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Throughout his three-decade long career with the NFL, Mike Lombardi worked as an NFL executive with the San Francisco 49ers, Cleveland Browns, Philadelphia Eagles, and Oakland Raiders alongside NFL legends including Bill Belichick, Bill Walsh and Al Davis.   On The GM Shuffle, Lombardi and co-host…


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    Latest episodes from The GM Shuffle with Michael Lombardi and Adnan Virk

    Brian Kelly Takes LSU Job, Saints Host Cowboys on TNF, Pats/Bills Battle for First Place

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 35:26

    Brian Kelly leaves Notre Dame for LSU, Saints host Cowboys on TNF, Washington tries to stay hot in Vegas, Chargers look to bounce back against the red hot Bengals, Steelers try to save their season when Lamar and the Ravens come into town, Pats and Bills battle for first place in the AFC East on MNF in the snow. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Thanksgiving Games Recap, Bucs Edge Out Colts, Packers Knock Off Rams, Patriots Stay Hot

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 44:16

    Flag Fest and Shootout in Dallas, Jason Garrett fired, Eagles lay an egg in Jersey, Playoff Lenny runs over Indy, Rodgers and the Packers flex their muscle at home over the Rams, Denver's Defense dominates the Chargers, Pats win their 6th straight as they take apart the Titans, Steelers get pounded, Lions/Bears Comedy Hour. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Turkey Day Football! Bears/Lions, Raiders/Cowboys, Bills/Saints

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 24, 2021 16:15

    The winless Lions host the struggling Bears, Dallas looks to rebound after a tough loss to KC as they host the Raiders, Bills travel to New Orleans in primetime. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Packers/Vikings Classic, Chiefs Shut Down Dallas, Texans Shock Titans

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 36:26

    Cousins and Rodgers put on a show in Minnesota, The Chiefs Defense puts on a clinic against The Cowboys, The Eagles stay hot, The Texans upset The Titans, Steelers and Chargers light up SoFi on Sunday Night Football. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Jets QB Mess, Cowboys/Chiefs Showdown, Week 11 Preview, Stevie Van Zandt Interview (Part 2)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 48:27

    Robert Saleh is making a mess of the Jets QB situation by starting Joe Flacco this week. Two of the best offenses in the league face off with the Cowboys and Chiefs. The Packers could be in trouble against the 4-5 Vikings. Both the Bengals and the Raiders need to show they can keep up. The Eagles are thinking playoffs, but let's pump the brakes on Jalen Hurts. Plus, Part 2 of our interview with Stevie Van Zandt.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Bucs/Cards Upset, Chiefs/Pats Dominate, Week 10 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 54:00

    Washington's defense finally woke up and Taylor Heinicke got revenge from last season's Wild Card game against Brady and the Bucs. Cam Newton's homecoming to Carolina was one to remember, can he win the starting job going forward? The Packers shut out the Seahawks who look like they're done for the season. Titans find another way to win but is their play sustainable? Vikings finally get over the hump in a last stand game, but did the win mark the end of the Chargers? Both the Patriots and the Chiefs dominate in wins, and the Lions finally break their losing streak but still cannot get a W. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    OBJ Destinations, Week 10 Preview, Stevie Van Zandt Interview (Part 1)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 57:13

    OBJ clears waivers and has eyes set on a few contenders. Where could he land and what could he bring to each team? Cam Newton contemplates a return to Carolina as Sam Darnold heads to IR. Lots of teams with a “last stand' game this week will make matchups very interesting. Aaron Rodgers' status is in question, but he's proven the Packers should give him a blank check. Can the Titans keep it rolling without Derrick Henry against a Jameis-less Saints? Lot of drama around the Raiders, but the reality is they're still playing better than the Chiefs right now. Plus, a fantastic Part 1 of our interview with Stevie Van Zandt, aka Silvio Dante from the Sopranos, aka Little Steven from the E Street Band. One of the most interesting people in the world shares some incredible stories and wisdom with us. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Mid-Season Awards, Top Teams Fall, Week 9 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 8, 2021 48:13

