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The News Junkie, Shawn Wasson, with Sabrina and C-Lane. The three best friends you never knew you had run through the most viral stories of the day.

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    • Jan 18, 2022 LATEST EPISODE
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    Latest episodes from The News Junkie

    You're So Fat!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 18, 2022 163:44

    TUESDAY 1/18/22: Major airlines want to block the start of a new 5G signal. C-Lane gets in trouble on Facebook. A pastor apologizes after a sermon gets gross. A man trying to fix his own penis may no longer be able to use it. A delivery driver may have been misheard on TikTok.

    Sleepy Chicken

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 17, 2022 161:33

    MONDAY 1/17/22: A kid sideline reporter impresses at an NFL game. Disney fans wait for hours to get a popcorn container. Doctors warn against a dangerous cooking trend. The first radio host Shawn ever worked with joins the show.

    Don't Bleeping Call

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 14, 2022 164:03

    FRIDAY 1/14/22: An NFL analyst has an idea to keep players warm during a game expecting sub-zero temperatures. Scenes from LA show hundreds of packages littering railroad tracks after a slew of train robberies. A company in South Florida says they don't want customers who support Joe Biden.

    Sounds Like a Roach

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 13, 2022 157:07

    THURSDAY 1/13/22: Tom Brady announces his new clothing line. A man discovers an insect in his ear. Some schools are so strapped for teachers, they're asking parents to chip in. A judge is under fire for a ruling against a man battling cancer. The show talks to a blind man who is set to commentate a major NCAA basketball game.

    Put the Enchilada in the Piñata

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 12, 2022 158:08

    WEDNESDAY 1/12/22: The UK wants you to observe No-Spend January. A community rallies behind the teacher who put her child in a trunk to go to a Covid test. The TSA releases a list of odd items confiscated in 2021. Kodak Black turns heads at a hockey game.

    A Bunch of Noise

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 11, 2022 156:23

    TUESDAY 1/11/22: An anti-vax advocate suggests an alternative therapy in a very odd video. Questions still remain in the death of Bob Saget, while much of the internet goes into conspiracy territory. A man gets a game-changing transplant, but only because he's an asshole. Shawn rages against metal music.

    High on Lamb Balls

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 10, 2022 156:25

    MONDAY 1/10/22: The world reacts to the sudden passing of Bob Saget. A mother is in trouble for putting her child in a trunk to go to their COVID test. A man joins the show who eats raw meat from Whole Foods every day on his Instagram page.

    Put the D on Me

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 7, 2022 166:04

    FRIDAY 1/7/22: The founder of Birds Aren't Real nails a TV appearance. Ron DeSantis sounds emotional during a speech. Things get weird for Shawn after a story about a father-son duo on OnlyFans. A plastic surgeon saves a man's face after seeing his horribly deformed nose.

    Charlie Foxtrot

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 6, 2022 162:19

    THURSDAY 1/6/22: Shawn is confused about some plans set to mark the one-year anniversary of the Capitol Insurrection. The show talks to a planetary astronomer who studies large space objects that could come near Earth, and a man who went viral for an "alien" picture he took four years ago.

    Happy Veganuary!

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 5, 2022 163:45

    WEDNESDAY 1/5/21: A lawmaker wants cameras in classrooms. A new "month trend" emerges for the beginning of the year. A '90-Day Fiance' cast member retires from her side business. An MTV classic may get a reboot. A couple joins the show who were trapped in the snowy gridlock for a whole day.

    Time Spent Thrusting

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 4, 2022 164:16

    TUESDAY 1/4/21: The show recaps some of the things they did over the holiday break. Shawn enlists the help of a tarot card reader to predict what 2022 will bring to The News Junkie.

    Greatest Hits Volume 12

    Play Episode Listen Later Jan 2, 2022 164:17

    The postcard situation, barking birds, old goldfish, the fantasy football flub, Shawn's awful Skywall song, the legendary Crapperman song and so much more!

    Greatest Hits Volume 11

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 31, 2021 149:17

    DUI mugshot guy, Uganda bans oral sex, a live Dating Game, charging for Thanksgiving, threesome PHD, DNA test results and much more!

    Greatest Hits Volume 10

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 30, 2021 144:49

    Toothpaste in the shower, bad name bracket, blow up the bathroom, idamis toledo pole song, church snakebite and much more!

    Greatest Hits Volume 9

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 29, 2021 154:03

    Who got banned from cracker barrel?, a dart to the eye, Shawn's rave days, fish get depressed, guy falls in a wood chipper, C-Lane lice story, a flirty mayor and so much more!

    Greatest Hits Volume 8

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 25, 2021 152:09

    Nitrous overdose, billy burrito, Sabrona death party, Zimbabwe billionaires, helium girl, This Is Why I'm Fat and much more!

