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Klustered & Rawkode Academy (Ship It! #72)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2022 67:12

One of our listeners, Andrew Welker, suggested that we talk about Klustered, so a few hours before David Flanagan was about to do his workshop at Container Days, we recorded this episode. We talked about all the weird and wonderful Kubernetes debugging sessions on Klustered, a YouTube playlist with 43 videos and counting. We then talked about Rawkode Academy, and we finished with conferences. Good thing we did, because David almost forgot about KubeHuddle, the conference that he is co-organising next week. Gerhard is looking forward to talking at it! No, seriously, check it out at

Production data labeling workflows (Practical AI #195)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 27, 2022 31:49

It's one thing to gather some labels for your data. It's another thing to integrate data labeling into your workflows and infrastructure in a scalable, secure, and useful way. Mark from Xelex joins us to talk through some of what he has learned after helping companies scale their data annotation efforts. We get into workflow management, labeling instructions, team dynamics, and quality assessment. This is a super practical episode!

Firefox supports blockers, NATS is great, Uber's MFA fatigue, OAuth2 drawn in cute shapes & an aging programmer (The Changelog)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 26, 2022 5:25 Transcription Available

Mozilla says Firefox will continue to support current content blockers, Nabeel Sulieman thinks NATS is great and recommends you check it out, InfoQ breaks down Uber's recent security breach, Klemen Sever explained OAuth2 by drawing cute shapes & Jorge Manrubia reflects back as an aging programmer.

Product development structures as systems (The Changelog #507)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2022 87:22

This week we're talking about product development structures as systems with Lucas da Costa. The last time we had Lucas on the show he was living the text-mode only life, and now we're more than 3 years later, Lucas has doubled down on all things text mode. Today's conversation with Lucas maps several ideas he's shared recently on his blog. We talk about deadlines being pointless, trajectory vs roadmap and the downfall of long-term planning, the practices of daily stand-ups and what to do instead, measuring queues not cycle time, and probably the most controversial of them all — actually talking to your customers. Have you heard? It's this newly disruptive Agile framework that seems to be working well.

The spicy React debate show

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 23, 2022 63:07

We're back with another spicy YepNope debate! This time, Amelia and KBall are arguing that there's real value to (continue) using React in 2022, while Amal and special guest (and author of the post which stemmed the whole debate) Josh Collinsworth argue that React's time leading innovation has passed. Of course, the stance each panelist is taking is assigned ahead of time. Is that how they really feel? Tune in and find out!

Engineering interview tips & tricks (Go Time #248)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2022 61:27

In this episode, we will be exploring interviewing as a Software Engineer. Tips, tricks, and gotchas, as well as potentially some interviewing horror stories and red flags to avoid at all costs. We're joined by Emma Draper, Engineering Manager at the New York Times based in Arizona, and Kate Jonas, goes by Jonas, Technical Enablement Manager at Datadog based in Denver.

Modern Software Engineering (Ship It! #71)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 21, 2022 82:31

Dave Farley, co-author of Continuous Delivery, is back to talk about his latest book, Modern Software Engineering, a Top 3 Software Engineering best seller on Amazon UK this September. Shipping good software starts with you giving yourself permission to do a good job. It continues with a healthy curiosity, admitting that you don't know, and running many experiments, safely, without blowing everything up. And then there is scope creep…

Evaluating models without test data (Practical AI #194)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 20, 2022 44:55

WeightWatcher, created by Charles Martin, is an open source diagnostic tool for analyzing Neural Networks without training or even test data! Charles joins us in this episode to discuss the tool and how it fills certain gaps in current model evaluation workflows. Along the way, we discuss statistical methods from physics and a variety of practical ways to modify your training runs.

Ladybird, how QR codes work, GitUI, software vs systems & Stable Diffusion ported to Tensorflow (The Changelog)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 19, 2022 7:58 Transcription Available

Andreas Kling's new cross-platform browser project, Dan Hollick's nerdy deep-dive on QR code tech, Stephan Dilly's Rust-based terminal UI for Git, Miłosz Piechocki's opinion on junior vs senior engineers & Divam Gupta's Tensorflow port of Stable Diffusion.