    We're officially halfway through the season. The guys give out their mid-season awards, including MVP and Coach of the Year, recap the first half of the year, and preview what we can expect from teams heading into the playoffs. Top teams like the Bills, Cowboys, and Rams all look very weak, did they all run out of steam for a game or is this a sign of a dropoff? The Titans and Cardinals were able to get wins without star players. The Titans sit atop the AFC, can they still make a playoff run without Henry? And the 49ers are in serious trouble after losing to the Cardinals without most of their top weapons. Lamar sets more rushing records as he makes another case for MVP, and Mike's sons face off against each other as the Pats take care of the Panthers.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Watson Stays, Miller Traded, OBJ Saga, Week 9 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 43:50

    After months of speculation around a trade, Deshaun Watson ends up staying put in Houston, but the conversations with Miami show they're ready to move on from Tua. The situation with OBJ and Cleveland continues to unfold, and the guys discuss who we've gotten here and what team could take on a personality like OBJ's. The Broncos trade Von Miller, Mike explains why it was a good move and how it impacts the Rams. Plus, both of Mike's sons are coaching against each other this weekend as the Panthers take on the Patriots, what that means for everyone in the Lombardi household. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Derrick Henry Injury, Backup QB's Scare Defenses, Week 8 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 1, 2021 52:20

    The Titans get an OT victory over the Colts to take a commanding lead in the AFC South, but potentially lose the NFL's leading rusher in the process. Backup QB's were the scariest costumes for opposing defenses on Halloween as the Jets' Mike White, Cowboys' Cooper Rush, and Saints' Trevor Siemian all got wins against good teams. The Steelers overcome near disaster losing their only kicker to beat the Browns. Falcons WR Calvin Ridley is stepping away from the game for mental health reasons, Dolphins HC Brian Flores may be looking for a new job soon, the Patriots get a win despite a mediocre day from Mac Jones, and what's happening with the Broncos' ownership? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Top-Heavy NFC, Week 8 Preview, Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 28, 2021 45:30

    The Cardinals and Packers face off on Thursday in what may be the most anticipated game of the season so far. Baker Mayfield says he wants to play with a torn labrum against the Steelers, who are dealing with Tomlin USC rumors. Mac Jones and Justin Herbert have surprisingly similar stats this season, are they really that different? And the Saints want to prove they're a legit contender in just their second true home game of the season against Brady and the Bucs. Plus, Mark Seal, author of “Leave the Gun, Take the Cannoli” joins us to talk about the behind-the-scenes making of the Godfather 50 years after its original debut. Never before heard stories about how the movie was made, how characters were cast, how the real mob was actually involved, and so much more. A fascinating conversation for fans of the movie. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Bengals and Titans Dominate, Chiefs Continue To Free Fall, Rams Win The Stafford/Goff Bowl

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 25, 2021 48:29

    Bengals Take Control of the AFC North, Titans blow out the Chiefs, Kyle Pitts goes off against the Dolphins, The Rams edge out the Lions and win the Stafford/Goff Bowl at SoFi, Raiders take down the Eagles Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Deshaun Watson Trade Rumors, Banged Up Browns Host The Broncos, Week 7 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 21, 2021 38:57

    Deshaun Watson's trade market begins to heat up as the deadline looms, Cam Newton is vaccinated and ready to return to the NFL, Bengals try to slow down Lamar and the Ravens ground attack, King Henry and the Titans look to stay hot against the Chiefs, Broncos head to Cleveland who will be without Baker, Chubb, and Hunt, Eagles try to get back on track as they fly into Vegas, Brady and champs host the Bears. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Cardinals Roll, Rodgers Owns Chicago, Week 6 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 18, 2021 44:46

