bumgarner will be on the mound opposing Alex Cobb tonight. It remains to be seen how many wins the Giants will need in order to sneak into the playoffs (probably around 88-90), but in order to get in the Giants will simply have to play good baseball for the rest of the season. Joey Bart returned after a few days off with an ankle sprain. He continues to be a bright spot this season, as he has been on a roll since being recalled after an early-season demotion to the minors. Joc Pederson took a pitch off the pinky on Sunday but thankfully X-rays came back negative. Thomas Szapucki was recalled from the minors and replaced Yunior Marte on the active roster. The Giants still have only 12 pitchers, and may make a move for another arm soon. Luis González appears to be a candidate to be optioned if that's the case. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Do the SF Giants need to sweep the Pittsburgh Pirates?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2022 24:32

    The San Francisco Giants need to get hot in a hurry. They have a golden opportunity coming up, with the Giants' next 12 games against teams that are under .500. It all starts tonight with the Pittsburgh Pirates coming into town. Do the Giants need to sweep? Maybe. But winning two out of three is basically a necessity for the SF Giants, who enter play 7.5 games out of a playoff spot. It's been a disappointing season for the Giants. After winning 107 games in 2021, this year has been a struggle. Their offense has generally been fine and their starting pitching is actually pretty good, but defense and bullpen issues have plagued the Giants all season long. They lost seven straight coming out of the All-Star break, which certainly didn't help. They don't seemingly have the talent to match up against the Dodgers or the new-look Padres. Locked On Giants and Locked On Pirates discuss the state of these two teams, and what the Giants must do to take advantage of the schedule and get back in the race. A critical stretch of games for the SF Giants begins tonight, and the Giants have the pitching matchups in their favor. If a sweep is necessary, this series does set up well for the Giants to be able to do that, with Carlos Rodón and Logan Webb starting the first two games of the series. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants prospects: Casey Schmitt promoted, Kyle Harrison keeps dealing, Marco Luciano returns

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 29:55

    The San Francisco Giants' 2022 season has been disappointing, and it's just about time to start thinking about the future. There is reason for optimism in that respect, and the Giants announced some welcome news this week. Casey Schmitt, who's been tearing it up all season offensively and defensively for the High-A Eugene Emeralds, was promoted to Double-A. Also in good news, Marco Luciano has returned from the back injury that kept him out of action for two months. Hopefully Schmitt thrives in Double-A, and hopefully Luciano can make it to Double-A by season's end. Kyle Harrison is currently in Double-A and continues to dominate. There's a chance he could make it to Triple-A or even the majors by the end of the season. Will Wilmer Flores be back with the Giants next year? Flores has been a popular and productive Giant in his three years in San Francisco, and there's likely interest in bringing him back. Did Giants president of baseball ops Farhan Zaidi pass on Mickey Moniak or Jarred Kelenic at the trade deadline? Moniak was traded to the Angels for Noah Syndergaard, but the former No. 1 overall pick isn't highly regarded anymore and would've been a very disappointing return for Carlos Rodón. Kelenic likely wasn't offered for Rodón. How much bullpen turnover should we expect from this year to next? Probably a significant amount. Dom Leone and José Álvarez are impending free agents, and several others can be optioned. Many Giants prospects likely to get a look in the next two months are relievers, such as Randy Rodriguez, who was just promoted to Triple-A, and R.J. Dabovich, who's also in Triple-A. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants lose winnable games in San Diego, must get red hot to stay in race

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 28:49

    The San Francisco Giants had a chance to cut their deficit in the wild card race down to 3.5 games, but instead they lead San Diego trailing in the standings by a season-high 7.5 games. The Giants won the first game of the series, and were in position to win the next two, but lost both in crushing fashion. They rallied against Padres closer Josh Hader in the middle game, only to lose on a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth. They led 4-0 and 7-6 in the finale, but both times the SF Giants came up with big innings, they allowed huge innings in the bottom half. The Giants simply don't do enough to win often enough. At this point, the Giants must get red hot or the hill will be too steep to climb. The opportunity sets up well, at least, since the Giants' next 12 games are against teams below .500. They haven't had an easy times with those teams this year by any means, but it represents one last good opportunity to make up ground. If they tread water or lose ground, the season will be pretty much over, barring some kind of miracle. Joey Bart's ankle injury is discussed, as is the Giants' sloppy defense in the finale on Wednesday. J.D. Davis has been a bright spot since he was acquired at the trade deadline, but he has made a couple of bad throws recently that severely hurt the Giants. Wilmer Flores made one as well. The Giants' defense and bullpen has been a huge reason for their demise this season and it shows no signs of getting any better with this current group of players. It will likely be the Giants' downfall in 2022. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants' future looking brighter with emergence of Joey Bart, Camilo Doval

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 9, 2022 27:42

    All of a sudden, Joey Bart and Camilo Doval look like foundational future pieces for the San Francisco Giants. They brighten the outlook for next year's Giants, but they also have kept things interesting for the 2022 team that's still in the mix for a playoff spot. Matching up with the third wild card Padres is good for the Giants, and the first game of the series went their way. Luis González, Brandon Crawford, and Bart teamed up for one of the best relays we've seen from the Giants in a long time. Since first featuring a sinker in a game a few weeks ago, Doval has looked like an elite closer. Those skills were on display in Monday's 1-0 Giants win over the Padres. Doval is getting swings and misses on the sinker and a ridiculous -24 degree launch angle on balls in play against the pitch. It's made his cutter and slider better as well, as evidenced by the fact that he blew 103 mph past Josh Bell, who's tough to strike out, to end the game. Doval pitched a 1-2-3 innings against Juan Soto, Manny Machado, and Bell. The Padres are 1-5 since acquiring Soto. The Giants' position in the standings is discussed. The odds are still stacked against them, but they have a shot. There's still over 50 games to play and 5.5 games to make up. In addition, the lost 2020 minor league season is discussed. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants can get back in race with upcoming series vs. Juan Soto and the Padres

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 8, 2022 27:43

    Suddenly, the San Francisco Giants find themselves in an urgent position. The Padres, losers of four of five in the Juan Soto era, has fallen to third in the wild card standings. That's the position the SF Giants have been chasing, and the timing is good since the Giants are set to begin a three-game series in San Diego on Monday night. If the Giants sweep, they could be as few as 3.5 games back of a playoff spot. If they are swept, they would be 9.5 back. Huge swings are possible one way or the other. Will the Giants be up to the task? Something else worth watching is what the Giants will do with their roster in order to add Evan Longoria today or tomorrow. Bryce Johnson and Luis González are candidates to be optioned; at some point, both may be optioned if the Giants decide to go back to 13 position players (as opposed to 14 with 12 pitch pitchers). There's a case to be made that the Giants shouldn't option those two, since the team is somewhat playing for 2023 at this point. But while they're still technically alive, perhaps they go with their veterans. Joc Pederson, Brandon Crawford, and Thairo Estrada were added back over the weekend. Dixon Machado was DFA'd and Yermin Mercedes and David Villar were optioned out to make room. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants mailbag: What is your dream offseason?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 5, 2022 30:42

    Aaron Judge to the San Francisco Giants? There's reason to believe he might actually want to play here, given that he grew up rooting for the Giants. San Francisco only has about $66.5 million on the books for 2023, so there's no reason they couldn't add a player of Judge's caliber even if they maintain the disappointing trend of spending about $160 million on their payroll. Signing Judge, extending Carlos Rodón, and making several other key additions could all be in the cards for the Giants if they play their hand right, but will they? How badly did the Giants screw up the trading deadline? Fans want to know, after the team didn't really buy and didn't really sell amidst a highly frustrating and disappointing 2022 campaign. However, making a trade just for the sake of making a trade wouldn't have been wise. Rodón has value for the Giants for the rest of the season, and they can also give him a qualifying offer after 2022. Other top rentals like Willson Contreras weren't dealt, suggesting that the offers in this segment of the market simply weren't good enough. Can Mike Yastrzemski or LaMonte Wade Jr. be optioned? Neither has been particularly productive for the Giants in 2022. Wade can't be optioned, which is a problem considering he has basically contributed nothing to the team this year. Yastzemski, as much as he has established himself at this point, can (and possibly will) be optioned. The Giants have a roster crunch coming up with four players set to return from injuries, and they'll have to make some difficult decisions. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants' attention should turn towards future with impending roster crunch