Stable Diffusion breaks the internet (The Changelog #506)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 77:06

This week on The Changelog we're talking about Stable Diffusion, DALL-E, and the impact of AI generated art. We invited our good friend Simon Willison on the show today because he wrote a very thorough blog post titled, “Stable Diffusion is a really big deal.” You may know Simon from his extensive contributions to open source software. Simon is a co-creator of the Django Web framework (which we don't talk about at all on this show), he's the creator of Datasette, a multi-tool for exploring and publishing data (which we do talk about on this show)…most of all Simon is a very insightful thinker, which he puts on display here on this episode. We talk from all the angles of this topic, the technical, the innovation, the future and possibilities, the ethical and the moral – we get into it all. The question is, will this era be known as the initial push back to the machine?

Smile! HTML can access your camera (JS Party #243)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 16, 2022 66:36

Austin Gil joins the show and KBall continues an old email correspondence about the JS community and growth. Then, the gang plays a round of TIL where Austin shares his learnings about the HTML capture attribute. Finally, Austin shares what it's like to have a blog post blow up.

Stay agile out there (Go Time #247)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2022 61:52 Transcription Available

Inbal Cohen, Product expert and Agile evangelist, joins Natalie & Angelica for a conversation about all things Agile. Inbal lays out some agile tips for Go devs, discusses if and how remote work changes things, describes some downsides of the methodology, and more.

Kaizen! Four PRs, one big feature (Ship It! #70)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 14, 2022 67:09 Transcription Available

In today's Kaizen episode, we talk about shipping Adam's Christmas present: chapter support for all Changelog episodes that we now publish. This feature was hard because there are many subtle differences in how the ID3 spec is implemented. Of course, once the PR shipped, there were other issues to solve, including an upgrade the world kind of scenario. Since Lars Wikman did all the heavy ID3 lifting, he is here with us too.

Stable Diffusion (Practical AI #193)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 13, 2022 44:21 Transcription Available

The new stable diffusion model is everywhere! Of course you can use this model to quickly and easily create amazing, dream-like images to post on twitter, reddit, discord, etc., but this technology is also poised to be used in very pragmatic ways across industry. In this episode, Chris and Daniel take a deep dive into all things stable diffusion. They discuss the motivations for the work, the model architecture, and the differences between this model and other related releases (e.g., DALL·E 2). (Image from

Quality is systemic, React is a self-fulfilling prophecy, Difftastic, Devbox & the shortest URLs on the web (The Changelog)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 12, 2022 9:55 Transcription Available

Jacob Kaplan-Moss writes up a hot take on software quality, Wilfred Hughes creates the diff tool he's always wanted, Josh Collinsworth thinks React is only great at being popular, Jetpack's Devbox project looks pretty cool & James Williams sets out to find the shortest URLs on the internet. Oh, and chapters are here!

Typesense is truly open source search (The Changelog #505)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2022 80:11 Transcription Available

This week we're joined by Jason Bosco, co-founder of Typesense — the open source Algolia alternative and the easier to use ElasticSearch alternative. For years we've used Algolia as our search engine, so we come to this conversation with skin in the game and the scars to prove it. Jason shared how he and his co-founder got started on Typesense, why and how they are “all in” on open source, the options and the paths developers can take to add search to their project, how Typesense compares to ElasticSearch and Algolia, he walks us through getting started, the story of Typesense Cloud, and why they have resisted Venture Capital.

Seth Godin is the new Mark Twain (JS Party #242)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 9, 2022 57:34 Transcription Available

Jerod, KBall & Nick “Holla!” at React India, share what we're excited about these days, and then take up a KBall topic that goes off the rails but manages to climb back on them, power through, and end up in a good place.