    The Cowboys top the Patriots in a wild OT thriller and show they're a force in the NFC. The Cardinals dominate the Browns to remain unbeaten, while Mayfield deals with a recurring injury. The Ravens and their ground attack dominate the Chargers, Urban Meyer gets his first win thanks to Trevor Lawrence, but the Jaguars and Dolphins are both still a mess. Aaron Rodgers lets the Bears know he still owns them, the Steelers outlast the Seahawks in OT, and what's the issue with Vic Fangio and the Broncos? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Gruden Resigns, WFT E-mail Fallout, Week 6 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 14, 2021 45:00

    Gruden is out as head coach of the Raiders. Mike shares stories about his time in the league knowing Gruden, in the Raiders organization, and his history with former Washington GM Bruce Allen, and explains why we shouldn't be surprised about any of this. What more could come from this investigation? Plus, ESPN's Adam Schefter gets caught in the mix, and the guys explain why we shouldn't be knocking his credibility. Plus a Week 6 preview – Raiders look to avoid distractions, Chargers and Ravens are set for a high-scoring matchup, the Cardinals are underdogs as they look to remain undefeated, Dallas and New England is a matchup of great coordinators, and Philly looks to spoil Tampa Bay's hot run. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Chiefs in Trouble, Chargers Cruising, Week 5 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 11, 2021 52:23

    The Bills get a big win in Arrowhead, while the Chiefs drop to 2-3 and have some major questions to face on defense. The Packers beat Cincinnati in a game that looked like nobody wanted to win. Justin Herbert has put himself in elite company with a shoot-out win over the Browns. Trey Lance needs more work as the Cardinals move to 5-0. Eagles defense steps up as the Panthers lose their last two. The Lions are inventing new ways to lose every week. Raiders offense forgets to show up the week the teams is hit with controversy. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Entitled Urban, Nagy's 180, Surprising Releases, Week 5 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 7, 2021 42:33

    Urban ditching the team plane to head back to Columbus proves he isn't fit for the NFL. Nagy's been adamant that Dalton is the Bears starter all year, but surprise, now it's Fields. Both Stephon Gilmore and Jaylon Smith released, Mike breaks down why we shouldn't be surprised. Week 5 preview with some key NFC West matchups between the Rams and Seahawks, and Cardinals and Niners. Plus, a rematch of the AFC Championship between the Bills and Chiefs, and the Browns and Chargers both look to prove they're for real.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Brady's Return, Cardinals Are Legit, Week 3 Recap, Many Saints of Newark Review

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 4, 2021 63:35

    Brady gets the W in his return to Foxboro, but the Patriots had a gameplan, and there are a lot of positives to take away from Mac Jones' performance. The Cardinals are legit contenders with a convincing win over a tough Rams team, Trey Lance gets his first real shot with an injured Jimmy G, the Chiefs get back on track, but the Eagles defense has serious problems, Big Ben shouldn't be on the field, but the Steelers don't have anything better, the Ravens extend their rushing streak in controversial fashion, the Dolphins are in desperation mode, a MNF preview between two AFC contenders, and the guys give their long-awaited full recap of the Many Saints of Newark. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Brady Returns, Deshaun to Miami Heats Up, Week 4 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 30, 2021 41:59

    Tom Brady is set to return to Foxboro after 20 years with the Patriots. Mike spent years with Brady and Belichick, and breaks down their relationship, why Tom really left, and what the game will mean to both. The Rams and Cardinals battle for NFC West supremacy, the Broncos and Panthers need to prove they should be undefeated, Matt Nagy knows he's going to be fired, the Chiefs need a win desperately, Jimmy G was the guy all along for the Niners, Big Ben looks done but don't sleep on the Steelers. Plus, the guys get ready for the release of the Many Saints of Newark on Friday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Rookies and Vets Struggle, NFC Contenders, Giants and Bears Disasters, Week 3 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2021 59:50

