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Movies new and old, industry news, and the battle between Chicago Deep Dish and NY Style pizza.


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    Latest episodes from Our Slice on Film

    Slice #60 - No Time to Die (2021) with Tom & Doug

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 12, 2021 88:07

    Daniel Craig's swan song premiered after getting delayed for almost two years! How did the blonde Bond saga wrap up? We welcome two long time Bond fans to share a slice and join the conversation. What did you think of the movie? Tag @OurSliceonFilm and #NoSlicetoDie

    Slice #59 - The Guilty (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 5, 2021 50:53

    Jake Gyllenhaal sits at a dispatcher desk. That's it. That's the movie we watched. Tune in for our take on this amazingly talented actor and this Netflix film.

    Slice #58 - Worth (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2021 53:13

    Micheal Keaton is our big selling point this week, he leads in this story of the 9/11 Victims Compensation Fund. Let's not forget about Stanley Tucci too!

    Slice #57 - Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2021 67:13

    Another Marvel movie has been released! This week we talk Shang-Chi, streaming wars, and a little more about Black Widow. 

    Slice #56 - Vacation Friends (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 2, 2021 51:13

    Hulu quietly released this movie, and we took a dive simply because we talk about Lil Rel Howry all the time. He and John Cena lead this movie alongside Meredith Hagner and Yvonne Orji. Was it worth the watch?

    Slice #55 - Reminiscence (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 24, 2021 51:57

    Hugh Jackman stars in the new neo-noir film that premiered in theatres and on HBOmax, and we can't remember if we watched this movie or not.

    Slice #54 - Free Guy (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Aug 17, 2021 50:04

    Life must be a simulation because it feels like we have been waiting for this movie to premier for a long time. Ryan Reynolds leads this original script released exclusively in theatres. Can he help break the sequel train?

    Slice #51 - Stowaway (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 28, 2021 45:32

    In between blockbusters, we decide to find a hidden gem on Netflix and came across this movie starring Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Toni Collette, and Shamier Anderson. We chat about space movies, willing suspension of disbelief, the trolley problem, and Pizza!

    Slice #52 - Space Jam: A New Legacy (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 20, 2021 48:14

    Warner Bros. took a chance on a Space Jam movie this year, and it is causing quite a stir among the critics. Does it hold up compared to the original? Where is MJ? Why is Zendaya here? We chat all things Looney and Toony in this weeks episode.

    Slice #51 - Black Widow (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 13, 2021 60:12

    Natasha Romanoff finally get's her own solo film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We were all waiting for the franchise to return to theatres, where does it rank in the top Marvel movies? Guess which one of us had the nicest things to say!

    Slice #50 - The Tomorrow War (2051)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 6, 2021 60:15

    It is blockbuster season and Chris Pratt stars in this action sci-fi flick sent straight to Prime Video. Time travel is once again on our agenda for this episode, so be sure to listen to this episode last week.

    Slice #49 - F9: The Fast Saga with Kimberly

    Play Episode Listen Later Jul 2, 2021 59:58

    Brian and Kimberly chat about the lastest Fast and the Furious movie that brought some much needed action back to the box office. This film made the most money since the Great Box Office Reset, what did these two think?

    Deep Dish #8 - Top Films of 2016

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 22, 2021 55:33

    2016 is a historic year in Our Slice on Film history, and in film history, I guess. The guys take a trip down memory lane while ranking their favorite movies of that year and talk about who they were back then.

    Slice #48 - In the Heights (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 15, 2021 55:25

    The first summer movie has hit theatres and HBOMax! The box-office makes it seem like expectations were a bit too high for the Lin Manuel Miranda movie musical. Let us know what you thought of the movie by tweeting us @OurSliceonFilm!

    Slice #47 - Back to the Future (1985)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 8, 2021 56:07

    Great Scott! We return back to the 80s for this week's installment with one of our host's favorite movies. We talk time travel, Michael J. Fox, and iconic movies. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram: @OurSliceonFilm

    Slice #46 - A Quiet Place Part II (2021) with Jolene

    Play Episode Listen Later Jun 3, 2021 71:11

    The long awaited sequel to John Krasinski's 2018 horror film is here, and it may or may not have saved the theatres. Brian covers his first horror movie, Micheal has complaints, and Jolene joins again to talk deafness, sequels, trilogies, monsters, costumes, and pizza!

    Slice #45 - Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 25, 2021 54:01

    This movie has been in theatres and on HBOMax for a few weeks, so we sat down to watch this new release. We talk about cinematic fires, Ben Mendelsohn, mystery thrillers, and how invincible some of these characters are. Have you watched? Tweet us @OurSliceonFilm and let us know what you thought!

    Slice #44 - The Woman in the Window (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 18, 2021 56:04

    After a year of hiding in our homes, Amy Adams reminds us that we don't really know our neighbors in this new Netflix movie that's been shelved for a while. PLUS: Sibling rivalry, Hitchcock, Fincher fanboys.