Avoiding bloat (Go Time #246)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 63:32 Transcription Available

Egon Elbre and Roger Peppe join Mat for a conversation all about bloat (and how to avoid it). Expect talk of code bloat, binary bloat, feature bloat, and an even-more-bloated-than-usual unpopular opinion segment.

The cloud native ecosystem (Ship It! #69)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2022 76:18 Transcription Available

Maybe it's the Californian sun. Or perhaps it's the time spent at Disney Studios, the home of the best stories. One thing is for sure: Taylor Dolezal is one of the happiest cloud native people that Gerhard knows. As a former Lead SRE for Disney Studios, Taylor has significant hands-on experience running cloud native technologies in a large company. After a few years as a HashiCorp Developer Advocate, Taylor is now Head of End User Ecosystem at CNCF. In his current role, he is helping enable cloud native success for end-users like Boeing, Mercedes Benz & many others.

Licensing & automating creativity (Practical AI #192)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2022 44:22 Transcription Available

AI is increasingly being applied in creative and artistic ways, especially with recent tools integrating models like Stable Diffusion. This is making some artists mad. How should we be thinking about these trends more generally, and how can we as practitioners release and license models anticipating human impacts? We explore this along with other topics (like AI models detecting swimming pools

Python's :=, email falsehoods, no more self-hosting & Leon (The Changelog)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 6, 2022 5:18 Transcription Available

Martin Heinz thinks you should be using Python's walrus operator, you probably believe some falsehoods about email, Carlos Fenollosa threw in the towel after self-hosting his email for 23 years & Leon is an open source personal assistant that can live on your server.

Building actually maintainable software ♻️ (The Changelog #504)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2022 74:32 Transcription Available

This week we're sharing the most popular episode of Go Time from last year — Go Time #196. We believe this episode was the most popular because it's all about building actually maintainable software and what goes into that. Kris Brandow is joined by Johnny Boursiquot, Ian Lopshire, and Sam Boyer. There's lots of hot takes, disagreements, and unpopular opinions. This is part two of a three part mini-series led by Kris on maintenance. Make sure you check out Go Time #195 and Go Time #202 to continue the series.

The doctor is in (again) (JS Party #241)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2022 69:51 Transcription Available

Dr. Gleb Bahmutov returns to the party for a wide-ranging discussion on open source, end-to-end testing, Cypress, and more. Amal, Divya & Chris host.

Inside GopherCon (Go Time #245)

Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2022 65:29 Transcription Available

Ever wondered how GopherCon came to be, and how it's put together every year. In this show we will be chatted with Erik St. Martin, who has been there from the start about how GopherCon came to be, how this year's conference came together, as well as why events like GopherCon as so great! We are joined by Erik St. Martin, GopherCon Organizer and Co-Author Go in Action.

Behind the scenes at Microsoft Azure (Ship It! #68)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 31, 2022 73:05 Transcription Available

Most of you already know what it's like to work in a startup or a small company. A few of you have been asking us for conversations with engineers that work for big companies, the kind that run everything from big title games to banking, and even critical national infrastructure. In today's episode, we talk to Ganeshkumar, a Software Engineer in the Azure Kubernetes Service team, who works on Node Lifecycle and Kubernetes Versioning, and Brendan, Kubernetes project co-founder and engineering Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Azure OSS and Cloud-native Compute. We talk about what it's like to work for Microsoft, how mentoring works in practice, and what Kubernetes, Omega, & Borg have to do with it all.

Privacy in the age of AI (Practical AI #191)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 30, 2022 43:00 Transcription Available

In this Fully-Connected episode, Daniel and Chris discuss concerns of privacy in the face of ever-improving AI / ML technologies. Evaluating AI's impact on privacy from various angles, they note that ethical AI practitioners and data scientists have an enormous burden, given that much of the general population may not understand the implications of the data privacy decisions of everyday life. This intentionally thought-provoking conversation advocates consideration and action from each listener when it comes to evaluating how their own activities either protect or violate the privacy of those whom they impact.