    Greatest Hits Volume 7

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 25, 2021 167:57

    Nitrous overdose, billy burrito, Sabrona death party, Zimbabwe billionaires, helium girl, This Is Why I'm Fat and much more!

    Greatest Hits Volume 6

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 24, 2021 162:58

    When to send food back, Shawn gets a montage, drug pigeons, tackled during press conference, lizard salad, tornado of poop and so much more!

    Greatest Hits Volume 5

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 23, 2021 167:55

    Biker bully, John Wick writer interview, Birds Aren't Real, cam girl language lessons, weed at weddings and more!

    Greatest Hits Volume 4

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 21, 2021 154:40

    C-Lane gets married, an adorable 911 call, a DIY boob reduction, a naked man sings to the cops, kids should suck toes and an interview with someone who woke up with a new accent.

    So Long, 2021!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 17, 2021 163:13

    FRIDAY 12/17/21: The crew exchanges gifts and spreads cheer on the last live show of the year.

    Just Wanted to Say Hi

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 16, 2021 167:14

    THURSDAY 12/16/21: A woman is offended meeting The Grinch. Urban Meyer is fired from his coaching job with the Jaguars. Driverless food delivery may be coming sooner than we think. Jeff Garlin exits The Goldbergs after an HR investigation. The Metaverse is in testing, and there are already issues.

    The Battle for Second

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 159:53

    WEDNESDAY 12/15/21: Shawn and C-Lane disagree over a Christmas song under fire for its lyrics. Synthetic marijuana is back in the news for causing bleeding issues. An overwhelmed mother gets emotional on TikTok. A popular soda may not be seen on shelves anymore. The show plays the last Fritz on the Street of the year.

    Mayo Monkey

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 15, 2021 161:58

    TUESDAY 12/14/21: C-Lane throws a party with a big surprise. Grady Judd has some choice words for a fired teacher. The whole show learns some new terms.

    Meta Watch Out

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 13, 2021 158:05

    MONDAY 12/13/21: Shawn blames C-Lane for staying up too late. Auto manufacturers are starting to charge subscription-style fees for car features. A rental car company gets heat for reporting cars stolen, sending customers to jail. Mail carriers clean up during the holidays.

    No Candy for Parrots

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 10, 2021 160:16

    FRIDAY 12/10/21: Even Shawn is impressed by the ending of an epic college basketball game. A group of diners' generous tip ends with a waitress losing her job. C-Lane wonders if you can get off the no-fly list. A YouTuber joins the show who solved a cold case with his scuba and fishing gear. Sabrina is shocked by a confession dispatch from a friend of the show.

    Field of Chickens

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 9, 2021 161:05

    THURSDAY 12/9/21: A company wants you to try their 3D-printed "meat" product. The Golden Girls get their own fan convention. Shawn has an idea for the perfect celebrity reality television show.

    Fake Ass Neighbors

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 8, 2021 150:46

    WEDNESDAY 12/8/21: C-Lane goes full music nerd on a guy singing the national anthem at a Lakers game. Alec Baldwin rages at a reporter. Parents are upset at a school who offered students pizza to get vaccinated. Someone pays six figures to buy virtual property next to Snoop Dogg.

    Annoyingly Inspiring

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 7, 2021 158:14

    MONDAY 12/7/21: An Amazon outage wreaks havoc on the internet. Shawn is super excited about a flying car. A story about a one-armed basketball player becomes a prompt for dispatchers. A beloved mathematician dies, leaving behind an impressive legacy.

    Drugs Users

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 6, 2021 153:08

    MONDAY 12/6/21: A company CEO hosts an awkward Zoom meeting. A prosecutor indicates more charges could be coming in connection with the Oxford school shooting. Boris Johnson wages a war on Parliamentary cocaine use. Shawn has a new Christmas gift idea.

    Send Nudes (to Prevent Nudes)

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 3, 2021 159:31

    FRIDAY 12/3/21: A new class action lawsuit pops up that A LOT of people will be eligible for. The owner of a Tennessee house hoarding Amazon packages in his front lawn has a confusing explanation for the eyesore. Facebook has a controversial plan to combat revenge porn.

    Robot Radio!

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 2, 2021 158:01

    THURSDAY 12/2/21: President Biden dodges a Trump question. Hulu has a new documentary for something that happened less than a month ago. An interview with Alec Baldwin gets a dramatic teaser. New AI technology may be replacing some more jobs.

    Common Wheel?

    Play Episode Listen Later Dec 1, 2021 154:25

    WEDNESDAY 12/1/21: A young boy is very passionate about football. CNN suspends Chris Cuomo. The suspect in the Oxford school shooting bragged about his gun on Instagram. A study claims a third of the world's population has never used the internet.

    Breaking Newsflash!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 30, 2021 154:16

    TUESDAY 11/30/21: A news station plays the wrong clip for a Christmas tree lighting ceremony. A debate over steak ruins some Friendsgiving festivities. A fan at a concert is reunited with his prosthetic leg after some help from the band.