    Slice #43 - Mortal Kombat (2021) with Dalton

    Play Episode Listen Later May 11, 2021 55:53

    Did you hear? Kong and Sub-Zero saved the box-office with some bloody fatalities! This week, Micheal and filmmaker Dalton break down this new R-rated movie, franchises for fans, and new projects from his team, Bedrock Productions.

    Slice #42 - Tom Clancy's Without Remorse (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later May 4, 2021 44:49

    On our episode celebrating ONE YEAR of Our Slice on Film we talk about this Michael B. Jordan action movie, genres, Cicadas, and talk about what one year has felt like to us.

    Deep Dish #7 - The Hopkins Incident

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 27, 2021 53:31

    The 93rd Annual Academy Awards was... something. The guys break down that big WTF moment and talk through the results of the night we've been waiting for! Plus, we get a sneak peek of next week's episode when the realization hits that it's almost been a full year of OSOF!

    Slice #41 - Promising Young Woman (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 20, 2021 63:37

    With the Oscar's this weekend, we took the time to watch one of the last nominees for Best Picture (sorry Anthony Hopkins). This movie has some heavy topics that we break down and Brian fights Micheal's definition of "horror". We also talk about our predictions for the Academy Awards this Sunday!

    Slice #40 - Bad Trip (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2021 53:47

    This week we chat about the new Netflix movie taking audiences by storm! We compare our styles of comedy and break this movie down into it's best, sauciest slices.

    Slice #39 - Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Apr 13, 2021 55:01

    Micheal and Brian are reunited for the smackdown that resurrected the theatres. We talk bad acting, monster history, and reveal the amount of money we raised last month for the Trevor Project!

    Slice #38 - Bull Durham (1988) with Doug

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 30, 2021 59:59

    Step up to the plate for a slice of pizza with Double the Deal this week. Baseball season is back in swing, so Brian's dad Doug hopped back on the pod to chat about the 1988 baseball movie Bull Durham with Kevin Costner, Susan Sarandon, and Tim Robbins.

    Slice #37 - Tremors (1990) with Kimberly and Jolene

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 23, 2021 62:20

    Hear the great story behind why we're watching this cult horror/monster/desert classic ahead of next week's kaiju smackdown when we bring back two of our favorite guests to blend science with fiction! PLUS: Find out which one of us is only a few degrees away from Bacon himself! Donate to the Trevor Project: give.thetrevorproject.org/OurSliceOnFilm

    Slice #36 - Crazy, Stupid, Love (2011)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 15, 2021 57:58

    Happy Birthday Brian! Here's a movie that you picked just for the occasion. Who better else to spend your birthday slice with than Ryan Gosling and Steve Carrell? Even ten years later! Plus, Micheal has the Razzie Nominations and we're still raising money for the Trevor Project! give.thetrevorproject.org/oursliceonfilm

    Slice #35 - Minari (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 9, 2021 51:27

    Another movie with awards buzz, Minari is about the American Dream, family, culture, and ghost snakes. This month we're raising money for the Trevor Project! Go to give.thetrevorproject.org/OurSliceOnFilm to help out!

    Slice #34 - I Care A Lot (2020) and the 78th Annual Golden Globes

    Play Episode Listen Later Mar 3, 2021 59:41

    This week we debate who is the worst person in this movie, Peter Dinklage or Rosamund Pike? Add this to the list of movies you love to hate! Also, we chat about the Golden Globes like it's a zoom class gone wrong! This month we're raising money for the Trevor Project! Go to give.thetrevorproject.org/OurSliceOnFilm to help out! I Care a Lot Review at 0:00 Golden Globes Reactions at 34:00

    Slice #33 - Nomadland (2020) with Jason

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 23, 2021 49:14

    Frances McDormand is being hailed for her performance as a modern day Nomad traversing the country following the recession. We brought Jason back on this week to help us slice up this Oscar-bait.

    Slice #32 - Judas and the Black Messiah

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 16, 2021 55:05

    The best way to persuade you to listen to this episode and watch this movie is to list the cast: Daniel Kaluuya, Lakeith Stanfield, Jesse Plemons, Dominique Fishback, with Martin Sheen and Lil Rel Howery.

    Deep Dish #6 - And the nominees are...

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 9, 2021 47:03

    Awards season is here! The Hollywood Foreign Press and the Screen Actors Guild announced the nominations for their respective awards last week, so we looked back on some of the best films of the year and look at the race ahead. Why did they do Delroy so dirty?

    Slice #31 - The Little Things (2021) and Se7en (1995)

    Play Episode Listen Later Feb 2, 2021 71:06

    Serial Killer Double Feature? Would you believe this was Brian's idea? This week we found some similarities between the new HBOmax movie and the mid-90s David Fincher thriller.