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2022 31:19

    The San Francisco Giants have another roster crunch upcoming, with several players set to return from the injured list in the coming days. How they're going to fit those players onto the roster remains to be seen. Prior to last night's game, speedy outfielder Bryce Johnson was added to the Giants' roster. Johnson gives the SF Giants a rare element on this team: disruptive speed and high-end defense. But will he stick on the roster? Brandon Crawford and Joc Pederson are set to return on Saturday. Thairo Estrada will re-join the Giants on Sunday. Evan Longoria is likely to be added to the SF Giants' roster early next week. So who's going to come off the roster? David Villar can be optioned, but should he be? Is it really worth playing Longoria over Villar if the 2022 season is lost (which it isn't quite yet) and they don't expect him to be a part of next year's team (also unclear)? Yermín Mercedes can be optioned. The Giants will likely DFA Dixon Machado this weekend. But even if they make all of those moves, they'll still need to make more. Will the Giants option promising youngsters like Luis González or Johnson? Or will they finally cut ties with a struggling veteran like Tommy La Stella. whose tenure in San Francisco has been a disaster? As our attention turns towards the future, Joey Bart is highlighted. Bart's numbers since getting called back up by the Giants in early July are eye-opening. He's been striking out less, chasing less, and making more contact on swings in the strike zone. He's also showing more confidence and leadership, and has done a very good job defensively, whether it's framing pitches, blocking, or throwing out baserunners. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    The San Francisco Giants are stuck in the middle

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 32:54

    The San Francisco Giants are stuck in the middle. From their 50-52 record to their half-hearted deadline, the SF Giants are in purgatory. They are neither awful nor great. They neither bought nor sold. This is the Giants' fourth year under Farhan Zaidi, and they have yet to make an aggressive move one way or the other. Sure, they've brought in some power arms who have turned out to be great, like Kevin Gausman and Carlos Rodón, but on the whole, the Giants haven't come close to putting together an exciting roster. They deserved the benefit of the doubt after winning 107 games last year, but trust in the front office has eroded after a disappointing 2022 season. The Giants' deadline moves are revisited, particularly their acquisition of J.D. Davis and three prospects from the New York Mets for Darin Ruf. Davis fits the Giants' roster better than Ruf turned out to fit, and significantly Davis appears to be an immediate and longer-term option at third base. David Villar hasn't been particularly effective at the plate or on the field for the Giants thus far, and Davis may take that role away from him. Villar can be optioned, but it's debatable whether the Giants should be taking playing time away from a rookie right now given their low playoff odds. Joey Bart's development is also discussed. The development of young players is a huge part of the rest of the season. Bart had a great game last night, homering and throwing another runner out on the bases. If the Giants aren't going to make the playoffs, watching players like Bart over the final two months will be among the most significant reasons to watch the Giants. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants trade Darin Ruf to Mets, hold onto Carlos Rodón

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 3, 2022 29:46

    In the end, the San Francisco Giants were sellers, but they didn't sell their top assets. The Giants traded Darin Ruf to the Mets in a deal that brought back J.D. Davis and three minor leaguers. They traded Curt Casali and Matt Boyd to the Seattle Mariners. And the Giants traded Trevor Rosenthal, just signed less than two weeks ago, to the Milwaukee Brewers. The SF Giants held onto Carlos Rodón and Joc Pederson. The Ruf trade was the most significant move the Giants made. The team was so enamored with Ruf that they gave him a two-year extension prior to the season, with a club option for a third year. But his performance fell off in 2022, especially when thrust into more of an everyday role, and he became expendable. J.D. Davis is a similar player in a lot of ways, another DH type, but he doesn't have big platoon splits and is above-average at the plate against lefties or righties. He can play third, left, and first, none particularly well. Rodón not being dealt probably just means that the offers weren't good enough. He was pretty clearly available, but the Giants needed to be compelled to give up on their season and give up the potential draft pick compensation they'd receive if he rejects the qualifying offer and signs elsewhere. Other top rental options such as Willson Contreras and J.D. Martinez were also surprisingly held onto. Meanwhile, the San Diego Padres acquired Juan Soto. It's a brutal outcome from the perspective of Giants fans, who've seen a serious influx of star power into the NL West in recent years—none of it with the Giants and all of it with the Dodgers and now Padres. San Diego gave up a haul to get Soto (they also acquired Josh Bell in the same deal and Brandon Drury in a separate one), but the NL West just got that much better. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    The SF Giants should trade Carlos Rodón—but only for a significant return

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 1, 2022 33:49

    The MLB trade deadline is just over 24 hours away, and the San Francisco Giants could be major players, potentially in both directions. Carlos Rodón could be the best starting pitcher available if the Giants decide to move him, which is a very real possibility. The Reds got a major haul for ace starter Luis Castillo, who is under club control through 2023, and it makes sense for the SF Giants to try to get somewhat similar value for Rodón. He will cost less, given he has an opt-out after the season which makes him essentially a rental, but there is a limited supply of starting pitchers and a huge demand. Given the Giants' position in the standings, they should probably trade him. Reports are that the Giants want major-league-ready talent in return. Some teams that make sense include the St. Louis Cardinals, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Yankees, and Seattle Mariners. But realistically, any team with playoff aspirations will want Rodón. As he showed last night, he's capable of taking over a baseball game on any given night. That would absolutely play in October, which suggests that the Giants may be able to do well in a trade. Since the San Francisco Giants are still in the playoff race, and since they could give Rodón the qualifying offer and receive draft compensation if he ends up signing elsewhere (which is likely), the Giants can demand a hefty return that justifies punting on their season and sacrificing a second-round-type talent. In other news, the Giants had a powerful and thrilling number retirement for Will Clark. Clark's speech and all of the festivities were a good reminder that this Giants team needs more passion and fire. They need an everyday position player to bring excitement back to the ballpark. It was a beautiful ceremony for a more than deserving player. Well done all the way around. Also, Thairo Estrada was hit in the head by a pitch and put on the concussion IL. The Giants made a minor trade for Dixon Machado to fill in at short in the interim as Estrada and Brandon Crawford heal up. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Inbox: Will the SF Giants buy, sell, or hold at the trade deadline?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 29, 2022 30:15

    The San Francisco Giants are in limbo. On the one hand, they've played terrible baseball since the All-Star break, are below .500, and are out of playoff position. On the other, the Giants are still in the race (FanGraphs gives them about a 25% chance of making the postseason) and their run differential suggests they should be a few wins better. The trade deadline is just a few days away and it's still not clear whether the SF Giants are buyers or sellers. Are they more likely to buy, sell, or stand pat? The only thing that doesn't make a ton of sense is standing pat. The roster clearly needs help if they're trying to win in 2022, and minor additions for defense-oriented players wouldn't necessarily cost a ton in terms of prospect capital. Bullpen pieces should be available as well for a reasonable price. If the Giants decide to sell, they'll have one of the best trade chips around in Carlos Rodón. Other questions asked on today's mailbag edition of Locked On Giants include: Is there any silver lining at all to tanking at the worst possible time in the season? Should the Giants trade for Jazz Chisholm and Pablo Lopez? Are Mike Yastrzemski and LaMonte Wade Jr. possible trade candidates? Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Inbox: What could the SF Giants get for Carlos Rodón in a trade?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2022 31:22

    The San Francisco Giants may very well be sellers. Their awful performance coming out of the All-Star break has the Giants two games below .500 and 3.5 games out of the third and final Wild Card position. If the SF Giants sell, Carlos Rodón figures to be their best trade chip and one of the top players available at the deadline. What exactly could the Giants get for Rodón? While he is very good and could help a team win a title, he is likely just a two-month rental, and returns for rentals tend to be limited. The Giants would likely need to be overwhelmed in order to move him, considering they'd essentially be giving up on their season and they can give him the qualifying offer and get draft pick compensation if he leaves. So the Giants do have some leverage in this situation. Joc Pederson would be another target of other teams, but the return for him would be far less significant. Pederson has generally been a disappointment in San Francisco after a hot start. He's limited defensively and on the bases, and can only hit right-handed pitching. Other questions addressed in today's mailbag: Is Giants ownership responsible for the team's relative lack of spending? If the Giants do buy, would Ian Happ make sense? How can the Giants stay competitive if they keep "cheaping out" on pitching? Are we sleeping on Trea Turner as a possible free-agent signing this offseason? Might the Giants target Joey Gallo if they fail to sign Aaron Judge? Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Who's responsible for the SF Giants' unacceptably poor performance?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 27, 2022 33:23