    Mike and Adnan recap every game of Sunday Week 3 in the NFL. Rodgers bails out LaFleur and the Packers, the Rams beat the Bucs and prove they're the team to beat in the NFC, Chiefs drop to 1-2 and the Chargers are for real, Tucker bails out Ravens on a record-setting FG, the Urban Meyer experiment is going very poorly in Jacksonville, Derek Carr is playing like an MVP, Justin Fields looks terrible and Matt Nagy is responsible, the Patriots have serious issues with their O-line, we're watching the end of Matt Ryan and Ben Roethlisberger, the Colts are finished, Washington's defense is horrendous, and a Cowboy tries to bribe a drug-test collector. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Backups Getting Starts, Which Teams Are For Real? Week 3 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2021 52:43

    Tua fractures his ribs and won't start vs. the Raiders, why that's not a bad thing for the Dolphins. Justin Fields will make his first NFL start, but Nagy dug himself in a hole if he performs well. Bucs/Rams could be an NFC Championship preview, Colts in a must-win game, Chargers need to prove they're for real, Niners still solid despite injuries, Big Ben and the Steelers are in trouble. Plus, which 0-2 teams can still make the playoffs, and which 2-0 teams are fools gold? And Adnan recaps his preview of Mary Saints of Newark.   Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Wild Sunday Night, QB Injuries, Week 2 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2021 47:40

    Mike and Adnan break down a crazy Sunday Night game that saw the Chiefs leading for most, but never in control of the game. Titans edge the Seahawks in OT, why both teams should be worried about how the game transpired. Bears, Texans, Dolphins, and Colts all have injuries to their QB, and why Mike is now starting to write off Carson Wentz. Zach Wilson has one of the worst performances you'll ever see, but the blame needs to be directed at the coaching staff. Bucs blow out the Falcons but they shouldn't be thrilled about the 4th quarter. Don't look now but the Raiders are 2-0, the 49ers have gotten killed by RB injuries, and are the Broncos the real deal? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Urban to USC? Bills In Trouble? Saints Covid Issues, Full Week 2 Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2021 39:30

    Could Urban Meyer be out already for the USC job? Mike has some interesting information on the topic. 6 Saints offensive coaches test positive for Covid, how that will impact their gameplan? Will Josh Gordon get another chance in the NFL? Plus, a full Week 2 preview. Colts could bounce back, Broncos could start 3-0, Dolphins look to prove they're for real, Herbert could have an MVP-type year, Ravens getting killed with injuries, Seahawks are letting Russ cook, Giants mismanaging Saqoun. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Rodgers Flops, Mac Impresses, Week 1 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 50:45

    Mike and Adnan hit every game of Week 1 in the NFL. Mac Jones impresses in his debut for the Patriots, but the Dolphins have a better game plan. Aaron Rodgers posts the worst performance of his career. Loss to Chiefs shows why Browns waited to pay Mayfield. Steelers defense steps up big against Bills. Not surprising, the Bears and Giants offenses looked as expected: bad. Rookie QBs on full display. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Season Predictions, Week 1 Preview, Mayfield/Watt Contracts

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2021 49:42

    The NFL season is officially upon us. Mike and Adnan are giving a full breakdown of their predictions this season, including division winners, wild cards, and Super Bowl winners. Plus, we break down some key matchups in Week 1 with picks against the spread to win you some money. TJ Watt is back on the field while looking for a contract extension, Mike breaks down how the Steelers should approach, plus why it's a good thing the Browns are waiting to extend Mayfield. And Tom Brady sounds off on the number rule change, Mike breaks down exactly why it can cause such an issue for offenses around the league. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Introducing “It Was Said: Sports” with Doc Rivers