    Hands Down

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 163:30

    MONDAY 11/29/21: Black Friday might be dead. A new COVID variant pops up over the Thanksgiving break. Shawn and C-Lane discover college rivalry weekend. Santa Clauses may be in short supply this holiday season. The stream chat gets distracted by Shawn and vice-versa.

    Greatest Hits Volume 3

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 29, 2021 156:49

    Painkillers made him gay, kid breaks sculpture, broken genital interview, Sabrona almost comes out and more.

    Greatest Hits Volume 2

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 26, 2021 157:26

    Smart speaker fights, Alabama poop train, millennial song challenge, a birth Dispatch, funeral robots and radio station hacked and more!

    Greatest Hits Volume 1

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 25, 2021 161:05

    Radio host on air breakdown, cringe court proposal, pee pork, frankie two toes, wonky donkey and time travelers.

    ALL the Thanks

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 23, 2021 158:34

    TUESDAY 11/23/21: A crazy road rage incident turns deadly for a Volusia woman. A defense attorney makes an odd statement about Ahmaud Arbery. The United Kingdom goes crazy for Popeye's. Everybody gets ready for a holiday weekend.


    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 22, 2021 162:58

    MONDAY 11/22/21: The day is off to a rainy, gloomy start, but Sabrina has a way to pump herself up. Shawn awaits details from a press conference after a horrific scene unfolds at a Christmas parade in Wisconsin. Major marijuana busts start to look ridiculous as much of the country moves toward legalization.

    Changing Your Ways

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 19, 2021 155:05

    FRIDAY 11/19/21: The show falls in love with a DC reporter after the wrong car is vandalized. C-Lane advocates for bacon grease. The jury in the Kyle Rittenhouse trial reaches a verdict.

    Ripped Up and Whipped Up

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 18, 2021 152:49

    THURSDAY 11/18/21: Somebody is trying to get rid of Key West. Shawn rages against subscription software after Apple announces DIY phone fixes. A news organization is banned from the Rittenhouse trial.

    Special Delivery!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 17, 2021 147:58

    WEDNESDAY 11/17/21: The judge in the Rittenhouse case has an odd method of determining which jurors will be alternates. A woman on TikTok is getting a lot of attention for her tongue. The 'QAnon Shaman' is sentenced for his involvement in the Capitol riots.

    We Have Scorpions?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 16, 2021 146:51

    TUESDAY 11/16/21: A new class action lawsuit is making the rounds that everyone can get on board with. A man tries to exercise his freedom at the airport. Heavy rain in Egypt is bringing back plague-like situations. A prison racks up a HUGE order at McDonalds.

    Dave and the Spaghetti Dinner

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 15, 2021 155:34

    MONDAY 11/15/21: A concert-goer at Welcome to Rockville got more than they bargained for. Shawn feels old reading certain festival lineups. A small Florida town cancels their Thanksgiving tradition, citing expensive turkeys. A new detail emerges about Marilyn Manson.

    Double Clutch Dipsy-Doo Boom

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 12, 2021 152:17

    FRIDAY 11/12/21: A basketball announcer gets super excited doing his job. After a confession, it turns out a lot more people than we think have eaten sandhill crane. A beloved dolphin that no one on the show has heard of dies. Joe Rogan may have a new skill.

    Another Stimulus, You Say?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 11, 2021 148:42

    THURSDAY 11/11/21: The RIttenhouse judge gets a phone call in court. Richard Branson survives space, but his bike has other ideas. Kamala Harris takes a trip to France. People are getting more creative with their advent calendars. Clickbait headlines (like this one) still don't deliver.

    Baby Swap!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 10, 2021 137:24

    WEDNESDAY 11/10/21: Astroworld had an odd code word for potential deceased concertgoers. Tom Brady weighs in on Aaron Rodgers, sort of. A fertility clinic in California finds themselves in legal trouble after a bit of a mix-up. Fritz on the Street gets itself a bit of a remix.

    Jazz Cabbage?

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 9, 2021 148:02

    TUESDAY 11/9/21: C-Lane is back from a surprise vacation. Shawn is fascinated by a list of may-or-may-not-be-true driving facts. The show talks to a woman who attended Travis Scott's Astroworld festival in Texas. A group of school children gets their hands on the wrong candy.

    Drink Your Inflation Milk!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 5, 2021 157:14

    A family goes viral for drinking an enormous quantity of milk each week, a new Pfizer pill could change everything and Papa John just can't stop eating Papa John's pizza.

    Eyes Forward!

    Play Episode Listen Later Nov 4, 2021 158:35

    THURSDAY 11/4/21: The show tries to guess who will be the subject of the big “rock show” announcement at Camping World Stadium. Shawn shares a bathroom sentiment with Ed Sheeran. A juror is dismissed from the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

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