    The San Francisco Giants are in a tailspin. They've lost seven straight coming out of the All-Star break. They're two games below .500. Their playoff odds are fading fast. With less than a week until the trade deadline, the Giants increasingly look like they'll be sellers. Who's to blame for the Giants' unacceptably poor performance in 2022? Most of the blame should fall on those who constructed the Giants' deeply flawed roster. They've got players out of position all over the field. They're old and unathletic. Indeed, the SF Giants front office built this roster and they must take responsibility for it. There were numerous star position players out there in free agency this winter. Why didn't the Giants sign any of them? Why was their payroll flat from last year to this year? Giants ownership may be to blame for that, but Giants president of baseball ops Farhan Zaidi has said that ownership is supportive of higher payrolls. We'll take Zaidi at his word, which means he takes the majority of the fall for this seemingly doomed roster. Manager Gabe Kapler may not be perfect, but he's mostly just working with what he has. The Giants' problem isn't their platoons; it's their lack of impact everyday talent. If you have a few impact regulars, go ahead and platoon everywhere else. But they don't have any impact regulars in the lineup. On the contrary, they have platoon players who are frequently bad defenders who play out of position. Carlos Rodón had a little blowup in the dugout in his start on Tuesday, kicking a bat into Thairo Estrada. It was a bad look for Rodón, who's time with the Giants may be coming to an end because the Giants look increasingly likely to trade him by next Tuesday's deadline. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Should the SF Giants trade Carlos Rodón?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 26, 2022 33:03

    The San Francsico Giants' downward spiral continued last night with a humiliating 7-0 loss to the last-place Arizona Diamondbacks. The Giants don't look like a competitive team right now, and their playoffs odds are down to about 33%, according to FanGraphs. The trade deadline is officially one week away, and the big question for the Giants is: what should they do? Should they be sellers? There's certainly a case to make for it. Carlos Rodón would be arguably the best starting pitcher available. It's a sellers' market; there are more teams than ever in the race thanks to an expanded postseason field, and the supply of starting pitchers is thin. MLB.com's Mike Petriello wrote about this very topic this morning, and the pros and cons are discussed. Joc Pederson would also have some value as a rental platoon bat. But there's also a case for the SF Giants to buy. Juan Soto is out there, and he isn't a rental. He is under club control through 2024, and he might help the Giants make a run to the playoffs this year. However, if you're giving up the type of talent it would take to land Soto (FanGraphs' Dan Szymborski suggests Kyle Harrison, Marco Luciano, Luis González, and Heliot Ramos in addition to taking on all of Patrick Corbin's contract), the Giants shouldn't stop there. They should also target a catcher (Willson Contreras?), an infielder with a good glove (Joey Wendle?), and bullpen help (the Tigers have several good options). But then you've depleted your farm system and still might not be good enough to make the playoffs. Yes, indeed, the Giants are in a tough situation. This season has been a big disappointment, and missing the playoffs while declining to sell of a desirable asset like Rodón would probably be the worst outcome of all. More will be revealed in the next week. For now, the Giants just need to play better baseball and win some games. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants overwhelmed by Dodgers' talent in 4-game sweep; where do they go from here?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 25, 2022 35:16

    "Not good enough. Really frustrating. A level of play that is just not going to be acceptable for us." Those were San Francisco Giants Manager Gabe Kapler's words after the SF Giants got completely overwhelmed by the Dodgers en route to their first four-game sweep vs. their rivals since 1995. The Giants looked like the far inferior team all weekend—and really they've looked inferior to many opponents all season. Where should the Giants go from here? The NL West race is essentially over before it really started. The Dodgers have a 16.5 game lead over the Giants. But at 48-47, the SF Giants are still just two games back in the NL Wild Card race. Their next seven games are against two of the worst teams in the NL. By the time the Aug. 2 trade deadline comes around, they're likely to be still in the race. FanGraphs has the Giants' playoff odds currently at 38%. Could they add someone like Ramón Laureano, who'd help them in 2022 but also in 2023-25? What about Joey Wendle, who'd be more of a rental but wouldn't cost too much and is a plus defender at second, third, and shortstop? The Giants' defense continues to be an embarrassment. Yermín Mercedes is miscast in left field, and it showed on Sunday. All season long the Giants have stuck bad defenders all over the diamond and it has cost them seemingly every night. How do they expect it to improve with the likes of Mercedes roaming the outfield against arguably the best team in baseball? There's a case to be made that the Giants should sell at the deadline, but ultimately the Giants' position in the standings warrants an attempt at salvaging this season. But it's increasingly clear that they must upgrade their defense or they likely won't be playing in October. The Giants need major changes and their last chance to do anything significant is just over a week away. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    The SF Giants should probably try to upgrade without giving up their best prospects

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2022 30:20

    The Giants' loss to the Dodgers last night was heartbreaking, and it was a microcosm of their season. Sloppy defense hurt the pitching. The Giants' bats went through stretches of being ice cold, only to awaken at times. Darin Ruf's game-tying grand slam could've been one of the best moments in the season, but a less-effective bullpen coughed up the lead in the eighth. The SF Giants don't have star talent on their team, and it showed against a loaded Dodgers squad. Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, and Freddie Freeman, three of the best four players in the NL since 2019, each made an impact. The game had a lot of Giants fans about Juan Soto. But are the San Francisco Giants just one piece away from being World Series contenders? Would it be worth giving up elite prospect capital in exchange for 2.5 years of Soto, when the Nationals themselves (who have Soto already) have proven that one star player doesn't necessarily lead to winning. Heck, the Angels have proven that two elite players doesn't necessarily lead to winning! The Giants have so few future pieces on their roster, and Carlos Rodón reached 110 IP last night meaning he can test free agency again this winter, that it doesn't make the most sense for the SF Giants to give up their best prospects for 2.5 years of Soto. If they know they can extend him, that's a different story. But Scott Boras clients typically like to test free agency. The upcoming trade deadline is discussed from the viewpoint that it may not be the wisest move for the Giants to give up what it would take to get Soto. There are other players available who could help the Giants in 2022, including the likes of Willson Contreras, Brandon Drury, and bullpen pieces. It probably makes more sense to upgrade this team without giving up uber prospects, and try to sign a star like Aaron Judge (2022-23 offseason), Shohei Ohtani (2023-24), or Soto (2024-25) when they reach the open market. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants mailbag: What's a realistic trade package for Juan Soto, and should they do it?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 21, 2022 33:26

    What would it realistically take for the San Francisco Giants to trade for Juan Soto? Every team is wondering that right about now, as the Washington Nationals have reportedly made Soto available following a failed attempt to extend him. Soto recently turned down a 15-year, $440 million dollar offer to stay in Washington. From the SF Giants' perspective, it's hard to see a deal working out unless the Nationals are willing to include bad money to lessen the players-involved cost. If the Nats are only dealing Soto (not including any money from underwater deals to Patrick Corbin/Stephen Strasburg), the Giants do not seem likely to put together the best package. San Francisco could offer the Nats their choice of any six prospects, and it would still seem that the Giants would fall short. Other teams like the Dodgers and Padres could include MLB talent with control like Gavin Lux and Dustin May for LA and MacKenzie Gore and CJ Abrams for San Diego. The Giants don't have players like that outside of Logan Webb, and that doesn't really make sense for SF or the Nationals for a number of reasons discussed on the show. However, the Giants have money to spend and flexibility, so taking on money from Corbin/Strasburg is their best shot. But Washington won't want to part with Soto for salary relief alone, so it would have to be a balance of cash and talent. Aaron Judge's impending free agency is also discussed. Judge grew up a Giants fan and would seemingly be open to signing with them. The one problem is that Judge will be entering his age-31 season. He turned down a 7-year, $215M offer before the season, and it's hard to see the Giants giving him a significantly larger deal that would lock him up into his late 30s. Relatedly, Carlos Rodón's likely impending free agency is also discussed. Long-term deals for pitchers are risky, and it seems likely that Rodón will not be back next year. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Evaluating the SF Giants' uneven first half of 2022