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 4:13

    As you enjoy this preview, be sure to search and listen to It Was Said: Sports wherever you listen to your podcasts. We hold speeches from the world of sports deep in our hearts and minds as timeless and historic moments that still, to this day and beyond, bring us inspiration, historical context, empathy, education and more. We remember these iconic moments so that we too can share them with current and future generations as a way to remember why they touched us personally, and why they remain so relevant and important today. Welcome to It Was Said: Sports, Season one, a documentary podcast that guides you through six of the most impactful and timeless speeches in sports history, including Jack Buck's “For America” poem following the 9/11 attacks, Muhammad Ali protesting the Vietnam War, Billie Jean King championing equal pay, Tim Tebow's promise, Hank Aaron's Hall of Fame acceptance speech, and co-captain Harry Flournoy's powerful statement on race during Texas Western's Basketball Hall of Fame induction. From the team that brought you the Webby Award-winning Best Series of 2021, It Was Said, comes the sports version of the franchise, narrated by NBA legend, Doc Rivers, written by Pulitzer-Prize Winning Historian, Jon Meacham, and directed, produced and created by award-winning C13Originals Studios, a Cadence13 company. With first-hand perspective behind some of the most memorable and influential moments in sports, propelled by the voice of Rivers, the writing of Meacham and the production of C13Originals, this timeless documentary is meant to inspire, educate, and keep these historical moments as relevant as ever, and for generations to come. It Was Said: Sports is a presentation of Shining City Audio, a C13Originals and Jon Meacham Studio. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Cam Released, Pre-Season Wrap, Bishop Sycamore Saga

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2021 47:27

    We're down to the final 53-man roster on all NFL teams as the preseason wraps up. Mike discusses what goes into making final cuts on a roster, and how every move is strategically calculated. Cam Newton released by the Patriots, the guys cut through the noise and tell you the REAL reason why Cam was released and what his future is in the NFL. Deshaun Watson to Miami trade rumors heating up, injuries in the preseason are making headlines again, and the guys break down which teams could make the playoffs this season. Plus, one of the craziest stories in sports all year unfolded on Sunday. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Preseason Week 2 Headlines, Cam vs. Mac, Down Year for Lamar?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2021 42:23

    A “misunderstanding” with Cam Newton could cost him his starting job, the Jaguars look terrible and it's hurting Trevor Lawrence, Jameis Winston shines but the Saints need to figure out what to do with Taysom Hill, the Steelers look like they have a solid game plan for Big Ben, Trey Lance's performance is a lot of smoke, and why Drew Lock may need to start over Teddy Bridgewater in Denver. Plus, Wentz's speedy recovery, why teams still may struggle to defend Lamar Jackson, and why rookies who sat out last season are really struggling. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Preseason Week 1 Headlines, NY Giants Issues, Hurts a Franchise QB?

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2021 45:56

    Football is finally here, and the guys are diving into all the headlines from Week 1. Performances from all the rookie QBs including Trey Lance, Mac Jones, and when will Justin Fields take over in Chicago? Saints and Broncos QB situations are still in flux, Dwayne Haskins may be turning his career around, and Dan Campbell isn't helping his own team. Plus, Jalen Hurts is wowing players in Philly, the drama with Deshaun Watson continues, the Seahawks lock in their star safety, and what needs to change for the Giants to turn their franchise around? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Pre-Season Kicks Off, Josh Allen Extension, Michael Thomas Drama

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 10, 2021 43:45

    The pre-season is officially underway and we're getting you ready for it all. Mike breaks down how teams are preparing for pre-season this year and what to look for. Josh Allen gets a major extension, why it's good for the Bills but potentially bad for some other teams that need to get deals done with their QBs. Michael Thomas and the Saints have a fractured relationship, is it over in NO? Lamar Jackson still unsure about vaccines after 2nd bout with Covid, Saquon Barkley is back on the field, and Zach Wilson struggles. Plus, recapping the Hall of Fame inductees, and remembering the great Bobby Bowden. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Wentz Injury, Unvaxed Vikings, AFC South Preview:

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 4, 2021 41:22

    Carson Wentz's durability concerns continue as a foot injury could have him sidelined up to 12 weeks. Could this open the door for a Philip Rivers return? He isn't ruling it out. Daniel Jones gets himself involved in a fight that could have sparked disaster for the Giants, the Vikings are having major issues with vaccinations and it is keeping their QBs off the field, and legendary Lions linebacker Chris Spielman could be hurting the team's culture. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Rodgers Returns, The Forfeit Rule, AFC North Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 44:15

