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Carol and Quinten are two opinionated comedians who talk to experts about everything from politics to pop culture.

Quinten Lamar & Carol Scudder

    • Sep 13, 2021 LATEST EPISODE
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    • 57m AVG DURATION
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    Latest episodes from This Is Gonna Be Good

    Remembering to Never Forget

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2021 57:32

    This week the duo discusses 9/11 and The Falling man photo, Watching adult-themed movies as children, Jury Duty, the prosecutor of the  Ahmaud Arbery case, Texas, the Clintons, Monica Lewinsky, possible quotes from the Dry Cleaner about the Blue Dress, why we shouldn't talk about women's appearances, "poor" Melania and that damn orange thing that won't go away! Plus Carol opens up about her personal experience with the attacks on the World Trade Center.

    Everyone is GONE.....except for Betty White

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 4, 2021 48:40

    Y'all This week Carol and Quin discuss corporal pumishment, brutally honest casting directors, Hurricane Ida hits on 16th Anniversary of Katrina, RIP Ed Asner, Chadwick Boseman's death anniversary, cats and the vet, why we should find time to stare into space,  America's "Frontline Doctors" and more.

    The Claws are out!!!

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 28, 2021 60:36

    Whew, Child! Quin and Carol return after vacation and dish about mental health, Covid -19 (Delta) being renewed for another season, bye-bye Cuomo, Elon Musk's robot, Josephine Baker, the Jeopardy Host Debacle, White Lotus, Afghanistan, and Our new lady governor of New York. 

    We Said Free Britney, NOT Cosby!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 10, 2021 63:44

    This week's topics include the 4th of July, The Supreme Court Hates Voting, Bill Cosby freed, Donald Rumsfeld dead, Lil Nas X Bet performance, Trump Org and CFO Weiselberg indicted, Sha'Carri Richardson can't run, Levar Burton hosts Jeopardy and The Black creator's TikTok strike.

    I Hate Parades

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 3, 2021 51:30

    This week's topics include Derek Chauvin's Sentencing, PRIDE, Loki comes out as bisexual,  Luca movie, NY Primary, Critical Race Theory, Attorney Tom Girardi and Erika Jayne fraud charges, Victoria's Secret banishing the angels, Catholic Church denying Biden Communion, deeper investigations into UFO's, the Delta Variant and Free Britney.

    A Master Class

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 20, 2021 59:28

    Whew chile! Carol and Quin are both tired for this episode, but the conversation continues and it includes: the 54th anniversary of Loving Day, Juneteenth, the Jeffrey Toobin interview, and the shame around masturbation, Netanyahu loses, Covid Delta variant, Val Demings vs. Marco Rubio, and much more.

    Zero Tolerance

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 12, 2021 72:40

    There's a heatwave this week, but that doesn't stop Quin and Carol as they talk about scary movies, exorcism bureaucracy, Andy Griffith, Football, abortion rights, handmaid's tale, and debate on how much air conditioning is too much? Plus, Quin tells a story of his experience as a big Black man in the American South.


    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 5, 2021 58:41

    Carol and Quin discuss, Crispr, funerals, the history of Memorial Day, slaves, gun control, Gavin MacLeod's death, classic tv, the B52s, evil Nikki Haley, Fox News, Gay Pride, Ellen ending, Midterm elections, Justice Breyer, Aliens, The Bible and walking in on your parents during sex.

    The Rent Is Too Damn High!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 1, 2021 58:10

    Coming in hot this week! Topics include Quintin Jones' execution in Texas, The death penalty, the FRIENDS reunion, and Prince Harry's interview about his mental health. Plus Quin and Carol have a (good) fight about Carol's white identity. Later, Jonathan Bailey joins to discuss fair and affordable housing, insidious real estate tactics, and why he's running for City Council District 26 in Queens.

    Who Is This Bi+ch?

    Play Episode Listen Later May 22, 2021 52:56

    Carol is hungover for this one, but the conversation continues and it includes Bo Obama's death, Israel vs, Palestine, Colonialism, January 6th commission, first pets, and a shared fear of horses. later Carol explains the mechanics of tanning to Quin.

    Technical Difficulties

    Play Episode Listen Later May 15, 2021 54:28

    This week Carol and Quin talk about Caveat Emptor, Life and Death on Mars, jetpacks, the Chinese rocket, Elon Musk on SNL, Bill and Melinda Gates split, The Duggars, and Quiverful. Plus as a Mother's Day bonus, Quin and Carol swap mom stories.

    Life Goes On

    Play Episode Listen Later May 8, 2021 70:58

    This week Carol and Quin discuss the Chauvin trial, Hot Biden, Buddhism, Lady GaGa's Dogs, Caitlyn Jenner, Bill Maher, Cancel Culture, and the New York Census also Quin opens up about losing his father.

    Lucky 13th

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 24, 2021 62:16

    The dynamic duo return to discuss the deaths of Prince Phillip and DMX, Casinos and Andrew Yang, and whether or not Publisher's Clearing House is a scam. Plus Carol and Quin swap drinking stories.

    Light! Camera! .....Zoom!?