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2022 33:54

    It was certainly an uneven first half for the San Francisco Giants, yet they find themselves just half a game out of a playoff spot with the second half set to begin on Thursday in Los Angeles. The Giants are 12.5 games back in the NL West. The Giants' position players don't really jump off the page, but they've been a solid unit nonetheless. Their team wRC+ of 107 is 10th in MLB and the Giants' baserunning has been a net positive, but defense that has been among the worst in baseball has their overall production more or less league average. If they could improve their defense to go along with a solidly above average offense, they could get back to being one of the upper-third offensive units in baseball. Wilmer Flores, Austin Slater, Thairo Estrada, Mike Yastrzemski, and Joc Pederson all were among the Giants' best contributors. Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt, Evan Longoria, and Tommy La Stella, for various reasons (injury and underperformance) were differing degrees of disappointing in the first half. As were Darin Ruf and LaMonte Wade Jr. Starting pitching, as expected, has been the Giants' greatest strength. Logan Webb and Carlos Rodón form a dynamic duo at the top. Alex Wood and Alex Cobb have excellent peripherals but seem to have been hurt by the defense. Jakob Junis was a bright spot before getting injured and should re-join the rotation in the second half. Anthony DeSclafani had a disastrous second year for the Giants, as he was totally ineffective and ultimately succumbed to season-ending ankle surgery. The bullpen has taken a big step back, but Camilo Doval, John Brebbia, and Dom Leone were bright spots. Tyler Rogers was also hurt by the SF Giants' poor first-half defense. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Yaz's walkoff slam helps SF Giants end first half on high note; should they trade for Juan Soto?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 18, 2022 33:32

    Mike Yastrzemski's walk-off grand slam against Josh Hader was arguably the San Francisco Giants' best moment of the first half. The Giants scored six runs in the 9th against Hader, the most runs the lefty closer has ever allowed in an outing. The SF Giants looked dead in the water up until that magical 9th inning. It was looking like another demoralizing loss fueled by sloppy defense, but then everything changed. And the Giants went on to win the next two games to ultimately win three of four from a playoff-caliber Brewers squad. The trade deadline is just over two weeks away, and we just learned over the weekend that Juan Soto is available and could be dealt. This news sent shockwaves through the industry, since Soto is a generational hitting talent and the Nationals' GM said not long ago that Soto would not be dealt this year. But things have reportedly changed, after Soto turned down the Nats' 15-year, $440 million offer. They're a bad team, and they have to get something for Soto if they're not going to be able to extend him. However, he's still under club control for 2.5 more years, so he's not necessarily going to get traded this summer. Washington could wait until the offseason or even next year's deadline to deal Soto. Regardless, the Giants should and will be among the teams to express interest. But even a package of Marco Luciano, Kyle Harrison, and Luis Matos may not be enough. Taking on some or all of Patrick Corbin's underwater deal could be the Giants' best shot since it would lessen the return, but that is not necessarily in the Nats' best interest. The Giants drafted Reggie Crawford with the 30th overall pick in last night's MLB Draft. They announced him as a two-way player: he's a lefty arm who can touch triple digits, and he was an above-average power bat for UConn. With their second round selection, the SF Giants took another left-handed pitcher, Carson Whisenhunt. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants lose heartbreaker to Brewers; are they interested in Brandon Drury?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 15, 2022 29:02

    Really tough loss for the San Francisco Giants last night. The game was within their grasp, but Darin Ruf flew out to the warning track in a bases-loaded situation late, and Camilo Doval surrendered a two-out, two-strike swinging bunt hit that drove in what proved to be the winning run. The SF Giants just haven't been able to consistently win this type of game, and they fall back to 45-43. If the Giants had won, they would've moved back into a tie for the NL's final wild card spot. So it goes for the Giants this season. One major theme this year has been that the veterans haven't really done as much as they would like. That includes Tommy La Stella and Evan Longoria, who are currently on the injured list. Are the Giants a better team without them? It's a complicated question and a complicated answer, because adding them back to the roster would mean sending down a couple of players like potentially Yermín Mercedes and David Villar. Luis González is also a candidate to be optioned if the Giants decide to re-add Longoria and/or La Stella. Trading one or both seems like a real possibility at this point, although La Stella probably has almost no trade value. Are the Giants interested in Brandon Drury? Andy Martino of SNY reported on Wednesday that the Giants and Dodgers were showing the most interest in the veteran infielder, who's enjoying a semi-breakout campaign with the Reds. Drury makes sense for the Giants as a versatile player who's having a strong offensive season. That being said, he's not really a star player, more of a complimentary player capable of exceeding expectations, as he has done so far this year. But it was hard enough to figure out how the Giants would add Longoria and La Stella back to the roster; how would they add those two in addition to another veteran like Drury? Is that what's best for this team that probably needs to look for future pieces and think about getting younger? Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants rally late, get much-needed comeback win vs. D-backs

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2022 39:32

    The San Francisco Giants needed that one! They trailed the Diamondbacks 3-0 late, and were a couple innings away from yet another series loss to a below-.500 team. This time, it was not to be. Brandon Belt homered. Wilmer Flores hit a game-tying, pinch-hit homer in the eighth. And Brandon Crawford, up in a very similar spot to the one he failed in on Monday, delivered a walk-off single against former Giants closer Mark Melancon. The win was a big morale boost for the SF Giants, who improved to 45-42. The Giants are now just one game back of the NL's final wild card position with the All-Star break and trade deadline fast approaching. Locked On Giants and Locked On D-backs get together to discuss the series and what has gone wrong for the San Francisco Giants in 2022. The Giants' atrocious defense in the first half of the season is discussed, as well as whether the team regrets not doing more in the offseason. They also discuss which 12 pitchers deserved to go to the All-Star game. Originally, Carlos Rodón didn't make it in, which was an egregious snub. Thankfully, he got in as an injury replacement, but his original snubbing is discussed. Does Logan Webb deserve to be there? How do we compare elite relievers vs. very good starters? Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants' right-handed lineup orchestrates another rout

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2022 30:00

    For the second time in two days, the San Francisco Giants' right-handed-heavy lineup, the one that faces left-handed starters, led the Giants to a double-digit win. On Sunday, they beat MacKenzie Gore and the Padres 12-0. Yesterday, they lit up Dallas Keuchel and the D-backs by the final score of 13-0. Austin Slater, Yermín Mercedes, Joey Bart, and Thairo Estrada led the way as the SF Giants crushed four home runs in the victory. Giants President of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi met with the media prior to Tuesday's win. He discussed the team's disappointing first half of the season, and he talked about the upcoming trade deadline. Zaidi said that he thinks the starting pitching is in a good spot, and it's hard to argue against that with Carlos Rodón and Logan Webb leading the group. Alex Wood and Alex Cobb have peripherals that suggest better results are coming, and Jakob Junis will re-enter the rotation after the All-Star break. Brandon Crawford's supremely disappointing double play the night prior is discussed. Should he have been swinging in a 2-0 count with the bases loaded and the tying run on third (hint: yes). Also discussed is the SF Giants designating Jake McGee for assignment over the weekend. McGee was a crucial part of last year's bullpen, which led the majors in ERA, but the results just weren't there this year. McGee was owed close to $2 million, so this move suggests the Giants are willing to eat a salary if the performance is poor enough. Luis González's return from the IL is also discussed. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    On the SF Giants' collapse and Carlos Rodón's All-Star snub with Locked On Padres

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 12, 2022 40:20

    Carlos Rodón was a major All-Star snub, and the San Francisco Giants have been a major disappointment so far in 2022. There's something seriously wrong with the All-Star process if a player of Rodón's caliber doesn't make the team, while some decent reliever does just because his team needs an All-Star representative. Logan Webb is also somewhat of a snub; should All-Star rosters simply be bigger? Rodón's snub is not the only think irking SF Giants fans right now. The team has been in a bit of a tailspin as of late, and overall they're just one game over .500 more than halfway through the season. Veterans like Brandon Crawford and Brandon Belt haven't been able to rekindle the magic they had in 2021. The Giants' defense has been atrocious, and it has seriously cost them all year long and led to worse-than-expected results for pitchers like Alex Cobb, Alex Wood, Tyler Rogers, and many others. The Giants didn't add payroll coming off a 107-win season, and it's fair to criticize them for that, particularly given how this season has gone. Buster Posey retired, and they essentially spent the money they would've spent on his 2022 club option on Rodón, who has been excellent, but they didn't really add to their team. They brought back many players who were part of last year's historic season, but they probably should have done more. There were many star position players available to sign, and the Giants only signed Joc Pederson, who has admittedly been a very strong addition. So: will the SF Giants be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline, which is now just three weeks away? It all depends on how they play over these next three weeks, which makes every game very interesting right now. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Carlos Rodón puts SF Giants on his back, gets snubbed from All-Star team