    After an offseason of turmoil, Aaron Rodgers is finally back with the Packers after agreeing to concessions. But, who actually won in the deal? The NFL introduces a forfeit rule for teams with Covid-19 outbreaks among unvaccinated players that could also take game checks away from both teams. Could this create a domino effect amongst other pro sports? Our full AFC North Preview, Lamar Jackson tests positive for Covid for the 2nd time in 8 months, Deshaun Watson is back at training camp, and more! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Rodgers Saga Takes Turn, Brady Defies Logic, AFC West Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 22, 2021 41:40

    The Bucks are your 2021 NBA Champions, and Mike is on fire about how to build a successful franchise vs. how to blow one up. Aaron Rodgers turns down an extension that would make him the highest paid QB in the NFL, is this the nail in the coffin with the Packers? Tom Brady defies all logic on age and health after playing all of 2020 with a torn MCL, how does he do it? Plus, a full AFC West preview with gambling predictions, and why is Jerry Jones so desperate for a Super Bowl? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Top 10 QBs, AFC East Preview, Which Franchise Can Win First Super Bowl?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 14, 2021 38:46

    Mike and Adnan are breaking down the Top 10 QBs in the league currently, where they stand, and what their outlook for the season is. What QBs are overvalued going into the season, and which QBs are undervalued and due for a big year? Plus, looking at the 12 franchises that have never won a Super Bowl to determine who is set up best to win their first in the next few years (and also, which teams are moving in the wrong direction?) Plus, a full AFC East preview with gambling predictions, and why the Patriot Way isn't for everybody. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Washington's Culture Issue, Cowboys on Hard Knocks, NFC South Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 7, 2021 36:11

    The NFL levied a hefty fine on WFT and stripped Dan Snyder of his power, why it isn't what it seems, and why the punishment may be too lenient. Colts GM Chris Ballard has wise words on free agency strategies, Urban Meyer could face more issues transitioning from college to the NFL, and the Patriots woes at WR continue has N'Keal Harry requests a trade. Plus, the Cowboys are back on Hard Knocks, and our full NFC South Preview… can the Bucs repeat with all 22 starters returning? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    NFC West Preview, Eric Gleacher on Hard Work and Leadership

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 30, 2021 42:16

    Dan Snyder brings in his wife Tanya as co-CEO of the Washington Football Team franchise, is that a smart move? Plus, Mike and Adnan preview the entire NFC West, and we welcome one of the world's most successful investors Eric Gleacher to talk about his career, what it takes to be a leader, and how hard work can get you anywhere. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Brady Throws Shade, Jackson's Contract Extension, NFC North Preview

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 23, 2021 38:46

    Lamar Jackson could sign an extension worth over $40M per year, but he's negotiating without an agent. How that could really hurt both he and the Ravens. Brady said “you're sticking with that motherf***er!?” to a team who pulled out of his free agency sweepstakes – why it probably isn't who you think it is. Carl Nassib comes out as gay, Frank Clark is in trouble with the law yet again, a full NFC North preview, and Mike is no longer a Sixers fan. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Veteran vs. Rookie QBs, NFC East Preview, Sixers Implode

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 17, 2021 45:02

    Bears coach Matt Nagy says there's no way Justin Fields starts Week 1 and it shows he has no ability to adjust to a plan. Derek Carr says he would rather “quit football” than play for anyone other than the Raiders, but that's not how the world works. Baker isn't in a rush to get an extension done, and neither should the Browns. Plus, a full preview of the NFC East, and the Sixers epic collapse. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Julio to Titans, Rodgers Holdout Continues, Watson to Denver?