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 17, 2021 52:15

    Quin and Carol reunite to discuss Matt Gaetz, Disgraced real Housewife Jen Shah, The Boyscouts, Worker's Unions, Biopics, Accountability v. Cancel Culture, Sous Vide and Air Fryers. Later they are joined by Jeanine Flynn and Jennifer C. Johnson to talk about their short film "Emma Z" which was shot entirely on Zoom. Plus Quin gets an education on who the hell Lawrence Welk is.

    Hypnotize Me (with Meg Tocantins)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 10, 2021 62:36

    Carol and Quin talk pitchforks, drugs, Lt. Uhura, Martin Luther King jr., the sexiest bald man alive, and smoking cats! later certified hypnotist Meg Tocantins joins in to discuss the facts and fictions of hypnotism. Plus, Carol and Quin have their first fight!

    Legalize It! (with Shaniyat Chowdhury)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 3, 2021 60:42

    This week Quin and Carol discuss Plantation parties and the tv show The Bachelor, Socialism, The Dating Game, and how be Presidents be tripping. Later Shaniyat Chowdhury joins in to discuss New York legalizing recreational Marijuana and the importance of racial equity in Cannabis.

    Promises Made. Promises Kept.

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 27, 2021 53:48

    Quin and Carol catch up and talk about Stacey Dash's apology tour, how creepily ugly Stephen Miller is, How Cuomo compares to past New York governors, George Floyd's family, the former guy, Wealth/Power/White supremacy. Plus crazy Karens under arrest, fried chicken recipes, and more!

    Back To School (with Justin Krebs)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 20, 2021 71:06

    Carol and Quin chat about Corgi trauma, evil Math teachers, the Royals, and later National Political Organizer and City Council candidate Justin Krebs joins them to discuss the importance of having a real plan in place to reopen schools.

    Occupational Hazards (with Soomi Kim)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 13, 2021 66:40

    Carol and Quin reunite to talk about the possibility of living on Mars, Daft Punk retiring, ham and pickles, Marijuana, and Martha Stewart's regrets. Later they are joined by performer and choreographer/Gymnast dance coach Soomi Kim to discuss the importance of protecting young girls in gymnastics, the dangers of abusive coaching, and why we should all be talking about the recent wave of anti-Asian hate crimes in the United States.

    Hello, Lower Eastside....

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 6, 2021 55:49

    Quinten and Carol return to dig into the hot topics of the week and discuss the Texas disaster, Abortion rights, and Rush Limbaugh's death to name a few. Also Quinten judges Carol for her T.V. viewing habits and Carol gives a history lesson about payphones!

    The Amazing Race for DA (With Eliza Orlins)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 27, 2021 51:22

    Public defender and Manhattan District Attorney candidate Eliza Orlins joins Quin and Carol this week to discuss her campaign, the problem with America's two criminal justice systems, and her journey from Survivor and The Amazing Race contestant to champion of the people. Plus some #Survivor tea as Carol asks Eliza about her time on the show and if she ever had to eat bugs.

    Just Us

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 20, 2021 59:30

    Carol and Quin reconvene on Super Bowl Sunday to discuss their views regarding Covid relief, gerrymandering, racist sports team names, cancel culture, and other hot topics in the news.REMEMBER TO RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBEFollow us on Twitter: @GonnaBeGoodPod Instagram: @ThisIsGonnaBeGoodPod

    All Politics Are Local (with Marti Cummings)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 13, 2021 58:06

    Carol and Quinten welcome New York City Council candidate and Drag Artist, Marti G. Cummings (@martigcummings) on the pod to discuss their views on the new administration, the importance of getting involved in local politics and their transition from public figure to a political candidate. Marti also opens up about the origins of their passion for racial/economic inequality, trans visibility, and what it means to be the first nonbinary candidate for City Council.REMEMBER TO RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBEFollow us: Twitter @Gonnabegoodpod Instagram @ThisIsGonnaBeGoodPod

    Utopia SchmUtopia (w/ Erin O'Donnell )

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 6, 2021 68:18

    Quinten and Carol sit down with Dr. Erin O'Donnell, a professor of World History, to process the trauma of the past four years. They also discuss the pandemic, election disinformation, Obama's infamous tan suit, and Melania, as well as the state of American society and how the history of previous civilizations can teach us today.REMEMBER TO RATE, REVIEW AND SUBSCRIBE.Follow us on Instagram: @thisisgonnabegoodpodFollow us on Twitter: @gonnabegoodpod

    Don't Talk to Me (w/ Carolyn Patierno)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 30, 2021 50:01

    Quinten and Carol talk to Unitarian Universalist Minister Carolyn Patierno about the ever-deepening racial and political divides between Republicans and Democrats post-Trump and whether or not it is even worthwhile trying to talk it out, also a conversation about the growing role Progressives play in winning elections and what places they should hold in the Democratic party going forward. REMEMBER TO RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBEfollow us on Twitter @GonnaBeGoodPod and Instagram @ThisIsGonnaBeGoodPod.

    Coming Soon

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2020 0:52

    Carol Scudder and Quinten Lamar are two opinionated comedians who speak to experts about everything from politics to pop culture.

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