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 11, 2022 30:02

    Carlos Rodón has been one of the best pitchers in all of baseball this year. He leads the league in fWAR and FIP and is second in strikeout rate. He put the San Francisco Giants on his back when they absolutely needed it, firing a complete game against the rival Padres on Saturday when a loss would've put the Giants below .500 for the first time all year. Yet somehow, Rodón was not named to the NL All-Star team. It's one of the bigger snubs in recent memory. Rodón absolutely deserves to be there, much more than Joc Pederson actually, but the politics of making sure each team is represented got in his way. It should make Giants fans and baseball fans at large wonder whether All-Star rosters are too small. Either that, or we need to stop making sure each team is represented. How is it good for baseball that Joe Mantiply is an All-Star and Rodón is not? D-backs fans might be happy about that, but that doesn't mean it's right. Clayton Kershaw should be an All-Star, but he hasn't been better than Rodón since he's pitched far fewer innings. Regardless of the All-Star talk, Rodón's complete game was much needed by the Giants. He put the team on his back, and then they carried that momentum into Sunday with a resounding 12-0 win behind an excellent start from Alex Wood. The SF Giants' starting pitching could carry this team in the second half. Logan Webb also deserves to be an All-Star, though his case is more borderline. Wood and Alex Cobb have excellenet peripheral numbers which suggest that they should have better results than they've had to date. Wood showed why on Sunday. The offense also exploded, with Wilmer Flores hitting two homers and several other Giants having good showings at the plate. Hopefully the Giants can carry this into their upcoming series with Arizona and Milwaukee before the All-Star break. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Evaluating the SF Giants' concerning first half of the season

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 8, 2022 32:41

    The first half of the season for the San Francsico Giants was pretty ugly. The Giants are 41-40, but that doesn't quite tell the whole story. They began the season 13-5, so they are 28-35 ever since. They've lost seven of their last eight games as well, including a walk-off loss in extras last night. Overall, their position players just haven't been good enough. Austin Slater and Joc Pederson have been good in platoon roles, and Luis González was a real bright spot when he was here and healthy, but veterans like Brandon Crawford, Brandon Belt, Tommy La Stella, and many others just haven't done enough to help the team. Overall, the defense has been the worst in baseball while their team wRC+ is slightly above average. However, the SF Giants rank 20th in overall WAR by their non-pitchers. Not good enough. The starting pitching has been the strength of this team, though it isn't always apparent. Carlos Rodón has been by far the Giants' best player, followed by Logan Webb. Those two have been more valuable than any Giants position player by a wide margin. Alex Cobb and Alex Wood have deserved better fates but the defense and some bad luck has let them down. The bullpen has taken a big step back, but some have seemingly been very unlucky as well, like Tyler Rogers. Camilo Doval has been inconsistent. Dom Leone and John Brebbia had strong first halves. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    The San Francsico Giants won a baseball game

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2022 28:49

    THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS WON A BASEBALL GAME! It shouldn't be this hard to win against a sub-.500 team, but the SF Giants will absolutely take the win. The Giants fell behind 4-0 early, but Joey Bart, Austin Slater, and Darin Ruf helped mount a comeback win that got a little too interesting in the 9th inning with Camilo Doval on the mound. The Giants, who have been in free fall for a couple of weeks, desperately needed this win. With a loss, they would've fallen back to .500 for the first time since they were 1-1. Ruf's pinch-hit home run in the eighth tied the game, and astonishingly, it was the Giants' first pinch hit homer of the season. Last year, they set a major league record with 18 pinch hit home runs. Slater had a big bunt hit ahead of Ruf and a huge bases-loaded double down the right field line in the 9th inning. The Giants looked like they might actually win easily, but Doval made things interesting. He allowed three walks and a single before being replaced by Sam Long, who struck out Jordan Luplow on three pitches. Despite this horrid stretch, the Giants are 41-39 and just one game out of the NL's final playoff spot. They have a big opportunity in their upcoming four-game series against the Padres, who are also struggling right now. Carlos Rodón and Logan Webb will pitch in the series, and those guys have been as good as any duo in the National League so far in 2022. But the defense (Tommy La Stella and David Villar made mistakes in last night's win) will have to be better if the SF Giants want to have any success in 2022, and the bullpen will also have to step up. The trade deadline is less than a month away, and it remains to be seen whether the Giants will add, subtract, or both. They clearly have needs. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants' collapse continues; is there any hope for this team?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2022 31:32

    Is there any hope for the San Francisco Giants? With another crushing defeat last night, they've now lost six straight, and 11 of their last 14 games. The Giants started out the year 13-5, but they've gone 27-34 ever since. What can manager Gabe Kapler and his staff do to right the ship? Do Farhan Zaidi and Scott Harris need to make more moves? Will they be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline? Last night they got a good start from Alex Wood, but the offense continued to flounder, particularly in clutch situations. The Giants had the bases loaded and no outs, and they only got one run out of it. Evan Longoria struck out in a big spot. David Villar flashed some swing and miss and strikeout tendencies, and also made some mistakes with the glove. The Giants' defensive issues are widespread and alarming. Donovan Walton was optioned prior to the game and Brandon Crawford was activated, but the SF Giants' defense continues to bite them seemingly every game. The coaching staff should be feeling the pressure for the Giants' collapse. As should the Giants' front office. That being said, it's not at all unprecedented for solid teams to go through miserable stretches like this. In fact, the 2014 and 2016 SF Giants each had miserable second-half collapses. And in both cases, they ended up making the postseason and showing fairly well. The 2014 went on to win the World Series, and the 2016 team fought hard against the eventual champion Cubs, before ultimately suffering one last bullpen collapse in NLDS Game 4. Support Us By Supporting Our Sponsors! Built Bar Built Bar is a protein bar that tastes like a candy bar. Go to builtbar.com and use promo code “LOCKED15,” and you'll get 15% off your next order. BetOnline BetOnline.net has you covered this season with more props, odds and lines than ever before. BetOnline – Where The Game Starts! Rock Auto Amazing selection. Reliably low prices. All the parts your car will ever need. Visit RockAuto.com and tell them Locked On sent you. Sports Card Investor Download the Sports Card Investor App today and easily browse over 630K cards from every sport, with hundreds more added each week . Available for free in the Google Play and Apple App stores or go to sportscardinvestor.com/lockedon. Blue Nile Make your moment sparkle with jewelry from Bluenile.com, and LOCKED ON SPORTS listeners get $50 off purchases of $500 or more using code LOCKEDON. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    Free-falling SF Giants finally promote hot-hitting infielder David Villar

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 4, 2022 29:40

    The San Francisco Giants are in free fall. They're playing absolutely horrendous baseball, and they've slipped to two games out of the NL's final wild card position. Something needs to change, and the Giants decided to (finally) promote hot-hitting infielder David Villar ahead of today's game against the Diamondbacks. It would be hard to play any worse than the SF Giants played on this homestand. They were outplayed in all aspects of the game against three teams that came in below .500. Simply put, the Giants do not look like a competitive team right now, and there's plenty of blame to go around. Farhan Zaidi did not do enough on the position player side this offseason. The Giants' older position players have not gotten the job done. Gabe Kapler's staff takes some blame for the team's miserable defense and recent hitting. Villar represents a change in the right direction. The Giants need some young players who could be a part of the future start to emerge for this team. Veterans like Evan Longoria, Brandon Belt, and Brandon Crawford simply don't have much of a future here. It's a bit of a problem that the Giants are now tied up to Darin Ruf and Tommy La Stella, who have also been significant disappointments so far in 2022. They need more players like Villar to join the roster and be given a real opportunity. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Inbox: Are the SF Giants all-in on winning in 2022?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 1, 2022 29:26