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 10, 2021 50:13

    Julio Jones to the Titans is official, but Mike explains why that doesn't necessarily make them a better team. Todd Gurley still doesn't have a home, where could he land and what does he have left? The stalemate between Rodgers and the Packers continues, Deshaun Watson apparently wants to be a Bronco, and the Niners continue to be plagued with injuries. Plus, we remember former Giants coach Jim Fassel, and the 14th anniversary of the final episode of the Sopranos. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Rookie QBs, Veterans on New Teams, the Real Issue with Julio

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 40:55

    Nearly a third of the league could have a new QB at the helm in Week 1. Mike and Adnan break down each situation. From the rookie first-round QBs, how their team will manage them, and when they could realistically see the field... to veteran starting QBs who have moved during the offseason and how they will have an impact on their new team. Plus, why Julio hasn't been traded yet and why we shouldn't be listening to all these reports, the Packers call Aaron Rodgers' bluff, and Coach K is retiring. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Rodgers Speak, Watson Holdout Continues, & Julio Sandbagged

    Play Episode Listen Later May 26, 2021 42:23

    Aaron Rodgers finally speaks out for the first time publicly about his situation with the Packers, and the guys discuss what it will take to get the reigning MVP back in Green Bay this season. Deshaun Watson continues to hold out, why that could actually be the benefit of the Texans. Julio Jones is sandbagged on live TV, and how those comments could affect what the Falcons get for him in a trade. Plus, Mike responds to Jim McMahon’s story from the Browns in 1995 where McMahon calls out both he and Belichick. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Julio Jones Destinations, “Diva” Rodgers, & Adjusted OTAs

    Play Episode Listen Later May 20, 2021 35:55

    Mike and Adnan break down a few potential rumored destinations for Julio Jones, and where he fits best. Ex-Packers GM Ron Wolf calls players like Aaron Rodgers “divas” and says guys don’t want to practice. Meanwhile, nearly half of the teams in the league are adjusting OTAs and minicamp to be more player-friendly. The guys break down the Ja’Wuan James situation in Denver which highlights the risk of not working out with the team, and Kelly Kleine makes history in the NFL, could we see more women follow suit? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    2021 NFL Schedule, Tim Tebow, Aaron Rodgers Saga & Blake Bortles

    Play Episode Listen Later May 13, 2021 47:38

    The 2021 NFL schedule has officially been released, but it’s important for fans to understand the differences in how they view the schedule and how teams view the schedule. The guys discuss notable matchups, starting quarterbacks and more! The Aaron Rodgers saga continues with WR Davante Adams alluding to his future with the Green Bay Packers organization and the team’s decision to sign veteran QB Blake Bortles. Tim Tebow gets signed by the Jacksonville Jaguars (for some reason), Eric Fisher signs with the Indianapolis Colts, and Mike meets Drake. Yes, that Drake. All that and more on this week’s The GM Shuffle! Find lots of other great podcasts here: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    NFL Draft Recap, Quarterbacks Drafted on Days 2 & 3, Aaron Rodgers Saga

    Play Episode Listen Later May 3, 2021 35:11

    It was reported over the weekend that Aaron Rodgers does not want to return to the Packers while Brian Gutekunst is the still the GM of the franchise, which could cause even more drama in Green Bay. The 2021 NFL Draft is officially in the books and the later rounds saw quarterbacks fly of the board. The guys break down all the notables QB picks along with other moves from teams around the league. The Cleveland Browns drafted well, the Carolina Panthers get Sam Darnold help on offense, and “Medina Spirit” wins the 147th Kentucky Derby! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Aaron Rodgers Drama, Trey Lance to San Francisco, NFL Draft - Round 1 Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 30, 2021 34:21

    Hours before the first round of the NFL Draft a bombshell story emerged that Aaron Rodgers told Green Bay personnel that he does not want to return to the Packers. Now it’s up to the team to try and salvage the situation and retain their franchise quarterback. After weeks of speculation the San Francisco 49ers took North Dakota State quarterback Trey Lance with the 3rd overall pick. It’s a high-risk, high-reward move that will define Kyle Shanahan’s legacy. The Chicago Bears traded up to grab Justin Fields, Bill Belichick finds his QB in Mac Jones, and Urban Meyer takes Clemson’s entire backfield. All that and more on this special round 1 recap of The GM Shuffle! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Teddy Bridgewater Trade, NFL Draft Preview & Rumors, Prop Bets, Antonio Brown