Qalculate is awesome, Restic adds compression, CS teachers coping with Copilot & Heroku's next non-free chapter (The Changelog)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 29, 2022 8:50 Transcription Available

Qalculate has a command-line interface, Michael Eischer adds compression to Restic, Emery Berger warns his fellow CS professors about Copilot, and Heroku GM Bob Wise details Heroku's next chapter (which excludes free accounts).

Building Reflect at sea (The Changelog #503)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2022 84:36 Transcription Available

This week we're talking with Alex MacCaw — he's well known for his work as founder and CEO of Clearbit. In May of 2021, Alex shared a personal update with the world on his blog. After much reflection, he decided to step down as CEO of Clearbit to go back to his roots. In his words, “I love the early stages of company building. Hacking together code, setting up the Stripe account, getting the first customer. That's my jam.” We talk with Alex about this portion of his journey at Clearbit, the Catamaran he bought in South Africa and then sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, and the new thing he's building called Reflect that let's you keep track of your notes, books, and meetings.

Bringing the vibe (JS Party #240)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2022 60:18 Transcription Available

Tejas Kumar joins Jerod & KBall for a wide-ranging convo about React Suspense, human skills, and the four pillars of impact for web engineers. We also discuss the news in “Story of the Week” and give a few quick shout outs to a must-read book and a great new publishing platform for lead devs. Join Tejas at React Brussels on October 14, 2022! Get 30% off your ticket when you use code JSPARTYTIME at checkout and follow @JSPartyFM on Twitter for giveaway details.

The art of the PR: Part 2 (Go Time #244)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 27, 2022 54:30 Transcription Available

In this episode, we'll be further exploring PRs. Check out The art of the PR: Part 1 if you haven't yet. What is it that makes a PR a good PR? How do you consider PRs in an open source repo? How do you vet contributions from people who aren't a part of the repository? How does giving feedback and encouragement fit in to the PR process? We'll be debating the details, and trying to help our fellow gophers perfect the art of the PR. We are joined by the awesome Anderson Queiroz, hosted by Natalie Pistunovich & Angelica Hill.

All your network are belong to eBPF (Ship It! #67)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 25, 2022 74:44 Transcription Available

A few weeks ago, Jerod spoke with Liz Rice about the power of eBPF on The Changelog. Today, we have the pleasure of both Liz Rice, Chief Open Source Office at Isovalent & Thomas Graf, CTO & co-founder at Isovalent, the creators of Cilium. Around 2014, Facebook achieved a 10x performance improvement by replacing their traditional load balancers with eBPF. In 2017, every single packet that went to Facebook was processed by eBPF. Nowadays, every Android phone is using it. Truth be told, if it's network-related and it matters, eBPF is most likely a part of it.

Practical, positive uses for deep fakes (Practical AI #190)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2022 43:21 Transcription Available

Differentiating between what is real versus what is fake on the internet can be challenging. Historically, AI deepfakes have only added to the confusion and chaos, but when labeled and intended for good, deepfakes can be extremely helpful. But with all of the misinformation surrounding deepfakes, it can be hard to see the benefits they bring. Lior Hakim, CTO at Hour One, joins Chris and Daniel to shed some light on the practical uses of deepfakes. He addresses the AI technology behind deepfakes, how to make positive use of deep fakes such as breaking down communications barriers, and shares how Hour One specializes in the development of virtual humans for use in professional video communications.

SSH tips and tricks, retro Apple UIs, iOS Privacy and TikTok, Marta & Tauri vs Electron (The Changelog)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 22, 2022 6:08

Carlos Alexandro Becker shared some SSH tips, Sakun Acharige (a Comp Sci student + visual design enthusiast) created System.css, Felix Krause built a browser app that shows the JavaScript commands being executed by iOS app in-app browers, Yan Zhulanow decided to create Marta, and Lőrik Levente did a comparrison between Tauri & Electron using a real world application he's building called Authme.