    Are the San Francisco Giants just waiting it out until their minor league system starts producing star talent? It really does seem that way, since the Giants have put together competitive yet older rosters these last couple of years, and they haven't broken the bank on top tier talent in free agency. If you look at how Farhan Zaidi helped build the Los Angeles Dodgers, it was from the ground up. It does feel like the SF Giants are attempting to follow that same model. It's important to remember that the Dodgers didn't make these big external moves for Mookie Betts, Trea Turner, and Freddie Freeman until their own roster was loaded with homegrown stars. Are the SF Giants the most boring team in baseball? Should they be sellers at the trade deadline? Would it make sense to trade Carlos Rodón, Joc Pederson, and Brandon Belt? All of these questions, and many others, are addressed on today's show. There's still a month until the trade deadline, so the Giants have time to figure out who they really are. So far, they've looked more like a .500 team than anything else (they're 27-29 over the last two months), but they are 40-34 thanks to a 13-5 start to the season. Giving up on the season when they're clearly in contention doesn't make any sense, since in baseball any team can get hot at the right time and go on a run. It happened last year with the World Champion Atlanta Braves. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants' position players falter in second straight mediocre month overall

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2022 29:32

    The San Francisco Giants, surprisingly, had the NL's second-best team ERA in the month of June. Yet they only managed a 13-13 record, their second straight month of mediocre baseball. The Giants are currently on the outside looking in of the NL Wild Card picture, but they trail the final spot by just a single game. The Giants' June overall is evaluated. Carlos Rodón righted the ship in a major way, establishing himself as a legitimate Cy Young candidate. He was easily the Giants' best player this month. Not far behind him was Logan Webb, who has also had an excellent season. The bullpen was also good, led by Camilo Doval and John Brebbia. Alex Wood and Anthony DeSclafani really struggled in June, although DeSclafani only pitched 5.2 innings (but his ERA was near 20.00). It was the position players who were costly. Evan Longoria and Joc Pederson had strong months, but otherwise there wasn't much to write home about. Mike Yastrzemski cooled off in a major way, and Brandon Belt and Brandon Crawford continued to be essentially non-factors. LaMonte Wade Jr. played in just one game in June, but thankfully he is now back. Donovan Walton has played a lot and been a net negative. Jason Vosler's somewhat surprising demotion is discussed as well. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants' Carlos Rodón looks like a Cy Young candidate—but will he be back in 2023?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 29, 2022 29:51

    Carlos Rodón could very well win the Cy Young Award, and then find himself pitching for a new team in 2023. Rodón has been excellent for the San Francisco Giants so far in 2022, but he's getting closer to triggering his right to opt out of his 2023 contract with the Giants, which is for one year and $22.5 million. If Rodón keeps pitching like he has all year, opting out would be a no-brainer, considering he could do much better than 1/$22.5M on the open market. The SF Giants have shown that they generally don't want to sign pitchers to long-term deals, which makes it seem likely that Rodón won't be back in San Francisco in 2023, unless he's willing to accept a shorter-term deal for a high average annual value. The Giants' payroll will remain fluid going into the offseason. If Rodón opts out, they'll have roughly $70 million committed to the 2023 team, a huge fall from their roughly $165M payroll this year. That means lots of room to spend in creative ways. Their rotation looks pretty set with Logan Webb, Alex Wood, Alex Cobb, Jakob Junis, and Anthony DeSclafani signed through at least next year. The Giants could add one top starting pitcher and essentially call it a day. There should be a lot of good ones available, and many should require shorter-term deals than Rodón is likely to command. Last night's tense win is discussed. Rodón was excellent again, Mike Yastrzemski was a star on defense (and he had a clutch two-out, two-strike, two-run single), and Camilo Doval saved the day with a huge pitching performance. Prior to Wednesday's game, LaMonte Wade Jr. was activated off the injured list and inserted into the top of the Giants' lineup. It remains to be seen how the Giants will fit Luis González back onto the squad once he's ready to return from his back injury. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    How costly has the SF Giants' defense been in 2022?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 28, 2022 33:08

    The San Francisco Giants might be 46-26 if their defense had simply been as good as last year through this point in the season. FanGraphs estimates that the Giants' defense has been worth 47 fewer runs this year than last year through 72 games. If we take 47 runs off of their runs allowed this season, they would have a +87 run differential, which has an expected record of 46-26. The Giants' current +40 run differential has an expected record of 40-32, just one win above their actual record of 39-33. Much has been made about the Giants' offense not doing enough, and about whether the team did enough in the offseason to back up a 107-win campaign in 2021. Some of those concerns are valid, but it's hard to look anywhere else other than their defensive issues as the main reason this team has performed so much worse than last year's to date. Their wRC+ is down just 5% and their baserunning has improved, yet their position player WAR is down 33% due to that enormous dip in run prevention caused by defense. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants embarrassed by Reds as defensive deficiencies pile up

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 27, 2022 35:32

    Just when you thought it couldn't get any uglier... The San Francisco Giants played defense like a little league team in the third inning on Sunday against the Reds. Evan Longoria couldn't make a throw across the diamond to lead off the inning. Mike Yastrzemski threw to the wrong base. Austin Slater broke in on a ball that ended up bouncing off the warning track. And they weren't done for the day. Later in the Giants' embarrassing 10-3 loss to the Reds, their second series loss to the league's worst team, there was a ground ball to Brandon Belt. Pitcher Jarlín García was late covering the bag, and Belt threw behind him. The ball went then sat near the Reds dugout for far too much time while no one in a Giants jersey went to pick it up. A high school team would've probably played a better game defensively than the SF Giants did on Sunday. What is causing them to play so poorly defensively? What's staggering is that their defense was much better last year with basically the same players. Brandon Crawford, Darin Ruf, Yastrzemski, Thairo Estrada, and Belt have had the biggest drop-offs. Have the Giants taken their fans for granted? They could've done more in the offseason to bolster their team, but didn't. Is the experience stale at Oracle Park? These questions, written about today in The Athletic by Andrew Baggarly, are addressed on today's show. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants mailbag: Insight into Alex Wood's struggles?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 24, 2022 29:59

    San Francisco Giants starter Alex Wood has a 5.05 ERA, among the worst among all pitchers in the game with at least 60 innings. Is it a mirage, or is the performance deserved? What should Giants fans expect from the lefty starter moving forward? Wood was a staple in the SF Giants' rotation last year, helping the team win 107 games, but it hasn't been smooth sailing so far this season—for Wood or the team. And what about that pesky bullpen? Tyler Rogers hasn't been the same guy. Neither has Jake McGee, José Álvarez, and many others. Ironically, John Brebbia, who struggled mightily for the Giants in 2021, has been arguably their best reliever in 2022. Camilo Doval has had his ups and downs. What can the Giants do to ensure better bullpen performance moving forward? Is there any prescedent for Giants president of baseball ops Farhan Zaidi cutting ties with players on guaranteed deals? The SF Giants have had their share of roster crunches in 2022, and that figures to continue with LaMonte Wade Jr. back soon, and Luis González also likely coming back from a minor injury shortly thereafter. Giants fans have argued that underperforming veterans like McGee, Evan Longoria, and Tommy La Stella should be DFA candidates, but is that actually a realistic option at any point? Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants acquire Willie Calhoun from Rangers for Steven Duggar

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2022 30:52

    The San Francisco Giants and Texas Rangers swung a trade today. The Giants have acquired left-handed OF/DH Willie Calhoun in exchange for Steven Duggar. Duggar was on a rehab assignment in Sacramento, and a move needed to be made to activate him. This would've meant adding him back to the 40-man roster, so a corresponding move would have been needed. Rather than DFA someone just to add back a guy who wasn't in the SF Giants' immediate, or possibly long-term, plans, they made this trade for the intriguing Calhoun. Calhoun was a former top prospect, and he was the centerpiece in the Yu Dardish trade in 2017. Giants President of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi was the Dodgers' general manager at the time, so he's very familiar with Calhoun. SF Giants manager Gabe Kapler, likewise, was the Dodgers' farm director. Both think highly of Calhoun, who's never been able to put it all together despite having a very intriguing skillset at the plate. Calhoun makes a ton of contact, doesn't strike out, and makes good swing decisions. He isn't on the Rangers' 40-man roster after he cleared waivers and accepted an outright assignment to the minors earlier this year. Also in the last couple of days, the Giants played some tough games in Atlanta. They ended up losing three out of four to the Braves, despite the series' run differential being just +1 in favor of Atlanta. It was a bit of a bad break for the Giants, who were one shutdown inning on Wednesday and one more big hit on Thursday away from at least splitting this series. Instead, it's a disappointing loss and a long cross-country flight. On the bright side, the Giants will welcome in three below-.500 teams to San Francisco for this upcoming homestand, which includes two off days at home. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Austin Wynns leads the SF Giants in slugfest win vs. Braves