    Slice #30 - Locked Down (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 26, 2021 53:11

    We're coming up on a year of living in a pandemic, and Hollywood is starting to notice. We shut ourselves in and watched Anne Hathaway and Chiwetel Ejiofor go through all the emotions we've felt.

    Slice #29 - One Night in Miami (2021)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 19, 2021 58:49

    We watched Regina King's directorial debut and tried to figure out how many awards it will receive.

    Slice #28 - Pieces of a Woman (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2021 54:13

    Netflix released this film last week and we worked our way through it. Listen while we weigh Vanessa Kirby's performance against ... everything else in the movie.

    Slice #27 - Soul (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2021 64:26

    Pixar was one of the only studios with a major holiday release and it scored big. Disney+ had the biggest increase in app downloads over the holiday week, up against HBOMax. We're ready to slice this film up and serve it hot. Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, and existential questions about life and death ... what could be better for the family? What's your favorite Pixar movie? Tweet us @OurSliceonFilm

    Slice #26 - Wonder Woman 1984 (2020) with Doug and Patrick

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2020 60:36

    We've waited so long for WW84 to come out, and it was one of the only films playing in theatres this holiday season. Did it live up to expectations?

    Deep Dish #5 - Top Slices of 2020

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2020 44:38

    Wrapping up the year with our top five films of 2020 and looking forward to see what's in store for the new year!

    Slice #25 - Ma Rainey's Black Bottom (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 22, 2020 51:54

    We've been looking forward to this Netflix Oscar-bait for a while. Viola Davis and the late Chadwick Boseman serve up some hot steamy slices for us to go through. Will we see some nominations of out this?

    Slice #24 - Happiest Season (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2020 79:23

    On top of watching this new holiday movie and slicing it up, we also list the top projects we are most looking forward to out of the Disney Investor Day announcement. The streaming wars are getting saucy.

    Slice #23 - Mank (2020) & Sound of Metal (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2020 66:34

    Double feature this week after a brief hiatus! We tackle Mank on Netflix, the state of the studio system, Sound of Metal on Amazon Prime, and start the Oscars conversation.

    Slice #22 - Never Rarely Sometimes Always (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2020 53:00

    To put it simply: two men talking about a movie in which a teenage girl goes to an abortion clinic. Give everyone involved an Oscar, we're begging you.

    Slice #21 - The Trial of the Chicago 7 (2020) with Doug

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 27, 2020 76:22

    Brian and his dad talk about the new Aaron Sorkin movie that's making waves on Netflix! This is the most Chicago episode we've ever released. 

    Slice #20 - Hubie Halloween (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 13, 2020 59:48

    Brian hates Halloween but we watched this movie anyway. Adam Sandler and Happy Madison gave us this Netflix movie recently, and it's exactly what we all needed right now.

    Deep Dish #4 - Our Slice on Horror with Jolene

    Play Episode Listen Later Oct 6, 2020 54:59

    To ring in this spooky season, Micheal and Jolene talk through some horror movie recommendations and catch up on the genre news!

    Slice #19 - Mission Impossible: Fallout (2018) with Kimberly

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 29, 2020 79:55

    We had no choice but to invite Brian's better half, Kimberly, on to the podcast this week. We recorded this four days before their wedding, and they got to pick this week's movie. Micheal's mission, should he choose to accept it: poke some holes in their favorite movie.

    Slice #18 - The Devil All the Time (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 22, 2020 65:24

    Among other things, this episode marks our second R-Pat flick in three weeks and the only one so far that featured the corpse of a family pet, so Oscars Season: Quarantine Edition is going great. We chat star power, narration, and acting on your faith.

    slice #17 - i'm thinking of ending things (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 15, 2020 64:17

    Charlie Kaufman's new Netflix movie got us thinking about death and stuff. In our second "time works weirdly" movie in as many weeks, we try to make sense of Jessie Buckley's snowy drive to meet Jesse Plemons' parents. Wait, is that what happened?

    Slice #16 - Tenet (2020)

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 8, 2020 75:44

    After being delayed several times, Christopher Nolan's new movie Tenet premiered in theaters near us! We talk about the long delay, the anticipation, the movie going experience, and the big pay-off. We get deep into the movie AFTER a spoiler warning, and if you're still waiting to see it for yourself, check out Deep Dish #3 where we talk about the trailers and behind the scenes footage that was released! 

    Deep Dish #3 - Holy Trailers, Batman!

    Play Episode Listen Later Sep 1, 2020 42:32

    Since we last got together, Christopher Nolan has recieved some praise for TENET (where theaters are open) and the trailer for THE BATMAN with R-Pat dropped. This week we talk about that great TENET behind the scenes feature and the dynamism of the newest Bruce Wayne.

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