Fireside chat with Jack Dorsey ♻️ (The Changelog #502)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2022 45:57 Transcription Available

This week we're re-broadcasting a very special episode of Founders Talk. Adam was invited by our friends at Square to host a fireside chat with Jack Dorsey as the featured finale of their annual developer conference called Square Unboxed. Jack is one of the most prolific CEOs out there. He's a hacker turned CEO, often working at the very edge of what's to come. He's focused on what the future has to offer and an innovator at scale. He's also a Bitcoin maximalist and has positioned himself and Block long on Bitcoin.

Tech job interview support group (JS Party #239)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 19, 2022 64:19 Transcription Available

Struggling through the tech job interview process? We feel you! On this episode, Amal, Nick & Amelia get together to discuss the various ways the interview process disappoints, share their own interview stories, and suggest ways we can improve the process for everyone.

The art of the PR: Part 1 (Go Time #243)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 61:57 Transcription Available

In this episode, we will be exploring PRs. What makes a good PR? How do you give the best PR review? Is there such thing as too small, or big of a PR? We'll be debating the details, and trying to help our fellow gophers perfect the art of the PR. We are joined by three wonderful guests Jeff Hernandez, Sarah Duncan, and Natasha Dykes. Hosted by Angelica Hill & Natalie Pistunovich.

Do the right thing. Do what works. Be kind. (Ship It! #66)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 18, 2022 68:23 Transcription Available

Why are the right values important for a company that changed the way the world builds software? How does pair programming help scale & maintain the company culture? What is it like to grow a company to 3000 employees over 30 years? Today we have the privilege of Rob Mee, former CEO of Pivotal, the real home of Cloud Foundry and Concourse CI. Rob is now the CEO of, an incubator where Elixir is behind many great ideas executed well, including the US COVID response programme.

CMU's AI pilot lands in the news

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 16, 2022 41:26 Transcription Available

Daniel and Chris cover the AI news of the day in this wide-ranging discussion. They start with Truss from Baseten while addressing how to categorize AI infrastructure and tools. Then they move on to transformers (again!), and somehow arrive at an AI pilot model from CMU that can navigate crowded airspace (much to Chris's delight).

Stand-up advice, Redis explained, big changes for Deno, DevDash & Minimum Viable Python (The Changelog)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 15, 2022 5:54 Transcription Available

Lucas F. Costa on why your daily stand-ups don't work and host to fix them, Mahdi Yusuf deeply explains Redis, the Deno team announces some big changes coming, DevDash is a highly configurable terminal dashboard for developers and creators & Brett Cannon determines what is a Minimum Viable Python (MVPy).

The power of eBPF (The Changelog #501)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 14, 2022 64:53 Transcription Available

eBPF is a revolutionary kernel technology that has lit the cloud native world on fire. If you're going to have one person explain the excitement, that person would be Liz Rice. Liz is the COSO at Isovalent, creators of the open source Cilium project and pioneers of eBPF tech. On this episode Liz tells Jerod all about the power of eBPF, where it came from, what kind of new applications its enabling, and who is building the next generation of networking, security, and observability tools with it.

Build faster websites with Astro 1.0 (JS Party #238)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 12, 2022 59:58 Transcription Available

Astro 1.0 just dropped so Amal got its creator, Fred K. Schott, on the pod for the full rundown. They go deep on how Astro is built to pull content from anywhere and serve it fast with their next-gen island architecture.

The pain of dependency management (Go Time #242)

Play Episode Listen Later Aug 11, 2022 44:37 Transcription Available

Baruch Sadogursky (Chief Sticker Officer at JFrog) joins Natalie & Johnny to lament the current state of dependency management in Go and other languages. They discuss the problems dependency managers face, possible technical mitigations like SBOMs, people problems that will never be solved by tech, and take questions from listeners in the #gotimefm channel of Gophers Slack.

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