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2022 30:34

    Austin Wynns to the rescue! The San Francisco Giants catcher was a triple shy of the cycle, and his three-run homer in the second inning set the tone for the offense in a thrilling 12-10 win for the SF Giants. Wynns has been a fresh air ever since the Giants acquired him from the Phillies, but he wasn't the only offensive star last night. Mike Yastrzemski had a big bases-loaded double, Joc Pederson added a solo shot, and Wilmer Flores had a two-out, two-strike hit that drove in two runs in the ninth. Those runs proved to be essential, as Giants closer Camilo Doval surrendered a two-run homer to Matt Olson in the bottom of the inning. It wasn't all sunshine and roses, however. Brandon Crawford had an injury scare and came out of the game. He's day-to-day and is getting an MRI, but it looks like he was able to avoid a serious injury. Thairo Estrada made another critical error at a very bad time (although Evan Longoria probably should've made a different throw). And Anthony DeSclafani allowed five runs in three innings in his return from the 60-day injured list. To clear a spot on the major league roster, LHP José Álvarez was placed on the 15-day IL with back tightness. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants fail to capitalize in loss to Braves; are they un-clutch?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 21, 2022 27:33

    Are the San Francisco Giants un-clutch? It sure feels that way sometimes, and their woes continued last night as they only got one total run out of a bases loaded, no out situation in the 8th and a second and third, one out situation in the 9th. Their numbers with the bases loaded and no outs are abysmal, but it's a tiny sample of just 14 plate appearances. With the bases loaded and one out, their numbers are excellent. Tommy La Stella popped out in the former situation, and Austin Slater got a hit in the latter. However, Slater's ball was hit so hard that it only scored one run. Wilmer Flores then came up in that same bases loaded, one out scenario and he chased a pitch in the dirt for strike three that would have been ball four and the lead. The league average rate of scoring a runner from third with less than two outs is 52.2%. The SF Giants come in at a below average rate of 49.7%, but it's not too far off the league mark, and several good teams, including the Astros, Braves, and Dodgers are beneath the San Francisco Giants. Logan Webb was great in this game, but the Giants' offense wasn't able to pick him up. Still, the Giants are on a 91-win pace and will have a chance at redemption this evening. Anthony DeSclafani is set to be activated off the 60-day injured list, which will require a corresponding 40-man move (in addition to a 26-man move to add him to the active roster). Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants' Luis González has become indispensable

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2022 32:47

    There's no way the SF Giants can option Luis González now ... right?! González continues to be one of the Giants' best overall players, yet his roster spot remains somewhat in jeopardy because of the imminent return of LaMonte Wade Jr. The San Francisco Giants will have a tough decision to make in the coming days, but for now, they're happy to have González on their side. He's been the best story of the season for the team so far, and he continues to help them win games and series, as they did this weekend taking two out of three in Pittsburgh. The Giants also picked up another intriguing former White Sox player, as they claimed 1B/C/DH Yermín Mercedes off waivers from Chicago. Mercedes famously was the AL Rookie of the Month in April 2021, before fizzling out the rest of the way and ultimately being optioned back to the minors. In a famous moment, Mercedes homered on a 3-0 pitch against a position player in a blowout, and his manager, Tony La Russa, threw him under the bus and said it was completely unacceptable to swing at the pitch. Mercedes won't have that problem with the SF Giants, should be called up. The Giants encourage their players to keep adding on no matter the score. Mercedes could find himself in the major leagues with the San Francisco Giants this afternoon, as they're facing a tough lefty in Max Fried. Then they could option him after the game and bring back Tony DeSclafani to start on Tuesday. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    The SF Giants' offense has not been their problem

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2022 35:09

    The SF Giants' offense is better than you think. They're among the league leaders in runs per game, and they're in the top third in team wRC+. No, they haven't been the most consistent, but generally speaking, run scoring has been a strength. The issue with this team has mostly been its atrocious defense. They went from being one of the better teams in baseball defensively in 2021, to one of the worst in 2022. FanGraphs estimates that the San Francisco Giants have been about 30 runs below average defensively. That's over half a run per game. Players like Brandon Crawford, who were so good defensively in 2021, have taken a step back in 2022, along with just about everyone else. Other questions addressed on today's mailbag edition of the show: Which Giants players on the last year of their deals (Brandon Belt, Joc Pederson, and others) will be back next year? Why do the SF Giants keep running out Tyler Rogers even though he's struggled mightily in 2022? Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants mailbag: Time to worry about Brandon Crawford?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 16, 2022 34:02

    When should SF Giants fans worry about Brandon Crawford? He was their best overall player in 2021, racking up over six FanGraphs WAR and hitting at a clip that was almost 40% above the major league average. This year, he's been okay, but he hasn't come close to equaling last year's production. On the bright side for the Giants, Crawford is coming in significantly below his career BABIP and ISO, which he should be able to at least match when all is said and done. That's encouraging, given that he's been close to league average offensively despite those numbers being well below expectations. Defense has also been a bit of a struggle for Crawford, who was showing signs of slowing down prior to 2021. But then last year, he was great again. Can he get back to that level? Also discussed: with the impending roster crunch (LaMonte Wade Jr. getting closer to returning), is it a given that a promising young player like Luis González will have to be optioned? Or might the San Francisco Giants try to shed the contract of an under-performing older player like Darin Ruf, Evan Longoria, or Tommy La Stella? Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants can't quite sweep Royals—but have very nice homestand overall

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2022 33:19

    The San Francisco Giants weren't able to finish off another sweep, but it's hard to complain too much about a 6-3 homestand. Almost surprisingly, the Giants' offense did quite poorly overall on the homestand. Thankfully, their pitching and defense was much better much of the time, but we still saw some bad defense at times and it burned them on Wednesday. Mike Yastrzemski was passive on a catchable ball in the first inning, that ultimately fell in for a double and put Sam Long in a tough position. He really should have escaped the jam, but Brandon Crawford booted a ground ball that would have ended the inning. It took a bad hop and clanked off his glove, which allowed two runs to score. That was too much for a struggling SF Giants offense to overcome. It wasn't a great look for the Giants on Wednesday, to be sure. The night before, Luis González was a hero with a 97.4 mph throw from right field to nail a runner. Austin Wynns made a magnificent play on the scoop and tag as well. Logan Webb, pitching into the seventh inning, sure was appreciative of the effort. Deep dive on the merit of catcher fielding percentage is also discussed, as well as a couple of common (and bad) camera angles we are subjected to on an all-too-frequent basis. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants stay patient, take care of business vs. Royals

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 14, 2022 29:57

    Clean defense and a good, clutch bullpen? It's a run prevention recipe that worked exceptionally well for the San Francisco Giants in 2021, and we've started to see more of that recently in 2022. For the longest time, the SF Giants' pitching and defense was letting them down, but things have started to normalize in recent games. The Giants fell behind 2-0 early with Alex Wood on the mound, something that was all too familiar in May, but this time they were able to hold the line and tack on runs as the game went along. Royals starter Brady Singer at one point walked four consecutive batters after a two-out double by Austin Wynns. Donovan Walton, Mike Yastrzemski, and Darin Ruf made clutch defensive plays. Jake McGee, Mauricio Llovera, and Camilo Doval pitched clean innings out of the 'pen. When those two things are happening, the Giants are tough to beat. Brandon Crawford had a big hit. Thairo Estrada drove in a run with a single. Injury updates on Brandon Belt, LaMonte Wade Jr., Matthew Boyd, and Anthony DeSclafani are also provided. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Clutch SF Giants sweep Dodgers out of town