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 29, 2021 32:51

    Teddy Bridgewater was traded by the Carolina Panthers to the Denver Broncos yesterday, in a deal that shouldn’t affect whether Denver drafts a quarterback or not with 9th overall pick. Meanwhile, the Las Vegas Raiders have the 17th overall pick, but the team should consider trading up to land a quarterback to replace Derek Carr. Mike gives some of his favorite prop bets to win you money, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers re-sign Antonio Brown, and the Miami Dolphins trade away Ereck Flowers. All that and more on this special NFL Draft Preview of The GM Shuffle! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Julio Jones Trade Rumors, NFL Draft Prop Bets, Orlando Brown Trade

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 26, 2021 37:29

    Reports emerged over the weekend indicating that the Atlanta Falcons are taking calls to trade Julio Jones, but options are limited as there are not a lot of teams in the NFL that are able to take his substantial cap hit. The 2021 NFL Draft begins on Thursday and the guys break down the best Prop Bets to wager, including who will be taken with the third overall pick. The Kansas City Chiefs traded the Baltimore Ravens for OT Orlando Brown and “Nomadland” won Best Picture at the Academy Awards. Stay tuned all week as the GM Shuffle discusses the latest NFL Draft news and rumors! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Mac Jones vs. Justin Fields, Alex Smith Retires, Fix My Team: Bears, Dolphins, Rams

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 21, 2021 48:59

    As the draft approaches, analysts from around the league weigh in on the pros and cons of both Mac Jones and Justin Fields. This week the GM Shuffle breaks down how scouts evaluate quarterbacks prior to the draft and discuss what Kyle Shanahan is specifically looking for with the third overall pick. Alex Smith Retires, Joe Bucks wants to host Jeopardy, and the guys “fix” the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins and Los Angeles Rams. All that and more on this week’s The GM Shuffle! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    The Philadelphia Eagles Downfall, Justin Fields' Draft Stock, Julian Edelman Retires

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 14, 2021 60:31

    The Athletic published a lengthy exposé on the Philadelphia Eagles culture and management in the age of GM Howie Roseman and Owner Jeffrey Lurie. The detailed account dives into how the franchise communicates, operates, and makes decisions. Justin Fields draft stock has been in question, but the real problem is a lack of evaluation for players. Julian Edelman retires, the guys "fix" the Minnesota Vikings and Arizona Cardinals, and the Ernest Hemingway documentary is a lesson on life. All that and more on this week's The GM Shuffle! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Sam Darnold Trade, Atlanta Falcons Draft Options, Ron Rivera’s QBs, Fix My Team

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 7, 2021 47:47

    The New York Jets traded Sam Darnold to the Carolina Panthers this week, signifying that they will draft a quarterback with the second overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft. Now the question becomes, “What will happen to Teddy Bridgewater?” The Atlanta Falcons own the fourth overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft and the organization has a ton of options on who to take to help build their roster. We asked and you, the fans, answered; the guys reveal the best suggestions of potential titles for Hue Jackson’s new book about his time with the Cleveland Browns. Ron Rivera says Washington will have a quarterback competition, Baylor beat Gonzaga in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship, and Aaron Rodgers hosted Jeopardy. All that and more on this week’s The GM Shuffle! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

    Hue Jackson’s Comments, 17th NFL Regular Season Game, Alabama/OSU Pro Day Recap

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 31, 2021 53:19

    Former Browns head coach Hue Jackson offered explosive comments regarding his time in Cleveland, saying he was lied to by the organization. Alabama and Ohio State held their Pro Days this week and the guys break down exactly how NFL teams evaluated both Justin Fields and Mac Jones’ performances. The NFL has approved the addition of a 17th regular season game, which will push the Super Bowl back to its latest date in history. New York Giants owner John Mara still believes in Daniel Jones, the guys “fix” the Dallas Cowboys, and the NCAA Final Four is officially set. All that and more on this week’s episode of The GM Shuffle! Have a question for the show? Email us at Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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