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 13, 2022 31:02

    SWEEEP. The SF Giants pulled off an improbable three-game sweep of the Los Angeles Dodgers over the weekend, reminding both clubs that the Giants are not to be taken lightly. The Giants came through clutch all weekend with big pitches, clutch defensive plays, and big hits. Seemingly all season long, they haven't been able to make that big pitch or big play defensively. Too many batted balls have not been turned into outs, but that trend reversed over the weekend. There was a lot of unsustainability in the Giants' high rate of batted balls turning into hits, so sooner or later the tide was likely to turn. Austin Slater and Thairo Estrada made big plays. Jarlín García, Camilo Doval, John Brebbia, and Dom Leone made huge pitches in dicey situations. Darin Ruf, Estrada, Slater, and Mike Yastrzemski hit big homers. It was a thrilling weekend for SF Giants fans, but it wasn't all sunshine and roses. Jakob Junis, whose emergence has been one of the best stories of the year for the Giants, went down with a significant hamstring injury in the sixth inning of his start on Friday. Junis will miss at least 4-8 weeks. Junis had been pitching so well, and he was about to face his former team that had non-tendered him over the weekend. So the timing was bad on multiple levels. But on the bright side, the Giants have Anthony DeSclafani close to returning. Alex Cobb and Matthew Boyd are also getting close as well. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Defense collapses as SF Giants lose series vs. Rockies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2022 32:27

    It doesn't get much uglier than that. The SF Giants just played one of the worst defensive innings you'll ever see. Their four errors in the game don't even begin to tell the whole story. It derailed a cruising Logan Webb and led to the Giants losing a series at home against an inferior Rockies team. Defense has been a problem all season long. They really shouldn't be this bad, as many of the players contributing to the problem should at least be passable defenders. But what can go wrong has gone wrong defensively. Thairo Estrada, Donovan Walton, Austin Slater, Mike Yastrzemski, and Darin Ruf contributed to the mess on Thursday. The day prior was much better, as Luis González continued to do his thing as he delivered a walk-off single in the bottom of the 10th. He has played well enough to stick in the majors, but the options game could come into play again with Brandon Belt and LaMonte Wade Jr. getting close to returning. Tommy La Stella could be placed on the IL since he hasn't been able to play in the field (and he hasn't been contributing much with the bat) and Walton could be optioned, but González's option also looms large. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    Big-picture SF Giants talk with Locked On MLB

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 9, 2022 36:54

    The 2022 season has been so-so from the San Francisco Giants' perspective through a little over 50 games. Joey Bart struggled so much that he was optioned yesterday. The team has had a tough time going on a sustained run of playing well. But all the while, they've maintained an above-.500 record and have been in playoff position pretty much all year. Locked On Giants and Locked On MLB discuss the state of the SF Giants. Looking at the Giants on a micro level might have some fans frustrated, but the macro perspective is that they're still playing okay despite not nearly living up to their own standards yet. Some serious regression was to be expected after a 107-win season, and we've seen that so far this year. Despite many areas in which the Giants have struggled, there are multiple bright spots as well. Luis González continues to look like a legit major leaguer who could be a contributor on the Giants for many years. Mike Yastrzemski has come back into his All-Star form. Carlos Rodón, while inconsistent, has been a strong presence in the starting rotation. Logan Webb has shown flashes of being the front-of-the-rotation arm he was in 2021. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants option Joey Bart, acquire catcher Austin Wynns from Phillies

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2022 26:08

    The San Francisco Giants sent struggling catcher Joey Bart back to the minor leagues. They also traded for another catcher, Austin Wynns, in exchange for left-handed pitcher Michael Plassmeyer. So who is Wynns and what does this move mean for the SF Giants and Bart's future with the team? Wynns has quite a bit of major league experience with the Orioles, and it hasn't gone particularly well. He has struggled to hit, but has very intriguing numbers in the upper levels of the minors. He will have to be added to the Giants' 40-man roster, so a corresponding move will have to be made. Wynns also does not have minor league options, so once he's activated he cannot be sent down. In Triple-A the last two seasons, Wynns has put up jaw-dropping numbers. He has almost twice as many walks as strikeouts in the minors this season. He's also known as a strong defensive catcher. Bart's struggles have been well documented. Simply put, he's struck out way too often. It's not clear when he'll get another opportunity with the Giants, but it should happen again at some point. The former No. 2 overall pick in the country has performed well in the minors, albeit with some red flags in Triple-A last season, and has been considered at times one of the game's best overall prospects. But it has been a huge struggle offensively in the majors, and this is a chance for him to clean up his swing. The Giants have added two catchers, Michael Papierski (in exchange for Mauricio Dubón) and now Wynns in the last few weeks. That doesn't necessarily bode well for what they really think of Bart. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants mailbag: What is the team's trading plan moving forward?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 7, 2022 32:08

    What are the San Francisco Giants' trading plans moving forward? With the team right in the thick of the playoff race, will they look to make a major addition like they did with Kris Bryant last season? SF Giants President of Baseball Operations Farhan Zaidi has a well-established track record of making major, win-now moves at the trading deadline. Who are some players the Giants could target? Willson Contreras has made a lot of sense all along, and his name continues to be one to circle in red ink. The Giants could also seek bullpen help, and a lot will depend on the health of currently injured players like Brandon Belt and LaMonte Wade Jr. Also discussed is what happens with Luis González when Steven Duggar is ready to return, and whether Jakob Junis has earned a permanent spot in the rotation even with the impending returns of Anthony DeSclafani and Matthew Boyd, both of whom are expected to fill rotation spots. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    New players star as SF Giants split series in Miami

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 6, 2022 30:34

    At the beginning of the year, no one gave much thought to players like Jakob Junis, Jason Vosler, or Luis González. Donovan Walton was in another organization. But those players have established themselves as legitimate contributors on an SF Giants team that is now 29-24 despite not playing all that well all season long. Yes, the Giants have been merely mediocre for the past month-plus. But they've been a resilient bunch, and new players have been a big reason why. Walton hit a huge grand slam in the win on Sunday. He had a bases-clearing double on Saturday. Junis pitched a gem on getaway day. Vosler hit two big homers in the series and played exceptional defense. González was the NL's Rookie of the Month in May. The Giants have not been healthy all season. Brandon Belt and LaMonte Wade Jr. continue to be out with knee injuries. Anthony DeSclafani has barely pitched all year. But because of those new contributors, and strong seasons out of the likes of veterans Mike Yastrzemski and Joc Pederson, the San Francisco Giants have hung around above .500 and are still in good position to go on a run. They currently hold a two-game lead over a playoff spot. They haven't yet hit their stride but there is reason for optimism that it will happen eventually. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants mailbag: Time to start thinking about trades?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2022 28:42

    It's time to start thinking about trades. Through 50 games, the SF Giants are a somewhat disappointing 27-23. They've been below .500 for more than a month, and there are several areas of need with this team. Somewhat surprisingly, the pitching has struggled. Their starting rotation should probably be fine, but the bullpen could use some help. And the offense has been very inconsistent. The Giants should be active in the trade market. Catcher Willson Contreras still makes sense as Joey Bart has struggled. There are also big names like J.D. Martinez and Xander Bogaerts who could be available. While starting pitching may not be the SF Giants' biggest need, there figure to be some pretty good starters on the trade market. Also discussed on today's show: Does the vibe in the dugout seem different than last year? Is it time to rethink the use of the "line change"? Will the Giants call up David Villar anytime soon? Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

    SF Giants fall short vs. Phils; MLB desperately needs an automated strike zone

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 2, 2022 33:49

    It's unacceptable that we're still allowing humans to call balls and strikes. It's a nearly impossible task, but Statcast makes it easy. Yet, in 2022, we're still allowing imperfect masked men to dictate the outcomes of Major League Baseball games. Two games ago, according to the Umpire Scorecards Twitter account, the San Francisco Giants' change in run expectancy was -2.7 runs based on missed strike zone calls. We don't have have the data on yesterday's zone, but it was almost certainly 1+ run in favor of the Phillies. And this was a one-run loss. The loss wasn't all the fault of the home plate umpire, though. Jarlín García coughed up a three-run lead the offense had just fought for. The Giants rallied for five runs in the sixth inning against ace pitcher Aaron Nola, only for García to allow his first, second, third, and fourth earned runs of the season. The task won't get any easier as the Giants fly to Miami to face the Marlins. They're a team with really good starting pitching and a record that isn't reflective of their true talent. Find and follow Locked On Giants on your favorite podcast platforms:

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